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Everyone struggles with homework sometimes, but if getting your homework done has become a chronic issue for you, then you may need a little extra help. That’s why we’ve written this article all about how to do homework. Once you’re finished reading it, you’ll know how to do homework (and have tons of new ways to motivate yourself to do homework)! 

We’ve broken this article down into a few major sections. You’ll find: 

  • A diagnostic test to help you figure out why you’re struggling with homework
  • A discussion of the four major homework problems students face, along with expert tips for addressing them 
  • A bonus section with tips for how to do homework fast

By the end of this article, you’ll be prepared to tackle whatever homework assignments your teachers throw at you . 

So let’s get started! 


How to Do Homework: Figure Out Your Struggles 

Sometimes it feels like everything is standing between you and getting your homework done. But the truth is, most people only have one or two major roadblocks that are keeping them from getting their homework done well and on time. 

The best way to figure out how to get motivated to do homework starts with pinpointing the issues that are affecting your ability to get your assignments done. That’s why we’ve developed a short quiz to help you identify the areas where you’re struggling. 

Take the quiz below and record your answers on your phone or on a scrap piece of paper. Keep in mind there are no wrong answers! 

1. You’ve just been assigned an essay in your English class that’s due at the end of the week. What’s the first thing you do?

A. Keep it in mind, even though you won’t start it until the day before it’s due  B. Open up your planner. You’ve got to figure out when you’ll write your paper since you have band practice, a speech tournament, and your little sister’s dance recital this week, too.  C. Groan out loud. Another essay? You could barely get yourself to write the last one!  D. Start thinking about your essay topic, which makes you think about your art project that’s due the same day, which reminds you that your favorite artist might have just posted to you better check your feed right now. 

2. Your mom asked you to pick up your room before she gets home from work. You’ve just gotten home from school. You decide you’ll tackle your chores: 

A. Five minutes before your mom walks through the front door. As long as it gets done, who cares when you start?  B. As soon as you get home from your shift at the local grocery store.  C. After you give yourself a 15-minute pep talk about how you need to get to work.  D. You won’t get it done. Between texts from your friends, trying to watch your favorite Netflix show, and playing with your dog, you just lost track of time! 

3. You’ve signed up to wash dogs at the Humane Society to help earn money for your senior class trip. You: 

A. Show up ten minutes late. You put off leaving your house until the last minute, then got stuck in unexpected traffic on the way to the shelter.  B. Have to call and cancel at the last minute. You forgot you’d already agreed to babysit your cousin and bake cupcakes for tomorrow’s bake sale.  C. Actually arrive fifteen minutes early with extra brushes and bandanas you picked up at the store. You’re passionate about animals, so you’re excited to help out! D. Show up on time, but only get three dogs washed. You couldn’t help it: you just kept getting distracted by how cute they were!

4. You have an hour of downtime, so you decide you’re going to watch an episode of The Great British Baking Show. You: 

A. Scroll through your social media feeds for twenty minutes before hitting play, which means you’re not able to finish the whole episode. Ugh! You really wanted to see who was sent home!  B. Watch fifteen minutes until you remember you’re supposed to pick up your sister from band practice before heading to your part-time job. No GBBO for you!  C. You finish one episode, then decide to watch another even though you’ve got SAT studying to do. It’s just more fun to watch people make scones.  D. Start the episode, but only catch bits and pieces of it because you’re reading Twitter, cleaning out your backpack, and eating a snack at the same time.

5. Your teacher asks you to stay after class because you’ve missed turning in two homework assignments in a row. When she asks you what’s wrong, you say: 

A. You planned to do your assignments during lunch, but you ran out of time. You decided it would be better to turn in nothing at all than submit unfinished work.  B. You really wanted to get the assignments done, but between your extracurriculars, family commitments, and your part-time job, your homework fell through the cracks.  C. You have a hard time psyching yourself to tackle the assignments. You just can’t seem to find the motivation to work on them once you get home.  D. You tried to do them, but you had a hard time focusing. By the time you realized you hadn’t gotten anything done, it was already time to turn them in. 

Like we said earlier, there are no right or wrong answers to this quiz (though your results will be better if you answered as honestly as possible). Here’s how your answers break down: 

  • If your answers were mostly As, then your biggest struggle with doing homework is procrastination. 
  • If your answers were mostly Bs, then your biggest struggle with doing homework is time management. 
  • If your answers were mostly Cs, then your biggest struggle with doing homework is motivation. 
  • If your answers were mostly Ds, then your biggest struggle with doing homework is getting distracted. 

Now that you’ve identified why you’re having a hard time getting your homework done, we can help you figure out how to fix it! Scroll down to find your core problem area to learn more about how you can start to address it. 

And one more thing: you’re really struggling with homework, it’s a good idea to read through every section below. You may find some additional tips that will help make homework less intimidating. 


How to Do Homework When You’re a Procrastinator  

Merriam Webster defines “procrastinate” as “to put off intentionally and habitually.” In other words, procrastination is when you choose to do something at the last minute on a regular basis. If you’ve ever found yourself pulling an all-nighter, trying to finish an assignment between periods, or sprinting to turn in a paper minutes before a deadline, you’ve experienced the effects of procrastination. 

If you’re a chronic procrastinator, you’re in good company. In fact, one study found that 70% to 95% of undergraduate students procrastinate when it comes to doing their homework. Unfortunately, procrastination can negatively impact your grades. Researchers have found that procrastination can lower your grade on an assignment by as much as five points ...which might not sound serious until you realize that can mean the difference between a B- and a C+. 

Procrastination can also negatively affect your health by increasing your stress levels , which can lead to other health conditions like insomnia, a weakened immune system, and even heart conditions. Getting a handle on procrastination can not only improve your grades, it can make you feel better, too! 

The big thing to understand about procrastination is that it’s not the result of laziness. Laziness is defined as being “disinclined to activity or exertion.” In other words, being lazy is all about doing nothing. But a s this Psychology Today article explains , procrastinators don’t put things off because they don’t want to work. Instead, procrastinators tend to postpone tasks they don’t want to do in favor of tasks that they perceive as either more important or more fun. Put another way, procrastinators want to do long as it’s not their homework! 

3 Tips f or Conquering Procrastination 

Because putting off doing homework is a common problem, there are lots of good tactics for addressing procrastination. Keep reading for our three expert tips that will get your homework habits back on track in no time. 

#1: Create a Reward System

Like we mentioned earlier, procrastination happens when you prioritize other activities over getting your homework done. Many times, this happens because homework...well, just isn’t enjoyable. But you can add some fun back into the process by rewarding yourself for getting your work done. 

Here’s what we mean: let’s say you decide that every time you get your homework done before the day it’s due, you’ll give yourself a point. For every five points you earn, you’ll treat yourself to your favorite dessert: a chocolate cupcake! Now you have an extra (delicious!) incentive to motivate you to leave procrastination in the dust. 

If you’re not into cupcakes, don’t worry. Your reward can be anything that motivates you . Maybe it’s hanging out with your best friend or an extra ten minutes of video game time. As long as you’re choosing something that makes homework worth doing, you’ll be successful. 

#2: Have a Homework Accountability Partner 

If you’re having trouble getting yourself to start your homework ahead of time, it may be a good idea to call in reinforcements . Find a friend or classmate you can trust and explain to them that you’re trying to change your homework habits. Ask them if they’d be willing to text you to make sure you’re doing your homework and check in with you once a week to see if you’re meeting your anti-procrastination goals. 

Sharing your goals can make them feel more real, and an accountability partner can help hold you responsible for your decisions. For example, let’s say you’re tempted to put off your science lab write-up until the morning before it’s due. But you know that your accountability partner is going to text you about it tomorrow...and you don’t want to fess up that you haven’t started your assignment. A homework accountability partner can give you the extra support and incentive you need to keep your homework habits on track. 

#3: Create Your Own Due Dates 

If you’re a life-long procrastinator, you might find that changing the habit is harder than you expected. In that case, you might try using procrastination to your advantage! If you just can’t seem to stop doing your work at the last minute, try setting your own due dates for assignments that range from a day to a week before the assignment is actually due. 

Here’s what we mean. Let’s say you have a math worksheet that’s been assigned on Tuesday and is due on Friday. In your planner, you can write down the due date as Thursday instead. You may still put off your homework assignment until the last minute...but in this case, the “last minute” is a day before the assignment’s real due date . This little hack can trick your procrastination-addicted brain into planning ahead! 


If you feel like Kevin Hart in this meme, then our tips for doing homework when you're busy are for you. 

How to Do Homework When You’re too Busy

If you’re aiming to go to a top-tier college , you’re going to have a full plate. Because college admissions is getting more competitive, it’s important that you’re maintaining your grades , studying hard for your standardized tests , and participating in extracurriculars so your application stands out. A packed schedule can get even more hectic once you add family obligations or a part-time job to the mix. 

If you feel like you’re being pulled in a million directions at once, you’re not alone. Recent research has found that stress—and more severe stress-related conditions like anxiety and depression— are a major problem for high school students . In fact, one study from the American Psychological Association found that during the school year, students’ stress levels are higher than those of the adults around them. 

For students, homework is a major contributor to their overall stress levels . Many high schoolers have multiple hours of homework every night , and figuring out how to fit it into an already-packed schedule can seem impossible. 

3 Tips for Fitting Homework Into Your Busy Schedule

While it might feel like you have literally no time left in your schedule, there are still ways to make sure you’re able to get your homework done and meet your other commitments. Here are our expert homework tips for even the busiest of students. 

#1: Make a Prioritized To-Do List 

You probably already have a to-do list to keep yourself on track. The next step is to prioritize the items on your to-do list so you can see what items need your attention right away. 

Here’s how it works: at the beginning of each day, sit down and make a list of all the items you need to get done before you go to bed. This includes your homework, but it should also take into account any practices, chores, events, or job shifts you may have. Once you get everything listed out, it’s time to prioritize them using the labels A, B, and C. Here’s what those labels mean:

  • A Tasks : tasks that have to get done—like showing up at work or turning in an assignment—get an A. 
  • B Tasks : these are tasks that you would like to get done by the end of the day but aren’t as time sensitive. For example, studying for a test you have next week could be a B-level task. It’s still important, but it doesn’t have to be done right away. 
  • C Tasks: these are tasks that aren’t very important and/or have no real consequences if you don’t get them done immediately. For instance, if you’re hoping to clean out your closet but it’s not an assigned chore from your parents, you could label that to-do item with a C. 

Prioritizing your to-do list helps you visualize which items need your immediate attention, and which items you can leave for later. A prioritized to-do list ensures that you’re spending your time efficiently and effectively, which helps you make room in your schedule for homework. So even though you might really want to start making decorations for Homecoming (a B task), you’ll know that finishing your reading log (an A task) is more important. 

#2: Use a Planner With Time Labels 

Your planner is probably packed with notes, events, and assignments already. (And if you’re not using a planner, it’s time to start!) But planners can do more for you than just remind you when an assignment is due. If you’re using a planner with time labels, it can help you visualize how you need to spend your day.

A planner with time labels breaks your day down into chunks, and you assign tasks to each chunk of time. For example, you can make a note of your class schedule with assignments, block out time to study, and make sure you know when you need to be at practice. Once you know which tasks take priority, you can add them to any empty spaces in your day. 

Planning out how you spend your time not only helps you use it wisely, it can help you feel less overwhelmed, too . We’re big fans of planners that include a task list ( like this one ) or have room for notes ( like this one ). 

#3: Set Reminders on Your Phone 

If you need a little extra nudge to make sure you’re getting your homework done on time, it’s a good idea to set some reminders on your phone. You don’t need a fancy app, either. You can use your alarm app to have it go off at specific times throughout the day to remind you to do your homework. This works especially well if you have a set homework time scheduled. So if you’ve decided you’re doing homework at 6:00 pm, you can set an alarm to remind you to bust out your books and get to work. 

If you use your phone as your planner, you may have the option to add alerts, emails, or notifications to scheduled events . Many calendar apps, including the one that comes with your phone, have built-in reminders that you can customize to meet your needs. So if you block off time to do your homework from 4:30 to 6:00 pm, you can set a reminder that will pop up on your phone when it’s time to get started. 


This dog isn't judging your lack of motivation...but your teacher might. Keep reading for tips to help you motivate yourself to do your homework.

How to Do Homework When You’re Unmotivated 

At first glance, it may seem like procrastination and being unmotivated are the same thing. After all, both of these issues usually result in you putting off your homework until the very last minute. 

But there’s one key difference: many procrastinators are working, they’re just prioritizing work differently. They know they’re going to start their homework...they’re just going to do it later. 

Conversely, people who are unmotivated to do homework just can’t find the willpower to tackle their assignments. Procrastinators know they’ll at least attempt the homework at the last minute, whereas people who are unmotivated struggle with convincing themselves to do it at a ll. For procrastinators, the stress comes from the inevitable time crunch. For unmotivated people, the stress comes from trying to convince themselves to do something they don’t want to do in the first place. 

Here are some common reasons students are unmotivated in doing homework : 

  • Assignments are too easy, too hard, or seemingly pointless 
  • Students aren’t interested in (or passionate about) the subject matter
  • Students are intimidated by the work and/or feels like they don’t understand the assignment 
  • Homework isn’t fun, and students would rather spend their time on things that they enjoy 

To sum it up: people who lack motivation to do their homework are more likely to not do it at all, or to spend more time worrying about doing their homework than...well, actually doing it.

3 Tips for How to Get Motivated to Do Homework

The key to getting homework done when you’re unmotivated is to figure out what does motivate you, then apply those things to homework. It sounds tricky...but it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it! Here are our three expert tips for motivating yourself to do your homework. 

#1: Use Incremental Incentives

When you’re not motivated, it’s important to give yourself small rewards to stay focused on finishing the task at hand. The trick is to keep the incentives small and to reward yourself often. For example, maybe you’re reading a good book in your free time. For every ten minutes you spend on your homework, you get to read five pages of your book. Like we mentioned earlier, make sure you’re choosing a reward that works for you! 

So why does this technique work? Using small rewards more often allows you to experience small wins for getting your work done. Every time you make it to one of your tiny reward points, you get to celebrate your success, which gives your brain a boost of dopamine . Dopamine helps you stay motivated and also creates a feeling of satisfaction when you complete your homework !  

#2: Form a Homework Group 

If you’re having trouble motivating yourself, it’s okay to turn to others for support. Creating a homework group can help with this. Bring together a group of your friends or classmates, and pick one time a week where you meet and work on homework together. You don’t have to be in the same class, or even taking the same subjects— the goal is to encourage one another to start (and finish!) your assignments. 

