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50+ Most Successful Small Business Ideas 2022

50+ Most Successful Small Business Ideas 2022


NeoITO Technologies

April 29, 2022

Many of us might have the thought of setting up our own business and being an entrepreneur. But, entrepreneurship is a broad term; and you will have to pick a business ideas that you are passionate about to start your business.

To start with, the key is to come up with brilliant business ideas. This may feel tricky to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially in a world where everyone’s already swooped up every good idea for a business. At the beginning articulating your idea might seem tough but if your idea is good enough then there’s always room to grow over time.

This list includes more than 50 great business ideas that can help you find success in 2022 and beyond.

1. Online Courses

Are you someone who has a great knowledge base on a particular subject and is passionate about sharing it with others? If yes, then the best business to start is online courses.

If you’re an expert at something, there’s likely a group of people online who would be willing to pay to become an expert in your field, just like you.

Just as the digital camera has revolutionised traditional photography, eBooks have transformed the way of bookselling taking up a major section of the publishing industry.

This is a great small business idea, which can scale as you do not have to provide any physical copies, you just need to give access to the content or software copies. This reduces your startup cost and you can spend time on marketing your book. Read some strategies of marketing your product.

3. Graphic Design

There is a huge demand for graphic designers today. If you already have the skillset of design platforms, then you can start freelancing or find remote jobs on websites. For any business, first and foremost experience is what matters.

Therefore, find a local startup that could benefit from some extra help designing. And once you’re an expert, you can move up to offering hands-on experience to high-value clients.

4. Web Design

Web design is the art of creating a beautiful and user-friendly app or website.

Most of the tech-based companies rely on web designers and that’s why becoming a freelance web designer is a great business idea today.  And over time, you’ll get experienced, build more relationships, and eventually build a full-time business.

If you are a web designer then you should remember these 7 things while designing your product.

5. Web Development

There are over 5 billion internet users in the world. And to cater to this massive online population, most businesses prefer to have their own website.

If you are a master in HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, CSS, etc. then you are all set to start your own web app development business.

6. App Development

In this digitalised world, you can find an app for nearly everything. If you are someone who can create a next-generation mobile application then, it could be a profitable way to make some money if you’re good at what you do.

If you have a great tech business idea and know-how to code, then start with it right now. If your first app is a success, it might launch you into a career with some great projects in the future

7. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is always in demand as small, midsize, and corporate companies prefer outsourcing than establishing an in-house marketing team.

If you've got the chops in areas of digital marketing, pay-per-click, SEO, social media management, web app development, content management, etc., then this is an excellent startup opportunity, that would give you the freedom to work from home.

8. Blogging

Blogging is still on-trend but the competition is fierce.

According to blogging statistics, tens of thousands of bloggers are creating profitable content on topics like travel, film, lifestyle, home cooking, business, and more. The best part? It doesn’t cost much.

Your first step is to get into the technical side and then understand what your audiences want. Even if this takes some time, on the go, with the combination of revenue streams like affiliate marketing, email subscribers, and blog sponsorship you’ll be able to grow blogs into a six-figure business.

9. Business Consulting

Whether you’re an expert marketer or business strategist, if you have valuable skill sets to understand business, then put in your skills and offer consulting services to business owners.

10. Social Media Marketing

From traditional to online, businesses take advantage of social networking to increase brand exposure and customer reach.

If you are good with major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and can create compelling content well, you would do great in the social media marketing sphere.

11. YouTube Channel

Are you someone who can create value-driven and entertaining video content? If yes, then starting a YouTube channel can be a great business idea.

Once your video views and subscriber base increases you can start generating pretty substantial income from all the ads being displayed on your videos. YouTube is to all those who dream to make it big. So, if you feel that you have it in you, don't hesitate, just ideate, create and shoot.

12. Content Marketing

Be it startups, established brands, or even notable influencers, all are in constant need of good content that can stand out and build credibility to brands. So, if you have any experience in this field, you are already a hot commodity, so why not capitalise on it?

13. Freelance Photographer

Is photography an art you enjoy? If so, then you may consider a career in freelance photography. Starting a freelance photography business could be the best way to turn your passion and skill into a profitable business.

14. Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Today, all of us aim towards a healthy mind in a healthy body. And yoga helps.

If you have a keen interest in yoga, it’s a great career choice to start your yoga classes at home or link up with a yoga studio on a part-time basis.

15. Transcriptional Service

Are you a good listener? Can you type fast? Then, transcription service is a great business idea that will allow work from home options with flexible schedules. To boost your business prospects, consider becoming a certified transcriptional as well.

16. Professional Organiser

Looking for a business idea that can bring you immense joy? If you're a highly organised person who enjoys making spaces functional and comfortable, then get into professional organising where you get to help people to declutter and develop a system for downsizing spaces.

17. Home Care Service

A background in hospitality and care can go a long way to support housebound seniors who require in-home care. It's a service for which demand only keeps growing.

18. Food Truck

If you are passionate about food and travel, then take your favourite style of cuisine on the road to sell your culinary passions directly to customers.

When compared to a restaurant, a food truck costs significantly less, and you have that added benefit of mobility.

19. Drop Shipping

Interested in an e-commerce business? Start with drop shipping, an order fulfillment method where a store sells a product, passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier, who then ships the order to the customer.

20. Sell Face Masks

Face masks have become a necessity during the coronavirus outbreak. With the rising trend and demand, many fashion designers and businesses are taking note and now creating their designer masks.

If you have an interest in creating DIY masks then, try making masks with proper guidelines and safety measures and sell them at stores or online.

21. Ride Sharing

If you're doubtful of starting your own business, you can always use your car to become a rideshare driver. Rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft have let people start side hustles that pay well and require little more than a willingness to drive people to their destinations.

22. Skilled Trades

It's quite unfortunate that nowadays many of us neglect considering skilled trades as a career choice. There is a huge demand for talented workers in trades such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, metal works, steel working, etc.

So, why not take advantage of the demand and consider one of the skilled trades you are good at as your next business opportunity?

23. Podcasting

Podcasting is a lucrative career that has the potential to bring in a significant profit. As long as you have all the bases covered, your transition will be smooth. Once you start your podcast, you can also sell advertising space or work with brands to earn an income from your show.

24. Event Planning

Are you good at planning and taking care of things?

From idea conception to programming, an event planner creates experiences that bring vision to life. Securing an event-planning internship or assisting an event planner on-site, is a great way to start with. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can plan on getting your own event management business.

25.  Travel Consultant

If you love to travel, then why not carve a niche to become a private travel consultant? Being a travel consultant gives you exposure to a variety of products & destinations which would further help you to move into different areas within the travel industry.

26. Tattoo Studio

If you love art and design, and have a passion for tattoos, then becoming a tattoo artist can be a rewarding career. Once you build a great reputation or become a so-called Instagram-famous tattoo artist, then you can start charging higher.

27. Interior Design Consultant

Nowadays people have become more concerned about how their homes look. If you are creative enough to remodel homes and decors then this business idea is a great move as a money-making enterprise.

28. Translation Service

If you’re a master in different languages and are good enough to have the grammar and spelling down, then translating is a great side business idea.

29. Makeup Artist

If you have a deep love for cosmetics and have beauty skills to help someone look their best, then consider using your passion to pursue this easily profitable business idea. Becoming a freelance makeup artist is a highly desirable job because you set your hours, pay rate, and choose clients.

30. Data Analysis

Good at numbers? Many of the companies need freelance data analysts who can collect, process, and perform statistical analysis on a large dataset. Being a data analyst is a great business idea if you have the right credentials and experience as it’s highly paid due to an increase in demand and low supply.

31. Jewellery Making

This is one of the most profitable businesses there is, if you have creativity and uniqueness in your work.

You can be your boss, and work from home at hours you feel like working. Despite its popularity in the market, jewellery making has a therapeutic advantage. It gives you peace of mind and the joy of making someone's world a bit more beautiful.

It's a great business to start because jewellery making is fun !

32. Moving Company

A moving company is a business venture that has the potential to scale up to a whole different level. Beginners can start small with a van and a rate by the hour, include a packing service on top and you have yourself a profitable business.

33. Garden Designer

Everybody wants a beautiful backyard where they can sit and relax with a cup of coffee but are confused where to put what. There lies an opportunity for a creative business idea.

If you are a designer, you can set up a website or consulting services to provide an efficient and beautiful design that matches your clients needs.

Garden designing is a highly creative field and you need to be updated with the current trends and new accessories. If you can stay above your competition, this is a profitable home based business.

34. Sewing and Alteration Specialist

This is a successful small business idea for women. Stay at home mothers can make a sizeable income from this home based business if they put their mind to it.

There are a lot of people who can't find perfect clothing,either they have a problem with the size or a dress which is almost perfect but missing something.

If you can help them solve this problem there you have it, a successful small business idea.

35. Vending Machine Owner

This is an underrated small business idea. A vending machine generates revenue for you regularly if you choose the right spot and it is a great business to start at a low startup cost.

Select a high traffic area and refill regularly, a business plan to make money while you sleep (literally).

36. Personal Chef

Can you cook ?

Then here is a small business idea for you.

For a professional chef, this is a successful business idea where you could be your own boss and choose your clients freely. You can prepare meals for clients' homes on a weekly or monthly basis according to their preferences at your home or at a commercial space.

37. Home Baker

A home baking business is easy to start with a low startup cost.

If you love baking tasty goods, look no further, this is the business for you.

People love customised goods and if you have a great quality product you could earn a stable income.  

38. Dog Walker, Groomer and Trainer

The ideal business to start for a dog person if you are well versed in dealing with dogs and have licence and permits.

The ideal business to start for a dog person if you are well versed in dealing with dogs and have licence and permits.

We all love our pets like our family and we want the best treatment for them, so this small business has a great scope for scalability. Working with the man's best friend is rewarding on its own.

39. Handyman

Do you do odd jobs at your home ? Do you like fixing things ?

This is a small business idea for you, my friend.

You can showcase your service on a website or any social media and gather clients. Trust me, there will be clients who would want your service because many people are unskilled when it comes to small maintenance in plumbing or electrical works.

40. Wood Worker

Magnificent works of art are priceless and if you are good at making unique pieces with wood,  you will have your place in the market.

Everybody loves good furniture at their home and if it is a handmade unique piece, its value skyrockets. You can provide your product and services on websites like  etsy  and make a great profit.

41. Personal Trainer

Bodybuilding is a booming industry with a growing clientele. If you are a  certified trainer  you can avail your services to people specifically and earn good money.

A single trainer in a gym will not be enough so many people have personal trainers to help them keep their bodies in shape.

42. Coffee and Tea Shops

Coffee shops have a highly competitive market and if you give people a good coffee with a great ambience and tasty side dishes, this could be a successful business plan for you.

Survive the initial pressure from the market and make your mark in the hearts of coffee lovers, then it will be smooth sailing for your business.

43. Amazon Seller

Amazon has opened the world market and if you have a product, you can sell it on Amazon and make a profit. Amazon handles the shipping and rest of the details for a small processing fee.

This can be a successful small business idea for people who want the world to see their products at relatively low cost.

44. Freelance Writer

If you have great writing skills this could be a promising business for you. But this business requires hard work and constant hustle to find new clients till you build up a strong client base.

If you are willing to go the extra mile,  freelance  writing can be a rewarding career option.

45. Massage Therapist

Nothing like a great massage to release the stress from your pressure points. A good masseuse can set up a business of their own and create a profitable business.

For a good masseuse the clients are loyal, they come back regularly and the medicinal benefits of a good massage are being recognised throughout the world now. So if you are a masseuse it's your time to shine.

46. Social Media Manager

This is a creative small business idea for the millennials who love social media. If you know the trends and thoughts of the netizens, you can excel in this business.

Many people and businesses hire professionals to take care of their social media accounts to improve their followers and stay updated since they can't do it personally.

With the rise of social media the opportunities for this business are endless.

47. Boutique

Everybody loves to be fashionably unique and stand out in a crowd. If you are a great fashion designer, you can start your own boutique and tap into that market.

This is a highly profitable business and you can be successful if you have the skills for it.

48. Videographer

Social media has actually opened a wide range of  opportunities for videographers . If you like taking videos, you could make a social media account for your works and get clients. This is just one suggestion. There are many ways you could excel here.

The possibilities of this business is infinite as the demand for content is ever-growing.

49. Car Detailing Specialist

People see their cars as their partners and they love modifying them to optimise their performance & appearance.

So if you are a certified petrolhead with the required experience in the industry, this is the best business to start.

50. Online Dating Consultant

Dating consultant is actually a service to society. You give advice or coach people who are unsuccessful in love to develop skills to find their perfect match.

This can be done from your home or in person. This job gives you the satisfaction of helping someone find their lobster.

51. Contract Customer Service (CSR).

Outsourcing customer service is common among enterprises. If you have a knack for communicating with customers and have sufficient management skills, you can easily provide the service.

There are many freelancing websites where you can find contract-based customer service. UpWork and Fiverr are some examples. If you have the experience, you can build a team and start your own customer service agency.

53. T-Shirt Printing Business.

T-shirts with creative designs and on-trend logos are always in demand, and this industry always has room for new players who can innovate and think outside the box.

You can take orders from multinational brands or local companies or even launch your own line. This is ‘your own boss’ kind of business that allows you to work on your own terms, giving you the freedom to choose your time and place and the scale of your business.

54. Resume Writer.

Writing a good resume is an art. It doesn’t come easily to every person; a good resume attracts recruiters and helps a person land jobs easily. Finding the clientele is the main challenge with this business, but many small businesses are willing to avail of this service if you have a portfolio to show.

55. Kid-friendly apps

Kids are your future customers, and most kids have access to mobile devices these days. This is a big opportunity for anyone who can utilise this market. Byju’s is an example of a kid-friendly app. As this is an educational app, it's also easy for them to win over the parents. Try to start small and sees where the tide takes you.

Now It’s Your Turn

All the above-mentioned business ideas can help you earn a decent income. So, take the right pick depending on your interests, and initial investment possibilities. Never opt for something, just because somebody else has succeeded in that field.

Listen to your true calling to start a business, that can bring you confidence, happiness, success, and stability.

Now that you have looked at the small business ideas, it's time you look into the 35 best profitable tech startup ideas to watch for in 2022.

1. What are the top 5 small business ideas to start?

Though starting a business is solely based on the capabilities of a person, some profitable businesses are:

  • On-demand services
  • Digital marketing and social media marketing
  • Freelance work
  • Dropshipping
  • Affiliate marketing

2. Can you start a business with no money?

Starting a business with zero investment is doable, but not it's not possible for every business type. For example, if you are selling skills like writing or CSR, you wouldn’t need an initial investment, but for a food truck, you will need to spend money on the infrastructure.

3. What kind of business should you start?

A business that:

  • Comes within your budget limit.
  • Has the potential to grow into something big in a reasonable time frame.
  • Is within your skillset.
  • Closely aligns with your passion and you can enjoy doing.
  • Can gather traction in the marketplace.
  • Can get you a profit.

4. What are the biggest challenges to starting a business?

The answers are:

  • Shortage of capital and cash flow.
  • Having a good business plan.
  • Coming up with a great product or service.
  • Working more than you expected.
  • Getting through the frustrations of being constantly rejected by customers.
  • Hiring good employees.
  • Knowing when to fire bad employees.
  • Having to wear so many hats.
  • Managing your time.
  • Maintaining some kind of work/life balance.

5. What are the biggest mistakes made by startup entrepreneurs?

  • Spending without a budget
  • Over expectation
  • Not gathering enough capital
  • Focusing on profit rather than quality
  • Having a non-flexible mindset
  • Underestimating the competition
  • Hiring poorly
  • Mispricing the product or service

6. Do I need a business plan?

It's always useful to have a business plan; it will give you a vision of where to go and what to do. Creating a brief plan after receiving feedback from trusted advisers is the right way to move forward. Never go for a 100-page essay for a plan because many businesses will experience situations where they have to deviate from it.

7. Where can I get money for my business?

  • Personal funds
  • Credit cards
  • Friends and family
  • Angel investors
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Bank loans/SBA financings
  • Venture capitalists
  • Equipment loan financing

8. What do I need to worry about while hiring an employee?

  • Reference checks
  • Background and experience checks
  • Attitude towards the work culture of the company

9. What is the easiest business to start?

Service-based businesses are the easiest to start, especially for people with beginner-level skills.

10. How can I protect my product idea?

If your idea is truly unique, you can get a patent for it and protect it through copyright, trade secret programs, or NDAs.

11. What will be future trends in business?

Virtual reality and AI are hot topics nowadays, AI app development and the software industry are still in their growth stage, and you could leverage them for growth if you have the right skills.  

"Going green" is also a new trend. So companies that focus on renewable resources will also be in demand in the coming years.  

Build, Grow, Scale!

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Small Business Ideas in India – 2023

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Do you want to start your own new business? Start it Now. Do not get confused over the thought of what business or industry sector shall be chosen. Every business has its pros and cons, it’s just about the best business ideas to make money. It is just about which business you have the passion and zeal to crack. Your skillset also matters a lot in achieving the target. You should be confident enough to implement the skills you possess and manage to overcome the upcoming challenges. Further, let’s discuss some small and low-cost business ideas for you to pick that match your skill set and experience.

List of 21 Most Successful Small Scale Business Ideas in India

1. breakfast joint/takeaway counter.

Food is one of the three basic necessities of life making it a top choice for people to indulge in and open up a business in the F&B (Food & Beverage) Industry. This is why as a small-scale business idea, food joints will never run out of customers, as long they serve delectable food. Of course, a start-up business does not need to be a full-fledged restaurant from the start. One can start with only a few key dishes such as a wholesome traditional breakfast with optional snacks as an add-on.

2. Juice Point/Shakes or Smoothies Corner

As more and more Indians grow health-conscious, fresh juices without preservatives are emerging as a popular healthy alternative to cold drinks. This is why the humble juice bar has made this small business ideas list for India as a top option for a potentially successful venture. While one is at it, diversification into related drinks especially (perhaps less healthy) summer drinks like lemonade, buttermilk, and lassi might also work out well for this small business. Of course, one can decide to go the whole hog and get started with a fully-loaded food truck instead. As long as the food/drinks provided are of high quality and all the requisite permits are in order, ensuring the success of this business idea should not be too hard.

bureau meter

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3. Tailoring/Embroidery Shop

As far as successful business ideas go, this one is based on another basic requirement of life – clothing, so the size of the market includes well, everyone. As start-up businesses, tailoring and embroidery have been around for decades and most are usually home-based businesses that receive and complete orders on behalf of small boutiques. But being a tried and tested idea does improve its chances of emerging as a successful future business, especially in larger cities where tailoring services are in high demand. Obviously one needs to undergo the requisite training and ideally should have sufficient experience in order to improve the chances of succeeding in this small-scale business venture.

4. Business related to e-commerce

Small business ideas have the potential to grow into huge businesses over time and the emergence of the Internet along with related technologies can definitely help out. It is proven that small businesses with an online footprint tend to do better than those that do not have an online footprint. So amazingly, this start-up business idea is focused on providing a range of online services to various small and medium businesses. This is the reason why social media experts, influencers, YouTubers, critics, SEO experts, website designers, and developers are in high demand these days. Such businesses require only smartphones, basic computers, software, and a high-speed internet connection.

Must Read:  Top Online Business Ideas to Get Started Making Money on the Internet

5. Blogging/Vlogging

If one has to pick a single money-making idea from a list of internet-based small businesses from home, blogging, and vlogging (video blogging) have the potential to be money-spinners. As long as it is interesting, it does not matter what one writes or makes a video about. Even many top-rated performance artists, including stand-up comedians, have considered this as a potential way to expand their reach. The goal is of course to maximize the number of views or readers of the vlog or blog through the creation of interesting content. In the case of certain vlog platforms, one gets paid based on the number of views while in the case of most blogs adverting revenues generated through Google AdSense helps the business make money.

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6. Cookery Classes – Online/In-person

In case a skillful professional cook does not fancy the idea of slogging it out at a restaurant or food truck business, there is an alternative – cookery class. This is a unique trend that’s catching on among urban and semi-urban families in India, as something that people create something that’s delicious yet healthy. What’s more, it is even possible to carry out these classes both in-person and online or one could make a vlog teaching others the intricacies of culinary skills. The scope to expand and monetize from potential market segments that one might not be able to reach otherwise increases manifold by taking advantage of the online route.

7. Daycare Services/Baby Sitters/Creches

In today’s modern India, the concept of crèches in the office for working mothers is yet to catch on and as more women enter into and stay on in the workforce even after marriage, it is obvious that the demand for daycare services will continue to rise in the near future. As a full-time occupation, daycare services, crèches, and even babysitting have been around for years, if not decades, especially in the larger cities that have a larger number of working women and nuclear families.

8. Dance Classes/Centre

If you are a good dancer or choreographer, you can easily start your own dance center by taking space for rent or if you own some place or area. Marketing your dance academy is the only investment required. If you do not dance well, still you can still run a dance center by hiring good choreographers, dance teachers, etc.

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9. Photography Studio

Sometimes your hobby can make you earn money, you just need to spend some extra time on your hobby to make it a profession and further into a business. Photography is one of those hobbies that turned into a profession for numerous professionals. The better the camera and lenses will be, the more enriched the pictures it will capture. Rest all in your precision and skill in taking pictures that will make you a good photographer and earn rewards and money.

10. Yoga Instructor

Knowledge of Yoga and the habit of self-practicing all the ‘Yoga Asanas’ make a good yoga instructor. Yoga is considered to be above all stress buster practices and has proven results worldwide. Yoga instructors are well-paid and in high demand in India, as well as abroad. 100% knowledge and nominal investment is required to start this business.

11. Wedding Bureau

Weddings are made in heaven but arranged down here. Besides marriage online portals, wedding bureaus are more prevalent in small cities and towns. Families consider meeting other families in person before coming up with any decision. Therefore, small office space, 1-2 staff members, a registration certificate, and contacts can make you a successful businessman.

12. Tour Operators/Travel Agency

A couple of certifications and an attractive office at a prime location can help you start and run a travel agency or to become a tour operator. A successful travel agent is one who can make others travel at ease and convenience for its customers. Good knowledge of domestic and worldwide itineraries, sightseeing, flight fares, and hotel rates, can be really helpful.

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13. Salon/Beauty Parlour

Opening a salon  or beauty parlor is and has always been the most trending business option in metro cities. The youth of young India is more cautious about looking presentable and groomed. Therefore, almost every salon has decent customers irrespective of location. Salon owners make huge profits during festive or marriage seasons, especially in metro cities.

14. Real Estate Business

If you are a good salesperson with knowledge and strong convincing power, then this business can turn your financial condition for good. Office space with a good location is the only investment required with experience/knowledge of types of properties and documentation processes. Honest public relations and impressive communication will help you become a successful real estate agent/broker/builder/financer, etc.

15. HR/Recruitment Business

Human Resource (HR) is an integral and important vertical in an organization and good recruitment makes a company grow and grow further. So having tie-ups with reputed organizations and placing good employees with them makes it a low-cost placement business.

16. Ice cream Parlour

Despite being a seasonal business, still, ice cream parlor is a big hit in terms of small businesses. Investment required in doing this manufacturing business is buying the franchise of any specific ice cream brand and secondly having a shop to place the counter in the desired location.

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17. Retail shop for Arts & Handicrafts

The Government of India has started promoting the sale of handicraft products in numerous cities and states. Steps are been taken to make handicraft products reach every home in India. Some of these products include metalware, paintings, shawls, carpets, woodware, earthenware, embroidered goods, bronze and marble sculptures, etc.

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18. Coaching/Tuition Classes – Online/In-person

Education is a field of diversity and a good low-cost business idea. Financial break-even is easily achieved and it’s not a full-time business.

19. Counselling/Consultancy Business

Almost every sector requires consultants to assist in its development and growth. People with decent knowledge of IT, finance, marketing, HR, accounts, law, healthcare, social media, etc. can open their own consultancy company and tie up with big corporates to make good money.

20. Boutique/Apparel Store

One of the traditional small-scale businesses of the nation. Women who like stitching clothes and are updated with the latest fashion trends can run a boutique store anywhere. The boutique  store can be managed from home itself and the only investment required is the sewing machine with apparel to sell.

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21. Catering Business

Catering business requires investment in just hiring labor, buying raw materials, and owning tents, tables, chairs, and utensils. The rest depends on your contacts, marketing techniques, and the quality of the food being prepared and served.

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Low-Cost Small Business Ideas

Let’s further discuss some low-cost business ideas for start-up companies and first-time business owners.

  • The most popular idea among the low-cost business ideas for start-ups is a business related to the food and beverage industry that is already on a rise, especially in the metro cities
  • According to the studies and research, many food start-ups are running along with the help and collaboration of food delivery giants, such as Swiggy and Zomato
  • The development of marketing strategy especially with the help of social media and digital markets is important for the success of such small-scale food start-ups
  • The government and the financial institutions provide all the required financial assistance for the start-ups along with flexible repayment options
  • Another lucrative idea among the low-cost business ideas for start-ups is the fashion accessory and clothing business which has a great potential for earning high volumes of income due to the high level of accessibility
  • The idea is especially ideal for young women fashion designers and aspirants who inherit the desired knowledge and experience in the field of fashion and clothing
  • Design, if it starts getting a fair amount of responses can be manufactured contractually to become a hit across the global markets with the partnership of e-commerce giants, such as Amazon, Alibaba, e-bay, Walmart, Flipkart, etc.
  • Another attractive idea from the low-cost business ideas for a startup is an agriculture start-up especially the setting up organic fields for growing organic fruits and vegetables
  • The market studies prove that after the rise of grocery delivery companies, such as Big Basket, Blinkit and Grofers.

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All the above-mentioned small businesses can be started and managed in leading metropolitan cities like Delhi (Gurugram, Faridabad) Chennai, Mumbai, and Kolkata, and other Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, as well.

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new small business ideas in india 2022

  • Business Ideas

80 Best Small Business Ideas in India

40 Best Small Business Ideas in India for 2020

Who does not want to own a business? No matter if it is commenced as a small scale or done through huge capital investment, it is still considered a business. Even if you do not want to invest ample amount into a business you can still run a profitable small scale business. We will brief you about all the best small business ideas in India.

We understand it could be hard for beginners to find the right business idea for opening any new business. One wrong decision could ruin all your investment and time. It is therefore always suggested, to explore as many options as you can and then depending upon your current financial status, demographics, local demand in the same field, expertise, and experience, choose the viable option that matches all your needs.

The Indian business is constantly seeking growth in all a wide array of areas due to numerous factors which include government stimulus, international trade, and a strong developing and evolving economy. There are tons of business opportunities available in various sectors due to the rapid increase of youths that are rising to technology and leadership driving innovation and growth.

You can easily start a small scale business requiring low investments with the boost in technological advancement, and creativity. It is just that you need to possess some special skills for performing specific tasks. You can even operate some businesses from your home, while some of them may require you to lease or rent out small premises.

Crucial aspects to be considered before the commencement of a small business

2 significant factors should never be ignored when you are about to open your new business:

  • Business Funds- This is the most important is to arrange the funds. You can procure a loan to fund your small business idea either from the banks, community organizations, and cooperative credit societies. However, a small business can also be started up with whatever little investment you may have.
  • Planning Prior- One has to plan well for success. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Hence, it is very crucial to plan the entire business strategy in advance before the launch. Study the whole market for the product or service you are about to deal in.

Also, make a comprehensive report and get acquainted with all your competitors and their offerings. There is always a scope of improvement, so always seek advice from the people you trust. Never forget to build a complete database on the potential customers for your product or service you are offering.

Table of Contents

80 Small business Ideas to start in India

The business ideas which we are going to talk about below have certain opportunities behind it which you need to match as per your needs, and requirements. Let’s dive in all the business ideas to check the compilation of all these opportunities in India that can be started with very low investment-

1) Content Writer and Blogging

40 Best Small Business Ideas in India (2023)

If you have a strong command over your writing style and reading skills, you can very smoothly utilize your skills to get yourself earn a decent income. It has become a profitable business not only in India but across the world. You get paid on every word you write for your clients. The best part of being a content writer is you can start is without investing a single penny as if you are confident in your writing skills, you can start your carrier as a content blogger or a writer.

2) Digital Marketing

There are ample opportunists available in digital marketing . As you can launch your own startup, do a freelance business, promote several products and earn well. Before taking any of the above steps, you need to have a robust command over your digital marketing skills, which you can learn by joining a digital marketing training center or you can do a course online.

3) Mobile Apps

As we all know the demand for mobile phones is rapidly increasing every day and so is for mobile apps. The scope of making mobile apps has a huge potential in India. For a mobile app maker you need to have technical knowledge about all the tools related to its development (tech-savvy), understand the needs of the customer and design the app accordingly. Also, ensure before it is developed whether it is serving the purpose of the potential users or not.

4) Pollution masks

With the rapid increase in pollution in all metropolitan cities especially Delhi, in upcoming years the scope of manufacturing and trading these pollution masks would be like selling hotcakes. The demand for these masks will keep on increasing due to the massive hazardous air pollution effects.

