25+ New Job Announcement Messages and Sample

A new job is a big deal! It’s a time for celebration, excitement, and a fresh start. And of course, it’s a time to share the news with your friends, family, and colleagues. Creative ways to announce new jobs are the best methods to share your joy among your family and friends! Try the best and most welcoming new job announcement message as we help you announce your wonderful success! Here are some unique and heartwarming new job announcement messages for you!

New Job Announcement Messages

New job, new adventures! Delighted to announce that I’ve got a new job!

To all my well wishers, friends and family, I want you to know that your prayers have been heard! I have finally achieved a new position where I can prove my excellence!

Thanks to God, my new journey has begun! I have been selected at the interview that I have been preparing myself for so long!

New Job Announcement Message

After years of education, hard work and sleepless nights, all I have ever dreamed of was to attain a position at my dream office! I am overwhelmed to share that my dream has come true!

Having a job you feel passionate about, is a blessing! I can never be more thankful because I have been designated to follow my passion as my career at my new office!

Working in an environment where you feel home is so important! I can not believe that my first job has been placed in such an awesome environment!

I am highly delighted to share with you all that I have started my career using my referred set of skill and academic qualifications!

They say, if you truly want something, no power on Earth can keep you away from it! It has been proven in my life as I have successfully achieved my new position at my new office!

I am happy to make my new job announcement at such an organisation where I can develop my set of skills and use my true potential and make the best possible contribution!

New Job Announcement Message on LinkedIn

Cheers to new beginnings! Guess what? I’m starting a new chapter in my career! I’ve accepted a new job offer.

After exploring the best opportunities, I am extremely excited to make my new job announcement at a place where I believe I can be a best fit!

Months of hard work have finally paid off! I have started my current job at an organization I have always dreamed of working at!

new job announcement message on LinkedIn

I feel rejoiced as I announce my first job at my new office! I am highly excited for a new journey full of new experiences to come by!

New journeys like these will be ever memorable in our lives! I want to let my peers know that I have finally landed on my dream job!

Thank you everyone for your immense support and motivation! I am overwhelmed to announce my new job at my new office!

New job comes with unexplored opportunities! I firmly believe for me, it will be no different! My new job will help me with fine opportunities to excel my skills!

My set of skills and my academic excellence have combined together to embark on a new journey in my career! Please wish me luck for my new job!

This is to let everyone know about my new job! I have been waiting for this marvellous opportunity for a long time and finally I have landed at my first job!

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New Job Announcement Message To Friends

Dear Friends, Thank You for believing that I could make it, and look, I have finally hit my goal and got my new job!

Dear friends, I am really really happy to share with you guys about my new job! I have made it! Can you believe it?! My dream has finally come true!

Thank you fellows, for your support and help! Your love and motivation helped me achieve this new work at my dream location! Cheers to life!

new job announcement message to friends

A new opportunity at my new workplace had opened up! And I applied without any hope that I could get selected among so many candidates! Buddies, believe it or not, I made it!

After months of searching for an appropriate job, I have finally made it! Thank you folks, for never losing trust in me and my potential!

You people are the inspiration and motivation in my life! I have started my career and I am blessed to have you people to be in my circle to share this delightful message!

I feel blessed and blissed to make this new job announcement! My months of hard work have finally paid off! You people are up for a grand treat!

Great things happen in life because great people support you all through! Thank you, my best people! I could have never achieved my new job if you all had not motivated me! Thank you, my dear friends!

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Embarking on a new career path is a momentous occasion, and sharing the news with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues should be just as special. Whether you’re looking for a touch of professionalism or a splash of personal excitement, we’ve got you covered. These creative ways to announce a new job will inspire you to work even harder and embark on new heights! We have presented smart ways to make you feel appreciated for your extraordinary achievement on the basis of your true potential! Cheers to an exciting journey ahead!

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new job announcement facebook example

  • Social media

How to announce your new job on social media?

onliner content creation team

  • March 28, 2023

new job announcement facebook example

Are you starting a new job soon? LinkedIn is a great place to make an impactful announcement. But how do you craft the optimal message? In this article, we’ll outline the elements that go into creating an attention-grabbing job announcement on Linkedin. We’ll cover how to add your experience section, activate the “notify network” option, and write a personal and succinct message summarizing what you will be doing and expressing gratitude. Read on to learn tips for developing your own compelling job announcement!

Table of Contents

What a LinkedIn job announcement should feature?

To get the most out of your LinkedIn job announcement, make sure to include some essential components. Keep it brief – two to three sentences is recommended. In your post you can include details like your new title, excitement about the new opportunity, gratitude towards any previous and current teams, a picture and hashtags. This allows you to deliver an effective message that captures the highlights of your journey so far!

An attention-grabbing hook

We’re ecstatic to announce that we have some big news for our followers. Use language like “I’m excited to announce,” “I’m thrilled to share,” or “Big news!” to draw attention and pique interest in your post. This will help set up the announcement that comes next.

What you’re looking forward to

I’m excited to join this new role and I’m looking forward to the opportunities it provides. Whether it be a chance to pivot into a different industry and gain new knowledge, take on greater responsibilities, or get creative with my job scope, I’m confident that this job will help me grow both personally and professionally.