Another added benefit of a homework group is that you can help one another if you’re struggling to understand the material covered in your classes. This is especially helpful if your lack of motivation comes from being intimidated by your assignments. Asking your friends for help may feel less scary than talking to your teacher...and once you get a handle on the material, your homework may become less frightening, too. 

#3: Change Up Your Environment 

If you find that you’re totally unmotivated, it may help if you find a new place to do your homework. For example, if you’ve been struggling to get your homework done at home, try spending an extra hour in the library after school instead. The change of scenery can limit your distractions and give you the energy you need to get your work done. 

If you’re stuck doing homework at home, you can still use this tip. For instance, maybe you’ve always done your homework sitting on your bed. Try relocating somewhere else, like your kitchen table, for a few weeks. You may find that setting up a new “homework spot” in your house gives you a motivational lift and helps you get your work done. 


Social media can be a huge problem when it comes to doing homework. We have advice for helping you unplug and regain focus.

How to Do Homework When You’re Easily Distracted

We live in an always-on world, and there are tons of things clamoring for our attention. From friends and family to pop culture and social media, it seems like there’s always something (or someone!) distracting us from the things we need to do.

The 24/7 world we live in has affected our ability to focus on tasks for prolonged periods of time. Research has shown that over the past decade, an average person’s attention span has gone from 12 seconds to eight seconds . And when we do lose focus, i t takes people a long time to get back on task . One study found that it can take as long as 23 minutes to get back to work once we’ve been distracte d. No wonder it can take hours to get your homework done! 

3 Tips to Improve Your Focus

If you have a hard time focusing when you’re doing your homework, it’s a good idea to try and eliminate as many distractions as possible. Here are three expert tips for blocking out the noise so you can focus on getting your homework done. 

#1: Create a Distraction-Free Environment

Pick a place where you’ll do your homework every day, and make it as distraction-free as possible. Try to find a location where there won’t be tons of noise, and limit your access to screens while you’re doing your homework. Put together a focus-oriented playlist (or choose one on your favorite streaming service), and put your headphones on while you work. 

You may find that other people, like your friends and family, are your biggest distraction. If that’s the case, try setting up some homework boundaries. Let them know when you’ll be working on homework every day, and ask them if they’ll help you keep a quiet environment. They’ll be happy to lend a hand! 

#2: Limit Your Access to Technology 

We know, we know...this tip isn’t fun, but it does work. For homework that doesn’t require a computer, like handouts or worksheets, it’s best to put all your technology away . Turn off your television, put your phone and laptop in your backpack, and silence notifications on any wearable tech you may be sporting. If you listen to music while you work, that’s fine...but make sure you have a playlist set up so you’re not shuffling through songs once you get started on your homework. 

If your homework requires your laptop or tablet, it can be harder to limit your access to distractions. But it’s not impossible! T here are apps you can download that will block certain websites while you’re working so that you’re not tempted to scroll through Twitter or check your Facebook feed. Silence notifications and text messages on your computer, and don’t open your email account unless you absolutely have to. And if you don’t need access to the internet to complete your assignments, turn off your WiFi. Cutting out the online chatter is a great way to make sure you’re getting your homework done. 

#3: Set a Timer (the Pomodoro Technique)

Have you ever heard of the Pomodoro technique ? It’s a productivity hack that uses a timer to help you focus!

Here’s how it works: first, set a timer for 25 minutes. This is going to be your work time. During this 25 minutes, all you can do is work on whatever homework assignment you have in front of you. No email, no text messaging, no phone calls—just homework. When that timer goes off, y ou get to take a 5 minute break. Every time you go through one of these cycles, it’s called a “pomodoro.” For every four pomodoros you complete, you can take a longer break of 15 to 30 minutes. 

The pomodoro technique works through a combination of boundary setting and rewards. First, it gives you a finite amount of time to focus, so you know that you only have to work really hard for 25 minutes. Once you’ve done that, you’re rewarded with a short break where you can do whatever you want. Additionally, tracking how many pomodoros you complete can help you see how long you’re really working on your homework. (Once you start using our focus tips, you may find it doesn’t take as long as you thought!) 


Two Bonus Tips for How to Do Homework Fast 

Even if you’re doing everything right, there will be times when you just need to get your homework done as fast as possible. (Why do teachers always have projects due in the same week? The world may never know.) 

The problem with speeding through homework is that it’s easy to make mistakes. While turning in an assignment is always better than not submitting anything at all, you want to make sure that you’re not compromising quality for speed. Simply put, the goal is to get your homework done quickly and still make a good grade on the assignment! 

Here are our two bonus tips for getting a decent grade on your homework assignments , even when you’re in a time crunch. 

#1: Do the Easy Parts First 

This is especially true if you’re working on a handout with multiple questions. Before you start working on the assignment, read through all the questions and problems. As you do, make a mark beside the questions you think are “easy” to answer . 

Once you’ve finished going through the whole assignment, you can answer these questions first. Getting the easy questions out of the way as quickly as possible lets you spend more time on the trickier portions of your homework, which will maximize your assignment grade. 

(Quick note: this is also a good strategy to use on timed assignments and tests, like the SAT and the ACT !) 

#2: Pay Attention in Class 

Homework gets a lot easier when you’re actively learning the material. Teachers aren’t giving you homework because they’re mean or trying to ruin your weekend... it’s because they want you to really understand the course material. Homework is designed to reinforce what you’re already learning in class so you’ll be ready to tackle harder concepts later. 

When you pay attention in class, ask questions, and take good notes, you’re absorbing the information you’ll need to succeed on your homework assignments. (You’re stuck in class anyway, so you might as well make the most of it!) Not only will paying attention in class make your homework less confusing, it will also help it go much faster, too. 


What’s Next? 

If you’re looking to improve your productivity beyond homework, a good place to begin is with time management. After all, we only have so much time in a it’s important to get the most out of it! To get you started, check out this list of the 12 best time management techniques that you can start using today.

You may have read this article because homework struggles have been affecting your GPA. Now that you’re on the path to homework success, it’s time to start being proactive about raising your grades. This article teaches you everything you need to know about raising your GPA so you can

Now you know how to get motivated to do homework...but what about your study habits? Studying is just as critical to getting good grades, and ultimately getting into a good college . We can teach you how to study bette r in high school. (We’ve also got tons of resources to help you study for your ACT and SAT exams , too!) 

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How many times have you found yourself still staring at your textbook around midnight (or later!) even when you started your homework hours earlier? Those lost hours could be explained by Parkinson’s Law, which states, “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” In other words, if you give yourself all night to memorize those geometry formulas for your quiz tomorrow, you’ll inevitably find that a 30 minute task has somehow filled your entire evening.

We know that you have more homework than ever. But even with lots and lots to do, a few tweaks to your study routine could help you spend less time getting more accomplished. Here are 8 steps to make Parkinson’s Law work to your advantage:

1. Make a list

This should be a list of everything that has to be done that evening. And we mean, everything—from re-reading notes from this morning’s history class to quizzing yourself on Spanish vocabulary.

2. Estimate the time needed for each item on your list

You can be a little ruthless here. However long you think a task will take, try shaving off 5 or 10 minutes. But, be realistic. You won’t magically become a speed reader.

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3. Gather all your gear

Collect EVERYTHING you will need for the homework you are working on (like your laptop for writing assignments and pencils for problem sets). Getting up for supplies takes you off course and makes it that much harder to get back to your homework.

The constant blings and beeps from your devices can make it impossible to focus on what you are working on. Switch off or silence your phones and tablets, or leave them in another room until it’s time to take a tech break.

Read More: How to Calculate Your GPA

5. Time yourself

Noting how much time something actually takes will help you estimate better and plan your next study session.

6. Stay on task

If you’re fact checking online, it can be so easy to surf on over to a completely unrelated site. A better strategy is to note what information you need to find online, and do it all at once at the end of the study session.

7. Take plenty of breaks

Most of us need a break between subjects or to break up long stretches of studying. Active breaks are a great way to keep your energy up. Tech breaks can be an awesome way to combat the fear of missing out that might strike while you are buried in your work, but they also tend to stretch much longer than originally intended. Stick to a break schedule of 10 minutes or so.

8. Reward yourself! 

Finish early? If you had allocated 30 minutes for reading a biology chapter and it only took 20, you can apply those extra 10 minutes to a short break—or just move on to your next task. If you stay on track, you might breeze through your work quickly enough to catch up on some Netflix.

Our best piece of advice? Keep at it. The more you use this system, the easier it will become. You’ll be surprised by how much time you can shave off homework just by focusing and committing to a distraction-free study plan.

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How to Finish a Huge Assignment or Project Overnight

how to do assignments quickly

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The great American writer Mark Twain once said,

“Never put off till tomorrow what may be done the day after tomorrow just as well.”

When we live by that advice, though, we sometimes find ourselves chugging concentrated coffee at 2 a.m. in a valiant effort to stay awake and finish a huge project that’s due in 6 hours.

As productive as I’d like to think I am… I’ve been there.

If you’ve been there as well – or maybe if you’re there right now – this week’s video is for you. I’m not going to waste time lecturing you about the importance of planning, there are other videos for that – let’s just look at the best plan of attack when you find yourself in a time crunch.

Now, we’re going to look at some specific concepts related to planning and willpower in a minute – The Impact Effort Matrix, Ego Depletion – but let’s start with the foundation: location selection .

I think your location is vital when you’re working under pressure, and personally I like to pick my study locations based on their “vibe” – that is, what’s going on around me. I tend to favor coffee shops and libraries – I still go to my university library at times even though I’ve graduated – because I work well when I’m surrounded by other people who are also working. Also, close proximity to caffeine is helpful.

The most important part of location selection, though, is avoiding the “call of the pillow”. When you’re studying in a time crunch, it’s likely you’ll be doing it late into the night. That’s why you want to get as far away from your bed as possible.

The later it gets, the more you’ll start rationalizing how good a nap might be and the more you’ll start deciding that certain parts of your project don’t matter. So pick a place where going to bed would be more effort than finishing the next part of your project.

That piece of business taken care of, it’s now time to plan your efforts . Before you start working, take some time to break down your workload into individual parts. Then, it’s time to figure out which ones should get the bulk of your attention.

Dwight Eisenhower often remarked that,

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.”

In the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , Steven Covey popularized the “Eisenhower Decision Matrix”, which is based on this principle. In the matrix, tasks are categorized based on their importance and urgency.

When you’re in a time crunch, though, everything can seem urgent – so importance is the factor you should focus on in this case. To that end, let’s use a similar but more fitting tool – the Impact/Effort matrix .

Impact/Effort Matrix

Here, tasks in a project are given scores based on their impact to the overall success of the project and the effort it will take to implement them. To illustrate how this works, here’s an example from my life.

When I was a senior in college, one of my final projects was building a web app. My idea was called AMPanic, and it was an app that would require you to log in and tell if you’re awake before a certain time – otherwise it would send an embarrassing email to someone. This was actually the precursor to the early wake-up system I use now, which I detailed in this video .

With this project, though, I found myself in a time crunch trying to finish it. So I broke my project down into different parts that I’d have to code and prioritized them using this Impact/Effort matrix.

The core functionality – the code that would let you set an alarm and an email message, the code that would schedule and send the email on time, and the function to cancel the email if the user checked in on time in the morning – those required a lot of effort to build, but they also had the highest impact on the project.

On the other hand, some parts of the site – like the About, FAQ, and Contact pages – didn’t have as high of an impact, but they were low-effort tasks. Since they didn’t take much time to create, I made sure to include them to make the site look more complete.

The main element of the site that I chose NOT to focus on was the user registration and login system. A proper one needs functions for resetting passwords, but I decided that the core alarm setting functionality would be more important to my grade since that was the point of the whole project. So I used a login system I had written for an old project and didn’t bother creating a way to reset passwords.

In the end, it was a worthwhile decision; the alarm system was more advanced than most of the other projects in the class, so I ended up getting an A.

To assign Impact/Effort scores to each component of your project – or each assignment if you’re juggling multiple – consider the following factors:

  • What the core deliverables are
  • The grading criteria for the project, what which components count for the most points
  • What percentage of your grade each assignment counts for
  • How much each component will contribute to the knowledge you need to have for tests, which usually impact your grade the most

Once you’e assigned scores to each component, I think it’s a good idea to tackle the ones with the highest impact and highest effort first. This is due to Ego Depletion – a phenomenon explained in Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking, Fast and Slow . Citing research from the psychologist Roy Baumeister, he reveals that:

“…an effort of will or self-control is tiring; if you have had to force yourself to do something, you are less willing or less able to exert self-control when the next challenge comes around.”

Use the bulk of your willpower to complete the harder tasks first; that way, you’ll only have to deal with low-effort, high-impact tasks when you’re feeling drained.

That’s where we’re going to close for this week. If you select your location well, plan based on impact and effort, and tackle your tasks in a way that utilizes your willpower effectively, you’ll make if through your time crunch in one piece.

Need help finishing a personal project you’ve been procrastinating on? Read this next .

If you’re unable to see the video above, you can view it on YouTube .

Looking for More Study Tips?

10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades - Thomas Frank

You’ll find more tips on planning, study environments, and maintaining willpower in my free 100+ page book called 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less) .

The book covers topics like:

  • Defeating procrastination
  • Getting more out of your classes
  • Taking great notes
  • Reading your textbooks more efficiently

…and several more. It also has a lot of recommendations for tools and other resources that can make your studying easier.

If you’d like a free copy of the book, let me know where I should send it:

I’ll also keep you updated about new posts and videos that come out on this blog (they’ll be just as good as this one or better) 🙂

Video Notes

How to Finish a Huge Assignment or Project Overnight

  • Eisenhower Decision Matrix
  • Impact/Effort Matrix
  • Ego Depletion

What other topics related to working under tight deadlines would you like to see covered in the future?

Do you have any additional tips? Share them below 🙂

If you liked this video, subscribe on YouTube to stay updated and get notified when new ones are out!

Images: Eisenhower , Twain , Twain living room , James Cameron , ocean trench , Everest , wall of books , Big Ben , coffee shop

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Homework Hacks: 8 Tips to Get It Done Faster

how to do assignments quickly

Homework is no fun, especially if you’ve got a full schedule. You only have a little bit of time and a little bit of energy. And it takes so long to get through it.

Not anymore. We’ve got some helpful homework hacks for you that will make doing your homework faster and less painful.

1. Plan Your Homework and Make a List

When you start your homework, you’ll probably jump right into the first thing on your mind or the first thing you pull out of your backpack, then work your way through the rest of your assignments. There’s a better way.

