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Our writers are former bank business managers. we know what professionals are looking for in a business plan and use our knowledge to give you an advantage..

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Our experience covers a wide range of sectors so we can help no matter what type of business you are planning. We can assist clients based anywhere in the UK or overseas as we operate predominantly via telephone and email.

Business plan writing service for a loan

Business Plan for a Loan

An experienced former bank business manager will write your business plan to support a loan application to a bank or other lender.

Investor with funds

Business Plan for Investor Funding

We will write a business plan suitable for the type of investor, including personal investors, angel investors, crowdfunding, venture capital, family and friends.

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Business Plan for a Visa

This service will suit those needing to prepare a business plan to support their application for a UK Start-up visa, Innovator visa or Representative of an Overseas Business visa.

Business plan writers at the office

Business Plan for General Purposes

We provide this service for other situations where a client has been asked to provide a business plan. This may be at the request of a new landlord, supplier, franchisor, regulator, or other party.

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"I cannot thank Business Plans Direct enough for their superior service and for making the whole process quick and easy. Personable, wholly professional and highly recommended." — CG

"I am very happy to recommend you. I can say this was a much easier process than I was expecting. Very professional and helpful writers."

"We chose BPD for the business plan writers banking experience and we are very pleased with the results. Your knowledge impressed us both and your marketing suggestions were really useful. Thank you." — IA & JT

"Business Plans Direct wrote a 3  year business plan for my startup, which secured the funding I required. I recommend this to anyone looking to get a business plan raised in an accurate and timely, professional fashion." — LL

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Freelance writing solutions for business, media and individuals.

Bring your ideas to life. We listen to the information that you want to share. Initial consultations are always FREE. We then put our skills and talents to work creating the documents that fit your needs.  New Business Plans, Product Analysis and Reviews, Merchandising Plans, Business Development,  Motivational and Team Building Tools, Copywriting, Training Tools, Business Reports and Plans, Reviews, Ghost Writing, Resumes, Non-Financial AOPs, SOPs, Articles and Varied Publications. I have numerous writing credits in publications such as The Italian American Herald, a Today's Media Publication. 

Consulting and Planning at freelanceconsultingandplanning.com. FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION

   I am a dedicated professional with over twenty years at the executive and/or director level. I have redirected my focus in an effort to help you meet and exceed your business, leadership and personal goals and objectives through our business development services. Develop " Knock your Socks Off" customer service through our team building and training programs. WOW your customers and clients with imaginative business plans, processes and presentations. Take your leadership skills to the next level through hard hitting one on one individual brainstorming or group leadership training. I operate a dynamic multi faceted enterprise geared to starting, growing, and improving your business. You can take advantage of the same learnable skills that generated powerful results throughout my career and are exploding my current endeavors.   

So Proud & Excited to Play a Small Role In Expanding the Reach of First Class Companies! Let Us Help You To Grow Your Business!

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Business Plans

Business plan writers.

Increase your chances of getting loans, grants, or investors. Get a solid business blueprint with a professional business plan from Bsbcon.

Bespoke Business Plans

Business plans are the foundation of your business’s success. The right goals pave the way for the right investments which underscores the right direction for your business. But understanding where you want to be doesn’t illuminate the path there.

Your bespoke BSBCON business plan will act as a road map for your business. Each of our plans are tailor-made (without templates or plugins) and designed to be easily implementable in practice. Accomplish everything you’ve dreamed with consumer-tested, expert panel-approved business plans that outline your steps to success.

How do you write a small business plan?

Before you can write your business plan, you should have completed some essential business planning. Business plans are often upwards of 15-20+ pages, so you need to know detailed information about your business, the market, and how you plan to operate your business. 

A business plan typically consists of these sections:

  • Executive Summary : This will be the first thing people will read, so it needs to summarize your business perfectly. If you are seeking funding, it needs to outline exactly why you need the money. 
  • Table of Contents : Give yourself and your readers a quick reference to jump to specific sections of your plan.
  • Business Overview : Here, you will provide more detail about your “why” for doing business and outlining your vision, mission, core values, business goals, and objectives.
  • Market Analysis : To lunch a viable, profitable business, you need to ensure you have a market for your products or services. This section will share your research into market trends and competitors. 
  • Products and Pricing : Anything you plan to sell or offer should be detailed here, as well as pricing information. It should also include a section about what makes your company or offerings unique.
  • Sales and Marketing : Here, you will provide information about how and where you will be marketing your company and your sales process. 
  • Operational Plan : This section outlines operational information, a list of equipment and inventory, and a business risk analysis.
  • Management Team : Use this section to talk about the key roles and personnel in your business and any staff you will be hiring. 
  • Financial Plan : Include spreadsheets and business calculations in this section. 

