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Public Health Research Topics: 200+ Ideas to Write Your Paper On

Public Health Research Topics

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Are you searching for the most fitting public health research topics for your academic assignments? Don't fret, we've got your back. Many scholars stumble upon this hurdle, but we're here to lend a helping hand. Check this guide from our online paper writing service to find a compelling public health topic idea for your project. We'll spotlight an assortment of fascinating public health topics for research papers to give you various suggestions to choose from.

What Are Public Health Research Topics?

Public health research topics are areas of study within the larger field of public health. They cover diverse issues like community health, disease prevention, and health policies. These research topic ideas help us understand and improve global healthcare. They can explore various factors like environmental impacts on public overall wellbeing or the effectiveness of health policies. In a nutshell, each topic is a chance to improve global health and devise effective strategies.

Characteristics of Good Public Health Research Topics

Choosing the right public health research topic is the first step to anchoring a successful project. A good research idea serves as the foundation providing a frame for your study. Here are some key characteristics that define good public health research topics:

  • Unique Your idea should offer a fresh perspective or address underexplored areas within public health.
  • Researchable Your topic should be within the scope of your resources and abilities. Make sure there are sufficient and accessible data sources to draw from.
  • Information-rich A research idea should evolve around issues that offer enough breadth and depth of information to support a rigorous analysis.
  • Specific It must be focused, clearly defined, and concise, preventing the research from becoming too broad or vague.
  • Relevant Try to align with current public health issues and trends, or have clear implications for policy, practice, or further research.

How to Choose a Public Health Research Topic?

The selection process can be daunting, but there are numerous ways to come up with an interesting and thought-provoking idea. Here are some tips on picking proper public health research topic ideas:

  • Start small Start by exploring areas that interest you and narrow down your search as you go along.
  • Explore resources Utilize online databases, literature reviews, and other sources to get more information on your topic.
  • Review current trends Check out the most recent publications to know what public health topics are in vogue and how they can be applied to your project.
  • Brainstorm ideas Take some time out for brainstorming sessions with your peers or professors. You'll come up with incredible insights that may spark the perfect topic.
  • Narrow down the list After you've gathered a sufficient amount of ideas, go through them and cut away any irrelevant or redundant topics.

List of Research Topics in Public Health

Ready to dive into the world of public health research but don't know where to start? Well, grab your pen and get ready to tick public health topics for research that meet your needs. Each of these subjects is original and offers a unique perspective in the global health domain.

  • How do climate changes influence public health?
  • How is the digital age affecting global health?
  • Dissecting health disparities in racial and ethnic minorities.
  • Are some health systems more effective than others?
  • What role does public health play in pandemic response?
  • Confronting the obesity epidemic.
  • Understanding the link between clean water access and public health.
  • What are some implications of e-cigarettes on public wellbeing?
  • Investigating strategies for promoting healthy aging.
  • How can we achieve global health security?
  • How does nutrition influence global communities?
  • Can urban planning affect public health?
  • Global crisis of antibiotic resistance.
  • What's the impact of stress on overall health?
  • Evaluating how air pollution impacts people?

Good Public Health Research Topics

Are you looking for public health project ideas that are both interesting and pertinent? Here's a list of the most compelling ideas to base your study on.

  • Social media in the discourse of public health.
  • Analyzing the effects of climate change on global disease patterns.
  • Exploring how technology is transforming healthcare delivery and access in disadvantaged communities.
  • Assessing the impact of health education on health behaviour change.
  • Investigating how public transport systems can improve access to healthcare services.
  • Analyzing strategies for reducing preventable chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension.
  • Private vs public clinics.
  • Nature-based interventions in promoting global health.
  • Investigating the role of education in healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Analyzing how artificial intelligence can be used to combat public health epidemics.
  • Examining strategies for managing infectious diseases across borders.
  • How does food insecurity influence public health outcomes?
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of public health policies in addressing global poverty.
  • Investigating how to build resilient and healthy communities after natural disasters.
  • Exploring how healthcare workers can better respond to social determinants of health.

Interesting Public Health Research Topics

If you are looking for something more unique and offbeat, check out these public health topics for a research paper or project.

  • Natural disasters on global health outcomes.
  • Investigating the use of virtual reality in managing hospitals worldwide.
  • How video games can promote physical activity?
  • How does digital healthcare influence global medical privacy?
  • Using mobile healthcare applications in rural areas.
  • Exploring the use of drones in global care delivery.
  • Evaluating strategies for reducing food waste and its influence on public health outcomes.
  • Examining how urban green spaces affect public wellbeing.
  • Using big data to predict outbreaks in global communities.
  • Artificial intelligence in diagnosing and managing chronic illnesses.
  • Analyzing strategies for reducing poverty-related diseases in developing countries.
  • Access to healthcare and its influence on mortality rate.
  • Using digital platforms in managing health issues across populations.
  • Investigating strategies for promoting mental health in underprivileged communities.
  • Exploring the influence of media on public health awareness.

Easy Research Topics About Public Health

Are you new to this domain and feeling a bit overwhelmed? We've all been there. That's why our team of seasoned term paper writers has put together a list of simpler topics for beginners. Think of them as the basic steps that will help you reach that balance. Let's set the stage with this simplified list of research topics in public health:

  • Understanding basic hygiene and its role in public health.
  • Does regular exercise contribute to better public health?
  • How does fast food culture affect public health?
  • Public health benefits of clean air.
  • Can pets improve global community wellbeing?
  • Why is health education important in schools?
  • Investigating the connection between social wellbeing and clean water.
  • Basic nutrition: What everyone should know?
  • Vaccinations: Why are they important?
  • How does poverty affect public health?
  • The role of public parks in promoting community health.
  • Stress: Its effects and ways to manage it.
  • Why smoking is dangerous?
  • AIDS awareness and its influence on global communities.
  • Exploring the link between pollution and global health.

Best Public Health Research Topics

Are you trying to make an impression with your global health research? You're on the right track! Below we've whipped up a list of the best public health topics to research that are not only in tune with the times but also versatile enough to fit any research. Just remember to always back up your ideas with strong, reliable evidence.

  • Health impacts of urbanization and city life.
  • Are healthier food options really healthier?
  • Prevalence of obesity: Causes and prevention.
  • How do vaccination campaigns affect public health?
  • How has COVID-19 reshaped public health policies?
  • Worldwide pollution and its effects on respiratory system.
  • The rise of telemedicine: A boon or a bane?
  • What is the role of physical activity in public health?
  • The correlation between education level and health outcomes.
  • How does income inequality impact public health?
  • Is there a link between social media use and anxiety?
  • Evaluating strategies for reducing drug and alcohol abuse within communities.
  • How can we achieve gender parity in public health?
  • Analyzing public policies for non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
  • What are some implications of e-cigarettes for public wellbeing?

Current Research Topics in Public Health

There are so many topics and so much potential in them! To help you navigate this vast domain, we've gathered some of the best public health research questions that are perfect for a wide array of studies.

  • Health impacts of microplastics in our environment.
  • Psychological effects of long-term isolation.
  • How do urban green spaces influence community health?
  • Impact of shift work on physical wellbeing.
  • Potential risks of genetically modified foods.
  • Food deserts and their effect on community wellbeing.
  • How does the gig economy affect workers' health?
  • The role of bees in global health.
  • Mental health implications of cyberbullying among teenagers.
  • Antibiotic overuse in livestock.
  • Global consequences of increasing screen time.
  • Universal basic income on public health.
  • Addressing intimate partner violence as a public health issue.
  • Health literacy and its influence on global community.
  • Exploring the effect of noise pollution on human health.

Unique Public Health Research Topics

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with your public health research? Check these authentic research topics on public health that will put a spotlight on your hard work.

  • Addressing loneliness as a public health issue.
  • The role of urban farming in promoting food security.
  • Exploring the health effects of microaggressions.
  • How does light pollution affect humans?
  • Global strategies for dealing with "brain drain."
  • The role of architecture in hospital infection control.
  • Can we design cities to be healthier?
  • What are some negative effects of "fast fashion?"
  • Is there a link between deforestation and disease outbreaks?
  • Implications of 3D printed food.
  • A look into the long-term effects of forest fires.
  • Can providing universal internet access improve public health?
  • Studying implications of deep-sea mining.
  • Effects of climate change on water-borne diseases.
  • How does air travel influence global health?

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Controversial Public Health Research Topics

Public health, being as diverse and ever-evolving as it is, certainly has its fair share of topics that stir up debate. They might make you sweat a bit, but they definitely add a kick. Buckle up and get ready to dive into these controversial public health research ideas:

  • Should vaccination be mandatory for everyone?
  • Are digital health records an invasion of privacy?
  • The debate over the global effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Do energy drinks pose a significant risk?
  • Are alternative medicines effective or just a placebo effect?
  • Is healthcare a right or a privilege?
  • Implications of animal testing in global medical research.
  • Should junk food be taxed to combat obesity?
  • Use and abuse of ADHD medications.
  • Pros and cons of medical marijuana.
  • Is the anti-vaccination movement a public risk?
  • Impact of consumerism on healthcare quality.
  • Implications of surveillance in disease control.
  • Debates on the allocation of resources in a pandemic.
  • Should doctors be allowed to go on strike?

Public Health Research Topic Ideas for Students

Regardless of whether you are a beginner undergraduate student or an experienced doctoral candidate, the cornerstone of a successful project is an engaging topic. We have compiled a list of public health research question ideas suitable for every academic level. Choose the one you like and consider consulting with professional college paper writers to get expert help.

Public Health Research Topics for High School

High school students are required to carry out both analysis and research. But compared to other academic levels, it shouldn't be too extensive. We've curated a collection of researchable topics in public health that strike a balance between complexity and analysis. So, equip yourself with the spirit of inquiry and let's explore these ideas.

  • Local impact of poor air quality on public health.
  • Reasons for the rise in teenage smoking rates.
  • Analyzing strategies to reduce youth substance abuse.
  • What are some effective strategies for preventing teen pregnancies?
  • The role of school-based health education in improving public wellbeing.
  • What is the relationship between poverty and obesity?
  • What are some ways to reduce food insecurity among youth?
  • The correlation between school meals and childhood obesity.
  • Importance of school nurses in promoting public health.
  • The role of public health standards in preventing infectious diseases.
  • The impact of surgical site infections on public health.
  • The role of sanitation standards in mitigating public health risks.
  • School-based interventions for managing childhood diabetes.
  • Evaluating the effect of insurance reforms on healthcare accessibility.
  • An analysis of HIV/AIDS policies in South Africa.