Figure out how much time you have to do homework, then list out all the different tasks that you have to do. Estimate how long it will take to complete each assignment to see if you need to allow yourself more time. Be realistic. Once your list is complete you can work straight through instead of stopping frequently to figure out what to do next. It will also be extremely gratifying to cross things off after each assignment you finish!

2. Get Out All the Books and Supplies You Need

While you’re working, you discover you need a calculator, you need a certain book, you need a new pencil, you ran out of paper… the list can go on.

Since you’ve now identified all your assignments, figure out everything you need to get each item done and bring it to your workspace so it’s there when you need it.

3. Find a Quiet Place to Work Without Distractions

Speaking of workspace, you probably prefer doing your homework in front of the TV, but that can actually be the biggest distraction of all. Sitting in front of the TV is probably slowing you down, making homework time seem much longer that it actually is.

Find a place that’s quiet, with as few distractions and clutter possible. Remember, the faster you get it done, the faster you can get back to fully enjoying Netflix.

4. Turn Off Your Phone

We know this is probably the last thing you want to hear. How can you live without your phone? But for a couple hours, its totally worth it. Every time you get a notification and check your phone, it breaks your focus. It then takes more brain power to get back on track to what you were working on.

5. Listen to Classical Music While Working

We know what you’re thinking… Classical music? Seriously?

However, classical music is great for background audio. There aren’t any lyrics or beats to distract your focus. And research has shown that students who listen to classical music score higher on tests than students who listen to other genres of music. So find some good classical playlist on Spotify, then celebrate with Queen Bey when you’re done.

6. Eat Snacks and Drink Water

At the end of a long day, you may be mentally and physically tired. If you go straight into homework it may take you a long time to finish and it won’t be your best work.

Having some light healthy snacks and drinking plenty of water helps revitalize your brain and body. Avoid soda, energy drinks, or sugary snacks that will only make you crash before you’re done.

7. Take Short Breaks in Between Homework Tasks

If you have a lot to do, you may feel the pressure to just work straight through hours and hours of homework. But this will likely end up slowing you down, prolonging the entire session.

Do your work in short sprints. Go hard at a task, then take a quick break to stretch and walk around. It’ll re-energize your mind and body to keep going. For starters, try working for 25 minutes, then taking a 5-minute break.

8. Reward Yourself After You’re Finished

Homework isn’t always fun. But negativity can slow you down.

Our brains work off of reward systems. If you give yourself a reward when finishing your homework, it makes it a lot easier to start your homework the next time and you’ll get through it faster. Rewards could be being able to watch a show, eat ice cream, play a game, or going out and doing something fun.

Now that you’ve got all these tips, go get your homework done faster than ever before. It may be hard at first, but keep using these tips and it’ll get easier as you go.

Featured Image: Piotr Marcinski/Shutterstock

how to do assignments quickly

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  • How to Finish Homework Faster: Meet Special Guide from Academic Gurus

how to finish homework fast

The most common reason why so many students fail to receive the necessary grades is the speed of executing tasks. They are constantly late because they are either slow or lazy and have no idea of how to get homework done quickly . Sometimes, they simply have too many tasks and duties. As a result, many students ask, “How to get homework done fast? What do I need for it? What methods can help me do my homework really fast?” There are multiple life hacks that make it possible to save precious hours and finish tasks on time. We’ll review them here below to help you know more about how to complete homework fast . However, we’d like to start with a few typical mistakes most students do. If you know them, you may avoid each of them.

Take a look at our list of typical mistakes and their contraries.

  • No plain understanding of the working schedule.
  • No prioritization.
  • Managing multiple tasks at once.
  • Wasting attention on unimportant tasks.
  • Have a plan.
  • Set priorities.
  • Be realistic.
  • Turn off distractions.

Of course, these are only a few examples of what is right and wrong. Hereafter, we’ll shed more light on effective ways to speed up and be always on time when you wonder how to do hw faster .

How to Complete Homework Fast and Effectively

Here are a few universal tips for executing assignments quickly..

  • Enlist your tasks. Your objective number one is to take into account every task you have. Create a list of academic and non-academic tasks and duties. It’s important to prioritize all of them. Reconsider what is important and real. Throw out all the things that don’t mean something to you. Try to keep to the list and never violate the plan.
  • It’s also vital to consider the time. Predict how long every assignment should take and complete all the points as quickly as possible. Be a realist and don’t try to manage too many projects during a day. Set realistic goals and achieve them. It’s simple math, which helps to be quicker and organized.
  • Have the proper materials. To be quick and effective enough, you should organize every step. Of course, you ought to take into account learning materials. Think about all the things that may be useful while you study. These may be pens, paper, notebook, laptop or PC, etc. When we have helpful tools at hand, we don’t waste time on finding them. Make sure everything is at hand, and all that is left for you is to reach out your hand.
  • Avoid distraction s. Almost every person has some habits that interfere with what s/he does. Students are no exception, and they tend to make things that slow them down. At times, the distractions bring them to a full stop, which is a killer to their work. Reconsider everything you do and try to avoid things that don’t belong to the learning process. Turn off all your devices, don’t talk too much to people who surround you, don’t play video games, keep away from social media, etc.
  • Manage your time. You ought to control your time perfectly. As we have already mentioned above, your list should include all the tasks you have and predict the timeline. Schedule every step you are to undertake. It’s better to make small plans. Every essay, research paper, and other learning projects are supposed to have a clear deadline. Outline the beginning and the end of your projects. Thus, you’ll never forget about something important, and you won’t be stuck because you always know what comes next.

How to Get Homework Done at the Last Minute

There are a few more prompts , which will make you quicker. They will help you emotionally, which is also essential when you wonder how to finish homework fast .

  • Be positive. No matter how many assignments you have and how difficult they are, don’t grow desperate. Think positively and cheer yourself up all the time long. Undertake things you love and like, hang out with your friends, travel, and so on.
  • Stay motivated. If you feel you lose motivation, try things that encourage you. These may be your hobbies. Besides, ask your friends or family members to help you. They may fulfill a few tasks together with you or simply cheer you up. Try the help of online writing companies. They may support you when you have no other option. They execute orders very fast and don’t violate the deadlines.
  • Take breaks. Many students forget to rest properly. They work on and on and don’t stop. Sooner or later, they’ll get exhausted. Our mind and body require some rest. Therefore, take short breaks while you study.
  • Eat and drink. Sustain your system with the help of snacks and water. Eat on a regular basis and stick to a healthy diet. Don’t overdrink caffeine.
  • Reward yourself. Every task you complete is a small victory of yours. Reward yourself in some proper way each time you accomplish some complex project or several small assignments. Thus, you’ll be always motivated and focused.

How to Finish Homework Fast?

Here are a few more quick tips and tricks. They are quite effective and can be used in different situations. If you follow them orderly, you sufficiently enhance the speed of executing any task. Make allowances for the following recommendations:

  • Use technology. The resourcefulness of technology is undeniable. There are lots of smart devices, which can help to solve many learning difficulties. Thus, you can upload some time managing applications like Evernote and similar ones. These are digital calendars that help to track all the steps and tasks. Set reminders, add subheadings and descriptions, schedule the entire day, etc.
  • Find a special place. To optimize your working process, study in some special place that saves you from all sorts of interference. It may be your private room, a lovely café, a family cottage, library, or something of the kind. When no one and nothing disturbs, you work faster and more productively.
  • Define the most active hours. People have different working regimes. Some are more productive during the day time. The others show miraculous results at night. Try to complete most of your tasks during the most productive period of time.
  • Begin to work before you come home. To get your HW done faster, start to work right at school, college, or university. While you’re on a break, begin to complete at least something. Even if you’re already on your way home, imagine the plan of future actions you’ll undertake to finish your assignments. It’s a pretty fruitful method.
  • Control every step . Schedule every step you undertake. Try to reconsider all the things you do and stop doing time-consuming and really meaningless things like playing computer games, watch stupid videos, etc.
  • Get some helpers. Sometimes, we aren’t able to finish all tasks on time even if we’re really quick. To avoid serious problems, always have some friends for extra cases. Besides, you can use some online help from paper writing services. They are dependable, effective, and very fast. Thus, you’ll manage even the most urgent assignments.

Consider this list, as well as other recommendations we’ve highlighted above. Some of them are quite obvious, but it doesn’t mean they are less effective. Don’t delay until the last minute to be sure you’re on time. Try to follow as many guidelines as possible. Thus, you’ll become focused, organized, and of course, extremely fast.

How to get a lot of homework done fast?

To cope with loads of home tasks fast, prioritize assignments by deadline and complexity levels, tackling the most straightforward and urgent tasks first. Set a distraction-free and focused setting to boost productivity, making sure to take regular (short!) breaks to maintain essential mental clarity. Finally, form a study group (if possible) if you need help and support from fellow students. 

How to meet tough homework deadline? 

When wondering how to homework fast and meet the tight deadline, ensure to break down the assignment into small manageable chunks and create a strict schedule to have an adequate amount of time for every sub-task. Stay away from distractions and prioritize the most crucial components of the home assignments in order to save precious time and concentrate on important aspects. Finally, approach professors and friends if you face writing challenges and need professional assistance and valuable insights to meet the deadline.

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25 Simple Tips on How to Do Homework Faster

Table of Contents

Assignment writing is one of the time-consuming tasks that students can’t escape from. Specifically, a lot of students lack time management skills and due to this they struggle to finish their work on time. Also, there are some students who find it hard to complete their homework faster because of a lack of interest in studies and their attraction to sleeping, playing, and other forms of entertainment. Remember, if you have an idea of how to do your homework faster, then you can handle this situation effortlessly.

In case, you would like to know how to complete your homework on time, read this blog. Especially, to help you out, here, we have suggested 25 simple and effective tips. Follow them to speed up your homework writing process.

How to Do Homework Faster

Tips on How to Do Homework Faster

Find here, the significant tips that will help you finish all your assignments more quickly.

1. Create a comfortable study environment

Create a distraction-free learning environment if you want to finish your homework earlier. Try to complete your assignments at a table and chair if at all possible. You should never sit down to do your assignment on the bed or the floor because you will be tempted to fall asleep there. Additionally, if you sleep during homework time, your overall productivity will suffer, and you won’t be able to complete your assignments on time. Therefore, you should pick a quiet, well-lit learning space. Avoid watching television while you do your assignment.

Read More – Who Invented Homework and Why? The History Everyone Should Know

2. Place your learning materials in an organized manner

Instead of wasting your time searching for your books, papers, pencils, and other supplies, keep all your study materials in one specific location. Before you begin writing your assignment, try to take all the things needed for your assignment and organize it properly near you. So that, the searching time will be saved and you can complete your homework quickly.

3. Keep your gadgets away

If you keep your smartphones nearby, while doing your assignment, you will get tempted to frequently check your social media accounts, or get distracted by chatting with your friends through text messages or phone calls. So, in order to stay focused and finish your homework earlier, isolate yourself in a place that doesn’t have electronic gadgets.

4. Build a homework plan

In case, you are loaded with multiple assignments, first, prepare a list of all the tasks you need to complete. Then, decide how much time you need to spend on your homework collectively. Next, based on the total estimated time, create a timetable by splitting the time for each subject assignment. Finally, work according to your timetable and finish your homework one by one within the planned time.

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5. Set a timer

First, analyze how much time it will take to do your assignments. Next, start the timer and begin writing your assignment. Create an aim to complete your academic work within the estimated time. If you do so, you can get your homework done faster. The advantage here is that setting a timer will help you to quickly snap back to focus, even if you get distracted.

6. Pay attention in class

Teachers give homework mainly to improve your understanding of a subject. More commonly, your supervisor will give assignments related to the topic that is taught in your classes. So, you can quickly finish your homework, if you actively listen to your classes. Furthermore, paying attention in class will make your assignments less confusing.

7. Begin your homework once you reach home

If you begin your homework late in the evening, you will need to work until late at night to complete all of your assignments. Basically, working until midnight or early in the morning will exhaust you. Therefore, to avoid this, start working on your assignment when you get home from school. You will have more time to complete your tasks if you work earlier. In addition, if you finish earlier, you might even have time to relax and participate in additional leisure activities.

8. Complete your least favorite task first

Doing the challenging task first will make you feel relaxed and you can concentrate with more interest on other favorite tasks. Most importantly, your stress level will decrease and your confidence will increase if you finish your least favorite homework first. Also, after finishing tough tasks you can plan accordingly and complete your remaining assignments earlier.

9. Learn with friends or classmates

In case, you experience any challenges in doing your homework alone, form a group with your buddies or team up with your knowledgeable classmates and then work on your assignments. This method will definitely help you to update your knowledge and complete your homework faster.

10. Prioritize your tasks based on the due date

Plan to complete your assignment by the upcoming due date if you have a lot of assignments. Avoid prioritizing tasks with low priority. Doing low-priority tasks first would make it difficult for you to complete high-priority tasks by the deadline. So, always try to complete the most important and close-to-due tasks sooner.

11. Search for data on the web

Are you stuck with your assignment? If yes, then instead of staying in the same place, seek assistance from the internet. For assignments on any subject topic, you can find ideas and relevant data on the internet. Then, with the ideas gathered, you can do your homework on time.

12. Don’t hesitate to take assistance

If you have no idea how to do your homework, then get assignment writing help from your tutor, friends, or online assignment helpers . Taking assistance from experts prior will be useful for you to complete your assignment before the due date and score impressive grades.

13. Concentrate on one task at a time

If you want to finish all your tasks faster with high precision, then try to focus on each task at a time. Never skip a task in the middle and begin the next task. Create a proper schedule and complete one assignment first before jumping to the next one.

14. Take breaks at regular intervals

Focusing on your homework for long hours will make you tired and slow down your learning process. In order to keep your brain and body active, take about 5 minutes break, every 25 minutes. While you are on the break, go for a walk or do a little stretching exercise, so that you will feel energetic and refreshed, and can complete your homework faster. Even to feel brisk and enhance your memory, drink plenty of water and eat energy-rich food.

15. Reward yourself for the activity you complete

Once you finish your assignment faster, plan to meet your friend, play your favorite game, go out for dinner, etc. If you organize a plan or a fun activity for completing your homework earlier, you will stay motivated and work efficiently.

16. Find a quiet room or place to sit to do homework

It is important to find a quiet place to sit and do homework. The more the place is quiet the greater you can concentrate on your homework which ultimately can help you to complete your homework faster. The kitchen table and window seemed ‘okay’ when you were younger and homework didn’t require as much concentration. It is best to find a place to stay away from distractions and noise, like a study or bedroom, to complete homework faster.

