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  1. The USAF Thunderbirds #6 solo takeoff! The F-16 Viper showing its power at an airshow! #shorts #jet

  2. A-10 Jet Fighter #inaction #seedescription

  3. 324th Training Squadron Airman's Run -- November 1, 2023


  1. PDF Department of The Air Force

    DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE WASHINGTON DC OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY DAFI36-2110_DAFGM2023-01 5 October 2023 MEMORANDUM FOR DISTRIBUTION C ... updates to Assignment Availability Codes and Assignment Limitation Codes reducing the use of acronyms, limiting the scope of this publication to the Department of the Air Force guidance, and

  2. Code 37. What is it?

    Code 37 and related procedures. Assignment Availability Code. AAC 37, Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) or Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) When an Airman has a medical condition, which might require an MEB, a Code 37 is initiated by the base Medical Group.


    For any other duty or mobility restrictions assignment availability codes (AACs) 31, 37, or 81, the maximum allowable duration of the AF Form 469 is 365 days. Fitness restrictions will be up to 365 days, unless the condition has been ... duties expected to be a part of his/her air force specialty code (AFSC) and/or current assignment ...

  4. PDF Department of The Air Force Washington Dc

    DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE WASHINGTON DC OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SECRETARY ... 21, 25, 27, 31, or 37 as listed in Table 2.1 or assignment limitation code 02, 08, or L as listed in Table 2.2. (T-2). (Add) A35.2.3.6. Airman has, or is eligible to obtain, the required retainability. ... Assignment Availability Code (AAC) "CC" with an ...

  5. MEB/Code 37 Question : r/AirForce

    MEB/Code 37 Question Question I've been waiting on the results of my IRILO and just saw that my CDB has been updated with an Assignment Limitation Code of C2 (Can PCS to CONUS and overseas location with approval) but, my Assignment Availability Code is still showing 37. Has anyone been through this process?

  6. PDF By Order of The Secretary Air Force Instruction 10-403 of The Air ...

    It implements the Secretary of the AF's publication improvements, deletes Deployment Availability Code table, updates Electronic Deployment Readiness guidance, adds "deployed teams" guidance, and revises compliance item tiering. Incorporates AFI 10-403 Air Force Guidance Memorandum 2019-01. Chapter 1—ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 7

  7. PDF By Order of The Department of Air Force Secretary of The Air Force ...

    AIR FORCE DISABILITY EVALUATION SYSTEM (DES) OVERVIEW 1.1. Air Force Disability Evaluation System (DES) Overview. 1.1.1. The purpose of the Air Force DES is to maintain a fit and vital force. Service members who can no longer perform the duties of their office, grade, rank or rating are referred into the DES process.

  8. Is it possible to remove AAC 37-MEB? : r/AirForce

    srathrowaway2 Is it possible to remove AAC 37-MEB? Currently I have an Assignment Availability Code 37, MEDICAL AND / OR PHYSICAL EVALUATION BOARD (MEB / PEB) PCS DEFERMENT, 26 JUL 2018 I was given this code because my commander directed the DAWG review my case because I have had 4 profiles in the past 24 months.

  9. MEB Timeline (JBER)

    Air Force Case Timelines . MEB Timeline (JBER) Thread starter lolo; Start date Aug 29, 2022; L. lolo PEB Forum Regular Member. Registered Member. Aug 29, 2022 ... 22 February 2022 - Notification of Assignment Availability Code 37 23 February 2022 - Request for Commander's Impact Statement 2 March 2022 - Acknowledge IRILO w/First Sergeant ...

  10. PDF Brought to you by: MilPDS Code

    assignment availability (amn) codes [aac] assignment block control flag [blk cntrl code] ... spouse status military codes [mil-sp] srb waiver codes [srbwv] standard overseas tours ... 34 efmp assignment/deferment 36 afpc controlled 37 medical and/or physical evaluation board (meb/peb)

  11. PDF Assignments, Details, and Transfers Enlisted Assignments and ...

    Code (37 USC 307). It is administered per DODD 1304.21 and 1304.22 and DOD Instruction (DODI) 7000-14. ... Military Personnel Division/Personnel Service Battalion commanders • 2-11, page 5 ... Assignment eligibility and availability codes • 3-8, page 8 Section II Personnel Utilization, page 9

  12. PDF Inter-American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA) Inter-American Squadron

    Personnel with an Assignment Availability Code (AAC) 37 on their AF IMT 469 will be considered on a case-by-case basis; contact the IAAFA Registrar for consideration (DSN 473-5593, Comm: 210-671-5593) Personnel with an Assignment Limitation C1, C2, or C3 on their AF IMT 469 are authorized to attend ISOS

  13. Assignment

    The Assignment Management System (AMS) is a web application that houses multiple applications in support of officer assignments, enlisted assignments, commander responsibilities, and individual Air Force members.