You need a custom business plan (not one out-of-the-box)

You can use a business plan template to write your business plan, but they’re too generic and need to be customized for your unique business. When pitching your business to banks, investors, or for loans and grants, those evaluating your application can tell when you’ve used a generic template for your plan. They’ve seen them every day.

You want your business plan to stand out, so make sure it’s uniquely written for your business.

Who can help you write a business plan

You can write a business plan yourself, but it may be to your advantage to get a professional business plan writer to help. You’ve already got a lot on your plate to start up or manage the day-to-day operations of your business. Leave the writing to the professionals who can likely do it quicker than you could, given everything on your to-do list. 

Professional business plan writers know how to write business plans correctly and include the required information. Good writers can: 

  • Write in a language to inform and convince lenders and banks to fund your business.
  • Suggest new business or marketing strategies you may not have thought of. 
  • Advise you on incorporating inclusivity or sustainability into your business plan.

How do I find someone to write a small business plan?

There are many places to find good business plan writers for your small- to medium-sized business. Talk to other business owners about who wrote their business plans. Referrals are a great way to find good business plan writers. 

Look for one that has relationships with key lenders and banks. They can make introductions for you to help increase your chances of funding success. 

When shortlisting business plan writers, look for a company with an active blog and detailed website that shows off their expertise. It’s one thing to say you are a business plan writer; it’s another thing to have the experience and success as a business plan writer. Ask for proof or testimonials from satisfied customers. 

You could also ask us at Bsbcon to write your business plan. Writing business plans that get funding are our specialty, and we’d be happy to help you through the process.

Black Sheep Business Plans

Business plans for bank loans.

First impressions count, especially when it comes to raising capital. Put your best foot forward with a professional, tailored business plan written with bank loan requirements at top of mind.

Learn more 

Lets start my business plan, business plans for investors.

Attracting investors is competitive at the best of times. You need a clear, concise business plan to accurately and effectively outline your unique business idea. Look no further, you’ve come to the right place.

Strategic Business Plans

Organizational growth is the result of careful, measurable, and strategic planning. Stay ahead of your competitors with practical, implementable strategic business plans.

Business Plans for Immigration

Invest in your future with our tailored business plans. By using language that reflects the legalities of immigration, you receive a business plan that uncomplicates the immigration process.

What’s included in your Business plan?

business plan writer free

How much does a business plan cost?

Business plan writing services can vary depending on the purpose of the business plan and the experience of the writer and business consultants in the company. You can get sample templates anywhere online for free, but you’ll likely need to do additional work to make them suitable for your business.

You can buy more niched business plan templates. Still, unless you know how to customize them and include any additional information your specific loan program is requesting, it’s not often a good investment.

Costs will vary depending on how much information you can provide the writer. If you have a detailed market analysis already, that can help. Having previous versions of business plans can help the writer get a better overall picture of your business, which helps them write better for you.

Otherwise, to hire a professional business plan writer to increase your chances of funding and business success, you’re looking at $1900-$7900 for your business plan. This price is quite broad because it is very dependent on what services you require and if any business coaching or specialized knowledge is needed to write.

To give you a more detailed comparison of packages offered by Bsbcon, keep reading.

Compare our prices

Business Description

business consulting strategy black check

Unique Selling Point

Market Analysis

Marketing Strategy

Management Team

Business Sustainability

Capital Requirements

Operational Strategy

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Landscape Deck

Company Culture

Core Values

Independent Plan Review

business plan writer free

Browse Our Sample Business Plans

business plan writer free

How it works

Getting your business plan written by a professional business plan writer from the Bsbcon team can increase your chances of getting a business plan that meets your funding program’s requirements. Here’s what it’s like to work with Bsbcon for business plan writing services: 

Fill out and submit our online form

One of our specialists will reach out to further discuss your business and needs.

While work is in progress, we will update you regularly, with key team members contacting you weekly to provide detailed progress reports and report any outstanding issues that require your assistance to be fully resolved.

You will be provided a draft report that will cover all of the agreed-upon deliverables. You will then be invited to thoroughly review the document and provide actionable feedback.

Once we have reviewed your feedback and responded by making the necessary revisions, we will issue your completed business plan.

Business Plan Writers For Hire

If you’re looking to hire a business plan writer you have a few options.

First, you can simply search the keyword, “business plan” into Google and review the service providers that appear.

Next, you could have a search on Yelp. In our experience yelp business plan writers are decent, but certainly not the best writers available.

Business plan writers for hire in Canada is also a good option. Canadian business plan writers often service not only Canada, but the US and often Australia and the UK.

Finally, if you’re a part of a NPO you can simply search for non profit business plan writers and you should access a variety of professionals specializing in this niche.

Business Plan Writers Near Me

People looking for business plan writers close to home are often concerned about doing business remotely. It is the business plan writing company’s job to explain how easy and secure remote work can be.