In order to make your post even more engaging and visually appealing, try adding a relevant graphic or image. This could be something like your office set-up or the company’s logo- whatever best represents the work-related nature of the announcement. Try to find something that stands out and is eye-catching so people will be more likely to take notice of your message And don’t forget – you can always create original artwork specifically for this purpose!

 Tags and hashtags

Tags are becoming an increasingly popular and effective way to ensure your post’s visibility reaches a wider audience. Making use of both @ tags – which allow you to call out certain people – and hashtags at the end are great ways to maximize reach. Consider adding these elements into your posts for further reach.

Provide details

Informing your network of the exciting change in your career is pivotal – and announcing it on LinkedIn can make that happen! When posting about your new position, add some details about yourself and why you are eager to join this company. What are you looking forward to? Why does this opportunity excite you? Those insights will get others invested in your accomplishment.

Keep it positive

When discussing your previous employers on social media, put forth a professional and composed representation. Express gratitude for the opportunity to have worked for their organization, commending them on positive aspects if those exist. If it was an overall rewarding experience, express that as well, noting any growth achieved in one’s area of practice as well as any impactful/influential managerial figures. Constructive criticism should be avoided if possible.

When to write about your new job?

When announcing your new career position, consider the best time to do so depending on your current circumstances. If you’re just starting out in your professional life, there’s no immediate rush to announce it. However, if this marks a significant change in roles or jobs, make sure you wait until everything is finalized with the new company before telling anyone at the existing company that you are leaving – especially not over social media where an unsympathetic colleague could leak it! First of all, make sure you tell your boss directly and then once this has been done already taken place create two separate posts about the transition: one about leaving and one about beginning a journey in the new role. This demonstrates both gratitude for the previous post and excitement for the venture ahead.

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How to Share New Job News Tactfully on Social Media

new job announcement facebook example

For nearly all of us in the sport and entertainment industry, those words have become synonymous with announcing big life events on social media. This includes job changes, college decisions, and even non-professional endeavors like engagements or moving house.

With job changes in particular, sport industry professionals have a tendency to announce new roles or joining professional organizations on their personal channels.

This practice is by no means a bad thing. But in an age where your presence on social media can drastically alter your professional path, there are right ways and wrong ways to approach these posts. I spent the past week talking with professionals from different aspects of the sports industry to get a better idea of what those are.

Some personal news 🗞 I, too, am joining @TheAthleticHQ (seriously) as Digital Marketing Manager starting next week. I’ll miss my @UnderArmour fam – I’ve learned so much from them the past 2 yrs. But thrilled for this next chapter! — Brandon Fleshman (@brandonfleshman) April 24, 2018

For starters, Pam Chvotkin (Sports and Entertainment Broadcast Producer and Adjunct professor at the University of Alabama School of Advertising and Public Relations), encourages people to share their excitement about good news like a new job. But there is also a respect for the past and future that must be used.

“ You want to remain humble, always, but It is a proud moment. Just be cautious and read before you send. While it’s exciting to share news, be respectful of the new brand you’re representing, and the one you are moving on from as well. This business is VERY small. Even if you left on bad or not the best of terms, no reason to bash or share bad blood publicly.”

Chvotkin goes on to detail the intricacies of staying in good graces with your old job, especially if you are still working it.

“If you’re still with another company, be sensitive that it doesn’t interfere with your work, too. In my opinion, you don’t have to say why you took the job or give any details about salary, where you’re living, etc. No need for that at all. In fact, it’s better (and sometimes safer) to NOT include that, but simply to share the news of your new role.”

Taylor Brasher , Assistant Director of Digital Communications with the NCAA, also emphasizes the need to keep both your past and future employer in mind in a “personal news” post.

“Keep the limelight and focus on the two organizations involved in the transition: your former employer—which is responsible for so many of your fondest memories, where you established your work ethic and a place you’ll always look back to as a part of what built you, and your future employer—the place that decided to welcome you into their family and where you’ll hit the ground running to continue making a difference.”

In some cases, especially for content creators, it may even be absolutely necessary to share with your social media audience if you’re transitioning to a new company or project. Billy Gates , a freelance sports journalist, and contributor for MiLB.com, shares his thoughts on why.

“If you’re making a move to another outlet, being promoted or just changing beats, it’s good to share that with your followers so they know what to expect from you later on. The reason they followed you in the first place (unless they are your friends or your mom) is the information you provide. It gives followers a heads up of what’s next from you, and if they want to unfollow, they can do that and you both can move on. It also gives you a chance to pick up new followers in anticipation for your future content, and the folks that like to follow the outlet/beat you change to will also appreciate that.”

Some personal news – this Friday will be my last day with Seattle Sounders FC. 💙💚 pic.twitter.com/FJ5cYuZcJy — Kyle Sheldon (@kylesheldon) April 30, 2018

Gates has also found that sharing personal news as a content creator can build a more genuine image and strengthens the connection an audience feels to a creator.

“Sharing life news like that can also spark some engagement with your followers in a different vein than just someone replying YOU SUCK CLOWN when you share a piece of information they deem unnecessary. People can connect with you through any post you make, but having an occasion as a vehicle can create a more authentic connection.”

While it’s fun to celebrate good news on social media, there may be occasions where the news that needs to be shared isn’t all that great. In these cases, it can still be a good idea to share it, in the right circumstances and with the right wording. Gates details why with a personal example.