Public Health Research Topics for College Students

Once you reach college, the research should be a bit more demanding. And so should public health topics for research papers! Here are some interesting ideas that require sufficient analysis and can amaze your professors.

  • Global efforts to reduce waterborne diseases.
  • Examining healthcare disparities in developing countries.
  • A look into methods for preventing cancer screenings disparities.
  • Evaluating public health interventions for managing diabetes.
  • Are alternative therapies an effective substitute for insulin?
  • How can public health education reduce maternal mortality?
  • How does telemedicine improve global healthcare delivery?
  • Malaria control in Sub-Saharan Africa: Progress and challenges.
  • Evaluating the efficacy of workplace wellness programs.
  • Assessing strategies to reduce suicide rates among youth.
  • Analyzing the prevalence of vaccine-preventable diseases with people.
  • Addressing malnutrition in children: A case study of Ethiopia.
  • The role of clean water access in public health in Bangladesh.
  • Obesity crisis in Mexico: A look into global implications.
  • How does Japan's aging population impact policies?

Public Health Research Questions

Now that you are in graduate school, you will be expected to come up with original research topics and explore them in-depth. Here are some creative public health research questions to motivate your advanced studies.

  • The role of social media in healthcare communication.
  • What role does mental health play in global population, and how can community programs address this?
  • How effective are public health campaigns in reducing the prevalence of smoking?
  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic shaped future public health strategies?
  • How can community initiatives combat the opioid crisis?
  • How does access to green space impact community health?
  • How can education programs effectively address the rise of sexually transmitted diseases in adolescents?
  • How can global systems improve to better accommodate people with disabilities?
  • What strategies can be employed to combat health disparities in racial and ethnic minorities?
  • How can public initiatives improve maternal health in low-income regions?
  • What are some effects of plastic pollution on people and how can it be mitigated?
  • Assessing the importance of public health standards in food industries.
  • The role of robotic surgery in improving public health outcomes.
  • Importance of standard guidelines in managing epidemics.
  • Effects of urbanization on residents of Brazil.

Public Health Research Proposal Topics

As a university student in public health, you will be expected to come up with original public health research proposal topics. Here are some thesis ideas and public health dissertation topics you can choose for a lengthy study.

  • Evaluating the role of immunization programs in mitigating childhood diseases.
  • A comparative study on the impact of public and private systems on population health.
  • How does healthcare reform influence access to care for low-income populations.
  • Evaluating the impact of the built environment on community health outcomes.
  • Are e-health services effective in rural settings?
  • Exploring the efficacy of school-based health education in India.
  • An analysis of public health initiatives to combat diabetes in Africa.
  • Assessing the benefits and risks associated with telemedicine.
  • Examining the impact of global warming on public health outcomes.
  • How does the use of mobile-health apps improve patient engagement?
  • A look into methods to reduce healthcare disparities in LGBTQ+ populations.
  • Assessing strategies to reduce homelessness and its impact on public health.
  • What changes are needed to improve global pandemic preparedness?
  • How can we reduce environmental health risks associated with industrialization?
  • Exploring factors that influence infant care practices in low-income regions.

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Bottom Line on Public Health Topics for Research Papers

With these ideas in mind, we hope you will be able to craft an outstanding paper that can add value to the global domain. Choose the most appropriate research topic about public health and don't forget to credit your sources as you write. Feel free to look through our blog to find more inspirational ideas, starting from psychology research paper topics to business research topics .

Reach out to our professional academic service and buy a research paper from our expert writers. We guarantee a unique, thoroughly researched, and perfectly formatted paper that will boost your grades and save you time.


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  • Flint Michigan

What policies have been made in response to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan to ensure clean drinking water for the citizens? What future policies should be considered?

WHO: Public health, environmental and social determinants of health TOPICS

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Eduproject Topics


List of Public Health Project Topics and Materials PDF Download

List of Public Health Project Topics and Research Thesis Materials PDF and DOC File Download for Final Year Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in the University and Polytechnic.

Approved Read-Made Public Health Project Topics with Seminar Works for the Degree of National Diploma (ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), (BSC) Bachelor of Sciences, (MSC) Master of Science, and Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy).

Public Health Thesis and Dissertation Topics, Proposal Topics, Presentations, Journals, Seminar Topics, Research Papers, and Project Reports can also be gotten from this page .

All Project Materials for the Public Health Department Listed on this Research Page have their Complete work Written from Chapters 1 to 5 which are: Title Page and the Case Study, Table Of Contents, Abstract, the Background of the Study, Statement of the Problem, Research Questions, Objectives of the Study, Research Hypothesis, Signification of the Study, the Scope of the Study, the Definition Of Terms, Organization of the Study, Literature Review (Theoretical Framework or Conceptual Framework), Research Methodology, Sources of Data Collection, the Population of the Study, Sampling and Sampling Distribution, Validation of Research Instrument, Method of Data Analysis, Data Analysis, Introduction, Summary, Conclusion, Recommendation, References/Bibliography/Citations and Questionnaire (Appendix).

The Topics below are for Nigerian Students, Ghanaian Students, and International Students. Countries like (Kenya, Liberia, Cameroon, United States, Uk, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Zambia, India e.t.c).

Do You Need Help? Call us or Whatsapp us  @  (+234)  08060082010, 08107932631,  09075193621  or  Via Email:  [email protected]

List of Public Health Project Topics and Research Materials PDF Download

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Addressing the Challenges of Health Care Delivery System in Nigeria Through Aggressive Implementation of the National Health Insurance Scheme

sold by Damian Chibueze

Evaluation of Air Pollution on Human Health in Industrial Estate

Evaluation of pollution on human health in industrial estate, nutritional knowledge and status of secondary school students in port harcourt, knowledge and attitude of overweight and obesity among the residents of eti-osa east lga lagos state, factors affecting the utilization of health care system in lagos state university teaching hospital, technology educator’s perception of strategies for effective learning of technology courses during covid-19 locked down era in tertiary institutions in anambra state, knowledge and practice of frequent hand washing among the students of university of maiduguri in reducing the spread of covid19, an assessment of the use of social media in the campaign against the spread of corona virus disease in portharcourt city lga, assessment of environmental practice among citizens of konduga local government area, borno state, nigeria, client satisfaction among attendees of general hospitals in lagos state, an assessment of environmental sanitation in the control of mosquito breeding site in jos north, assessment of online covid 19 vaccine educational messages on youth behavior, knowledge, risk and challenges of waste handlers in selected tertiary health institutions in ekiti state, the impact of delta state contributory health scheme on workers health attitude, behaviour and practice in delta state civil service, asaba, implication of omicron variant red-listing of nigeria by uk government on nigerian citizens (case study of public perception), public perception on the effectiveness of indigenous healthcare delivery system in enugu state, newspapers campaign of hepatitis and its impact on public behaviour towards the illness in calabar metropolis, pattern of overweight and obesity among secondary school students in benue state of nigeria, a critical examination of the immunization status of children in a rural suburb areas of lagos state, a critical investigation of birth preparedness and emergency readiness plans of antenatal clinic attendees in general hospital enugu state, a critical investigation of breast cancer and its risk factors in a tertiary hospital in abuja, achieving the mdg 4 – an assessment of the quality of child health services in the public primary health care facilities in nigeria ( a case study of nnewi north lga, anambra state., an evaluation of expanded programme on immunization and the factors influencing community participation ( case study of elimina sub-district), an evaluation of the perception of citizens on health care delivery system and fake drugs in delta state, an investigation of injury patterns and emergency care in road traffic accidents in accra, ghana., nutritional status of primary school children in eguare primary school irrua edo state, impact of care given by community health workers on management of elderly person in gokana lga, assessment of health care workers compliance on covid19 protocols at specialist hospital bauchi, the impact of sanitation and hygiene among women: a case study of egbele, esan north east local government area.

sold by Festus Ogunsakin

Prevalence of Hard Drug use among youths in Anambra East LGA, Anambra state of Nigeria

The damages caused by global covid-19 pandemic on human health and the effect on financial and economic bantiquism in the country, assessment of knowledge and prevention of lassa fever among people attending primary health care, effectiveness of communication methods in mobilizing people for polio immunization, the health implications of sexual behaviours among adolescent, awareness and perception to ondo state contributory health insurance scheme among women in ese-odo local government area, factors affecting the uptake of family planning services in rural communities: a case study of uturu in isuikwuato lga, abia state., impact of poor maintenance of government hospitals in edo north senatorial district, the harmattan phenomenon and its effect on the environment, knowledge,prevalence and awareness of coronavirus epidemic in nigeria.

sold by ibitayo Damaris

Improper waste disposal on public health in Nigeria

Public health implications of the internally displaced people amidst covid-19, factors influencing health seeking behaviour among women of reproductive age, big brother and its mental health influence, lack of awareness on prevention of anaemia in pregnancy among pregnant women in rural area, knowledge and acceptability of cervical cancer screening among female student in the federal university of technology owerri, effect of health and safety on employees productivity, impact of community health workers on care and management of elderly condition, impact of covid 19 on schools in nigeria, psycho–demographic variables and adherence to anti-retroviral therapy among people living with hiv/aids, assessing knowledge and awareness of risk factors and impacts of occupational injuries among primary health care workers, sanitation practices and its implications on students health, assessment of anaemia in pregnancy a case study of pregnant women attending and in university of uyo teaching hospital (uuth), prevalence and determinants of obsessive compulsive disorder among the student at college of nursing and midwifery birnin kudu, perception and acceptance of cecarean section towards woman and pregnant women in ovia south west, perceived emotional effect of lassa fever among nurses and midwives working in general hospital, nurses perception on improving productivity for quality patient care in muhammad abdullahi wase specialist hospital kano, evaluation of nutritional status and dietary management of in-patient diabetics in university of nigeria teaching hospital, challenges of exclusive breast feeding among working class mother’s of birnin kudu general hospital, attitude, knowledge and practice of exclusive breastfeeding among nursing mothers in badawa area of nassarawa local government area kano state., assessment of pattern and treatment outcome of children with musculoskeletal injuries, the impact of infectious epidemic on agriculture and food security a case study of coronavirus disease.

sold by FAVOUR

The Impact Of Social Distancing And Frequent Hand Washing In Reducing The Spread Of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) In Nigeria

