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Assignment - Creative Pen Superhero logo design

Creative Pen Superhero

by novita007

Assignment - Brown Fence Pencil logo design

Brown Fence Pencil

by CreativePixels

Assignment - Academic Learning Quill logo design

Academic Learning Quill

Assignment - Educational Publishing Firm logo design

Educational Publishing Firm

Assignment - Premium Gold Quill logo design

Premium Gold Quill

Assignment - University Wreath Academy logo design

University Wreath Academy

Assignment - Publishing Education Author logo design

Publishing Education Author

Assignment - Law Firm Quill logo design

Law Firm Quill

Assignment - Educational Writing Pencil logo design

Educational Writing Pencil

Assignment - Circle Business Stamp logo design

Circle Business Stamp

Assignment - Publisher Writer Badge logo design

Publisher Writer Badge

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Assignment - Educational Academic Wreath logo design

Educational Academic Wreath

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Academic Pencil Education

Assignment - Feather Quill Writer logo design

Feather Quill Writer

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123RF Logo

Homework Logo Stock Photos And Images

Paper design with boy doing homework illustration


Level 1 level 2 level 3 information more angles, instructions.

This is a simplified version of the programming language Logo. Use it to draw shapes by moving the turtle (arrow) around the screen using the following commands:

fd (Forward)

Example: fd 10 will move the turtle forward ten steps.

bk (Backward)

Example: bk 5 will move the turtle backwards five steps.

rt (Right turn)

Example: rt 90 will turn the turtle 90 o to the right.

lt (Left turn)

Example: lt 45 will turn the turtle 45 o to the left.

ct (Center turtle)

Cs (clear screen), pu (pen up).

The turtle can move without drawing a line.

pd (Pen down)

Example: repeat 4[fd 10 rt 90] will draw a square.

pc (Pen colour)

Example: pc 2 0 = black, 1 = blue, 2 = red etc

Challenge 1

Use the available logo commands to produce a letter l which looks similar to this:.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Use the available logo commands to produce a letter t which looks similar to this:.

Challenge 2

Challenge 3

Use the available logo commands to produce a letter f which looks similar to this:.

Challenge 3

Challenge 4

Follow the path to the 'finish' without going off the path. how quickly can you do this, challenge 5, what is the smallest number of shots you can use to get around this golf course, challenge 6, use the repeat command to draw a square., challenge 7, use the repeat command to draw a pentagon., challenge 8, use the repeat command to draw a hexagon., challenge 9, use the pu and pd commands to draw one square inside another..

Challenge 9

Challenge 10

Draw a colourful bunch of flowers..

Challenge 10

You can claim a virtual Transum Trophy to celebrate the work you have done learning Logo. Click on the red button below to register your trophy.

Many other online mathematical activities are available free at Transum Software .

Printable progress record

Logo Pattern

Logo is a wonderful application to use when learning about the properties of shapes and angles. Using the repeat command to draw a triangle usually results in a significant and poignant learning moment as students grasp the difference between the internal and external angles.

You can find in the left panel above instructions and a series of challenges for the student who has not used Logo before. Click the blue buttons to move through the challenges. Students can use the snipping tool to capture pictures of their work which they can paste into their notes.

Please send Transum pictures of anything magnificent you produce with this application or describe your programming.

Damian Johnson, Emmaus Catholic Primary School, Australia


Andrew, [email protected]

I think this code produces a word but I can't find a site to produce it can you tell me what is says please cs pu lt 90 fd 75 fd 75 pd rt 90 fd 90 rt 90 fd 45 pu fd 15 rt 90 pd fd 90 lt 90 fd 45 lt 90 fd 90 rt 90 pu fd 15 rt 90 pd fd 90 pu bk 90 lt 90 pd fd 45 rt 90 fd 90 pu lt 90 fd 15 pd fd 45 lt 90 fd 45 lt 90 fd 45 rt 90 fd 45 rt 90 fd 45 pu fd 15 rt 90 pd fd 90 pu bk 45 lt 90 pd fd 45 rt 90 fd 45 pu lt 90 fd 15 pd fd 45 lt 90 fd 45 lt 90 fd 45 pu bk 45 rt 90 pd fd 45 lt 90 fd 45 pu bk 60 lt 90 pd fd 90 lt 90 fd 15 pu fd 15 lt 90 pd fd 90 pu bk 90 rt 90 pd fd 15 pu .

