Smart Hub Plans

Frequently asked questions.

Optimize your Smart Hub experience

Follow these steps to ensure you have the most optimal experience with your Smart Hub.

Correctly position your Smart Hub

Place the Smart Hub above ground and near a window and on an elevated surface such as a table or shelf. If you have a multi-story home, the highest floor is best

To ensure the best experience, we suggest moving your Smart Hub throughout your home and conducting a speed test at each location with only 1 device connected to the hub and the hub connected to it by Ethernet cable. The location that gets the fastest download speed should be where your Smart Hub is placed Note : Please skip this step if your Smart Hub is connected to an external antenna or you have an Outdoor Unit (ODU).

Foliage can impact your Smart Hub connection which can impact speed. Again, try moving the device around in your home following the steps above if you notice a drop in speed in springtime

Avoid placing the Smart Hub on the floor, in basements or closed in areas like closets or cabinets. Also avoid placing near mirrored objects, fish tanks or objects that may obstruct the signal

If it’s in a location that is surrounded by other electronic items (see the list of items under the section Minimize radio interference below) move it away from these items to ensure you have good signal strength

Minimize radio interference

Some devices may cause interference with your Wi-Fi signal if they are within close proximity (8-10 feet) of your Smart Hub. If possible, try removing or turning off the sources of potential interference. Try to relocate the following away from your Smart Hub and Wi-Fi devices:

Cordless telephone base station

Other wireless modems or routers

Dense or metallic objects (file cabinets, brick walls, etc.)

Copper or other metallic pipes

Appliances, such as microwave ovens, air conditioners and television sets

Garage door openers

Building materials

Bluetooth devices

Wireless speaker system

Baby monitors

Wireless security cameras

Certain monitors and LCD displays

Cut down Wi-Fi bandwidth sharing

Your Wi-Fi bandwidth gets split across all connected devices in your home. With more devices connected and drawing usage at a given time, there will be less available bandwidth. As a result, all the connected devices will experience lower internet speeds.

Some devices connected to your Wi-Fi may also automatically use bandwidth (such as computers/gaming consoles with automatic updates turned on, assistant devices, security cameras, etc.). If you do not require a device to be connected, turn it off.

If you find you are consistently using more than what your plan allows, consider upgrading your plan.

Wi-Fi congestion issues

Your Smart Hub/router broadcasts signal throughout your house using radio frequencies. There could be several devices operating in the same frequency ranges. This can impede the hub's signal distribution (baby monitors, cordless phones, neighbour's Wi-Fi connection that is broadcast on the same channel, etc.).

In your device's Wi-Fi network settings, you can change the broadcast frequency (channel) to adjust for this and improve your overall signal.

If you continue to experience congestion issues, contact us to discuss other solutions.

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