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HomeLink® is the world’s most widely trusted and used wireless control system. It conveniently and safely enables you to open and close your garage door and front gate, and to turn your home’s security system, outdoor lighting, interior appliances and electronics on and off. All from three buttons, smartly integrated into your automobile’s interior.

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How Do You Use Tesla HomeLink?

tesla homelink garage door opener

Automobile companies are always trying to add more features to make their cars convenient and attract customers. Tesla is always at the forefront of innovative upgrades, and their OTA(over-the-air) updates make it easy to add them to existing vehicles. It also helps to keep their older models relevant and older customers satisfied. One such feature is Tesla HomeLink.

HomeLink conveniently and safely allows you to open and close your garage door and property gate, control the home security system and control home lighting, appliances, and electronics.

It is also compatible with almost every garage door and gate opener, allowing a wider range of users. This article will look at the easy process of setting up HomeLink to work with your Tesla and how to use the system.

What is Tesla HomeLink?

The HomeLink Universal Transceiver is a vehicle-based wireless control system that integrates your Tesla to a maximum of three radio-frequency controlled devices(garage doors, gates, lights, and security systems). It allows you to access and control these devices from your vehicle automatically.

The Tesla HomeLink ensures you don’t have to use the remote control to open and close your garage door. Instead, it has GPS integration that opens your garage door automatically when you approach it from a specific distance.

You can customize this distance and play a chime when the door opens and closes. You can also use HomeLink to control property gates, lighting, alarm systems, and more.

How do I access Tesla HomeLink?

Before setup, you have to confirm your Tesla has HomeLink. Every Tesla can open garage doors using HomeLink, but not all Teslas come equipped with the HomeLink module. The Model S and Model X Teslas already come with the HomeLink module.

The Model 3 Tesla only comes with HomeLink until Spring of 2019; after that, it’s an optional service you have to buy through Tesla service. All Model Y Teslas do not have it factory-installed unless the dealers install it themselves after delivery.

However, the easiest way to confirm if your Tesla has the HomeLink garage door opener is to check the car’s display. Go to Controls > Software, then tap Additional Vehicle Information. A screen will display several important details about the vehicle and all the hardware it includes.

Nest to ‘Garage door opener,’ you will either see ‘Not installed’ or ‘HomeLink 5 (Opt 2)’. The version number will vary, but it will mean you have the HomeLink module installed, and your car can open garage doors.

How do I set up Tesla HomeLink?

After confirming you do not have the HomeLink module installed, order the parts from Tesla online services and schedule an installation appointment through the Tesla app. After receiving the package, do not open it; it will void your warranty and installation, meaning you’ll have to pay it yourself or order a new HomeLink device.

The service center will then install the hardware and software, and all you have to do on your own is set up HomeLink with your garage door at home. Follow the instructions below to connect your garage door to your Tesla HomeLink.

How do I use Tesla HomeLink?

Using the Tesla HomeLink to access your garage door is quite straightforward. After a successful Tesla HomeLink configuration to your garage door opener, it means the garage door motor and remote transmit on a frequency the Tesla can understand and learn. There are two ways to use the Tesla HomeLink:

Using the touchscreen

Auto open and close

How do you open the garage door with the Tesla app?

There is a HomeLink icon in your mobile Tesla app that you can use to open and close your garage door, but you must have a Full Self-Driving(FSD) suit, or Enhanced Autopilot(EAP) installed. Unfortunately, you can only integrate the app to one garage door.

You can use the Tesla app to control other garage doors programmed in the vehicle, but you can select which garage door to open when your press the HomeLink button in the Tesla app. Here’s how to do it:

Does Tesla charge for HomeLink?

Over time Tesla car owners have enjoyed a built-in HomeLink system to open garage doors for their vehicles. But as of 2019, they discontinued Tesla HomeLink  Model. Instead, they are selling the HomeLink module separately on their online store as an aftermarket feature for$300. You can buy the product from the Tesla app, and they ship it to you for a scheduled installation by Tesla service.