“When you feel compelled to share not so great news (like I had to after being laid off at The Oregonian), it can still be a good thing. Believe it or not, most people still have feelings, and your followers will come with messages of support and condolences when that time comes. It’s a bit therapeutic to get your feelings out into a social space, as well. As with anything on the internet though, there are trolls and you might get a couple negative messages, but it’s best not to give those any credence.”

Some personal news…next week will be my last with @SacramentoKings . Bear with me as I try to recap what’s been the most rewarding journey I could’ve ever hoped for professionally, personally, and socially. — Shahbaz Khan (@ShahbazMKhan) January 4, 2018

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your departure from a job, it’s extremely important to keep as many personal relationships intact as possible. So choose your words carefully. Brasher agrees with this sentiment.

“The sports world is very, very small. You definitely don’t want to burn any bridges, either intentionally or unintentionally, when making a diversion in your career path. You never know when you might have to cross a similar bridge in the future!”

Instead of destroying existing or potential relationships, announcing a new role can give you an opportunity to do something much more important. Joe Centeno, Art Director at Team Infographics, details what that is.

“I think it is a good opportunity to thank those that helped you get to where you are. This includes former coworkers, superiors and anyone else who might have played a part in your continued growth as a professional. It is so difficult to break into this industry. When you are starting a new job what better way to show your appreciation to former and also new colleagues.”

Chvotkin echoes the importance of showing gratitude to old mentors and coworkers.

“If there are people that helped you – THANK THEM.

As important as it is to share the news with your network, it’s just as important to share credit with those that helped you and show appreciation on your journey.”

When it is all said and done, it’s clear why the “some personal news” posts are so popular. It feels incredibly good not just to look forward to new adventures, but to be able to quantify in terms of likes, retweets, and comments, all the people who wish us well in those future endeavors. Just don’t forget to engage with those people that went out of their way to congratulate you. It’s an easy way to grow and strengthen your professional network

So, is this thing on? Taps mic.🎤 Some personal news. pic.twitter.com/2zYlj44LhQ — Jeremy Crabtree (@jeremycrabtree) October 13, 2017

There are some general do’s and don’ts to these posts as the fantastic professionals I chatted with mentioned. But I feel the need to reiterate that sharing these big professional moments is nothing to hide from, both for your own personal branding and for the sake of pumping some optimism into the sports Twitterverse.

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new job announcement facebook example

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new job announcement facebook example

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Networking With Purpose

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Circleboom Blog - Social Media Marketing

How to make a LinkedIn post about a new job!

LinkedIn is the most popular social networking channel where people share their experiences, post updates on certain topics, publish polls to get insights, interact with each other and announce their new jobs.

It is one of the most exciting moments when you start a new job. Naturally, you want to share this event with people around you and social media is no exception! Because of its nature, LinkedIn is the most ideal place to share updates and announcements regarding jobs, promotions, etc.

New job - new career - announce your new job on LinkedIn with AI suggestions.

So, you would want to make a new LinkedIn post about your new job! But, how could you create a LinkedIn post that will reflect your excitement about this development in your life?

There are some important points regarding creating and publishing a LinkedIn post about job or promotion announcements and I list them here for you!  

Steps to follow for making effective LinkedIn posts about new jobs

If you want to announce your new occupation on LinkedIn with a well-prepared post, you should consider these points:

Start with an engaging introduction

Begin your post by introducing yourself and announcing your new job. Keep it brief but interesting to grab the attention of your connections.

These could be good LinkedIn post examples with engaging intros:

  • Exciting news! I'm thrilled to announce that I've just started a new chapter in my career journey - I've joined the amazing team at [company name] as [your new job title].
  • Big news everyone - I've just landed my dream job as [your new job title] at [company name]! I can't wait to hit the ground running and see what amazing things we can achieve together.
  • It's official - I'm now part of the incredible team at [company name] as their new [your new job title]! I'm excited to bring my skills and experience to the table and make a meaningful impact in my new role.
  • I'm delighted to share that I've recently joined the talented team at [company name] as their new [your new job title]. I'm looking forward to contributing to the company's success and learning from my new colleagues along the way.
  • I have some exciting news to share with all of you - I'm now officially a part of the amazing team at [company name] as their [your new job title]. I'm eager to dive into this new opportunity and make a difference in my role.

Share the details of your new job

In the body of your post, share some details about your new role, such as the company you are working for, your job title, and the responsibilities you will have.

These can be good examples:

  • Excited to share that I have joined [Company Name] as a [Job Title]! In this role, I'll be responsible for [Responsibilities]. I'm thrilled to be part of such an innovative and dynamic team and look forward to contributing to the company's continued success.
  • I'm delighted to announce that I've recently started working as a [Job Title] at [Company Name]. My main responsibilities include [Responsibilities]. I feel honored to be part of such a fantastic organization and am excited to work alongside a talented group of professionals.
  • Thrilled to share that I have joined [Company Name] as a [Job Title]. As part of my new role, I will be leading [Responsibilities] and working closely with the team to drive [Objective]. I'm excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and am eager to contribute to the company's growth.

Highlight your enthusiasm

Share your excitement and enthusiasm about your new job. This will help your connections feel happy for you and also reflect positively on your new employer.

LinkedIn new job announcement

Express gratitude

Thank your connections, colleagues, or anyone who helped you in your job search or provided a referral. Showing gratitude will help you build stronger connections on LinkedIn.

