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Statistics Assignment Sample

Online statistics assignment help at my assignment services, why choose us.

In layman terms, statistics is a subject which primarily deals with the collection, interpretation and analysis of data.It is an important subject that makes its presence felt in a wide range of possible careers. However, looking the statistics assignment sample below, it can be understood that statistical studies require a proper and thorough understanding about the basic concepts as well as complex theorems that are encountered while analysing the data. To this end, many students make the use of onlinestatistics assignment help services.

Students who study statistics as a subject need to get their head around the various models of analysis and may often require professional help for the same. If any students find dealing with figures and number crunching as intimidating, they are liable to get stuck with their assignments and miss the due deadline as a result. In such scenarios, online statistics assignment writing services can act as a true life-saver.Moreover, students often search for statistics assignment sample online to gain a thorough perspective on the kind of approach required to write statistics assignment answers.

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My Assignment Services, an industry leader in providing top quality assignments across a range of subjects to students in Australia and abroad, will help you achieve high distinction grades upon your assignment submission. At My Assignment Services, our accomplished team of stats writers are peerless in providing solutions for the most mind-numbing of statistical problems. Possessing more than a decade of experience in writing impeccable statistics assignments, our online statistics assignment writing experts can efficiently handle numerous topics under the academic umbrella of statistical studies such as:

statistics assignment sample

Apart from these common topics, assistance is also provided in writing specific assignments in common topics such as Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), SPSS and Stata, Correlation and Causation and the like.Irrespective of whether you need a theoretical assignment, or one with excessive numerical analysis, our team of professionals are capable of writing on just about any topic concerning statistical studies, and delivering every assignment on time.All you need to do is get in touch with us and send us your requirements. After agreeing upon a reasonable quote, we will start writing your assignment for you. You can have a look at a statistics assignment sample solution below and consult our experts in case of any doubt.

  • Quality Assurance– The superior quality of our work has helped us maintain loyal customers who refer us to their acquaintances all the time. Your statistic assignment solution is provided by internationally recognized academic experts.
  • 100% Original– We provide quality assignments that are absolutely free of plagiarism. Each assignment is delivered with a free ‘Plagiarism’ report to help students ascertain its originality. A Plagiarism report of your statistics assignment in PDF format is always attached for your convenience.
  • On-time Delivery– We treat each and every assignment as a top priority and ensure that our experts deliver the completed assignment to you well within the due date.
  • Free Rework Policy– My Assignment Services is a company that prides itself in the quality of assignments written. Accordingly, we entertain any rework or modifications that the student may require absolutely free of cost.
  • 24/7 Customer Assistance– We provide round the clock customer assistance to the students in answering their queries, or giving them valuable counsel regarding their assignment .

Please contact us as soon as possible if you require any kind of statistics assignment help through guided sessions at all. You will not be disappointed – that’s a promise.

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Statistics Assignment Help

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Statistics Homework Help

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With their hectic schedules, university students need prompt support, and one of the services we provide for them is managing their statistics & programming assignments, homework, and projects. The Statistics Assignment Help is one such entity designed with the student’s busy schedule in mind. We put our efforts into offering high-quality statistics solutions to all our students so that they can get their desired grades. We give our clients exceptional statistics expert assistance so they may complete their academic assignments successfully. We have experts for 90+ statistical tools including SPSS, SAS, Python, R Programming, Excel, SQL, STATA, Tableau, Mintab etc. With data science, big data and machine learning algorithms gaining importance in college curriculum, we ensure that our statistics assignment experts are updated with the latest courses & curriculum.


Teach each student to organize, simplify and comprehend data.


To develop knowledge and intellect of statistics students thus helping them to pursue productive and satisfying career.

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Our experts use excel for calculation, analysis,graphs/charts preparation, and macros. Excel is one of the most widely used statistical software.

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R Programming

R is an interpreted language that uses vectors, matrices, arrays, data frames and lists. It is one of the most popular analysis software.


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Statistics assignment

Statistics is a basic and important tool for professionals in all fields all over the worlds. This document provides the importance and scope of Statistics in major fields of study like a business, management, planning etc.