Check this too: How Long Does a Garage Door Opener last?

Integrating your Tesla with your garage door through HomeLink is pretty easy. Although Tesla HomeLink is pricey, it works very smoothly with most garage door openers and all Tesla models. More importantly, it gives you the convenience of controlling your garage door from the comfort of your car or remotely from your Tesla app.

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HomeLink D-Mode Tesla Model Y

If the Tesla vehicle is equipped with the HomeLink Universal Transceiver, you can operate up to three Radio Frequency (RF) devices, such as gates, garage doors, security systems and lighting.

Note: Some vehicles are not equipped with a HomeLink Universal Transceiver, depending on the year of manufacturing, market region, and extras selected at the time of purchase.

WARNING: Only use the HomeLink Universal Transceiver with devices that have the ability to safely stop and reverse. When you use a device that lacks specific safety features, the risk of harm or death increases.

See Also Adjusting Exterior Mirrors .

Supported Modes

One of three transmit modes provided by HomeLink is used to communicate between your vehicle and the RF device. Which transmit mode you should utilise is determined by the compatibility of your RF device:

Note:  UR-Mode is used in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and D-Mode is typically used in North America. Contact HomeLink ( or 1-800-355-3515) to find out which mode your device is compatible with.

For each of your devices, you can select a different mode. Set your garage door to Standard Mode and your front gate to D-Mode, for example. Select the device you wish to change the transmit mode for by tapping the HomeLink symbol on the touchscreen's status bar. Then go to Program and select the desired setting for your device. To confirm, touch Set Mode, then follow the onscreen instructions.

In an older car, changing the mode for one device changes the mode for all devices, therefore be cautious when changing transmit modes. It's likely that gadgets that aren't compatible with the mode you've selected will fail to function.

Change Transmit Mode by pressing the HomeLink icon on the touchscreen's status bar.

Note:  Ensure the product information is referenced for gates, garage doors, lights, etc. to find out the mode compatible with your device.

Programming HomeLink®

These instructions will help you program HomeLink®:

After you've programmed the device, you can control it by pressing the HomeLink symbol on the touchscreen's status bar. HomeLink keeps track of where your preset gadgets are. The HomeLink control on the touchscreen automatically lowers down when you approach a known location. It vanishes as soon as you drive away.

Note:  For additional assistance or compatibility questions, contact HomeLink ( or call 1-800-355-3515).

Auto Opening and Closing

It is possible to automate a HomeLink device so that it opens when you arrive and close as you drive away to operate it without touching the touchscreen:

See related HomeLink topics:  Resetting the Location of the HomeLink Device ,  Deleting a Device ,  Troubleshooting HomeLink .

Disclaimer : Tesla, Inc. was not involved in the development of this document and did not provide any input or otherwise edit, review or authorize it.

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HomeLink Analysis and Troubleshooting

HomeLink is the brand of universal garage opener system offered on many vehicles. HomeLink technology is basically identical to all brands and vehicles.  It has a maximum of 3 recording slots in the HomeLink hardware. If you need more slots, the only way is to add an external HomeLink system for another 3 slots. (Aug-2022 update)

HomeLink logo

HomeLink only sends one “toggle” signal to the door opener. It has no knowledge of the current state open or closed – it just sends the signal “change door state”.

HomeLink is compatible with most garage openers, gates, and a few other simple devices.  It can handle rolling codes commonly used in most openers made in the last 20+ years and handles a wide range of frequencies from 26 MHz to 868 MHz, depending on the country and module.  In North America, the most common frequency is 433.92 MHz and the Tesla module handles 288 MHz to 434 MHz. Europe commonly uses 868.3 MHz

List of compatible openers

HomeLink is not supported in all countries. For example, HomeLink is not supported in Australia. Likely it has more to do with frequencies used and/or regulatory approvals needed in a country not supported.