Seminar write up on anaemia in pregnant women, the impact of social distancing and frequent hand washing in reducing the spread of corona virus (covid 19) in nigeria, the impact of infectious epidemic on social gathering a case study of coronavirus disease, the impact of infectious epidemic on internally displaced person a case study of coronavirus disease, the impact of infectious epidemic on manufacturing industry a case study of coronavirus disease, the impact of infectious epidemic on educational sector a case study of coronavirus disease, attitude, knowledge and perception of health workers on transmission and prevention of covid-19 (a case study of health workers in the outpatient department of university college hospital, ibadan), knowledge of causes and prevention of coronavirus (covid-19) among student of taraba state university, effect of coronavirus on global economy, the effect of convid-19 on human body and it’s environment., motivational factors as determinants of exercise adherence among university of ibadan female undergraduate students, prevalence of cancer and prevention through awareness programmes among women in anambra state, effect of different carbon sources on the growth of antimicrobial producing, biocontrol potential of bacillus thuringiensis isolated from soil samples against larva of mosquito, hepatitis c virus among pregnant women people living with hiv aids attending clinic, antibacterial activity of honey on staphylococcus aureusescherichia coli and streptococcus pyogen isolated from wound, environmental effects of the use of agro- chemicals for rice cultivation, rural management as a strategy for reducing rural, an investigation in the suitability of accident sensor in the control of industrial, the relevance of tools and machinery in accident prevention, the effect of land use activities on the health and safety of the environment, assessment of the problems in the management of urban housing, the problem of solid waste management in nigerian cities, analysis of industrial waste management practice in brewery industry., parasitological examination of some ready to eat fruits sold, isolation and identification of bacteria from food vendors and some vegetable available, prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility of gram negative bacteria in the urine of caritas university students, comparative analysis of pipe borne water and other sources of water, comparative analysis of antimicrobial strength of three most common antibiotics used, isolation and characterization of bacteria associated with hawked suya- meat, incidence of candidacies among single and married women of different age group, prevalence study of hepatitis b (australian antigen) among patient in national orthopediae hospital, microobial evaluation of ram milk from a diary farm, antibacterial activity of three types of medicated soaps on starhyrococcus aureus form would infections, incidence of salmonella and escherchia coli in livestock, bacterial contaminants associated with commercial poultry feed from, bacheriological examination of idodo river, evaluation of microorganisms on garri, prevalence of streptococcus pneumonia in pneumonia patients, antibacterial activity of sweet orange citrus sinensis on staphylococcus aureus, epidemology survey for sctristosomiasis among pupils in amagunze community, anaemia in pregnancy, isolation and characterization of micro-organisms, study of exclusive breastfeeding among nursing mothers, national health insurance scheme in nigeria, prevalence of trichomona vaginalis among adults, examination of incidence of malaria infestation caused by different species of plasmodium, fungal infestation on bakery product bread, comparative analysis of microbial load of the enugu main water production and water available, sanitation practices and implication on students health, assessment of the contributions of hydrologic cycle to the water quality profile of otamiri river, appraisal of the impact of employees health and safety on productivity, management and control of inventory in government health institution, influence of nigerian television authority (n.t.a.) enugu in improving rural health care services, patient heartbeat and temperature monitor, domestic waste disposal effect and the solutions, effective motivational programmes and productivity in government parastatals, health care delivery system for inmates of the nigeria prison, nutritional knowledge and practices among expectant mothers, evaluation of the immunization status of children in a rural suburb of anambra state, ecology of ticks (acarina ixodidae) on cattle, a survey of open larval habitats of mosquitoes, intestinal parasites among unity primary school pupils, in oraifite, ekwusigo l.g.a., anambra state, southeastern nigeria, statistical analysis of reported cases of breast cancer, knowledge and awareness of radiation exposure and safety practice among patients undergoing medical imaging in 3 selected hospitals in the f.c.t, dangers of drug abuse among the youths, attitude and practices of breast self examination among female undergraduate students of tertiary institutions, public health expenditure and health outcomes in nigeria 1986-2016, accidents and the health of primary school pupils, arthritis and the health of the aged, factors determining the choice of health care facilities by pregnant women, factors affecting the implementation of immunization, nutritional status of primary school children, the rate and causes of infant motality, factors associated with health seeking and prevention of human. papilloma virus infection.


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226 Hot Public Health Thesis Topics For Top Grades

public health thesis topics

Are you stuck trying to get the best current public health research topics for thesis and writing it? If yes, know you are not alone. A lot of students find the tasks challenging, but we are here to help. Keep reading our informative guide that demonstrates how to prepare an engaging public health paper. We will also highlight hot 226 health policy topics for paper and other public health ideas for dissertation that you can use for top grades. Why settle for less when we can help you select the best college or university papers?

What Is Public Health?

Before looking at the top public health statistics undergraduate thesis topics or other public health research ideas, let’s start with the definition. So, what is public health?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), public health is “the art and science of preventing diseases, helping to prolong life and promote health using organized efforts. Good examples of public health efforts include preventing outbreaks, educating the public on health choices, promoting fitness, preparing for emergencies, and avoiding the spread of infectious diseases. Public health

How To Write A Great Public Health Dissertation

If you are a graduate or masters student, one of the most comprehensive documents that you need to prepare is the dissertation. It is an expansive paper and comes at the end of your course. Remember that you need to ensure it is prepared well because a team of professors will ultimately evaluate it. So, here are the main steps that you need to follow to prepare a high quality dissertation:

Identify the topic of study Comprehensively research the topic and identify the main points to support it Develop the thesis statement for the dissertation (this thesis will ultimately be tested after gathering your data) Develop an outline for the dissertation. This guide should tell you what to write at what specific instance. Here is a sample outline: Topic of the study Introduction. Start with the thesis statement, followed by the objectives of the study. Then, the rest of the introduction should be used to set the background for the study. Literature review: Review relevant resources about the topic. Methodology: Explain the methodology that was used during the study. Is Results and analysis: Provide the results gathered during the study. Discussion and conclusion: Here, you should discuss the study results and demonstrate whether they approve or disapprove the thesis statement. If you found any gaps in the previous studies, highlight them too and call for further studies. Bibliography: This is a list of all the resources you used to prepare the paper. Write the first draft following the outline we have just listed above. Write the final copy by refining the first draft, proofreading, and editing it.

Awesome Public Health Thesis Topics

Here are the leading thesis topics in public health for top grades. You can use them as they are or tweak a little to suit your preference.

Public Health Thesis Topics In Mental Issues

  • What is the role of public health in addressing mental issues in society?
  • Seasonal affective disorder: A review of the disorder’s prevalence rates.
  • Society should always listen to the needs of mentally ill persons.
  • Eating disorders in adults: A review of the treatment strategies used for adults in the UK.
  • What is the relation between climate change and emerging public health issues?
  • Comparing depression prevalence rates in the UK to those of the US.
  • What are the main causes of anxiety disorders in society?
  • A review of the connection between HIV/AIDS and mental health issues in society.
  • Running a public health facility: What is the most important equipment?
  • Emerging public health issues in developing countries.
  • Analyzing the psychological problems of breast cancer.
  • What strategies should people use to prevent their mental health from social media dangers?
  • A review of the public health benefits associated with active lifestyles.
  • Stress: Why is it a major risk factor for mental health in many communities?
  • What are the most common mental health issues in society today?
  • Comparing the rates of depression and stress in China and the UK.
  • Addressing anxiety-related disorders: Is cognitive-behavior therapy the best treatment method?
  • A review of the economic burden of living with a person suffering from anxiety disorders.
  • How does depression impact the quality of life?
  • Comparing training of public health officers in the US to India.

Unique Research Topics In Public Health

  • Surrogacy: A review of associated ethical issues.
  • Prevalence of medical errors in hospitals: A review of the policies used to prevent the problem in the United States.
  • Blood transfusion: What are the side effects?
  • A review of doctors’ roles in promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Maintaining healthy body weight: Comparing the effectiveness of the recommended methods.
  • A review of organ donation trends in Europe and Asia.
  • Analyzing the ethical factors around cloning: When should it be allowed?
  • The ethics of human experimentation.
  • Comparing the rates of heart attacks in women to men in the United States.
  • What are the main causes of heart attacks? Can it be prevented?
  • Progress in diabetes studies and treatment: Is it possible to get a cure in the future?
  • Biological weapons and their impacts on society: A review of the Leukemia rates in Japan.
  • Pre-diabetes in children: What are the main symptoms, and how can it be addressed?

Public Health Paper Topics On COVID-19

  • How will COVID-19 change life?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of self-isolation?
  • Life lessons that you learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • What challenges has your community faced during COVID-19 pandemic?
  • School life during COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A review of mass media operations during pandemic.
  • What projects did you undertake during the pandemic?
  • A review of projects that your community undertook during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A closer look at the backlash against Asians in Europe at the start COVID-19 pandemic period.
  • Preparing for the next pandemic: What lessons did the world learn from the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • The best strategies for staying healthy during a pandemic.
  • Is there anything that we could have done to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Comparing the effectiveness of Europe and American healthcare preparedness for tackling disasters.
  • A review of mental health status in a community of your choice during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A review of COVID-19 emergence theories: Which one do you think is more credible?
  • Comparing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to Ebola.
  • Vaccines development for viral infections: What made the development of the COVID-19 vaccine possible so fast, whereas that of HIV/AIDS has taken so long?
  • A review of the vaccine development process.
  • Time for review: How effectively do you think your government responded to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Rethinking public health on a global scale: Demonstrating why effective healthcare is only possible when looked at globally.

Interesting Public Health Research Topic Ideas

  • What is the importance of learning public health in school?
  • Identify and review a common public health issue in your community.
  • The history of human health: Comparing what was considered healthy in ancient times to what is referred to as healthy today.
  • Going vegan: How can it impact your health?
  • Excessive weight: Is it the new threat to human civilization?
  • Is bodybuilding healthy?
  • Body positive: Is it a new health standard or ignorance of body issues?
  • Things to consider when selecting healthy food to eat.
  • Why psychological health should be part of every community in society.
  • The health of newborns: What is the difference between their healthcare and that of adults?
  • Emerging trends in the healthcare industry: How can the latest trends benefit society?
  • Comparing depression and anxiety in two countries of your choice.
  • Physical wellness must include healthy behavioral patterns and nutrition.
  • A sense of belonging is paramount to personal and community health.
  • What is the relationship between spirituality and public health?
  • A review of stigmatization of mental health issues in a community of your choice.
  • Is it possible to prevent depression?
  • At what point should children start learning sex-related education?
  • Comparing the two main public health issues in two cities: London and New York.
  • What is the relationship between poverty and public health?