statistics assignment



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  • 1. 2 STATISTICS ASSIGNMENT Topic: Statistics and its Scope
  • 2. 3 INTRODUCTION Every day we come across different types of quantitative information in newspapers, magazines, over radio and television. For example, we may hear or read that India showed a decadal growth rate of 17.64 % from 2001 to 2011, the Adult literacy rate increased to 74.04% with a decadal growth of 9.21% during the same period etc. We would like to know what these figures mean. These quantitative information or expression is known as statistical data or, simply, statistics. The term “statistics” is used in two senses: first in plural sense meaning a collectionof numerical facts or estimates—the figure themselves. It is in this sense that the public usually think of statistics, e.g., figures relating to population, profits of different units in an industry etc. Secondly, as a singular noun, the term ‘statistics’ denotes the various methods adopted for the collection, analysis and interpretation of the facts numerically represented. In singular sense, the term ‘statistics’ is better described as statistical methods. In our study of the subject, we shall be more concerned with the second meaning of the word ‘statistics’. DEFINITION OF STATISTICS Statistics is the studies of how to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret numerical information from data. Descriptive statistics involves methods of organizing, picturing and summarizing information from data. Inferential statistics involves methods of using information from a sample to draw conclusions about the population. In other words, Statistics is concerned with scientific methods for collecting, organizing, summarizing, presenting and analyzing data as well as deriving valid conclusions and making reasonable decisions on the basis of this analysis. Statistics is concerned with the systematic collectionof numerical data and its interpretation. Definitionby Bouly: Statistics are numerical statement of facts in any department of enquiry placed interrelation to each other. Definitionby Conner: Statistics are measurement, enumerations or estimates of natural or social phenomena systematically arrangement to exhibit their inner relation. Definitionby Youle & Kendal: By Statistics we mean quantitative data affected to a marked extend by a multiplicity of causes. Definitionby R.A. Fisher: The science of Statistics is essentially a branch of applied mathematics and can be regarded as a mathematics applied to observation data.
  • 3. 4 Definitionby Croxton and Cowden: Statistics may be defined as the science of collection, presentation analysis and interpretation of numerical data from the logical analysis. It is clear that the definition of statistics by Croxton and Cowden is the most scientific and realistic one. According to this definition there are four stages: 1. Collection of Data: It is the first step and this is the foundation upon which the entire data set. Careful planning is essential before collecting the data. There are different methods of collectionof data such as census, sampling, primary, secondary, etc., and the investigator should make use of correct method. 2. Presentation of data: The mass data collectedshould be presented in a suitable, concise form for further analysis. The collecteddata may be presented in the form of tabular or diagrammatic or graphic form. 3. Analysis of data: The data presented should be carefully analyzed for making inference from the presented data such as measures of central tendencies, dispersion, correlation, regressionetc., 4. Interpretation of data: The final step is drawing conclusion from the data collected. A valid conclusion must be drawn on the basis of analysis. A high degree of skill and experience is necessary for the interpretation. FUNCTIONS OF STATISTICS The functions of statistics may be enumerated as follows: 1. To present facts in a definite form: Without a statistical study our ideas are likely to be vague, indefinite and hazy, but figures help as to represent things in their true perspective. For example, the statement that some students out of 1,400, who had appeared, for a certain examination, were declared successful would not give as much information as the one that 300 students out of 400 who took the examination were declared successful. 2. To simplify unwieldy and complex data : It is not easy to treat large numbers and hence they are simplified either by taking a few figures to serve as a representative sample or by taking average to give a bird’s eye view of the large masses. For example, complex data may be simplified by presenting them in the form of a table, graph or diagram, or representing it through an average etc. 3. To use it as a technique for making comparisons: The significance of certain figures can be better appreciated when they are
  • 4. 5 compared with others of the same type. The comparison between two different groups is best represented by certain statistical methods, such as average, coefficients, rates, ratios, etc. 4. To enlarge individual experience: An individual’s knowledge is limited to what he can observe and see; and that is a very small part of the social organism. His knowledge is extended n various ways by studying certain conclusions and results, the basis of which are numerical investigations. For example, we all have general impression that the cost of living has increased. But to know to what extent the increase has occurred, and how far the rise in prices has affected different income groups, it would be necessary to ascertain the rise in prices of articles consumed by them. 5. To provide guidance in the formulation of policies: The purpose of statistics is to enable correct decisions, whether they are taken by a businessman or Government. In fact statistics is a great servant of business in management, governance and development. Sampling methods are employed in industry in tackling the problem of standardization of products. Big business houses maintain a separate department for statistical intelligence, the work of which is to collect, compare and coordinate figures for formulating future policies of the firm regarding production and sales. 6. To enable measurement of the magnitude of a phenomenon: But for the development of the statistical science, it would not be possible to estimate the population of a country or to know the quantity of wheat, rice and other agricultural commodities produced in the country during any year. IMPORTANCE OF STATISTICS These days statistical methods are applicable everywhere. There is no field of work in which statistical methods are not applied. According to A L. Bowley, ‘A knowledge of statistics is like a knowledge of foreign languages or of Algebra, it may prove of use at any time under any circumstances”. The importance of the statistical science is increasing in almost all spheres of knowledge, e g., astronomy, biology, meteorology, demography, economics and mathematics. Economic planning without statistics is bound to be baseless. Statistics serve in administration, and facilitate the work of formulation of new policies. Financial institutions and investors utilise statistical data to summaries the past experience. Statistics are also helpful to an auditor, when he uses sampling techniques or test checking
  • 5. 6 to audit the accounts of his client. LIMITATIONS OF STATISTICS The scope of the science of statistic is restrictedby certain limitations: 1. The use of statistics is limited numerical studies: Statistical methods cannot be applied to study the nature of all type of phenomena. Statistics deal with only such phenomena as are capable of being quantitatively measured and numerically expressed. For, example, the health, poverty and intelligence of a group of individuals, cannot be quantitatively measured, and thus are not suitable subjects for statistical study. 2. Statistical methods deal with population or aggregate of individuals rather than with individuals. When we say that the average height of an Indian is 1 meter 80 centimeters, it shows the height not of an individual but as found by the study of all individuals. 3. Statistical relies on estimates and approximations: Statistical laws are not exact laws like mathematical or chemical laws. They are derived by taking a majority of cases and are not true for every individual. Thus the statistical inferences are uncertain. 4. Statistical results might lead to fallacious conclusions by deliberate manipulation of figures and unscientific handling. This is so because statistical results are represented by figures, which are liable to be manipulated. Also the data placed in the hands of an expert may lead to fallacious results. SCOPE OF STATISTICS Statistics is useful in every sphere of life and activities. The methods and ideas of statistics are so widely used nowadays that we can’t imagine our life and different activities without statistics. Statistics is not a mere device for collecting numerical data, as a means of developing sound techniques for their handling analyzing and drawing valid inferences from them. Statistics is applied in every sphere of human activity – social as well as physical – like Biology, Commerce, Education, Planning, Business Management, Information Technology, etc.