A great way to create shapes and many other amazing images. I particularly liked the spectacular fireworks... tres bien and fantastique!

Hannah, West Yorkshire, England Aged 11

I used this for my ICT homework and I was glad you didnt have to download anything as I've used LOADS of memory on my computer. This was really useful but maybe you could put some hints in, because challenge ten was really difficult for someone my age.

Kieron, North Tyneside

Repeat 250[fd 20 rt 89] to make a circle.

Jack Mac, Taupo, NZ

If you type in: repeat 360 [fd 1 rt 1] it makes an arc.

Guide to colours: PC 0 Black PC 1 Blue PC 2 Red PC 3 Green PC 4 Yellow PC 5 Purple If you mix red and plue it makes purple automatically. I assume if you mix yellow and blue it might make green but I haven't tried yet.

Repeat 250[pc 1 fd 20 rt 89 pc 2 fd 20 rt 89] makes a vortex with a mixture of hues including purple.

Repeat 500 [pc 1 fd 5 rt 44 pc 2 fd 5 rt 44 pc 3 fd 5 rt 44 pc 4 fd 5 rt 44 pc 5 fd 5 rt 44 pc 0 fd 5 rt 44] makes the most epic circle in the history of the universe!

Repeat 500 [pc 1 fd 5 rt 45 pc 2 fd 5 rt 44 pc 3 fd 5 rt 43 pc 4 fd 5 rt 42 pc 5 fd 5 rt 41 pc 0 fd 5 rt 40] makes an even EPIC-ER circle!

Andrew Butler, Island Pacific Academy

Also, try do repeat 1000 [pc 4 fd 5 rt 35 pc 2 fd 5 rt 35] to make the Fire Circle.

I really love this website especially the colors in it. But, I'm stuck on challenge number 10. I can make the stems and the little triangle on the bottom, but I cant make the flowers. But the really cool thing is that if you start out with the normal color (which is gray) and do "repeat 50 [fd 5 bk 5] it makes it darker.

Aaron, Island Pacific Acadamy

It is cool making flowers but how do you make one.

rt 90 pc 3 repeat 500 [fd 5 rt 89] makes a green circle.

Andrew, Island Pacific Academy

pc 1 repeat 500 [fd 5 rt 91] makes the most perfect circle in the whole wide world!

Sami Md, New York City,NY

Repeat 8[fd 3 rt 45] makes an octogon.

Rebeca Bayeh, Brazil

This is so funny, thank you very much! cs repeat 50[pc 1 fd 5 rt 45 pu fd 1 rt 1 pd pc 2 fd 5 rt 60 pu fd 1 rt 1 pd pc 3 fd 5 rt 75 pu fd 1 rt 1 pd pc 5 fd 5 rt 90 pu fd 1 rt 1 pd pc 4 fd 5 rt 145 pu fd 1 rt 1 pd ] makes a crazy colorful sun.

And this one makes a happy smiley! cs pc 3 pu fd 5 rt 270 pf 2 rt 270 pd fd 2 pu bk 2 rt 90 fd 4 rt 270 pd fd 2 pu rt 90 fd 5 pc 2 rt -90 pd repeat 20 [fd 1 rt -9].

Andy, Teesdale

All the colours available... 0){= "black";} 1){= "blue";} 2){= "red";} 3){= "green";} 4){= "yellow";} 5){= "purple";} 6){= "lime";} 7){= "silver";} 8){= "orange";} 9){= "brown";} 10){= "navy";} 11){= "maroon";} 12){= "aqua";} 13){= "fuchsia";} 14){= "teal";} 15){= "white";}.