5) Network Marketing

For establishing yourself into the network marketing with less investment, you need to tie up with putative brands that offer proficient products. In order to search for the brands, you can check it on Google whose products are always in demand.

Mostly, these days people have become very conscious of nutrition, health, and supplements, beauty, and skincare products for which you can boost your marketing and networking with the distributors already dealing in this field. You can grow and expand your business by promoting your products to your relatives, friend circle, and doing online business by building a website.

6) Dropshipping

One of the best aspects of this business is that you can start this by building your own e-commerce website without even investing a considerable amount and without stocking any product. As you do not need to purchase any product until you get any order from the customer. You have an opportunity to earn a profit as high as up to 3 times the price of the seller.

There is a straightforward process that you need to follow in order to start your Dropshipping business :

  • The first thing that you need to do is that find a supplier such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc and tie up with them
  • Build up your e-commerce website and prepare a list from what you want to sell from these suppliers
  • Promote your website on social media networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, or other online marketing channels
  • Once you receive orders from the customers, place the order with suppliers and ask them to deliver the products to the address of the customer.

7) Fashion Designing

It is not a difficult industry in which you can make a career if you have a keen interest in fashion and clothing. Moreover, you will have an upper hand if you are residing in urban or semi-urban cities as you have an opportunity to be cognizant of what is in the trend. This way, you can be the trendsetter and rule this industry without investing too much.

8) loT Home/ Builder Consultant

Many latest government policies have been launched to support this opportunity for creating a startup that services in this area. If you want to commence this business, you need to existing homeowners and developers to transform their living space into what they actually want as per their liking. This way you can turn their regular home into a smart home .

This idea involves a very low investment to start as the parts for loT installations are reasonable and the best part is that you will find the clients who will pay you the upfront cost for the services they get.

9) TV Advertisement company

As you, all know TV ads have become a great platform for all the companies in order to promote or launch their products in the market. It is the best way to market your product or service. Due to the rapid increase in Advertisements, creating and managing TV Ad companies is a business idea that can be considered.

To begin with this business plan, you can approach your competitors who don’t have TV ads and convince them that they can be your client, or you can approach a company who is already running Television Ads. The initial investment would include studio space, cameras, green screens, and lighting effects.

10) Customized Gifts

You can start this business even at home. Nowadays, everyone wants to give their loved ones a memorable gift on special days or occasions. Starting the business of customized gifts can be much profitable and it even does not require much investment . You just need to buy certain gift items and accessories used for customization.

11) Blogger

40 Best Small Business Ideas in India (2023)

You can start your career and there is a wide scope in India for fashion bloggers, food bloggers, travel bloggers, music bloggers, and many related fields. If you have abundant knowledge about a certain subject like traveling and you have traveled a lot, you can share your experiences and write blogs related to it. Once you have posted the blog, all that is left is the battle of likes and shares. More your blog will be read, the more money you will make.

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12) Social Media Consultant

As mass media has become a crucial aspect of marketing. Be it any business, company/organization, and authority figures, they all are pretty much concerned about their goodwill and reputation which opens up a wide scope for social media consultants.

Their goodwill and reputation can pre-dominantly be impacted (positively and negatively) by social media platforms which are handled by consultants. This way they earn a lucrative income by charging a hefty amount from the renowned companies.

13) Aquariums and Fish

This is a very low investment project in which you can start at your home as well. You just need to buy a few aquariums of various sizes and distinctive varieties of fishes. For breeding of fishes, you can keep special tanks. This way you just need to buy fishes one time, and thereafter you can multiply them by breeding.

On top of that, you can also sell fish foods, air pumps, and decorative stuff for the aquarium which will boost your profits. The only thing is you should have the knowledge and be well versed in handling different types of fishes.

14) Coins and Stamps

There is an array of non-existent Stamps and Coins. However, there are already many stamps and coins collectors around the world but not in India. There is a wide scope of this lucrative business.

In order to initiate this low investment high return stamp business, you need to register yourself with postal departments of various countries. As you need to buy the latest stamps, you have to pay some advance money to purchase those stamps. For starting up coins business, you need to take permission from a special government that runs bureaus internationally. Once you are registered with them, these departments will send you the coins and stamps which can be sold at a very good premium depending upon the buyer/client.

15) Pet Care and Pet Food

This business is becoming popular in India as everyone who is having pets, love them. Pets become like a family member for the ones who are their caretakers. When the people handling pets go on a vacation or a business tour, they are unable to take their pets along. Then they look for services that can take proper care of their pets while they are elsewhere. If you well versed and know how to handle pets, this business is an apt choice for you with low investment.

You can keep pet food as well. The people who will leave their pets may also buy their pet’s food from you which will increase your profit margin.

16) Beauty Salon

40 Best Small Business Ideas in India (2023)

It is one of the most trending retail business ideas that many people are considering to earn a spectacular income. It enhances the client’s physical appearance and provides mental relaxation due to which everyone comes to the beauty salon. The profit margin is relatively good as compared to many other businesses if you get a good clientele.

However, there are certain aspects that you should be taken care of before initiating this business such as the location, efficient and skilled manpower, and the right promotion or marketing strategy to increase your clients and the overall sales. You can take a place on rent and start this business on a small scale with not such a huge investment.

17) 3D Printing

3D printing is even replacing prototype printing technology as it has gained much popularity in India. If you are thinking and you have considerable knowledge in the digital printing industry, 3D printing is can be a kickstart for your career. You need to invest in buying 3D printing machines, which does not involve a high investment if you go for a small machine purchase.

18) Renewable Energy

Apart from making considerable money for you, this business is also good for the environment. The government is also promoting and giving subsidies to the companies that are converting themselves into alternative energy business ventures. If you are an environment lover, this business is a perfect fit for you.

With the increase in the global warming effect, many individuals are willing to try their hands in this field. They are using their empty or unused land and even their rooftops for installing solar panels which are helping the environment and also provide them an opportunity to make money.

19) Cyber Security

If you are tech-savvy with profound knowledge of hacking, programming, software, and hardware, you can start up your own cybersecurity company or provide these security services to well-reputed companies. The top-notch companies will pay a huge amount to keep their system secure and to avoid any unauthorized access to their database. Many cybersecurity companies are being launched in India and all the big corporate companies are buying their highly paid packages to ensure their data remains safe.

20) Photography

If you are well versed with the camera functioning and very good with clicking pictures, you can think of this option as to become a photographer you need to buy a professional camera. And you are all set!

These days everyone hires a professional photographer for their weddings, birthdays, events, festivals, etc. There is a huge scope of this profession at present and an optimistic business idea for the future.

21)Share Market

You can try your hand in the stock market if you are good at speculations and plentiful economic understanding. However, it is not like other businesses as it involves more risk but it can be a quick way to earn money. If you are willing enough to take the risk and you are well informed about the working of the share market, then you can go ahead and try your luck.

22) Courier Services

In order to open a courier service company on a small scale, you can tie up with other brands who are already working as a courier service provider. The need for courier service has emerged in India due to the numerous shopping online apps being launched each day. It is a low investment business if you tie up with other brands and keep your specific share as a partner.

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23) Chocolate Making

It can be a really good home-based business venture from which you can earn a lot. Candy making or chocolate business is very popular in India and many people make several types of chocolates and sell it under their own brand name.

If people can’t stop drooling when they see your homemade candies, you should get into this business. You just need to target a local market that has potential customers to buy chocolates. The other thing is to contact a dedicated team or person to deliver your chocolates.

24) Wifi Installation Company

With the evolvement of time, the need for wifi internet solutions is increasing day by day. Customers demand internet everywhere, be it their home, office, shop or even a small retail counter. Consequently, the demand for wifi installation has augmented.

You need to invest some portion of your amount in buying supplies to install wifi routers. Once you buy the routers and maintain your stock, you could begin by approaching places where there is a huge footfall such as malls, departmental stores, hygiene stores, etc. You need to talk to their owners and set up a deal to install the wifi hotspots.

25) Web Designer

Nowadays, almost all businesses have their own websites. This is has led to increasing demand for a web designer as every business is keen to create a website for their products or services they are dealing with.

The startup does not require a high investment as you would just need a computer and learn some web designing skills from a training center or an institute. You can also learn web designing online to execute. Once you know how to design websites, you can approach local new or existing businesses to check whether they are looking for building up a website or modifying an existing one.

It is also one of the lucrative businesses in India for the people who are competent in making cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins, bread, and all the other bakery items.

You can open up a bakery at an appropriate location in a market where there is huge customer traffic. Moreover, it has a wide scope of growth and expansion that too without investing a big amount. You just need to be armed with an excellent oven and require great skills in the preparation of these baked delicacies.

27) Fitness Centres

People are becoming significantly health conscious. With this increasing fitness awareness, the demand for fitness centers or gyms has seen a major hike. It has even become a part of numerous people’s lifestyles. You can buy a few low-cost equipments at the initial stage. You can buy equipment henceforth when you evaluate your profits and analyze the customer’s responsibility.

28)Extracurricular Activities Centre

Due to provided platforms of many reality shows in the Television and film industry, there has been observed a significant rise in the scope of dancing, acting, singing, etc. It has become one of the promising careers.

Launching an Extracurricular academy to train students in such fields is a lucrative opportunity in India to catch hold of. Not only in metropolitans and big cities, but even these activities are seen widespread in rural areas and people are will to spend on learning such services.

29) Restaurant and Cafe

The schedule of people is very hectic usually is busy cities. All they want is to have peace of mind along while having delicious food. Many individuals do not even get any time to preparing food for themselves. This has resulted in a constant increase in the demand of all the food chains and outlets. It’s a sure-shot business idea to start with low investment. The only thing you need to ensure is to have skilled staff primarily chefs.

30) Handicrafts

If you are creative enough to use this platform for your business, you can start manufacturing your own handicrafts. Making handicrafts is a superlative low investment business that you either do trading of. If you do not want to involve yourself in the making process, you can buy and sell them at places where it is non-existent.

Glitzy showrooms charge an exorbitant price for these handicrafts which are used for home and office decor. These showrooms purchase it from the local manufacturers and sell it to the customers at an extraordinary price. You can tie up with these showrooms or can target local market shops, and sell the customers these handicrafts directly at a reasonable price as compared to the one customers get in showrooms.

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31) Packing services

Usually small and medium-sized businesses do not have a dedicated department that deals with packing their product. They often hire individuals or outside companies who do it for them. In the case of an individual, they can often be unreliable.

So, if you open up a packing service company whose primary role is to deal with providing packaging services, you can be spotted easily and the need for this business is augmenting.

You can also tie-up with some businesses that deal with selling their products online. You just require appropriate fine quality packing material such as strapping machines, cartons, cutters, and experienced manpower. This is one of the low investment high return businesses.

32) Tutoring

40 Best Small Business Ideas in India (2023)

Every parent wants to provide the best education to their children while they are going to school. The need for a qualified and dedicated tutor for every child has become a requisite. It has led to an increase in demand for tutors. If you want you can also opt for an option of online tutoring, as many students these days are excelling in their education by availing online tutoring facilities.

If you are educated and have profound knowledge of teaching, you can start off with this business with having no capital investment.

33) Catering business

Be it any wedding, event, or any formal get together, caterers are in high demand these days. If you have excellent interpersonal skills and you can work under pressure along with managing your staff, a catering business can fetch you a decent amount of money.

However, you need to be experienced as there are many big shots already in this field. For becoming a renowned caterer, you need to be an all-rounder, that is being good in staff management, aware of different serving recipes, different cuisines, and all the trendy culinary that is being liked by people according to the gathering.

34) Make Religious Items

India is a devout country. People have faith in religious items such as pictures of deities, idols, incense sticks, holy candles, prayer beads, cotton wicks for lamps, and other paraphernalia . You can start making these items even at your home without investing much in this business. The best part is there is no lack of customers in this area as people are willing to spend on religious stuff without concerning much about the price of the product.

35) CCTV and Surveillance

Every new homeowner is demanding a security camera’s connections these days. Not only them, but even the existing or old homeowners are also becoming security-conscious and are ready to spend an additional cost on CCTV or Security cameras for ensuring safety. This has boosted the demand for CCTV and surveillance cameras that are getting installed at homes as well as commercial offices. You need not do a high-cost investment to start this business. Commencing this business has an extensive scope at present and in the future.

36) Delivery Services

Best Courier Service for Ecommerce Shipping | Shipping & logistic Solution | Cheapest Shipping India

Ample shipping companies are facing issues while delivering their products to some backward and rural places. You can sort this issue out for those shipping companies and avail the benefit of making greater profits by becoming a last-mile delivery service provider . You need to set up a warehouse (on rent) on the edge of the city where you want your distribution channel to be powerful.

With better connectivity options, you can handle the final miles of the trip. You ought to predominantly focus on the places where regular shipping companies are not willing to go. You can charge extra for your delivery service at these places and make profits.

37) Mobile Wallet Payment

Till the time online payment solution apps were not launched, people were more comfortable using cash than other payment options. But since the inauguration of these mobile payment solutions become a part of the Play Store and App Store, many people have shifted using mobile wallets instead of cash. There are many reasons why people have inclined towards its usage which are listed below-

  • No need to manage cash in your pockets
  • One-click hassle-free payments sitting at your place
  • More secure and safe as you have a record/proof that you have made the payment

An enormous portion of the population is using smartphones which help them to do research, communicate, and use it as a source of entrainment. In order to set up this business idea, you need to have complete knowledge of how programmers and coders work while processing these types of payment solutions. You can also tie-up with professional programmers and coders for making the startup costs lower and bringing down the capital investment.

38) Travel Services

Time has changed as people have started traveling often for personal and business purposes. You can make huge profits by dealing with traveling services such as booking flights, trains, bus, accommodation, entire tour and travel packages, cruise packages, many more. You need to have a tie-up with hotel chains at various destinations, long-distance bus services, railways, and flight companies.

You also have an option to collaborate with major travel agents and service providers if you want to play safe and are not willing to take any kind of risk. In this way, you can get commissions for every reservation you make.

39) Ice Cubes

Although it is not a very easy business that you might think. It requires to be asserted with specifications prescribed by FSSAI (Food Safety And Standard Authority Of India). If you have, clean water and appropriate packaging provisions, proper equipment, you can enter this big industry starting with a minimal investment. The pre-requisite before commencing this business is to get your product listed under FSSAI certification.

40) Fragrant and Regular Candles

How To Make Scented Candles | DIY Aroma Candles | Small Business Ideas Ep -1

The use of candles is not limited to illuminate houses during power cuts or religious centers, they are also used for interior decoration in restaurants, showrooms, offices, homes, weddings, and other events.

Making a candle is not difficult. With some training and experience, and with the use of fragrant oils you can make fragrant candles of various sizes, shapes, and colors. Fragrant candles are also extensively used for meditation and relaxation purposes in religious and spiritual retreats.

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41) Crowd Funding Business

One of the most sensible financing options for modern startups and rising businesses have been regarded as crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the process of raising money for a project or company from a large group of people as opposed to just one or two significant investors. Different aspects of crowdfunding, including gift, equity, real estate, and reward-based, are all possible.

To attract a vast number of investment supporters and persuade them to invest in your project, you must have strong sales and marketing abilities to run a successful crowdfunding firm. The key advantage of a crowdfunding business is that there is very little danger to the firm’s finances and that it can be launched with very little money. read on to know more about best small business ideas in India.

42) Tailoring Shop

As far as profitable company concepts go, this one is based on a different fundamental need for survival, clothes, thus the market is, well, everyone. Tailoring and needlework have been established enterprises for many years, and the majority of them operates from homes and takes orders from tiny stores. But having a tried-and-true business model does increase the likelihood that it will succeed in the future, particularly in bigger cities where there is a huge demand for tailoring services. To increase one’s chances of success in this small company endeavor, one has to complete the necessary training and, preferably, should have adequate experience.

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43) Small Asset and Wealth Management Company

Due to their flexibility and agility, independent small wealth and asset management businesses are outpacing the big players and is easily one of the best small business ideas in India. If you have a good network and a strong financial foundation, you can establish a smaller company. You can outsource the other administrative duties because your business is small.

An investment advice service called wealth and asset management combines various financial services to meet the demands of high net worth and wealthy customers. A specialist with the financial know-how to manage an affluent client’s money holistically for a defined price is a wealth management adviser who works independently and for themselves.

44) Juice Corner

Fruit Juice corner business | StartupYo |

Fresh juices without preservatives are becoming more and more well-liked among Indians as their health consciousness increases. Due to its potential for success, the modest juice bar has been included on our list of small business ideas for India. While one is at it, expanding into similar beverages, particularly (and perhaps less healthily) summer drinks like lemonade, buttermilk, and lassi, could be beneficial for this tiny company.

Of course, one might choose to go all out and begin with a food truck that is completely loaded. As long as the food and beverages offered are of a good caliber and all necessary permissions are in place, it shouldn’t be too difficult to ensure this company idea’s success.

45) Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are an option for skilled professional cooks who do not want to toil away at a restaurant or food truck company. The creation of tasty yet nutritious food is a novel concept that is gaining popularity in India among urban and semi-urban households. Additionally, these programs may be delivered both in-person and online, or someone can start a vlog to instruct others in the finer points of culinary arts. By using the web classes, one has a far greater opportunity to reach and profit from market groups that they may not otherwise be able to. Read more to know about the best small business ideas in India.

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46) Takeaway Corner

Since food is one of the essentials for survival, it is a popular choice for individuals to enjoy and start an F&B (Food & Beverage) business. Because of this, restaurants as a small-scale company concept that will always have clients as long as they offer delicious cuisine. Of course, a new company does not always need to be a restaurant right away. One can start with only a few essential foods, such as a filling traditional breakfast with add-on snacks. Or one can create a takeaway corner for bigger meals like lunch and dinners are thalis with a pre-decided menu of the day. This will attract a lot many customers who do not have much time in their daily routine to cook or are students who need a fulfilling meal at a pocket-friendly cost.

47) Daycare or preschool Services

Pre-schools and childcare centers are booming industries in India as the country’s working population grows. Preschools have a history of producing high yields of revenue, making them one of the more lucrative industries to invest in. All you need is a well-written, comprehensive business strategy, as well as valid registration and licensing.

This is a tiny company that women may start from home or a modest location. Opening a babysitting, daycare, or preschool business requires relatively little capital and is one of the best small business ideas in India. You can invest in a few toys, cribs, and beds to get started. Include a first aid kit, several packages of disposable diapers, antibacterial creams, etc. to the daycare center too. However, if one wants to open a preschool, then one might need more facilities and more capital as well to run a successful business.

48) Ice Cream Parlor

You changed my life. Now we’re opening an ice cream store!

Even though it’s a seasonal industry, the ice cream parlor is a popular choice for small enterprises. Purchasing the franchise of any certain ice cream brand is the first investment needed to start this manufacturing business. The second investment is having a shop where the counter may be placed. One cannot ignore the fact that ice cream remains one of the most demanded desserts among folks. Keeping the parlor open late at night for those who like to grab some ice cream during hot summer nights can be a good way to create a customer base.

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49) Wedding Bureaus

Marriages are planned in heaven but are performed on earth. Wedding bureaus are more common in small cities and villages than marriage websites. Before making a decision, families think about personally meeting other families. In light of this, having a small office, 1-2 employees, a registration certificate, and contacts can help you become a successful businessperson.

Without making significant financial commitments, one can quickly expand their marriage bureau business. All that is necessary to engage in discussion with the clientele is having solid connections, local knowledge, and people skills. Read on to know about best small business ideas in India.

50) Driving School

Driving lessons can be given to individuals if one has decent driving abilities and can afford a vehicle like a car. The individual may instruct 10-15 people each month with the same car and make a respectable income with no outlay. Getting a car and a small business loan may not be that tough. It is possible to pay back the loan in part using the money the driving school makes. With the money saved, the fleet of vehicles could be increased, additional driving instructors could be employed, and the company could grow. A new automobile can also be purchased with a small company loan.

51) DJ Services

DJs are a top consideration for every occasion, whether it is a wedding or a party. The DJs’ ability to draw a crowd is wholly contingent upon the business establishment. If you run your DJ business properly, it can be quite successful. You can maximize your business revenues if you have the necessary information and abilities. To start this type of business as a full-time profession, one needs a strong vision and skills.

You must do market and geographic research. Make a list of the locations you want to target where people frequently have fun and what kind of music they enjoy. Streamline your options and draught music industry business ideas. A DJ can make money in a variety of ways, including promotions, advertisements, social media accounts, and YouTube.

52) Flower Shop

Jenny Joseph: The florist turned entrepreneur whose life blossomed in the UAE

You may start a flower shop now if you’re seeking a profitable venture that requires very little capital. This type of business is one of the best small business ideas in India and it can be launched in a variety of ways. You may sell several flower varieties by displaying them in a store and giving them a bouquet-like arrangement, or you can alternatively sell them to a major retailer too. If you’d want, you can also make money by selling flowers on specific days, perhaps by selling the same flower each day.

In addition, you can accept orders for flower arrangements for weddings and other special occasions and benefit from this company. You can either get the flowers for a flower farm or can grow flowers yourself.

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53) Real Estate Agency

You should have a sufficient understanding of the location in which you want to establish your real estate firm before you can build your small business concept. A real estate firm manages, purchases, operates, sells, or invests in land, buildings, and offices. The market for real estate is huge. There are several factors to take into account if you want to launch a profitable real estate firm. Consider what precise specialty is best for your company when beginning a new business to offer yourself an advantage over the competitors.

To prevent disappointing all of your prospective consumers, make sure you build up your real estate firm to fulfill the needs of a certain niche. You can assist individuals in finding their ideal house or piece of property as a real estate agent.

54) Computer Training Classes

There is a high need for computer knowledge and expertise in the current period. One’s chances of landing a job are significantly improved if they have a fundamental understanding of how to use a computer and simple applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from the Microsoft Office suite. As a result, there is a high need for people to understand computer science, programming, and the rapidly developing fields of technology like artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analytics, the Internet of Things, etc.

If so, you can open a training facility with a few PCs, an internet connection, and teaching tools like projectors and whiteboards. Since information drives the company’s operations, ongoing investments after the initial capital outlay are minimal. Learn more about best small business ideas in India.

55) Organic Farming Business

Whether you farm or not, farming is very necessary for your survival.  Our health is negatively impacted by the pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture.  It is getting more widely known. They recognize the value of chemical-free food.  Future years will see a significant increase in the importance of organic farming. You may do organic farming if you own a farm. You can sell them to different whole foods and grocers that focus on organic food.

56) Organic Food Store

Is Organic Food Really Worth It?

Our health is negatively impacted by the pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture.  It is getting more widely known. People recognize the value of chemical-free food.  Future years will see a significant increase in the importance of organic farming. You can now go to different whole foods and grocers that focus on organic food. People are gradually becoming aware of it. This opens a large opportunity for those who do not want to farm organic food but has a knack for selling.

Because there is such a high demand for organic fruits and veggies, you can sell them. You have the option of starting as a small vendor. Finding a farmer who grows organic fruits and vegetables is all that is required.

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57) Medical Sample Service

Another low-investment and one of the best small business ideas in India, with explosive growth is medical sample service. It implies that you get patient samples of their blood, feces, urine, and sputum at their residences. Delivering these samples to pathological labs will allow them to be tested and provide medical reports. The consumer must get the reports at their residence. You will need a car or bike, tools for storing biohazardous material, and knowledge of how to draw blood samples. Before starting this firm, contracts with pathological labs are required.

58) Financial Consultation

You can work as a financial consultant and start one’s consultancy if you have an understanding of finance and investments and a degree or certification in the field. The majority of individuals lack basic financial and investing knowledge. They are unable to choose where to invest and where not to. People often desire to organize their finances. They want to prepare for their financial future or wish to invest their money wisely. You need to have sufficient expertise and experience to launch this business. You can gain experience by working anywhere before establishing this business.

59) Mobile Garage Service

Everybody has witnessed automobiles, scooters, and motorcycles malfunction amid crowded streets. The unlucky owners of these automobiles frequently struggle with the question of where to receive repairs. You might offer a mobile garage in such cases. It is one of the innovative and best small business ideas in India. You will need a car, a cell phone, and all the tools necessary to fix a stalled vehicle for this low-investment business. Simply head over to where the car is parked and start making repairs there.

60) Jams and Pickles Business

Local business makes jams, candy from Florida citrus

People in India regularly pair their meals with a variety of pickles, jams, and papads. People love homemade fruit jams since they don’t contain preservatives and they taste great. With the help of several organizations, you may turn this venture into a lucrative one with minimal capital. Making pickles and papads is another excellent idea for a home-based company that women have been doing for a long time.

You can launch this business either part-time or full-time, depending on your preferences. The business owner may progressively raise their supply and production capacity as the company starts to take off in terms of clients and popularity. This way one can expand their business.

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61) Address Verification Services

Customers’ reported addresses are frequently subject to physical verification by banks, credit card firms, and mobile phone providers. They take this action to avoid defaults and fraud.  This low-investment industry is once more in demand today. To visit the client addresses that banks, as well as other service providers, have supplied, however, you will need a car and perhaps additional staff to run a verification business. Learn more about best small business ideas in India.

62)T-Shirt Printing Business

Young people today choose to wear T-shirts with fresh patterns and vibrant full prints. If you want to establish a small business and make some money, you may do it by printing T-shirts. T-shirt printing has grown to be a popular business option, especially for company owners searching for a startup with a minimal startup cost.

If you sell printed t-shirts online, you do not need to get a license.  Simply contact a reputable T-shirt supplier and manufacturer, develop and approve the designs, and begin collecting orders. Minimum staffing and equipment are needed for this. This company can be operated with small capital and little space.

63) Dry Fruit Business

Everyone enjoys eating dry fruits, whether they are young or old, and everyone uses them in their homes since they are so healthy. Due to the health advantages of dry fruits, dry fruit sales have been expanding in India through wholesale, home-based, retail, and internet channels. People choose to purchase dry fruits for adding to homemade delicacies and to enjoy the health benefits. They are now frequently given as gifts during holidays, making this a very successful business.  The dessert, baking, sweets, catering, dairy and confectionery, online grocery stores, and cosmetic sectors are some examples of the target markets for your dry fruits.

You may set up this one of the best small business ideas in India as a retail store, a home-based business, or an internet store depending on the availability of your location, your capital, and the scale of your operations.

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64) Pest and Fumigation Service

Fumigation Services Pest Control | AgriTech India 2018

Pest control and fumigation services are steadily rising to the top of the metro cities’ industries. Everyone desires a healthy lifestyle free from illnesses brought on by insects and mosquitoes. Thus, the pest control industry is a viable choice in major cities where people tend to hire pest control services for their homes and offices.

Gaseous insecticides are sprayed or poured into the affected region using fumigation services to get rid of bugs. Pests in the region are poisoned by fumigants or insecticides. This allows removing pests and insects from the premise which in turn is useful in preventing diseases and pest-related issues. To operate this firm, one must have a comprehensive understanding of the chemicals utilized in the process. One can hire a few staff and invest minimally to run a small business with limited investment.

65) Laundry Shop

Everyone enjoys dressing in clean, fragrant clothing. This company is for you if you are effective at offering quality washing services. With various residential setups, you may focus on a certain neighborhood and attract a regular flow of consumers. Several laundry services may be offered, including dry cleaning and ironing. To manage the task, you may also hire a few untrained laborers.

66) Cleaning Services

One of the best small business ideas in India that one can start with a low investment requirement is cleaning services. While everyone enjoys keeping their homes tidy, not everyone can do so. There may be a variety of causes for this. Because they both work in cities, the husband and wife do not have time to tidy their home or they may have any kind of physical inability to do the cleaning. To satisfy this demand, you can launch a house cleaning business. This type of company is generating significant income for a lot of people.

You might also launch a cleaning service for corporate offices and commercial spaces. You can offer cleaning services to small businesses and manufacturing facilities in addition to offices. Every organization has a lot of everyday responsibilities and work, which makes them quite dirty. You can make big money from a cleaning service if you start one and approach the right clientele.

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67) Landscape Services

This is the most recent market and demand trend. Lawn care and landscaping can easily be on the list of successful small business ideas for startups and entrepreneurs with minimum capital investment.  Less equipment is needed for the landscape firm, which means lower costs. The majority of bungalow gardens or farmhouses focus on landscaping. They wish to have a well-planned garden on their land. Making these property owners call for professionals as and when needed.

They wish to have a well-planned garden on their land. Making them call for professionals as and when needed. Government projects also require a lawn designer. Therefore, there are many opportunities in this industry. If done correctly, running a landscaping business can be quite profitable in recent times as it is one of the best small business ideas in India.

68) Sign Boards Business

Cheapest Customised Neon Light & Name Plates Sign Boards | Neon Light Wholesale Market in Delhi|

Businesses and stores often utilize one of two types of signboards: painted or neon. Signboards are necessary for any type of commercial and small business enterprise. They play a significant role in promoting one’s company on a crowded street. The more appealing the board is, the more consumers it will draw in. There is a need for innovative, reasonably priced signboards that effectively promote the company. Creating and providing signboards of every kind to customers’ demands is a company that is in high demand all year round.

