What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Why can’t i upload my homework.

Why can I only see a preview of my quiz?

My homework is not on the to-do list anymore, how can I find it?

I’ve accidentally marked a task as complete, how do i get it back, i've submitted the wrong file, how can i delete it, how do i stop overdue notifications, why can i see some tasks on the website but not on the app, why can't i see flexible tasks and classwork assignments on the app.

If you lose your password, don't worry! It can be easily recovered using your registered email address. Please follow this guide to recover your password!

If you're unable to see the Submit tab on your homework on the website (or can't see the paperclip icon on the app) it is possible that you are logged into a parent account.

You can only submit homework via your student account, so you will need to log out and ensure you log into your student account. If you have forgotten your login details, please follow these steps to gain access to your account.

If you are logged into the correct account and are still unable to upload files, it is likely that your teacher has requested that you hand in the task in class or an alternative method. You can find this out by checking the Other information box which can be found at the bottom of the task, as shown below:

you check my homework

Why can I only see a preview of my quiz

You are most likely logged into a parent account if you can only see a preview of your quiz. You will need to log out and ensure you log into your student account. If you have forgotten your login details, please follow these steps to gain access to your account.

You can find any homework you've been set by checking your Calendar. Please see this article for more information on how to navigate the Calendar .

To move a task back to your To-do list, you simply need to click on the Completed tab on the website (or the Past tab on the app) and un-tick the task you've accidentally marked as completed.

Once you have uploaded a file to a task it isn't possible to remove it. However, you have the option to do a re-submission by uploading the correct file on task. We also advise that you leave a comment to your teacher explaining that you have uploaded an incorrect file.

If you are receiving these reminders, this may mean that your teacher has set homework that requires an online submission via Satchel One. Homework marked for online submission must have a submission on Satchel One, otherwise you will be notified of your overdue homework until you make a submission.

You can stop the reminders by locating your task and clicking on the Submit tab. You can submit your work in either the text box or by adding your document as an attachment. In some cases, you may have already handed in this homework in class or on another platform, so you can simply write a note to your teacher to let them know.

The app shows fewer tasks than the website does. This is because the app is intended to be a compact version of the website. If you're unable to find a task on the app, please check your Calendar on our website .

If you can't see certain tasks on the app, you may be using an older version of the app. You can check which version of the app you are on by going to the app store on your device. If you are on an old version you will need to update the app. However, if you do not see the option to update the app your device might not support the newer version. Please see this article to see if your device supports the app.

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