17. Avoid studying on your bed

You must avoid studying in bed instead sit at a table or desk that you can set your computer on and is comfortable to work at. Keep all your devices aside while you study because these devices can cause a distraction and make homework take longer time to complete or make you spend more time to complete your homework than required.

18. Tackle the hardest assignments first

Although it is tempting to start with the simple and easy stuff to get it out of the way, you should begin with the hard and complex ones. This is because you have the most energy and focus when you start doing your homework and it is best to use this mental power on the subjects that are most challenging. After that, when you feel tired, you can focus on the simpler questions/parts of your homework.

19. List tasks according to priority

In order to do homework faster, it is important to make a priority list of tasks or activities that are urgent, important, and tricky to complete. By prioritizing tasks, you can plan the order in which you will complete them, so that you can identify tasks that need your immediate attention, and that you can leave until later. Prioritizing tasks will help you know exactly what you have to do first whenever you sit down to do your homework.

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20. Find a tutor

It is good to find a tutor who can help you complete your homework faster and with more accuracy. In this regard, you will need to consult an adult about taking professional learning assistance from a tutor because it generally costs money to hire a tutor. Tutors help students to get more explanations of the things taught in the classroom and this provides a chance to ask questions and work at your own pace.

21. Set desirable deadlines

In case a teacher has already given a deadline for you to submit your homework, try to put some new dates on your own, which are more prime to the submission dates already given by your teacher. It can support students to perform things in a more disciplined way, learning the best way to complete their homework faster, and prioritizing the activities on a regular basis.

22. Recognizing disturbing factors in the homework environment

It is important to recognize disturbances or factors that can disturb you when working on your homework. It helps students to know the external forces/factors that can distract them. Besides recognizing external environmental distractions, a student also needs to identify digital disturbances to avoid them. Digital distractions are harmful, and according to different studies, these factors can negatively influence the growth of a student’s study and most importantly, increase the time required for completing assignments.

23. Do homework at school

It is very effective to do the homework at school in order to submit it on time. There are fewer disturbances and no restrictions on doing homework in school. In fact, it is the best time to complete homework when your teacher has just taught you about the lessons and the study materials are still fresh in your head. This is a great strategy to do homework faster.

24. Avoid multitasking

If you want to complete your homework on time, then you must avoid being involved in multitasking. Schedule one task or homework at a time. Multitasking saves time but it often results in taking longer time to do more tasks, specifically when the submission deadlines are close. You also need to avoid multitasking like scrolling over social media or involving in communication with friends over the phone.

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25. Motivate yourself

This is also an effective strategy to motivate yourself to do homework faster and on time. This is because when you motivate yourself, you can feel more enthusiastic and can generate self-encouragement that can drive you to complete your homework faster every day.

Final Words

Hopefully, by now, you will have understood how to do your homework faster. Make sure to follow all the suggested tips to complete your assignments quickly and save time. In case, it is still tedious for you to finish your homework precisely and on time, call us immediately. On our platform, we have numerous well-qualified academic writers in various disciplines to offer premium-quality homework help for all subjects at a nominal price. Especially, based on the specifications you send us, our homework helper online will prepare and dispatch accurate solutions to you ahead of the deadline and will assist you in achieving top grades in your class.

Don’t pressurize yourself, when we are there. Just book your order on our website and earn the extraordinary benefits of our online assignment help services.

How to Do Homework Faster

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Why it’s Important to Check User Reviews Before Seeking Assignment Help?

About author.

how to do assignments quickly

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How to Catch Up on Missed Schoolwork Quickly

Last Updated: May 12, 2023 Approved

This article was co-authored by Alexander Ruiz, M.Ed. . Alexander Ruiz is an Educational Consultant and the Educational Director of Link Educational Institute, a tutoring business based in Claremont, California that provides customizable educational plans, subject and test prep tutoring, and college application consulting. With over a decade and a half of experience in the education industry, Alexander coaches students to increase their self-awareness and emotional intelligence while achieving skills and the goal of achieving skills and higher education. He holds a BA in Psychology from Florida International University and an MA in Education from Georgia Southern University. There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, several readers have written to tell us that this article was helpful to them, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 113,554 times.

When you miss class, the work can start to pile up quickly. All those assignments and deadlines can be pretty overwhelming, but don’t panic. Talk to your teachers and friends about what you missed. Then, make a plan for tackling your workload, prioritizing the most pressing assignments. Take breaks, reward yourself, and stay positive to boost your productivity. Catching up on missed schoolwork isn’t easy, but with a little organization and strategy, you’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges that come your way.

Talking to Teachers and Friends

Step 1 Let your teacher know of your absence in advance, if possible.

  • Say something like, “I’m sorry, but I’ll be out of class tomorrow for a family reunion. Please let me know what I need to do to stay on top of my work.”
  • You may need to provide a note from a doctor or parent. Check with your school administration to find out.

Step 2 Communicate with your teacher after unexpected absences.

  • Say something like, “I’m so sorry I was out yesterday with the flu. I’m doing my best to get back on schedule. Is there anything important that I missed?”

Step 3 Be honest if the missed work wasn’t absence-related.

  • You might say, “I’m sorry, I’ve been really busy with soccer lately and I’ve fallen behind on some assignments. I want to do everything I can to catch up. What would you recommend that I do?”

Step 4 Be aware of class policies.

  • While talking to students is helpful, it shouldn’t be a substitute for communicating with your teacher. Ideally, you should do both.

Step 6 Get help for difficult subjects.

  • You may be able to meet with your teacher before or after class for extra help.
  • Keep in mind that your teacher probably won’t have time to re-explain the entire lecture. Look over all your notes and materials beforehand so you’re as prepared as possible. It may be helpful to come in with a list of questions.

Making a Plan

Step 1 Create a chart or checklist.

  • Break down big assignments into smaller sub-steps, and nest these under the big assignments on your checklist.
  • Don’t forget to check off items when you complete them! It’ll feel super satisfying.

Step 2 Prioritize.

  • Put a star next to your top items or highlight them.
  • You can color code by priority, underlining the most pressing items in red, the moderately pressing ones in yellow, and the least urgent ones in green.
  • If you’re having trouble determining a top priority, ask yourself, “If I only had time to complete one assignment, which one would it be?”

Step 3 Make a schedule.

  • If you need even more structure, you might schedule your workload by time of day (morning, afternoon, and evening) or even by the hour.
  • Input your schedule into a planner or online calendar and refer to it regularly.
  • Consider turning a weekend into a “Homework Retreat”. Schedule out an entire weekend to do the assignments you missed. However, don’t overstretch yourself, and make sure to schedule breaks, snacks and other things to keep you energized.

Step 4 Don’t neglect new assignments.

Being Productive

Step 1 Approach the situation with a positive attitude.

  • Say to yourself, “I’ve got this. I’ve caught up on work in the past, and I can do it again.”
  • It may help to do something fun before you buckle down, like going for ice cream with friends or taking your dog on a walk.

Step 2 Take advantage of your time.

  • You should do something completely unrelated to your work during your breaks. Look at funny memes, take a walk, grab a snack, or chat with a friend. [9] X Research source

Step 4 Make progress.

  • Make sure your rewards are appropriate. Don’t give yourself a huge reward for finishing a relatively small task, and don’t select an insignificant reward for a major task.
  • Make your rewards meaningful, specific, and immediate. For example, you might reward yourself with a quick trip to your favorite restaurant for lunch.

Step 6 Find a productive study buddy.

  • It's fun to laugh and joke with friends, but do your best not to get distracted. Take turns reminding each other to stay focused.

Step 7 Get enough sleep and eat well.

  • Teens need around eight to ten hours of sleep each night. For better sleep , try to go to bed around the same time everyday. Staying up late on the weekends can hurt sleep quality. [13] X Research source
  • Eat a balanced diet containing lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins, like chicken. Always eat breakfast, and drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated. [14] X Trustworthy Source HelpGuide Nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free, evidence-based mental health and wellness resources. Go to source

Step 8 Avoid missing class if possible.

  • Do your best to balance your social life, extracurriculars, and schoolwork.

Expert Q&A

  • Be honest with your teacher if you think a deadline is unreasonable. They may give you an extension once you explain your situation. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • If you have a ton of work to finish, it’s easy to get paralyzed. However, remember that it’s always better to work on something than nothing. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • If this missed work was avoidable, think about ways you can stay on top of your work in the future. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

how to do assignments quickly

  • Cutting class can be tempting, especially for college students, but it can lead to hours of missed school work and stress down the line. Thanks Helpful 26 Not Helpful 2

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Expert Interview

how to do assignments quickly

Thanks for reading our article! If you'd like to learn more about catching up on school, check out our in-depth interview with Alexander Ruiz, M.Ed. .

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About This Article

Alexander Ruiz, M.Ed.

If you’re behind on schoolwork and need to catch up quickly, start by creating a chart or checklist of the assignments you need to accomplish including their due dates. Next, use highlighters to color code the assignments by priority by underlining the most pressing items in red, moderately pressing ones in yellow, and the least urgent ones in green. Once you know what needs to be done, create a detailed schedule you can follow. Just don’t forget to give yourself time for a 20-minute break every hour or so. It might seem counter-intuitive, but rest actually increases productivity! For more tips on catching up on missed schoolwork, including how to approach the situation with a positive attitude, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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How to write the best college assignments.

By Lois Weldon

When it comes to writing assignments, it is difficult to find a conceptualized guide with clear and simple tips that are easy to follow. That’s exactly what this guide will provide: few simple tips on how to write great assignments, right when you need them. Some of these points will probably be familiar to you, but there is no harm in being reminded of the most important things before you start writing the assignments, which are usually determining on your credits.

The most important aspects: Outline and Introduction

Preparation is the key to success, especially when it comes to academic assignments. It is recommended to always write an outline before you start writing the actual assignment. The outline should include the main points of discussion, which will keep you focused throughout the work and will make your key points clearly defined. Outlining the assignment will save you a lot of time because it will organize your thoughts and make your literature searches much easier. The outline will also help you to create different sections and divide up the word count between them, which will make the assignment more organized.

The introduction is the next important part you should focus on. This is the part that defines the quality of your assignment in the eyes of the reader. The introduction must include a brief background on the main points of discussion, the purpose of developing such work and clear indications on how the assignment is being organized. Keep this part brief, within one or two paragraphs.

This is an example of including the above mentioned points into the introduction of an assignment that elaborates the topic of obesity reaching proportions:

Background : The twenty first century is characterized by many public health challenges, among which obesity takes a major part. The increasing prevalence of obesity is creating an alarming situation in both developed and developing regions of the world.

Structure and aim : This assignment will elaborate and discuss the specific pattern of obesity epidemic development, as well as its epidemiology. Debt, trade and globalization will also be analyzed as factors that led to escalation of the problem. Moreover, the assignment will discuss the governmental interventions that make efforts to address this issue.

Practical tips on assignment writing

Here are some practical tips that will keep your work focused and effective:

–         Critical thinking – Academic writing has to be characterized by critical thinking, not only to provide the work with the needed level, but also because it takes part in the final mark.

–         Continuity of ideas – When you get to the middle of assignment, things can get confusing. You have to make sure that the ideas are flowing continuously within and between paragraphs, so the reader will be enabled to follow the argument easily. Dividing the work in different paragraphs is very important for this purpose.

–         Usage of ‘you’ and ‘I’ – According to the academic writing standards, the assignments should be written in an impersonal language, which means that the usage of ‘you’ and ‘I’ should be avoided. The only acceptable way of building your arguments is by using opinions and evidence from authoritative sources.

–         Referencing – this part of the assignment is extremely important and it takes a big part in the final mark. Make sure to use either Vancouver or Harvard referencing systems, and use the same system in the bibliography and while citing work of other sources within the text.  

–         Usage of examples – A clear understanding on your assignment’s topic should be provided by comparing different sources and identifying their strengths and weaknesses in an objective manner. This is the part where you should show how the knowledge can be applied into practice.

–         Numbering and bullets – Instead of using numbering and bullets, the academic writing style prefers the usage of paragraphs.

–         Including figures and tables – The figures and tables are an effective way of conveying information to the reader in a clear manner, without disturbing the word count. Each figure and table should have clear headings and you should make sure to mention their sources in the bibliography.

–         Word count – the word count of your assignment mustn’t be far above or far below the required word count. The outline will provide you with help in this aspect, so make sure to plan the work in order to keep it within the boundaries.

The importance of an effective conclusion

The conclusion of your assignment is your ultimate chance to provide powerful arguments that will impress the reader. The conclusion in academic writing is usually expressed through three main parts:

–         Stating the context and aim of the assignment

–         Summarizing the main points briefly

–         Providing final comments with consideration of the future (discussing clear examples of things that can be done in order to improve the situation concerning your topic of discussion).

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Lois Weldon is writer at . Lives happily at London with her husband and lovely daughter. Adores writing tips for students. Passionate about Star Wars and yoga.

7 comments on “How To Write The Best College Assignments”

Extremely useful tip for students wanting to score well on their assignments. I concur with the writer that writing an outline before ACTUALLY starting to write assignments is extremely important. I have observed students who start off quite well but they tend to lose focus in between which causes them to lose marks. So an outline helps them to maintain the theme focused.

Hello Great information…. write assignments

Well elabrated

Thanks for the information. This site has amazing articles. Looking forward to continuing on this site.

This article is certainly going to help student . Well written.

Really good, thanks

Practical tips on assignment writing, the’re fantastic. Thank you!

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Put a stop to deadline pressure, and have your homework done by an expert.

How To Get Homework Done Fast?

how to get homework done fast

More often than not we get the same request from a student that goes “Do my homework fast.” The reasons for this request vary widely, from having too much schoolwork to deal with to have waited too long to get started (sometimes even waiting until the night before an assignment is due).

In these situations, it is not uncommon for students to seek out whatever resources or solutions they can find get fast homework help. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation in the past, then this short article might be helpful. It was written with students in mind to show them the most effective methods to finish homework fast no matter the situation.

How to Do Your Homework Fast

One of the best homework techniques you can apply is the same one you use when taking tests. Quickly scan your assignment and identify the problems or sections you can complete without trouble. Then move on to the more difficult problems or sections. If you get stuck for more than a minute or two, jump to another problem or section. Don’t waste time trying to figure something out if it means having to search for notes or reread the textbook.

When you are stressed out because of work, it becomes more difficult to accomplish anything. Studies have shown that listening to music can improve concentration and production. It’s important, though, that you choose music that makes you do homework faster ; not music that will only distract you further. Stick with something calming that won’t excite you to the point that you start dancing or singing along.