Holly, Caliornia Usa

Can someone tell me how to make the flowers, I'm finding it so hard.

Hi there can you please help me to create those flowers on challenge 10 anyone?

Great to be able to use Logo online without needing to install anything. Should the "turtle" move with the drawn line? [Transum: Sorry MG. The problem was caused by an incomplete software upgrade. Thanks so much for letting us know. The problem has now been corrected.]

Emma, Sydney

Cs pc 14 rt 90 fd 5 bk 10 fd 10 lt 45 fd 5 lt 135 fd 17 lt 135 fd 5 pu pc 9 lt 45 fd 5 lt 90 fd 4 pd fd 10 pc 5 rt 90 rt 45 fd 10 rt 135 fd 7 pu rt 90 pc 12 fd 7 lt 90 lt 45 pd fd 10 lt 135 fd 7 to make a colourful boat.

Ricky-Lee, NZ

Repeat 100[pc 2 fd 5 rt 89 pc 4 fd 10 rt 89 pc 8 fd 15 rt 89] Makes the most epic circle :).

Maryam, Maryam

Pc 3 repeat fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10.

Pu rt 180 fd 10 lt 180 pd fd 15 repeat 90[fd 5 bk 5 rt 4] That is how you do 1 flower for challenge 10, a bundle of flowers, configure it all you want, give it colour, add the bundle rotation, or show off to your friends.

Ree, Europe

How would you draw an 'N'.

Lara, England

I really loved this. I use the computer a lot and I also use this website a lot so for me all of the challenges were easy and also I like experimenting the different things I can make.

Do repeat 100[fd 20 rt 89] = cool circle.

Omar Hadeed, Kuwait

We started learning how to use Logo back in grade 8. I remember my first command, we started dividing 360/3 = 120. And so, I used repetitive capability to make fun shapes like this one: "repeat 120 [fd 5 bk 5 rt 3]" Try for yourself. This tool is a powerful designing operator, I would waste hours of my day punching commands that return fabulous sketches !!

Gary, England

I used to be able to create procedures and they were stored on this great, really useful website. However, they've disappeared and I can't create any more. Is there a problem? [Transum: Sorry Gary, procedures aren't available. Logo is on the plan to be updated later this year.]

Sasha, Sasha

I need help will making a flower I am just copying from the comments.

Rebecca, Aughton Primary School

To get an awesome shape type in this code repeat 99 [ fd 12 rt 85604 fd 24 lt 326677 fd 15].

Repeat 500[pc 2 fd 14 rt 298 pc 14 bc 10 lt 509 pc 10 fd 15] it makes really cool stuff.

Chipminkey, Kiwiland

Hahahaha so funny 'repeat 5 [fd 10 rt 72]'.

Remembering Logo classes in the 2nd and 3rd grades of grammar school. pd fd 6 rt 180 fd 3 rt 270 fd 3 rt 90 fd 3 rt 180 fd 6 pu pd fd 6 rt 90 fd 3 rt 90 fd 6 rt 90 fd 3 pu pd fd 6 rt 90 fd 3 rt 90 fd 3 rt 90 fd 3 pu pd fd 6 rt 90 fd 3 rt 180 fd 3 lt 90 fd 3 lt 90 fd 3 rt 180 fd 3 lt 90 fd 3 lt 90 fd 3 pu.

Noah Farish, Doncaster

I spend 10 hours on this a night, therefor I need more challenges to do in all my spare time. I would like you to take this into consideration thankyou.

Do this boss thing: pc 12 repeat 90 [fd 10 rt 89 fd 10 rt 88 fd 10 rt 87 fd 10 rt 86].

Do: repeat 90 [fd 10 rt 89 fd 10 rt 88 fd 10 rt 87 fd 10 rt 86 fd 10 rt 85 fd 10 rt 84 fd 10 rt 83 fd 10 rt 82 fd 10 rt 81 fd 10 rt 80]for the most epic thing ever.

Max Healey, Emmaus CPS

This makes and such an awesome shape I don't know what to call it. pc 3 repeat 90 [fd 10 rt 92 fd 10 rt 88 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 89].