  14. Transfer of Education Benefits

    Once the Assignment Availability Code (AAC) 37 is updated in MilPDS (indicating you will undergo an MEB), you will not be transfer this benefit to one of your dependents. POST 9/11 TRANSFER POLICY CHANGE. ... Air Force Reserve; Air National Guard; Civilian Service; Connect Get Social with Us

  15. PDF By Order of The Air Force Manual 11-421 Secretary of The Air Force ...

    SECRETARY OF THE AIR FORCE AIR FORCE MANUAL 11-421 23 MARCH 2020 Flying Operations ... 37 United States Code; and Executive Order 9397, Numbering System ... Personnel Center (AFPC) for use during the assignment selection process. The 1C0X2 key leadership positions are not applicable to ARC. 1.3. MAJCOM Functional Manager (MFM) Position ...

  16. AAC CODE 31--HELP

    When an authorized official at the Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) updates a temporary medical deferment, an automatic interface with the personnel data system processes an assignment availability code 31 (Table 2.1) if the date of availability is 30 calendar days or more from the date of the AF Form 469, Duty Limiting Conditions Report.

  17. Assignment availability code : r/AirForce

    Assignment availability code. Hello everyone, i have a code 1907 on my SURF for assignment availability. I've scanned through AFI 36-2110 and can not find anything on that code. Does anyone by chance know what that code means? Thank you for any info. ok that makes sense, thank you. So instead of looking at your SURF, look on ur vMPF records and ...

  18. Code 37

    #1 I'm wondering where can I see if I'm coded 37 or not? Also what does code 37 mean? I checked PRDA, SURF and vMPF and I still cant find it. I spoke with my doctor yesterday and he stated I'm code 31 but he is pushing my code 37 today and ill get called by a PEBLO in less than 2 weeks.

  19. PDF By Order of The Air Force Instruction 36-2606 Secretary of The Air ...

    SECRETARY OF THE AIR FORCE . ENLISTMENT. AIR FORCE INSTRUCTION 36-2606 . 20 SEPTEMBER 2019 . Incorporating Change 1, 27 January 2021 . Personnel . REENLISTMENT AND EXTENSION OF IN THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE . COMPLIANCE WITH THIS PUBLICATION IS MANDATORY . ACCESSIBILITY: Publications and forms are available for downloading or ordering on the

  20. Assignment policies change for instructors, recruiters

    SHEPPARD AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Assignment policies governing military training leaders, instructors and recruiters recently reverted back to assignment availability code 50, which provides a definite four-year maximum time on station. Linda Howard, 82nd Training Wing chief of personnel relocations, said in the former AAC 43, base of preferences were not approved if the installation had 85 ...

  21. Can anyone familiar with Assignment Availability Codes explain Code 50

    Code 50 means you are a mandatory mover at 4 years TOS. It is like a DEROS in that it's possible to move before, but very difficult. The way most Code 50 slots are managed, if you want yours lifted (what it takes to leave early), they have to lift all the others (your coworkers). All or none.

  22. PDF By Order of The Department of The Air Force Secretary of The Air ... Inform Air Force Personnel Center Assignments and Air Expeditionary Force Program Division (AFPC/DP3A), National Guard Bureau, Force Management Programs Branch (NGB/A1PP), Chief, Air Force Reserve (AF/RE) of continued assignment

  23. How to remove an Assignment Availability Code (AAC) 39?

    Code 39 was put on you by your supervision to keep manning. Unless you volunteer on AMS you're gonna have that code until the ALC (Assignment limitation code) expiration. Spez: speaking from experience. I was at a location where I was code 39'd and had to volunteer for a job on AMS to get out of it. imroadk1ll.