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A Study on Women Entrepreneurship in India

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When women moves forward, the family moves the village moves and the nation moves.-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru ABSTRACT ______________________________________________________________________ Entrepreneurship that is the human intellect in action is such a highly valued characteristic of humankind that in the absence of it nothing new could have happened. Women entrepreneurship is gaining importance in India in the wake of economic liberalization and globalization. In Comparison to other countries, the development of women entrepreneurship is very low in India, especially in rural areas. However, middle class women are not too eager to alter their role due to fear of social backlash. The progress is more visible among upper class families in urban areas. The potential flexibility in time use from entrepreneurship can also facilitate balancing work and family obligations for women. However, entrepreneurs, both male and female, are relatively scarce in India compared to peer countries, and tend to work in small units often outside the formal sector. This paper focuses on the present scenario, problems, challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, and how to overcome them.

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The Women’s Development is the key step for the all around development of the any country. In the modern 21 century in India, women have been provided a number of facilities and assistance to move forward and contribute in nation’s development and they are doing well also. But as well as a number of opportunities being identified by the women entrepreneurs to move forward, there are some of the hurdles also found that often come in their way of progress and development. The present research article provides a snapshot of the current scenario of women entrepreneurship in India, the various challenges for women entrepreneurs in India such as Lack of Finance, Lack of Guidance, Lack of Motivation and Family Responsibilities etc., key role of women entrepreneurs in Indian economic development such as Supporting family business, Enhance the standard of living, Employment opportunities to females, Innovation and new product development, Source of motivation for newly female entrepreneurs a...

research paper on female entrepreneurship in india

murali krishna

International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology (IJRASET)

IJRASET Publication

Entrepreneurship for women development is an essential part of human resource. In comparison to other countries, the development of women entrepreneurship is very low in India, especially in rural areas. Entrepreneurship by women has been a recent concern. Women have become aware of their existence, their rights and their work situation. However, women of middle class are not too eager to alter their role for fear-of social backwardness. The progress is more visible among upper class families in urban areas. "Women moves forward, the family moves, the village moves and the nation moves"-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru This paper focuses on the current status of women entrepreneurship in India. Any understanding of Indian women's identity, especially for their contribution in emerging new paths, will be incomplete without a walk down the place of Indian history where women have live. The paper talks about the status of women entrepreneurs and the problems faced by them, reasons for the slow progress of women entrepreneurs in India-suggested for the growth of women entrepreneurs-Schemes for the promotion and development of women entrepreneurship in India.

Modern business is witnessing robust activity and innovations in two areas – entrepreneurship and human resource management (HRM) and the two are not necessarily separate. Entrepreneurship is being redefined. With qualitative changes in development indices in general and women development in particular, newer and more challenging areas and roles for women are being explored and extended. Women entrepreneurs are being identified for their independent contributions. Development of women entrepreneurship is considered a lucrative leverage to acquire a level playing field for women, in a male predominant society and economy. In a country like India where some of the women are much neglected, there are some who have soared higher. Thanks to these powerful ladies, that they have faced struggles challenges and made their way to the top list of entrepreneurs in India. This has not only helped the society economically but also has done a lot in terms of exposing the potential that a woman ho...

Dr.Satish Dhoke

Women are transforming by creating a dynamic society and inspiring the future entrepreneurs. A silent revolution is going on the right path with successful track records of innovative entrepreneurial success. It is quite evident that the number of women emerging as entrepreneurs started giving jobs to many people. Though there are many reasons for women to leave the workforce, they set new trends of leaving their jobs to be job-making entrepreneurs. Many women opt for entrepreneurship at an all-time low cost of starting a new business with the support from the government organisations, saying bye to corporate offers. The glass ceiling that once restricted a woman's professional path has paved a new route towards owning a business now. The sagacity of women helps to manage their business and balance with their family too. The freedom to put in their ideas and intuition makes women successful in their businesses. Being their own boss, large earning potential, choosing a convenient and suitable business location and working hours attract the women segment to be an entrepreneur. Nevertheless, they make their business a family asset. This paper brings out the challenges faced by multifaceted women entrepreneurs and possible outcomes for their empowerment.

Aniket Mandrekar

Balkrishna Agrawal

rameez khan

International Journal of Engineering Research and

Chinmayee Sahoo

Development has economic, social and political dimensions and is incomplete without the development of women who constitute about 50 per cent of total population. So, contribution of women is essential in economic activities for healthy nation building. When we speak about the term “Women Entrepreneurship” we mean, an act of business ownership and business creation that empowers women economically, increases their economic strength as well as position in society. Hence women-entrepreneurs have been making a considerable impact in all most all the segments of the economy which is more than 25% of all kinds of business. As per statistics it is known that in well-developed economy women is having freedom to develop as an entrepreneur, they are having equal priority as equal as man, but in developing economy and under developed economies women are facing different types of problems. Development of women has been a policy objective of the government since independence. Women were given p...


Dr.S.Harihara puthiran

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Susan Anita Andrew , Dr. S. C. B. Samuel Anbu Selvan

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Asian Journal of Business Management

Avanika Sinha

Proceedings on international seminar on ‘catalyzing women empowerment for an egalitarian society’ at Titus II teachers college, Tiruvalla, Kerala

Jemy Jose Mathew

International Journal of Innovative Research & Studies

Yoganandan G

International Journal of Engineering Technology Research & Management (IJETRM)


International Res Jour Managt Socio Human

Mahila Pratishtha

International Journal of Scientific Research and Management

parul sharda


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