Tesla has added a few clever enhancements:

The HomeLink unit is behind the front facia a few inches to the passenger side (LHD cars).  The Tesla on-screen instructions will also describe the location of your vehicle. You’ll need to place your original opener remote near the HomeLink module during the learning process.

1. HomeLink has never worked

Replace the battery in the remote with a new one (even if your original remote works). Erase the setting in Tesla and reprogram it. Surprisingly, this often works.

For some openers, you may need a compatibility bridge. From HomeLink: The HomeLink Compatibility Bridge Kit is designed to allow compatibility between a newer Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, or LiftMaster garage door opener fitted with yellow antenna wire and the HomeLink system in your vehicle. These garage door openers were manufactured in 2011 or later.

Liftmaster 855lm Chamberlain OEM HomeLink Compatibility Bridge

From HomeLink: If your opener does not have a yellow antenna wire or is not one of the brands listed above, please consider purchasing a Universal Receiver to ensure compatibility.

Universal Dual Frequency Radio Conversion Kit for most Door Openers

2. Genie opener doesn’t work

New Genie openers have two modes, where the default “Green” mode doesn’t work with HomeLink. To switch to “Red” mode that works with HomeLink, press the learn button on the opener (mounted in the garage) and hold a button for 10 seconds until both red and green lights are lit, then quickly double-tap the button. It should change to red. Proceed with the normal process of teaching the Tesla your remote and have the opener learn the Tesla signal.

3. Sommer Opener doesn’t work

The Sommer Direct Drive (blue buttons on the transmitter) and 310MHz Sommer (TX03-310 on the back of the transmitter) garage door openers are not compatible with HomeLink. Sommer has a fix available (extra cost). Contact Sommer support at 877-766-6607.  The issue is 310 MHz is non-standard whereas 315 Mhz is the industry standard. The fix is a new radio receiver that works at 315 MHz, where HomeLink can also work.

4. Manual activation no longer works

a. If the physical remote that came with the opener works.  In the Tesla, erase the slot and relearn the remote. Don’t forget to have the opener relearn the newly saved HomeLink slot.

b. On some openers, they only have a small number of memory slots to learn remotes and vehicles. If this fills up it may not allow new ones, or old ones are dropped for new ones. Check your opener manual – there may be a way to clear all the slots and have it re-learn your remote and vehicles that have HomeLink.

5. Only work sometimes

If you press the manual open and it requires multiple presses to get it to open, but it does open after 3 to 8 presses (with 5+ seconds pause between presses). The fix is to erase the recorded signal and start over. The rolling code has likely gotten out of sequence with the opener and the slot should be relearned from the remote and saved by the opener.

6. Opener range seems minimal or has reduced since using LED/CFL bulbs

Some bulbs interfere with the opener RF signal. Confirm the issue by removing the bulbs from the opener. If it starts working better, try a different bulb manufacturer. Your opener manufacturer may also have a list of bulbs that work with their opener.

7. Works closing the door, but not opening

A metal garage door may be reducing the signal or the opener antenna has an issue. Move the car close to the door and see if it works manually. If so, back up to see how far it still works.  If it only fails for auto-open, you may need to reset the GPS location closer to the door.

See the next section “Opener Antenna Fixes” too.

See the prior section on LED/CFL opening range reduction.

8. Opener Antenna Fixes for limited range issues

Most openers (but not all) have an 18-inch wire antenna. It should be positioned straight down. In rare cases, someone has cut off the antenna, not realizing what it is, greatly reducing the sensitivity. Some newer units no longer have this visible antenna.

If you have a metal garage door, you might try to add a wire to the antenna so that it reaches to above the door. Avoid routing the wire near metal or power lines. Thanks go to P najar for this fix.

9. Works opening the door but not reliable auto-closing the door

Is there any chance you stopped the vehicle before the close signal was sent? As a safety measure, if you stop your car while backing out, but before the close-door signal is sent, the auto-close is terminated and you’ll have to manually tap the HomeLink button to close the door.