This may seem a bit of “out-of-the-box” thinking, but it can be quite effective. If someone were to ask you “how to finish homework fast” what would you say to him? The same techniques that you already know would be a great starting point. Going over these techniques just might inspire you to practice what you preach. Give it a try and see what works and what doesn’t.

How to Finish Homework Fast Late at Night

How many times have found yourself late at night staring at your computer screen or textbook wondering how you are going to finish your homework before class starts the next day. There is a phenomenon called Parkinson’s Law which explains that the more time you have to finish something the more time it will take you to complete it. Think about instances of procrastination. If you find out on Monday that something is due on Friday, you’ll likely wait until Thursday to get started. Here are some tips to help counter Parkinson’s Law so that you can work efficiently and get homework answers fast:

This should be a no-brainer. Turn off the television, radio, cell phone, etc. Get offline unless you need the internet to do your work. Don’t surround yourself with distractions.

You know what will happen if you try to do your homework on the bed (or on the couch); you will fall asleep within minutes. Make yourself comfortable but don’t overdo it. Do your work on a desk or table.

Make sure you prepare and have all of your materials ready. There are a lot of online tools you can use to work more efficiently, like an app that helps you get homework done faster.

Make a list of all of the major tasks you need to complete and assign a limit to each one. Be realistic but be sure to keep yourself on track.

Any homework tutorial you consult will express the importance of taking breaks. The average student needs to take about 10 minutes per 1 hour. Take your breaks but stick to your schedule.

Finding Homework Solutions Online

Without a doubt, one of the best ways of dealing with difficult problems and getting the right homework solutions is to have a reputable and honest homework help site ready to assist. Many places will turn students away by citing an honor code. The best websites, however, guarantee to keep your name anonymous and will keep all of your account information 100% private.

Some of the benefits you will experience are time-saving solutions that will ensure you do homework fast, receive high-quality solutions, and get assistance at an affordable price. You don’t have all day to finish everything you are tasked to deal with. It becomes especially difficult if you have little experience or simply do not know how to get homework done fast.

When you search for an online help site, make sure that you check reviews and ratings. It would be of no use to you if you receive the assistance that you do not understand (e.g. a site that doesn’t give the step-by-step process it used to arrive at a solution) or if the assistance is simply wrong.

ADHD and Homework

Many people believe that ADHD and homework simply do not mix. You can think of the two like oil and water. Students that have been diagnosed with ADHD have trouble with keeping track of their homework tasks and recalling the dates these tasks are due. It can be a nightmare for parents and a cause for low self-esteem for students. The following tips show how to do homework faster when a student may be struggling due to ADHD:

It can be extremely difficult to get homework done when it never gets home. If you have been diagnosed with ADHD, make sure you write down the assignment and put it in your schoolbag. Keep a short checklist to help.

Setting a strict schedule is very important for developing quick homework skills. Routines work wonders on the most advanced academics you can think of. Whether it means eating before you go to work or eating after you go to work, stick to a schedule.

This is a no-brainer. If you want to know how to do homework fast regardless of the situation: Create a space where you are free from all types of distractions. Cell phone. Television. Internet. People. They all have to go.

You need to use up a lot of energy to stay focused, so you must plan to take scheduled breaks. Plan for a 10-minute break for every hour worked. And make sure you do it away from your workspace.

For super-fast homework help, you may want to turn to the professionals who help with assignment of any difficulty. We are an academic agency that can assist you to get homework done faster and with greater accuracy. Our customers are students just like you who struggle to balance all of their academic and personal responsibilities at once. Many fail to get their schoolwork done on time and consequently receive lower grades than they should. We can help you finish homework faster through our top-rated personalized support to ensure you excel academically and get ahead of the class. Give us a call to learn more about all of the ways we can help.

how to cheat on aleks

Get on top of your homework.

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Are you tired of struggling with writing assignments? Do you wish you could write assignments faster without getting stressed? Well, you’re in luck because we have great tips and tricks to help you to write assignments quickly and more efficiently! 

As a student, you have a lot on your plate, and it’s essential to prioritize your tasks to manage your time effectively to succeed academically and achieve your goals. With a never-ending list of homework to do, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with the demands of your academic workload. Finding the time and energy to write assignments can feel impossible if you are trying to maintain a balance between the pressure of attending classes, studying for exams, and managing your social life. But fear not! This blog will share effective tips and tricks to help you with writing assignments, whether doing homework or writing an assignment from scratch. 

Goodbye to stressful assignments

So, if you’re ready to enhance your assignment writing abilities and become an expert in this skill,  keep reading to learn more. We’ll provide valuable insights and tips to help you do the homework quickly. Remember, with the right mindset and approach; you can tackle any assignment and achieve success without burning out. 

So, let’s explore the best tips and tricks on how to get homework done faster. By following these simple strategies, you can learn how to manage your time effectively and confidently to complete your task. 

Purpose of Assignments  

Assignment tasks are crucial in the learning process as they provide scope for students to practice and apply the knowledge and skills learned in class. Doing homework also helps to reinforce concepts, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, prepare students for exams, and encourage independent learning. Ultimately, writing an assignment plays an essential role in creating engaged and efficient learners. 

  •  Reinforcing Concepts: Homework is a valuable tool in supporting the concepts and theories taught in class. Students can better understand and remember the lecture study materials by applying their knowledge to real-world problems. 
  • Developing Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills: Assignments require students to analyze information, consider different viewpoints, and solve complex problems, which helps them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This process improves their cognitive abilities and prepares them to tackle challenges they may face in the future. 
  •  Preparing for Exams: Assignments writing is an effective way to better prepare for exams as it allows students to review and consolidate their understanding of class material. Additionally, assignments allow students to practice and reinforce their knowledge of course material before taking exams, enhancing their preparedness and confidence. 
  • Encouraging Independent Learning: Assignments are crucial for promoting independent learning among students as they encourage accountability for one’s learning. By doing homework tasks, seeking help when necessary, and reviewing material covered in class, students develop a sense of autonomy and self-motivation to get success in any field. 

Value of Writing Assignments  

  • Assignments reinforce understanding of the subject matter 
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills 
  • Prepare students for future academic and professional pursuits 
  • It boosts the efficiency of researching topics, analysis, and synthesis of information 
  • Develop time-management skills and the ability to work independently 
  • Provide a platform to showcase knowledge and skills 
  • Boost confidence and sense of accomplishment 

Benefits of doing assignments

How To Do Homework Fast in College?  

In this section, we’ll cover helpful strategic tips to effectively complete writing an assignment in college. 

Tips For Writing Assignments Fast and Easily!  

Writing assignments seems to be a challenge for students, especially if they have a lot of homework piled upon them. However, there are many ways to do your homework quickly and easily. Here are some valuable tips that can help students finish their assignments writing ASAP: 

  • Arrange Everything Before Beginning the Assignment Writing: Gather all necessary materials beforehand, such as textbooks, notes, and reference materials to ensure uninterrupted homework time. Moreover, this will help you stay focused and avoid distractions, leading to more efficient assignment completion.   
  • Create a Suitable Homework Plan: Creating a homework plan is crucial to effectively managing time and doing homework on time. Break down the work into smaller tasks and allocate specific time slots. This approach not only helps in staying on track but also reduces stress. 
  • Prioritize The Tasks: To effectively manage your time, prioritize tasks by starting with assignments due soon or requiring more time. This approach helps avoid last-minute stress and ensures all tasks are completed on time. Remember to start with the most important tasks first to maximize your productivity. 
  • Set Deadlines for Yourself: Set deadlines for yourself to stay motivated and focused on homework. Prioritizing tasks this way helps prevent last-minute panic and stress while ensuring that all assignments are completed on time. So, be proactive and set realistic deadlines! 
  • Eliminate Distractions: Distractions can make it hard to focus and complete your assignments quickly. Find a quiet and comfortable workplace where you won’t be interrupted. Turn off your phone, log out of social media, and close any tabs on your computer unrelated to your assignments. Moreover, it will help you stay focused and be more productive. 
  • Get Motivated: A great way to get motivation is by reminding yourself of the rewards you’ll reap once you finish. This way, you can push yourself to complete your work quickly and efficiently and achieve academic success. 
  • Make It Fun: Transforming homework into a fun activity can increase productivity. Mixing fun activities with studies makes your learning more enjoyable. It helps to retrieve knowledge more effectively.  
  • Break Down The Assignment:  Breaking down the assignment into smaller tasks will make it easier to complete. Start by reading the instructions carefully and understand what is expected from you. Then, create an outline or a homework plan for your task. It will help you organize your thoughts and structure your work. For your assignment help break down the tasks into small parts and set deadlines for each one. Also, it will help you stay on track and complete the assignment writing on time. 
  • Research and Gather Information: Research is essential for writing an assignment. Gather information from reliable sources, such as academic journals, books, and websites. Take notes as you read and organize your information into categories. It will also make writing your assignment more manageable and ensure you include all the necessary information. 
  • Write The First Draft: Once you have gathered all the necessary information, it’s time to write the first draft. Start by writing a rough outline of your assignment. Furthermore, it will help you organize your ideas and structure your work. Then, write the introduction, body, and conclusion of your assignment. The goal is to get your ideas down on paper. 
  • Have Short Breaks More Often: Take short breaks to stay refreshed and motivated while doing homework. Also, it can prevent burnout and fatigue, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively. 
  • Eat Snacks and Drink Water: Nourishing your body with healthy snacks and hydration can help improve cognitive function and mental clarity, allowing you to complete your assignments efficiently. 
  •  Time Management is Everything: Efficiently completing assignments requires effective time management. To stay on track and meet deadlines, prioritize tasks and create a homework plan, which a timer or schedule can aid. Don’t let poor time management lead to rushed or incomplete assignments. 
  • Dealing with Procrastination: Delaying work can be a significant hurdle to finishing assignments promptly. To overcome procrastination, divide the task into smaller, more manageable sections or set a timer for focused, uninterrupted work. Getting started can be challenging, so commit to working for a short time, such as 10 minutes, and assess your feelings. Don’t let procrastination make the task more difficult and stressful. 
  • Ask For Help: If you’re struggling with an assignment and can’t seem to progress, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Reach out to your teacher, professor, tutor, or classmate who understands the subject matter. There’s no shame in asking for assignment help; sometimes, a new viewpoint can make all the difference. 
  • Find Homework Buddies: Having a study group or homework buddy can be a great way to stay motivated while doing assignments. You can bounce ideas off each other, share resources, and keep each other accountable. Plus, working with friends is always more fun than going alone. \
  • Use a College Homework Help Website: Many online resources are available to help you with your homework. From online tutors to homework help websites, there are plenty of options. Just be sure to choose a reputable and reliable source for help. 
  • Get Help From Friends and Family: If you’re having trouble with a specific assignment, don’t hesitate to contact friends or family members who can lend a hand. Discussing the assignment with someone often provides a fresh perspective and new ideas. 
  • Edit and Proofread: Once you’ve completed your assignment, take the time to edit and proofread it carefully. Additionally, it will help you catch any errors and ensure your work is clear and well-written. Having someone else read over your work is also a good idea, as a fresh pair of eyes can often catch mistakes you might have missed. 
  •  Submit your Assignment: After reviewing it and making any required changes, ensure you submit your assignment on time. Also, double-check the submission guidelines and ensure you follow all instructions carefully. 
  •  Reward Yourself After You’re Finished: Take a moment to celebrate your hard work after submitting your assignment. Treat yourself to something you enjoy: a favorite snack, a movie night, or just some downtime to relax. Recognizing your accomplishments can boost your self-confidence and maintain a positive attitude toward future assignments. It can also help you stay motivated and focused on your goals, which can ultimately help you stay on track with your upcoming tasks. 

pros & cons of writing an assignment

The Bottom Line  

Completing university assignments writing fast can be daunting, but it is achievable with the right approach. Students can do the homework quickly and effectively by setting clear goals, eliminating distractions, and breaking down tasks into manageable parts. When you finish your assignments on time, you can experience several benefits such as feeling less stressed, achieving better academic results, and having more free time to do other activities. However, it is important to remember that there are potential drawbacks of completing assignments too quickly, such as sacrificing quality or the need to understand the subject or topic thoroughly.   

As a result, balancing speed and accuracy when completing university assignments is crucial. Students can learn to manage their workload efficiently and achieve academic success with the tips and strategies for doing homework or writing assignments outlined in this article. Don’t let homework bog you down; tackle it head-on with these helpful tips! 

Most Popular FAQs on Writing an Assignment!

How can i do my assignments quickly and easily  .

Writing assignments quickly and easily can be achieved by following these steps: 

  • Start working on the task as early as possible 
  • Break the assignment into smaller, manageable parts 
  • Create a clear outline to guide your writing process 
  • Use reliable sources to support your ideas 
  • Proofread and edit your work for errors and clarity 

How Important is it to do University Assignments?  

Doing university assignments is essential for students to achieve academic success. Assignments help students to develop a deep understanding of course material, and enhance their writing and research skills. It also helps them to prepare for exams.  

How to Get Motivated for Doing Homework?  

If you’re struggling to get motivated to do your assignments, here are some tips to help you with your request to pay someone to do my homework : 

  • Break down assignments into smaller, manageable tasks 
  • Find a quiet, distraction-free workspace 
  • Set realistic and achievable goals 
  • Take short, frequent breaks 
  • Reward yourself for completing tasks or reaching goals 

What are Some Tips for Managing Time and Avoiding Procrastination When Completing Assignments?  

Effective time management skills can help you avoid procrastination and complete your assignments efficiently. To do so, consider implementing the following strategies: 

  • Create a schedule for your homework plan and avoid last-minute cramming. 
  • Set achievable goals to stay motivated and focused. 
  • Eliminate distractions, such as social media and phone notifications. 
  • Take breaks to avoid burnout and refresh your mind. 
  • Prioritize your assignments based on their deadlines and importance to ensure you complete them on time and to a high standard. 

How do I Start Writing an Assignment?  

 To start writing an assignment, following a sequence of steps is crucial. Firstly, select a topic that aligns with your assignment requirements and interests. Next, carefully read the instructions to understand the requirements. Once you clearly understand the needs, you can create an outline to organize your thoughts and ideas. After that, gather relevant sources to support your arguments and points. Once you have completed the outline and gathered the sources, you can begin to draft your paper. Finally, don’t forget to proofread and edit your work before submitting it to ensure it’s error-free and meets all the requirements. This sequence will help you to stay focused and motivated throughout the writing process. 