  • 6. 7 It is almost impossible to find a single department of human activity where statistics cannot be applied. Statistics and Planning: Statistics in indispensable into planning in the modern age which is termed as “the age of planning”. Almost all over the world the govt. are re-storing to planning for economic development. Planning is the logical combination of vision, goals, objectives, strategies, policies, etc. An efficient planning is needed for efficient working. Statistics helps to get the necessary information about the planning. The success of any planning depends upon the current and sound analysis of statistical data. Efficient planning can’t be imagined without statistics. Statistics and Economics: Statistical data and techniques are useful in economic analysis. Statistical analyses are used in solving different economic problems such as consumptions, production, distribution, investment, unemployment, etc. Index no. , Time series analysis, demand analysis, forecasting techniques, etc, are some tools in statistics which are frequently used in economics. Statistics and Industry In industry statistics is widely used in equality control. In production engineering it is used to find out whether the product is confirming to the specifications or not with the help of statistical tools, such as inspection plan, control chart etc. Statistics and Mathematics It should seem obvious that statistics plays a key role in mathematics considering it’s a branch of applied mathematics. However, statistics is in more than just its own separate branch of math. You can find statistical techniques in integration, differentiation, and algebra, and you can find those in statistics as well. Much of math is based on probability and theories, and statistical methods help make those mathematical theories that much more accurate. Using averages, dispersions, and estimation allows you to come up with conclusions that are closer to the real answer than just taking a wild guess. Statistics and Modern Science In medical science the statistical tools for collection, presentation and analysis of observed facts relating to causes and incidence of dieses and the result of application various drugs and medicine are of great importance.
  • 7. 8 Statistics and Natural and Social Sciences Biology, physics, chemistry, meteorology, sociology, communication, and even information technology all use statistics. For many of these categories, the use of statistics in that field involves collecting data, analyzing it, coming up with a hypothesis, and testing that hypothesis. In biology, the use of statistics within that field is known as biostatistics, biometry, or biometrics. Biostatistics often involves the design of experiments in medicine, agriculture, and fishery. It also involves collecting, summarizing, and analyzing the data received from those experiments as well as the decided results. Medical biostatistics is a separate branch that deals mainly with medicine and health. Physics uses probability theory and statistics dealing mainly with the estimation of large populations. In fact, the phenomenological results of thermodynamics were developed using the mechanics of statistics There are further examples of statistics in these sciences fields including analytical chemistry, which involves the presentation of problems in data analysis and demonstrating steps to solve them. Meteorology uses statistics in stochastic-dynamic prediction, weather forecasting, probability forecasting, and a number of other fields. Sociology uses statistics to describe, explain, and predict from data received. Like many of the sciences, communication uses statistical methods to communicate data received. Information technology also uses statistics to predict particular outcomes. Statistics and Astronomy It is impossible to take out a ruler and measure the distance of the Earth from the sun. Instead, astronomers use estimates and mathematical theories to devise their best guess to just how far items in the universe are away from each other. This is why when you read a news report that a star will likely be going supernova “any day now,” you have to understand that “any day now” could mean tomorrow, a year from now, or even ten thousand years from now Statistics, Psychology and Education: In education and physiology statistics has found wide application such as, determining or to determine the reliability and validity to a test, factor analysis etc. Statistics and War
  • 8. 9 In war the theory of decision function can be a great assistance to the military and personal to plan “maximum destruction with minimum effort.” Statistics and Research One cannot think of undertaking any research activities without using statistics. Primarily, statistical techniques are used for collectinginformation in any research. Besides, statistical methods are used for analysis and interpretation of research findings. Thus there is hardly any branch of study where statistics is not being used. It is used in all spheres of human activities. Statistics and Administration In ancient times statistics was used as the science of statecraft. It was used to collect data relating to manpower, crimes, income etc. for formulating different policies. In modem times, its role has become manifold. It has become indispensable for the administrators. It is being widely used formulating and forecasting different plans and policies of the state administration. Statistics in Business and Management: Statistics play an important role in business. A successful businessman must be very quick and accurate in decision making. He knows that what his customers wants, he should therefore, know what to produce and sell and in what quantities. Statistics helps businessman to plan production according to the taste of the costumers, the quality of the products can also be checked more efficientlyby using statistical methods. So all the activities of the businessman based on statistical information. 1. Marketing: Statistical analysis are frequently used in providing information for making decision in the field of marketing it is necessary first to find out what can be sold and the to evolve suitable strategy, so that the goods which to the ultimate consumer. A skill full analysis of data on production purchasing power, man power, habits of compotators, habits of consumer, transportation cost should be consider to take any attempt to establish a new market 2. Production: In the field of production statistical data and method play a very important role. The decision about what to produce? How to produce? When to produce? For whom to produce is based largely on statistical analysis. 3. Finance: The financial organization discharging their finance function effectively
  • 9. 10 depend very heavily on statistical analysis of peat and tigers. 3. Banking: Banking institute have found if increasingly to establish research department within their organization for the purpose of gathering and analysis information, not only regarding their own business but also regarding general economic situation and every segment of business in which they may have interest. 4. Investment: Statistics greatly assists investors in making clear and valued judgment in his investment decision in selecting securities which are safe and have the best prospects of yielding a good income. 5. Purchase: the purchase department in discharging their function makes use of statistical data to frame suitable purchase policies such as what to buy? What quantity to buy? What time to buy? Where to buy? Whom to buy? 6. Accounting: statistical data are also employer in accounting particularly in auditing function, the technique of sampling and destination is frequently used. 7. Control: the management control process combines statistical and accounting method in making the overall budget for the coming year including sales, materials, labor and other costs and net profits and capital requirement. CONCLUSION In conclusion, statistics plays a very important role in all aspects of life and needs to understood to understand all the subjects in which it is important as discussed above. LIST OF REFERENCES 1. 2. 3. 4.
  • Reviews 4.8/5