69) Mobile Phone Repair Shop

By the end of 2022, India has more than 800 million smartphone users. Furthermore, when more brands and less expensive alternatives hit the market, this number will rise tremendously shortly.   The need for stores and individuals that provide mobile phone repairs is thus anticipated to rise significantly. There will be a huge demand not only for repair work but also for the accessories for mobile phones like chargers, phone cases, headphones, etc., one can start a small business to meet this demand, which will provide complete servicing and repair along with an accessories store.

70) Tele Health and Medicine Service

Healthtech is another sector that is expanding quickly, much like finance. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, telehealth and virtual medical services, which are an essential component of health IT, have truly taken off. These services now offer comprehensive remote care services from appointments to prescriptions to drugs and follow-ups, all from a single platform. They are no longer merely limited to video conversations or video meetings between doctors and patients.

Without a doubt, this is one of the greatest and most lucrative business prospects for startups and small-scale business owners. Whatever telehealth services you choose to offer, pay close attention to compliance with laws and rules. Learn more about telemedicine regulations, and then develop a practical business strategy by taking everything into account.

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71) Horoscope and Palm Reading

It makes sense that this is one of India’s most popular low-investment enterprises. To print the horoscope, all you need is a computer with the necessary software, a printer, and beautiful paper. But in a country where superstitions are common, the demand for computerized horoscopes is still quite strong. The explanation is straightforward: People do not depend solely on computer findings. They demand a variety of horoscopes from various sources.

One can expand their business by offering palm reading services. In the practice of palm reading, a person’s destiny is foreseen by looking at his or her hands. A person with the expertise of palm reading can make a respectable income when paired with a horoscopy. Read on to know about best small business ideas in India.

72) Home Care for the Elderly

Seniors in need of care and patients in hospitals need carers. Especially when their family members are either out at work or are unable to meet their demands. In India, carer services are quickly gaining popularity. Home health care is exactly what it sounds like: a variety of medical treatments and/or services delivered from the comfort of the patient’s home rather than at a hospital bedside.

In general, home health care is less expensive and more practical, especially for elderly patients who prefer the convenience and comfort of receiving care at home. Elderly family members frequently choose to stay in their own homes but may require help due to a disability or physical limitations. This might be the elder care enterprise for you if it sounds to be something you’d like doing.

73) Interior Designing

Top 10 Interior Design Trends You Need To Know | Latest Home Ideas & Inspirations

You can work as an interior designer if you have a degree in architecture. India’s real estate market is expanding rapidly. By 2030, it’s anticipated to reach $1 trillion. Interior designers will always be in great demand in a market this young. This company might work wonderfully if you’re talented and have creative ideas for turning a house into a home. One can start small, choose more modest clients, and discover clients within their social circle as well. And over time, the firm might grow steadily.

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74) Yoga Classes

Yoga is extremely popular these days, and a profession in it might help you start a successful business with little money invested. Yoga is said to provide both physical and mental calm. These days, a large number of individuals all around the world have switched to this practice due to its health benefits. It is a technique that promotes inner calm on a mental, spiritual, and bodily level.

More and more individuals are becoming health concerned in today’s hectic environment. In recent years, yoga has become quite popular both domestically and internationally. The moment is ripe to choose this business. To become a yoga instructor, one must first learn the techniques so that one can be a teacher. In India as well as internationally, yoga instructors are highly-paid and in high demand. To establish this business, a minimal investment and a good premise to hold the classes are required.

75) Stationery Shop

As we all know, there is a great deal of public awareness nowadays about the importance of education, and most boys and girls are now attending schools and universities to further their knowledge. By taking advantage of this chance, you may open a stationery business in your community for a very minimal initial cost that can operate anywhere.

Additionally, stationery includes items other than simple notebooks, sheets, and pens. Even in the era of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, papers and pens are still widely used in schools, universities, and companies. It is still preferable to print paper-based documents like resumes and holiday cards. You can easily establish a stationary store business if you wish to make money with very little investment. All you need to do is find the right location for the store where the number of probable customers is high.

76) Alternative Therapies Centre

Everyone’s lifestyle has altered in the modern day. People are experiencing a wide range of health issues as a result of the changes in working practices. People are engaging in less physical activities, which is contributing to health issues like back discomfort, neck pain, migraines, and stomach-related illnesses. You can open a center for alternative therapies as one of the best small business ideas in India. You can provide remedies for people’s health issues.

Acupressure, Magnet Therapy, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, and Sujok are just a few examples of the many different kinds of alternative therapies. You should have the required training, education, and expertise in these Therapies to launch this business. Additionally, there are a lot of courses available. All these methods of treatment are teachable.

77) Corporate Gift Printing Service

Cheapest Corporate Gifting Items | Customised Joinee Kit, Promotional Gift | Corporate Gift Supplier

India has a vibrant corporate giving tradition. It goes on all year long. Pens, wallets, mugs, and a broad variety of other items are presented as corporate presents to employees and business partners.  These goods often have the name and logo of the business printed on them. You can start this business with little capital if you have access to sufficient samples and contacts.  To show them a variety of your items, you will require their samples.

78) Women’s Store

Women utilize a wide variety of items and accessories, many of which they use regularly. You may open a store selling women’s goods and accessories. This type of products has a huge market. Indian women are always looking to purchase new and distinctive goods and items. In your store, you can sell a wide range of goods, including women’s bags, women’s scarves, beauty items, hair clips, hair bands, and other hair accessories.

One can also open a business selling women’s apparel. This market is predicted to grow to 170000 Crores. This market is expanding pretty quickly as in this industry, both supply and demand are enormous. You can also open a specialty shop, such as a wedding attire shop, saree store, traditional fabric store, etc. This can be a good way to earn money.

79) Used car and bike selling business

Everyone aspires to own a bike or a car, but not everyone has the money to purchase a brand-new vehicle. However, their earnings or savings might not be sufficient to purchase a brand-new car or bike. However, because used cars and bikes are less expensive, they may purchase them. To satisfy this market need, you may launch a firm selling used motorcycles and automobiles.

All you need to do is launch your business, and people who need to sell their used vehicles will approach you. Anytime a person wishes to purchase a used motorcycle or automobile, they can contact you. You can sell the bike or get a nice commission and can also make a good profit out of this idea of best small business ideas in India.

80) Fish Aquarium

Making $45K/Yr By Farming Fish in My Apartment | Side Hustles

Yet another modest company concept for Indian businesspeople. You may also start an aquarium company, which is lucrative. Fish serve as a lucky and financial sign.  People now want to have aquariums in their homes for luck and money, while some do it out of pleasure and as a pastime.

Depending on their budget, some people choose a little arrangement while others opt for a huge, fashionable one. Folks may put a wide variety of fish in the aquarium. The sale of aquarium components is another avenue for substantial financial gain. Customers spend a lot of money on aquarium décor, including aeration equipment, substrate, tanks, decorations, and fish food. If you’re interested in starting a fish aquarium business, simply learn the ropes and talk to some experts.

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81) Game Zone

The demand for game zones is highest among children and teenagers. It is an original small business concept for up-and-coming businesspeople. The hefty cost of these games prevents parents or guardians from spending so much money. Therefore they choose to bring their kids to gaming zones where they can play the games for a few hours costing much less comparatively.

You can choose to open a gaming parlor with a large initial investment or a low first investment and still make a decent profit afterward. Before starting this business, you must research the industry and understand what is popular with children. Before you start this business, you need to keep a lot of key factors in mind, such as the type of machinery, the market, the procedure, the licensing and registration requirements, business risk, etc.

82) Common Service Centre

The Indian government offers a wide variety of services. These services are widely available online. Therefore you can set the CSC or common service center to help people complete these services. This is one of the best small business ideas in India which comes with a government backup. This is a place where you can provide a wide range of online services to other people, including Aadhar Cards, PAN Cards, train ticket booking, electricity bills, government schemes, government documents, some licenses, insurance, agricultural services, etc.

In India, this is a very lucrative low-investment business idea. At, you can discover all the information you need to open a CSC center and for registration as well.

83) Manpower supplying business

Every firm needs extra workers practically every day. This is especially true for restaurants, which have significant worker attrition rates. Cooks and waiters frequently quit unexpectedly or just stop working. The proprietor of the firm is severely inconvenienced by this. On occasion, homes also need help with cleaning. With a little creativity and little capital outlay, you may assist restaurants in solving their labor issues and generate respectable revenue virtually every day.

84) Personality Development Classes

Top 10 Personality Improvement Skills | Ranveer Allahbadia

Everybody desires a positive personality. Both personally and professionally, having a positive attitude is tremendously advantageous. You can start a class for personality development. Such courses are highly sought after in the industry and hence one can say that these classes are one of the best small business ideas in India. This program will prepare you for your interview if you are looking for work. This course might be useful for business and marketing professionals as well. You can teach a variety of skills in this program, including public speaking, stage daring, and communication skills. Find a space for the classes or you can also choose online teaching mode to save more money.

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There are several other low investment business opportunities that you might consider to start a business in India. Even plentiful investment in a small business might not be enough if your strengths and skill set do not match your criteria. After analyzing and evaluating these aspects, choose a business to run.

It is advisable to know all the legalities and licensing procedures before jumping into the pool. Always remember, a very little experience may also help.

Now that you have all the above mentioned small but high return business ideas, are you still waiting for something?

Best wishes for your new startup!


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51 Best Side Business Ideas in India for Extra Earnings

51 Best Side Business Ideas in India for Extra Earnings

new small business ideas in india 2022

Best Etsy Shop Ideas to Turn Your Passion into Profit

Thanks for sharing small business ideas

Almost all of these ideas are easy to implement and develop into a multimillion dollar business if the person develops the right attitude. Startups usually lack persistence and patience and most of them quit just a few steps from attaining results.

Thank your sharing valuable business ideas.

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Top 20 new business ideas in india for 2023.

Top 20 New Business Ideas In India For 2023

Are you looking for New Business Ideas? Here is a List Of the 20 Best Business Ideas you can start in 2023.  

The COVID 19 pandemic has brought about a drastic change in user behaviour. Market trends have changed, and new start-up ideas are evolving every minute. 

With campaigns such as “Make in India” and “Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan” , local business is flourishing, giving equal opportunity to budding units across. Also, with the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) schemes launched by the Government of India, the year 2023 can be one of the best times for you to start your new business ideas. 

There is no denying the fact that India is slowly becoming a goldmine for online business with digitization and availability of low-cost data (1 G.B. mobile data in India is around $0.09 against $8 in the U.S.). With New Unique Business Ideas , more and more entrepreneurs are establishing their best business ideas in the field of their choice.

If you are thinking to start your own business, let us help you with a curated list of the Top 20 business ideas in India you can start in 2023 . 

But wait, before we plunge further, here is a checklist for you to consider before you start your new business ideas in India –

  • Do what interests you – make a list of the hobbies, talents, and skills you possess.
  • Make a list of new start-up ideas which complement your skills.
  • Brainstorm your ideas and develop a business plan that makes you feel confident. 
  • Pay close attention to market demand, target audience, competitors, and recurring costs.
  • Last but not least, ask yourself if you are ready to become an entrepreneur? 

If you have ticked all of the above and have decided to don the entrepreneur hat, let’s not wait any further and jump straight into it!

Top 20 New Business Ideas in India for 2023

#1. online coaching business.

Online education has become the new normal. The pandemic has opened up endless possibilities for entrepreneurs passionate about imparting knowledge irrespective of their location.  

A good internet connection, a working laptop, and you are all set to start a new online coaching business with zero investment.

If you are good at talking to people and connecting with them instantly, coaching might be a good option for starting your own home-based business online. With video conferencing tools like zoom or google meet, you can now have clients worldwide.

A few popular coaching services you may want to consider include:

  • Career Coaching
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Skill Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

Learn the Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning and create an inspiring learning experience for students.       

#2. Online Kirana Store Business

Food is no doubt the most wanted commodity in our lives. Even when the world was under lockdown, the local Kirana stores were operating in full swing to keep our plates full. 

One of the many reasons to start an online grocery store in India is because a significant chunk of an Indian family’s budget goes into buying groceries. Secondly, with more than half of the Indian population using smartphones, they now prefer buying groceries online. Thirdly, the pandemic has changed the buying pattern and has brought Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities into the online buying arena.

An online grocery store will open up a world of possibilities for you allowing people to order groceries at the comfort of their homes. You may even go ahead and build a website for your store or list your store under giant sellers like Amazon or Flipkart.

#3. Event Planning Business

Gone are the days when people celebrated a birthday party by blowing balloons or hosting a wedding reception with just flowers and fairy lights. There has been a sharp spike in themed parties and destination weddings lately. 

People are not reluctant to spend a fortune and always seem to go overboard. As per reports, the Indian wedding industry is estimated to be $40-50 billion worth and is growing tremendously. 

If you love to throw parties, event planning can be the best business idea to start in 2023. Need more inspiration? Read how a young woman converted a problem she faced into a new career.  

So go, choose your niche- weddings, birthday parties, mall events, business meetings, or fundraisers and get the party started!

#4. Set up a Virtual Kitchen Business

The concept of virtual kitchens started in early 2010 in some major cities in the U.S. is now gaining popularity in India. 

So, what is a Cloud/Virtual/Ghost Kitchen? Regardless of what you call, it is nothing but a food establishment merely used for food delivery. It lets you operate in a modest kitchen without having to make room for fancy chairs and tables. 

If you love cooking, wear your apron, build a menu, identify a partner (third-party delivery app), and join the online ordering space.

#5. Digital Marketing Business

Traditional marketing is replaced by digital marketing thanks to the accelerated digital revolution . With more and more businesses going online, there is a high demand for digital marketers worldwide. 

As a digital marketer, you can choose to work remotely or pick up freelance projects allowing you to enjoy a work\life balance.

If you think you have excellent communication skills, love creating content, have basic designing skills, and enjoy doing SEO/SEM, digital marketing can be the next best thing for you.

#6. Sell Custom Products

With the rise of e-commerce, shopping trends have changed, and customers are always looking for something different.  

Whether you are looking to buy a bag, a mask, a t-shirt, or a simple coffee mug, a little customization makes your products extra special. Don’t you think so?

Business owners are smart enough to understand their customer’s needs. They are always looking for opportunities to provide something more valuable and memorable.

If you think you are creative enough to make the customer experience satisfactory, then getting into the product customizing business can be the best thing for you in 2023. 

#7. Start an Organic Store Business

From sulphate-free shampoos to sugarless packed juices, we constantly try to make better choices for ourselves and our families. 

Organic shops are gaining prominence and are becoming highly likeable in India. People are no longer hesitant to spend extra bucks on organic staples or green vegetables grown organically. 

The year 2023 can be an excellent time to enter the organic food market which is growing exponentially. 

#8. E-commerce Business

One of the biggest takeaways from the recent lockdowns is undoubtedly the e-commerce sector. There has been massive growth in this segment, and it’s still on the rise. 

From buying groceries to expensive watches and garments, e-commerce has made shopping accessible at the tip of our fingers. 

As per reports by IBEF , “India’s E-commerce industry is growing exponentially and is likely to surpass the U.S. to become the second-largest e-commerce market in the world by 2034”.

Do you need more reasons to start your own E-commerce business? Start your shop now and sell products online without any investments. 

#9. Influencer Marketing Business

If you think you can bring about a change in others’ lives and have the ability to inspire, educate and teach, then becoming an influencer can be overwhelming. 

Influencer marketing continues to rise rapidly, and it is fast becoming one of the most lucrative business options for many. 

Influencer marketing is all about- being creative, having a niche, and having the ability to create content with ease. If you think you, have it in you, then let’s get the camera rolling! 

#10. Become a Certified Dietician/ Nutritionist 

With people becoming more and more aware of their health, becoming a nutritionist may open up various avenues for you. 

Whether you become an online nutrition coach or run a holistic health and wellness centre, the nutrition/healthcare sector will never let you down.

With meal tracking apps and personalized meal plans, people now are becoming more aware of what they want to include in their diet. And as a nutritionist and a dietician, you can help them with a curated list of low-calorie meals and help in weight management. 

#11. Become a Yoga/Fitness Instructor

The never-ending lockdowns have made people realize that they can work out from literally anywhere. There has been a massive demand for online personal trainers and yoga instructors, and surprisingly it’s still on the rise even after the lockdown has eased. 

With app-based workouts and live streaming fitness videos, the fitness industry’s speed has astonishingly adapted to the digital shift. 

Also, with a record number of women entering the field of health and fitness , the fitness industry can be one of the best business ideas in recent times. 

So, if you are a fitness freak who can make people squat in the comfort of their home or in front of the camera, the fitness industry can be a lucrative online business idea in 2023. 

#12. Become a Wellness Coach

There is no doubt that wellness is new wealth. People are getting more conscious about their mental and physical wellbeing of late. 

A sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, and not maintaining a proper work-life balance make people suffer from lifestyle diseases.

A wellness coach helps in adopting healthy habits. Corporates, too, are investing in wellness programs for their employees to maintain a comforting work culture.

Becoming a certified wellness coach in India can be a thriving business in 2023.  

#13. Set up a Co-Working Space

With an increasing number of start-ups, the demand for co-working space is swelling rapidly compared to private office spaces.

A co-working space is cost-effective and allows people to network with like-minded individuals. With more and more people returning to work and becoming wary of working from home since the start of the pandemic, setting up a co-working space can be one of the best business ideas.  

#14. Start a Podcast

Gone are the days when we repeatedly scanned the radio channels, desperately trying to listen to our favourite songs. We’re in 2023, and we can have everything we want, from stand-up shows to business talks just at the tap of a finger. 

Listening to Podcasts is one of the best ways to stay entertained on the go. So, whether you are travelling, are in the gym, lifting weight, or cooking, listening to podcasts can be a great way to learn and grow.

The pandemic has paved the way for podcasts. People prefer audio content, unlike video, as it blends into their daily schedule without disrupting their work.

There is a massive demand for podcast creators, and the podcasting business is growing as one of the best new business ideas in India at the moment. 

#15. Become a Website/Graphic Designer

With more and more businesses going online, the demand for websites and graphic designers is rising. As per a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor , “Employment of web designers is projected to grow 13 percent from 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations”.

With hundreds of start-ups trying to make their presence felt in the digital arena, it can be the best time to own a website/graphic design business.  

#16. Enter the Pharmaceutical Business

The Indian Pharma industry holds a special place in the global market. It is the world’s largest producer of generic drugs and the third-largest by volume. 

After having supplied around 60 percent of the COVID-19 vaccine during the global pandemic, the Indian pharma industry is now stepping ahead with significant momentum.

Today’s pharma industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing sectors, with an army of scientists, technicians, business people, and entrepreneurs helping in the marketing and distribution of drugs.

#17. Start Affiliate Marketing Business

If you want to earn big bucks without investing much, affiliate marketing may be the best big thing for you. Affiliate marketing in India is slowly taking over the conventional ways of buying and selling products and services.

An affiliate marketer can be a blogger, online publisher, content marketer, influencer, or any company or organization which helps promote other brands and products and earn commission on every sale they make. Yep, it’s that simple!

If we go by the statistics released by the IAMAI, the affiliate marketing industry in India will cross $835million by the year 2025.

With good use of the internet, affiliate marketing can be a good start-up idea in 2023.

#18. Become a Virtual Assistant

The future of outsourcing work is immense, and more and more small and medium-sized organizations are opting to hire Virtual Assistants. 

So, who is a Virtual Assistant ? A VA is a virtual employee or a support system working remotely (out of office) who handles all the day-to-day activities for a small business that may not have the required skills and time to manage these tasks.

With more and more start-ups emerging, the need for a V.A. is ever-increasing. If you have a flair for handling administrative services, being a Virtual Assistant can be rewarding.

#19. Become an Interior Designer

Aesthetics is no longer restricted to the homes of the affluents. More and more middle-class families are now opting for designer homes.

There is a high demand for interior designers who can help them makeover their kitchen or living room with fancy decorations with well-coordinated colour schemes. 

If you are creative, love designing and styling, and have an imaginative brain, interior designing can be one of the best start-up ideas for you. It is again one of the most glamorous career options in 2023. 

#20. Start a Drop Shipping Business

Businesses have changed over the years. With online sales surpassing retail sales, the need for shipping business is constantly increasing. 

The drop shipping business is a boon for entrepreneurs and local sellers entering the e-commerce domain. Here, all you need to do is host a website, list down the products you want to sell, and leave the rest to a third-party supplier to manufacture the product and get it delivered.

This low-budget unique business idea can be a great way to enter the e-commerce market. 

Which of the above Innovative Business Ideas In 2023 excites you the most? Do let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

Also, join the Glow & Lovely Career Community on SHEROES and get closer to your dream of creating an identity for yourself with expert guidance and online courses.

About the author:

Vandana Das is a full-time writer and blogger.  She also manages content for the SHEROES platform.

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small scale business ideas

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022

Last updated on: November 21, 2022 by Piyush Shah

Looking to start a small scale business, but haven’t hit upon the big idea yet? The good news is, it’s easier now than ever before. Here are 50 low investment small scale business ideas for you to choose from.

In World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Rankings, India has jumped 14 places and ranks 63 among 190 countries. Quite a leap! And this leap can be largely attributed to digitization – be it the paperwork to set up a company or selling your products.

If becoming an entrepreneur has always been your dream, now is the time to chase it. We can’t tell you what, why, and how. But we can surely help you figure it out.

Why start a small business?

1. candle-making, 2. cloud kitchen, 3. home baker, 4. social media influencer, 5. digital marketing agency, 6. t-shirt business, 7. personalised gifts, 8. tiffin centre, 9. organic farming, 10. share trading, 11. toy shop, 12. insurance agents, 13. online tuition classes, 14. babysitting, 15. pet-sitting, 16. pet grooming, 17. lamaze educator, 18. salon services, 19. organic and natural cosmetics, 20. antique business, 21. tarot card reading, 22. party planner, 23. wedding planner, 24. fitness trainer, 25. handmade soap business, 26. co-working space, 27. homemade chocolates, 28. home-cooked snacks, 29. freelancer, 30. photo business, 31. landscape designer, 32. yoga instructor, 33. dance classes, 34. masala-making, 35. real estate agency, 36. general store, 37. recruitment agency, 38. tax & accounting service, 39. seasonal business, 40. dropshipping, 41. web & app developing service, 42. drone camera services, 43. catering services, 44. maid-for-hire business, 45. photocopying & printing shop, 46. electrician services, 47. mobile garage service, 48. travel agent, 49. spoken english classes, 50. rural handicrafts shop, what is a small scale business.

A small scale business has the following characters:

  • Comparatively lower revenue and profitability
  • Smaller size of teams/ employees
  • Covers smaller markets
  • Run as a proprietorship or a Limited Liability Partnership

Start small, grow big! That’s the mantra of a small business. Below are a few of the typical benefits you’d reap if you own a small business:

  • Be your own boss (everyone’s dream)
  • Low capital investment
  • Easy to start/set up
  • Low risk of failure
  • Favourable government and bank schemes
  • Tax benefits

With the basics out of the way, let’s dive right in.

Small Scale Business Ideas in 2022

While many of you might have thought of starting your own small business, the struggle to choose the ideal low-investment business is real. There’s no real formula to arrive at that perfect big idea.

So, here’s a list of 50 small scale business ideas that you could get off the ground and running easily:

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 candle making

Increased use of scented candles in the Indian households has contributed to its booming demand. But more importantly, it’s easy to produce! Just 4 ingredients – wax, essential oil, wicks and a mould – and you are good to go.

You can sell the home-made candles online. Candle making business can help you easily earn about INR 20-25K a month.

cloud kitchen business

If cooking lip-smacking food is your thing, you could start a cloud kitchen business from your own kitchen.

All you will need is a functional kitchen (of course) and a smartphone. Thanks to food delivery apps, and platforms like Dukaan, promoting your business and reaching your customers is quite easy.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 home baker 1

Love baking? You could consider turning this love into a lucrative business. Zero in on your USP (healthy/keto/vegan/thematic), invest in a good oven and stock up on ingredients – you are all set. Set up an online store and voila! You are running a profitable business before you even realize it.

Start Your Online Store on Dukaan

Are you a creative thinker? Do you enjoy creating unique content? You could have an influencer hidden in you. Start off on social media and engage with your followers consistently. If your content is engaging, you will soon build a follower base.

With collaborations and promotions done smartly, you could be an asset to any brand fetching you big monies and some enviable PR packages.

digital marketing

By the end of 2025, the digital market will grow at a CAGR of 27.4% to surpass the INR 50,000 crore mark. If you know the nuances of digital marketing, and can build or efficiently use available resources like writers, designers, developers, social media managers and search engine marketers, you can start a digital marketing agency. You can also get web hosting for agencies and sell hosting services to your clients.

Since it’s all online, you don’t have to invest in getting an office. That part could come later as and when the business grows.

Printed T-shirt business

T-shirts are very versatile – flaunted by all age groups. Has a wide customer base and thus makes for a good and profitable business idea.

India has some hubs like Tirupur where you could source the t-shirts from. You could then print your designs, brand them and start selling clothes online .

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Personalized gifting

Exchanging gifts during festivals and special occasions is an integral part of Indian culture. With more people wanting to be creative when it comes to gifting, there is a demand for unique and personalised gifting concepts.

Handmade, sustainable, and conscious gifting is gaining popularity, making it a great small scale business one could run from home. Finding and working with the right vendors is key in this business.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Home tiffin business

Many cities are home to young working professionals who have migrated from smaller towns for better job prospects. With many resorting to home-cooked healthy meals, the surge in demand for tiffin centres or home-based tiffin systems is quite apparent.

The Indian restaurant industry is worth INR 75,000 crores and is growing at an annual rate of 7%. Leveraging this opportunity to start a small tiffin center could help you reap good profits. You could provide monthly meals comprising simple menus.

Tiffin center is one of the best small scale business ideas for housewives .

organic farming business

Love farming? Proud of your home-grown produce? You could easily make a profitable business out of it. Organic farming is catching up as people become more conscious about the quality of food they consume.

Consumers are even sourcing directly from organic farmers to ensure that the fruits and vegetables they consume are free from any harmful chemicals/ pesticides. The organic lifestyle is here to stay, and it is the right time to leverage this awareness and turn your love from organic farming into a successful business – win-win!

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Share Trading

Good with analysing numbers and patterns? You could play some big games with share trading! Start with investing a small sum. The best part is you could always have this as a side hustle as share trading happens only a few hours a day. This means less time. You could even consider taking some online trading courses to mitigate risks, before you get started.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 toy store

A small toy shop near a residential area is a very good business idea which requires very limited capital. Keep some unique and different toys to make the business a successful one.

You could take the same business online to reach a wider audience.

Check out the famous colorful wooden toys of Channapatna – you could identify a niche and find sellers accordingly.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 insurance 2

Many people start off as part-time insurance agents while managing a permanent job. But some are good and confident enough to make insurance selling a full-fledged business.

And if you are one of those this is the best time to make the jump.

In India, the overall market size of the insurance sector is expected to be US$ 280 billion in 2020. The life insurance industry is expected to increase at a CAGR of 5.3% between 2019 and 2023.

online tuitions

Expertise in a subject, a webcam or a smartphone, and a good internet connection is all you need to start online tuition classes .

The pandemic has taught us that online teaching can be just as effective.

So if you think you have all the qualities that make you a good teacher, taking online tuitions could be the perfect venture for you.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Babysitting 1 1

Slowly workplaces are opening up, but schools are still shut. Working parents are in desperate need of babysitting.

You can fulfil this need with a babysitting business. You only need to invest time to become a babysitter if you are doing it yourself.

This is an excellent business idea for young girls and non-working women .

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Pet sitting 1

Just like babies, pets also need care and attention which you can provide by starting a pet-sitting business.

If you are a genuine animal lover and enjoy spending time with pets, you can promote yourself on online platforms like Waggle . Customers can drop their pets off with you when they are out of town.

Pet sitters get paid upto INR 1500-2000 per day depending on the size of the pet. Pet-sitting makes for a great small scale business as you could start it off with absolutely without investment!

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Pet Grooming 1

Pet grooming is yet another growing market like pet sitting. Pet owners go to great extent in ensuring their pets’ well .

From spaws to pawdicures – pet grooming has grown into a full-fledged and a sought-after service.

With a minimal investment in a place and pet grooming equipment, you could be a lucrative business owner.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Lamaze Educator

Lamaze is essentially a set of natural birthing techniques and related exercises that ease natural delivery.

Lamaze educators need to be specialized in their field and certified to practice. This is an excellent small scale business idea, provided you have a genuine interest and relevant expertise to venture into it.

Today there are very few institutions in India that are offering a certified course in Lamaze.

But with national and international celebrities like Kalki opting for natural birthing and setting a trend, we foresee a surge in demand for this one.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Salon Services

If you have a natural flair for make-up/ hair styling/ grooming, offering these services could be a great idea.

The pandemic has forced people to stay indoors but grooming is something that one needs regardless to feel good. This makes at-home services even more sought-after.

