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Match Same Objects - Free Printable Worksheets

Does your toddler love to learn match same objects are they beginning to understand simple general science do you want to help them learn more about general science small children love to learn and recognizing things is one of the first easy things they can do. when they are able to successfully name a variety of objects it gives them a great confidence boost and you can help them to get a head start by challenging them. learning is one of the most important cornerstones of education and form a base for all other learning that follows. most children love to learn new things and if your child is now at the point where they are showing interest in learning about general science then it could be time to help them with their new interest. these simple worksheets are a great place for young children to start learning.these simple pages are a great place for young children to start learning more about the world of match same objects and will undoubtedly become a favorite as they build their confidence and understanding of them, while having fun at the same time., free printable kindergarten worksheets – match same objects-5.

Free printable kindergarten worksheets – In this worksheet, children will match the same objects. You […]

Worksheets for kindergarten – Match the same Objects – 4

Worksheets for kindergarten – In this worksheet, children will match the same objects.

Free printable worksheets for kids – Match the same Objects – 3

Free printable worksheets for kids – In this worksheet, children will match the same objects. […]

Free printable preschool worksheets – Match same Objects-2

Free printable preschool worksheets – In this worksheet, children will match the same objects. You […]

Preschool printable worksheets – Match the same Objects – 1

Preschool printable worksheets – In this free printable English worksheet, children will understand that how […]

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Shape Shadow Matching Activity

Shape Shadow Matching Activity

Educational shape activity for preschoolers «Everyday Objects Shape» is meant to earn shapes, associate surrounding objects with shapes and learn to think logically. The game task is to match objects and geometric shapes .

Print free shadow match activity sheets, cut out all the colored cards with shapes and mix them up. Then ask your child to take cards one by one and put them onto the matching gray silhouette.

Activity sheet «Composing Shapes»

preschool worksheets matching objects

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Our array  of classifying worksheets is the perfect tool to help strengthen your pre-schooler’s matching and classifying skills. Use these letter and picture matching worksheets to help your kindergarten children to:

  • Recognize and differentiate between colors. 
  • Sort through similar images to select corresponding picture. 
  • Sharpen spatial recognition skills. 
  • Differentiate between objects of different shapes and sizes. 
  • Sort through everyday items to choose the right item for the intended purpose. 

Your children will become an expert in classifying objects and items!

Which one is different worksheet for preschool

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preschool worksheets matching objects

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preschool worksheets matching objects


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Measurement, Time and Money Workbook for Preschool and Kindergarten

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Same vs different: objects

Same or different objects worksheets.

Below are 6 of our kindergarten worksheets on "same" and "different" .   Students are shown groups of 4 objects and are asked to circle the objects that are the same and cross out those that are different.  The intent is to reinforce the meaning of "same" and "different".

preschool worksheets matching objects

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preschool worksheets matching objects

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Matching, Identifying Objects Worksheet #1

Download the worksheet for free at HERE

From the moment they are born, children look at their surroundings with curious eyes . Preschoolers, who are curious, inquisitive, imaginative, and open to exploration, try to discover and learn about the earth , the sky, stones, clouds, all living and nonliving things around them with great excitement. They wish to learn about every event that happens by asking questions or making experiments.

Science education in children begins in their natural environment. In every breath they take, in every game they play, in every new living thing they discover in nature they see science.

Children unconsciously make an effort to learn science subjects while they are running after a grasshopper, catching it and observing what it’s doing, following the clouds by closing one eye with their hand and trying to catch the raindrops. ( Davies ve Howe, 2003 ; Lind, 2005 ; Mayesky, 2006 ).

We can summarize the key experiences children have in the preschool term as follows:  

∗ Identify similarities and differences based on the properties of an object

∗ Distinguish shapes

∗ Sort and compare

∗ Use an object in different ways

∗ Keep multiple features in mind at once

∗ Distinguish between “some” and “all”

∗ Identify the class to which an object does not belong

The first four of these experiences are easier to observe in children; the other three begin to appear in bigger children and they are logical.

Our identifying objects worksheets strengthen children’s ability to accelerate their development in many active senses such as memory , hand skills , self-confidence , touch , feeling, recognition , and empower their creativity in the most active developmental ages.

Children will try to match another object to which the objects are linked. They will learn many new objects and words and will improve their ability to relate objects.

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