What are Some Tips for Writing Assignments Effectively?  

Effective assignment writing involves planning time, using reliable sources, critically analyzing information, and coherently presenting your ideas. Creating a clear outline can help you stay organized and focused. 

How to Get Homework Done Faster?  

To get your homework done faster, you can use strategies such as setting a timer, prioritizing tasks, using efficient study techniques, avoiding multitasking, and taking breaks. Also, remember to stay motivated and focused on your goals. 

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11 Step Guide on How to do an Assignment in One Day!

If you’ve landed on this article, you probably don’t have much time. So, let’s jump right in with a step-by-step guide on how to quickly finish an assignment in just a single day.

Disclaimer: These tips are meant to help you complete the paper on time with passable quality . It’s going to be very difficult for most people to write an excellent assignment within just a single day. The word count also plays a big part on whether you can successfully do this in time.

If you have multiple assignments that are pending, be sure to also check our broader guide on how to catch up on school work fast .

Table of Contents

Make a rough outline and structure for your paper

You’re going to have to resist the urge to dive write into the writing part and take a few minutes to make a draft outline first. This is the most crucial step for getting to passable quality within a day . This is because you need to make sure that you know what the exact assignment requirements are. You can then write the paper with a focus on covering these points that are going to be essential to the grading.

Find the assignment requirements

This is usually given in a separate file but if you can’t find it, try to look for it in the grading criteria or rubric file, course outline, lecture notes or your teacher may have made notes on Canvas, Google Classroom, LMS etc.

Scan the assignment requirements to quickly find out what your teacher wants

We do have a dedicated guide on how to hack an assignment requirements file to make a quick outline for your paper. We highly recommend you check it out if you have time.

Divide these points into main headings and subheadings

Make a mental note on what should go in each of these sections, check the word count requirement.

Most assignments also have an allowance range of the word count, which is typically 10%. So, if you’ve got a 3,000-word assignment with a 10% tolerance range, then you only need to aim to write 2,700 words. Setting aside 200 words for the introduction and 200 words for the conclusion, you’re only going to need to about 2,300 words of fresh content.

Review the deadline (even if you have done it before)

After doing the previous steps, you should have a rough idea of what needs to go in your paper, which sections you need to focus on, and how long it could take. It is important that you review your deadline again to get some perspective on how much faster than usual you need to be working to complete the paper on time.

Use this as fuel to fight procrastination and resist the urge to take frequent breaks in between!

Set an alarm or reminder for the deadline

You can’t afford the luxury of chasing perfection in your assignment. Regardless of whether you are done with your assignment or not, you need to submit something by the deadline . This is assuming you don’t have a good excuse up your sleeve for not submitting on time, like having an approved deadline extension.

So, to make sure you don’t miss the deadline, make sure to set a reminder at least an hour before the actual deadlin e. You will need some buffer time to clean up any messy parts in your assignment and check for any obvious mistakes.

Alarm clock reminder for assignment deadline

There is also the possibility that many of your fellow students are also working until the last minute on the same assignment. This means that the submission link could get hit with a lot of traffic and become inaccessible the closer you get to the deadline.

While such technical errors are often grounds for appealing for an extension, you’re going to be out of luck if you don’t have anything to prove that this happened. It may also be the case that you are the only one this seems to have happened to.

To be on the safe side, do not wait until the literal last minute . Try to upload your paper at least 20 minutes before the actual deadline.

Eliminate any and all distractions

If you haven’t got much time to go until the deadline, do not allow yourself to get distracted by anything!

  • Stay away from social media, even if it’s just ‘to take a break’
  • Don’t put on music or have a movie or show running in the background
  • Put your phone on silent or switch it off if you have to!

If you absolutely need a break, just take a short walk or lie on the bed to get some rest. However, don’t forget to set an alarm if you are feeling drowsy.

Skim lecture notes to get some relevant points quickly

Once you have an outline of the headings and subheadings, you should quickly skim your lecture notes files. Most professors usually upload the lectures as presentations or PDF on your learning management system like Canvas.

Taking key points from the lectures and matching them to the subheadings of your assignment will help you stay rooted in what has been covered by your professors.

Take notes from lecture session in university

Use Wikipedia as a starting point

We have a detailed guide covering the use of Wikipedia for writing assignments without getting your teachers to roll their eyes. As you don’t have time now to read the whole thing, we can summarize it in the following points.

Search for the main topic of your assignment

Scan the wikipedia article for most relevant sentences, click on the links to the sources that have been cited for these sentences, assess the credibility of the site which the links take you to, if the site passes the check, paraphrase the relevant parts and add to your paper, make sure that you are directly referencing the original source and not wikipedia, search for information relevant to your key points.

Using the key points that you’ve discovered so far in steps #1, 5 and 6, start doing more detailed research on these specific points. Apart from the points that you’re specifically researching, you’re often going to come across other relevant points.

Having done the outline at the very beginning, you should have a better feel for which subheadings these other relevant points could relate to. With that understanding, keep asking yourself if all the other random information that you would be coming across are relevant for any of the identified sections of your paper.

Pad with quality content (paraphrasing, comments & examples)

We have a guide on how to boost the word count of your assignments without compromising the quality, but here’s the short version.

For nearly every paraphrased (and referenced) sentence that you add to your paper using the first tip, make sure that you are adding your own inference or comment right after it. If it seems appropriate and you can think of or find an example quickly, you could add that too. You can also try to include some counterarguments as well, if relevant. You can also do a quick search on Google for some statistics, facts or figures wherever appropriate.

Generate table of contents using heading styles

In case you didn’t know, there’s a handy feature within MS Word that allows you to automatically generate a table of contents section using just the headings and subheading of your assignment. Use it – this will save you precious time.

Review you work

If you’ve still got some time to go before the deadline, just give your paper a quick once-over. Try to spot typos, grammatical errors, and other mistakes that you would make when writing very quickly. The aim isn’t to make your paper perfect, but to remove obvious errors for which your professor may dock your grades. Just remember, if you want your paper to be flawless, make a note that you should start in advance next time!

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10 tips to do an assignment quickly and professionally

Ruby Singh

When you receive an assignment, it is often the case that speed is of the essence. Nearly every assignment has a deadline, and often enough that deadline is looming the moment the paper is assigned. For many students, this can quickly become a crisis. The reason for that is that students have a large number of competing priorities. Students often have to balance writing essays against other demands on their time, including jobs, family obligations, studying, extracurriculars, social time, and more. With each deadline ticking down like a time bomb, you need to figure out how to do your assignments quickly and professionally.

In this article, we’ll take a look at ten tips to help you do your assignments quickly and professionally. So, what do you need to do to write faster and more effectively?

Table of Contents

Start the assignment

This might seem like the most obvious tip, but you won’t get anything done quickly if you don’t actually start it. Avoid procrastination and get started on each assignment when it is assigned. Just by making the effort to begin the writing process, you will be one step closer to overcoming your hesitation to get started, particularly on the hardest assignments, the ones we are most likely to put off.

Set aside a dedicated area for work

Creating a dedicated workspace will help to put you in the mindset to get your assignments done quickly and efficiently. IF you try to work in the midst of clutter, with things all over the place and distractions all around, you are less likely to complete your assignments. Make sure your workspace is clean, organized, and ready for you to use to create your assignments.

Avoid distractions

zThe biggest time suck during the writing process is distractions. According to some studies, a 30 second distraction can take a full five minutes to recover from. When you are ready to work on your assignments, you should make every effort to cut out distractions. Turn off notifications on your phone—or, better yet, turn the phone off—and close out any unnecessary apps on your laptop. There are even some apps and programs that can lock your devices to force you to focus on the task at hand. You don’t have to go into full lockdown mode, but the fewer distractions the better. 

Manage your time wisely

Too many students end up writing their papers in the dead of night, a few hours before they are due. That’s because they aren’t managing their time effectively. You need to manage your days by setting aside dedicated assignment writing time each day. By making writing assignments part of your daily routine, you’ll be in a better position to stay motivated and get work done fast.

Begin with the hardest assignment first

Tackling the most difficult assignment off the bat is an easy way to make the work go faster. First, you’ll be freshest when you are working on the most challenging material, giving you an extra burst of energy and speed where you need it most. Second, you will be more motivated because the work is going to get easier and easier, helping you to maintain your speed and momentum.

Break down work into smaller tasks

Some assignments can seem overwhelming if you try to do them all at once, either because they are very long or very hard. When you are faced with a seemingly impossible task, try breaking it down into shorter, more manageable tasks. That way you can make incremental progress while feeling a sense of accomplishment as you check each item off the list on the way to finishing the full assignment

Take regular breaks

This one might be a little counterintuitive, but building breaks into your work time can help to keep your mind sharp. A five-minute break every half hour will help you to reset your mind and approach your paper with fresh eyes, so you can work faster. 

Reward yourself for accomplishments

Another way to motivate yourself to go faster and do more is to reward yourself for the good work that you do. Set goals, and when you meet those goals, give yourself a predetermined reward. For example, you might treat yourself to a favorite candy after completing an outline, or purchase a new video game after finishing your writing. It doesn’t have to be monetary. You could reward yourself with TV time or a bubble bath.

Avoid multitasking

Studies have shown that multitasking reduces the effectiveness of our work because we get distracted and can’t switch between tasks as effectively as we think we can. Instead, try to focus on tasks sequentially. That means that you should do one at a time and do only that task during the time for that task.

Seek professional help

A final way to get your assignment done fast is to pay someone online to do your homework for you. Many students, when confronted with tough STEM projects or challenging English essays, say, “I wish someone would do my assignment for me online!” With the help of assignment experts from a homework service like MyAssignmentLab, you can get custom-written projects that will help you to see how an expert would approach your topic. This will help you to save time and effort as you do your own assignment in college or university.

Best Screen Recording Software You Should Know [List]

How to earn money while gaming 2021.

How To Earn Money While Gaming 2021

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How to Write a Perfect Assignment: Step-By-Step Guide

14 Sep 2022

Quick Navigation

❓How to Structure an Assignment?

✍️Main Steps of Assignment Writing

  • 📖The research part
  • 🗒Planning your text
  • ✒️Writing major parts

📑Expert Tips for your Writing Assignment

✅Will I succeed with my assignments?


It is common for students of institutes and universities to get a task as a written assignment for a page or two. This academic type of work is widespread in the subjects of literature, history, or philosophy, but students of other specialties usually have to complete them too. For many, this becomes a real difficulty because not everyone has the talent for writing. In addition, even having decent knowledge in the field does not mean a well-executed written assignment.

Is writing essays your hobby?

Participate in our "Independence Day of the United States" essay writing competition and get a 12-month Quizlet subscription.

  • Deadline: July 24, 2023
  • Topic: Declaration of Independence
  • Language: English
  • Length: 1000-5000 words
  • Font size: 11 or 12

Writing essays

How to Structure an Assignment?

To cope with assignments, you should familiarize yourself with the tips on formatting and presenting assignments or any written paper, which are given below. It is worth paying attention to the content of the paper, making it structured and understandable so that ideas are not lost and thoughts do not refute each other.

If the topic is free or you can choose from the given list — be sure to choose the one you understand best. Especially if that could affect your semester score or scholarship. It is important to select an  engaging title that is contextualized within your topic. A topic that should captivate you or at least give you a general sense of what is needed there. It’s easier to dwell upon what interests you, so the process goes faster.

To construct an assignment structure, use outlines. These are pieces of text that relate to your topic. It can be ideas, quotes, all your thoughts, or disparate arguments. Type in everything that you think about. Separate thoughts scattered across the sheets of Word will help in the next step.

Then it is time to form the text. At this stage, you have to form a coherent story from separate pieces, where each new thought reinforces the previous one, and one idea smoothly flows into another.

Main Steps of Assignment Writing

These are steps to take to get a worthy paper. If you complete these step-by-step, your text will be among the most exemplary ones.

The research part

If the topic is unique and no one has written about it yet, look at materials close to this topic to gain thoughts about it. You should feel that you are ready to express your thoughts. Also, while reading, get acquainted with the format of the articles, study the details, collect material for your thoughts, and accumulate different points of view for your article. Be careful at this stage, as the process can help you develop your ideas. If you are already struggling here, pay for assignment to be done , and it will be processed in a split second via special services. These services are especially helpful when the deadline is near as they guarantee fast delivery of high-quality papers on any subject.

If you use Google to search for material for your assignment, you will, of course, find a lot of information very quickly. Still, the databases available on your library’s website will give you the clearest and most reliable facts that satisfy your teacher or professor. Be sure you copy the addresses of all the web pages you will use when composing your paper, so you don’t lose them. You can use them later in your bibliography if you add a bit of description! Select resources and extract quotes from them that you can use while working. At this stage, you may also create a  request for late assignment if you realize the paper requires a lot of effort and is time-consuming. This way, you’ll have a backup plan if something goes wrong.

Planning your text

Assemble a layout. It may be appropriate to use the structure of the paper of some outstanding scientists in your field and argue it in one of the parts. As the planning progresses, you can add suggestions that come to mind. If you use citations that require footnotes, and if you use single spacing throughout the paper and double spacing at the end, it will take you a very long time to make sure that all the citations are on the exact pages you specified! Add a reference list or bibliography. If you haven’t already done so, don’t put off writing an essay until the last day. It will be more difficult to do later as you will be stressed out because of time pressure.

Writing major parts

It happens that there is simply no mood or strength to get started and zero thoughts. In that case, postpone this process for 2-3 hours, and, perhaps, soon, you will be able to start with renewed vigor. Writing essays is a great (albeit controversial) way to improve your skills. This experience will not be forgotten. It will certainly come in handy and bring many benefits in the future. Do your best here because asking for an extension is not always possible, so you probably won’t have time to redo it later. And the quality of this part defines the success of the whole paper.

Writing the major part does not mean the matter is finished. To review the text, make sure that the ideas of the introduction and conclusion coincide because such a discrepancy is the first thing that will catch the reader’s eye and can spoil the impression. Add or remove anything from your intro to edit it to fit the entire paper. Also, check your spelling and grammar to ensure there are no typos or draft comments. Check the sources of your quotes so that your it is honest and does not violate any rules. And do not forget the formatting rules.

with the right tips and guidance, it can be easier than it looks. To make the process even more straightforward, students can also use an assignment service to get the job done. This way they can get professional assistance and make sure that their assignments are up to the mark. At PapersOwl, we provide a professional writing service where students can order custom-made assignments that meet their exact requirements.

Need help with your assignment?