Include relevant hashtags

To increase the visibility of your post, include relevant hashtags related to your industry, job title, or company.

These could be perfect hashtags for your new job post on LinkedIn:

  • #CareerMove
  • #JobOpportunity
  • #NextChapter
  • #CareerSuccess
  • #ProfessionalDevelopment
  • #PersonalGrowth
  • #CareerGoals
  • #OpportunityKnocks
  • #CareerChange
  • #NewBeginnings
  • #CareerAdvancement
  • #JobInterview
  • #JobOpening
  • #Employment

You can also try Circleboom's LinkedIn Hashtag Generator to find and automatically add the best hashtags for your new job announcement on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Hashtag Generator

Add a professional photo

Finally, consider adding a professional photo of yourself in your new workplace or with your new team to make your post more engaging and visually appealing.

Workspace photo for LinkedIn

This can be a good example post:

"Excited to share that I've recently started a new job as a Marketing Manager at XYZ Corp. I'm thrilled to be part of such an innovative and dynamic team, and I'm looking forward to leading our marketing efforts. A huge thanks to everyone who supported me during my job search! #NewJob #MarketingManager #XYZCorp #Grateful"

As an alternative, you can use Circleboom's AI Social Media Post Generator to auto-generate LinkedIn posts with relevant hashtags, emojis, CTA's, and other extras like translations, grammar checks etc.

This is a great and easy way of creating and publishing a LinkedIn post about a new job.

Let's find out how to use Circleboom Publish to auto-generate LinkedIn posts about new job by using ChatGPT and Canva integration.

New Job Post Templates for LinkedIn

If you are okay with using ready-made post templates for LinkedIn new job announcements and don't want to lose time in searching for images that can fit with your content, Canva's post templates are just for you!

New job post templates

You can easily write what you are looking for on the Canva search box. It will list all options for you. Then you can easily pick one up and design it with images, filters, effects, texts, and other kinds of elements.

Create LinkedIn posts about your new job with Circleboom Publish's AI Social Media Post Generator

Here are the necessary steps to make your LinkedIn posts on Circleboom:

Step#1: Log in to Circleboom Publish with your account.

If you don't already have a Circleboom account, you can get one in seconds for free!

Circleboom Publish log-in screen

Step#2: If this is your first time using Circleboom Publish, you will see several options for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile.

Select a platform and connect your social media profiles. You can add multiple accounts from each platform.

Circleboom Publish supports Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile on the same dashboard.

Step#3: You should click on the “Create New Post” button to generate posts. As you see, there are specific post options for each platform. You can choose "LinkedIn Specific or Poll" option.

You’ll proceed to account selection.

LinkedIn Specific or Poll

Step#4: You can choose one or more LinkedIn accounts here. You can select Profiles and Pages together.

It is possible to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts together on Circleboom.

You can manage multiple social media accounts on Circleboom Publish.

Step#5: Now you can type your text with basic words. And, you should choose OpenAI to make it more engaging, striking which will reflect your happiness and excitement.

Use OpenAI to create LinkedIn posts.

You can choose the style of your writing for your LinkedIn post.

Use ChatGPT for LinkedIn.

Also, you can define the warmth of your words.

Warmth of your words.

Lastly, you can add extras like emojis, hashtags, grammar checks, etc. to your LinkedIn post automatically.

Add hashtags and emojis to your LinkedIn post automatically.

Here is your LinkedIn post about your new job created by OpenAI on Circleboom Publish. It is simple and effective. You can modify and enrich it with additional resources.

LinkedIn AI post maker on Circleboom Publish

For example, you can add relevant images to your new job LinkedIn post. You can use the Canva extension on Circleboom to curate images and find the most appropriate one among thousands of free pictures and photos.

Add images your LinkedIn posts with Canva.

You can also use Circleboom's native LinkedIn Hashtag Generator to enrich your LinkedIn posts with relevant, popular hashtags.

LinkedIn Hashtag Generator

You can search for hashtag groups and add them in bulk to your LinkedIn posts.

Find hashtags for your LinkedIn posts on Circleboom Publish.

You can find more details here:

Step#6: As the last step, you can publish your post immediately or schedule your LinkedIn post for a later time.

You can schedule your posts to the best times to post on LinkedIn to get more impressions and engagement.

Schedule your LinkedIn posts in advance.

Let's dive into the Circleboom world a bit more and discover more features that help you manage your social media with higher standards!

You can also schedule the first comments of your LinkedIn posts on Circleboom Publish.

You can use hashtags and emojis on your LinkedIn comment. This means, you have more space to promote your content.

Schedule LinkedIn first comments with your posts.

You can watch our hands-on video guide here:

On Circleboom Publish, you can create auto-generated tweets with AI Tweet Generator :

Final Words

In conclusion, announcing a new job on LinkedIn can be an excellent opportunity to showcase your accomplishments, skills, and expertise to your professional network.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your post is informative, engaging, and professional, helping you to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and attract potential employers and business opportunities. Remember to keep your post concise and to the point, use relevant keywords and hashtags, and leverage multimedia content to make your announcement stand out. With these tips, you can create a compelling LinkedIn post that highlights your professional achievements and sets you up for success in your new role.

Also, you can use Circleboom Publish's AI Social Media Post Generator to create excellent LinkedIn posts with text and images enriched by emojis, hashtags etc.