Will Mumford, Emmaus CPS

Repeat 90 [fd 10 bk 10 rt 1 pc 1 fd 10 bk 10 rt 1 pc 2 fd 10 bk 10 rt 1 pc 3 fd 10 bk 10 rt 1].

Cameron, St. Johns School, Gravesend

Use this to make an awesome spiral !!! repeat 185 [fd 15 bk 15 rt 2].

Dominic Maluhan, St Aloysius College Islington

How do you make a star?

Ben, Washington

Repeat 70[fd 12 rt 90 fd 12 lt 175 fd 13 lt 190 fd 7] Makes a spiked circle.

Athena, Greece

Type in Pu bk 15 lt 90 fd 2 rt 90 pc 3 pd fd 10 pc 2 lt 45 fd 5 rt 45 fd 5 rt 160 fd 3 lt 140 fd 2 rt 140 fd 2 lt 140 fd 2 rt 140 fd 2 lt 140 fd 2 rt 140 fd 2 lt 140 fd 2 rt 140 fd 2 lt 140 fd 3 rt 160 fd 5 rt 45 fd 5 lt this makes an epic flower.

Cs pu fd 10 rt 162 pd repeat 5 [fd 10 lt 72 fd 10 rt 144] makes a 5 pointed star.

Repeat 90[fd 12 rt 90 bk 4 lt 75 fd 13 bk 12 rt 90 fd 12 rt 60 fd 15 bk 20] makes a spiky circle thing.

Anonymous, Planet Earth

I am really struggling with Challenge 10 so if anybody could help me out that would be great thanks.

Harrison Finch, Ashford, Kent

"repeat 45 [pc 14 fd 10 rt 145 pc 13 fd 10 rt 145 pc 2 fd 10 rt 145 pc 3 fd 10 rt 145 pc 6 fd 10 rt 145 pc 7 fd 10 rt 145 pc 8 fd 10 rt 145]" makes an awesome colourful vortex.

Spicky Circle, Bob

Pc 5 repeat 450 [fd 4 rt 7 bk 3] makes a beautiful spicky circle.

Colourful Square Spiral!!, Alex

Pc 1 fd 2 rt 90 pc 2 fd 4 rt 90 pc 3 fd 6 rt 90 pc 4 fd 8 rt 90 pc 5 fd 10 rt 90 pc 6 fd 12 rt 90 pc 7 fd 14 rt 90 pc 8 fd 16 rt 90 pc 9 fd 18 rt 90 pc 10 fd 20 rt 90 pc 11 fd 22 rt 90 pc 12 fd 24 rt 90 pc 13 fd 26 rt 90 pc 14 fd 28 rt 90 pc 1 fd 30 rt 90 pc 2 fd 32 rt 90 pc 3 fd 34 rt 90 pc 4 fd 36 rt 90 pc 5 fd 38 rt 90 pc 6 fd 40 rt 90.

Ong Chee Wei, Malaysia

How to make olympic logo?

cs repeat 6 [fd 10 rt 150 fd 5 rt 150] makes a groovy shape.

Any thing with repeat 999999 breaks your computer dont try it.

Repeat 40[fd 10 rt 45] makes an regular octogon.

Alex Zorba, Lebanon

repeat 8[fd 1 rt 90 fd 2 rt 130]

Jose Antonio, Mexico

So, back in that time the best I made was a circle that erases himself after drawing, then advance and then draw and erase again, so it was an animation, a circle that pass from side to side of the screen, that was the max my computer can handle, in this web I could make the base, but I cant find the way to erase before drawing... still here is not needed becayou dont see the drawing in real time, you only see the last result so I emulated the program whithout erasing, here is it, hope you like it and maybe add the animation erasing a circle after finishit and before to move to the nexty one, only if your system can draw it in real time : pu rt 270 fd 28 rt 90 pd pc 14 repeat 50fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 pu rt 90 fd 1 rt 270 pd fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18 fd 1 rt 18.