If you are good at head massages, or any salon service – you could promote yourself on platforms like Dukaan. Promote your personal brand on social media and you will see busy days ahead! You could invest in a short-term beautician course if you will.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Natural Cosmetics

Organic and home-made cosmetics are hot and trendy. With many people fighting against brands that test on animals and use harsh chemicals, there is a demand for ethical brands. Vegan, cruelty-free, natural, and handmade beauty products and brands are becoming instant hits.

Many brands like Neemli Naturals, Ilana Organics and Just Herbs have seen a lot of success in very less time. If you have been championing self-made beauty products for your own skincare, it’s time to take it to the market too!

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Antique Business

Antique business is quite a flamboyant business. It could be both small-scale or large-scale. If you have access to antique furniture and artifacts, you can open a small shop or simply sell online .

You will need to build a network to be able to participate in auctions or bulk-buy. Establishing your brand may be tricky but the returns/margins are quite high making it highly profitable.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading is a west-influenced trend in modern India. We humans are curious creatures and at times people tend to resort to techniques like tarot card reading to predict their future.

However, one needs to have a knack for it, and will need to complete professional tarot card reading courses to be able to lawfully practice.

Successful tarot card readers charge upto INR 5000 for a half an hour session in India. If you find it interesting and are ready to invest in a professional course, you could be a popular tarot card reader in just about months.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 party planner 1

No matter what, celebrations don’t stop. People find a way to party for the smallest of reasons we love that spirit! From PJ parties to thematic parties and everything in between – planning is something that goes behind all of it. And if you want the easy way out, you just outsource it.

Many people can afford to just outsource the painful part – the planning and management part.

So, if you are the kind who enjoys meticulous planning and ace vendor management – you could have some real fun turning it into a small-scale venture!

Wedding planner

A wedding is no small affair in India – it survives almost any adversity, be it recession or a pandemic! Weddings will continue and when there’s a wedding, there has to be a planner. Social media channels like instagram and pinterest are only setting the bar high.

The new-age weddings are planned to the T with no scope for any miscalculation. If you love the high energy work and organization that goes behind someone’s life event – you could make this lucrative business your own!

What’s more? Wedding planners are paid quite handsomely making it highly profitable.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 fitnss trainer

Who doesn’t want to be fit today? From Keto to intermittent to paleo – people are leaving no stone unturned to stay fit and look good!

Many hire one-one fitness trainers who push their clients to follow a strict regime and get fit faster. If you are a fitness freak, get a trainer’s certificate and start training.

With just one session a day earning you upto INR 5-10K a month, there is no upper limit to the amount of money one could possibly make. And all this from the comfort of your own home with zero investment!

Soap making business at home

Natural, hand-made soaps are being used widely these days – for gifting, as a part of a conscious initiative and so on. Soap making is pretty simple and takes very few ingredients with low investment. You could do it at home and easily make a batch of 100 soaps in a single process.

The soaps can be priced anywhere between INR 50-100. Simple math – with just one batch, you earn INR 10K! All you need to do is position/promote your brand well.

This is where platforms like Dukaan offer great value! One can even create an online store easily, upload products, promote your brand on social media and voila!

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 co working spaces in Bangalore

This is one of the most promising businesses in the current scenario. As many companies have declared a work-from-home policy, a lot of working professionals are constantly looking for an office-like setting to work out of.

Co-working space might need slightly more investment, but the returns are proportionally higher, making it a business worth considering.

Chocolate making business

Chocolates are an inevitable ingredient to all celebrations and special occasions. You can make customized chocolates in a lot of varieties to suit a client’s requirement. If you love experimenting or have already found your secret recipe, this makes for a great small-scale business that you could run from home.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Home cooked Snacks

Snacks or snacking has been a very important part of our lifestyle and continues to be so. The tradition of snack-making has been around for ages. In an effort to avoid processed and packaged unhealthy snacks, many are on the lookout for traditionally home-made snacks as a healthier alternative.

Some even get to customise it with the choice of oil and ingredients!

This provides a great opportunity for both men and women who have a passion for cooking. With a plethora of options to market your product, one can even sell packaged snacks online.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Freelancer

If you have skills like writing, designing, coding, video editing, etc., you can start off as a freelancer.

There are many websites and social media forums like Fiverr and Freelancer where you can offer your services, get work and get paid for it. It not only offers flexible working hours but also helps you manage your projects the way you wish to.

Many freelancers eventually start their own company/ agency with experience.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 photography 1

If you have a passion for photography , owning and running a profitable business is just a matter of time. Online photography business is quite a lucrative one with plenty of options – ranging from wedding photography, travel photography, product photography, stock photography and the list goes on.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 landscape architect

As a landscape designer, you can design the landscaping and types of plants to be planted in a given space – giving it much wider scope than gardening. A lot of bungalow/ resort/ farmhouse owners consult a landscape designer to effectively transform a piece of land into an attractive space.

yoga training

Yoga is one of the most ancient techniques for good health! From core strengthening to flexibility to balance – yoga offers everything. People are waking up to the importance and benefits of yoga.

Many yoga practitioners turn trainers after completing the teacher’s training course. Yoga classes – both offline and online – are much sought-after. All you will need to invest is in a good camera and a fast internet connection.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Dance Classes

Dance is not only a very graceful art form but also a great exercise. Many new-age choreographers are inventing newer ways of engaging people in this fun form of art and exercise.

If you love dancing you could either become a social media influencer or start your own dance classes with a unique twist.

Remember to make it inclusive to all genders and age groups to get a wider audience.

Masala making business

Many Indian families have a secret masala recipe. It is a great opportunity if you are willing to part with this secret and turn it into a business.

Many working professionals prefer home-made masalas over processed, preserved and packaged ones.

With a well chalked out business plan and an online store on Dukaan, you could be running your successful masala business.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 real estate 2

Real estate business is a lucrative one with good potential to make a lot of money. Margins are considerably high and all it takes is networking in terms of investment.

Real estate agents are middlemen, so you don’t need to own an office space. Once the business flourishes, you may or may not invest in an office space.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 genral store

This may not be a very low investment business but planning it smartly and rightly could make it a profitable one.

The pandemic has induced a lot of changes in the way we shop. Today even the groceries are being sold online .

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency is another business that doesn’t require too much investment. You only need to have good contacts or a few dependable, reliable clients.

If you have a flair for networking, you could easily set up this agency by collaborating with HR personnel working in corporate companies.

Conducting the initial round of interview on zoom video calls will further slash your initial investment. You could gradually set up an office space as the business grows.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 tax accounting

If you have a degree related to accounting and taxation, you can consider starting your own taxation and accounting services business.

You can serve individuals and businesses alike and charge them for your services. Just ensure you have the right degrees, certifications, permits, and more importantly interest.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 seasonal business

This is one of the smartest small scale business ideas but one needs to be agile and alert. Sell what is in demand. Crackers during Diwali, Ganesh idols during Ganeshotsav, Rakhis during Rakshabandhan, and so on.

You can sell these items and make a nice profit at the end of each season.

Dropshipping is a lot like retailing but with a twist. You only need to invest in an online store from where you take orders.

To fulfill the order, you buy the product from the wholesaler, and the wholesaler sends the product to the customers.

You don’t have to store or handle the product at all.

This is a brilliant business model that is picking up steam.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Web App Developing

If you can develop websites and applications, or at least know professionals who can, you can start a website and app development business.

Many businesses are investing in websites and applications, so it is one of the best times to start this business.

The starting investment for this business is very low, which makes it a great option as a small-scale venture.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Drone Camera

Drone shots are a big craze among the netizens. So, if you have a drone camera, and can expertly fly it, you can start a drone camera business.

You will need to invest in a good quality drone which can be expensive, but the earning potential from this business is quite high too, compensating for it.

Catering business

If you can cook big-size meals, catering is the small scale business you should consider. Catering businesses have a high earning potential, and if you take your catering business online, you are bound to find more customers.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Maid for hire Business

There are many who can’t afford to keep a regular maid or don’t need to. To cater to these people, you can offer maid-for-hire services, where they can hire a maid for a day and get cleaning work done.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Photocopying Printing Shop

This is a small scale business that you could make or break depending on the location.

For instance, if you set it up next to a college, government office, or municipal office, you will see it flourish in no time. You will need to invest in a store space, a photocopier, and a printer.

You can also sell stationery for additional income.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 electrician services

Finding a trustworthy electrician can be quite a hassle. Therefore, an electrician service business can be ideal if you can provide good and honest electricians who can provide at-home services.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Mobile Garage Service

Mobile garage business has gained popularity as a small-scale business – especially since the lockdown. For a mobile garage service, you need to have a vehicle packed with all the right tools for motorbike and car repair. Customers may call you to their location where you service or repair their car or motorbike.

travel business

Thanks to easy online booking options for travel and stay, becoming a travel agent has become easier than ever.

This is a business that you can operate from your home as well, without having to invest in an office.

However, you need to have good contacts with people and corporations operating in the travel and tourism space.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 english classes

If you are a proficient English speaker, you could dedicate some time to taking online classes and earn a regular income.

While there are many who can read and write the language well (especially with the help of tools like Grammarly and Hemingway App ), many struggle to speak or pronounce the words correctly.

Small Scale Business Ideas That Can Make You a Millionaire in 2022 Rural Handicrafts

Many rural households are dependent on making and selling handicraft products . Given their lack of business acumen, and access to the internet, they fail to run or promote their business.

You could collaborate with select artisans and help them sell online, you could either take a sale-based commission or bulk-buy and resell.

Along with making a profit, you will also be helping the rural population earn better.

Small-scale business ideas and possibilities are countless. And given the opportunities that one has today, starting your own venture is highly recommended. Whether you are ditching a 9-5 job completely or starting a side hustle – there is something for everyone.

Most of the small scale businesses in the above list of 50 may not apply to you. The business you choose will depend on your skill-set, your interest, and the resources you have at hand.

You will surely find some more appealing than the rest, from a feasibility standpoint. And when you do, read further. Learn as much as you can about the small scale business that you choose. To start off, you may visit the blogs linked in the titles above.

With platforms like Dukaan, it is easier than ever to set up your online business.

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Piyush Shah is the Head of SEO at Dukaan. He's committed to helping entrepreneurs start and grow their online stores with the power of SEO.

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I am in a skills training business. I need to expand my business. I would like to find out how regarding finance and networking.

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October 26, 2021 at 5:35 am

Love teaching, planning to start an online tution business.

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new small business ideas in india 2022

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Best Businesses to Start in India in 2022

100 Best Businesses to Start in India in 2022

India is the third largest start-up base in the world and has an excellent market for various products. This article lists the 100 best businesses to start in India in 2022.

1, Logo designer

Suppose you have the skill and creative art mind. Companies usually hire a designer to design their company’s logo . You can advertise through freelancing websites like Fiverr .

2. Web designer

Web designing is one field that has seen a rising demand since the start of the Internet and has a high demand for the employment of talents.

3. Consultancy Services

You can start a home-based consultancy service for your or another company’s clients. It has recently become one of India’s top small business ideas.

4. E-commerce website

Purchase products in bulk or on sale. Resell at MRP or lesser discount

5. Second-hand seller

You can sell products back to companies after purchasing from a customer at a low price. Companies will buy from you as a recycling product.

6. Food products manufacturing

The processing of food products is a very lucrative and crucial small-scale idea that emerging entrepreneurs should explore. When considering the demand, resources, and raw materials of food-related business concepts, the expense of creating an enterprise is some consideration that should be taken into account. Food processing is very versatile and provides a broad range of business concepts for a small-scale production company.

7. Sell sustainable clothing

Sustainable clothing brands offer the exclusive policy of made-to-order, zero waste. These clothing lines are environmentally friendly and easily recyclable.

8. Plant nurseries

Plant nurseries have been around for decades now. There was a time when only those who were into gardening as a hobby would buy plants. These days, people have gained more knowledge about different types of plants and their importance.

9. Internet service provider

There is a huge demand for internet and Wi-Fi facilities, which is pretty straightforward. You can bring together a couple of technicians and start an ISP agency.

10. Content writer

Having a professional-looking website is only the first step. Along with relevant content about your business, you also have to publish blogs, articles, newsletters, updates about your business, etc.

11. Sell stock images and videos

Capture high-quality images and videos, and give your copyrights. You can list your photos and videos on websites like Shutterstock . And you can start your own business selling.

12. Domain and Hosting services

While blogging is the backbone of every business today, Domain and Hosting services are the backbone of blogging. A good and reliable hosting service ensures a website’s smooth and proper functioning. Hosting services is a fast-growing business that allows other companies to rely on websites and blogs to grow effectively.

13. Cyber security and IT security

When it comes to the Internet, social networking, social media, finance and blogging, cyber security is an important aspect that needs to be taken seriously to prevent cybercrimes. Internet crime has grown drastically with the rapid use of the Internet today.

14. Franchise store

You can create a website to promote your franchise using any e-commerce website  and even launch a smartphone application with attractive deals and offer to enable online purchasing on the go.

15. Advertisement

In online advertising, a brand’s reputation also severely influences how it is promoted publicly offline. It is a typical scene outside, where you see massive hoardings of brands, products and services in public places.

16. Animation

Animation is an essential growing profession as technology is developing with time. Today you can sit and create animated videos at your home with the most basic hardware, using just the right software.

17. Selling pickles

Making Pickles is another traditional business idea that is extremely popular in India. You cannot find any home without at least one variant of a pickle. Therefore, a pickle business is an easy and safe option if you want to start with a low investment. Not only in the Indian market, the demand for Indian pickles is also high abroad.

18. Event management

The event management service business is one of the booming businesses in this current busy lifestyle. To start this business, you all need good contact with members who can help you arrange the event. For example, suppose you need to organise a marriage event. In that case, you should have good contact with a catering service person, decoration business owner, or DJ who is always available to make all the arrangements on time.

19. Chocolate-making

Chocolate-making is a small-scale home-based business which will benefit women. All you need to start this chocolate-making business are raw materials such as chocolate cream, mould, and packing.

20. Cosmetics

In the era of skin care, people want their skins to remain flawless. For a start, you might spend a tremendous amount of money trying to learn it, but a while after, it pays because you will never run out of lucrative business ideas. And if, in turn, you produce perfect skincare, your customer will continue returning.

21. Cyber cafe

You can open a cyber cafe in any local area. Not everybody has a computer. You can provide your service.

22. Restaurant franchise

A food franchising but on a larger scale is restaurant franchises in India in 2022. Despite this being a broader franchising model and requiring more significant investments, it has the same trend in the market as fast-food franchises in India. This industry ranges from vegan and veg restaurant franchises to non-vegetarian and seafood franchises.

23. Warehouse for e-commerce companies

Playing off the e-commerce trend, the warehouse management company for e-commerce would provide fulfilment for the e-commerce stores. Instead of an e-commerce store setting up its distribution channels and buying fleet trucks and warehouses to store the goods, this company would do it all for them.

24. Mobile recharge service

You can tie up with the Sim card companies like Airtel , Vodafone-Idea , and Jio to set up your business of selling sim cards and providing recharge to consumers.

25. Fish aquarium

This is a small business idea you can enter with low investment and also from your home. For this trade, you need to buy a few aquariums of various sizes and different kinds of fish that are popular as pets.

26. Pet care

Understandably, people love their pets. However, they cannot take their pets while travelling for holiday or business. Hence, people look for services to care for their pets while away.

27. Travel services

Offering travel and related services can see you make instant profits. Tie up with long-distance bus services, offer online reservation of rail tickets and reserve hotels at various destinations for clients.

28. Delivery service

You can start your own delivery company. Companies like Amazon and Flipkart require delivery. They hire many small companies for their company to deliver items to consumers. You can be a delivery partner.

29. Imported products

Indians returning home after a foreign tour tends to buy stuff they can sell locally. They do so to defray the costs of their foreign trip. Products they sell include fragrances, cosmetics, cigarettes, liquor, chocolates, food items and T-shirts. The craze for foreign goods in India ensures you have a good market for your wares.

30. Stationary

Schools, colleges and other educational institutions and businesses require bulk stationery. These include customised letterheads, business cards, envelopes, invoice books, receipt books and motley. You can enter into this evergreen business with little investment and some contacts. You will need agreements with printing presses and a few samples to join this profitable venture.

31. Packing services

Small and medium businesses generally do not have a separate department for packing their products. They hire individuals- who can often be unreliable.

32. Nameplates

A standard system worldwide is to affix one’s nameplate outside a house or apartment door. Moreover, people also install significant names outside buildings, villas and bungalows.

33. Real estate agent

If you are a good salesperson with knowledge and strong, convincing power, then this business can turn your financial condition for good. Office space with a good location is the only investment required with experience/knowledge of types of properties and documentation processes. Honest public relations and exceptional communication will help you become a successful real estate agent/broker/builder/financer, etc.

34. Coaching classes

Education is a field of diversity and an excellent low-cost business idea. Financial break-even is easily achieved, and it’s not a full-time business.

35. Boutique

One of the traditional small-scale businesses of the nation. Women who like stitching clothes and are updated with the latest fashion trends can run a boutique store anywhere. The boutique store can be managed from home itself, and the only investment required is the sewing machine with apparel to sell.

36. Consultancy service

Almost every sector requires consultants to assist in its development and growth. People with decent knowledge of IT, finance, marketing, HR, accounts, law, healthcare, social media, etc., can open their own consultancy company and tie up with big corporates to make good money.

37. Beauty parlour

It is the most common, easy and popular business idea for any entrepreneur. Running a parlour is like making a show of earning money with passion in a business. The business requires only some technical skills with good products, and so is an average investment project.

38. Fitness centre

Staying fit and healthy is every individual’s priority nowadays. It is also the need of time and the passion for people, so fitness centre is a great business opportunity.

39. Handicraft

A person can sell a wide range of homemade crafts, cards, rugs, etc. A high-volume market is wide open for such kind of business.

40. Resume job writing

Use good writing skills in writing resumes for job aspirants. You can find plenty of such services on freelancer websites.

41. Supply of groceries

Doorstep supply of grocery in association with local stores.

42. Tupperware

Today numerous companies are offering a direct sales model. Exhausting your network by working with companies like Avon and Tupperware is an easy, cheap and straightforward way of doing business.

43. Medical

Medical shops in the local areas. You can hire any employee for your shop with a degree and experience.

44. Renewable energy

The government of India is currently promoting companies venturing into alternate energy business ventures. The renewable energy sector provides an excellent opportunity for individuals keen on entering the environment-related business.

45. Embroidery

If you talk to any fashion designer in India, the most critical aspect of their business is finding people having skills in embroidery and knitting. Getting assignments is a cakewalk if you can acquire skills in this trade.

46. Laundry service

The Laundry business is getting into an organised sector in India. There is an increasing demand for laundry services, especially from working people. Anyone can start this business with very little capital.

47. Smartphone repairing

Smartphones are no anymore for people having money. The price reduction has multiplied the sale of smartphones in India. As a result, the demand for repairing smartphones is growing steadily. You can get trained from local training institutes and start this business.

48. Automobile service

The rising economy of India has boosted the sale of cars and vehicles in India. Hence there is a considerable demand for automobile service stations in most parts of the country. Thus, starting an automobile service station is one of the most profitable small business ideas in India for new entrepreneurs.

49. Catering

If you love cooking and enjoy serving recipes to people, a catering business can fetch you good money. However, it requires the ability to work under pressure and excellent interpersonal skills to be successful.

50. Organic food store

In starting an organic food store business, the most crucial consideration is the store location. Like any other retail business, the right location is the main parameter for success in the industry.

51. Sports coaching

Football, badminton , cricket, basketball, and tennis, among others, are top-rated in India. Try this business if you are a sports enthusiast and have experience in a specific sports field.

52. Translation service

India is fast becoming one of the major economies in the world. People from all across the globe are visiting India for one reason or the other. As a result, the demand for translation service providers is increasing.

53. Candle Making

The use of candles is no more limited to religious occasions or illuminating households during power cuts. Candles are also used for interior decoration in showrooms, events, etc. It can be a potentially profitable business in India.

54. Agarbatti making

Agarbatti making is a very profitable business in India. The state of Karnataka leads in the manufacturing of Agarbatti or incense sticks for the ease of sourcing raw materials. You can start this business from home with a simple hand-operated machine.

55. Computer maintenance

Though there is no shortage of computer maintenance personnel, most computer owners look for reliable and honest individuals to work with if they talk to people . If you feel you can serve honestly, there will never be a shortage of customers.

56. Errand service

People in India are increasingly looking for services to fulfil their daily needs like groceries, paying bills, medical prescriptions, etc. You can target elderly citizens and dual-income couples to get more customers.

57. Toothpaste manufacturing

Toothpaste is a daily need and is an inflation-free business. There is a good demand for inexpensive toothpaste in small towns and villages across India. There is a reasonable prospect of making a good profit in small-scale toothpaste manufacturing if you can match customers’ needs, especially in suburban areas.

58. Cement concrete tiles

Portland cement and aggregates, i.e., sand, and stone particles, are often cast into squares, rectangles or round befitting and interlocking tiles and pavement blocks.

59. Affiliate market

The affiliate Market is another profitable business that most people love. It is the process of earning a commission by selling the other’s products.

60. Organic product store

Organic production is getting more popular these days. With significant health concerns in mind, the demand for freshly, naturally grown, and healthier farm products have been increasing. Demand is rising at a steady pace. Organic farms, organic dairy farms, and organic livestock farm services have much more potential to grow, and it’s an emerging profitable business in India.

61. Online courses

While any form of education is priceless in its ideal, it can still be priced for a good value. Developing and running an online course for students interested in learning a subject is a good feat. While some online-course providers may offer the system free on their personalised websites.

62. Jewellery

If jewellery made from real silver, gold, and diamond were all we had as options today, we’d possibly be roaming around empty-pocketed for most of our lives.

63. Social media strategist

Social media has become the way of the world. Corporates, start-ups, and personal channels have all realised this and work to increase their presence on it. While most of the more prominent companies (especially in the media) now have a social media team to handle this aspect, the smaller ones reach out to stand-alone social media strategists. The only investment that you, as someone looking to build a brand in this line, should be making is improving your online presence by advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and spending a basic amount on maintaining your website to ensure that it ranks higher in the search engine pages.

64. Graphic designing

There’s a popular conception that graphic designers earn more by sitting at home than by being employed full-time.

65. Research-based business

While most corporate companies have their research teams, a score of newly launched start-ups and smaller companies tend to outsource their research work to independent researchers in the same field on a contractual basis.

66. Tour guide

You can make all the arrangements for the trip but also guide tourists through it as the pack’s leader. Since the entire business can be carried through the Internet, there is no other starting cost you need to worry about other than maintaining a travel-guide website for your potential clients.

As new world growing youths, the gym is the first attraction of youngsters. You can open a gym in any good area. You can keep a trainer as well.

68. Organic farming

Organic farming has become extremely popular in India. Recent concerns over chemicals used as pesticides and preservatives have propelled many people to explore the organic farming market. One can enter the organic farming business in two capacities- as a cultivator of the crops or as the same distributor. India comprises nearly 30 per cent of the total organic producers across the globe.

69. Cloud kitchen

A cloud kitchen is called a ‘ghost’ kitchen, delivery kitchen, or virtual kitchen. It is a commercial kitchen space that provides food businesses, facilities and services to prepare food. It focuses solely on fulfilling online food orders and delivery.

70. Online saree business

Online Saree Business in the current landscape can be highly profitable. Sarees are always in demand in India. That’s why this industry has been consistently making profits. Due to their sheer variety, Sarees never go out of fashion. That, paired with the digital boom that we’ve been witnessing, is reason enough to start your online Saree business today. Although it can be overwhelming initially, Saree businesses are rewarding in the long run.

71. Digital marketing

There are ample opportunists available in digital marketing. As you can launch your start-up, do a freelance business, promote several products and earn well. Before taking any of the above steps, you need to have a robust command of your digital marketing skills, which you can learn by joining a digital marketing training centre, or you can do a course online.

72. Network marketing

You must tie up with putative brands offering proficient products to establish yourself in network marketing with less investment. To search for the brands, you can check on Google, whose products are always in demand.

73. TV advertisement company

As you all know, TV ads have become an excellent platform for all companies to promote or launch their products in the market. It is the best way to market your product or service. Due to the rapid increase in Advertisements, creating and managing TV Ad companies is a business idea that can be considered.

74. Customised gifts

You can start this business even at home. Nowadays, everyone wants to give their loved ones a memorable gift on special days or occasions. Starting the customised gifts business can be very profitable and does not require much investment. You just need to buy certain gift items and accessories used for customisation.

75. Coins and stamps

There is an array of non-existent Stamps and Coins. However, many stamp and coin collectors exist worldwide, but not in India. There is a broad scope of this lucrative business.

76. 3D printing

3D printing is even replacing prototype printing technology as it has gained much popularity in India. If you are thinking and have considerable knowledge in the digital printing industry, 3D printing can kick off your career. You need to buy 3D printing machines, which does not involve a high investment if you purchase a small machine.

77. Share market

You can try your hand in the stock market if you are good at speculations and plentiful economic understanding. However, it is not like other businesses as it involves more risk, but it can be a quick way to earn money. If you are willing enough to take the risk and are well informed about the working of the share market, then you can go ahead and try your luck.

78. Courier service

To open a courier service company on a small scale, you can tie up with other brands that are already working as courier service providers. The need for courier service has emerged in India due to the numerous online shopping apps being launched daily. It is a low investment business if you tie up with other brands and keep your specific share as a partner.

It is also one of the lucrative businesses in India for the people who are competent in making cakes, pastries, cookies, muffins, bread, and all other bakery items.

80. CCTV installer business

Every new homeowner is demanding a security camera’s connections these days. Not only them, but even the existing or old homeowners are also becoming security-conscious and are ready to spend an additional cost on CCTV or Security cameras to ensure safety. This has boosted the demand for CCTV and surveillance cameras that are getting installed in homes as well as commercial offices. You need not make a high-cost investment to start this business. Commencing this business has an extensive scope at present and in the future.

81. Fragrant and regular candles

The use of candles is not limited to illuminating houses during power cuts or religious centres. They are also used for interior decoration in restaurants, showrooms, offices, homes, weddings, and other events.

82. Medical device business

If you are a medical practitioner and want to start a business, you could consider starting a medical device company. Individuals or small teams start many medical device companies. Some were successful and became start-ups impacting the industry with their technology.

83. Office space rental

Demand for office space rental is booming. The forces that trigger the increase in demand for office space include a more significant number of start-ups, remote work culture, and an increase in office space per employee as businesses seek to decongest.

84. Toys business

Everyone loves toys to some extent, whether a child or a grown-up. Racing cars, teddy bears, barbies, and more are famous among each generation. You can easily access raw materials and machinery and could earn money without thinking of failing as toys can never fade away from children’s lives.

85. Honey-making business

This is one of the easiest ways of business. All you need is a workforce capable enough to extract honey from beehives and simple machinery that could produce it equally.

86. Leather products

Items made from leather are costlier and more profitable. Rexine is a kind of artificial leather which is in great demand. You can start this small-scale business with the help of simple tools and machinery, and the required capital is around Rs.1 lac starting.

87. Potato chips

Children love to eat potato chips, which are highly demanding in our Indian market. So, you can try your hand in this area to make money without getting into some risky activities. The process of making them is also quite simple with simple machinery. This is another manufacturing business idea in India.

88. Ice-cream business

Who doesn’t love ice creams of different flavours? Right? You can start a business in ice cream production with moderate capital in hand. It is so demanding in all sections of society that it can never fail. If you don’t feel comfortable inventing your brand, you can always take the franchise of some famous brand and earn a good amount of money.

89. Spices business

India is a hub for different and exotic spices. And there is a big market for the same. A manufacturing business can enter this arena, and accurate knowledge about the proportion of powders to be mixed to make a spice could help you to make a good amount of money.

90. Plastic tablecloths

Restaurants and houses comprise dining tables, and people use them to make them look good. So, the demand for them is increasing with time, and producing them as a business is an excellent idea as it involves fewer risk factors and more money.

91. Fruit juice production

People day by day are becoming health conscious. They know what is good for them and whatnot. Fruit juice production is an excellent way to start your own business. All you have to know is what kind of fruits are available each month of the year, and you are ready to manufacture the full cans for the same.

92. Designer dress

Dresses like sarees and lehengas are very demanding in our Indian markets. If you have an idea about trends and fashion, you have started your venture and can make a lot of money. As this business can never stop earning or could fail ever in India.

93. Cotton buds making

This business idea of cotton swabs can be initiated on a trim scale level. Cotton buds are available in every household and help for various purposes, so business in this area is profitable and without risk.

94. Paper bags

This is a time of sustainable development where we must consider our coming generation. And recycling is one such step to provide a future generation with everything. You can preserve the environment while making money as these bags are in demand in the market and raw material is readily available.

95. Herbal products

People of India, nowadays, are very conscious when buying products for themselves. People want to apply such organic products, and Ayurvedic is gaining immense importance. These products are usually made from natural ingredients like turmeric and more and provide soothing and lasting effects.

96. Garment business

There is no doubt that we need clothes to wear, and whatever the fashion may come, denim jeans can never go away. So if you have essential experience in clothing-related activities, this small business idea is suitable for you. All you need is a place, machines, and workforce to start it, and it might sound expensive and risky, but to have long-term profit, these types of risks are bearable.