Hot Researchable Topics In Public Health

  • The resurgence of measles in society: The best guidance for clinicians.
  • Tackling the growing national drug problem.
  • Bioterrorism preparedness for global disasters.
  • A review of recent vitamin D recommendations for older adults.
  • Strategies for maintaining maternal mortality at low levels across the globe.
  • Efforts by Asian governments to reduce infections from using unsafe water.
  • Over-the-counter drug abuse in Europe: Compare two countries of your choice.
  • Health care providers’ roles in preventing bullying in society.
  • Knowledge management in the UK healthcare organizations.
  • The health benefits of good healthcare waste management.
  • Characteristics of dental wastes in hospitals.
  • Comparing the most prevalent public health issues in developed and developing nations.
  • Latest trends in financing public health.
  • The relevance of clinical epidemiology in public health.
  • Evidence based public health.
  • Epidemiological burden of HIV/AIDS in developing countries.
  • Addressing cervical cancer in developing countries: Is it possible to eliminate it completely?
  • Ethics in public health clinical research.
  • Comparing the strategies used in teaching and motivating public health professionals in developing and developed countries.

Research Topics In Public Health For Masters

  • Advertising and impacts on food choices in the community.
  • The use of stem cell technologies for cancer treatment: What are the latest trends?
  • Bio-printing: Is it the future of organ transplants?
  • Nutrition education: How does it promote healthy diets?
  • Exercising: What role does it play in promoting strength and balance in the elderly?
  • Weight loss surgery: What are the key advantages and disadvantages?
  • Heart disease is a major public health issue in society.
  • Alternative strategies for treating depression in society: Are they effective?
  • Healthcare leadership and its importance in public health.
  • Legal aspects of public health care in the society.
  • Mental disabilities in patients: A review of the emerging trends in the UK.
  • How does the United States promote the development of public health?
  • Inequalities in medicine: What impact does it have in public health?
  • The most controversial issues in public health in the UK.
  • What are the most preferred storage systems for medical supplies in the UK public health facilities?
  • Reimagining the public health systems on the globe: Where do you see the UK health system in the next 20 years?

Top Thesis Topics In Dental Public Health

  • Common oral health issues in Ireland.
  • A review of common problems of endodontically treated teeth.
  • The role of good leadership skills in dental education.
  • Child management techniques between male and female practitioners.
  • What role does ergonomics play in dentistry?
  • Dental material and bio-engineering: What are the latest trends?
  • A review of the relationship between diabetes and oral health in the society.
  • The role of electronic health care record systems used in public health.
  • Comparing dental health issues in the developing and developed countries.
  • A review of public awareness of dental health issues in a community of choice.
  • How can you ensure that all the food you buy is safe and healthy?
  • What strategies are used by your local health community to promote dental awareness?
  • Dental health management in California: What do you think should be done differently?
  • Are you satisfied with the strategies used to address dental issues?

Hot Thesis Topics Public Health

  • Mandatory overtime work for medical staff: How does it impact their commitment to their job?
  • Nursing shortage and its impact in public health.
  • Strategies for improving public health in the EU.
  • Mental health issues among asylum seekers in the United States.
  • Common mental issues among veterans returning from war: A case study of the United States.
  • What functions does management play in healthcare settings when handling key public health issues?
  • How poor relationships between nurses and doctors can impact public health services delivery.
  • Third-party players in public health and their roles.
  • Financial reporting standards in public health facilities.
  • What is the correlation between revenue collection in society and the quality of patient services?
  • Reviewing the coordination of public health officials during disasters.
  • The importance of staff training on quality of health services.
  • Comparing the differences between alternative medicine and conventional medicine in addressing public health issues in society.
  • Obesity: What are the main causes in child-going age?
  • A review of health consequences of caffeine.
  • Medical marijuana: What are the main pros and cons?
  • A review of the US Farm Bill Amendments that legalized use of cannabis in the US.
  • Doing sports: Is it always healthy?
  • Low-fat or low-carb diet: Which one is better in addressing overweight and diabetes issues?
  • Preventing communicable diseases: Evaluating the prevention strategies used in Asia.
  • What is the estimated cost of treating heart problems?

Controversial Public Health Dissertation Topics

  • Smoking and impacts of current efforts to address cancer in the society.
  • A review of the main causes of heart attacks in society today.
  • Tobacco ads: Evaluating their impacts and the relationship to the current cancer trends in the society.
  • Sleep disorders: Explain why they should be considered a public health issue.
  • Staffing shortage and the impacts in fighting COVID-19 pandemic in Asia.
  • Analyzing risk management of treating different diseases in the community.
  • COVID-19 pandemic in numbers: Comparing the infection rates in the developed and developing countries.
  • Reviewing strategies used in the US public health system to achieve equity: How effective are they?
  • Analyzing the main challenges in the UK medical care system.
  • Rising cases of suicides in the society: What are the main causes?
  • A comprehensive review of strategies used to prevent suicides in the 21st century in the US.
  • Use of vaccines to prevent diseases: Do adults still need the vaccines?
  • Heat-related deaths: What strategies should be adopted?
  • Chronic-diseases prevention: Comparing the strategies used in developing and developed countries.
  • Are we becoming too dependent on antibiotics in fighting diseases?
  • Opioid crisis: Are the doctors to blame for it?
  • Use of blockchain in growing accuracy of clinical trials in medicine.
  • What dangers are posed by nuclear wastes in society?
  • Assessing US industrial facilities compliance rates to cut down emissions.
  • Using clean energy as a strategy of improving public health: What are the expectations?
  • What is the healthiest country?
  • Evaluating the correlation between gaming and deviant behavior among children in society.
  • COVID-19 could have been prevented if WHO was more vigilant?

Public Health Research Questions

  • Is the high cost of medical healthcare in the United States justified?
  • What is the correlation between poverty and poor health in society?
  • Should health care for homeless people be free?
  • Unconventional medicine: Should it be part of the UK healthcare system?
  • Should doctors be responsible for medical errors?
  • Should medical officers or health facilities be allowed to promote selective medical products?
  • Should all healthcare facilities in the UK be required to have translators for non-English speaking clients?
  • Mental health issues associated with domestic violence: A case study of France.
  • Is it a good idea to legalize euthanasia?
  • What are the benefits of using surgical masks in public?
  • What are the most important lessons from the different waves of the COVID-19 pandemic reported on the globe?
  • Who is more responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Ebola or COVID-19 pandemic: Which is worse?
  • What are the main causes of epidemics on the globe?
  • Public health planning: What are the most important things to think about?
  • Should governments pay the cost of rehabilitating drug addicts in society?
  • Teaching children healthy lifestyles: What are the best strategies?
  • What problems do people with autism face in society?
  • What are the leading causes of child mortality in your community?
  • Gun violence in the United States: Should it be considered a public health issue?
  • What illnesses are considered foodborne?

Easy Topics In Public Health

  • All workplaces should support breastfeeding.
  • What are the best strategies to reduce pollution in society?
  • Public health benefits of recycling waste in society.
  • Reviewing the causes of poor water quality in the developing world.
  • Comparing water quality standards policies in the UK and US.
  • Health impacts of the rapid depletion of o-zone depletion.
  • Better planning of infrastructural development is important for healthier societies: Discuss.
  • The US is better prepared to handle pandemics that might arise after the COVID-19 pandemic. Discuss.
  • A review of common diseases spread by vectors.
  • A review of key policies installed to protect employee health.
  • Legal age for consuming energy drinks should be set by the government to address the problem of diabetes.
  • Smoking: Should it be banned in public?
  • What are the best strategies for raising awareness in public?
  • Can reducing the workload of employees in manufacturing facilities improve their health?
  • Sunbathing should be restricted to prevent the risk of cancer: Discuss.
  • Should abortion be banned in society?
  • School-related stress: How can it be prevented?
  • Should birth control be made available and free for all teenagers?
  • What should be categorized as a bad health habit?
  • Compare and contrast two common treatment methods for treating behavioral disorders.
  • Internet addiction: What are the main dangers of internet addiction?

Other Public Health Topics For Research

  • How to stay healthy and safe during a pandemic.
  • Using a bicycle instead of driving is healthier.
  • Common mental disorders in India.
  • What is the biggest health issue among young people?
  • The impact of exercising in teenagers.
  • Why do teenagers experiment with drugs?
  • What impact does dispositional violence have on mental disorders?
  • Is telemedicine helpful in promoting better healthcare?
  • Unproven alternative medicine: What are the associated risks?
  • What alternatives do we have for antibiotics?
  • What is the difference between private and public healthcare?
  • A review of the main health issues associated with puberty.
  • What is the most dangerous disease of the 21st century?
  • Why are some people still afraid of vaccines?
  • Experimental treatment: Why do people agree to undergo it?
  • How can we improve the health of people living with chronic illnesses?
  • The best strategies to make people aware of the basics of healthcare.
  • A review of the growing awareness about reproductive health in the society.

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research proposal topic for public health

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100+ Public Health Dissertation Topics For Top Grades -2023

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Table of Contents

Have you ever found yourself blankly staring at the laptop screen, wondering what public health dissertation topics to research? If yes, you probably know the struggle to brainstorm some interesting public health dissertation topic ideas.

The struggle is real for those who are only left with the professor’s instructions and expectations on the dissertation. They have no idea which public health dissertation topics would make a profound contribution to their study field.

Although most students reach out to professional dissertation writers for help with choosing a public health dissertation topic, many don’t have the luxury to avail themselves of such services. They have to find the right public health dissertation topic with suitable examples to craft a good dissertation.

Tips To Find Brilliant Public Health Dissertation Topics

The success of   public health dissertations depends on topics, research work, self-analysis, and derivation. Your paper demands flawless writing, extensive research, and thorough knowledge of the methodologies, good planning and complete focus.

Composing a public health dissertation on any topic can get seriously overwhelming, especially when doing it for the first time. If you don’t take the business of finding public health dissertation topics and examples seriously, your paper is deemed to fail.

Only if you can demonstrate your understanding of the public health dissertation topic with peer-reviewed examples and evidence, your paper is worth the time and effort. That’s why keep in mind these tips while searching for public health dissertation topic ideas.