Jordan Angilley, St Johns

Try repeat 125[pc 1 fd 10 rt 125 pc 2 fd 5 rt 125] and it wil make a awesome circle.

Jordan Angilley, Australia

Try repeat 125[pc 2 fd 20 rt 153 pc 14 fd 20 rt 153 pc 10 fd 20 rt 153 pc 4 fd 20 rt 153] to make something.

Type repeat 4[fd 4 rt 90 fd 5 rt 180 fd 5 rt 180].

Lewis, England

Repeat 360[fd 1 rt 1] makes a full circle.

How do you do a pentagon?

Beverley Copestake,

Can anyone help - my son wants to copy and paste his design into word. I've tried but can't manage it. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you. [Transum: If you are using Windows use the Snipping Tool otherwise try to take a screen capture, you can search online for instructions using Google, Bing or similar]

Bob Loddy, Spain

Does any one know the code for challenge ten.

Bobby, Lancaster

I love this. It has helped so much!


Caroline, Newcastle

How do you make a pentagon?

Lily,W, Nelson Nz

Pc 1 fd 2 rt 90 pc 2 fd 4 rt 90 pc 3 fd 6 rt 90 pc 4 fd 8 rt 90 pc 5 fd 10 rt 90 pc 6 fd 12 rt 90 pc 7 fd 14 rt 90 pc 8 fd 16 rt 90 pc 9 fd 18 rt 90 pc 10 fd 20 rt 90 pc 11 fd 22 rt 90 pc 12 fd 24 rt 90 pc 13 fd 26 rt 90 pc 14 fd 28 rt 90 pc 1 fd 30 rt 90 pc 2 fd 32 rt 90 pc 3 fd 34 rt 90 pc 4 fd 36 rt 90 pc 5 fd 38 rt 90 pc 6 fd 40 rt 90 you will be surprised.

Arqam 4-E, LGS

HI Ryan! code for the flower of challenge no. 10 is as under repeat 75[fd 5 rt 175 fd 5]

Repeat 50[fd 47 rt 66] makes a cool half sun vortex.

Tomek, Bristol

pc 1 repeat 182[fd 12 lt 69] creates an amazing circle.

Dylan, Bristol

Repeat 100[fd 7 rt 45 bk 7] creates a brilliant piece of code resulting in a really good shape.

Thank you for your wonderful website. I am working on a project that has used your tool to great effect. However, I can’t get the numbers I need to match accurately and I believe it is because the system is limited to integers. Is that the case or can the turtle move in decimal distances? [Transum:Sorry Warren, you are right. Online logo is limited to integers.]

Jae, Adelaide SA Australia

repeat 45 [pc 14 fd 10 rt 145 pc 13 fd 10 rt 145 pc 2 fd 10 rt 145 pc 3 fd 10 rt 145 pc 6 fd 10 rt 145 pc 7 fd 10 rt 145 pc 8 fd 10 rt 145] bk 5 rt 170 fd 10 should make a yoyo

Isaac, Boatwright Littlegarth

If you type in "repeat 99[rt 81 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10] it makes a cool but weird shape

What is the code to complete the Golf course (Challenge 8)?

Flower, Hayden and Ollie

fd 15 bk 5 repeat 120 [fd 5 bk 5 rt 3]

Emily And Hannah., UK/Wilthshire.

Hi there we are going to show you a very cool #### that we found out. We hope that you enjoy it. repeat 8 [pc 7 fd 5 rt 150 pc 13 fd 5 lt 105]

Colorful Circle,

Try: repeat 20[ pc 12 fd 10 pc 5 pc 14 rt 80] makes epic colorful spiked circle.

Evan Song, Bethesda, Maryland

To make a Cube: fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 pu fd 5 rt 90 fd 5 lt 90 pd fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 fd 10 rt 90 pu fd 5 lt 90 fd 5 rt 135 pd fd 7.07106781187 pu rt 45 fd 10 rt 135 pd fd 7.07106781187 pu lt 45 fd 10 lt 135 pd fd 7.07106781187 pu lt 135 fd 10 lt 45 pd fd 7.07106781187 rt 135 pu fd 25.