Get your paper written by a professional writer

Expert Tips for your Writing Assignment

Want to write like a pro? Here’s what you should consider:

  • Save the document! Send the finished document by email to yourself so you have a backup copy in case your computer crashes.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to complete a list of citations or a bibliography after the paper is finished. It will be much longer and more difficult, so add to them as you go.
  • If you find a lot of information on the topic of your search, then arrange it in a separate paragraph.
  • If possible, choose a topic that you know and are interested in.
  • Believe in yourself! If you set yourself up well and use your limited time wisely, you will be able to deliver the paper on time.
  • Do not copy information directly from the Internet without citing them.

Writing assignments is a tedious and time-consuming process. It requires a lot of research and hard work to produce a quality paper. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty understanding the concept, you may want to consider getting accounting homework help online . Professional experts can assist you in understanding how to complete your assignment effectively. offers expert help from highly qualified and experienced writers who can provide you with the homework help you need.

Will I succeed with my assignments?

Anyone can learn how to be good at writing: follow simple rules of creating the structure and be creative where it is appropriate. At one moment, you will need some additional study tools, study support, or solid study tips. And you can easily get help in writing assignments or any other work. This is especially useful since the strategy of learning how to write an assignment can take more time than a student has.

Therefore all students are happy that there is an option to  order your paper at a professional service to pass all the courses perfectly and sleep still at night. You can also find the sample of the assignment there to check if you are on the same page and if not — focus on your papers more diligently.

So, in the times of studies online, the desire and skill to research and write may be lost. Planning your assignment carefully and presenting arguments step-by-step is necessary to succeed with your homework. When going through your references, note the questions that appear and answer them, building your text. Create a cover page, proofread the whole text, and take care of formatting. Feel free to use these rules for passing your next assignments.

When it comes to writing an assignment, it can be overwhelming and stressful, but Papersowl is here to make it easier for you. With a range of helpful resources available, Papersowl can assist you in creating high-quality written work, regardless of whether you're starting from scratch or refining an existing draft. From conducting research to creating an outline, and from proofreading to formatting, the team at Papersowl has the expertise to guide you through the entire writing process and ensure that your assignment meets all the necessary requirements.

Was this article helpful?

Thanks for your feedback.

Article author picture

David Kidwell

David is one of those experienced content creators from the United Kingdom who has a high interest in social issues, culture, and entrepreneurship. He always says that reading, blogging, and staying aware of what happens in the world is what makes a person responsible. He likes to learn and share what he knows by making things inspiring and creative enough even for those students who dislike reading.

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how to do assignments quickly

8 easy ways to finish your assignment faster

It’s rarely a secret that working on any elaborate assignment will be time-consuming, opine the experts on media law assignment help. But when you’re required to comply with the strict deadlines, you need to complete them on time to avoid any consequences.

If you need a little guidance on completing your all assignments faster, here’s a useful guide approved by the experts from media law assignment help services.

  • Plan well and create a list of assignments

Check the deadline you’ve been given for your assignments, and prepare a list of all the other tasks that you have to do. Determine how long it’ll take for you to complete each assignment to see if you need more time. You need to be realistic. Once create the list you can dive in to your work without any disruptions.

  • Prioritise the tasks based on importance and the due date

As you list out your media studies assignments down while planning, make sure to mark the high priority tasks as important. An assignment that has to be completed in two days would probably take priority over one the one that’s due next week. Also, make sure to prioritise bigger assignments over smaller ones.

  • Keep all your supplies organised

To avoid wasting time looking for supplies while you’re working on the task, have all your books, papers, notes, pens and other materials readily available. Clean out your backpack weekly or monthly to keep everything organised. Consider arranging the different subject folders and notebooks into one common binder that’s separated by dividers. This way, all of your assignments and materials will be in one place.

  • Eliminate distractions by putting your gadgets away

Turn off your mobile phone, log off of your computer (unless you need it to work on your assignments), turn off the TV and shut the door. If you’re using your computer to prepare your assignments, you can download website blocking apps and extensions to stay focused on the task at hand.

  • Set a timer to maintain focus

Before beginning to work on your assignment, start a timer by entering the time within which you’d like to finish your work. You can keep checking the timer to be aware of how much time is over and how much is still left. This will also allow you to understand if you’re taking too much time on something.

  • Listen to classical music while writing your tasks

This advice may sound a little odd. However, classical music is excellent to cancel the background noise. There aren’t any lyrics or overwhelming beats to shake your focus. In fact, many studies have revealed that students who listen to classical music score better on tests. So find some great classical music and create playlist and turn in on while trying to focus on writing your papers.

  • Take breaks in-between working on your assignments

If you have a lot of things to get through, you may feel compelled to work straight through hours and hours. But this will only end up slowing you down further, prolonging the whole session.

So, it’s best that you include regular intervals between study time. Focus on a task for some time, then take a brief break to walk around and stretch. It’ll rejuvenate your mind and body to keep working. For instance, try working for an hour, then take a 15-minute break.

  • Reward yourself with a fun activity

Once you’re done with the tasks at hand, feel free to treat yourself. It could be anything. You can visit a friend’s house, play your favourite mobile game, or grab a bite of the chocolate bar. Setting this reward system will help you stay motivated to focus on your assignments more efficiently.

These ideas will help you complete your papers efficiently every time.

Summary: If you’re having a hard time trying to complete your assignments, then it may affect your academic performance. This is why you need to follow several steps to ensure you meet your assignment deadlines perfectly

8 Ways to finish your assignment faster? There can be multiple ways which may help you to finish your assignment on time such as understanding of the topic, planning of task, scheduling of the task and gathering the right accessories for task etc.


Ways to Finish Assignment before Deadline

A lot of effort is required to do your assignment efficiently and to get valuable marks. Many college/ university students seems to suffer from their habit of poor time management. If you find it difficult to submit your assignment before deadline, you are not alone. Some ways to finish assignment before deadline are explained below:

1. Understanding the topic


You can also gather information from different websites on the internet. You should do a proper research on your topic. You can search different books from the libraries. All the relevant information should be on your table before starting an assignment.

2. Plan your task

3. schedule your task, 4. gather the right accessories for your task.

But if it’s a printout kind of assignment then arrange a laptop and make sure that it is fully charged so that you can continue your work without charging problems. You can also arrange a printer if you have one in your home. Otherwise take the soft copy in your USB to the printing shop and get done with your work

5. Choose the right place to start working

how to do assignments quickly

6. Make the headings

7. take break to stay focus.

You can enjoy some music which may calm your nerves.

Keep a jug of fresh juice on your table.

Keeping Dry fruits, nuts and snacks with you can save you from hunger pangs.

You can eat chocolate or any sweet candy which will boost your mind.

Drinking coffee or tea will also keep you active and away from napping.

A breeze of fresh air will also relax your nerves.

You can also chit chat with your friend for motivation.

Brain Breaks

8. proof checking, 9. give credit to yourself.

Summary All students may suffer from the habit of assignment submission after deadline. This can be very risky at sometimes and you can lose your marks.But you can save yourself from these kind of disasters by using a key which is research, time management and proper planning Short breaks can enhance your creative skills. Some relaxing activities can boost your mood.


Frequent asked question

Some frequently asked questions related to finishing an assignment on time are given below.

Q1: How do you complete your assignment in one day?

Ans: Proper understanding of the assignment topic is really important. Make sure to identify the goals of your assignment then work accordingly. Make a proper outline then work on those points to finish your work in a day. If you have a good concept of your topic then it will be very easy to complete this before deadline.

Q2: Why do some students leave their assignments to the last moment?

Ans: Some students have the bad habit of delaying their work which is the main cause of their failure to submit an assignment on time. This habit can be the result of personality traits which may develop due to circumstances or may be inherited from the parents.

Q3: What to do if you are unable to finish your assignment on time?

Ans: in this case it is very important to communicate to your teachers. Give them a solid reason due to which you would not be able to complete your work on time. You can appeal them to give you some more time. Take the responsibility if your negligence. This will do a great help.

Q4: why is doing an assignment is so hard for the students?

Ans: Some students are overwhelmed by the task. They don’t have the brain power or the capacity to do work. They may find it boring and so easily lose interest in their work. These problems can be minimized by working on self-motivating strategies.

Conclusion 8 Ways to finish your assignment faster? It may be hectic for the students to finish their assignment on time. Some ways can be really helpful in this regard. A good strategy is the key to finish your assignment before deadline. You must gain the right understanding of the topic so that you can work on it fast Now choosing the right time and a right place is also very important. You can take short breaks to stay focused and do some refreshing activities that can boost your mood which may include listening to your favorite music. After finishing your task you have to proof check your work for any kind of mistakes and give your work a final touch. For this purpose you can take help from your elders. Now you can reward yourself in the end with something that gives you pleasure. It will help you to stay enthusiastic.

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8 Easy Ways to Finish Your Homework Faster


How many times have you found yourself looking at your textbook at 12 a.m. (or later!) after having started your homework hours before? Parkinson’s Law, which asserts that “work expands to cover the time available for its completion,” could explain those lost hours. To put it another way, if you give yourself all night to learn those geometry formulae for tomorrow’s quiz, you’ll inevitably fail.

1. Make a list

This should be a comprehensive list of everything that has to be accomplished that evening. Everything—from re-reading notes from this morning’s history lesson to taking a Spanish vocabulary quiz—is fair game.

2. Estimate the time needed for each item on your list

You can be a little ruthless in this situation. Try shaving off 5 or 10 minutes from whatever time you believe a task would take. However, keep your expectations in check. You won’t become a speed reader overnight.

3. Gather all your gear

Gather all of the materials you’ll need for the schoolwork you’re working on (like your laptop for writing assignments and pencils for problem sets). Getting up for supplies throws you off track and makes it even more difficult to return to your assignment.

Your devices’ continual bling’s and beeps can make it difficult to concentrate on what you’re doing. Turn off or silent your phones and tablets, or put them in another room until you’re ready to take a vacation from technology.

5. Time yourself

Keeping track of how long anything takes will help you better estimate and organise your next study session.

6. Stay on task

When fact-checking online, it’s all too simple to become sidetracked and visit an entirely unrelated site. A better technique is to make a list of what material you need to look up online and complete it all at the end of the study session.

7. Take plenty of breaks

The majority of us require a break between subjects or to break up extended periods of study. Active breaks are an excellent method to maintain your energy levels. While tech breaks can be a great method to overcome the dread of missing out that can hit when you’re deep in your job, they also have a tendency to last far longer than they should. Keep a 10-minute break schedule in mind.

8. Reward yourself!

Is it possible to finish early? If you set aside 30 minutes to study a biology chapter but only got through 20 minutes, you can take a 10-minute break or move on to the next job. If you keep on pace, you might be able to finish your task in time to watch some Netflix. What is the best piece of advise we can give? Keep going. The more you use it, the less difficult it will become. You’ll be astonished at how much time you may save on schoolwork by concentrating and sticking to a distraction-free study schedule.

Homework Hacks: 8 Tips to Get It Done Faster

1. plan your homework and make a list.

When it comes to homework, you’re probably going to start with the first item that comes to mind or the first thing that comes out of your backpack, and then work your way through the remainder of your tasks. There’s a better way to do things. Determine how much time you have to complete your homework, then make a list of all the different tasks you must complete. Calculate how long each assignment will take you to see if you need to set aside more time. Keep your expectations in check. You can move straight through your list instead of stopping to find out what to do next once your list is full. It will also be immensely satisfying to tick things off your list as you complete each project!

2. Get Out All the Books and Supplies You Need

You realize you need a calculator, a specific book, a new pencil, and you’ve run out of paper while working… The list goes on and on. Now that you’ve identified all of your tasks, gather all of the materials you’ll need to complete each one and bring it to your workstation so it’s ready when you need it.

3. Find a Quiet Place to Work Without Distractions

When it comes to workstation, you probably prefer to do your schoolwork in front of the television, but this can be the most distracting of all. Sitting in front of the television will most likely slow you down, making homework time seem much longer than it is. Look for a calm location with as little distractions and clutter as possible. Remember, the earlier you finish it, the sooner you can get back to watching Netflix in its entirety.

4. Turn Off Your Phone

We understand that this is the last thing you want to hear. What would you do if you didn’t have your phone? But it’s well worth it for a few of hours. Your focus is broken every time you receive a notice and check your phone. It takes more mental energy to get back on track with what you were doing.

5. Listen to Classical Music While Working

We understand what you’re thinking. Are you a fan of classical music? Seriously? Classical music, on the other hand, is ideal for background sounds. There are no songs or beats to take your attention away from the task at hand. Pupils who listen to classical music perform better on tests than students who listen to other types of music, according to study. So go on Spotify and choose a good classical playlist, then rejoice with Queen Bey when you’re done.

6. Eat Snacks and Drink Water

You may be mentally and physically exhausted at the conclusion of a long day. If you get right into your assignment, it will likely take you a long time to complete and will not be your best work. Drinking plenty of water and eating some light healthy snacks might assist your brain and body rejuvenate. Avoid soda, energy drinks, and sugary snacks, which will cause you to crash before you finish your workout.

7. Take Short Breaks in Between Homework Tasks

If you have a lot on your plate, you may feel compelled to put through hours and hours of schoolwork. However, this will most likely slow you down and lengthen the exercise. Carry out your task in brief bursts. Work ■■■■■■■ a task, then stretch and move about for a few minutes. It will re-energize your mind and body, allowing you to continue on. To begin, work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute rest.

8. Reward Yourself After You’re Finished

Homework isn’t always enjoyable. Negativity, on the other hand, can slow you down. Reward systems operate in our brains. Giving yourself a reward for completing your schoolwork makes it much simpler to begin your assignment the next time, and you’ll do it much faster. You might be able to watch a TV, eat ice cream, play a game, or go out and do something pleasant as a reward. Now that you’ve learned all of these tricks, go finish your homework faster than before. It may be difficult at first, but if you follow these guidelines, it will become easier over time.

How do you do last minute assignments?

If at all possible, get an extension.

Set priorities for your time.

Determine how much time you have to complete each task.

Look through the relevant textbooks.

Get rid of any arguments you don’t need.

Don’t freak out.

How can I skip homework?

Employ the services of a professional ghostwriter. The greatest approach to get away with not doing your homework is to hire a professional writer.

Make a request for a retake.

Make up reasons why you can’t finish your homework.

Turn in a late paper.

Don’t bother with the class.

Postpone or defer the class.

Is it normal to cry over homework?

Homework might irritate our children at times. Children may weep or lash out during homework time due to executive function impairments, learning challenges, or challenging subjects.