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i get some help with my statistics assignment.

If you're looking for assistance with your statistics assignment, you have several options available to you. One reliable approach is to seek help from online academic platforms like or tutoring services that specialize in statistics. These platforms typically have a wide range of expert statisticians who can provide personalized guidance tailored to your specific assignment requirements. You can also look into online forums or communities dedicated to statistics, where you can post your queries and receive answers from experts in the subject. By utilising these resources, you can discover the assistance you require to excel in your statistics assignment while also developing a deeper comprehension of the subject topic.

How do I get the best statistics assignment help available online?

To ensure you get the best statistics assignment help available online, there are a few key steps you can take. First, conduct thorough research to find reputable online platforms like or tutoring services that specialize in statistics. Look for platforms with positive reviews, experienced tutors, and a track record of delivering quality assistance. Second, check to see if the service offers personalised help that fits the needs of your task. Lastly, check prices and availability to find a service that fits your budget and schedule. By doing these things, you can increase your chances of getting high-quality online help with your statistics assignment.

What are the benefits of using a statistics assignment help service?

The benefits of using a statistics assignment help service are numerous. Firstly, it ensures that the homework task is of the best quality and delivered within the stipulated timeframe. Secondly, the revisions can be done for free if needed. Thirdly, the solutions provided are plagiarism-free. Lastly, the students can avail themselves of the services of well-qualified and experienced experts who provide online tutoring for better understanding.

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Utilizing a statistics assignment assistance service offers a lot of advantages. It ensures that the students get high-quality solutions that are free from plagiarism and delivered before the deadline. It also provides an opportunity for students to learn from well-qualified and experienced tutors who can guide them on various aspects of the subject.

How much time take to complete the statistics assignment?

The time it takes to complete a statistics assignment varies depending on factors such as the assignment's complexity, the number of problems or questions included, your knowledge with the ideas, and your statistical ability. Individual working pace and available resources might significantly influence the time necessary. Some assignments can be done in a matter of hours, while others can take many days or even weeks, particularly for larger projects or research-based assignments. It is critical to allot enough time, plan, and efficiently manage your calendar to ensure you have enough time to finish the task accurately and to the best of your ability.

What are the benefits of getting statistics assignment help?

The benefits of getting statistics assignment help are many. Firstly, it helps the students to understand the subject better. Secondly, it ensures that the solutions provided are of the best quality and free from plagiarism. Thirdly, the assignments are delivered before the deadline, giving the students ample time to review and request for revisions if needed. Finally, utilizing statistics assignment assistance services can guarantee high grades and academic success.

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Statistics Assignment Help

Statistics assignment help | statistics homework help, what is statistics.

Get Detailed Solutions for Statistics Assignment has a reputation of providing personalised 24/7 help with Statistics Assignment with A grade guarantee and 100% money back guarantee. Our team of Statistics assignment experts equipped with PhD and Masters can help you on a wide range of topics covering basic Statistics assignment to advanced statistics using SPSS, Minitab, SAS etc.

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At Tutor Help Desk, our Statistics assignment expert tutors provide the best quality Statistics assignment help to college and university students. Our online Statistics tutors have earned their post graduation and doctoral degrees from some of the top ranked universities and institutes. Apart from being highly qualified, our tutors are also working experts with years of domain experience.

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The prominent features of our Statistics Homework help include:

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  • Comfortable with SAS, MATLAB, Minitab, SPSS, STATA, R and other prevalent tools which help provide answers using the prescribed softwares.
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Best Quality Help:  At Tutor Help Desk, our tutors offer Statistics assignment help and Statistics homework help of highest quality to college and university students. Quality is maintained with the use of state of the art teaching system which utilizes white board system to explain some of the intricate and complex topics in Statistics in a simple and clear way to students. Also, we use similar books that are recommended by most universities and colleges. Hence, our teaching is in accordance with standard college and university syllabi.

Custom Help for Students:  At Tutor Help Desk, we use logic that every person has his or her needs and are unique. For a subject like Statistics, where practical problems are more than the theory, we follow an approach where we concentrate on problem solving than on the theoretical part.

Budget Prices:  We follow student budget-friendly prices that don't turn into a burden on college and university going students. This is the reason why our Statistics assignment help and Statistics homework help services have been priced very reasonable. We want our services to be within the reach of as many students as possible.

Easily Approachable:  Statistics students can visit our site and talk to our representatives 24/7. We are available all through the day and night as well. We are just a mouse click away. Whether you have a simple doubt or a big doubt that takes time to solve, please be free to knock our door . We can connect you with our expert tutor who can explain your questions within no time.

How Does this Statistics Assignment Help Service Work?   