This is a recent HomeLink Module used in both the Model S and Model X. It is made by Gentex, and other than the label looks identical to the ones used in various Audi, Porsche, and VW models.


It only uses three wires – two for 12v power, and one connected to the low-speed LIN data bus 2. Here’s an inside view:

Inside module

The FCC ID is NZLJCIBUSHL4 .  The output transmitter power is specified as 47.5 uW. This FCC id was registered in 2014, so it is possible older cars use a slightly different design.

Additional details on the connections and data are available here: HomeLink Explorer at GitHub


' src=

On my home link one gate no longer works. At first, it would open and sometimes not. Then it would open via skip/manual. Now it doesn’t open at all. Do I need to delete and re add the link for the gate? Or is there maybe another issue? Thank! (My garage and another gate links works without any issues)

' src=

First I’d check the gate antenna if it has one. Often it is just a 1-foot long wire, and some people cut it off or fold it away. That makes reception a lot poorer. If there is no antenna or no problem with the antenna, yes, I’d try delete and pair again. It could be a rolling security code that got out of sync, although most gate openers are not that sophisticated.

' src=

Have three Direct Drive (Sommer) openers in our new house. Was able to get my (new to me) 2016+ Model S90D pairs with the remote. (Removed the LED bulb to get the car to pair with the remote.) The headlights blink and the next menu goes to pairing with the opener. Hit the learn button and then the icon on my screen, shows it is transmitting. Did this multiple times but the door does not respond. Not sure I buy into the line that these openers do not work with Homelink because the Homelink units in my wife’s 2019 Accord Hybrid and my 2006 BMW 300 both work just fine with these door openers…. Any suggestioins to try would be appreciated.

I notice from the Sommer manual, you only have 10 seconds after pressing learn to capture the new code. If only one person is doing this, I doubt it’s enough time to get back to the car. You may need two people. One in the car and one ready to push the learn button at the right time, and in the car, go to the transmitting step.

Saw that as well. So my wife would hit the learn button and then I would hit the transmit button in the car but nothing happened. Homelink Tech support said I needed to change the mode… I tried to change the Mode but had not removed the LED bulb in the opener so it did not pair. So will go back and try this again. Will let you know results.

NOTE: Sommer evo+/Pearl 922MHz, Sommer 310MHz (TX03-310 on the back of the transmitter), and Direct Drive 310MHz (blue buttons on the transmitter) require use of the “D-Mode” for HomeLink programming. Currently, in Model S and Model X vehicles, this mode (labeled as “Default Receiver”) can be found under the “Change Transmit Mode” option in the HomeLink Settings screen. Switching to this mode, then following the on-screen instructions, should enable you to program your evo+/Pearl 922MHz, Sommer 310MHz, and Direct Drive 310MHz garage door openers.

Update – I changed the transmit mode of the Homelink transmitter to the “D-Mode” per Sommer’s Troubleshooting guide (had to wait about a min for the change to be accepted) and the garage door now works ! Did not even have to use the “Learn Mode” on the opener. Tried to add the auto open, close, and fold mirror options but the car would only open the door and fold the mirrors upon arrival. Distance setting did not seem to matter, but it had to be less than 30′ to work regardless of the distance setting. Mirrors folded nearing the garage door and down the street upon exit. Auto Close function did not work but manually using the icon did. Regardless, I will take this as a win for the team !

Great to hear and thanks for sharing!

' src=

I have a newer liftmaster with a yellow antenna cord. I have a 2018 model 3 with homelink.

I start the pairing process, and I press the remote at the front of the Tesla. The lights flash and says it’s complete. It says to test it and hit continue. But the Tesla is never able to open or close the garage.

I’ve seen videos where after the Tesla gets the signal from the remote, the next screen tells you to hit pair on the motor itself then go back to the Tesla to “pair” the rolling code. But my Tesla never shows that option.