AV, Australia

Is it possible to have a wait command, like the old Logo, to watch the pen draw? Transum: Thank you for your question AV. There is a wait command but it is only available in Levels 2 and 3. Go to Level 2 and type the following to see the wait command in action: repeat 8[fd 30 wait 60 rt 45]

Anna, New Jersey

I wish you can see the awesome design I made by repeating this. you can see the code I used Repeat 20[lt 20 fd 4 lt 140 fd 4 kt 40 fd 4 kt 140 fd 4]

Tomek Cz, UK

Be sure to try this one! cs bk 20 repeat 198[pc 5 fd 25 bt 25 rt 190 50 rt 80 pc 4 fd 25 rt 190 rt 4]ct . I created an amazing complimentary coloured star/flower pattern!

Maxwell, London

To make a awesome circle: cs ct pu rt 225 fd 15 rt 135 pd repeat 75 [fd 20 rt 121 fd 30 rt 122]

Isaac, Essex

repeat 500 [fd 30 rt 100 fd 35 lt 42 fd 100] shapes epic made by a 6 year old

cs ct pu fd 5 pd pc 3 repeat 128[pc 12 fd 15 rt 135 pc 7 fd 0.15625 rt 1.40625 pc 6 fd 0.3125 rt 2.8125 pc 5 fd 0.625 rt 5.625 pc 4 fd 1.25 rt 11.25 pc 1 fd 2.5 rt 22.5 pc 3 fd 5 rt 45 pc 2 fd 10 rt 90] Makes an EPIC shape

Ashray, India

Here is the code of a flower in challenge 10: repeat 100[fd 10 bk 10 rt 5] It really works! I spent all day working on challenge 10!

If you type this code in the input box in level 1 then you will see a mind-blowing flower!!! Here is the code: repeat 100[ pc 5 fd 20 pc 2 bk 5 rt 20 pc 14 fd 5 pc 2 bk 2.5 rt 93 pc 8 fd 10 pc 4 bk 10 rt 93]

After reading others ideas I just created my own :) Try repeat 100[pc 0 fd 5 rt 30 pc 1 fd 2 lt 90 pc 2 bk 8 rt 4 pc 3 fd 1] Better make your own afterwards it feels amazing .....!!!!

Mick, Anisha

cs ct pu fd 5 pd pc 3 repeat 128[pc 12 fd 15 rt 135 pc 7 fd 0.15625 rt 1.40625 pc 6 fd 0.3125 rt 2.8125 pc 5 fd 0.625 rt 5.625 pc 4 fd 1.25 rt 11.25 pc 1 fd 2.5 rt 22.5 pc 3 fd 5 rt 45 pc 2 fd 10 rt 90] For the best thing in the universe so do it.

Anirban Roy, Julien Day School, Kalyani, India

This is so nostalgic! Takes me back to the 1st and 2nd grade days writing new logo commands everyday and waiting a whole week for the computer class to get to run those commands!

Atharv Srivasrav, Kunskapsskolan, Lucknow , India

Where is the snipping tool? [Transum: You can read about the Snipping Tool here .]

Do you have any comments? It is always useful to receive feedback and helps make this free resource even more useful for those learning Mathematics anywhere in the world. Click here to enter your comments.

Linking our work on angles by using Transum logo to create shapes in P6F. #successfullearners pic.twitter.com/PRKlNXUGfp — Harrysmuir Primary (@HarrysmuirPS) February 1, 2017


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Description of Levels


Level 1 - Basic use of Logo commands to draw shapes

Level 2 - Some more Logo commands to draw more complex shapes

Level 3 - Use Logo procedures to draw more complex diagrams

More on Angles including lesson Starters, visual aids and investigations.

Answers to this exercise are available in this panel when you are logged in to your Transum account. If you don’t yet have a Transum subscription one can be very quickly set up if you are a teacher, tutor or parent.

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