Fill up the assignment help request form on the right or drop us an email at [email protected], [email protected]. Don't hesitate to contact our customer support on the company 24/7 Statistics live chat help or call us on +1-617-807-0926.

We offer Statistics Assignment help in following areas: 

  • Probability theory
  • Random variables
  • Distribution function
  • Expected value and variance
  • Chebyshev’s Inequality
  • Law of Large Numbers
  • The Central Limit Theorem
  • Median and quartiles
  • Empirical standard deviation
  • Statistical hypothesis testing
  • Binomial distribution
  • Poisson distribution
  • Geometrical distribution
  • Hypergeometrical distribution
  • Multinomial distribution
  • Negative binomial distribution
  • Exponential distribution
  • Normal distribution
  • Tests in the normal distribution
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
  • chi-squared test
  • Contingency tables
  • Distribution-free tests
  • Linear regression

For more help with Statistics assignment click the button below to submit your task:

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Statistics Assignment Help Online By Best Stat Experts

Statistics deals with the interpretation, collection, and organisation of data. Descriptive and inferential are the two important parts of statistics. Algebra , calculus, number theory, game theory, and modelling can be considered the few important sub-topics of this subject.

Pupils with strong mathematical skills, problem-solving, communication ability, and deep knowledge about computers. Students pursuing this subject face several issues when they are asked to complete a statistics assignment.

Too many statistical errors in one paper affect its quality. That is why learners hire statistics assignment help. Experts associated with these paper writing services have long years of experience. The copy they deliver is free from errors and helps the students secure more grades.

Need help with a statistics assignment? is here for you to deliver genuine   online statistics assignment help. The industry's top statistics assignment experts are associated with us. With their high qualification and skills, they provide top quality.

If you hear our name for the first time, let us tell you something about us. has been in the industry for the past fifteen years. We have a customer rating of 4.9/5.

The rating proves that the services we deliver satisfy our customers. For example, the maximum of the statistics assignment writing service covers only common statistics-related topics. On the other hand, we try to cover unique topics and deliver the best service.

Why do Students Hire Statistics Assignment Helper?

The fear of making mistakes is the most common reason why students hire statistics assignment helper. Error in calculations, gathering and organising data are the most common mistakes students make.

Inadequate handling is another common mistake they make. Outliers affect the statistical analysis, so it needs to be examined, deleted, or explained as appropriate. Loss of information can be a valid tradeoff in return.

While working on a statistics assignment, students sometimes forget that they need to organise and analyse data in a proper way to deliver the best results. But, the loss of data impacts the whole development. can deliver high-quality statistic assignment help because we understand students' issues and problems. We have designed our stats assignment help based on the issues they face. Students rely on our services and know that the solution we will deliver will surely help them score well. Let's discuss the reasons why students hire statistics assignment writing from us. They are:

  • Lack of knowledge - Students in the first year of their statistics course do not have in-depth knowledge about the subject. They are unaware of the majority of topics that are related to statistics.

And when they have to work on an assignment of which they barely have any knowledge. It is time they seek statistics assignment help online services.

They know that experts with us have several years of working in this field. Our writers are always ready to deliver help with statistics.

  • Procrastination - Students tend to always delay in starting their work. Procrastination is why they either end up missing their deadline or completing their assignment somehow.

This affects the quality of the paper. We will deliver the statistics assignment solution on time if you place an order with us. We here at know how important an assignment is to learners.

What are the Benefits of Availing Help With Statistics Assignments?

Every buyer or customer tries to buy such a service by which they will benefit in numerous ways. In the same way, before placing an order with any   statistics assignment, help company learners check a few important points.

Students who are paying statistics assignment experts always expect to receive a high-quality solution. With time the internet is getting full of more and more paper writing companies. And as there are too many options, learners expect more from statistics assignment writing services than just plagiarism-free assignment.

Learners pay the price as quoted by the statistics assignment writing service. Still, some companies fail to deliver the work on time, and sometimes the file contains too much similar content.

You will benefit in several ways if you place an order with We focus on delivering the best online statistics assignment help to the pupils rather than making profits. The benefits you are going to get if you place an order with us are:

  • On-time delivery - We never miss a deadline. prioritises each and every statistics assignment. Suppose you rely on us with your maths statistics coursework help or statistics assignment help, no matter how close the deadline is. A group of experts will work on it and submit the statistics assignment before the due date.
  • 100% unique content - Plagiarism affects the grades of the paper. has a very strict plagiarism policy.

All our experts paraphrase and take necessary precautions while working on a statistics assignment. Before submitting the solution, they use an online plagiarism checker tool and make necessary corrections if even 1% of similar content is found.

  • 24*7 Assistance - Our customer care executives are just a call away. Our care executives are present as we deliver services worldwide and solve any doubts or problems at any time. You can reach out to us by calling, emailing, and chatting.

Statistics Topics Covered By MyAssignmenthelp.Com's Experts

Maximum online statistics assignments helper companies only deal with a few common topics. Students who get allocated with a bit of a different topic face problems. Only a handful of companies available on the internet assist in unique topics.

But the price they quote can only be afforded by a few. So students always search for affordable statistics assignment help services.

The writers of belong to different fields of Statistics. However, our highly qualified statistics assignment experts are why students receive high-quality solutions from our end. The topics we cover are :

It is the process of gathering and working with data. Then, data analysis is done to make informed decisions.

We cover several other topics too. Visit our website and have a look at the list.

What are the Steps to Order Online Statistics Assignment Help?