  • Brainstorm public health dissertation topics that interest you. Choosing a tricky public health dissertation topic and examples will make it difficult for you to stay focused.
  • Public health is an elaborate discipline. Pick a particular subfield and stick to the keywords while searching. It will help you explore more and save time.
  • While working on your public health dissertation titles, make sure the topic isn’t too broad or narrow. Go for issues with good existing peer-reviewed literature and helps you create a solid hypothesis.
  • No matter what public health dissertation topics you choose, make sure you gather data and resources from verified and credible websites, peer-reviewed papers, college database, and so on.
  • Always shortlist two or three public health dissertation topics so you can consult with your mentor about the available resources and pick the best one before writing the proposal.
  • Don’t delay your research until the very last day. Realise the significance of your public health dissertation and pick topics wisely. If you need help with finding a public health dissertation topic, inform your mentor at the earliest for proper guidance.

Finding top-notch public health dissertation topics can become less stressful if you consider these tips. Nonetheless, we’ve shortlisted some impressive public health dissertation topics suggested by subject matter experts to inspire you.

100+ Public Health Dissertation Topic Ideas For University Students

Public health dissertation topics.

  • Evaluation of multiple programs to enhance children’s physical activity at home and school.
  • Examine and compare different public health policies.
  • Effect of recession on public health and socio-economic conditions.
  • Disparities in infants survival rates with different congenital disabilities
  • Identify and discuss the prenatal health disparities between American and African mothers.
  • Critically analyse the prevention measures taken to deal with cancer patients in the early 2000s.
  • Critical access hospital legislation and its impact on rural residents
  • Identify the challenges employees face with changes in telecommuting
  • How advanced technologies adversely affect public health?
  • Discuss the necessary measures of tackling the adverse effects of tech advancement.
  • Analyse the relationships between maternal anthropometric, behavioural factors, dietary conditions and health care systems on an infant’s weight.
  • Behavioural changes in patients with hypertension and diabetes with the introduction of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Identify the health-related changes in migrants in the US
  • Poverty and its effect on public effect in India
  • Investigating sexual abuse in a public health setting in Mexico
  • Impacts of Opioid on health and ways to overcome the addiction
  • Covid-19 vaccines and other preventive measures in the global healthcare system

Biostatistics Dissertation Topics

  • Australian college campus smoke-free policies – A case study
  • Psychological and clinical impact on inflammatory outcomes among African women
  • Relationship between gestational infections and obesity with intellectual disability
  • Identify the ways contagious diseases spread in developing countries
  • What factors affect sexually transmitted infections?
  • Discuss some clinical trials to combat severe illness
  • Assess the impact of consumption of sugar on the future diagnosis of diabetes
  • Effect of preterm delivery on the health condition of infants
  • Maternal thyroid issues and their impact on the unborn child
  • Elective deliveries in developing countries
  • Examine the impact of uncontrolled diseases on stubborn patients
  • Sunlight exposure and its role on skin cancer
  • Lung cancer treatment and success rates differ between genders
  • Investigate the chances of passing HIV onto an unborn child from the infected mother
  • Assess the cause of sleep deprivation and mental illness among men
  • What are the early indicators of congenital disabilities?
  • The behavioural science of teenagers and health issues among adolescents

Epidemiology Dissertation Topics

  • Optimal pregnancy outcomes and postnatal development
  • Explore breast cancer treatment variations in accredited facilities
  • Epidemiology in developing countries
  • Explain environmental and geographic epidemiology
  • Assess the racial variations in cancer mortality
  • Strategies used for screening for colorectal cancer
  • Medical diagnosis in epidemiology
  • Epidemiology and human obesity – Identify the relation
  • Epidemiology and mental disorders
  • CRND and genetic epidemiology
  • Identify the health challenges between a child and mother’s health
  • Ebola pandemic and similarities with the Covid-19 pandemic
  • How poor management impacts a patient’s treatment?
  • Chaos theory and organisational change
  • Assess the causes and new treatment of brain injuries
  • Causes of rare genetic illness
  • Ageing and its impact on mental and physical health

Gerontology Dissertation Topics

  • Emotional bond of older adult men with their dogs
  • Cognitive abilities in hearing loss in adults
  • Age discrimination at different work sectors in the US
  • Psychological issues among middle-aged men and women
  • Older adults and adopting the latest technology
  • Identify the differences in female and male ageing
  • Middle-aged women and high career success
  • Prospects of the Sandwich Generation
  • Is the US legal system successful at protecting the elderly from abuse?
  • An overview of elderly care in the Australian society
  • Geriatric depression – causes and treatment methods
  • Assessment of the connection between depression and health issues among the older generation
  • The pitfall of the British Retirement System and consequences of it
  • Early signs of ageing and how to prevent them
  • Is there a possibility of eliminating ageing from genetics?
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness among elderly with or without diabetes
  • Role of damaged DNA in early ageing

Environmental Health Dissertation Topics

  • Investigate the success of developing a zero-waste housing refuse policy
  • Sanitation in hospitals – problems and solutions
  • Solid waste management and health hazards
  • Genes coding for antibiotic resistance in Enterococci species
  • Air pollution and the mortality rate in Hong Kong
  • The role of neighbourhood bio-diversity to reduce surface water flooding
  • Broadleaf weed control in the UK
  • Land use in Amazon – A case study
  • A comparative study between air pollution in Western and Northern Australia
  • A critical analysis of the German nuclear policy after the nuclear plant disaster in Japan.
  • Effects of land reclamation on the environment
  • Impact of physic-chemical parameters of water on the growth of Oreochromis Niloticus in Kenya
  • Pesticide drift in the Midwest from 2010 to 2016
  • Low-cost hydrogen sulfide monitor and its use in agriculture
  • Evaluation of low-cost air quality monitors in agriculture
  • Assessment of the level of noise in ICU
  • The health of ill-legal migrants and refugees in Bangladesh
  • Consequences of extended exposure to inhalable dust on dairy parlour workers

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Clinical Research Dissertation Topics

  • A case study on the financial challenges experienced by patients of chronic health conditions
  • Identify the ways to improve the health conditions of vulnerable workers
  • Causes of depression among teenagers and the effect of mental health awareness
  • Implementation of e-Health and its benefits on public health
  • Maternal and childhood vaccination and significant barriers
  • A study on the management of patients with chronic health conditions at home.
  • Tuberculosis patients and antimicrobial resistance patterns
  • An investigation on clinical supervision on mental health patients in the UK
  • A qualitative study of social learning theories and antisocial characteristics
  • Antibiotics and acute respiratory diseases – a critical analysis
  • Risk assessment among older adults in the occupational environments
  • An economic evaluation of medical technology and its assessment in necessary surgeries
  • Improvement in diabetic care through mobile devices
  • Communication about the risks of breast cancer and ways to prevent it
  • Evaluating the primary health care system in African countries
  • Understanding the sociocultural determinants of obesity among African Americans
  • Cancer survivors and the long term effects of the treatment

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research proposal topic for public health

99 Public Health Dissertation Topics & Research Titles

By Amanda Jun 26, 2023 in Health Care , Public Health | No Comments

Are you a student searching for engaging and relevant dissertation topics in public health? This is your stop! By selecting an engaging topic from our dissertation topics list in public health, you can contribute to the knowledge and understanding of key public health issues. Public health is about improving community health, preventing diseases, and addressing […]

public health dissertation topics

Are you a student searching for engaging and relevant dissertation topics in public health? This is your stop! By selecting an engaging topic from our dissertation topics list in public health, you can contribute to the knowledge and understanding of key public health issues.

Public health is about improving community health, preventing diseases, and addressing health disparities. It involves identifying factors that influence health at a population level and implementing evidence-based strategies to enhance well-being. It encompasses disciplines like epidemiology, biostatistics, health education, and policy-making to promote prevention and health equity, leading to healthier communities.

Whether you’re interested in studying the impact of social media on health behavior or evaluating the effectiveness of workplace wellness programs, our curated list of public health dissertation topics covers a diverse range of recent and relevant topics in public health. Explore our list and embark on your dissertation writing journey with confidence.

Download Public Health Dissertation Sample 

List of Public health dissertation topics

The impact of social media on health behavior and outcomes among young adults.

A comparative analysis of health promotion strategies for addressing lifestyle-related diseases in urban and rural areas.

Using mobile technology for public health education programs: evidences from single-blinded experimental study in Sri Lanka.

Developing a theoretical framework for understanding the role of social capital in shaping health outcomes in communities.

Economic burden of removing trans-fat: a modelling study on food industry of UK.

Developing a theoretical framework for analysing the pathways through which environmental factors affect health outcomes.

Constructing a theoretical framework for understanding the social and cultural factors influencing mental health help-seeking behaviors.

Evaluating the effectiveness of remote healthcare delivery models in post-pandemic public health settings.

Assessing the effectiveness of different national strategies in controlling the spread of infectious diseases, such as covid-19.

Examining the factors influencing the successful implementation of a nutrition intervention in a specific community or setting.

Analysing the factors influencing vaccination uptake and addressing vaccine hesitancy.

Investigating the role of digital health technologies in enhancing public health emergency preparedness and response.

A case study of the implementation and outcomes of the NHS health check program in improving preventive care.

Evaluating the effectiveness of HIV prevention programs targeting key populations.

Assessing the mental health needs and interventions for refugee populations in urban areas.

A systematic review of interventions to promote physical activity among adolescents in school settings.

Constructing a theoretical framework to explain the adoption and implementation of evidence-based practices in public health settings.

Investigating the effectiveness of a workplace wellness program on reducing employee stress levels and improving productivity.

Reviewing the literature on the impact of social media on mental health outcomes among young adults.

Demographic profiling of high-risk population of sexually transmitted diseases.

Examining the relationship between air pollution and respiratory health outcomes in urban communities.

A case study of the implementation and impact of a community health worker program in a specific underserved community.

Investigating the effectiveness of a nutrition education program on dietary behaviors and obesity rates among low-income communities.

Investigating the association between access to healthcare services and health disparities among marginalised populations.

Analyzing the effectiveness of public health campaigns in promoting sexual and reproductive health among young adults in the UK.

Exploring the role of community health workers in improving maternal and child health outcomes.

Examining the relationship between social support and adherence to medication regimens among individuals with chronic diseases.

Investigating the impact of neighborhood walkability on physical activity levels and obesity rates.

Analysing the impact of a telemedicine program on healthcare access and outcomes through a case study of a healthcare facility or region.

A case study of a successful public health campaign aimed at reducing smoking rates among a specific population.

Developing a theoretical framework for assessing the effectiveness of community-based interventions in improving population health outcomes.