You can take advantage of this and many other great Circleboom features at affordable prices .

Now you know how to make a LinkedIn post about a new job!

Altug Altug

Altug Altug

I focus on developing strategies for digital marketing, content management, and social media. A part-time gamer! Feel free to ask questions via [email protected] or Twitter (@mynameisaltug)

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25 ‘We’re hiring’ social media post examples

Ruta Karskyte

Ruta Karskyte

  • Last updated on
  • August 10, 2022

Several examples of social media we are hiring posts and vacancy visuals

How can social media job posts help your recruitment process? We can name several ways, including reaching a broader spectrum of professionals, grabbing the attention of top candidates, and growing your employer brand .

So, to help you create the perfect “we are hiring” social media post, we did our research to find the best and most creative examples. Take a look below for ideas of what to include in your social media job post, and tips to make your vacancy content authentic, professional, and attractive.

Looking for more recruitment social media content ideas? Don’t miss our 26 “welcome new employee” post examples and 14 employer branding social media examples .

Plus, discover our content creation platform for recruitment teams that enables anyone to create professional branded images, animations and video content, in a few clicks.

We are hiring social media post: The basics

There are many ways to promote an open job position on social media. But let’s first go over the basic content elements to include and general best practices for your hiring post:

  • Ensure the post clearly states that it is a job promotion (for example, include “We’re hiring” or “Join our team”).
  • Provide important information about the vacancy (such as the job title, office location, required qualifications, working hours, salary, etc.).
  • Let candidates know how to apply, and if there is a deadline for the application.
  • Add visual branding, to link the job post to your company.
  • Keep it short. You can always direct people to your website to find out more.
  • Create your post quickly . Get the right tools or resources to create and publish your post as soon as your vacancy is live, so as not to delay your recruitment process.

Make sure to use both the social media visual and the caption to convey your information. We advise that you include only the most important information in the visual , and use the caption to add additional details. This helps to keep your hiring post clear and eye-catching.

See examples of some of the best hiring social media posts below:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Forrestall Consulting (@forrestallconsulting)

Now, let’s also look at how else you can format your we’re hiring social media posts, including different content examples to inspire you.

List the job responsibilities in your post

Every candidate is eager to know what their day-to-day responsibilities might be. You can list these either in your vacancy post visual or in the caption.

In the first example, you can see the job tasks included in the main social media picture. However, this can make it look busy. To avoid this, you can make use of the carousel function (on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter ), such as in the second example, where the first picture is used to grab attention, while the second one outlines the responsibilities of the role.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by JOB VACANCY KENYA (@job_vacancy_kenya)
View this post on Instagram A post shared by TheProperJOBGirl (@theproperjobgirl)

Highlight the job benefits

Who doesn’t love job perks? If your company provides great employee benefits, make sure to highlight them on your social media post. These can be either monetary compensation or secondary benefits, such as access to the company’s gym or free lunches. This will help draw people’s interest and convince them to apply to the open role.

You can include the job benefits in your visual or in the caption, such as in these we’re hiring post examples:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by DESIGN-DRIVEN APP DEVELOPMENT (@agentestudiocom)

Add the job requirements to your post

If you’re looking for applicants with a specific skill set, it’s a good idea to include the requirements for the open position in your social media post. This can increase the number of relevant applications and make the recruitment process more effective.

You can highlight the key requirements in the visual and go more into details in the caption. See the social media content examples below.

🎉🎉We're #Hiring 📢📢 We are seeking to #recruit a finance assistant to support the financial operations of the organisation and ensure timely and accurate reporting among other duties. Apply via this link: https://t.co/dJQ5jITaYg Deadline: 21st Feb 2022 pic.twitter.com/N47fv3it9M — CRAWN TRUST (@crawntrustkenya) February 3, 2022
View this post on Instagram A post shared by +WeCreate Media (@wecreate.agency)

Examples of recruitment social media templates and graphics created using our Content Stadium tools.

Show your team’s faces in your vacancy post

Make your hiring social media post more personal and relatable by showing the faces of the team behind the job post. In addition, showing people’s faces often leads to more engagement , which also helps your content reach more potential applicants.

Don’t forget that overly posed pictures with fake smiles or obvious stock photos can put people off. Try instead to include good-quality photos of real employees that show emotions and look inviting.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Cultured South Fermentation Co (@culturedsouth)

End your hiring post with a CTA

Always end your social media hiring post with a clear CTA (call to action), such as “Join us” or “Apply now” . Include clear instructions on how people can apply to the role. This prevents any friction on the applicant’s journey.

See how the hiring post examples below use an entire carousel slide to include a large CTA with a description of where the applicant should go to apply.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Velocity Partners (@velocity.partners)

Social media hiring post example from LinkedIn

Catch the eye with simple we’re hiring visuals

To quickly grab candidates’ attention, simplicity can sometimes be the way to go! Check out the two eye-catching social media job vacancy posts below:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Wethemakersjobs (@wethemakersjobs)
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Hubs (@lifeathubs)

If you want to create a super-simple job post, you can also try using the carousel function. This enables you to divide up the information over multiple slides, keeping every slide very minimal. Use the first picture to help grab candidates’ attention, and the second and third images to provide more details about the role.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by TEAMS (@teams_design)

Tailor your post to your target candidates

You can also try to catch attention with a more unique we’re hiring social media post design tailored to your audience. See how the Instagram and LinkedIn example posts below use a fun quiz and a big bold question targeted directly at the candidates they are looking to hire (software developers and freelance marketers).