Maximum of the statistics assignment writing service company asks the students first to make an account and login. Amateurs found this topic a bit confusing. They try to find out why online paper writing companies ask them to create an account and log in.

Pupils these days are always in a hurry.

They want solutions in a short period.

In a few cases, the websites of statistics assignment help companies are too slow. Learners must wait for more than 10-15 to place an order.

Even if you are placing an order with us for the first time, you will not have to face any kinds of problems. The UX design of our website is developed to deliver better web experiences to our learners. However, students must follow the steps below if they want   help with statistics assignments from our experts. The steps are :

  • Visit our website
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  • Pay and end the process.

We will send you regular updates about your order once it is placed.

Can I Get Samples to do My Statistics Assignment?

Pupils placing orders with online statistics assignments helper companies always like to look at a few samples. This helps the learners be aware of the quality of work they can expect from the statistics assignment experts.

Unfortunately, most statistics assignment writing services available online do not provide any samples. As a result, sometimes students get plagiarised work delivered, or the paper's quality is not up to the mark.

This is the reason it is suggested to the pupils, especially amateurs, always to check samples and then place an order for statistics assignment.

We can understand how students panic when they place an order with us for the first time. Even after checking all the customer reviews and ratings, they want to have a look at a few statistics assignment samples.

Learners can easily check several samples by visiting In addition, we have published several statistics samples on our website based on different topics. Look at our free sample example & explore more in our free samples page.

Why Choose Statistics Assignment Helper at

Before placing an order with any statistics   probability assignment, help learners search for reasons. The internet is full of statistic assignment helper avaialable for statistics assignment writing services, and they want to always place orders with the best one. can give you several reasons to place an order with us. This question may come to your mind, why us? Why are we the best? The reasons are listed below:

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  • Unlimited revisions - If our expert makes any mistake, we will do free revisions. You do not charge extra for this.

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Most Important Frequently Asked Questions Searched By Students:

Q. is the statistics assignment help legit.

Answer: Yes, asking for statistics assignment helper from us is legit. Our experts will work on it and deliver it within the deadline.

Q. Can I pay someone to do my statistics assignment?

Answer: Yes, you can pay our skilled and qualified writers to complete your stats assignment help.

Q. How do you write an assignment in statistics?

Answer: Writing a statistics assignment is not easy at all. Ask for statistics assignment help online from us.

Q. Is my statistics writer a genius?

Answer: Writers and experts associated with us are geniuses. They all hold a PhD in statistics.

Q. How do I pass an online statistics class?

Answer: To pass an online statistics class, you have to be well prepared.

Q. Is statistics harder than calculus?

Answer: At the advanced level, statistics are more complex than calculus .


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Why you should hire us to do your statistics assignment today!

There are a number of reasons why we are the most preferred paid homework help service for college students. Besides wide coverage that offers statistics help for students completing dissertations,here is a list of why we remain the best statistics homework solvers.

Deliver 100% correct solutions 98% of the time

Unlike essays or research papers, it is possible to score 100% after solving statistical problems. For such performance, accuracy and competence are key. Through several hours of practice our writers have perfected their statistical skills. They can handle tasks in any level of complexity and score amazing results.

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We can handle assignments within any deadline. It does not matter if your assignment is due in 2 weeks or a few hours, our assignment helpers can deliver last minute answers and still score 100%.

24/ 7 Availability - no appointments needed

Its does not matter if it is 3 A.M in the morning, our statisticians can provide " homework help answers " as needed. Simply contact us via any of the options listed here and a support representative will answer your call immediately. You can also order directly by placing an order at our order page .

Get statistics math help online in all topics from our tested statistics homework helpers

Statistics is a broad subject with various topics. some of the topics that you can secure help with include:.

  • Least squares
  • Chi-squared tests
  • Correlation coefficients
  • Binomial distribution
  • Statistical significance
  • Bayes’ Theorem
  • Normal Distribution
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Prediction Interval
  • Poisson distribution
  • Combinations
  • Expectation values

Our "Do my statistics homework for money" services are very broad

We handle all other topics related to statistics that may not be listed above. For instance, we also offer statistics project help services. In addition, we can help you conduct analysis on any data using different software. Some of of the software related requests that we receive from most students include:

  • Spss assignment help
  • Stata assignment help
  • R programming assignment help
  • Statcrunch assignment help
  • Matlab homework help

How do we price our online Statistics project help services?

When customers come to us and tell us "do my statistics homework for me online", they often need help with a range of services that includes simple questions to detailed statistical projects. For us to render the best statistics services, there are a number of factors that we bear in mind as we determine the price for the order. These include:

How difficult or complex the statistics assignment is.

Your current level of study, the deadline before submission, the number of problems to be solved, who offers statistics assignment help in australia, uk, us or india.

A student could be worried that their psychology assignment is a little too complex that friends and classmates can’t comfortably help? This is not a concern when they choose us, as their requirements won’t be handled by just anyone but a qualified professional whose primary task is to help them score good grades. We recruit the most experienced professionals in the market, capable of handling any assignment. We also match your advanced assignment needs to the most qualified and experienced assignment doers to ensure our clients receive quality help.

We are online! This means that whether a student is in Sydney, Miami, or any other geographical location, they get a chance to access our fast and experienced experts’ help. It gets better; since they don’t have to leave their room, and we are available around the clock, they enjoy the convenience of receiving our help wherever and whenever they need it. This is unlike soliciting help from friends as they have to wait for them to be available to accommodate their request, not to mention that they might be challenged by the assignment as well.