97. Bed sheets and blanket

Another business that can never fail is producing different bed sheets and blankets. It is an excellent business to start with if you have enough knowledge, workforce, and resources, as the essentials required to produce these items are readily available. Even if you feel like you don’t want to manufacture, then you can always buy it in bulk right from the factories and could open a shop and can sell them with a significant margin in price as profits.

98. Papad making

This business is not surreal but true. You can easily earn money through this business venture without requiring a lot of staffing. All you need is exact recipes and essential equipment to start with, which is hardly costly because there are many things which you can easily find in your kitchen.

99. Furniture

No house, school, the office can be seen without furniture. It is an indispensable item. Everyone requires a bed, chair, and table. So, the manufacturing business of furniture can be great for making money. If you want to invest less capital, you will less, but if you have moderate wealth, the profits can be high.

100. Wedding bureaus

Weddings are made in heaven but arranged down here. Besides online marriage portals, wedding bureaus are more prevalent in small cities and towns. Families consider meeting other families in person before coming up with any decision.

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new small business ideas in india 2022

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Small Business Ideas

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in India 2022

Haven't we always adored our street-side Mithaiwala, hawkers calling out to buy their pretty products and that beauty parlor didi? Well, they have all contributed to the economy by starting those small businesses.

These modest firms offer employment opportunities, changing India's reputation from a nation that seeks employment to one that creates work. Register with Amazon Business to be a part of the small business revolution!

So, if you're wondering about small business ideas in India or whether you should start a small business, then keep reading.

What is Small Business?

Small business refers to the kind of industries producing goods and services on a small scale. The economic development of a nation could be affected by small businesses. Let's take a look at the characteristics of a small business for a better understanding:

  • Ownership : Small businesses have a single owner. Hence it's known as a sole proprietorship.
  • Management Style : One owner controls the complete management team and calls the shot.
  • Limited Reach : The limited or restricted area of operation with limited reach. Like a local shop or area located in an area.
  • Labor Driven :  Small businesses are manpower and labor dependent
  • Flexibility :  As they are small, unlike large industries, they are very flexible
  • Resources : Small businesses utilize local resources with better utilization of natural resources and reduced wastage.

Why start a Small Business?         

It takes a lot of faith to decide to launch your own company. It's like stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something novel. Although a lot of labor and some risks are involved, the potential returns are enormous.

Why wait around if that thought delights you?

If you don't agree with us fully yet, maybe you will once you know the top 5 reasons to start a small business:

1. You Can Begin from Nothing

This is your enterprise! You set the guidelines. Your freedom is not constrained by your boss's or the company's culture's rules and regulations. Now you can provide a good or service that fulfills your goal.

Your concepts will be the rules. Maybe you've come up with a solution to improve procedures. Perhaps you want to guarantee that your workers receive fair pay and paid time off for family obligations. Whatever issues you may have had at work, starting your own business allows you to try something new.

2. Freedom of Creativity

You can develop a concept or idea that no one has ever tried. You will control what your company produces or sells with your own company. Even if you're planning to dab into products and services that are already existing in the market, you can now develop novel, unconventional solutions to problems daily.

3. Control your Life

You can choose how to create your work schedule with your own company. Of course, during the early years, you will have to work long hours for your business growth. However, once your business is established, you can spend more time with your family and friends and create a flexible schedule for yourself.

4. Financial Freedom

Starting a business shouldn't be done to get rich. There are many ways to create money that don't involve working as hard or taking as many risks as owning a business.

However, the desire to support your family and improve your life can be a strong drive. And you can probably make more money as a business owner than an employee in the long run. Make sure you have the necessary operating capital and around six months' worth of living expenses before starting your firm.

5. Finding Your True Calling

Finding a niche and filling it is standard business advice. However, many opportunities still need to be discovered. Sometimes, listening to your friends or family's annoyances can frequently help you find your specialty.

List of top 10 Small Business Ideas

It may seem difficult to develop a solid business idea, but with little thought and preparation, you may quickly start a small business to supplement your income or work for yourself full-time. Choose small profitable business ideas today!

Here are the top 10 small business ideas to inspire you to follow your dreams:

List of top 10 Small Business Ideas

1. Electronic Appliance Store

One of the top 10 small business ideas in India is the electronic appliance store. The enormous demand for electronics products has propelled the electronics sector to new heights. People heavily use electronic products in virtually every activity, making it a small profitable business idea.

Before opening an electronic store, you need a plan to develop your business. Make sure to know your competitors and choose the right location for your business. Research how your competitors are running their stores for you to implement one of the best business ideas in India.

2. Cleaning and Sanitation Product Store

Starting a cleaning and sanitation product store is a good small business idea. However, decide if you want to dab into all kinds of cleaning processes or a niche category. You can choose to supply products for medical office cleaning, window, and blind cleaning, pressure washing for exterior cleaning, floor and carpet cleaning, restroom cleaning and disinfecting, disaster cleaning, etc.

3. Marketing Agency

Launching a marketing agency is yet another small business idea in India to think about. If you have marketing industry experience or want to offer creative marketing solutions for different clients, open a marketing agency. You can start small with a few equipment to help you work online, like a laptop , office chairs , monitors , Wi-Fi routers , etc.

The most typical route is to acquire this knowledge and focus on some of your earliest first customers. Demonstrate the value of your business, and early clients frequently open the door to a network of recommendations that might go on forever.

If fitness is your passion? One of the best small business ideas in India is opening a gym. You could pick a locality where people notice you. Create a solid business plan, including funding to keep your business stable.

Don't underestimate the power of good interiors. Invest in good interiors and set up the gym with all the required equipment. Get the required licenses and hire good trainers. Marketing for your gym can start with great discounts for families, women, men, etc.          

5. Gift Shop

Everyone likes receiving gifts. We never show up at any occasion without a gift, whether a wedding, birthday, baby shower, or anniversary. Opening a gift shop is one of the small business ideas in India you could try. However, before opening one, consider the location and make sure you have a website with the products listed.

You could also try opening a gift shop online ( For assistance, read our blog- Start an online business in India )  by procuring the right items.

6. Pantry Shop

The ups and downs of the economy have little impact on the profitability of starting a modest pantry shop. That is why the concept of creating a pantry shop is one of the best small business ideas in India.

Having an inventory management system is extremely crucial to running a pantry shop. Make a strategy to know how much money you'll need to establish a pantry shop, whom to target, and how to increase profitability. The location of your pantry shop is vital because different areas have different clientele.             

7. Beauty Products Store

It would be best if you first comprehended how makeup and cosmetics function. If you have prior experience in the cosmetics industry will be beneficial. Decide whom to target and which market to dive into- aging issues, teens, women, or men. What marketing and promotion tactics to employ? How are you going to out-compete other cosmetics shops?

Finally, incorporate capital investment, cash flow, and estimated rate of return into your financial strategy.

Salons can be reliable and lucrative small business ideas in India, but you need to be well-prepared and have a solid business strategy before you can operate one.

You can build a devoted clientele for your salon by identifying a niche in the market.

The most crucial elements for a salon to prosper are a positive workplace environment, knowledgeable staff, and an appreciation of the value of its offerings.

Consider what distinguishes your salon from others. Are they the services you provide? Your courteous staff? Your personalized encounters? Try to make it the center of your identity, whatever it may be, and expand your company.  

9. Security Systems Store

You must conduct extensive research before beginning new security systems store to ensure you will be well-positioned for sustained success in the sector.

Selecting a business model should be one of your initial choices. Will you run a dealership or a franchise, or will you run your business entirely on your own?

Once you've chosen your company's home security services sector, you'll need to contact the franchisor(s) you're thinking of to determine whether the venture will be a good fit. Talk about the costs and business terms. Find the right location for your business. People should be able to locate you easily.

10. Industrial and Safety Equipment Store

Establishing an industrial and safety equipment store can be pretty straightforward and one of the best small business ideas in India, especially if you have a thorough business plan that details your goals and objectives, and strategies.

Advertising is crucial if you want people to learn more about your company and reach your target market. If you own a business website, you can distribute newsletters, flyers, and business cards, promote in magazines, and run online advertisements. Begin looking for a suitable site for your store.

Low Budget Small Business Ideas 2022

Starting a business with a low budget is possible! Ideas for small businesses are right here! Let's take a look at the top 5 low-cost small business ideas list:

Low Budget Small Business Ideas 2022

1. Event Management

Are you someone excited about planning events and organizing parties? Then consider opening an event management business. Your business's growth, success, and stability depend on your client's happiness and the experience you deliver.

Therefore, hiring the right talent and having impeccable teamwork, problem-solving skills, and quick decision-making is extremely important for this business. You could start with a small office but have all the required tools like the best printers , laptops, and best office chairs .

2. Online Tutoring

What do you feel strongly about? Marketing? Baking? Web design? By providing online classes, you can assist others in improving their life if you are an expert in your field. Make videos and packets of information that may be downloaded, or arrange for clients to have live/ online classes.

Buying a projector will help you showcase your teaching content in the video. It will be an interactive way of teaching.

A home-based or online tutoring business is one of the top small business ideas in India for ambitious or aspiring educators.

3. Video Creation

Many businesses, influencers, and aspiring YouTubers want to take their videos to the next level but lack the tools or expertise necessary to make high-quality films. Being a freelance video producer is a wise business choice if you have experience as a video producer, a strong portfolio, and the drive to assist people and companies in creating great videos. This could be one most successful small business ideas for you.  

4. Life Coach

Ever thought of working as a life or career coach? Many of us seek career guidance, but it can be challenging to locate a mentor with the time to help. If you've expertise in successfully handling professional, personal, and societal changes, go for it.

Although life coaches aren't cheap, they can provide clients with the intensive, practical instruction and guidance they require to make significant progress in their personal and professional lives.

After all, we could all use a bit of inspirational advice now and then, especially ever since the pandemic making it one of the best Small Business Ideas 2022.

5. Fashion Business

Why not launch your fashion empire with a neighborhood shop if you have dreams of doing so? Create a buzz with eye-catching dress choices, motivational social media profiles, and active community involvement.

While it is possible to create an offline business, you can also try it online. If that is successful, you may then build a local store.

There are various ways to launch a clothes store. First, if you have fashion design knowledge or know how to sew, knit, and choose colors and designs, you can make the clothing yourself.

How to start a Small Business?

Having small business ideas in India is one thing, but the know-how of actually starting one is another. Before you stress yourself out on how to implement your best business ideas in India, here's a stepwise guide to give you direction:

How to start a Small Business?

Things to consider before starting a Small Business

Even if you have identified the top 10 small business ideas in India, problems are bound to occur, and struggle is your daily companion when materializing any of them. A lot of thinking and decision-making goes into actually establishing a small business. Most successful small business ideas in India come from careful consideration:

Therefore, consider these things before you venture onto your small business:

  • Do Intense Research

Research, research, and a lot of research should be part of your daily routine to know your industry and your competitors, to identify the unique selling point, and to even understand which demographic to target. Most successful small business ideas in India always come from intense research.

Always remember, maybe you are not the only one with the most successful small business ideas!

  • Pick your Audience           

Knowing your target audience or key demographic is crucial to implementing profitable small business ideas. Understand your audience's shopping behavior, needs, and priorities, to find out what you can offer them.

If there's a misalignment between what you're delivering and what the consumer wants, it'll be difficult to find success.

  • What's your mission?

It's a task to pick your endeavor from the small business ideas list, let alone stay on course with your end goal. Define your mission, reiterating the purpose of your business. Most of the decision-making to expand, sustain, and grow your business is informed by the core business purpose, strengths, and lacking aspects of your business.


  • Pick a legal structure        

The most crucial thing to consider before acting on any of the best small business ideas in India is choosing its legal structure. Many paperwork, documentation, licenses, registrations, tax concerns and other legal aspects are associated with starting any business, big or small.

  • How are your finances?   

Ah yes, the most pressing concern for any small business ideas to materialize is mapping out your finances. Some entrepreneurs start with a small amount and struggle later. Have a clear picture of the amount you need for registering a company, infrastructure, employee hiring, taxes, business operations, and other expenditures.

  • Understand your tax burden      

Timely tax payments are one thing you need to ensure. Moreover, knowing your recurring, intermittent, and regular taxes to a state or country will determine your payroll. Hire a professional to make you understand if you have to, but clearly understand when whom, and how to pay the taxes and fees.

  • Know the risks

No business can grow or flourish without taking any risks. Before you check off one of the top 10 small business ideas in India, know the risks involved in the industry before jumping into the business plan. Decide how you'll tackle or manage these risks beforehand.

  • Have a solid business plan

A business plan is a blueprint of steps or actions you need to take for a successful business launch and sustained growth. Have this document ready to go whenever requested, and ensure it has all the relevant components:

  • The mission statements
  • Business description
  • List of services or products you offer
  • The list of decision-makers in company
  • Your financial plan
  • An analysis of the current market and opportunity
  • Your timing is a big deal

Believe it or not, timing has a very significant role to play in your business launch, product launch , business expansion, and partnership decisions you will make. If you launch your business at the wrong time, you may take a big blow, or if you wait too long, you may miss the bus. Make a list of business ideas.

  •   Who are your mentors or advisors?

Finding the right aspiring and experienced advisors or mentors is important when setting up your business. Actualizing ideas for small business takes a lot of aid, helps, and experiential knowledge to guide and direct you. Don't think of doing it alone. Find the ones who've been through this journey and struggled before.

  • Bring in professionals

Hire professionals and tap into their experience as it's impossible to know everything as an entrepreneur. Especially legal assistance for setting up a new business, registering it, and the legalities of labor laws and other employee hiring processes.

How can Amazon Business help in starting your Small Business?

Amazon Business can be crucial in helping start your small business. Here's how:

  • Become a seller with Amazon Business and sell your products
  • Take advantage of the Amazon Launchpad platform for entrepreneurs and innovative products
  • The Amazon Small Business Month is dedicated to encouraging small businesses
  • Events like Stock-up Sale, EMI Fest, Great Indian Sale, and Business Value Days to purchase office supplies, stationary, and other items at a lower price
  • Moreover, the business has exclusive GST invoice discount s , bulk discounts , and doorstep delivery for cost-effective business purchases.

Giving wings to your small business ideas in India is possible with a well-thought-out business plan, a clear mission, enough budget, and the passion for becoming an entrepreneur. Even if you have a list of small business ideas in the bag, the success of your endeavor decides on your persistence, business strategy, decision-making ability, and problem-solving skills.

We hope this blog gives you some direction and guidance to substantiate your list of business ideas for small businesses. 

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What are the challenges faced by small businesses?

Even with the most successful small business ideas, some common challenges are faced by most small companies, including:

●       Funding problems

●       Hiring the right people

●       Difficulty in balancing growth and quality

●       Lack of brand popularity

●       Not enough time

What is meant by a unique selling proposition (USP)?

A unique selling point (USP) is the hook that differentiates your product or service from your competitors. The unique selling aspect of your product or service like guaranteed and fast delivery for Amazon Prime members or 15-20 minutes delivery by Instamart etc.

What makes the business successful?

Even if you have small profitable business ideas, two factors impact your business success in this consumer driver society, i.e., customer service and consumer experience.

What are the goals of a business?

Business goals ate targets, achievements, or accomplishments a company wants to achieve long-term or short-term. Business goals are relevant to drive the company's decision-making, growth, and future. Make a list of small businesses and choose the right path to follow!

How can small businesses increase profit?

Everyone wants their ideas for small businesses to flourish into a successful endeavors. Make a list of small business ideas after a good research. Here are some things you can try to enhance the profit of your small company:

●       Finding new leads and converting them

●       Launch new products or services

●       Increase the order size

●       Expand to a new area

●       Enhance business operations

●       Seek recurring sales opportunities

●       Keep your employees happy

Product Updates


Big Mastery

101 New Small Business Ideas In India 2023 ( Low Investment – High Profit ) | 101 Best Business Ideas In India With Low Investment [2023]

These days many people want to start their own business but they don’t have a good business idea. If you want to start a business and don’t have a good business idea then you are in the right place.

In this post, I am going to give you the 101 Best small business ideas in India.

These business ideas will also work outside India so don’t worry.

I am also going to give you some useful information about each business idea.

In this List of 101 profitable small business ideas in India, you will get many businesses, which you start at extremely low investment. There are also many small-scale business ideas for beginners.

So let’s get started –

Retail Shop Business Ideas In India

1. men’s clothes store.

The men’s Apparel Industry is growing extremely fast. In India, the Market value of Men’s Apparel was estimated at around 330000 crores in 2028 .

One of the biggest reasons for this super growth is the Indian population.

You have a very big opportunity in this business. You can start your own Men’s clothing store. The clothing store is a very profitable business idea in India.

If you just observe your city then you will find, how many clothing stores are there in your city?

You can make good money out of this business.

You can also start a specialized clothes store such as T-shirt Store or Jeans Store.

You have to sell High-Quality Clothes in your shop to become successful in your business.

You can give different offers/discounts on different festivals & special occasions.

If you want to become successful in this business then you have to regularly research trends in the men’s apparel market.

If you run this business thoughtfully then your business will definitely succeed.

2. Women’s Products & Accessories shop

Women use lots of different accessories & products and many of those accessories & products they use daily.

You can start a women’s products & accessories shop.

The market for this business is very big. Indian women are always interested in buying new and unique things & products.

You can sell lots of different products and accessories in your shop like Hair Clips, Hair Bands, Hair Accessories, Women’s Bags, Women’s Scarf, Beauty Products and much more.

3. Ladies Clothing Shop

In India, the Market size of women’s traditional clothes was 92000 crores in 2018. It is estimated that this market will reach 170000 crores in 2023 .

This market is growing extremely fast. You can start your own women’s Apparel shop. The Market size and demand is very huge in this market.

You can also start a specialized store like a saree shop or a women’s dress shop.

You can make good money from this business idea in India.

4. Kids Clothing Shop

Like other clothing businesses, the kid’s clothing market is also a very big market.

Most of you already know that Apparel Market is huge but do you know? that huge portion of this market is children’s clothing.

It is estimated that this market will reach 170000 crores in 2028 . You have a big opportunity in this market.

You can sell different types of kid’s clothes in your shop. To make your business successful, You have to sell clothes that children will love like clothes with cartoon prints

5. Bangles Shop

Bangles are very popular traditional Jewellery in India. Indian & Asian Women love these beautiful bangles.

In Indian culture, bangles are very important. It is considered an ornament of good fortune.

There is a huge demand for bangles in India & some Asian countries. You can sell many different types of bangles.

Bangles are especially liked because of their different colours and designs.

You can start a bangles shop. It is a well-known business in India. You can easily start this business.

6. Mobile Retail Shop

Nowadays almost everyone has their own mobile or smartphone. Last year, more than 150 crore smartphones have been sold in the world.

The number of mobile users in India has increased by more than 50 Crores and it is just a small part of the total population of India. This number is going to increase rapidly.

After the arrival of Jio, the number of mobile users and Internet users has increased.

Every day, new Smartphone Models are coming into the market. You can become a mobile seller. You can sell high-quality Smartphones in your shop.

A mobile runs properly for 3 to 4 years and if someone takes great care, it will run for a few more months but after some time they have to take a new phone again.

If you sell a Smartphone of good quality and give good customer service together then you will get a lot of customers.

The market for mobile and smartphones is very large and it is going to grow, even more. You can take advantage of this big opportunity.

7. Mobile Recharge Point

A Mobile or smartphone is useless without a recharge. If the smartphone does not have internet data, then what is the use of that smartphone?

Nowadays people recharge their mobiles & smartphones every month. You can provide a mobile recharge service in your shop.

You can do this business with other mobile-related businesses or you can also do it with any other business.

You can generate a good side income from this business.

8. Dry Fruits Shop

Everyone likes dry fruits. Dry fruits are also used in many dishes. Indian Dry’s market has become around 30000 crores .

You can sell different types of dry fruits in your shop.

You can sell dry fruits like almonds, cashews, dates, Walnuts, and dry grapes.

You can earn good money from the Dry Fruits Business

9. Grocery Shop & General Store

The grocery store is considered one of the most Profitable Businesses in India. Everyone needs grocery items.

You can start a grocery store and a general store. Along with the grocery store, you can also sell other general items.

You should start your shop in the right area. Location is very important in this business.

To make your shop successful, you have to make good relations with customers.

Your shop should have all the necessary items. Sell quality items in your shop.

10. Electronic Appliances Shop

The market of Indian Appliances and Consumer Electronic has reached 76400 crores in 2019 and it is estimated that this industry will double by 2025 i.e. it will become 148000 crores.

Electronic appliances are used everywhere whether it is home or office and without these, we cannot even imagine our life.

You can earn good money by starting an electronic appliances shop.

You can sell appliances like Washing machines , Tv, Mixer grinders, microwaves, refrigerators, Induction stoves, coolers, and many other appliances.

11. Gift Store

Nowadays everyone gives gifts to each other. There are Birthdays, Weddings, Celebrations, Success Parties, Corporates, and many more events where people give gifts to each other.

Gifts are also given to each other in Relationships. People gift each other to improve their relationships.

If the gift is unique then it is always remembered. A gift Shop can be a good business where you can earn good money by selling different types of unique gifts in your shop.

Gifts are given not only in personal life but also in corporates.

Before starting this business, do a little research such as which types of gifts are popular.

If you want to sell corporate gifts then research things such as what gifts are given to the corporates.

To make this business successful, you have to sell Unique and Attractive Gifts in your shop.

12. Tires Retail Shop

A car or bike is useless without tires. You can start a tire shop.

Either you can take a dealership or distributorship of a big company or you can start a retail store.

You can sell tires from different companies like MRF tires, CEAT tires, Apollo tires, TVS tires.

If someone has a bike or a car then he has to change the tires of his vehicle after a certain time. The market for this business is also very large.

You can also give other tire-related and automobile-related services.

13. Gas Stove & Accessories Shop

In India, The Market size of Gas stoves is about Rs. 8000 crores . The gas stove is the most important appliance in the kitchen. You can’t cook without a gas stove.

You can start a shop for gas stoves and their accessories. You can also give related services like Gas Stove Repairing. You can also give home service to your customers.

The gas Stove market is very big & you have a big opportunity in this business.

The government of India is using many schemes to increase gas users in India.

You can take advantage of this Opportunity and start a good business.

14. Bedroom Products

You can start a bedroom products store.

A bedroom is incomplete without products & things like mattresses, pillows, blankets, bedsheets, curtains, pillow covers, sheets, bedroom lamps, quilts, decorative pillows, and more.

There is a huge demand for these products in the market.

If you want, you can also start a specialized shop such as a mattress shop or you can also start a general shop for all Bedroom Products.

This is an extremely profitable business. You can also take dealerships of many good brands.

You can make huge money from this business idea.

15. Home Products Shop

In every home, There are some useful items or utilities. Most of our work totally depends on those items and utilities.

There are many small things, tools, and products that are very useful to people.

You can start a home products shop. You can sell things like Buckets, Cleaners, Home Cleaning Tools, dustbins, Storage Boxes & much more.

To start this business, you have to buy products wholesale. You can also find many wholesale suppliers on the internet.

You will find many such shops around your area or in your city. You can visit such shops and see what items are sold in that shop.

You can also search on the Internet and get complete information about it.

16. Kitchen Wares & Utensils Shop

In every home, there is a kitchen & there are many things, tools, products, utensils, and appliances without which the kitchen is incomplete.

In the kitchen, these things are always needed. Different utensils and items are always needed for cooking, storing food and goods, eating food, or drinking water.

The kitchen is useless without these products. Indian women are always eager to buy kitchen items.

You can start a kitchenware and utensils shop, everything in the kitchen should be in your shop such as spoons, utensils, thali, kadhai, dishes, cups food storage & much more.

As long as there is a kitchen, this business will be in demand.

You can also sell some unique and attractive products in your shop to attract more customers.

17. Bags Shop

Bags are a very useful item. Students and travellers always need Bags.

You can start a bag shop. You can sell many different types of Bags like School Bags, Travel Bags, Backpacks, Cross-body Bags, Handbags, Luggage, and Shopping Bags.

If you want, you can sell only a few types of bags in your shop, such as only School bags and College Bags.

You can earn good money from this business

Unique Business Ideas In India

1. export business.

India is one of the top exporters in the world. In today’s time, there is a huge opportunity in the export business in India.

Many countries around the world are banning Chinese Products and Services, so this is a big opportunity for you.

There was a great need & demand for Chinese products in the world and because of the ban on Chinese products and services, this huge demand is not getting fulfilled.

If you can complete that Demand, then you can earn crores of rupees from Export Business.

You will also get a subsidy from the government of India for your foreign travel.

You also get help from the government for export business, because you are helping our economy with this business.

India exports products mostly to the United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands & Nepal.

There are many big and small manufacturers and farmers in our country and many of them want to export their products abroad but they are not able to do this.

You can start your export business and you can export their products all over the world.

To start this business, you have to fulfil some legal requirements.

Some licenses are required for the export business. You will get all the information about this business on Google and you can also visit your nearest District Industries Center for more information.

2. Ola / Uber Partner

Ola and Uber are some of the world’s largest cab companies. Ola and Uber’s network has become very large in India.

Nowadays, everyone books online taxis. There is no need to find taxis or rickshaws on the road book a taxi or rickshaw from their mobile or Smartphone.

These two Cab Companies are very large companies. Everyone knows them. Their customer base is very large.

The most important thing about these cab companies is that they do not own a single taxi or car in their network. Whatever taxis or cars are on their network are belongs to the common people.

You can do business with them. You can earn money by connecting your car with them. If you do not have a car, you can become a driver & you will get a car from them.

There are many other ways to work with them. You can get complete information about Ola Partner Program by going to .

You will get detailed information about their program on their website .

3. Bank ATM Business

There are many types of banks that exist in India such as Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Regional Rural Banks, Foreign Banks, Co-Operative Banks, Small Finance Banks, and Payment Banks.

Many people do not know that they can install a bank ATM on their place or land. You can rent your place for a bank ATM. It is different from the normal renting business.

If you have your own place in a crowded area, then you can earn money by installing an ATM in a famous bank.

You can get complete information about this business by visiting the related bank. Research completely before starting this business.

Understand the laws and policies of related banks & see if this business is good for you or not for you.

4. Artificial / Fashion Jewellery

Some years ago, If someone had to buy jewellery then they had to spend lots of money but these days peoples are able to buy jewellery at a cheap price.

The biggest reason for this is Imitation jewellery or artificial jewellery. These days, peoples like to wear artificial or Imitation jewellery because there are many benefits of it.

People can buy this jewellery at a p price. It is safer and more secure. They can buy many different types of jewellery.

You can start your own Artificial Jewellery shop.

You can also do this business online like you can sell this jewellery through a website or an e-commerce store.

You can also sell this jewellery on big e-comm platforms like Amazon and eBay .

​​5. Old Bikes & Old Cars Selling Business

Everyone wants to have their own bike or car but everyone can not buy a new bike or a new car.

Their Earnings or savings are not enough to buy a Brand New Bike or a Car.

These people want to buy a Second Hand / Used Bike or Car because they get it at a very cheap price.

You can start an old bike and cars selling business.

All you have to do is start your business and those who have to sell their old bike or car will come to you and tell you.

You have to get complete information about their vehicles such as Bike Model or Car Model, Purchase Date, Total Kilometers, and Average.

Whenever someone wants to buy an old bike or car then he can get in touch with you.

You can earn a good commission or you can sell that bike or car at a completely new price.

You will get a good Profit Margin in this business.

6. Amazon Delivery Business

Amazon has become the world’s largest e-commerce company. Amazon has been growing very fast in India in the last few years.

Nowadays every person is shopping online. Anyone sitting at home, using the Internet from their Smartphone or computer, can buy whatever they want.

One of the main reasons for Amazon’s success is its fast shipping. Some of Amazon’s shipping services are so fast that you order in the morning and by the evening your product reaches your home.

Amazon wants to increase its Shipping Speed ​​further & hence Amazon is giving you a very good Business Opportunity.

You can become a Delivery Partner of Amazon.

For this business, you will get all the needed support. You will get everything from Amazon like Software, Tools, and Technology.

You will get complete information about this business on

You can also talk to their customer care and ask your questions and doubts.

Amazon’s market is very big, Amazon ships Crores of products to its customers. You have a huge opportunity and you can take advantage of it.

7. Mini Travel Agency

Everyone likes to travel. People enjoy their holidays or weekends by travelling to new places.

If people try to travel by themselves, then they face a lot of problems.

Generally, People don’t know about new cities & new places. They get problems like where to stay in the new city, which hotel to at, how to travel, and which spots to visit.

You can start your own mini travel agency. If you have your own car then you can arrange small tours to different places.

You can give all the services of a travel agency. By starting at a small level, you can build a big travel agency in the future.

8. Tourist Guide Supplier

You can become a tourist guide supplier. If you live in a tourist place or tourist area, then you can start this business.

Whenever a tourist comes from outside then they do not have full knowledge about the tourist place.