Instagram we're hiring post example from Verizon, with symbols that create a code for software developers to crack

Promote multiple job openings in one post

If you have several job openings, it’s possible to promote all of them in a single hiring post. You can do this with one picture, through a carousel post, or via a video . Although, remember not to overwhelm your post with too many blocks of text, and try to keep it as concise as possible.

See some of the best examples of social media job posts for multiple roles below:

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Periwinkle Service (@periwinkle_service)
We are actively looking for a Senior Sales Executive! 🔍 Work side-by-side with our CEO, to increase and develop our business opportunities. Manage a portfolio of prospects, identify key stakeholders. And so much more! Are you the one? Apply now! 🚀 https://t.co/TbyM1DpXzH pic.twitter.com/WncI8D7oq6 — Flowlity (@flowlity) January 28, 2022

“Sell” your company in your hiring post

In these social media post examples, you can see how you can use the caption to provide information about your company. You can mention your values, and what it’s like to work for you. This can help put your company in the best possible light, grow your employer brand , and attract candidates that have the right culture fit for your team.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Think.CREA (@think.crea)
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Talento (@hello.talento)

Download the 2022 social recruiting and employer branding report

Disclose the job salary upfront

Whether companies should state the salary on their job ads is currently a hot topic of debate . However, knowing the salary upfront can be the biggest motivator to apply. Research from LinkedIn showed that 61% of 450 professionals found the compensation to be the most important part of the job description .

Including the salary in the job description helps make companies look transparent and attracts the top candidates, as they will be more motivated to spend time on the application. If you can’t include a fixed salary, show candidates what a regular salary career path at the company looks like, or what benefits you can provide.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by JoinLAPD (@joinlapd)

Tell an engaging recruitment story

Finally, to attract more candidates and grow your employer brand, you can turn your hiring posts into an engaging story. Invite candidates to join the company by taking the viewer behind the scenes, showing your company’s culture and interviewing your existing employees. In this way, candidates can already get a feel for what it’s like to work at your company.

See how it can be done with the carousel example below. It includes a team picture as the first slide, to attract people’s attention, followed by employee quotes and a list of job openings. Click the image to see the post on LinkedIn.

3 images composed in 1, from carousel post, it is example of the engaging social media job post. First image contains 4 people and question "Why being an instructor at Scaler is all about creating a difference in the community?", second slide shows employee opinion about working in the company. Finally, third slide, invites to create a difference together and explore available job roles.

If you want to add more personality to your “we’re hiring” post, try filming an engaging and informative video . See how the hiring video posts below paint a picture of the role itself, how the application process works, and the workplace culture, all while giving a more human front to the company.

@asus.usa It’s real. We’re hiring! Apply today and join our team! 😆😆 #ASUS #rog #career #jobs #hiring ♬ Paper Planes – M.I.A.
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Marriott Careers (@marriottcareers)

Create your hiring posts in just a few clicks

Do you regularly need to create job posts and other recruitment social media content?

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Fill in your details on this page to request more information.

Content Stadium made it easy for us to build recognizable employer brands on social media. Thanks to our branded templates, we can quickly create images and video content that look professional and tell a consistent brand story. Nicole, Employer Branding & Recruitment Specialist at A.S. Watson Read her story

Get more recruitment tips for social media

  • Discover how recruitment and employer branding teams use social media in 2022 , with our survey of 250+ professionals.
  • Get inspired by 14 employer branding and recruitment social media post ideas and 26 new employee posts .
  • Learn more about our content creation platform for recruitment teams :

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10 creative ‘We’re Hiring’ social media post examples

Written by by Aubree Smith

Published on  August 4, 2022

Reading time  9 minutes

In an increasingly competitive hiring market, 52% of marketers said finding experienced talent was their number one challenge in 2022.

The solution: Build a strong social media recruitment strategy .

Social media is where people go to level up their career. They turn to social platforms to learn new skills, network, research companies and search for jobs. For brands, social media casts a wide net and helps them create a stronger employer brand that will attract top candidates.

In this article, we’re sharing creative ways to attract the most qualified candidates on social. Let’s dive in.

10 ways to say ‘We’re hiring’ on social media (post examples)

To build a strong social recruitment strategy, determine how your team’s needs and your ideal candidates’ requirements intersect. For example, you might need someone with a keen eye for detail, while job seekers might prioritize companies with a hybrid work model.

In your social posts, emphasize what your company offers and the impact this new hire will make on your team. Use these copy, image and video ideas as building blocks for your social content.

1. Keep it clear and concise

When you’re trying to appeal to prospective candidates, it’s natural to want to tell them everything that makes your company great. However, stuffing your posts full of information might overwhelm them.

Instead, keep it simple. Only feature a few of your top benefits and be clear about what you’re looking for in a candidate.

A screenshot of a social media image template that reads: We're Hiring Professional Chef, Apply Now, Send your CV to hello@reallygreatsite.com. The background image is an assortment of vegetables, lemons and herbs on a dark gray cutting board.