Can I pay someone for dissertation statistics help as well?

Yes, you can. You can pay us to solve your dissertation problems at an affordable fee. With our services, you won’t gamble with your grades while wasting your hard-earned cash as we offer the cheapest rates in the market, but don’t confuse it with low-quality output. We tirelessly work to consistently deliver top-notch statistics help, to the point of offering service guarantee to showcase how serious we take our endeavors. With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you are only paying for nothing short of the best.

Is online college statistics help for students safe?

The best part about online statistics help is that your geographical location does not limit you as you can access it, whether you are in the UK, Asia, or the USA, among other regions. You could, however, be concerned by how safe it is to hire an online tutor. With our services, you can rest assured that your information is safe, as we implement rigorous safety measures to caution against cyber threats. We also utilize reputable payment gateways to ensure that you only use options you are most comfortable with.

Is psychology statistics help worth my money?

Yes,it is. Psychology statistics is one of the most commonly tested statistics fields globally. Consequently, we have curated a well trained group of experts in this area who will see to it that you score nothing short of a B in your statistics tasks. As an additional bonus, we ensure all our writers can explain their thoughts cohelently for you to follow through. This ensures, faced by a similar task in future, you can confidently handle it on your own.

What are the benefits of using our "statistics project help" services ?

Improving their grades is the top benefit any student, regardless of their course or academic level, enjoys from our services. If you are worried that your skills are not at par with what is expected, then your pursuit of our help is well-informed. We hire the best and experienced experts, ensuring that your statistics project is thoroughly addressed, guaranteeing that you impress your professor and score good grades. Another benefit is that we help you to improve your skills at your pace. Our personalized help lets you learn at your pace and comfortably hone your skills without risking your grades, as would be the case if you submitted substandard statistics project and learn from your professor's remarks. In addition to being a valuable learning tool, enlisting our professional statistics project services helps you to manage your time. We save you considerable time that you could use to explore other interests, ensuring you get the most out of your schooling period.

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Recent Completed Projects

You can look at some of the samples that we did recently, we strongly recommend not to use samples for writing your assignment.

What is Statistics? How to Put an End to your Worry for Stats Assignment Help?

What are the steps we follow to do your statistics assignment.

  • Stats assignment require the use of advanced Statistics tools? Don't worry we are good with statistical softwares

Get help with Applied statistics assignments from various areas 

How to place order for online statistics assignment help, is the best place to take your online stats classes and tests.

Statistics is a branch of mathematics and it is considered as one of the most difficult subject. Dealing with the assignment of this subject is a hard nut to crack. And you need to put a lot of efforts and attention while making statistic assignment. A little mistake can ruin a whole assignment and it will leave you with no energy to finish. However there is no need to be panic about it as you can just take  assignment help  from and resolve all your worries in a seconds.

Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data. It deals with all aspects of this, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments. The word statistics, when referring to the scientific discipline, is singular, as in Statistics is an art. We have assignment experts who can put an end to all your stress and anxiety. Our assignment experts are quite responsible for their job and they can help you to get good academic grade. 

Once you ask us to do statistics assignment, we start assisting you for your requirement and provide you every possible help by which you could minimize your academic stress of making Statistics assignment.

  • The first step our online statistics assignment helper takes is read and understand your assignment requirements. It includes problem statement, statistical data and reference sources.
  • The second step is to start solving the problems using the fundamental of statistics. In the case of applied statistics, we make sure data analysis is done prior doing your stats problems.
  • The third step is to get the solution to your statistics assignment verified by the quality team. They check all problems again and make sense out of the solution to ensure that homework has been done as expected.
  • In the final step, we check your statistics assignment solution for plagiarism using Turnitin. We do it as a standard practice for both writing and problem-solving assignments.

As we all know statistic assignments are full of  math  and these problems are of advanced level, despite their difficulty our experts try to solve each question and provide accurate solutions to every question. Moreover, you can request solutions to statistics assignments in a word document or Microsoft excel.

Need Stats Assignment Help Online?

Get it from stats assignment experts at, we can help you with stats assignment based on various topics.

Statistics is a branch of math where you come across various difficult concepts. You have to work on business statistics assignments , applied statistics, statistics problems on mean median and mode and many more. However, we have classified some areas of statistics where you get assignments in College. The below areas are from advanced stats where you can rely on our online homework help service.

  • Mann-Whitney U test:  There are multiple names that are given to the Mann-Whitney U test. A few of the known names are Wilcoxon rank-sum test, MWW tests, etc. The aforementioned is a non-parametric test of the null hypothesis that two populations are the same against an alternative hypothesis, especially that a particular population tends to have larger values than others. It is a difficult method to understand, and most university students suffer to solve the statistics problems based on the Mann test. The reason for the difficulty is the intensive mathematics and calculus in particular. There are few assumptions that are made under Mann- Whitney test in which observations for both groups are considered independent.
  • Regression analysis in statistics:  This is the process by which experts estimate the relationship between variables. The main purpose of regression is to establish a relationship between one or more independent variables. To understand regression analysis in native terms follows the definition given by our experts. Regression analysis helps one understand how the value of the dependent variable changes with the variation in the independent variable. For more detailed concepts of Regression analysis, you can see free statistics samples gave on our website or you can request area specifically free statistics samples from our chat representative.
  • Spearman's rank correlation coefficient:  This is named after Charles Spearman and is also known as spearman's rho. It is used to estimate the statistical dependence between two variables. This technique employs a monotonous function to establish a relationship between the two variables.