I also tried mode D which does tell me to use the learn button on the door motor, but that doesn’t work either.

Am I missing something?

It should work. Any chance you installed LED lights in the opener? Some cause signal interference in strange ways so that some things work and other things don’t.

' src=

I am having trouble setting up homelink with my home garage. Basically when I hold down the button remote, my garage starts going up and down for about one second then stops (as opposed to just pressing the button without holding it down). When I program it into the Tesla Homelink, it does the same thing, i.e. it opens the garage for about one second then stops.

Does anyone have any advice on this? My garage uses a Linear LD050.

' src=

If I set my HomeLink for any distance greater than 30 ft., it starts to open the door, but after rising 6″, it stops. I then have to come to a complete stop, manually activate HomeLink to close it, then manually activate it to raise it. If set to 30 ft or less, it works properly, but, then I have to come to a complete stop to wait for the door to rise. Clearly, the door gets the signal outside of the 30-foot range, but why does it malfunction? The opener’s own remote works from any distance up to 70 feet. I’ve tried extending the antenna with 16g wire all the way to the front of the garage, but it makes no difference at all.

That’s really strange. If you turn off auto-open/close does the manual opening/closing work fine from various distances? If not, I suspect the Homelink recording of your door has two “presses” per activation. Not really sure if that is possible, but I’d start by erasing the homelink entry in your car and re-record your opener. I don’t think the antenna extension is necessary, but I doubt it hurts anything either.

' src=

I have a 2021 M3. Installed homelink by Tesla. When in ‘auto’ mode it causes my garage door opener to lose its memory of door positions. In ‘auto’ this happens frequently. So, I started using it in manual and it’s much better. I suspect one of two things is happening. 1. Home link is sending multiple “presses” or 2. Their is a frequency emitted from the M3 that is conflicting with the opener.

Any insights or suggestions?

Homelink (on all cars) has no clue about if a door is open or closed. It just sends out a signal “change state”, and the door state changes. Far from ideal when you’d really like it to send a specific command like open or close. Still, this normally works fairly well so long as you are the sole user of the toggle. So there is no “memory” of door positions. For example, if the car is aways from the house, and someone in the house opens the garage door with the hardwired button, then you come home, Homelink sends a signal, and the door closes (instead of staying open). Now there can be other things that cause unpredictable operations in auto. Perhaps when the car is coming home, it is at a marginal distance where it sometimes triggers the door and sometimes not. I don’t think Homelink can “record” two presses. If this occurs, I’d expect when you drive up the door to start to open, and then close. I don’t think this is what you are encountering. For me, I use the auto-open only when coming home. I manually press the hardwired house button before I get into the car. This has been quite reliable.

' src=

I had a defective HomeLink module replaced and notice the maximum distance setting was increased from 70 feet to 100 feet.

' src=

Hi, I live in a condo and I do not need to close the garage door when I leave, the garage door system does it automatically. (MS85D December 2015) Before the last update everything was “ok”, not fine just ok. Comming in, it would sense when I was getting close to the door and would trigger. Often triggered too early, I had to come in maybe a little fast for it to open the door. Many manual interventions were necessary. When I was getting out from the garage it was ok. It would sense that I was getting close the exit and sent the signal.

Now comes the update (or should I call it a downgrade)

I was happy to see that the new version offered the distance feature. With it, it works a little better when coming in, but when I am going out it does not even show the green icon nor does it send a signal. I have to do it manualy, and then it works, from quite a distance should I add.

Reading all the complaints about it, I guess that all I have to do is wait for the next firmware version. Unless someone found a workaround. Thankx, Michel

Yep, I think it was fixed in .46? You didn’t state what version you’re running on. Some owners have had improvement with a reboot too, so it’s worth a try.

I am running 2018.6.1 641efac and I did multiple reboot with no change.

