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Development of Solar Powered Irrigation System Development of Solar Powered Irrigation System

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Development of a solar powered irrigation system has been discussed in this paper. This system would be SCADA-based and quite useful in areas where there is plenty of sunshine but insufficient water to carry out farming activities, such as rubber plantation, strawberry plantation, or any plantation, that requires frequent watering. The system is powered by solar system as a renewable energy which uses solar panel module to convert Sunlight into electricity. The development and implementation of an automated SCADA controlled system that uses PLC as a controller is significant to agricultural, oil and gas monitoring and control purpose purposes. In addition, the system is powered by an intelligent solar system in which solar panel targets the radiation from the Sun. Other than that, the solar system has reduced energy cost as well as pollution. The system is equipped with four input sensors; two soil moisture sensors, two level detection sensors. Soil moisture sensor measures the...

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International Journal of Scientific Research in Science, Engineering and Technology IJSRSET

In India, we have huge number of road network which plays an important role in development of a country and provides large number of economic development as well. Main challenge our country faces at current times is road qualities and its maintenance. SCADA system at their fundamental level is Industrial Control System. SCADA has many applications on various disciplines for observing and control in real time. SCADA technologies are widely used in construction industries. Public Works Department (PWD) has made SCADA compulsory in a manner to resolve all quality related issues. This paper describes the SCADA technology implementation in construction field. This paper provides an overview of SCADA, its journey from beginning, functionality of the system, and use of this system. The main challenge this technology faces is nothing but real-time control of power network and their subsequent sections explaining about the development of SCADA system for computerized monitoring and control of power system.

solar irrigation system project pdf

muhammad asim

IJSTE - International Journal of Science Technology and Engineering

This paper focuses on Modbus control system using PLC and SCADA. Now a day's industry needs accurate automation system. Accuracy enhances by exact reading of data from sources which further uses to control the whole system. The controlling operation of multi electrical drive is a complex phenomenon and also a necessary one whenever industries are worried. This project instrument the Mod-bus communication protocol in the drive which is helpful in controlling the particular drive from a group of several drive with the help of programmable logic controlling (PLC) and supervisory control and data acquisition(SCADA). The aim of this project is to produce wireless model which will give us the power to control and checking the all system. Keywords: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), RS-232 Port, RS-485 Port, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA), Modem, Drive, Rj45 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bobat Alaeddin

The industrial control systems, which include supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, distributed control systems, and other smaller control system configurations such as skid-mounted programmable logic controllers are often used in the industrial control sectors. The SCADA systems are generally used to control dispersed assets using centralized data acquisition and supervisory control. The SCADA systems are also distributed systems that are used to control geographically dispersed assets, which are often scattered over thousands of square kilometers, where centralized data acquisition and control are critical for system operation. They are commonly used in distribution systems such as water distribution and wastewater collection systems, oil and gas pipelines, electrical power grids, and railway transportation systems. In this article, the SCADA system used in the Yuvacik Dam and Reservoir operation, which is located in Kocaeli province of Turkey is reported and the problems associated with the system operation and their solutions are discussed. Keywords: Water resources; The effective and real time control of water resource; Dam management by SCADA; Problems and solutions

International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology (IJERT)

IJERT Journal Industrial process development uses distributed SCADA for controlling and monitoring. SCADA is software oriented process permits to monitor all the data at the field and control the process. This paper concentrates on the description of distributed SCADA, the Modbus protocol, the overview of SCADA at workstation its features and the smart SCADA application features and interfacing with hardware process for remote industrial process.

This paper introduces design and implementation of Modbus‐based supervisory control and data acquisition/human machine interface (SCADA/HMI) applications. In reaction to the severe problems such as incompatibility and complexity occurring in in the course of the selection of SCADA/HMI packet programs, controllers and instruments, a brief survey on SCADA programs produced by industrial automation vendors is presented and then two Modbus‐based SCADA/HMI applications are designed and implemented via National Instrument (NI) Lookout program. Thus, obligation in harmony with same vendor's industrial automation products is eliminated for any SCADA/HMI system. In this study, Modbus‐based SCADA/HMI applications have been developed using frequency‐controlled inverter, programmable logic controller, and NI Lookout program in order to meet industrial and educational application needs.

Maan M Abdulwahid

This research developed a SCADA model for water management in a tank that is utilized for regulating and controlling power production and distribution automation for energy quality. The goal of this work is to create a model for water change controlled by a motor to handle the speed of filling and discharging the water within the tank, and as a water management procedure, such procedure will be performed by using the PLC controller connected to an HMI screen to achieve reliable management. The protocol utilized is the Modbus-based TCP protocol, which is suitable for low-cost systems and models. The suggested methodology may be used in big water tank stations to manage filling operations automatically and efficiently. In the future, the management method might be done wirelessly by employing a client software application with a specialized configuration.

18th International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution (CIRED 2005)

Srdan Dragojlovic

TJPRC Publication

Remote monitoring and control of industrial processes is the need of today’s automation industry. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system is useful in monitoring, controlling and accessing the performance of remotely situated systems by acquiring and controlling the physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, level etc. This paper describes the design and development of a Lab VIEW based SCADA for temperature control system. Data communication is achieved using the popular Modbus Protocol. Various features like database, data logging, secured login, waveform graphs, trends, history and multi-user functionality are also incorporated. The developed SCADA system will be an independent and indigenous tool since Lab VIEW supports the generation of executable file which can practically run on any computer without having Lab VIEW software package.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

Jorge Luis Pérez Lanza

Main topics about SCADA and DCS


Ninov Constantin

Slobodan Aleksandrov

firman cahya

International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems (IJPEDS)

International Journal of Power Electronics and Drive Systems , Hasan M. J. AlJazaeri , A. Chlaihawi

IJIRST - International Journal for Innovative Research in Science and Technology

Cristian Barz , A. Sereghi


serkan gulle

International Journal of Engineering & Technology

Lesnanto Multa Putranto

Mohamed Zahran

Balasubramaniam Somasundaram

Journal of Korea Multimedia Society

israfil ansari

bekele kebe

varun joshi

Sudhanshu Dubey

Shahzeb Anis Ahmed

Al-Khwarizmi Engineering Journal

Dr.Faiz Mustafa


Kamran Iqbal , Syed Umer Abdi

Bereket Ayalneh A Sharew

American Journal of Embedded Systems and Applications

mostefa Ghassoul

Nicolae Muntean

Rajesh Tidke

ERJ. Engineering Research Journal

ISA Transactions

Engin Ozdemir , mevlut karacor

International Journal For Research In Applied Science & Engineering Technology

IJRASET Publication

International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology

Hapuarachchige Don Nelaka Shayamal Priyankara , Sanduni Hasanika


Manisankar Dhabal , Durgesh Lingampalle

José Duarte , Luis Rato , Ua_Docentes_Paulo Shirley , Manuel Rijo

Muhammad Rehan


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