Stats assignment require use of advanced Statistics tools? Don't worry we are good with statistical software

It is unrealistic to assume that you get to do your statistics assignment without using any online software or statistical software. We have been working with Advanced stats tools and software to help students with stats assignments online. A few of the commonly used statistics software are:

  • Reviews - This is a powerful statistical analysis tool used for forecasting and modeling. We have statistics helpers comfortable using Eviews. You can ask for Eviews assignment help from us.
  • Minitab - Statistical analysis tool developed at Pennsylvania State University in the US. We have online stats experts with a strong command on Minitab software to do you statistics assignment.
  • SPSS - It is used for data analysis and is commonly used to analyze gathered data for your dissertation. We can do any homework or analysis based on SPSS  fo statistical analysis.
  • R Programming - R programming has become popular with the advent of Data mining and machine learning. With the help of a powerful statistics package in R, you can do various modeling and analysis.
  • Matlab - It has been an old software that is still used for descriptive and quantitative statistics assignments. It helps with basic statistics tasks and is not as powerful as Eviews and Minitab.
  • Excel - It is a commonly used statistics tool that everyone has been working. For basic graphical analysis and data presentation for your stats assignment, you can use Microsoft Excel.
  • ANOVA:  This is a statistical method that is used to differentiate between group means and the procedure associated with them. ANOVA is useful in testing three or more means for statistical significance. It is present as a method under different statistics software.

There are many other online statistics software that is used for doing assignments on Statistics. We cannot list down all software, but we have comfort with almost any software since we are great with statistics concepts, not just the software.

Need Statistics Assignment Help?

We have best online helpers to do your statistics assignment, help with descriptive and inferential statistics assignment from online experts.

Descriptive and inferential statistics assignments are common at university. It requires running both types of analysis on a given data set. For example, you can do a descriptive and inferential analysis of the same data source. We cannot conclude anything from descriptive analysis as it only provides information about the data under consideration. However, Inferential statistics can be helpful in concluding something out of the pattern. To do your statistics assignment on Descriptive of Inferential statistics, we have to use the concept of hypothesis testing and a few more testing methods used to do your descriptive and Inferential stats assignment.

  • Mean square weighted deviation (MSWD):  This method is used in geochronology(Science that is used to determine the age of rocks and fossils). This is highly mathematical, and the results obtained are analyzed on the basis of the value of MSWD.
  • Chi-squared test:  This is a popular test, and most people have heard about this. The reason for the popularity of the chi-square test is the extensive use in the other fields as well. Here is a test in which the sampling distribution of the test statistics is chi-squared distribution when the null hypothesis is true. 
  • Correlation in statistics:  This is a broad term that determines the relationship between two variables. We have seen the Mann-Whitney U test use correlation to establish a relationship. There are many other forms of statistics that are vital and are offered as a course in the universities in Australia, the UK, and The USA. Business Statistics is another area that is covered by the team of our experts.

Statistical techniques cover a wide area and diverse fields including computational sociology, network biology, biostatistics, computational biology, social science, sociology and social research. Some fields of inquiry use applied statistics so extensively that they have specialized terminology. These disciplines include :

  • Actuarial science (risk assessment in the insurance and finance industries)
  • Data mining (applying statistics and pattern recognition to discover knowledge from data)
  • Applied information economics

In addition, there are particular types of statistical analysis that have also developed their own specialized terminology and methodology:

  • Structured data analysis (statistics)
  • Bootstrap & Jackknife Resampling
  • Statistical surveys
  • Multivariate statistics
  • Statistics in sports, particularly cricket and baseball
  • Structural equation modeling

There are many other areas where stats have application and we know applied statistics can be troublesome for students with limited data analysis skills. Hence, hiring an online statistics assignment helper is the best choice you can make. 

Pay someone for Stats Assignment Help?

Why not pay to professional statistics experts.

You can place an order for your stats assignment with us in a few simple steps. All you need to do is keep all your assignment requirements handy and related class notes for the best online assistance with stats homework. Follow the steps below to get statistics assignment help

  • Submit Assignment 
  • Pay for statistics assignment help 
  • Get your assignment solution
  • Review and submit for evaluation

In case you are in need of any changes to the custom answer to your stats problem do not shy away from asking. We make sure you get help with statistics assignments without any additional payment as long as we align to the initial requirements given to us.

Many students are enrolled in online classes to brush up on their stats skills. However, these online stats classes can become challenging in no time. As you progress from week 1 to week 2 in your online statistics class, you will see the dramatic change in the difficult level of problems. Here you probably need someone to take an online stats class for you. can rescue you from the trouble created by online stats exams, online stats quizzes, and online stats coursework. We can help you with the following Statistics classes.

  • University of Phoenix Statistics Coursework
  • MyStatLab Online Class
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    In the world of statistics, there are two categories you should know. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics are both important. Each one serves a purpose. Inferential Statistics

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    A statistical question is a question that can be answered using data that may vary. Any question that may be answered by a single number or answer is not considered a statistical question.

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    Statistical treatment in a thesis is a way of removing researcher bias by interpreting the data statistically rather than subjectively. Giving a thesis statistical treatment also ensures that all necessary data has been collected.

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    This section provides the problem sets assigned for the course with solutions. For each problem set, there is also an interactive problem set checker.

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