For example: “We’re looking for a professional chef with a passion for food, culinary experience and a growth mindset. At our restaurant, we’re proud to offer comprehensive benefits, flexible hours and ongoing development opportunities. Apply today by submitting your resume to [email protected].”

If you include an image or graphic, make sure it’s clear that you’re hiring, which role you’re filling and how people can apply.

2. Highlight your unique strengths

In your posts, let your strongest assets shine. Include awards, recognitions or certifications that will help you stand out and make a lasting first impression.

Pro tip: Complete a competitive analysis when planning your social recruitment strategy to identify which strengths set you apart.

An example social media image template that reads "We're Hiring. Discover why our work environment was voted best in the industry by our employees. Join our team today." The background image is a young, professional woman standing against a stone wall.

For example: “At Liceria & Co., we’re proud to be recognized as the #1 best place to work in our industry. We’re currently expanding and looking for driven, positive people to join our award-winning culture. Apply today by visiting our Careers page.”

Be sure to include award or credential logos in your post’s image to support your authority.

3. Let your brand’s culture shine

Culture is a top priority for job seekers. In fact, many care about a company’s culture and mission more than high salaries. Create a post or video that captures your culture in action. If your company has a remote work policy, show how your team members work effectively from anywhere.

For example: “We empower our team members to work where they’re at their best. Trust and effective communication are at the heart of our remote culture. If you’re a self-motivated, organized person looking to join a flexible team, visit our Careers page to learn more about our open positions.”

If you want to include visual content, tap into your team for pictures and videos of their home-office setups or take a screenshot of a company video call.

4. Take people behind-the-scenes

Prospects want to know what it’s really like to work at your company. Use social to give them a behind-the-scenes look at your office or facility. Answer questions about dress code, equipment and other logistics. Don’t forget to showcase your company’s perks.

For example: “Green Aero Tours is looking for an experienced Travel Consultant who loves the outdoors as much as we do. In this role, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of the national forest everyday while helping people plan their outdoor excursions. If adventure is baked into your DNA, apply to join our team today.”

Video is the best way to show people company life. Keep that in mind as you create behind-the-scenes posts.

5. Lean on employee advocacy

Employee advocacy is a supercharged version of the power of word-of-mouth.

An employee advocacy recruitment initiative enlists the help of your current team members to spread the word about open positions at your company. Ask employees to share a link to your Careers page on their personal account or be featured on your company’s profile.

A social media image template that reads "What's it like working for us?" It also features a quote from a current team member and a five-star rating. In the graphic, there's an image of a professional woman sitting in front of a bookshelf.

For example: “We asked our Key Account Specialist, Olivia Wilson, what her experience has been like since she joined the team six months ago. If Olivia’s experience sounds like what you’re looking for in your next role, visit our Careers page to apply for an open position today.”

In employee advocacy-driven posts, feature the humans behind your company. Encourage them to not only share links, but their positive experiences and images of them at work.

6. Show your team outside of work

Job seekers want to be seen as people, not just employees. Illustrate how your company allows people to bring their authentic selves to work. Feature current employees doing things off the clock—from parenting to volunteering to exploring a new city.

A man holding up a bicycle overlooking mountains in Switzerland

For example: “Our team members are amazing people—both at work and in their personal lives. Here’s our Marketing Manager, Ryan (he/him), traversing the Swiss mountains by bike. If you’re as committed as we are to living a balanced and adventurous life (on and off the clock), apply today to join our team.”

It’s okay if your employee-generated images and videos are low-fi. What matters most is authenticity.

7. Tailor your post to your ideal candidate

Let the reader know what skills and experiences you’re looking for right away. Cater your message to your ideal candidate.

Note: Don’t narrow down your candidate pool too much. Focus on a prospect’s transferable skills and potential rather than just their credentials. Make space for diverse backgrounds and experiences .

A social media image template that reads "We're Hiring Graphic Designer, Content Creator. Turn your hobby into your career." The image also includes directions to apply. The image itself is of three professional women standing in front of an illustrated background made of shapes, dots and lines.

For example: “Are you a lifelong learner passionate about graphic design or content creation? Are you looking to make a career change? DHM Studios is looking for full-time graphic designers and content creators to join our team. No professional experience required. Learn more about the available positions and find the application at the link in our bio.”

8. Go beyond generic

In a sea of same, make your recruitment strategy stand out. Think outside the box by staying up to date on social trends and having fun with your campaign. Whether it’s turning your office into a trending video game, creating your own version of the latest meme or taking inspiration from a binge-worthy show, be open to trying something different.

A social media image template that reads "Now Hiring, Join our Team." The graphic lists available positions and gives application instructions. The image is of a 3-D illustrated professional man sitting in an office chair working at his laptop and smiling.

9. Demonstrate the impact of the role

Today’s job seekers are calling the shots and are looking for a sense of purpose. They want to work for companies that align with their own personal values and do mission-driven work.

A social media image template that reads "Every Small Act Matters," and contains other text that urges people to apply to work at the nonprofit. The image is of an illustrated sun with a smiley putting a bandaid on a relieved illustrated Earth. The sun is holding a pick-it sign.

For example: “At Protect the Earth, our mission is to take actionable steps towards saving our planet everyday. We’re currently looking for a Community Organizer to join our team. In this role, you will design a program that fosters community engagement around new sustainability practices. Learn more by visiting our site’s Career page.”