A literature review on the role of health literacy in promoting positive health outcomes.

Investigating the impact of climate change on vector-borne diseases and public health preparedness.

Analyzing the association between air pollution exposure and cardiovascular health outcomes in a specific population.

Examining the long-term impacts of covid-19 on reproductive health and exploring interventions to address them.

Awareness of papillomavirus amongst primary healthcare providers: a survey of nurses, doctors and supportive staff in a private hospital in England.

Assessing the impact of armed conflict on the mental health and well-being of displaced populations in Ukraine: a public health perspective.

Developing a theoretical framework to explain the impact of health policies on health behaviors and outcomes.

Analyzing the role of public health campaigns in promoting sexual and reproductive health among young adults.

Benefits and risk associated with healthcare applications among young teens.

Examining the relationship between food environments and dietary behaviors in urban settings.

Assessing the effectiveness of interventions to reduce the burden of non-communicable diseases.

A systematic review of interventions to improve adherence to medication regimens among individuals with chronic diseases.

Analyzing the association between access to green spaces and mental health outcomes among urban residents.

A case study of the impact of Brexit on public health policies and cross-border health cooperation in the UK.

Investigating the implementation and outcomes of a workplace wellness program through a case study of a particular organization.

A case study of the response and lessons learned from the covid-19 pandemic in terms of public health strategies and healthcare system resilience in the UK.

Investigating the role of social determinants of health in shaping health disparities in urban and rural areas of the UK.

A comparative study of maternal and child health policies and outcomes in developed and developing countries.

Propagating and sexualizing women’s smoking: analysis of multimedia content in popular fashion magazines .

Eating with friends: the risk factors associated with sharing lunch among school children in India.

Assessing the effectiveness of public health communication strategies during the covid-19 pandemic and identifying lessons learned.

Analysing the impact of covid-19 on healthcare systems and identifying strategies for building resilience.

Examining the role of social determinants of health in health inequities among minority populations.

Collecting data from public for public: development and evaluation of an online public health database in Kenya.

Are villages safe from aids? A study comparing prevalence, cause and treatment of HIV in urban and rural areas of Kenya.

Analysing the challenges and opportunities of integrating mental health services into primary healthcare post-covid.

Analysing the impact of environmental policies and regulations on public health outcomes in different countries.

Examining the evidence on the impact of climate change on vector-borne diseases and public health preparedness.

Examining the effectiveness of school-based nutrition programs in promoting healthy eating habits across different cultural contexts.

Reviewing the literature on the effectiveness of workplace wellness programs in improving employee health and productivity.

Improving public health awareness program of Canada: guidance on dealing with extreme cold weather conditions.

A comprehensive review of the role of nutrition education in promoting healthy eating habits among diverse populations.

Reviewing the effectiveness of community-based interventions in reducing childhood obesity rates.

Kitchen class: an evaluative research on a school-based nutritional intervention program.

Assessing the impact of a public health campaign on increasing vaccination rates and reducing vaccine hesitancy in a targeted population.

Can environmental pollution affect birthweight? Statistical evidences from national healthcare database in the Hong Kong.

Analyzing the implementation and outcomes of a community-based intervention for addressing substance abuse through a case study of a specific community.

Exploring the intersection of public health and criminology : understanding the health impacts of criminal justice policies and practices.

Assessing the impact of national health policies on reducing health inequalities in the UK.

Investigating the effectiveness of school-based mental health programs in promoting well-being among adolescents.

Assessing the impact of tourism on public health: understanding the health risks and opportunities for sustainable tourism development.

Evaluating the effectiveness of a smoking cessation program on long-term smoking cessation rates among adults.

Assessing the impact of a school-based sexual education program on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors among adolescents.

Analyzing the impact of different healthcare financing models on access to healthcare services and health outcomes.

Investigating the role of public health surveillance systems in detecting and responding to future pandemics.

Evaluating the effectiveness of school-based interventions in preventing childhood obesity.

Comparing the implementation and outcomes of community-based interventions for reducing tobacco use in various countries.

Constructing a theoretical framework for understanding the influence of social networks on health behaviors.

Does weight loss reduce hypertension: determining the cut-off weight associated with risk of hypertension.

Examining the effectiveness of covid-19 vaccination campaigns and strategies in promoting vaccine uptake.

The effect of lifestyle changes on patients of type 1 diabetes: a random control trial.

Examining the effectiveness of a school-based mental health intervention through a case study of a particular school district.

Assessing the long-term impacts of covid-19 on mental health and well-being in different populations.

Comparing the prevalence and management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension, in different regions.

Analysing the response and lessons learned from a public health emergency, such as a natural disaster or disease outbreak, in a specific region.

Assessing the implementation and outcomes of the sugar tax policy in reducing sugar consumption and obesity rates in the UK.

Analyzing the effectiveness of workplace wellness programs in improving employee health and productivity.

Assessing the socio-economic disparities in covid-19 outcomes and exploring strategies for reducing inequities.

Investigating the role of digital health technologies in enhancing healthcare access and patient outcomes in the uk.

A comparative analysis of healthcare systems in different countries and their impact on population health outcomes.

Assessing the implementation and impact of tobacco control policies on smoking prevalence.

Assessing the effectiveness of mental health policies and interventions in addressing the burden of mental illnesses in diverse populations.

The impact of a community-based intervention on reducing childhood obesity rates in a specific geographic area.

Analyzing the impact of mental health policies and interventions on the well-being of diverse populations in the UK.

The gap between parent’s knowledge and practice of child caring strategies in Indian slum areas.

Constructing a theoretical framework to explain the role of health literacy in promoting health equity.

Examining the health consequences of domestic violence : implications for public health interventions and policies.

Though it took me some time to find some good examples of dissertation topics in public health, but finally it’s available for students who either pursuing an undergraduate degree or looking for research topics help in public health for masters. In my opinion, this post can help you to come up with a topic of your interest or give you some random suggestions to follow and create the title from scratch for your dissertation on your own. In both cases, the post serves its purpose.

Paid Topic Consultation Service

You will get the topics first as per the given requirements, and then the brief which includes;

  • An explanation why we choose this topic.
  • 2-3 research questions.
  • Key literature resources identification.
  • Suitable methodology with identification of raw sample size, and data collection method
  • View a sample of topic consultation service

Get expert dissertation writing help to achieve good grades

By placing an order with us, you can get;

  • Writer consultation before payment to ensure your work is in safe hands.
  • Free topic if you don't have one
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Public Health Topics For Academic Writing

public health topics

Choosing excellent public health topics is not on the list of the easiest things to do in the world. But not to worry, this article will help you out as it covers topics such as researchable topics in public health, recent public health issues, public health essay topics, public health debate topics, and lots more!

Public health is an essential aspect of medicine that deals with hygiene, epidemiology, and disease prevention. Its importance is why it is paramount to the all-round development of a community. This article contains 50 public health topics covering significant aspects of public health. Are you ready to choose? Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

Public health research topics, public health issue topics, controversial public health topics, current public health topics, interesting public health topics, public health topics in the news, public health paper topics, public health essay topics, public health debate topics, ethical issues in public health, public health practicum ideas.

The goal of public health is to improve the health of the population. It extends across a series of disciplines such as individual lifestyle, disease control, how the political system affects population health. As part of the means of achieving these goals, it is essential to carry out research that focuses on the health of the public. The list below consists of 6 current public health research topics that would be of interest to you and would make excellent public health topics for research paper. If you happen to need writing help, just contact our academic writers .

A study on the efficiency of current health services and systems A critical analysis on how poverty affects the health of the population Possible effects of political systems on the health of the population Environmental factors on population health

Research is so important, and we cannot overemphasize its relevance to most fields. These public health topics for research stated above are excellent research papers topics and are also research topics in public health that would give you a good grasp of the vastness of public health. To write a superb research paper, try your hands on these public health research topics!

There are considerable threats to the health of people worldwide. These threats are public health issues that include pollution, climate, vaccine hesitancy, and antimicrobial resistance, to mention a few. Below are some great topics covering recent public health issues, including public health issues in America.

Pollution and climate: great environmental risk to health Influenza: a global threat in the future The catastrophic effect of Antimicrobial resistance in the next few years The resurgence of emerging disease as a result of vaccine hesitancy

There are many opposing sides of views in many areas of public health. The list below covers some controversial public health topics that you can explore and choose from, stating clearly what sides you go with and why.

Legalization of abortion The need for universal healthcare Correlation between mental health and abortion Should research on bioterrorism be encouraged?

Every day, humans are faced with new challenges because change is a constant phenomenon. The activity of humans keeps having both a direct and indirect impact on their health. Here are some current public health topics that the whole world is talking about today!

COVID-19 and its ravaging effects on the world The impact of technology on health care Exploring the importance of food safety Emerging diseases and antibiotic resistance as a result of misuse of antibiotics The need for more vaccine development

Public health is an exciting aspect of medicine, and that’s understandable because of numerous health concerns. Here are some interesting public health topics that will surely be of great benefit to you and your readers. Let’s ride on!

The changing prognosis of terminal illnesses such as cancer Possible ways for doctors to promote healthy lifestyles Infectious disease: A significant threat to public health Would there be a cure for HIV soon? How can we manage the stress that comes with old age?

Public health holds a substantial part of the news as it involves people’s well-being. When there is a pandemic or disease outbreak, it has a negative effect on all other sectors such as politics, economy, religion, education, and others. Below is a list of 5 public health topics in the news.

The effect of coronavirus on the health system The fate of humans in the post-antibiotics era Why sexually transmitted disease is on the increase How to prevent the spread of coronavirus The effect of climate change on human health

Here are some public health paper topics that double as public health dissertation topics to get people interested in reading your work.

Exploring the effect of eating disorders on the human brain Vaccines: an essential preventive medicine Assessing the effect of substance (drugs) misuse on human health How to make health care accessible to all How to manage stress effectively

Essay writing on public health doesn’t have to be so tricky, especially if you have a topic that goes so well with essay writing. Here is a list of public health essay topics you will find interesting to write about.

Prevention of nosocomial infections How racism affects public health Consequences of teenage substance abuse How to effectively reduce the rate of suicide Effectively reducing medical errors in hospitals

Many debates are hovering around several public health topics due to the existence of many differing views. Below are six public health debate topics that will surely gain the attention of many.

Traditional medicine versus modern medicine: which is better? Should Euthanasia be legalized? Microorganisms: beneficial or harmful? Should doctors provide medical care to a minor against the parents’ wishes? Should all drugs be legalized?