To start this business, you will need some people who have complete knowledge of that tourist place. You can start your business by hiring such people.

You can get a shop on rent so anyone who needs a Tourist Guide can come to your shop and get a Tourist Guide at a fixed price.

If you live in a tourist area then you can do this business with other businesses.

With this business, You can give employment to other people. You can also earn good money from this business.

9. House Cleaning

Everyone likes to keep their home clean but not everyone can keep their house clean. There can be many reasons for this.

In cities, both husband and wife go to jobs, so they do not get time to clean their house. In India, people clean their homes deeply during the festive seasons.

You can start a house cleaning business. Many peoples are earning good money by doing this business. Cleaning, you create a huge business.

If you target the right customers, then your business will definitely succeed.

10. Shops Cleaning

You can start a Shops Cleaning Business. If you clean the shops at the right price, then you can earn good money.

There are many shops in every city and everyone wants to keep their shops clean but they cannot get time to do that.

They run businesses and it is natural that they earn good money.

Their time is valuable for them, so instead of cleaning the shops on their own, if someone else cleans their shop at the right price, then it will be beneficial to them.

You can do deep cleaning of shops.

11. Corporate Cleaning

You can start a corporate cleaning business.

Along with the big companies, you can also give cleaning services to small companies and small manufacturing plants.

There are many daily works & tasks inside every company, by which company becomes very dirty. If you start a cleaning business, then you earn good money from this business.

You can start with small companies and as soon as you get experience then you can get cleaning contracts from big corporations.

12. Job Recruitment Services

Unemployment has become the biggest problem in India.

So many peoples are educated but do not gets any jobs. You can start your job recruitment service.

Here, you work as a mediator.

Those who need a job can contact you and if there are requirements for Employees or Workers in a company, then that company will also contact you.

You can start this business with a low investment.

To make this business successful, you have to increase your contacts within corporations. You have to stay in touch with the HR departments of the companies.

If you want, you can work in the HR departments of companies for the experience.

You do not need to work in all Sectors, you can give this service to a specific sector.

Before starting this business, you have to select a good sector.

With this business, you can help other people to get jobs. You can also make good money from this business.

13. Labor & Manpower Supplier

Labours and manpower are required in every sector.

Many businesses are shut down because they did not get good labour or good manpower.

There is always a need for labour in the Private Sector as well as in Government and Semi-Government sectors .

You will need to fulfil some legal requirements for this business. You will need some licenses to start this business. You can search on Google or Youtube for more information about licenses.

You can also get more information about this business by visiting the District Industries Center in your area.

You can become a Labor and Manpower Supplier. You can make huge money from this business.

14. Franchise Business

Franchise Business is a very famous business. Many people are doing this business successfully. You can also start this business.

You can get a franchise of a good company or a brand. Many big companies use Franchise Models to grow their business.

You can take their franchise and start your own business.

In this business, you get a readymade business. You also get all technologies, processes & methods which needs to run that business.

Many brands are very popular in the market and they already have a huge customer base in the market so you also get benefits from it.

Before selecting any brand, do good research on it like its Investment, Market size, Competition, Targets, and Policies.

15. Security Services

Security is the most important thing for everyone. Security is required in businesses, companies, hospitals, schools, colleges, banks, and many other places.

You can start a business of Security Services. This business requires a few licenses. You can get information about all those licenses on the internet. You must have all the necessary licenses to start this business.

Before starting this business, you should get all the necessary information about this business. You can research on google to know more about this business.

In your state, there will be some organizations that help new businesses. You can visit them for more information.

But before visiting any organization, check its Authenticity.

In your area, there will be a district industry centre, you can visit it to get some important information about this business.

You can earn a lot of money from this business.

16. Contractor Business

You can become a Contractor. This Business falls in the Service Sector category.

There is a huge opportunity for the contractor Business. This business has a bright future.

You do not need any special education to become a contractor. Anyone can start this business.

To become a contractor you just need to know about it. You can research on the internet or you can work with a contractor to learn more about this business.

You can get private contracts as well as government contracts. The government sector and private sector both need this service.

Contractors are needed in every department/sector of government. There are thousands of government works where contractors are needed.

You can do many different types of work such as road construction, street lighting, IT services, CCTV installation, and construction business.

You can also take small and big contracts in the private sector.

Some licenses are required to start this business. You have to gather information about it in detail.

You will get information about it on Google or you will get information from district industry centres.

There are many business organizations in India where you can get information about these businesses.

You can read Success Stories of Successful Contractors, and from that, you will get a lot of information and learnings.

17. Study Room service

Millions of students come from outside to study in cities.

There is a lot of crowd in cities. Along with this many loud noises are also around because of which students can’t study or read properly.

You can start the study room business. This business is quite popular in cities. This business is largely lik. Where students can study peacefully.

You can also keep the Study Room simple or you can make it absolutely Royal as you can also give all facilities.

You can make the Study Room according to your budget.

If you want, you can visit some good study rooms & understand their business.

18. Distributor / Dealership Business

Nowadays every manufacturer uses distributors to sell their products because there are many benefits of using distributors.

Manufacturers get great benefits in marketing from distributors. They can sell their products all over the country and also outside the country.

Experienced Distributors already have a large network of customers, then the manufacturer also gets the benefit of this big network.

Every manufacturer wants to have distributors to sell their products and hence they give a lot of Offers and Benefits to Distributors.

You can become a distributor. Good distributors are always needed in the market. Almost all small and big brands use Distributors or Dealers to sell their products.

You can take advantage of this opportunity.

Innovative Business Ideas In India

1. organic fruits & vegetable seller.

Fruits and vegetables are very essential components of our food. We get many nutrients from fruits and vegetables, they are very important for our health.

In today’s time, all the fruits and vegetables found in the market are filled with chemicals inside them. The Fertilizers and Pesticides used are not good for our health.

Different types of injections are given to fruits and vegetables. They prove to be very harmful to people’s health.

You must have noticed that nowadays, even the youngest people have major diseases, one of the main reasons for this is that they are eating food which is full of chemicals.

Slowly people are becoming aware of it.

You can sell organic fruits and vegetables because there is a huge need for organic fruits and vegetables.

In the beginning, you can become a small seller. All you need to do is find a farmer that grows organic fruits and vegetables.

You have to buy fruits and vegetables from them and sell them in the market.

You can do this business in a little professional way. You can sell these fruits and vegetables from house to house or you can sell them from your shop.

You have to do marketing properly to make this business successful. You have to explain the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables to other people.

You also have to tell them how the fruits and vegetables they are eating are harmful to their health.

With this, you are not doing just a business but also saving people’s lives. You are making the whole society healthy.

There is going to be a huge demand for this business in the future.

2. Organic Farming

Whether you do farming or not, your life is entirely dependent on farming.

The fertilizers and pesticides used in farming are harmful to our health.

People are becoming aware of it. They are understand the importance of chemical-free food

Organic farming is going to get much more important in the future. If you have your own farm then you can do organic farming.

3. Homemade Sweet Shop

Everyone likes sweets, but the sweets in the market are harmful to people’s health.

Many unhealthy things are mixed in the sweets available in the market, which can cause big diseases.

Initially, You can start this business from your home.

There are a lot of sweets in our Indian culture that is made in our home. Many of these sweets are not available in the market.

You can sell these sweets by adding your unique test to them.

All you have to sell homemade fresh and healthy sweets. Do not keep or sell any Unhealthy sweets in your shop.

You can also do the marketing of your shop in this way – you can tell people that in our shop they will get healthy and homemade sweets.

4. Customized Food Recipes Supplier

If you know how to make some good recipes or if you are interested in food-related businesses, then you can start this business.

You can start this business from your home with a very low investment.

If someone wants to eat something then they will give you order & you will make that food recipe & deliver that order to the customer.

In India, people with different cultures live together. Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali and Marathi there are many different cultures in our country.

Different types of foods are made in every culture. In every culture, some food dishes & recipes are popular.

Peoples living around you also like these food dishes & recipes.

You can get some of your visiting cards printed and start this business.

You can give customized food recipes to people.

With this business, you can earn good money. In the future, you can start your own shop.

5. Food Truck

In India, this is a new business idea & due to this, there is very less competition for it.

You can start your own food truck business.

The food truck has many benefits. You can start this business with absolutely low investment. Operating Expenses are very less as compared to other hotel businesses.

This business looks attractive and hence many customers are attracted to this business.

You do not need to buy any place, you can take your hotel with you and go everywhere. If you do not find a customer in one place then you can go to another place.

You can experiment by going to different places, you can see where customers are getting and where not.

The food truck business can be very profitable, you can make a big brand with this business.

6. Beauty Parlour

The beauty parlour business is a very profitable business. Every woman needs this service.

You can do a beauty parlour course and then start your own beauty parlour. This is a very famous business idea in India. This business idea is perfect for Housewives, Women and Girls.

You can add some uniqueness to your business such as you can start an organic beauty parlour. It will give you a competitive advantage.

You can also sell women’s products and accessories in your shop.

7. Printed Clothes & Accessories Shop

Nowadays, people like to wear printed clothes. People like to have a nice tagline or text on their T-shirts.

You can also get orders from companies, businesses & organizations. They give their logo printed t-shirts to their employees & workers.

There are many cultural events and festivals in India. You can also take their orders.

You can also sell printed accessories like hats, bags, mugs or cups. You can print on many different types of accessories.

To start this business, you do not need to have an Expert graphic designer. You just need to have a basic knowledge of design to start this business.

You can print different types of Images, Graphics, Titles, Quotes, Taglines, Famous Words, and Sayings.

There are many software and tools available to create your design.

Machines needed for printing are available in the market. Many different companies sell these machines so you will get many options.

You can also do this business online. You can sell your printed products through your website or an e-commerce store.

8. Tourist Place & Picnic Spot

You can create your own Tourist Place or a Picnic Spot.

If you have good land, then you can give a Village Experience to people such as bullock cart ride, village life, Indian Traditional food, Indian Traditional Cooking

You can give a complete package to your customer which involves all the above things. You can charge a fixed amount for each person.

You can add many different things to this package.

You can create an awesome experience. If you live in a village or you have a farm or a house in a village, then you can do this business very easily.

Many peoples are doing this business and making good money out of it.

Many foreigners visit India to experience this village life. You can charge them in dollars.

There are many people in India who have never experienced village life, hence they will also enjoy this village experience.

There is another way to do this type of business.

You can make a spot where you can make a nice little garden, where young children can play, people can take photos & spend their weekends.

Your spot should give a different experience. Your earnings depend on the quality of the experience.

You can do many different businesses at your spot like you can start a nice hotel.

You can give different things near your hotel like horse riding, bullock cart rides, and camel rides.

You have to make your spot visually attractive so people with love it.

You have to make your Spot absolutely unique like a hotel where you can sit and eat on the Indian Traditional cot instead of tables and chairs or You can make the hotel look exactly like a hut

I have visited this type of hotel & Spot myself. That hotel makes huge money.

For customers, you can Tia Up with Travel Agents. You can give them a commission on each customer.

You can also Tie-Up with Travel Agents from foreign countries to get foreign customers.

You can list your business on websites like by which you will get good customers.

You can do digital marketing. You can advertise in your city or in nearby cities.

You can earn good money by giving people a Memorable Experience.

9. Alternative Therapies Center

Nowadays, everyone’s lifestyle has changed. The way of working has also changed and because of this people are getting many health problems.

People use mobile for hours. They work for a long time on the computer. They sit and watch TV for many hours.

People are doing less physical activities and due to this, they are getting health problems like back pain, neck pain, headaches, stomach related diseases.

Do you experience such health problems in your life?

Almost Everyone is getting these health problems. These health problems are going to increase with time.

You can start an Alternative Therapies Center. You can give solutions to people’s health problems.

There are many types of alternative therapies like Acupressure, Magnet Therapy, Color Therapy, Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, and Sujok.

If you solve people’s health problems, then your business will get lots of Mouth Publicity. If you solve the health problem of one person then he will bring many peoples to your centre.

To start this business you should have the necessary knowledge, education, and experience in these Therapies. You will also find many Courses on the market. You can learn all of these therapies.

You can start this business from your home.

In the beginning, you can give this service for free. If people get the results and the number of free customers increases then you can start charging small Fees.

You can make lots of money from this business.

Very Low Investment Business Ideas In India

1. juice shop.

You can start your own Juice shop. Different types of juices are very useful for a healthy life.

Everyone likes tasty Juices & these juices keep people healthy.

Apart from fruits, you can also make juices from different vegetables.

Many different fruits and vegetables are very beneficial for health but people do not eat them.

If you make some tasty juices from these fruits and vegetables then people will benefit greatly from this.

But before starting this business, study these fruits and vegetables scientifically. Do not make Juices by mixing anything.

Start this business only after learning and understanding it properly.

You can start this business with a very low investment. In the future, you can open separate branches or you can give your franchise to other people.

2. Homemade Eatery

No one can survive without food. Every human being in the world needs food to stay alive.

You can start your own restaurant. You can earn a lot of money from the restaurant business.

This is a business that has always been needed and it will be needed in future as well.

This is a business that will never stop because as long as there are humans and animals in this world, there will always be a need to eat food.

If you give homemade food from your shop, many people will come to your shop and will become your loyal customers. You can also start this business from your home.

3. Breakfast Corner

Breakfast is considered very important to stay healthy. People always need a good breakfast but due to some reason or time, they are not able to have a good breakfast.

You may have seen many hotels and Breakfast Corners in the city where you live, but the hotels that offer Healthy Breakfasts will be very few.

There are many hotels and canteens in the market outside, but a Healthy Breakfast is not found anywhere.

If you start a Healthy Breakfast Corner, then you can make good money from this business.

You only have to give healthy breakfast or Healthy Food inside your shop, do not give any unhealthy thing to your customer.

4. Food Stall

If you want to start a business related to food, then this is the best option because you can start this business with a very small investment.

According to research, many businessmen who run food stalls earn around 100000 rupees every month.

This business seems very small but you can earn lakhs of rupees from it.

If you can make two to three good food recipes, then you can start this business very easily.

If you do not have experience in cooking and if you have an interest in this business then you can learn to cook.

In the beginning, you can make different food recipes at your home. You can feed it to your family and can take feedback from them.

You can scale your business in the future by starting at a small level.

5. Tiffin Service

Many people live away from their homes due to a job or for education.

There are millions of Bachelor people living in big cities and all of them need a good meal.

In addition, those who are married also need Tiffin.

Nowadays, both husband and wife work outside, so due to this they cannot get time, so Married Couples can also become a good customers.

You can start your own Tiffin Service. You can start this business from your home.

You do not need a big investment to start this business. You can start this business with a very low investment.

6. Yoga Classes

You can start your own yoga classes. Nowadays everyone is becoming aware of their health.

Nowadays, People’s lifestyle has changed & it is causing many health problems.

Many people sit and work throughout the day, due to which they are suffering from problems like backache and back pain

If you start yoga classes, then you can solve many big health problems for these people.

You should know everything about yoga properly. If you do not know Yoga then you can learn it.

Yoga has become very important in today’s time. If you start teaching yoga, then you can generate a good income from it.

7. Dance Classes

You can start your own Dance Classes. You can teach dance to children as well as elders.

Dance is a good exercise, so many people can do this as exercise.

There are many types of Dance Classes.

You can teach Zumba. Zumba Classes have become very popular in many cities. If you don’t know Zumba then you can learn it too.

You can start this business from your home and no major investment is needed for this. It just needs a good skill

In the beginning, you can start with fewer students, but gradually the number of students will also increase.

8. Academic Tuition

Nowadays, whether it is a city or a village, everyone is becoming aware of education.

People send their children to schools and colleges for education But the children do not get a good education.

Despite paying a huge fee, the quality of education in schools and colleges is not so good.

If you start teaching business. It will improve children’s future and you can make good money from this business.

You can start this business from your home. You can start this business with a low investment.

Many parents demand Home Tuition for their children. You can teach those children from their homes and charge good fees for it.

You can earn huge money from the tuition business.

9. English Speaking Classes

The English Language is spoken all over the world. If you cannot speak English then you may face a lot of problems.

In some big companies, only English is spoken.

You can start English Speaking Classes. This skill has a big demand in the market

In this class, you can teach children as well as adults.

To start this business, your English should be good. Your English speaking skills should be good.

There are many English-speaking classes available in the market and they are making good money.

If you want, you can start this business from your home.

10. Personality Development Courses

Everyone wants a good personality. A good personality is very beneficial in personal life as well as in professional life.

A good personality is Extremely useful whether you are doing a job or doing business.

You can start a Personality Development Classes. In this class, you can teach many different skills such as Communication Skills, Public Speaking, and Stage Daring.

Such classes are in great demand in the market. Those people who want to do a job can benefit from this class for your interview.

Those who do business and marketing can also benefit from this class.

You have to work on your personality before starting this business. You will have to study this topic closely.

You can start this business absolutely with Low Investment.

11. Cooking Classes

If you are good at cooking then you can start your cooking classes.

Many women such as newly married women do not know how to cook. Many men want to learn cooking so you will get many students.

There are many types of cooking classes that you can start such as you can teach to make certain recipes or foods or you can teach general cooking.

If you have an interest in cooking and you are good at cooking then you can definitely start this business.

You can start this business from your home with a low investment.

12. Tailoring Service

Peoples always need clothes and they are not so rich that they can throw away clothes when clothes burst a little.

There is always a need to sew clothes.

Many people do not wear readymade clothes, they like to wear clothes with customized fitting.

Women get their blouses stitched by a tailor. The tailoring of girl’s and women’s dresses is also done by the teller.

You can also become a specialized teller. You can give many types of different services such as fitting of clothes, buttoning, and chain fixing.

If you have this tailoring skill then you can start this business in India.

13. Motivational Speaker

If your communication skill is good then you can become a Motivational speaker.

This business has become very popular.

This business is very famous on YouTube. There are so many motivational speakers on youtube.

If you want, you can start this business by starting your own YouTube channel. You can give motivational speeches on youtube videos. You can tell motivational stories & much more.

Once you become popular on youtube then you will get many invitations from different events for a motivational speech

You can earn money from YouTube as well as from different events.

14. Men’s Hair Salon

You can start a men’s hair salon because it is a very important service.

If you stop eating food for some days still your hair will grow and if you want to look good then you have to cut your hair from time to time.

You can do shaving at home but it is difficult to cut your hair on your own. Many people do not do shaving at home & they always go to the nearest hair salon.

The market for this business is also very big. Nearly, All men in this world need this service.

You can start with a single shop and can scale to thousands of shops across the country.

15. Car / Bike Washing & Detailing Service

India’s automobile market has become one of the biggest markets in the world.

The biggest reason for this growth is India’s population. Indian population is very huge and it is growing very fast. The number of Car & Bike users is also increasing.

Along with the automobile industry, related businesses are also growing. Car Washing and Detailing Service is one of those related businesses.

This Business seems very small but you can make good money from this business. Many people started with one shop & now has grown to hundreds of shops.

As long as people use bikes and cars, they are going to need Car Washing & Detailing Services.

You can start this business with a very low investment.

16. Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Ironing Business

You can give Laundry, Dry Cleaning, and Ironing services in a single shop.

These services are required daily. These days, everyone is busy with their work so they do not get time to do this work.

You can start this business with low investment.

Many peoples are doing this business through an online website or app.

To make this business successful, you have to start your shop in the right place. You have to give quality & timely service. You also have to target the right customers.

17. Seasonal Business

India is a country of festivals. There are lots of festivals in India. If you study the calendar hanging in your house, you will find that there are many festivals every month.

Every festival requires many items and services. You can start many of these businesses.

There are hundreds of businesses at every festival. If you want, you can do different business at different festivals.

There are also many seasonal businesses that you can do. Like you can do seasonal fruit business. You can do a seasonal clothing business.

At the start of the academic year, you can do stationery business.

You have to prepare a few months before doing seasonal business.

You can make a good income from seasonal businesses.

18. Financial Consultant / Financial Planner

If you have knowledge of Finance and Investment then you can become a Financial Consultant.

Most people do not know much about finance and investment. They do not know where to invest and where to not.

You can help them with this.

Many times people want to do financial planning. They want to invest their money in the right place or they want to do future planning for their money.

To start this business, you must have good knowledge & experience. Before starting this business, you can work somewhere for Experience.

19. Babysitter Services

Nowadays husband and wife both stay out of the house due to jobs because of this they are unable to take care of their children.

You can start a babysitter service business. You can hire others for this work.

To make this business successful, you have to target the right customers. You have to reach the people who need this service.

Another important thing is that you will also have to check the character of the people you will hire.

While hiring people, their nature and their background will have to be investigated.

With this business, you get a huge responsibility. You are responsible for someone else’s children.

To make this business successful, you have to hire good people.

20. Wedding Planner

In India, Weddings are celebrated as a big festival. One crore marriages happen in India every year and most of the marriages are done with great pomp.

In India, Marriage is not a small thing. It has to handle many things like Dance, Music, Decorations, Colors, Costumes , Food, and Rituals.

People do not handle all these things properly so need a wedding planner.

Most people marry only once in life and everyone wants their or their children’s marriage should be memorable.

You can become a Wedding Planner and earn good money by making people’s weddings special & memorable.

21. Decoration & Mandap Supplier

Decorations and pavilions are required for different events. pavilions ( mandap ) are also required for different events in India.

Good decoration makes the events unique and interesting. Everyone wants their event should look unique but they do not have knowledge of decoration.

You can start Event Decoration & Mandap Business. To start this business, you must have a good knowledge of decoration. You can start this business with a low investment.

People spend lots of money on events and if you do good decoration then you can also earn good money from it.

Manufacturing Business Ideas In India

1. nails making business.

Nails are very useful. Many important tasks cannot be done without nails.

You must have used Kheel many times. Nail is also very important in hardware works. Nails are also called Wire Nails.

Nails are necessary for hardware, furniture, plumbing, construction, hanging something on the wall, for making frames and many more.

You can start Nail Manufacturing Business. You can get the necessary machines from the market.

Nails are extremely important and they are always needed in the market.

Before starting this business, it is important to research properly.

2. Wheat Biscuits / Cookies

Everyone like to eat biscuits, there are many different types of biscuits in the market.

There are many different brands in the market.

Not just children but adults also eat biscuits, but these biscuits are not right for their stomachs. A lot of stomach problems arise due to eating biscuits.

Biscuit causes stomach upset. It also causes constipation problems. Most of the biscuits are made from maida and maida is very bad for our health.

You can start a wheat biscuits-making business . These wheat biscuits will keep people healthy & you can make good money from this business

3. Chikki Making Business

Chikki is a famous food item that is liked by all people. Chikki is mainly made from jaggery and peanuts/ groundnuts.

Nowadays people are selling different types of Chikki in the market such as Murmura Chikki, Dry Fruits Chikki, and Sesame Chikki.

You can start Chikki making business, where you can make different types of Chikki for people.

You can learn the process of making Chikki very easily & then start your business.

Chikki is a good alternative to chocolate. You have to do this business in a unique way.

You can make your Chikki brand. You can make Chikki in different shapes.

You can export Chikki to other countries.

4. Organic Jaggery Making

Organic foods are needed in the market. People are slowly becoming aware and they are understanding the importance of Organic Food.

You can start an organic jaggery-making business. You can give people chemical-free jaggery. You can earn good money from this business.

Jaggery is a good alternative to sugar. Sugar does not contain any nutritional component but jaggery has many nutrients that are very good for our health.

Many people are doing this business and they are extremely successful in it.

You will find more information about this business in the district industry centre and you can also research this business on the Internet.

You can learn the process of making organic jaggery & then start this business.

The demand for organic food is going to increase in the future. You can export organic jaggery to other countries.

5. Paper Bag-Making Business

Paper Bag Business is going to have a very good future.

Nowadays everyone is becoming aware of environmental issues. Plastic Bags have also been banned in India.

Eco-friendly paper bags are a good alternative to plastic bags.

If you can give good paper bags at a cheap price, then you can earn good money. When anyone buys something in the market then they need a bag.

This business has a good market.

You can make paper bags with different designs & colours.

In the beginning, you can get paper bags from a wholesaler so you can sell those paper bags & see if it is working for you or not.

If you get a good response comes, then you can start the paper bag-making business.

Popular Business Ideas In India

1. fabrication business.

The fabrication business is a very popular business in India and people are earning good money from it.

You will find many fabrication shops in your city.

There is a huge Profit Margin in this business.

This business can be done at a small level and at a large level.

The fabrication business involves many services such as the making of Doors, Windows, Stairs, Railings, and cupboards.

It involves words like Welding, Cutting, Punching, Machining, Drilling, etc.

Some technical skills are also needed to start this business. You can learn those skills yourself or you can hire skilled employees.

To make this business successful, you must have proper knowledge of this business.

This is a very popular and profitable small business idea in India & you can also start this business.

2. Small Garage

As I said before that the automobile industry is growing very fast.

Everybody uses their own vehicles.

If someone has their own Two Wheeler or Car, then they always need garage services. Bikes and Cars always need these services.

You can start your Small Garage because this service is always needed in the market.

The number of car and motorcycle users is increasing and similarly related services are also increasing.

To make this business successful, your garage should be in the right location, so before starting a garage, select a good location.

3. Courier Services

Courier Services is an essential service. If someone wants to send something from one city to another, then they need a courier service.

Businesses always need this Courier Service.

Now you do not need to start a very big company. You can start this business from a very small level.

To get customers, you can go to different shops and tell those business owners about your services.

You can get a small shop on rent so those people who need Courier Service can directly visit your shop.

In the Beginning, you can keep your service area small. In the beginning, you can deliver parcels to the cities around you. Gradually you can scale your business and increase your service area.

Food is one of the most important things in our life. The hotel business is a very famous business idea in India.

You do not need to start a big five-star hotel, you can start with a small hotel.

To start a hotel business from a small level, you should have cooking skills yourself.

For Competitive Advantage, you can offer some different foods in your hotel.

There are many foods in the Indian culture. You can give this cultural food in your hotel. You can add your unique taste to these recipes.

5. Auto Spare Parts Shop

As long as people use vehicles. spare parts for Automobiles will also be needed.

Many times Bikes or cars get damaged. Many times a car or bike gets a problem with it.

You can sell spare parts for two-wheelers or for four-wheelers. If you want, you can also sell for both.

You have to sell different types of spare parts such as Brake Parts & Rubber Components, Transmission Parts, Nuts, Bolts, and Auto Electrical Parts.

You can also offer other Automobile services such as Repairing Service, Washing services.

6. Driving School Business

Car driving is a skill and it has to be learned. If someone tries to drive a car without learning, then he or she is more likely to be in an accident.

Before driving a car, it is important to learn the skill of driving a car, even if you have to spend a little money on it.

You can start a driving school where you can teach Car Driving to other people. You can charge a fixed fee for complete training.

To start this business, your driving must be good.

You can use Digital Marketing to get more customers.

7. Furniture Business

Furniture is the pride of every home. Today almost every person wants to have good furniture in their home or office.

The market for the furniture business is very large. In India, more than 1500000 crores in revenue has been generated from Furniture Business in 2020 and this number is growing very rapidly.

You can make huge money from the furniture business.

You can start a shop locally or you can start an online e-commerce store or a website or you can use both methods.

You can make customized furniture for people.

You can give many types of furniture like Sofas, Chairs, Benches, Dressers, Cases, Storage Cabinets, Tables, Home Decorative Furniture & much more.

For this business, you will need skilled workers / Carpenters.

If you want, you can learn these skills yourself or you can hire some skilled Carpenters.

Prices for furniture items are very high and hence you can make big money from this business.

If you deliver quality work, then your business will get a lot of Mouth Publicity and you will get more customers.

8. Inverter & Batteries Shop

Nowadays, there are Inverters and Batteries in every house. Batteries are also used in vehicles like cars & motorcycles.

You can start a shop for Inverters and Batteries. There are many different companies that sell batteries in the market. You must have seen such shops around.

Millions of people are using Two Wheelers and Four Wheeler, therefore Batteries are in Demand.

You can take distributorship of any big companies or you can start a Retail Shop.

Before starting this business, you should research around you and see which Batteries are in more demand. You can also research on the internet for more information about this business.

9. Electrician

You can become an Electrician. This is an essential service that is needed in every sector.

This business can be started with extremely low Investment. You must have the necessary education, technical knowledge, and experience to start this business.

If you do not have that then you can take that Education and Experience.

To get customers, you can stay in contact with the electrical shops.

You can start with yourself and as work increases, you can hire other people to work with you.

10. Tax Consultant / Accountant

Every business needs a Tax Consultant or Accountant. No matter how big the business is, they need a Chartered Accountant or Tax Consultant.

All Professionals require a CA. Engineers, lawyers, doctors, and all such professionals have to pay taxes and they need this service.

You can start this business, this is a very good profession & you can make lots of money from this business.

To start this business, you must have the necessary education & experience. You can get both things & start your business.

11. Event Management

There is a huge opportunity in the Event Management business. Profit is also very high in this business.

The market of this business is also very big because events take place everywhere. Nowadays every little thing becomes an event. People want to do Events but they don’t like to manage them.