The reality is, the best business plan writers probably don’t live within 20km’s or 12miles of you. However, business plan writing services can be provided from the other side of the world equally as effectively as in the same city as you.

The key is to ask a lot of questions right off the bat. These questions may include:

“How will the process work?”

“How can we be sure that we can trust your services?”

“How many clients have you worked with?”

“What is the success rating of your business plans?”

It should be obvious if the business plan consultant uses a template. In this case the final product will look like a cookie cutter, where a similar format has been replicated tens of times.

The best business plans available use a business plan outline , but are unique in the contents and financial projections developed.

Top Rated Business Plan Writers

At the end of the day, a top rated business plan writer will have a lot of 5 Star reviews and will not be afraid to show you them.

Business plan professional writers often have a list of accolades to showcase.

Our industry is still working on creating an authentication to provide you with a certified business plan writer. For now, the two tests are: experience and if they have an MBA.

The majority of top rated business plan writers will have an MBA, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Some consultants rely purely on their own first hand experience in business and in developing business plan proposals for their clients.

Here is our list of top 10 business plan writers. Please don’t be surprised by #1:

  • https://www.probusinessplans.com/
  • https://www.planwriters.net/
  • https://businessplansdirect.com/
  • https://oxbridgecontent.com/
  • https://financial-projections.com/
  • https://www.gobusinessplans.com/
  • https://www.caycon.com/
  • https://www.joorney.com/
  • https://www.ogscapital.com/
  • https://www.bsbcon.com/

Most of these business plan consulting firms have a few things in common: a strong web presence, experience, plenty of positive reviews, and wide area of service.

A top rated business plan writer will create a business plan for growth as effectively as a business plan for investment or a bank loan business plan .

Business Plan Writers Reviews

Different business plan writers will use a multitude of mediums to receive reviews. The average business plan consulting firm relies on Google reviews to build trust with their audience.

People want to see that business plan writers have a large volume of reviews, and a consistent flow of positive ones.

Reviews about business plan writers will primarily be found on Google My Business , Trustpilot , and Fiverr .

Although, many business plan consultants have a challenging time receiving reviews. Many clients intend on leaving positive reviews but often don’t get around to actually writing and posting one.

Affordable Business Plan Writers

The average small business that’s looking for a business plan will seek low cost business plan writers.

However, the old saying that, “you get what you pay for” applies to our industry as much as any other. Writing a business plan takes time, research, experience and engagement with the client.

Don’t be fooled by plan writers that offer their services for anything less than $1,200 USD. People who hire business plan writers for $1,200 USD or less should be concerned about the quality of the business plan they are provided.

A fixed priced business plan should be provided with a clear scope of work set forth ahead of time.

Low cost business plan writers will often promise a lot and argue that their competition over charges, but when the plan is complete you and your audience may be left disappointed.

In our opinion, affordable business plan writers will charge anywhere from $1,500 USD to $2,400 USD.

Freelance Business Plan Writers

Freelance business plan writers are hit and miss. When you find an exceptional freelance business plan writer be sure to keep their information, as they can be challenging to find.

Although many consulting firms are seeking business plan help, it can be hard to receive inquiries when advertising jobs for business plan writers.

If you want to become a business plan writer you can either get an MBA, begin writing in university and then start your own practice, or work for another. Another option is to utilize your experience in business, your financial knowledge, invest in a website and become a freelance business plan writer.

Business plan writers Fiverr is the number one place to access freelance writers. You may think you have hit the jackpot in finding exceptional talent for pennies on the dollar, but be cautioned.

The quality of work will be incomparable to a professional consulting firm that charges $1,600 USD to $2,400 USD for a plan.

Business Plan Writers for Small Businesses

Some of the leading business plan writers for small businesses are small business owners themselves.

Having an experienced business plan writer who owns their own practice can be extremely helpful as they have gone through many of the hurdles that you may be facing.

Small business plan writers understand the importance of positive cash flow, and the need to secure small business loans .

The business plan writer company of your choice should be small enough to understand your needs and customize the plan, yet large enough to have connections to small business programs that can help you with funding.

After having writer’s block when writing a business plan, people often look elsewhere and find a professional who can assist them in writing a small business plan.

Online Business Plan Writers

More and more business plan services are being provided online.

You will find a business plan writer for hire online by simply searching on Google and seeing ads or organic search results. In today’s world there are very few writers that work off purely a referral basis and lack any web presence.

When searching for online business plan writers be sure to review in detail the business plan writers contract. A professional plan writer will provide a detailed consulting agreement which covers the scope of work, pricing agreement, their responsibilities and your requirements as the client.

A sign of a business plan advisor online that should not be retained is one that engages in a working relationship with you without having you review and sign their written agreement.

The best business plan writers companies will walk you through their process prior to sending you a business plan writers contract, so that you understand how the process will work.

