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by leristam ritonga

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Fatbardha Doko

2018, Knowledge International Journal

This theme:” The Use of Skills and particularly Developing a Basis for Reading and Learning” is very broad, interesting, challenging and very useful at the same time. It is very useful for teachers and students during lectorical exercises which require a joint effort of participating interactively in class in order to be more efficient, flexible and pragmatic in order to achieve the main goal of learning and improving English Language. This source of information is useful for native speakers as well as for us, that are learning and improving English Language as a second language that intend to be future teachers or interpreters from English to respective languages.To Learn and improve English language are used the four main skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking (Communicating) and Writing. During lectures in order to practice and elaborate each of the skills, teachers and students encounter into different situations that in order to answer or conduct one of the skills you will have t...

The Use of Skills in English Language and Developing a Basis for Reading and Learning

Dragana Bozic Lenard , Yvonne L

Grammar has always been regarded as the necessity in establishing successful formal communication. However, students generally perceive grammar instruction as a necessary evil at best. They usually believe their messages will be understood even if a sentence is incorrect. On the other hand, vocabulary learning is the fundamental step in any language learning. Acquiring new vocabulary is of paramount importance in English for Specific Purposes as it is directed towards specific needs of students' particular specialties. The aim of this research was twofold. We were interested in students' preferences for learning grammar and vocabulary and their performance in exams. For the purpose of the research, 230 students studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek, Croatia were surveyed. The results showed that the students believe acquiring new technical vocabulary is more important and useful than studying grammar. In the second part of the research, both the first and the second revision exams done by the surveyed students were examined regarding the percentage of correct vocabulary and grammar exercises. The analysis indicated that the students were more successful in doing grammar exercises. To put it differently, the results showed that although the students are theoretically more engaged with and more motivated to learn new technical vocabulary because they find it more useful for their future profession, their performance in revision exams has actually shown the opposite results, i.e. they scored more points for grammar related exercises than for vocabulary related ones.


Deepak Dravid

The teaching of grammar and vocabulary is a compulsory sector in educational field, especially English. In every teaching approach, a method followed by a theory, objectives determination (general and specific), syllabus designing, curriculum scheduling, checklist assembling, material selecting, and lesson planning are marked as the mandatory steps to be taken. Four types of method i.e. Grammar Translation method, Direct method, Audio-lingual method and Communicative Language Teaching method are used. Further, in case of teaching vocabulary, diverse methods particularly-keyword method, word map, restructuring reading materials, root analysis and so on can also be marked as necessary. While we come across syllabus designing, we find: Grammatical syllabus, Structural syllabus, Situational syllabus and Notional-functional syllabus. In case of materials we have textbooks, workbooks, reference books, teacher's manual, supplementary materials, remedial materials and so on. After selection of materials, the selection of gradation comes including linear and cyclic gradation. The checklist is a kind of manual or work-plan provided by the teacher to the students. As a whole, the checklist includes daily programme of topics selected in specific to be taught in a lecture or several lectures whereas a lesson plan is a detail discussion of the topic with the division of time scheduling for each and every class. All these contribute to a good learning of grammar and vocabulary in English.

Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary

“I don't write any of my material down. I like to improvise and be spontaneous.” - Dane Cook. This paper aims at developing appropriate communicative skills-based materials for the English classroom. The materials used should cater to the learner’s need and the learner’s ability. Materials should be more skill-based than content based. Like a ship that is tossed in a troubled sea sometimes learners as well as teachers are far away from the teaching materials. Further, it elaborates the importance of four basic skills and how each one is interlinked and in what way the four skills pave way to improve the communication skills. Teaching is a wonderful art, but it lies in the heart and the mind of the teacher to use different strategies and styles for different content in order to help the learners to understand properly and acquire the skills and use it effectively. Different structures for different types of content would really help students understand better. This paper is an attempt at identifying, describing and evaluating English learning/teaching materials as used currently in the technological world.


Bisher AL-bahra

Collins Vocabulary for IELTS Book

Trang Trinh Tu


Refat Aljumily

Sections taken from working document of the English Language Training Centre (ELTC) for the Training year 2012

Maria Oliveira

Teaching Vocabulary Teaching English Language Teacher Development Series

Gürkan Özbil



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