You can start Event Management Business

You can manage many different events like Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Meetings, Festivals, Conferences, Ceremonies, Formal Parties, and Concerts.

People spend huge money on events like weddings and birthdays so you can earn big money from this business.

You can give halls for different events. You can also offer other related services.

You can give complete packages for different events so it includes everything needed for an event.

12. Catering Business

It is estimated that the size of the catering business in India has grown from 15000 crores to 20000 crores and not only that but its annual growth is 25% to 30% .

There is a big opportunity in the Catering Business.

In the beginning, you can take small orders and as your business grows, then you can start taking big orders.

To start the Catering Business you need some Licenses and Permits. You will get all the information about it on the Internet.

Nowadays, this service is required everywhere.

Weddings, Parties, Birthdays, Corporates, Social events, Concession, Healthcare Industry, Railways, Airlines and many other places where catering service is required.

You can earn a lot of profit with this Small Business Idea in India.

13. Room Rental

People come to the city for a job, study or a business & they need a room to live.

You can start a room rental business. You can earn a very good passive income from this business Idea. This is one of the very popular business ideas in India.

You will get a regular passive income from this business.

You can give room to bachelors or you can also give room to couples for rent.

This business is very popular in Indian cities, if you want, you can also start this business.

14. Real Estate Agent

You can become a Real Estate Agent.

Whenever someone has to buy a property, he can contact you and when someone has to sell a property, he can also contact you.

You will act as an intermediary.

You can earn a good commission from this business. Whenever a property is sold, you can earn a commission on every sell

A license is required to become a Real Estate Agent. You will get all his information on the Internet.

Property rates are very high. Even if you get a little commission, you can still earn very good money.

You can also buy or sell property online for your clients. You can also sell properties using Digital Marketing.

15. Building Material Suppliers

Whenever someone wants to do any kind of construction, they spend a lot of money.

The construction of a building requires many materials. You can become a Building Material Supplier.

If someone needs to do construction then you can supply materials to them.

You can supply Cement, Sand, Wood, Ready Mix Concrete, Bricks, Blocks, Metal, and whatever else material is required for construction.

In the beginning, you do not need to supply all the materials, you can sell only a few types of material. And as your business grows, you can start supplying other materials too.

16. Pipes & Plumbing Material Shop

Water is the most necessary component of our lives and plumbing is an important and necessary service related to it.

Pipes and Plumbing materials are needed in every field. This is always needed in the field of construction.

Pipes and Plumbing Materials are very important for plumbing works.

You can start a shop for Pipes and Plumbing materials. You can earn very well from this business.

You have to sell different types of pipes in your shop, such as PVC, CPVC, UPVC

You have to sell plumbing materials like Elbow, Socket, Cross, Plug, Union, End Plug, Reducer, Tee, Adapter, and Trap.

17. Electrical Shop

It is very hard to live without electricity. Our life becomes very difficult without electricity. It has become a necessary thing in our life.

Electricity is required everywhere such as in Business, Healthcare, Agriculture, Social, Internet, Industry Sector, Service Sector, and households.

You can start an Electrical Shop where you can sell related equipment, tools, and parts such as Cables, Wires, Switchgear & Accessories, Switches, Sockets, and Plugs .

All necessary equipment should be in your shop.

To make this business successful, you must start your shop in the right place.

18. Roofing Sheet Business

You can do roofing sheet business. It is one of the extremely important items in construction. There is always a need for roof sheets in the construction industry.

Roof sheets are used for Industrial Roofs, Backyards of homes, Garages, and Factories.

It is needed in every field commercial, industrial, and domestic.

Nowadays different types of roofing sheets are used such as Corrugated roofing sheets, polycarbonate roofing sheets, and metal roofing sheets.

You can earn good money from the roof sheet business. You can also become a distributor or a dealer in this field.

Technology-Based Business Ideas In India

1. grahak seva kendra / mini bank.

As I said earlier, there are many banks in India. The banking sector is growing very fast in India. Crores of people are using banking services.

As a result, businesses related to this sector are also increasing.

You can start a customer service centre ( Grahak Sewa Kendra ), also known as a mini bank.

In this mini bank, You have to give services such as Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, New Bank Account Opening, and many more banking services.

In grahak sewa kendra all services are offered at a small level.

In this business, you get a different percentage of commissions for different services.

To start this business, you can directly visit the bank and ask them about this business.

Banking services are very important services and everyone needs these services, if you start this business then you can earn a good income from it.

2. Digital Marketing

The world is now going digital, businesses are now moving from physical to digital.

According to the latest research, a common person is using the internet for 4 to 5 hours every day and this number is increasing very fast.

The market for digital marketing is growing very fast.

Nearly, All businesses are in need of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the Need of the times.

Last year, Amazon’s net revenue was 280.5 Billion US Dollars using Digital Marketing.

And not only Amazon, but lots of small and big businesses have used digital marketing to grow their business.

You can also grow your business by using this digital marketing or you can give this service of digital marketing to others.

Nowadays every business wants to do digital marketing for their business but they do not know how to do digital marketing.

But you can learn digital marketing and you can give them digital marketing services.

There are many methods of Digital Marketing like Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Youtube Video Marketing, SEO

You do not need to provide all of these services.

You can give them a single specialized service like Facebook Advertising Service or SEO Service.

3. YouTube Channel

Nowadays, videos are more popular than any other content on the internet. Everyone likes to watch videos on youtube.

YouTube has more than 200 Crore users worldwide and this number is increasing very fast.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

100 Crore hours of videos are watched daily on YouTube. You can create your own YouTube channel and earn good money.

You can create a YouTube channel on any topic.

If you have a good knowledge of a specific topic and other people are also interested in that topic, then you can start a YouTube channel on that topic.

Health, Fitness, Beauty, Business, Comedy, Entertainment, and Education are some popular topics on YouTube.

4. Blogging

Blogging is a very popular method to make money online. You can earn extremely good money from blogging.

There are many bloggers who are earning more than $ 50,000 US Dollars per month.

Whenever you search for something on Google then you get lots of websites & you can get the needed information from these websites. All are those websites are blogs.

On the blog, there are different articles, videos, and educational as well as informational content.

If you have a good knowledge of a specific topic and others are also interested in that topic, other peoples also want to learn or want to know about that topic, then you can start blogging on that topic.

You can start your blog or website at a very low cost. You can also start a blog for free.

It takes both time and effort to become successful in blogging.

In Blogging, you can earn money through Advertising or Affiliate Marketing. You can also sell your products and services from your website or blog.

There are many ways to make money with blogging.

5. Online Selling

Nowadays, people buy everything online.

Ecommerce has completely changed the way of doing business, according to research, the Indian E-commerce Market is going to grow to 20000 crores by 2026.

Profit generated in this market is also growing at the same speed. In 2019, Amazon’s Net Revenue has recorded as more than 28000 crores .

Most of the products that are sold on Amazon are sold by ordinary people like us.

You can sell your products not only in India but all over the world.

In India, If you want to sell your products from , then you do not have to pay any upfront fees, you can start your shop on Amazon for Free .

As soon as one of your products gets sold then Amazon takes a small commission on it.

If you want to sell products in India, then you can get complete information about this business by going to .

Like Amazon, there are many other E-commerce platforms on which you can sell your products.

Not only that –

You can start your own Ecommerce Website or Ecommerce Store. You can create your own E-commerce brand.

6. Freelance Business

India has become the second-fastest-growing freelance market in the world. There are around 1.5 crore freelancers who are working in India.

Many people are working independently in different fields like Business, marketing, sales, IT, programming, copywriting, data entry, finance, animation, videography, and content writing.

what is a freelancer or freelancing business?

Freelancers are those peoples who work Independently. They are not regular employees. Companies pay them according to their work.

Freelancing is an independent business.

Initially, you can work alone yourself and when the work increases then you can hire people to work with you.

Nowadays companies like to hire freelancers for their work because there are many benefits to it.

when a company hires a regular employee then a lot of expenses have to be incurred for that employee.

Office, sitting, light, infrastructure, maintenance, their training. Companies have to pay monthly payments.

But when companies work with freelancers then they do not have to spend money on these things.

There is a lot of scope in this business and it is going to increase day by day.

Now, this is how you will get to work. You can get work in two ways online or offline.

You can get information about this by visiting or contacting companies offline.

The best way to get work is online as freelancing business mostly operates online.

There are many websites on which you can get work. , , , and are some of the popular websites that you cannot work on.

7. Advertising Agency

Marketing is extremely important to make a business successful.

No matter how good your product or service is, if you are not doing correct marketing then you cannot be successful in your business.

Manufacturing or making a product is easy but selling that product is very challenging.

Advertising is very important but not everyone knows how to do it perfectly. You have a huge opportunity in this field.

You can start your own advertising agency. Every business needs an advertising service.

You can earn lakhs or even crores from this business. Before starting this business you have to learn marketing & advertising.

You can do all kinds of advertising like online advertising or offline advertising. You can give advertising service according to customer needs.

8. Social Media Manager

Nowadays everyone uses social media. Social media has become an important part of our life.

Social Media has become important not only in my personal life but also in my professional life.

Many businessmen, celebrities, brands, or professionals do not handle their social media accounts themselves because they do not have that much time or expertise in it.

They appoint someone else to operate social media Accounts.

Social media presence is very important for many professionals, businesses & people.

You can start a Social Media Management Service. In this business, you have to manage social media accounts for Businesses, Professionals & Other People.

You have to

Regular posts have to be posted on them. Images, posts and different content have to be uploaded on a Trending Topic. You also have to market your clients according to their needs.

There are many social media platforms on the Internet like Facebook , Instagram , Linkedin , and Twitter . You can only focus on one of them.

Before working on it, you must understand its market. You also have to know all the things about that platform.

for example –

What kind of posts work well on that platform, which type of people comes on that platform, and what type of content do they like?

You can earn good money from this business.

9. CSC ( common service centre)

The Indian government provides many different services. Many of these services are online. Nowadays, most of the services are becoming online. Whether it is government related or private.

You can open your own CSC Center. CSC means Common Service Center.

Where you can offer lots of online services to other people.

Such as Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Train Ticket Booking, Electricity Bill, Government Schemes, Government Documents, Some Licenses, Insurance, Agriculture Services

These services are very important services.

This is a very Profitable Low Investment Business Idea in India. You can start this business very easily.

You will find all the necessary information about starting the CSC centre at

Contact details are also given on this website. You can get more information by contacting them.

For CSC registration, you can visit .

10. Typing Service

Typing service is required service in the court area. Lawyers and people related to court always require Typing Services.

If you can do typing in English or in local languages, then you can start a typing service business in the court area.

You can also offer different services such as Xerox, Printing, and Related Services.

To start this business, you have to start your shop in the right place.

Increase contacts with the lawyers and people related to the court, and then you will get regular customers.

This is a good small business idea in India & you can start this business at a very low investment.

11. Computer Training Center

The whole world is moving towards technology. Technology has become mandatory in every field. Especially, You should know how to work on the computer.

It is very hard to handle technology without learning.

You can start at the Computer Training Institute. There are thousands of courses which you can teach in your centre.

You can give many different Courses like Basic Computer Training, Web Designing, Web Development, Photoshop, Animation, Graphic Design, Tally, and Programming.

There is a huge opportunity in this type of business.

To start this business you will need Skilled Employees. You should also have some of these skills by yourself.

Before starting this business, you can learn these skills yourself.

At the beginning of the business, you can start with some Basic Courses. Then slowly you can start giving Advance Courses by hiring Skilled Employees.

Education-related businesses are growing very fast. In the future, you can set up a big training centre.

12. Graphic Design Business

This era belongs to Visuals. Visuals are more effective in every field.

Everyone is attracted to good design and colourful things. Everyone knows this and hence Graphic Design is used in every sector.

Graphic Design is a very essential service in almost all fields such as Business, Social, Healthcare, National, and Political.

You can start the Graphic Design Business.

You can offer many services like Logo Design, Brochure Design, Website Design, Packaging Design, Advertise Design, Exhibition and Event Design, Branding, and Banner Design.

This is a very low-investment business idea in India.

To start this business, you should have knowledge of Graphic Design, you can learn graphic design online or you can also learn it in an Offline Institute.

13. Mobile Repair & Accessories Shop

If someone has a Mobile or Smartphone, then it gets defective after some time and almost everyone has a Mobile or Smartphone.

You can start your own mobile repair shop. You can do a small course on the mobile repair. There are many courses that are available in the market.

The number of mobile users is going to increase day by day. This is a very big market.

You do not need to make a big investment in this business. You can start this business with a low investment.

You can start this business alone and as your business grows, you can hire others and increase your income further.

With Mobile Repairing you can also sell Mobile and Smartphone accessories such as Headphones, Bluetooth Speaker, Charger

You can also earn good money by selling these accessories.

More Business Ideas In India

Conclusion: –.

The best way to start a business is to start small and then slowly scale the business. It reduces the risk and you can start your business with a small budget.

No business is small or big. It is up to you how you start & scale your business.

Before starting any business, you should do proper research on that business idea.

We will upload many more business ideas on

We are also going to upload lots of useful content about business and marketing.

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Moneyexcel - Personal Finance Blog

20 Small Business Ideas in India for High Profits – 2023

20 Small Business Ideas in India – There are multiple small business ideas available across the Internet. You need to select the best business idea considering your skill set and future business potential. Well, if you are planning to start a new business in 2023 and looking for small business ideas I have prepared a list of 20 small business ideas that can help you to generate big money in 2023.

All these business ideas given in the list are selected based on a few basic requirements such as –

  • Future business potential and profitability.
  • It can be started with low or medium investment.
  • The skillset required for these business ideas is moderate and does not require long-term experience.
  • It can survive in the adverse economic situation also.

A few business ideas from the list are home-based and others required you to rent a premises and hire a certain number of employees.

So, now without taking much of your time, let’s explore  20   Small Business Ideas in India for 2023.

20 Small Business Ideas in India for 2023

#1 solar power office and home.

Electricity is a basic requirement for a human being. Electricity is required for residential, commercial as well as industrial applications. Solar energy is a powerful source that can be used for the generation of electricity. In this business, you need to sell solar power plants and solar project solutions. You need to install a solar grid at home or office premises and generate energy from the grid. You will need a solar panel grid, solar inverter, battery, wires, and competent manpower for the installation and maintenance of the system.

#2 Warehouse or Inventory Management for e-commerce

Most online e-commerce companies are running out of warehouse and inventory management across cities. This gives birth to a new business called warehouse or inventory management. This business requires a lot of manpower and space for the warehouse. In the initial stage, you can start this business from a small city and later stage you can expand.

#3 Vertical Farming & Gardening

Vertical farming & gardening is a promising business ideas for the future. In this business, you need to take an assignment to build a garden in the office or home area. In addition to that, you can start vertical farming in which you need to beautify walls by growing plants. Most small and medium businesses opt for vertical farming. Thus it is a very good business option.

#4 Wearable Business

Wearable products such as a smartwatch, rings, wristbands, pins, and smart devices are becoming popular nowadays. Most of these products are imported. You can start the business of importing wearables for selling them here. It is going to be a lucrative business option. You need to carry out proper market research before starting this business.

#5 Travel Planning

Travel planning is a lucrative career option. In the travel planning business, you need to plan travel for people. You should have good knowledge of hotels, bookings, and routes. This will help you in planning travel for the people. You can take a franchise of famous travel companies to quickly establish your business. To generate invoices you can make use of the Zintego Invoice Generator . Zintego helps you to generate invoices from the desktop as well as from Mobile.

# 6 Organic Food Store

Organic food is food that is grown naturally without using fertilizer and chemicals. Organic food is becoming popular in India. Thus starting your organic food store could be a lucrative business option. It is recommended to do a tie-up with farmers directly for getting a constant food supply of vegetables and fruits.

#7 Antique Dealer

An antique dealer is a person that deals in antique items. To become an antique dealer, you need to start gathering antique showpieces, and items. You will lot of money to start an antique dealer business. These types of items are purchased by high-net-worth individuals in India as well as abroad.

#8 Online Coaching

Online Coaching is next on the list of business ideas for 2023. You can start an online coaching business from home. Firstly, you need to prepare content for various subjects. You can prepare videos and post them on YouTube or you can give subscription-based online coaching using Skype, WebEx, zoom, or other coaching tools.

#9 Internet & Cyber Security

The incidents of hacking and security incidents are increasing rapidly. This gives birth to a new career option called a cybersecurity specialist. In this business, you need to help companies in protecting their infrastructure, application, and websites from cyber-attacks. You have to undergo a course to get expertise in this field. Once your business grows you need to employ people as a helping hand.

#10 Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is a lucrative business option. In this business, you need to develop a mobile app based on customer requirements. You can design even your mobile app or game for making money. You require a team of extremely knowledgeable people in Android and iOS app development.

250 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2023

#11 Weight Loss Center

Weight loss is one of the most discussed topics among everyone. You can start your weight loss center. In a weight loss center first, you need to design a weight loss plan with exercise, a diet plan, and using medicine. It is a good idea to get certification and experience before starting a weight loss center.

#12 Stem Cell Business

The Stem Cell business is one of the most popular growing business options. A stem cell is a biological cell that is used for fighting against life-threatening diseases. In the stem cell business, you need to collect, test, and preserve stem cells from donors. The stem cell is to be kept at a lower temperature. It is a capital-intensive business with very good business potential.

#13 Home care for elderly  

Home care for the elderly is a popular business option. In this business, you need to provide manpower for home care. You can tie up with nearby hospitals and doctors to get client lists for the business. Initially, you need to do a lot of hard work for establishing this business.

#14 Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is a promising business option. The usage of the internet is growing all over. The Internet is widely used for advertising. You can start your own internet advertising trading business. You can accept advertisements from the business and give them to a popular website at a specific place. This advertisement could be text-based or image-based. You can earn a lot of money in this business.

#15 Internet and mobile infrastructure building

Internet and mobile infrastructure building are next on the list of business ideas for 2023. The usage of the internet and mobile is growing. Many companies are looking for contractors to help in building the internet and mobile tower infrastructure. If you can invest money and a lot of manpower you can start this business.

#16 Food Truck & Fast Food Business  

A food truck is an evergreen business option. It is a low-cost business. In this business, you need to modify a truck or vehicle for accommodating food stoves and other items. You will need a good cook to help you in this business. Good taste and an economical price is important to get success in this business.

#17 Recruitment Services

Recruitment service is an evergreen business idea. The level of unemployment is growing all across. People are ready to spend money on getting a good job. Thus starting your recruitment agency is a very good business option. You need to do a tie-up with the organization looking for good candidates. You can earn a good commission income from this business.

#18 Foreign Visa Consultancy

Starting a foreign visa consultancy is next on the list of business options. You need knowledge of the visa rules of various countries before starting this business. Many aspiring candidates are looking for a visa abroad in Canada, the USA, and Australia. If you have expertise and manpower you can start this business.

#19 Real Estate Business

Real estate is an evergreen business option. There are multiple ways to start a real estate business. A simple way is to start a real estate agency. Apart from that, you can start building a construction business. You will need big capital in order to start building construction and material business.

#20 Import Export Business

Import Export is a business of facilitating trades of goods and commodities between domestic and foreign companies. In order words, the Company buys goods internationally and ships in the domestic market. The usage of imported items is growing in India thus starting an import-export business makes sense.

Over to you

I hope the above business ideas will help you in selecting the right business option for 2023.

You can send your business query to my e-mail address [email protected].

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100% Success Rate Business Ideas that Can be Started with 1 Lakh in 2023

  • Post author: Kanakkupillai
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  • Post category: Business Tips / Smart Skills

Profitable Business Ideas with Low Budget

Choosing a good manufacturing business idea with less than 1 lakh in 2022 – 2023 is the main key to acquiring success in your small business. That too, if that business idea demands a low amount of investment, then there is no better time than this. There are various business ideas that can be started with 1 lakh and have a 100% success rate worldwide. A business idea is a concept that can be used for financial gain that is usually centred on a product or service that can be offered for money. An idea is the first milestone in building a successful business.

The easiest business to start is a service business, especially for a beginner. A service business is any business where you sell services. In other words, you sell your skill, labour or expertise instead of products or goods. If you don’t have any startup capital, plenty of business opportunities remain there. Most of them are ways to make money online by offering digital services. The businesses with the best chances of success tend to be service-based, not product-based. With a service-based business, such as lawn care or dog walking, your focus is generally local instead of national, which means less competition.

A business plan with a low amount of investment is not only enough to start a business. You may have a cluster of business ideas, but making those ideas happen is all business demands. And sometimes, those ideas make you switch to a different decision; this usually happens due to a lack of proper direction. This is the stage where most aspiring businessmen struggle to catch up with a balance to reach their success. You might have heard many aspiring businessmen’s stories filled with struggles at the beginning of the business, especially with investments and ideas. They reach the fruit of success because of their hard work, confidence and innovative ideas. To run a business successfully, you need the utmost determination and confidence, and you have to be very clear about the business plan before you land in an entrepreneurial arena. To make the hustle easier, here are some business ideas that can be started with less than 1 lakh investment and has a 100% success rate.

  • Handmade candles
  • Incense sticks (Agarbatti)
  • Buttons and Designer lace and Shoelaces
  • Ice cream cones
  • Handmade chocolates
  • Disposable plates and cups
  • Organic soap
  • Coconut hair oil
  • Tempered glass for smartphones
  • Event management services
  • Home Tutoring
  • Online Advertising
  • Paper Bag, Cloth Bag, or Jute Bag Making
  • Chocolate Making
  • Marriage Bureau
  • Beauty Parlour
  • Consulting Business
  • Web Maintenance Service
  • Freelancing
  • Cosmetic Production
  • Gym Business
  • Life Coaching
  • Laundry services
  • Tailoring business
  • Baby Sitting

1. Handmade Candles

100% success rate Business ideas that can be started with 1 lakh in 2021

Making Pickles are also another traditional small business idea, and it is extremely popular in India. You cannot find any home without at least one variant of a pickle. Therefore, a pickle business is an easy and safe option if you want to start with a low investment. Not only in the Indian market, but the demand for Indian pickles is high abroad also. Approximately Rs 20,000-Rs 25,000 of capital is enough to start the business, and with your innovative ideas, you can make it BIG in future.

3. Incense Sticks (Agarbatti)

India’s incense sticks business is growing due to the large demand abroad. The exporting business of incense sticks has also grown due to the rising popularity of meditation in many countries worldwide. The cost of automatic and semi-automatic agarbatti-making machines starts from Rs 50,000 and can be used for bulk production.

4. Buttons and Designer Lace and Shoelaces

Buttons and designer lace are the essential fixings and trimmings used in the garment industry. With emerging fashion trends, they have huge market potential.  Laces and buttons are always in demand and exported to different countries; this is a good option for individuals who want to start a business with low investment. You need a small space to start this business with a low investment of about Rs 25,000-Rs 50,000.

5. Ice cream cones

100% success rate Business ideas that can be started with 1 lakh in 2021

6. Handmade Chocolates

Chocolate is not only a mood lifter but also a stress buster, and when it comes to chocolate, India is on top of the consumption chart. As per Mintel , the selling of chocolate confectionery in retail markets has gone to a 13 percent hike between 2015 and 2016 in India. An approximate investment of Rs 40,000-Rs 50,000  is needed to purchase the raw materials and packaging materials. However, if you want to start it bigger, the cost may rise to Rs 2 lakh-Rs 3 lakhs approx. This business is also one of the best options who want to start a business with low investment, and this particular business holds a good range of success rates and profits.

The manufacturing process of noodles is simple and requires basic ingredients like wheat flour, spices, salt, starch, sugar, vegetable oils, etc. You can find semi-automatic and fully automatic noodle-making machines in the market. Making noodles is not that tough, and the demand for noodles is always stable. With innovative and creative ideas, you can make the noodle production differently to attract customers as the noodles are cut into any shape and size. Basic low-capacity noodle-making machines cost about Rs 40,000, and the premium ones cost about Rs 1.5 lakh.

8. Disposable Plates and Cups

There are no events, picnics, functions etc., without disposable food-grade plates and cups. They are used extensively by street vendors and hawkers.  Due to the inexpensive cost and rising demand, the market for disposable food-grade plates and cups has matured. They are the first option in many places, and the investment needed to start this business is about Rs.50,000. The major part of the investment is to purchase disposable plate-making machines.

9. Jute Bags

With the world moving to a ‘no plastic’ earth, this is the right stage for a jute bag manufacturing business. Usage of these biodegradable and reusable “golden fibre” products is increasing daily.  The jute bag and jute production-making process are easy and simple. And to start up this business, a low capital investment of around Rs 50,000-Rs 1 lakh is enough. You can start this jute bags and products business in a small area of about 500 sq ft.

10. Organic Soap

100% success rate Business ideas that can be started with 1 lakh in 2021

11. Coconut Hair Oil

People are more conscious of using oil, and most prefer to use natural products. And they don’t have second thoughts about paying a premium for quality natural products regarding their beauty and health. Therefore, starting a small business making coconut hair oil is a good idea, as its investment is also low at about Rs 1 lakh.

12. Tempered Glass for Smartphones

India’s Smartphone market is rising despite the global market coming inside the hand. According to International Data Corporation (IDC) , the Indian market saw a shipment of 32 million units in 2019. Among many Smartphone accessories, tempered glass is in big demand; these are made in high-temperature machines and must be passed in tests like breaking hardness and dimension checks. Being one of the essential components for smartphones, starting a Tempered glass manufacturing business is a good option, and the cost to start this business is around Rs 75,000 and Rs 1.5 lakh for high capacity.

13. Event Management Services

The event management service business is one of the booming businesses in this present busy lifestyle. To start this business, all you need is good contact with members who can help you in arranging the event; for example, if you need to arrange a marriage event, you should have good contact with a catering service person, decoration business owner, DJ person and so on who always available for you to make all the arrangements on time. By organizing parties, you will get event handling fees in which you need to keep the event with appropriate décor, arrange catering, call photographers and so on. Small office space and good contacts to coordinate arrangements to organize the event smoothly are enough to start this business. In that way, it is easy to start this type of business within 50 thousand to 1 lakh of investment

14. Home Tutoring

Home tutoring services are one of the best ways to start your business with little investment. You can provide online courses to the students at convenient evening hours. Just a small space with reading furniture is enough to start this business, or you can also do this business online by recruiting the subject teachers for online tutoring through your online medium or a website. Starting with online or in-house tuitions with young ones can help you find the right path and platform to flourish. A negligible investment is required to start this business for setting up the working space and some advertisements.

100% success rate Business ideas that can be started with 1 lakh in 2021

16. Online Advertising

Online advertising is one of the best of many businesses to opt-in these days, as this online medium will help reach a wide audience range. In that way, starting your own online advertising business is certainly a profitable option, as you can also provide various online services such as website designing, PPC advertising, SEO service, Social media marketing, e-mail marketing and content marketing. The investment needed to start this type of business won’t exceed 1 lakh.

17. Paper Bag, Cloth Bag, or Jute Bag Making

With the bang around the danger of plastic usage, fabricating or manufacturing cloth bags, paper bags, and jute bags is an eco-friendly business. With proper advertisements and the fabrication of reliable bags, you will land up with a pretty profitable business.

18. Chocolate Making

Chocolate Making is a small-scale home-based business that will help apt business for women. You only need raw materials such as chocolate cream, mould, and packing material to start this chocolate-making business. This is one of the sweet businesses which can be started with less than 1 lakh of investment. However, at the initial stage, you must spend on advertising and marketing.

19. Marriage Bureau

Marriage Bureau is another low-investment business idea that can be done from home. A soft-spoken person with good social contacts can make this business a great success . The only important thing needed to start this business is a database of prospective candidates.

20. Beauty Parlour

Starting a beauty parlour is another home-based business idea for women. You can start this business from home, but a proper course is needed before starting this business. The investment needed to start this business is very low.

21. Blogging

If you love writing, blogging is an interesting and profitable business that you can start with minimal investment. All you need to spend is a domain and a good hosting plan. So just, with an investment of INR 5000-6000, you are all set for a blogging business. Blogging lets you make money in many ways. You can sign up with Google AdSense to show ads on your website, do affiliate marketing, write sponsored posts, sell e-books and much more through blogging. Video marketing is also one of the top-growing businesses nowadays. To learn about the power of video marketing, check out Best Video Marketing Tips – Blog, Website, or Business to the next level .

22. Consulting Business

Consulting services can be offered in various fields, such as accounting, auditing, insurance, career, taxes, business, etc. You need to spot your area of expertise and start your consultancy accordingly. Try to get initial customers from your acquaintances and give them the best services so that you can benefit from word of mouth publicity

23. Web Maintenance Service

100% success rate Business ideas that can be started with 1 lakh in 2021

24. YouTuber

Not just money, YouTube can turn you into a celebrity. You can make money through various streams if you choose to be a YouTuber. You can earn money by becoming a YouTube partner, selling merchandise through your YouTube Channel, or creating sponsored content. There are options where your fans can pay you directly. If you are a viral content creator, you can make money by letting media houses use your content and get paid.

25. Freelancing

Freelancing means working from anywhere as self-employed. No long terms bond. This business needs Zero rupees Investment. This business requires a laptop, internet connection, and English language ( for the foreign project).