Business Plan Writers for Business Loan

When in need of a business plan for loan application you will not need to search far.

Business plan writers for loans specialize in crafting business plans that will be reviewed by business account managers at banks.

The two parts of the plan that are most important are the executive summary and financial projections. Bankers are known to read the executive summary, skim through the rest, and go straight to the financial projections.

Depending on which country you are based in, the CSBFP loan and SBA business loans are two common applications.

SBA business plan writers are experienced in a variety of loans provided from the Small Business Administration in the USA.

Bank loan business plan writers should be exceptional at providing financial projections which are somewhat conservative, yet able to provide comfort in your businesses ability to repay the debt.

Cost of Business Plan Writers

One of the most common questions asked is: how much do business plan writers charge?

The answer is simple, anywhere from $20 USD to $25,000 USD.

However, the average business plan writer should charge anywhere from $1,500 USD to $3,000 USD.

A business plan writer’s salary is largely dependent on their place of work, whether for a professional consulting firm or working independently on a referral basis.

You can still retain a business plan expert for a startup business plan. In fact, some startups will pay more for a plan than an existing business, because the founders are determined to create the strongest business plan possible.

Local Business Plan Writers

The best way to find local business plan writers is by simply searching on Google.

This search engine has one of the most advanced algorithms of all time. By simply searching for a “business plan writer” Google will provide two to three Ads, which could be writers based anywhere in the world but targeting your city, and it will also show organic results which are commonly local results.

Many clients will prefer a local business plan writer over a firm that is based outside of their city, province/state, or country.

In fact, there is a small percentage of people that will want to physically meet with the business plan writer to discuss in person. In today’s world most business plans are written virtually and it is not required to meet a business plan consultant in person.

Business plan writing services can be provided equally as effectively from the other side of the world as they can be provided from local business plan writers.

The best business plan writers will make you feel equally as comfortable working on a plan remotely, as a local business plan writer will from down the street.

A great sign of this is when a plan writer provides multiple reviews, sample business plans, the approximate amount of capital they have raised, and they walk you through their process which should indefinitely include a business plan contract.

How much do your business plans cost?

Unlike our competitors, we let you decide. Our gold and platinum business plans include graphic design, and provide our team with ample resources to perform rigorous market research. In addition, we have the time to consult with you to ensure the business concept is reflective of your vision. We recommend investing in one of our gold or platinum plans, but we’re happy to provide a mighty silver or bronze plan as well.

What if my business concept changes before the plan is completed?

Nearly every client we work with experiences some change to their initial business concept. As we work with you to create an authentic business plan we communicate our findings in market research. We always expect to see some changes to our clients initial business concept.

What if you were to poach our business concept?

Ethics is deeply embedded in our corporate culture. In addition, this action would go against our service contract, and additionally our BSBCON employment contract. You will never have to worry about such a maneuver when partnering with us.

Is there a business that you won't write a plan for?

Yes, although it happens very rarely. We work with businesses that contribute to making this planet a better place to live. Businesses that have an adverse effect to the positive development of society should look for another firm.

How long does it take to write most business plans?

Most business plans can be written in 15-20 days. If you need one faster, ask us about rush service to complete it in 3-5 days. 

I already have a business plan. Do you offer business plan review services?

Yes! We offer three packages where our team of professional business consultants and writers will review your existing business plan . Depending on the package you choose, you get up to 6 hours of reviews included, and we will make business plan strategy and content suggestions to boost your existing business plan.

What regions do you serve?

The Bsbcon headquarters is in Vancouver, Canada, with offices in Calgary and Toronto. We work with clients across Canada and the US. We’re expanding outside North America soon. 

What experience do your writers have?

We only hire the best Canadian writers, designers, and business consultants. They are all experts in their craft and have wide-ranging experience in business and in writing for different niches. 

If we’re looking for other connections to run our business, do you have any referrals?

Yes! We are invested in seeing your business succeed long after your business plan is completed. Our team has extensive connections in the business, marketing, and finance worlds so let us know what you need. We’ll search our virtual Rolodex of professional contacts to see if we can make a recommendation for you.

Travail logo

Kevin is a pleasure to work with! He is a true expert and had many insightful suggestions for how I could improve my current business strategy. I would recommend him and the Black Sheep team without hesitation. Thanks Kevin!

— Laura Burden

Google Review

I met Kevin almost two years ago and from the start I knew there was something very special about him. He is the definition of positivity and his energy is contagious. Kevin is a natural born leader, capable of inspiring those around him to be their best. He is funny, smart, hard working and incredibly kind. He would go to the moon and back for his clients with passion and dedication.

— Sara Badiei

BSBCON has helped us in creating our own corporate identity and the strategy behind our recent market growth. From our first meeting their team has impressed us in professionalism, dedication and experience. We’ll be retaining them for their Sustainable Business services.

— Russel De Vera

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