Some very vital ethics govern public health. With certain moral codes come some problems which are not yet fully reconciled. These are ethical issues in public health. Below are some current ethical issues in public health.

Ensuring the confidentiality of patient information and relationship Seeking the patient’s best interest and informed consent. Public health authority: How to determine its appropriate use How to effectively make decisions relating to resource allocation The extent of political interference in public health practice

Public health practicum avails students with the privilege of applying the knowledge they have acquired from lectures, research papers, etc., during an academic program. Here are some public health practicum ideas to facilitate learning.

Analyzing, interpreting, and summarizing de-identified public records data Examining barriers to implementing programs and recommendations Designing health topics programs/curriculum

So, here we are! 50 awesome public health research topics that will land you an A+ in your next paper and research. Check out ethics topics as well. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to awe your readers. Best regards!

genetics research Topics

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research proposal topic for public health


300+ Best Health Research Topics for Students To Consider

Table of Contents

If you are a medical student, then you will often be asked to prepare numerous health research papers during your course duration. Mainly, for writing a health research paper, a good topic is needed the most. Basically, medicine is a vast field of study and in it you will have plenty of research ideas on health and health issues that exist in the world. So, you will never run short of health research ideas. But when you have many topics, it might be tough for you to pick one right topic. Therefore, to make the topic selection process easier for you, here, we have explained how to choose an ideal medical research topic. In addition to that, we also shared a list of the best 300+ health research topics on various themes related to the subject. Continue reading to know about health research paper writing.

Health Research Topics

Health Research Paper Topic Selection

Besides, selecting good health research topics might appear more challenging as compared to the writing part itself. Moreover, you might have to choose an intriguing subject matter that will drive the reader’s attention to the core. Also, you might need to demonstrate the specific subject knowledge that will help you advance in your study effectively.

Thus, to achieve the above, you might need to follow the guidelines given below

  • Firstly, select an interesting topic as this might allow you to dig deep into the subject obtaining extensive information. Also, you might want to demonstrate your readiness to undertake the challenges as a health professional.
  • Secondly, after you prepare a prospective topic list, you might want to narrow your focus to the latest health research. Besides, you might want to explore the recent trends, issues, and developments in the healthcare and medicine industry.
  • Thirdly, ensure to analyze a paper’s significance if you have selected it for your essay or dissertation. Moreover, you might need to find out if it’s beneficial for recent medical studies and has prospects or not.

Health Research Topic Selection Tips

Perhaps, to make your health research paper exemplary, you might have to follow a few guidelines as given below:

  • Of course, you might want to use reliable sources only due to the availability of false papers on the internet. Also, the higher the use of figures and statistics in your paper, the greater the credibility of your paper.
  • Also, you need to remember that no paper will appear equally interesting for everyone in the scene. For example, vaccination might save people from critical diseases, but it causes problems for people having allergies or immunity disorders.
  • Subsequently, avoid following the latest fashion as advertisement influences us greatly. Instead, you might want to study a concept, as if it was discovered yesterday and you need to fix its release date.

List of Health Research Topics and Ideas

For your convenience, below we have listed outstanding health research paper topic ideas on different themes such as mental health, public health, adult health, etc. Go through the entire list and pick a topic that is interesting for you to discuss.

Simple and Basic Health Research Topics

  • Child abuse and the 21 st -century media.
  • Impact of speech disorder on a child’s development.
  • Is plastic surgery a healthy beauty treatment option?
  • Importance of therapists in treating mental disorders.
  • Mental disorders and mood disorders- A comparative analysis.
  • Impact of sleep deprivation on memory.
  • Fear of Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • Bodybuilding is a healthy option- Review.
  • Alternative medications and their purpose.
  • A major cause of cancer in the United States.
  • Cannabis legalization in the US- Pros and cons.
  • Public and private healthcare facilities in the UK- A comparative analysis.
  • Key causes of post-traumatic disorder in the US.
  • If given the best care service, how long a person might survive?
  • Relevance of ancient health practices in the current time.

Top Health Research Topics

  • Effectiveness of inmate rehabilitation program.
  • How medical cannabis manages various conditions?
  • Exploring the Farm Bill Amendments of 2018- Cannabis legalization in the US.
  • Are Inmate rehabilitation programs in the US effective?
  • Medical research and its relevance in motivating healthcare professionals.
  • Compare the mortality rates of medical professionals in the US and China
  • The threat of medical research on people.
  • Exploring alternative medications and how it functions?
  • Impact of society’s beauty standards on public health.
  • Effects of bullying on the children’s achievements- Early childhood development.
  • Key causes of seizures in young adolescents.
  • Blood transfusion and its side effects.
  • Relevance of physical exercise in managing body posture.
  • Genetics engineering and government permission.
  • The logic behind spiritual care.
  • Stress management for nursing professionals.
  • Mortality rates of a medical professional in China and US- A comparative analysis.
  • How parent’s negligence relates to childhood obesity?
  • A world without social media- Analyze.

Research Topics on Mental Health

  • Exploring the key types of depression.
  • Early-stage autism- Diagnosis and treatment.
  • Is it possible to overcome depression in society?
  • Education programs for autistic patients’ treatment.
  • How can Autism in the early stages be diagnosed and treated?
  • Does violent music have any implications for young children?
  • Analyze how social media has transformed psychological education in college
  • The role of a teacher in students’ depression management.
  • What are the causes of the growing surge in diabetes in the UK?
  • How financial instability leads to depression?
  • Role of a Teacher in Student’s depression management.
  • Impact of violent music on children.
  • Effect of Covid-19 on Homelessness in the US.
  • Pros and cons of autistic patients.
  • Role of women in family health improvement.
  • Baby bonding before birth.
  • How endometriosis relates to genetics?
  • Causes of infertility among women.
  • Gestational weight gain A comprehensive analysis.

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Prospective Health Research Paper Topics

  • Obesity and pregnant women- Analyze the rules.
  • Impact of high-heel shoes on a woman’s health.
  • Application of advanced technology to manage infertility problems among women.
  • Teen pregnancy in New York versus teen pregnancy in California- A comparative analysis.
  • Hospital birth versus home birth.
  • Heart attack symptoms in women.
  • Surrogate pregnancy and ethical issues.
  • Impact of advanced technology on a teenager’s health.
  • Analyzing the possible solutions for HIV/ AIDS.
  • PTSD in women versus men- A comparative analysis.
  • Justify the care needs of a pregnant woman.
  • Effects of poverty on women and children.
  • Normal delivery versus C-Section delivery.
  • Identify five challenges for women after menopause.
  • HIV testing is mandatory for pregnant women- Review.

Comprehensive Health Research Ideas

  • Key causes of puberty.
  • Health risks of pregnancy termination.
  • Autistic kids and pet therapy.
  • Modern neonatal practices.
  • Analyzing the self-instruction kit’s effectiveness.
  • How does a kid’s habit indicate the possibility of autism?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine- A comparative analysis.
  • Breast cancer and psychological issues.
  • Medicines and virtual reality- Explore the key benefits.
  • Is surrogacy ethical?
  • Pros and cons of evidence-based public health informatics.
  • Key causes of antibiotics resistance among children.
  • Is it a good idea to apply GMOs to fight hunger?
  • Best strategies to prevent teenage pregnancy.
  • Impact of human rights issues on public health.

Unique Mental Health Research Ideas

  • Healthy housing principles in the UK.
  • Key challenges among the teenagers of the current time.
  • The opioid crisis and the blame on the doctors.
  • Popular mental disorders in the US.
  • Antibiotics and the people’s dependence on them.
  • Compare and contrast three mental disorders in Manchester and London.
  • Psychological relaxation and its relevance.
  • Causes and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Core strategies of grief management.
  • Teenage pregnancy minimization and women empowerment.
  • Women’s health and modern feminism.
  • Impact of hate crimes on the community.
  • Effect of terrorism on a child’s psychology.
  • Family and community tolerance- Mental health improvement.
  • Influence of dreams on a person’s decision.

A Few More Research Ideas on Mental Health

  • Human beings dream of literature.
  • Key causes of multiple personality disorder.
  • Is dreaming healthy for your body?
  • Analyze the cause and solution for teenage suicides.
  • Impact of phobia on a person’s personality.
  • Postpartum depression and strategies to reduce the problem.
  • Best treatment options for dementia patients.
  • How do dreams relate to souls?
  • Dreams of adolescents and dreams of adults- A comparative analysis.
  • Transforming dreams into reality- What is the possibility?
  • Comparing teenage suicide cases in the 21 st century and 20 th
  • Psychology and law- How is it connected?
  • What is applied behavioral analysis?
  • Why is the military in psychology important?
  • Agoraphobia and its best treatment.

Read more: Neuroscience Research Topics You Can Choose From!

Fantastic Health Research Topics

  • Controlling panic pain through psychology.
  • Symptoms of ADHD among children.
  • Is ADHD treatable?
  • Key causes of deficit hyperactivity disorders in children.
  • Right behaviors in sports and competition.
  • Sufficient water intake- Advantages.
  • Adequate Ergonomics and muscle strain prevention.
  • Psychological and physical role of a sports coach.
  • Physical fitness and Yoga.
  • Benefits of regular exercises for the nervous system.
  • Tracking physical fitness and its importance.
  • Analyzing the core principles of fitness training.
  • Multi-level fitness test and its functioning.
  • Popular diet mistakes you might avoid in physical and mental health management.
  • Fitness training for diabetes and obesity control.

Miscellaneous Health Research Topics

  • Cognitive development of a child and physical fitness.
  • Alcohol consumption is an effect on bone development.
  • Role of outdoor physical activities in heart disease prevention.
  • Movement patterns and high injury risks.
  • Core activities before a rigorous training session.
  • Aggressive behavior and physical activities in teenagers- Explore their relationship.
  • Is healthcare cost in the US justified?
  • Pros and cons of using animals for research.
  • People’s health and poverty- Relationship analysis.
  • Healthcare services for the uninsured- Role of the government.
  • Reporting organ trafficking cases- Relevance for the doctors.
  • Is marijuana legalization a good idea?
  • How does exercising further degrades a person’s health?
  • Obesity problem as a public health issue.
  • Pill controls for the teenagers- Review.