26. Bookkeeping Services

Nowadays, most companies use accounting outsourcing, which is much cheaper and of higher quality. Moreover, it does not overload its employees. Therefore, if you have a couple of competent financiers and accountants and the opportunity to prove the quality of your work, then you can provide such services.

27. Event Planning

In this area, emotions, openness, imagination, and the ability to improvise are important. And if you have many unrealized ideas for the events in your head, then it’s even perfect. For a start, you can organize events for relatives, friends, and acquaintances, giving you experience and providing advertising.

28. Cosmetic Production

In the era of skincare, people want their skin to remain flawless. For a start, you might spend a huge amount of money trying to learn it, but a while after, it pays because you will never run out of lucrative business ideas. And if in turn, you produce perfect skincare, your customer will continue returning.

29. Gym Business

We are in the era of self-care, where people want to stay fit for their own purpose and for superficial social media beauty standards. The gym is a good lucrative business idea, but you need a huge capital to set up the business, and government loans can come in handy.

30. Life Coaching

If you successfully navigated through lives against all odds, many people need advice on navigating through their own lives. Your help with life coaching might come in handy.

31. Laundry Services

Laundry businesses in India easily make around 35,000 to 50,000 Rupees every month. In small towns and cities, the profit remains close to between 17,000 to 45,000 Rupees. Hence, laundry business investment is a good business opportunity.

32. Tailoring Business

A tailoring business, like the food business, is one business that will always be profitable. This is because tailoring is essential – we will always clothe ourselves regardless of the economy. However, profit on tailoring is highly dependent on many factors, especially brand equity.

33. Baby Sitting

People fond of children and like to have leisure time in lots may start a babysitting business. It is to take care of other kids in their parent’s absence. This business is a home-based business offering the clients peace of mind. At the same time, you can look after the little ones and earn good money.

34. E-commerce Reselling

Start an online reselling business by purchasing products at wholesale prices and selling them through popular e-commerce platforms. Identify profitable niches or focus on specific product categories to cater to a target audience.

35. Homemade Food Delivery

Capitalize on the growing demand for healthy and homemade food. Offer a menu of delicious and nutritious meals, snacks, or speciality items and deliver them to customers’ doorsteps. Build your customer base through word-of-mouth and social media marketing.

36. Handmade Products

If you have creative skills, consider producing and selling handmade products. This could include jewelry, accessories, home decor, or personalized gifts. Establish an online store or collaborate with local boutiques to reach a wider audience.

37. Content Writing and Copywriting

If you have excellent writing skills, offer businesses content writing or copywriting services. Create engaging and persuasive content for websites, blogs, social media, or marketing materials. Build a portfolio and market your services through online platforms and professional networks.

38. Social Media Management

Many businesses struggle with managing their social media presence. Offer social media management services, including content creation, scheduling, engagement, and analytics. Develop expertise in popular platforms and stay updated with the latest trends and algorithms.

39. Fitness or Yoga Instruction

If you have a background in fitness or yoga, consider starting your own instruction business. Conduct personalized or group training sessions, either in-person or online. Offer specialized programs like weight loss, strength training, or mindfulness.

40. Mobile Phone Repair

With the increasing use of smartphones, offering mobile phone repair services can be a profitable venture. Learn the necessary repair skills or hire technicians to handle repairs. Establish a physical location or provide on-site repair services.

41. Graphic Design

If you have design skills, offer graphic design services to businesses and individuals. Create logos, brochures, posters, social media graphics, or website designs. Develop a portfolio and market your services through online platforms and professional networks.

Apart from the above business ideas that can be started with 1 lakh and has a 100% success rate, below is the other business idea that can be started with low investment.

  • Sweets and Snacks Shop – Investment cost Rs. 1,00,000
  • Cement Sheet Shop – Basic investment cost – Rs. 1,00,000
  • Event Management Business – Investment cost Rs. 1,00,000
  • Plastic Sheet Shop – Basic investment Cost – Rs. 1,00,000
  • Battery and Inverter Shop – Investment cost Rs. 1,00,000 – 1,50,000
  • Computer Hardware Shop – Basic investment cost Rs. 1,00,000
  • Hardware (Bathroom fitting/pipes/taps etc.) Shop – Investment cost Rs. 1,00,000
  • Fertilizer and Seeds Shop (License Required) –Basic investment cost Rs. Rs. 1,00,000
  • Children Garment Shop – Starting business cost Rs. 1,00,000
  • Seeds and Pesticide Shop(License Required) – Basic investment cost Rs. Rs. 1,00,000
  • Ladies Garment Shop – Basic investment cost Rs. 1,00,000
  • Auto Parts Shop – Basic investment cost Rs. 1,00,000
  • Pick Up Van Hiring Business – Investment cost Rs. 1,00,000
  • Lightning Decoration Business – Investment cost Rs. 1,00,000
  • Computer Shop – Basic investment cost Rs. 3,00,000 – 4,00,000
  • Video Editing and Mixing Business – Basic investment cost Rs. 1,00,000
  • Tiles and Marble Shop – Basic investment cost Rs. 1,00,000

There are several business ideas that can be started with a budget of 1 lakh in 2023, each with its unique opportunities and challenges. With the right strategy and execution, any of these business ideas can achieve a 100% success rate. However, it’s important to carefully consider market demand, competition, and profitability before starting any business venture.

Factors to Consider Before Starting a Business

In the dynamic world of business, finding a venture with a guaranteed 100% success rate is a challenging task. However, by considering certain factors and identifying promising opportunities, you can increase your chances of building a successful business in 2023.

  • Market Research and Analysis: Thorough market research is essential before diving into any business idea. Analyze market trends, consumer demands, and competition to identify gaps and opportunities. Look for emerging industries, changing consumer preferences, and untapped niches that align with your skills and interests.
  • Feasibility Assessment: Evaluate the feasibility of your chosen business ideas. Consider factors such as initial investment requirements, resource availability, scalability, and market saturation. Conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to assess the viability and sustainability of the proposed venture.
  • Target Audience Identification: Identify your target audience and understand their needs, preferences, and pain points. Tailor your business idea to provide unique value and solve specific problems for your target market. Conduct surveys, gather feedback, and engage with potential customers to refine your offerings and maximize market appeal.
  • Execution and Differentiation: Successful businesses thrive on effective execution and differentiation. Develop a well-defined business plan that outlines your goals, strategies, and operational processes. Emphasize your unique selling proposition (USP) to differentiate yourself from competitors and create a distinct brand identity.
  • Technology Integration: Embrace technology as a catalyst for growth and efficiency. Consider how technology can enhance your business operations, marketing efforts, customer experience, and overall competitiveness. Explore opportunities in e-commerce, digital marketing, automation, data analytics, and other emerging tech trends.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility: In an ever-changing business landscape, adaptability is crucial. Stay agile and open to market shifts, evolving consumer behaviour, and emerging trends. Be prepared to pivot or refine your business strategy based on market feedback and changing circumstances to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Continuous Learning and Networking: Invest in your personal and professional growth by continuously learning and expanding your knowledge. Attend industry events, seminars, and workshops, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs to gain insights, build relationships, and stay updated with industry best practices.

It’s Time To Be Your Own Boss: Ultimate Guide

Becoming your own boss is an exciting and rewarding journey that allows you to take control of your professional life. While it requires dedication, hard work, and careful planning, being your boss offers the freedom to pursue your passion and create your business success. Here is an ultimate guide to help you embark on the path of being your own boss:

  • Identify Your Passion and Skills: Start by identifying your passions and skills. What are you truly interested in, and what are you good at? Consider your hobbies, talents, and areas of expertise. Being passionate about your work will fuel your motivation and drive your success.
  • Set Clear Goals: Define your long-term and short-term goals. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? What milestones do you want to achieve along the way? Having clear goals will provide you with direction and purpose.
  • Develop a Business Idea: Brainstorm and develop a business idea based on your passions and skills. Research the market to understand its demand and competition. Consider how your idea can solve a problem or meet a need. Refine your concept until it’s viable and unique.
  • Create a Solid Business Plan: Draft a comprehensive business plan that outlines your vision, mission, target market, competition, marketing strategies, financial projections, and operational details. A well-structured business plan will serve as your roadmap and help you secure funding if needed.
  • Build a Professional Network: Networking is crucial for success. Attend industry events, join professional associations, and connect with like-minded individuals. Build relationships with potential clients, partners, mentors, and advisors who can support and guide you.
  • Assess Financial Resources: Evaluate your financial situation and determine the resources you’ll need to start and sustain your business. Consider your personal savings, loans, grants, or potential investors. Create a budget covering all aspects of your business, including operating, marketing, and personal living expenses.
  • Acquire the Necessary Skills: Being your own boss often requires a diverse skill set. Identify the skills you need to succeed in your chosen field and invest in acquiring them. Take courses, attend workshops, or seek mentorship to enhance your knowledge and expertise.
  • Take Care of Legal and Administrative Aspects: Ensure you comply with all legal requirements and obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Register your business with the appropriate government agencies and understand the tax obligations. Consider consulting with a lawyer or accountant to guide you through these processes.
  • Establish Your Brand: Develop a strong brand identity that reflects your values, mission, and unique selling proposition. Design a compelling logo, create a professional website, and establish a consistent brand voice across all communication channels. Build a strong online presence through social media platforms and content marketing.
  • Start Small and Scale Gradually: Take small steps to test your business idea. Launch a pilot project or offer your products/services on a limited scale. Gather feedback, evaluate results, and make necessary adjustments. As you gain traction and confidence, gradually expand your operations and reach.
  • Prioritize Time Management: Being your own boss requires excellent time management skills. Create a schedule and stick to it. Set realistic deadlines and goals. Delegate tasks whenever possible and leverage technology to streamline your processes. Prioritize your most important tasks and avoid procrastination.
  • Embrace Continuous Learning: The entrepreneurial journey is a continuous learning process. Stay updated with industry trends, consumer behavior, and emerging technologies. Seek feedback from customers and adapt accordingly. Attend workshops, conferences, or online courses to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Build a Support System: Surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, mentors, or fellow entrepreneurs who can offer guidance, encouragement, and accountability. Join entrepreneurial communities or mastermind groups to connect with like-minded individuals and share experiences.
  • Embrace Failure and Learn from It: Failure is inevitable in entrepreneurship. Embrace it as a learning opportunity rather than a setback. Analyze your failures, identify the lessons, and use them to improve your business strategies. Persistence and resilience are key qualities of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance: As your own boss, it’s easy to get consumed by work. However, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Set boundaries, take breaks, and make time for family, hobbies, and self-care. Remember that your well-being is essential for long-term success.

Startup Registration in India: Your Path to Entrepreneurial Success

India has emerged as a thriving startup ecosystem with numerous opportunities and support systems. Registering your startup in India offers several advantages, including legal recognition, access to government initiatives, financial benefits, and enhanced credibility.

Business registration india

  • Legal Recognition and Protection: Registering a company provides legal recognition as a separate entity from its founders. This separation safeguards personal assets and limits liabilities to the business entity, offering protection and minimizing risks for entrepreneurs. It establishes a clear framework for business operations, contracts, and intellectual property rights.
  • Access to Government Initiatives: The Indian government has introduced various initiatives and schemes to support startups. Registering your startup makes you eligible to benefit from these programs, such as the Startup India Scheme, which provides financial incentives, tax benefits, and easier access to funding sources. Additionally, startups can participate in government tenders and procurement processes, opening avenues for business growth.
  • Financial Benefits and Funding Opportunities: Registered startups gain access to numerous funding opportunities, including angel investors, venture capitalists, and government-backed schemes. Investors and financial institutions often prefer to invest in registered entities due to the transparency and credibility offered by the registration process. Furthermore, startups can avail themselves of tax exemptions for a specified period, boosting their financial viability.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: Registering your startup facilitates the protection of intellectual property assets. It enables you to secure patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other proprietary rights, safeguarding your innovative ideas, brand identity, and creations. Intellectual property protection strengthens your market position, deters competitors, and enhances the value of your startup.
  • Business Credibility and Investor Confidence: Startup registration enhances your business credibility and instils confidence in potential investors, partners, and customers. It signifies your commitment to compliance, transparency, and professional conduct. Registered startups often find it easier to attract investments, forge partnerships, and establish trust-based relationships, accelerating their growth trajectory.
  • Network and Collaboration Opportunities: Registering as a startup opens doors to networking opportunities and collaboration with other entrepreneurs, industry experts, and established businesses. You can connect with incubators, accelerators, and industry-specific associations, gaining access to mentorship, resources, and valuable insights. Collaborative efforts can lead to partnerships, knowledge-sharing, and collective growth.
  • Ease of Doing Business: India has significantly improved the ease of doing business for startups. The registration process has been streamlined with online portals and simplified documentation. Initiatives such as the “One Person Company” and “Fast Track Exit” options offer flexibility and ease for startups. These measures aim to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and create a favourable environment for entrepreneurial ventures.

At Kanakkupillai, we offer various services to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, including company registration , one person company registration , accounting and compliance, and business consulting. Our experienced professionals can provide expert guidance and support to help you turn your business idea into a thriving enterprise.

Whether you want to start a new venture or take your existing business to the next level, Kanakkupillai is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your entrepreneurial journey.

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FAQ on 100% success rate Business ideas that can be started with 1 lakh in 2023

  • Homemade Candles. Candles are one of the products that are always in demand.
  • Incense Sticks (Agarbatti) .
  • Buttons, Designer Lace and Shoelaces.
  • Ice Cream Cones.
  • Handmade Chocolates.
  • Disposable Plates and Cups made of Food-grade Material.
  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Experts
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Full Stack Software Developer
  • Content Marketing.
  • Virtual education/online training.
  • 3D printing.
  • Mental Health and Marriage Counselling Business:
  • Automobile Charging Station.
  • Outlets for Fast Food and Delivery.
  • Internet of Things (IoT Industry)
  • Open your e-commerce store
  • Start an eCommerce platform
  • Freelance your way to money
  • Be a business consultant
  • Involve in DropShipping
  • Start Blogging
  • Commence Affiliate Marketing:
  • Become a YouTuber
  • Axis Bluechip Fund Growth.
  • ICICI Prudential Technology Fund Growth.
  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 Growth.
  • Quant Tax Plan Growth Option Direct Plan.

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  • ZenBusiness > …
  • Start a Business
  • > 30 Best Business Ideas for India

30 Best Business Ideas for India

With a young population that is rising to leadership and technology driving growth and innovation, there are several business opportunities in multiple sectors that make India a great place to start a business.

General Business Landscape in India

The India business landscape is prepared to grow in multiple areas due to several factors such as international trade, government stimulus, and an overall strong developing country. With a young population that is rising to leadership and technology driving growth and innovation, there are several business opportunities in multiple sectors that we are going to explore today.

For each business idea, I am going to talk a bit about the opportunity behind it, its startup cost potential, and where you can get started to execute. There is bound to be a successful business idea here for you.

1. Social Impact Investment Funds

Social impact is becoming a priority in India as consumers are intelligent, and know what they consume has an effect on them and the earth. This business idea involves fundraising money from various groups of investors to create a fund that will invest in socially responsible and positive earth-impacting ventures.

There is a lot of demand in India for social impact, instead of just creating a business that makes money, due to the sophistication of people being quite high.

2. Cheap Home Solar Energy Setup Company

There is a large opportunity for residents in India to generate their own power and save money. For this idea, you would buy and setup solar equipment for people to install on their roofs or balconies since apartment living is popular.

The solar could feed into the main battery for the individual or building to provide additional power. To execute, you could start by finding 10 people interested in this service that will pay you before the work is done, and then you have the money to buy solar panels, creating a low initial investment for this business idea.

3. Community Generator/ Energy Supply Control

Inspired by the previous business idea of installing home solar panels. This business idea involved developing electrical generators that can store extra power for a small community. For this idea, one could approach different communities in Indian cities or towns to find the groups that need this.

This business idea for India sprouts from the problem that utility companies have of providing energy consistently and reliably to every person in the country. There is also a heavy reliance on coal that will eventually need to be shifted to electricity for sustainability.

4. Internet infrastructure Building Company

There is a significant growing demand for stronger and better internet throughout all of India. Although there are currently providers, there is a lack of internet speeds in the rural parts of India and even some issues with connectivity from the larger corporations. This leaves the business idea for starting an internet infrastructure in perfect light to execute.

Although this business idea is not low-cost, it would have a lot of positive impact on people and could make a lot of money.

5. India Culture E-Commerce Niche Store

E-Commerce is growing at a substantial pace. This is mainly due to the access to cheap labor and goods, as well as the ability to ship internationally at a fraction of the cost it used to years ago. This business idea specifically relates to selling cultural items from India.

Given that many people around the world appreciate the culture in India, many would like to have authentic pieces of art in their homes. By setting up an e-commerce store to fulfill this, you can solve that problem. The company would be low-cost to start, and you could begin by partnering with your favorite street vendors.

6. Warehouse/ Inventory Management for E-Commerce

Again, playing off the e-commerce trend, the warehouse management company for e-commerce would provide fulfillment for the e-commerce stores. Instead of an e-commerce store setting up its own distribution channels, buying fleet trucks, and warehouses to store the goods, this company would do it all for them.

You could start by buying large pieces of land to hold people’s goods. Then use a shipping company to send them to the places they need to go, this business idea could make money from holding people’s goods in the warehouse. As well, you could charge for each shipment sent. This is a larger-scale business idea, but also has the potential to make a lot of money.

7. Last-Mile Delivery Solution Company

In India, many shipping companies are facing the problem of having extreme difficulties providing delivery services to some rural areas. This is because the road infrastructure is not developed enough, or it is just very far from everything else. With this idea, you can provide last-mile delivery solutions by setting up a warehouse on the edge of the city limits.

Then, once the other shipping company gets there, you handle the final miles of the trip. This may involve buying a fleet of scooters or shipping trucks to deliver the shipments for the last couple of miles. Places that regular shipping companies are not willing to do.

This company would need some investment to fund the warehouse outside city limits, as well as vehicles or drones for the last-mile delivery service.

8. Mobile wallet payment solution

Cash is a huge part of business transactions in India. People are more comfortable using cash than other payment methods. Until now. The growth of mobile payment solutions is ripe for extreme growth.

A significant portion of the population has smartphones and relies on them to communicate, do research, and watch entertainment.

This business idea would require a decent amount of startup capital, however, because this is directed for business in India, there is a wealth of programmers and coders that one would have access to. Making the startup costs lower, and more reasonable.

9. Compliance \u0026 Regulations Management for E-Commerce Stores

As I mentioned before, e-commerce business ideas are ready to blow up in India due to multiple factors positively influencing the market. With this, comes a lot of compliance and regulations that need to be followed. This company would provide those solutions to other e-commerce companies so they could operate legally.

Since the government is always looking at new laws to implement in the business environment, this idea would help many other entrepreneurs navigate the field of compliance and regulations.

This is a low-cost business idea that could be executed by using only yourself and your knowledge of the industry regulations.

10. Blockchain Tracked Bank Ledger for E-Commerce Transactions

The blockchain is a growing technology and is going to become an essential part of the business in the Indian marketplace in the coming years. The government has set up support funds to help the development of technologies like this and the Internet of Things, leaving this business idea ripe for making money.

The blockchain tracking bank ledger would allow e-commerce store owners to track where their payments are coming from, verify they are secure, and be able to accept money faster. There is a large problem with the current “Cash on Delivery” system where the money is only collected once the goods are delivered. This creates a large cash flow problem for stores that could be solved using this trustworthy and verified technology.

11. IoT Home/ Builder Consultant

The Indian government has released plans to support the development and innovation that is happening with the Internet of Things technology. This support is a huge opportunity for businesswomen and men to create a startup that services this area. One related business idea is to be an internet of things Home Builder/ Consultant.

You would work with developers or existing homeowners to transform their living space into one that is automated to their liking. Turning their regular home into a Smart Home.

This business idea would be low-cost to start, as the parts for the IoT installations are quite cheap, and you could find clients that would pay you up-front for the services.

12. Solar Electrical Smart Grid Company (IoT)

Again, with the support for the IoT market, and the growing need for more reliable energy sources, there is a great opportunity for providing a solar electrical smart grid. This company would set up the internet of things networks and sensors for each household or building attached to the electrical grid. From there, the electricity use could be monitored from a remote location.

During the peak power demands, the smart grid company would have the ability to re-route power to certain areas for providing enough energy at peak demands or for restoring power to an area that lost power from one part of the electricity grid.

This idea would be high-cost but also could be subsidized potentially by the Indian government.

13. TV Ad Specialist Company

Consumption of TV India is a popular past-time and even a great place for people to gather and enjoy their favorite shows. With this popularity comes a business idea that specializes in creating and managing companies’ TV ads. This would involve creating the ads that would go on TV for the company.

To execute, one could start approaching companies that are already running ads on TV, or one can approach competitors who don’t have ads on the TV and they can be your client. There is no sign of TV usage slowing in India so this is a great business idea.

Startup costs would involve studio space, green screens, cameras, and lighting to create the ads you need.

14. Mobile Ads Specialist for Businesses

The use of mobile phones in India compared to that of the United States or Canada is incredibly different. Cell phone usage is high, and there is a growing demand for continued use as well. This presents the business opportunity to develop mobile advertising for companies that do not have the knowledge or bandwidth or do this.

This idea would specialize in creating mobile ads for companies so they can reach potential customers more effectively than traditional print media.

It could start out as a low-cost business idea if you have some marketing or advertising skills, as you don’t need much to create mobile ads.

15. Biometric Sensor Company

Biometric sensors are the kind of sensors that scan for your eye or your finger to specifically identify an individual. With the growing need for higher security measures and the support from the Indian government for the Internet of Things technology, it won’t be long until people are putting biometric sensors in everything.

This business idea would develop and sell these sensors to companies that would install them into products or services. There would need to be a medium-sized investment to make this happen as one would have to rent or build facilities to manufacture the sensors.

However, there can be high financial rewards as multinational companies would likely want to do business with you as they use biometric sensors more and more.

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16. Rural Drone Delivery Company

As mentioned previously, there is a demand for providing shipping services to places outside of large cities. The demand for delivery to these areas is only going to grow as internet access increases and becomes better.

The rural drone delivery company solves this problem by providing service to rural parts of the country. Drones can easily be built to carry large parcels safely and securely. Additionally, they do not have to worry about the rough terrain in reaching these rural parts, and can simply fly.

To start this business you would want to buy a couple of drones, and then start making partnerships with businesses in rural areas that require regular shipments.

17. Blockchain Ledger for Shipping \u0026 Border Customs Company

Another blockchain technology company. This time it is designed around helping speed up and create efficient border shipments. With the huge exporting economy that India has, there are a lot of shipments that get opened and checked to avoid drug smuggling.

With the blockchain ledger for shipping, companies would register each package sent with the blockchain so customs could verify who it was from, what it is, and where it is going without having to open the package. This would save a lot of time and money.

To execute on this business idea, knowledge of how blockchain technology is developed would be needed. Once created, one could approach various e-commerce companies as potential clients to help them ship things faster, and make more money.

18. DDOS Cyber Attack Prevention Security Company

DDOS attacks (where hackers send so much traffic to a website that it crashes the server) are becoming a huge threat to some businesses in India. With the rise of fast internet speeds across the entire country, more hackers are going to be targeting companies as they grow.

This idea solves this problem by creating a company that can identify DDOS attacks, and prevent them from happening in the first place. Although some firms are already doing this, there is a lot of room to make money in this area. This would be a medium-cost business due to the server space that would be needed, as well as the software and coding needed to be done to create a DDOS prevention company. However, the creator could charge a lot of money for the service since some businesses could lose thousands of dollars in just hours if their website went down.

19. Web Designer

This business idea is not revolutionary, has already been done, but there is high demand for this. Many of the reports show the importance for small businesses to create websites for their stores. With this comes the need for web designers to help them as not all small business owners want to do this themselves.

This startup would be low-cost as you would only need some web designing skills and a computer to execute. Next, you can begin by approaching every local business in your town to see if you can help them.

20. Online Conversion Specialist

Again, with the rising demand and need for small businesses to engage with customers online, especially mobile, there are business ideas that will help these people struggling. An online conversion specialist company would involve helping people convert their online traffic visitors into sales.

Similar to the web designer business idea, this is a low-cost idea that could be executed on with just a computer and knowledge about how to write copy, and generate pages that convert people to buyers. This differs from the web designer business idea because you would primarily be working with companies that have established websites and want to convert their existing traffic into more sales.

21. Website to App Conversion Company

With the rise of the smartphone and higher bandwidths of the internet being available, there is growing demand to convert their websites or web apps into native mobile applications. This is not an easy process, so this business idea for India would make it easy for business owners.

If you already have knowledge of coding and how to make apps, this would be a low-cost business idea. As well, with the significant amount of programmers one has access to, it would not be hard to find a partner for this business idea to keep things low cost.

22. Wifi Installation Company

As I said before, the Indian government is spending a lot of time and money improving internet access for all. With this support, there is huge potential for growth for providing wifi internet solutions, as mobile phones become faster and customers demand internet everywhere. This company could start low-cost as buying supplies to install wifi routers is quite cheap.

To execute on this business idea you could begin by approaching public malls and areas with a lot of foot traffic, talk to the owners, and see if you can set up a deal to install the wifi hotspots. Once installed, you could make it open access for people to use for free and you could sell the data you get from that. Otherwise, a subscription or per-minute charge could be applied.

23. “IT as a Service” Company

IT as a service is a company that provides all the server and hardware space that other companies can outsource. This is becoming extremely popular due to the high level of IT professionals that can handle managing the hardware and equipment.

This business is low-cost, starting with only having a few servers, computers, and pieces of technology to outsource to your first customers. As you grow and grow, the company could continue to buy more supplies. This is also a great business idea for India because of the cheap equipment that can be acquired to use in the IT company.

24. International Trade Consultant Company

There is continued growth in exports and imports as international trade grows. To assist in this growth, you could start a company that helps other Indian companies expand their enterprises globally by providing your expertise and knowledge about shipping and handling products worldwide.

This idea is going to keep growing in popularity as the business grows. Another approach to this would be to help businesses in other countries conduct trade in India. Startup costs could be low at the beginning with a background in international trade.

25. Health Record Digitization \u0026 Sharing Company (Blockchain)

There will be a time when it is necessary for multiple doctors in different locations to access one’s medical records. For instance, one patient may use a doctor for a while, then move and switch doctors due to a closer location. Then there is the hassle of starting a new medical file or fetching the previous one from the doctor, which could never happen.

This company would set up medical records that could be securely and efficiently shared between registered doctors. The great thing is that the patients and doctors would be able to see who last accessed their files. Because blockchain technology is quite new, and the amount of health records is massive, this company would take some sizeable investment to create. However, with any big investment comes the potential for big returns.

26. Disaster Relief Location Finder Mobile App

The rise in mobile phone use also creates a lot of opportunities to help people in times of need. The Disaster Relief Location Finder would use sensors all over the highest buildings, along with ones running on tectonic plates, and areas prone to hurricanes. This way, when signs of a disaster start to appear, the sensors would detect it and send messages to the users to take appropriate action.

Secondly, it would send out a location signal to everyone in your family so they know where you are in case a disaster strikes. The app itself would not need that much investment to create, however, the setup of the sensors would be the costly part. To make money, you could charge a subscription service, as it provides peace of mind for people in disasters.

27. Vinyl Record Developer

In 2016, Vinyl records hit an all-time high for sales EVER in their history. This shows that there is a strong niche market.

For this company, one would set up a small shop or warehouse to develop and print vinyl records. There are not many people that do this so providing this could serve a great niche audience. Investment for this would be related to machines that could do this. If you are interested in the music industry, this is a great business idea for India.

28. E-Commerce Vinyl Record Store

Continuing with the e-commerce trend and the vinyl records trend, this online vinyl records store would sell rare or popular vinyl records. If you could find a manufacturer in India somewhere, you would be able to get cheap records and sell them for higher prices worldwide. This is a low-cost business idea that almost anyone could execute on if they had a passion for vinyl records.

29. Peer to Peer Business Lending Company

Peer-to-peer lending is a great business model because it can help communities and people who need loans the most, as well it does not cost a significant amount to start. There is strong demand for this because not everyone wants or can access the bank for a loan, so the peer-to-peer lending platform is great.

Investors would put their money up for loans and receive a great interest rate. It is an alternative investment firm. To execute, you would begin by building a safe a secure platform where people could upload their money and a way for users to create profiles with accurate credit scores.

30. Skyscraper Greenhouses

Land is becoming a scarce resource as the population and city densities grow. This has created the problem of providing fresh vegetables and fruits to communities in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. By building greenhouses that are vertical, like a skyscraper, with multiple levels of different fruit and vegetables, one could harvest produce for a city or town using a building.

This would eliminate transport costs, allow for fresher food, and take up less space than the traditional farm. Additionally, over time robots could manage each level of the facility, in conjunction with sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, etc, to grow the perfect produce.

This is a high-cost idea because a building would need to be bought, however, it would provide a lot of great value to the community and could generate a lot of money in the long run.

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