In your posts, make it clear how the person stepping into the role will make an impact on your company, your community and global initiatives. Share how your mission will apply to the person you hire.

10. Make it easy to apply

Design a seamless application experience for your prospective candidates. Include a clear CTA in your post that directs them to click the link, visit your site, email your recruitment representative or just swipe up (depending on the platform).

A social media template for Instagram Stories that reads "Our team is growing, apply today." The background includes a white cloth with eucalyptus leaves, a candle and a pen.

After posting your message, be prepared to answer questions in your DMs. In many cases, social media professionals are the first people job seekers interact with in their hiring journey. Remember to put your best foot forward.

Get creative: Job post examples for different social platforms

When you launch your social media recruitment campaign, tailor individual posts to each platform’s audience for the best results. Here are ways to design your posts for different candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

‘We’re hiring’ LinkedIn post example

LinkedIn is the platform people turn to when they want to build and engage their professional network , so it’s a natural fit for job postings.

The best ‘we’re hiring’ LinkedIn posts include:

  • Quotes and testimonials from current team members
  • Responsibilities of the role
  • Professional tone and demeanor
  • A link to apply
  • Branded and general hashtags

A screenshot of a LinkedIn video from Spreetail. In the post, they share the benefits of working on their team and how people can apply to an open role. In the video still, a current team member wears a Spreetail tshirt and is sitting against a colorful backdrop. In the video, she shares more about her experience working for the company.

In Spreetail’s recruitment video, they feature a team member who walks the audience through her experience interviewing for a role. She shares details about her day-to-day responsibilities and the benefits of working for Spreetail.

Example of Facebook job posting

On Facebook, people connect with friends and Pages they follow. With 2.93 billion monthly active users , companies can reach a wide array of people—including professionals, tradespeople, students, contract workers and more. The relaxed, informal culture allows you to infuse more fun and personality into your posts.

Facebook gives companies with business accounts the option to promote open positions with a job post or a standard post. Whichever option you choose, the best Facebook job postings:

  • Provide examples of exciting and noteworthy experiences people will gain in the role
  • Use branded and general hashtags
  • Employ a relaxed, personable tone
  • Include a link to apply
  • Can be geared towards internship positions, part-time work and hourly positions

A screenshot of a Facebook post from Booz Allen Hamilton. In the copy of the post, they share about the opportunities interns will gain (including robotic dogs and driverless cars). In the image, they feature a former summer intern smiling and standing against a white wall. The image also includes a quote from the intern.

This Booz Allen Hamilton’s recruitment post features a former intern who raves about the company. In the post’s copy, they emphasize the extraordinary robotics experience and skills interns will gain by the end of the summer.

Stand-out job posting example on Instagram

Instagram is known as a photo and video sharing platform. While brands, influencers and creators have found ways to build successful business strategies on the app, it’s not a hiring hub like LinkedIn or Facebook. Which means it’s ripe for opportunity, as long as you tailor your content to this network.

Successful Instagram job posts include:

  • Personality, playfulness and humor
  • Bright, beautiful or bold imagery
  • A link to apply in your bio or by swiping up (if using Instagram Stories)
  • Branded, niche and general hashtags

A screenshot of the caption of an Instagram caption from Candy Funhouse. The caption describes an open position called a Chief Candy Officer and includes details about the role. It also includes instructions for how to apply.

In Candy Funhouse’s Instagram post, they use bright graphics and punchy humor to grab people’s attention. The position “Chief Candy Officer” is fanciful and ideal for Instagram, and the rest of the description makes you want to learn more about this role.

Finding ‘We’re hiring’ images for your social posts

Once you’re ready to start creating your posts, you’ll need graphics or images to bring the post to life. Start by gathering photos of your employees in their work settings to showcase your culture. If you don’t have photos available or need graphic support, take advantage of affordable online resources.

Here’s a list of tools you can use to take your recruitment social strategy to the next level—without requiring a large budget or leaning on outside teams.

  • Pixels : A website with paintings, photos, illustrations, digital art and mixed media from independent artists. The unique pieces are available for a low cost compared to many other image sites.
  • Unsplash : A completely free collection of stock imagery which includes 3D renders, textures, patterns and images by category.
  • Landscape: A free, go-to tool for social media image resizing, so you can quickly resize images for each platform.
  • Canva : A free, easy-to-use design tool that comes with social media image and graphics templates. It includes free photography and graphics options. You can upgrade to the premium version to access bonus templates and upload your fonts, colors and other brand assets.

A screenshot of a search in Canva for "We're Hiring" social media post templates.

Building top-notch social hiring ads

To recap, social media plays an essential role in your recruitment process. Now that you know how to develop unique content that will grab the attention of job seekers and give you a competitive edge, start building your social media hiring campaign.

Use this checklist to guide you:

  • Determine your teams’ needs (example: hire a Marketing Content Coordinator with great writing skills, a passion for learning and zeal for creative thinking)
  • Conduct a competitive analysis to learn what makes your company unique (example: recipient of the Great Place to Work® certification)
  • Learn more about your ideal candidate so you can determine which platforms they’ll most likely use (example: An individual with 25+ years of experience is likely to look for roles on Facebook)
  • Craft your social copy and imagery
  • Watch the applications pour in

To develop your recruitment strategy further, learn more about how to build a stronger employer brand to attract—and keep—great talent.

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