Informative Health Research Topics

  • Old age homes- Major decision for the kids.
  • Imposing a ban on television channels advertising smoking and drinking.
  • Amazon’s forest community health- Role of the government.
  • Space medicines and their benefits.
  • Impact of atom bombs on public health.
  • Discuss the effects of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing incidents of 1945.
  • Forecasting the next disaster after Covid-19- WHO’s roles and responsibilities.
  • Pandemic management strategies- Reducing the duration and making it more efficient.
  • Legislations regulate social media usage as it impacts the user’s health.
  • Diabetes causes in children.
  • Measles resurgence in the 21 st century developing countries- Comparative analysis.
  • Key causes of the national drug problem.
  • Public health improvement- Role of social media.
  • HIV/AIDs prevention is the best strategy of pandemic control- Review.
  • Bioterrorism- US’s readiness before and after the 9/11 attack.

Lucrative Health Research Topics

  • Covid-19 pandemic response in developing and developed countries- A comparative analysis.
  • Smoking teenagers and its impact on their adulthood life.
  • Comparing the maternal mortality rate in the US and any developing country.
  • Importance of translators in UK hospitals for non-English speakers.
  • The healthcare cost of South Africa and the United States- A comparative analysis.
  • Influence of fast-food chain on obesity- Role of the state in regulating the fast-food chains.
  • Appropriate age for sex education to start in a school.
  • Covid-19 pandemic and the role of quarantines in controlling it.
  • Relevance of global coordination in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Theories and causes of Covid-19- Analyze the mystery.
  • Controlling health pandemic- Role of a nurse.
  • On-demand birth control pills for teenagers.
  • Importance of limiting medical issues of a person to allow treatment for others of their community.
  • Impact of television shows on a person’s diet.
  • Stress and depression management- Role of Tai Chi.

Research Topics on Public Health

  • Is it a good idea to use animal tissues on human beings?
  • Sustainable healthcare system and informatics approach- A comprehensive analysis of Canada.
  • Analyzing the main treatment options for Anorexia Nervosa.
  • Reasons for miscarriages in pregnant women in the first trimester.
  • Maternal practices effectiveness in rural and urban areas- A comparative analysis.
  • Impact of social media on psychological courses in College.
  • Computers will not replace doctors- Review the statement.
  • The most critical illness of the 21 st
  • History of health- A comparative analysis between the past and the current perception.
  • Comparing healthcare in various countries-Identify the minimal.
  • Depression and anxiety- A true threat to health.
  • Excessive weight is the new bane of human civilization.
  • Analyze the true relevance of pills in a person’s life.
  • Emergence and causes of bioethics.
  • Analyze the drawbacks of chemotherapy over its advantages.

Excellent Health Research Topics

  • Organ harvesting over transplantation- Review.
  • Acute pain management and its impact on living standards.
  • List the biggest epidemic in the world, analyze its growth, and control measures.
  • Impact of tobacco and alcohol ban on the overall health condition.
  • Assisted suicide and euthanasia- Discuss its moral aspects.
  • Homeopathic medicines and homeopathy- Suspension causes in some countries.
  • History of surgery and its function in accumulating human health information.
  • Healthcare services an asylums and prisons- Government’s role in quality management.
  • How sex education might prevent the spread of STDs.
  • Relevance of reproductive health in the last ten years.
  • Palliative care and satisfaction for the rest of the life.
  • How to agree on a person for an experimental treatment?
  • Comparing newborn and infant health to that of adults.
  • Health as a fashion- Benefit of health trend for society.
  • How do healthy lifestyles at different ages transform?

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Captivating Health Research Paper Topics

  • Do women need extra attention during pregnancy?
  • Impact of beauty standards on overall health and humanity history of the society.
  • Tobacco and alcohol ban’s impact on the health condition of the people.
  • A new standard of health versus ignoring a body problem- Body positive.
  • How going Vegan will improve your health?
  • Analyze the factors determining healthy food.
  • The significance of managing modern society-Psychological health.
  • Menopause and the health issues encountered during the climax.
  • How does a psychological perspective assist people to conform to a healthy diet in their life?
  • Identify the causes of an increasing rate of diabetes in the UK.
  • Depression and physical illness- A comparative analysis.
  • Analyze causes and solutions for teenagers’ suicides.
  • New team leaders in the organization- Identify their challenges.

Innovative Public Health Research Ideas

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the offender treatment program.
  • Military and psychology- What is the connection?
  • Analyzing ADHD symptoms in children.
  • Womb transplantation or replacement surgery?
  • Children and parental care- Medical care services without parent’s approval.
  • How to Keep Yourself Healthy Free of Food Temptations
  • Why Should You Forgive Yourself for Emotional Eating During a Lockdown?
  • The Complete Guide to Virtual Therapy Appointments
  • How Keeping a Journal Can Help You Deal with the Coronavirus Mentally
  • 7 Strategies for Supporting Friends Fighting Depression During COVID-19
  • Daily Exercises to Boost Immunity in the Home
  • What signs are there in blood cell disorders?
  • What alternatives are there for treating problems with blood cells?
  • How to Understand Substance Use Disorder
  • Chemotherapy or radiology which treatment is more effective? Discuss the case study.

Public Health Research Topics 2023

  • Why weight is the cause of irregular menstrual cycle?
  • Does Hereditary Arthritis Exist?
  • Name and explain the 10 plants that can be used for our physical health
  • How does chemotherapy impact the patient’s phycology?
  • What are the best ways to prevent hernia?
  • What are the reasons for insomnia?
  • Discuss the Principles of Osteosynthesis
  • Skin inspection under difficult circumstances using Dalmatian pyrethrum daisies
  • How does artificial color in food, and fruit affect human health?
  • The efficacy of medicinal cannabis in treating various diseases.
  • The effect of COVID-19 on the people experiencing homelessness in the United States.
  • Discuss how financial insecurity might lead to depression.
  • In the United Kingdom, sophisticated technologies are being used to treat the problem of infertility.
  • Considering the benefits and drawbacks of telemedicine.
  • Is it a good idea to use GMOs to combat hunger?

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Outstanding Health Research Paper Topics  

  • Relevance of the ancient healthcare practices in the current time.  
  • Menopause and health issues at the time of the climax.  
  • Discuss the relationship between puberty and health issues.  
  • Why homeopathy and homeopathic medicines are suspended in different countries.  
  • The impact of chronic pain management on the standard of living.  
  • Discuss the moral impact of Euthanasia and assisted suicide.  
  • Why are people more concerned about reproductive health in the last ten years?  
  • How sexual education does contribute to the prevention of STDs?  
  • The influence of 21st-century media on the promotion of child abuse.  
  • How is bodybuilding healthy?  
  • Discuss the influence of sleep deprivation on memory.
  • The use of genomic technologies in the study of developmental disorders in children
  • Genetic factors in Tourette’s syndrome
  • What genes are linked to allergic diseases?
  • What are the ethical implications of genetic research that involves old people?

Interesting Health Research Questions

  • New developments in autism spectrum disorder genetic research
  • Can predictive examination for a variety of diseases be considered conclusive?
  • The application of brain imaging to the early detection of Parkinson’s disease
  • Genetic Aspects of hereditary angioedema
  • What exactly is molecular genetics in kidney disease?
  • Acute otitis media in children: new treatment options
  • An overview of recent advancements in pediatric dentistry
  • The Genetics of coronary artery disease
  • Genetics and nutrition are linked.
  • What role does genetics play in personalized wellness?
  • What are the possible causes of childhood eating disorders?

Trending Health Research Ideas

  • How does chemotherapy impact the patient’s phycology

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Health Research Topics for College Students

  • The effect of COVID-19 on homelessness in the United States.
  • an in-depth examination of the psychosocial effects of breast cancer.
  • What are the primary advantages of virtual reality in medicine?
  • Should a woman bear another woman’s child in terms of surrogacy ethics?
  • A closer look at Canada’s effort to establish sustainable health systems through informatics.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of evidence-based public health informatics are examined.
  • What does the future hold for informatics in public health?
  • The primary causes of antibiotic resistance in young children: what are they?
  • Why is psychological relaxation so crucial to one’s health?
  • What are the most effective dementia treatment options?

Health Research Topics for University Students

  • What are the primary causes and cures for Alzheimer’s disease?
  • What methods might be employed to lessen the postpartum depression issue?
  • Is cosmetic plastic surgery healthy? Should it be promoted?
  • What function do therapists provide in the management of mental illness?
  • A closer look at the effects of sleep deprivation on memory.
  • Medical professional death rates in the US and China: What could have been done differently?
  • What is the success rate of cancer patients’ stress management programs?
  • What are the most effective treatment options for anorexia nervosa?
  • evaluating the efficacy of maternal practices in urban and rural locations.
  • Should infertility treatments be covered by health insurance?
  • What are the most effective approaches to treating genetic diseases?
  • Should more money be invested in genetic engineering for medical research?
  • Describe how mechanical left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) or mechanical hearts can generate new muscle tissue in failing human hearts
  • Which growth factor protein may counter debilitating inflammatory bowel disease and how?
  • Explain the injectable gel that aids in the recovery of post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA) and the pharmacology of this gel

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Awesome Health Research Ideas

  • Discuss the role of nutrition and environment on public health in South African countries
  • Explore the connections between increased saturated fat, sugar and salt consumption, and cardiovascular health
  • Critical analysis of the way household air pollution and ambient air pollution and health impact health
  • Analysis of the improvement in cognitive and mental health during and post-Covid period
  • How to engage the public in understanding innovation in vaccination with mRNA Technology?
  • Public Health and economic consequences of public engagement with non-healthcare Settings for vaccine education
  • Describe the strategies and initiatives aimed at combating vaccine hesitancy among immunocompromised groups and across different employment sectors
  • Describe malaria prevention programs using vector-control strategies
  • What are the key challenges in malaria surveillance and control that are linked to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Determination of the etiology of human neurological diseases using multi-omics data
  • How Gastrointestinal Hormone may Help Treat Heart and Kidney Failure
  • Compare and contrast the two most common chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including their causes, impact, and treatments
  • Analyze the current standard glioblastoma multiforme treatment and its effectiveness
  • Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM): Advancing Treatment for a Dangerous Brain Tumor
  • Discuss the benefits of consuming a high-fiber diet from a digestive system for brain health

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the list of health research topics and ideas suggested in this blog would help you prepare a brilliant academic paper. If you don’t know what topic to choose or in case, you are struggling to write a good health research paper, then contact us for help.  Assignment helpers in our platform will provide cheap and best health research paper help online. Moreover, according to your needs, for all kinds of Research paper topics, without any delay, our experts will prepare and deliver accurate solutions worthy of top grades.

Health Research Topics

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