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  1. Recruiters, what kind of CS projects impress?

    Recruiters, what kind of CS projects impress? : r/cscareerquestions by JustBeCoo As a CS college student looking to get an internship this summer, what kind of projects really shine? 93 comments Best Top New Controversial Q&A flatlander_ • 7 yr. ago

  2. [OFFICIAL] Excellent and Exemplary Resume Sharing Thread

    208 88 88 comments Add a Comment iPlain • 4 yr. ago This is the resume that got me the job at Google. Follows pretty much the standard recommended format on here. The thing I was least sure about was whether to put those non tech jobs on or to include a third project instead.

  3. What software engineering projects should I put on resume?

    What software engineering projects should I put on resume? : r/learnprogramming by [deleted] What software engineering projects should I put on resume? I'm looking for ideas to create some interesting and advance programming projects for fun and to put on my resume. This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast 528

  4. Examples of Good Projects : r/cscareerquestions

    Finished, you should be able to use all of its features without encountering bugs. Installable, it should be trivial to add to another computer. Useful, it should be used everyday by at least one person. If a side project has all three of these qualities then it can be said to be "good." 36.

  5. What are the projects that got you hired?

    Projects that landed me first job were in Java, namely Tetris in terminal without any gui and a tool that could zip files. Also without a GUI. Point is to show that you have some programming skills. What lands you the actual job is setting up a good LinkedIn profile and contacting as many recruiters as you can.

  6. Great Project Ideas and How to begin : r/csMajors

    r/csMajors. Join. • 18 days ago. Been successful in my internship hunts. Got to know hiring managers and how they decide on selecting interns. This is a thread on their insights and takeaways for being successful in the internship hunt. 128. 36. r/csMajors.

  7. faq_resumes

    Here we discuss careers in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and related fields. Please keep the conversation professional, adhere to the reddiquette, and remember to READ OUR RULES. Discord. CSCQ regular u/Kevincav runs a discord called CS Career Hub. Please check it out for your chatting needs: ...

  8. School projects on resume? : r/csMajors

    The rule of thumb is that you should have projects that you are proud of and that you can brag and talk about during interviews. No matter whetyer they were done at school or not. 4 years seems like a long time to remember what you did lol. I would go for the school project. Why not both.

  9. School projects on resume? : r/cscareerquestions

    I haven't been participating in extra-curricular projects so I posted some school projects in my resume. I got contacted by IBM and Blackberry for interviews. Software Design-CSCB07 September 2012-December 2012 -Hands-on experience programming in Java and the JUnit texting fixture through laboratory exercises.

  10. Computer Science Degree with no experience & projects

    If you're a fresh graduate who's just completed a computer science degree program, you might be wondering if it's okay to have no experience and projects on your resume. The answer is yes, but you should aim to build experience and work on projects as soon as possible. Having no experience and projects on your resume may limit your job ...

  11. r/resumes on Reddit: I'm a CS student with no work experience and I

    Wiki Guidelines about Posting a Resume. Please, remember to add a flair to your post. Due to the extremely increasing amount of spam/scam on the sub as posts, comments, in PM, and via GoogleAds on Reddit, we have to warn everyone about it. Unfortunately, such offers imply low-quality service - and actually, they are.

  12. Sophomore computer science student's resume

    Been applying since the January and no offers with thousands of rejects. 98. 65. r/resumes. Join. • 12 days ago. Junior in CS not getting past the resume screen. Applied to 100+ jobs thus far for summer 2024 SWE internships, any advice, please be harsh. 248.

  13. r/resumes on Reddit: [Advice] How To Make a (Software engineer

    This post is not asking for help whatsoever. The purpose of this post is to give advice on creating a Software Engineer/Programmer/Computer Science resume. If you want a similar template, checkout the resume template provided when applying to jobs at Microsoft. My resume was originally built on Microsoft's provided templates.

  14. [OFFICIAL] Exemplary Resume Sharing Thread

    Do you have a good resume? Do you have a resume that caught recruiters' eyes and got you interviews? Do you believe you are employed as a result of your resume? Do you think others can learn from your resume? Please share it here so that we can all admire your wizardry!

  15. What projects did you create when you were doing your cs degree

    A toy application for Computer Science 101 A natural language application or maze world or machine learning model for the AI class One or two other projects on the side or during a summer research program You should have all of these just by default of going through a computer science major at a solid university.

  16. New grad resume review (Computer Science)

    PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY: A new grad breaking into the computer science field who knows skills 1,2,3 Looking for company with X,Y,Z in City,State so that I can ABC. Then, your projects will be sort of "framed" in a more presentable format. Google "graphic resume with projects and skills" for more info.

  17. What side projects did YOU do while in college?

    Spend some time each day trying to come up with some feasible ideas and eventually you'll come up with something that sparks your interest. [deleted] • 9 yr. ago. I'm currently in college and I have a few side projects going. 1.) This one is probably the most impressive and actually got me my current job.

  18. Computer Engineering projects to help boost me resume?

    Hello, I am currently a 3rd year CompE trying to find a good side project to work on to help bolster my resume. I really want to work on embedded systems and "internet of things" technology so maybe a small project in that area. All suggestions are helpful :) Step 1: Buy any microcontroller.

  19. Building up a Computer Science Resume while in School

    A byproduct of getting a CS degree is learning how to write code, but writing code shouldn't be the focus on a CS degree. Programming is a trade, CS is a subset of Math. There are plenty of jobs out there for people that can build software what works. Don't worry about your resume too much, get a couple internships and pay attention in the ...

  20. CS Resume that got me multiple job offers : r/resumes

    Wow, this actually looks really similar to my EE resume! Some of the differences is that I have an objective section before education, a short coursework section separate from education, and my projects and professional experience are switched, and no achievements section, and my name is in the header.

  21. Computer Science student looking to improve resume

    Computer Science student looking to improve resume. Professional profile seems unnecessary to me. Focus on making your bullet points under Company 1 & Company 2 stronger, with more information on accomplishments. Not true. Recruiters are fine with 3.0+ almost always.

  22. Resume for Masters in Computer Science : r/resumes

    I generally believe chronological order is the best way to go for anyone looking at resumes. So the culmination of your research ending in a recent *Publication* in *2019* should be at the top, *Work Experience* ending most recent to your publication, *Research Experience* lending to someone viewing your as an asset and hiring you at the Taipei ...

  23. Projects to work on for CS CO-OP

    Projects to work on for CS CO-OP. For all the computer science upper years are there any specific projects you'd recommend I complete or work on to add to my resume. I basically have no experience as of now and I really want to secure a coop position in the winter term wether its with the school or independently.

  24. First resume for computer science internship!

    If it were me, I'd figure out exactly what they're looking for and structure the resume around that. If the jobs you're applying to require, say, Java, I'd put statements like. Java Programming. Write and execute a variety of Java programs including x, y and z. Incorporated Java applets into HTML.