What is the problem you’re having?

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How to program homelink to a garage door opener, homelink® system programming for genie® garage door openers .

Clearing the HomeLink system happens by pressing and holding the first and third buttons down for about 20 seconds or until the indicator on the HomeLink blinks fast. Then release both HomeLink buttons 1 and 3. You only need to clear the HomeLink from your car if you do not have an unused button or this is a pre-owned car that may have a previous owners garage door opener installed. 

Programming the car's HomeLink using your Genie garage door opener remote




If these instructions did not result in a successful pairing of HomeLink to your Genie garage door opener please see links to more detailed instructions per model and HomeLink's page. 

Detailed instructions for programming Homelink to a Genie Garage Door Opener (PDF View)

Visit the HomeLink Website for more details

These instructions should work for the following vehicle manufacturers to program Homelink:


These instruction are not working for my wife’s 2017 Jeep Cherokee. I checked her owners manual and it says the same as far as the process. Any ideas/input would be appreciated. Out opener is the 7055

@Thomas C Brown – Great question! It appears to have been missed, we will add that into the list.

Where is Ford on the list?

Both my vehicles lost connection with my Genie 7055. I’ve tried several times to re-link the cars HomeLink without success. I’ve followed all instructions and they won’t link (using Genie remote or Program button). Please help.

This does not work. Tried the instructions just as they are written and they do not work. I even tried 2 different remotes and 3 different vehicles.

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Film porno: Houellebecq dit "n'avoir pas vu le danger"

Paris (AFP) – Le romancier français de renommée mondiale Michel Houellebecq a affirmé avoir été "pris de court" et "n'avoir pas vu le danger" du film érotique dans lequel il joue, dans un entretien au Journal du Dimanche.

Publié le : 21/05/2023 - 13:06 Modifié le : 21/05/2023 - 13:04

En novembre 2022, l'auteur de "La Carte et le Territoire" (prix Goncourt 2010) a signé un contrat avec un réalisateur néerlandais, Stefan Ruitenbeek, en vue d'un film pornographique.

"Je ne pensais pas être suffisamment célèbre pour avoir une sextape. Ça arrive à des acteurs, des chanteurs, des présentateurs de télévision, des footballeurs, des hommes politiques. À des écrivains, normalement, non", ajoute-t-il.

Interrogé sur le contrat signé dans le cadre de ce tournage, l'écrivain l'a qualifié "d'ignoble", considérant "absurde" de l'avoir signé.

"Mais ce qui réduit partiellement ma bêtise, c'est que je n'avais pas du tout l'intention de tourner de plans porno", affirme-t-il, disant n'avoir alors pas vu une clause permettant "d’utiliser les deux heures de tournage effectuées à Paris".

L'écrivain tente depuis des mois de faire interdire les images tournées fin 2022 par le cinéaste néerlandais, affirmant avoir été piégé alors qu'il voulait ne pas être reconnaissable.

La justice française, s'estimant incompétente, avait débouté l'écrivain en février de sa demande de faire interdire le film.

La justice néerlandaise a elle aussi rejeté cette demande mais elle a autorisé M. Houellebecq en appel à visionner le film "Kirac 27" avant sa diffusion.

Les juges ont en effet estimé justifiées les craintes de l'écrivain que le cinéaste néerlandais ne respecte pas une partie de l'accord définissant "un jeu entre réel et fiction", selon lequel le film doit créer l'illusion de scènes érotiques avec un sosie.

Si M. Houellebecq émet des objections et que le cinéaste refuse d'ajuster le film, il pourra à nouveau saisir le tribunal.

Le romancier français va publier le 24 mai un récit de ses déboires avec le cinéaste néerlandais, selon les éditions Flammarion.

Michel Houellebecq est un écrivain reconnu pour sa qualité d'observation des dérives des sociétés occidentales. Mais il est aussi controversé en raison de prises de position jugées racistes et islamophobes.

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