You’re not alone if your ADHD youngster despises doing schoolwork. After-school tasks can be torturous for our kids — and us parents! — due to executive function impairments, inattention, and learning issues. Ann Dolin, M.Ed., provides practical ways to handle the most prevalent homework-related problems, such as disorganization and procrastination, in this article. Do any of these frequent profiles apply to your child? A unorganized child who is frustrated because he is surrounded by school papers. Many ADHD students struggle with paper flow, which means they have trouble keeping track of the assignments that come in and out. Let’s call him “Disorganized Dan.”

How To Finish Your Assignments Faster

Can’t seem to concentrate on your homework? Do you find it difficult to complete your home assignments on time? Are you looking for a simple way to get more organized? How can you complete your homework without being sidetracked by anything other than your studies?

It is not difficult to complete your homework if you know how to manage the process properly. So, how do you go about doing it? You have two choices here. You can either apply to an immediate service to complete projects with you or instead of you (if you live in Australia, there are several organizations to pick from) or you can do everything yourself by following the guidelines below.

As a result, the decision is yours to make. But first, let’s look at how to arrange and complete your homework without spending too much time on it.

The Google Classroom Quick-Start Guide + resources, tips and tricks

Google Classroom makes it simple to organize and manage all of your Google Apps activities. It only takes a few minutes to set up.

Google Classroom was designed with the goal of spending less time on technology and more time on teaching. And it has certainly lived up to expectations.

Classroom has simplified the classroom workflow and made it easier for teachers and students to communicate. Google Classroom focuses on a few things and does them really well.

It serves as a hub for all of the class’s activities. It allows instructors to construct assignments (and other class activities). It collects students’ assignments. It aids teachers in grading and providing feedback on assignments. It sends assignments back to the students.

9 Ways to Finish Homework in College Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Do you procrastinate with a “pro”?

To be honest, we’ve all felt how difficult it is to get started. As a result, we tend to overlook it in favor of something more enjoyable. But, before we know it, a project that appeared simple at first has become nearly impossible to accomplish.

As a result, we experience a panic attack brought on by the impending deadline.

Whether or whether you fulfil that approaching deadline, even if you think you perform well under stress and pressure in college, you’ll undoubtedly still feel the overpowering sensation of dread that comes with procrastinating.

You may, however, break your tendency of procrastinating. It can be fixed. All you need is a strong support system and a few productivity hacks.

Tips for Taking Online Classes: 8 Strategies for Success

If you’re thinking about taking online college classes (or are already enrolled in one), the suggestions and advice below can help you overcome the problems that come with them and get the most out of your online programmed.

Treat an online course as if it were a traditional one. When it comes to online education, you’ll need the discipline to sit down and declare, “I’m going to work on this,” as well as the commitment to really do so. You can select when you want to finish your work during the week, but you can’t put it off permanently.

One of the simplest strategies to assure completion is to keep in mind that you are paying for this online course, just as you would for any other.

The Secret Formula To Make Your Child Study And Do Homework

How we wish homework might be enjoyable — if only our children had a Doremon to assist them in their studies!

One of the most pressing worries for today’s parents is how to get their children to complete homework and studies on time and effectively.

How can you get your youngster to like doing his or her homework?

Given the limited time youngsters have to play, relax, and occupy themselves in this gadget-driven day, homework may appear to be a daunting task, dull, and unrelenting.

Nonetheless, you’ll quickly realize the importance of maintaining a consistent homework schedule.

If you’re wondering why anyone would want their children to bury their faces in notebooks and complete homework every day, consider the following reasons.

How to Make Homework Less Work?

How do you get your bosses to stop giving you too much work?

Homework is a tool for your teachers to assess how well you grasp what’s going on in class. It can, however, be overwhelming at times. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make schoolwork easier.

Make a Homework Schedule

Recognize the task at hand. Make a note of it in your notebook or planner, and don’t be afraid to inquire about the expectations. It’s far easier to ask the teacher a question during or after class than it is to wait until the next class.

How to Finish Your Homework Faster to do More Study?

Isn’t it true that completing homework faster is always a huge challenge for all students? This is a question that many people wonder about. Because pupils are cognitively exhausted after school, the answer to the preceding question is yes.

Homework, on the other hand, is the most significant aspect of a student’s academic life. As a result, you must complete your task before the deadline. However, pupils are unable to identify the most trustworthy and efficient methods for doing assignments more quickly.

Furthermore, one of the primary causes for this is the students’ hectic schedules. Learners do not have ad time because they have to do various chores in addition to their academic sessions.

We have covered all important information about How to finish your homework faster with a lot of tips and methods in this article.

We’ve also included information about what students can do while drafting their school homework, which will help them recognize effective ways for finishing homework at the last minute. Students do not need to exert a great deal of effort in order to do their schoolwork within the allotted time. To get a good mark in your academic study, you must utilize some fundamental tactics and adjust your habits a little bit.

You can get assistance from our professionals if you are having difficulties with your programming or any other tasks or homework. We are able to

how to do assignments quickly

5 Easy Ways to Do Your Assignment Fast

  • by The Logo Creative

When given an assignment, it is usually to teach you a skill or provide you with new knowledge. But most of the time, the assignment will be there to guide your learning. It does not matter if it is a math problem, research paper, or book report. Every task has a specific purpose and contributes to learning. In this article we share 5 Easy Ways to Do Your Assignment Fast.

Assignments take time and energy. Unfortunately, it can lead some students to procrastinate and delay their work until the last minute. This often leads to lackluster work that does not meet expectations. But, with these five methods, you will find yourself completing your assignments faster than ever before!

Table of Contents

1. Take Breaks 

5 Easy Ways to Do Your Assignment Fast

This might sound like a weird way of doing your assignment, but it could work well for some people. By taking breaks now and then, you allow yourself to relax and come up with new ideas for the task. When you work without giving yourself a chance to relax, your brain becomes overwhelmed. Since it is too tiring, you find yourself going through the same problem over and over without finding a solution.

If you doubt breaks work, consider how school schedules work. You don’t study from morning until you leave school. Instead, there are breaks provided in between to allow you to relax.

Some activities you can do during the breaks include:

  • Walking around
  • Eating healthy snacks
  • Talking to your roommate/ relative/ close friend

Be careful with your breaks. These should be timed. For example, you can take a 5-minute break after every 30 minutes. It helps prevent spending too much time on breaks than on the assignment, which could slow you down.

2. Set Deadlines For Yourself 

Usually, when we don’t set deadlines for ourselves, we end up wasting time on useless tasks that might not even help us with our assignments. So setting deadlines is one way of ensuring that we’re on track and getting our jobs done within the given period.

The human brain is a fascinating organ. Deadlines seem to be a motivating factor to get things done. If you are unable to focus on working against these, you can always reach out for professional writing help. The providers are available online. Select ‘do my assignment’ to have your tasks ready . Even with these providers, they require you to provide a turnaround time.

A vital tip to consider while setting these deadlines is that they should be reasonable. That is, do not be too harsh on yourself by setting unrealistic deadlines. Give each task enough time so you can handle it with a lot of precision. We will be happy to set your deadlines right when assignment grading is done.

3. Set up a Comfortable Study Environment

You cannot work in an uncomfortable environment and expect to maximize your productivity. According to studies , the environment plays an important role when studying . Instead of choosing to study while sitting on the floor or your bed, consider having a comfortable table and chair while doing your assignment.

Make sure lighting is good to ensure you do not strain your eyes. A dim room can make you feel sleepy too. 

Do not overlook your environment’s ventilation and noise level. Proper ventilation ensures you are comfortable and the temperature feels right. When working in a poorly ventilated space, your brain feels clogged, and you get an urge to keep moving around, trying to be comfortable.

A quiet environment helps with focusing and increasing productivity. However, there is some noise as soft background music that you can use to your advantage. If your study environment has loud and disturbing noise, you should consider looking for a better setup.

4. Avoid Distractions

Well, many exciting things can steal your attention while doing your schoolwork. They include things such as social media , phone calls, and notifications. So if you want to finish your schoolwork and have some time to do other stuff, getting rid of the distraction is a smart trick.

You can remove your phone and mute all notifications if you are using a desktop to complete the assignment. Since it is only for a few hours, there is nothing much really to miss.

Other distractions may include family members coming in and out of your study space anyhow. Let them know you want a few hours for your study. If they are not around, shut the door and put a ‘do not disturb’ notice. 

Friends can also pass by to pick you up or to hang around your place. You can let them know you are busy at the beginning of your session and give them a time when you will be free. It is a polite way of preventing them from disturbing you while maintaining your focus.

5. Plan for Your Assignments

When you have more than one assignment, it is always good to come up with a plan on how to do them. Remember, completing a task at a time is more rewarding than wanting to do all the work at a go.

Schedule your assignments according to their urgency. Some teachers give short submission deadlines, while others are lenient and want students to take as much time as they can. Start with those whose deadlines are short.

Also, you can plan to start with the assignments that are less demanding and come back to those that require a lot of concentration later. This approach ensures you handle as many tasks as possible within a short while. 

To avoid spending too much time on the same assignment, it is wise to allocate time for each. Be specific on how long you want to handle each task. Because some assignments can be more challenging than others, be sure to be fair when scheduling.

If you have other things to do, always prioritize your schoolwork. It keeps you motivated and wants to finish fast so you can start doing your projects. You can be tempted to do your projects first, but you end up procrastinating and piling your schoolwork when you are tired. Set your priorities right to avoid being overwhelmed.


Completing a school task on time is not that hard. However, we often find it overwhelming because of our flawed approach. These tips can help you submit your tasks against deadlines while producing high-quality work that will give you good scores. 

These tips are practical and are a sure-fire way of increasing your productivity. So why are you struggling with doing your assignments? Use these five easy ways and see how fulfilling it is to have extra time after completing your schoolwork early.

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We hope these 5 Easy Ways to Do Your Assignment Fast have been helpful. If you would like more personal tips, advice, insights, and access to our community threads and other goodies, join me  in our community.

You can comment directly on the posts and have a discussion with Andrew, the Founder of The Logo Creative.

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How to do my assignment | Good Assignment Writing Tips

How to do my assignment | Good Assignment Writing Tips

When you ask CodeAvail experts how to do my assignment, Our assignment writing experts will motivate you and provide the best ways to do the good assignment. Here in this blog, assignment writing experts will give you the best ever tips related to do my assignment quickly and efficiently, time scheduling tips for students, making a good assignment, and tips for self-study.

How to do my assignment | Good Assignment Writing Tips

Some ways to do my assignment quickly

Table of Contents

The most important thing for you to realize is that there is an assignment so you have to practice more on the content being taught. It’s not there’s it. “Just be done”. You should take as much time to make assignments as you need to understand the topic.

At my school, a lot of teachers give homework but never check it out. It deliberately provides good questions for students to practice. This is especially true for science and mathematics classes. If this is the case for you, just don’t do homework.

This is what I am doing and it is working fine. If teachers check it out, and you feel like the task towards understanding the subject is futile, it’s most likely, and usually, you can find answers online to save time. (Wolfram Alpha is great for math). That being said, if you think additional practice is needed to understand the subject, work.

To get the maximum homework, you should focus on it. This means keeping the phone away and finding a way to block everything. I like to plug in my noise-canceling headphones and play music while working , you just have to be careful not to distract you.

I recommend focusing classically or on music (you can find it on YouTube), but ultimately it’s your call and if you can focus on listening to your favorite music, go for it.

Then, do assignments if needed. You consider yourself better than anyone else, but when you need homework, be honest with yourself about making decisions.

Do not be in the trap of laziness while deciding to complete the work.

Best ways to do my Assignment efficiently

We all want to do more at work – being able to head over our weekends without tons of unfinished tasks and challenging projects hanging over our heads. But, here’s the thing: Being productive isn’t always easy. Well, in all honesty, it rarely is. Even in those days when you think you’re cranking in a relatively painless way through your various assignments, you look down at the end of the homework day and realize that somehow your to-do list is even longer when you started.

  • Do the difficult homework   topic first. Once that’s out of the way, the easier ones just seem to roll quickly.
  • Find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted – no screaming kids, TVs, etc. A regular study area or desk is the best. Distracting can waste a ton of time.
  • All your tools are ready – scrap paper, pencil, calculator, dictionary.
  • Have a study buddy. Some time helps to work together on homework because you learn by teaching each other.

What are some tips that should be kept in mind to do my assignment

Sometimes students have so many assignments that they feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. The truth is, you only decide whether you will manage to write a bunch of assignments. You should have only one plan. And you need to start as soon as possible.

The secret of a successful and fast writing essay is giving yourself enough time to get ready for it. You have to do your research, write your paper, have a clear understanding of what it should be, and review your work. That is it. If you have a plan and follow it, you won’t need to hurry up. Remember that it is better to write something and then better than to sit and wait for good ideas. We’ve decided to provide you with a short step-by-step guide that will simplify your work a little bit.

1.Make a plan

Plan your assignment so you can stay focused and know what to do.

  • Check how important your assignment is. What is the percentage of the final mark? ( ) When you know how much it’s worth, you can better understand how much time is necessary for the assignment you have to write it.
  • Think about how your tutor will mark your assignment. Check the marking schedule and how the score is assigned. Considering the marking schedule, you’ll easily understand what to focus on. Next, check your quick or assignment question to clearly understand your assignment topic.
  • Decide what you have to do to write assignments. You may need to do research, provide context or collect certain specific information. You should also understand how much time you have to write your drafts.
  • Set a deadline keeping in mind the due dates of your assignment.

2.Read the assignment question

You need to understand your question. Read it attentively and ask questions to yourself:

  • What is the main meaning of the assignment question?
  • What it’s about? What assignment topic fits it best?
  • What do you need to do in this assignment?

Sometimes you can benefit from rewriting your assignment question using your own words. When reading the question of assignment, See the so-called “Instructional Words” – phrases that tell you what you have to do. Pay attention to these words and do the same with words that prompt you on possible topics.

3.Write an Outline

Write the main heading of your assignment for the best outline.

4.Find Information

First, you have to familiarize yourself with your subject. Search the suggested source and for extra sources on this topic. Likewise, you should make sure they are reliable, so we suggest using a public library, a university database, Google Scholar, or other online sources that are proven and relevant sources. Once you’ve collected enough information, check it out with the question of your assignment and make sure they’re really useful to you.

Write your first step based on the outline. Fill all the gaps and develop your main details. When writing the first step, don’t stop to edit it. Just feel free and write what according to your topic of the assignment.

6.Finally, Check Your Content

Make sure your text answers all the required questions and it is written properly. Check its structure and make sure your thoughts are clear and logical. Check your grammar and spelling. Next, make sure you use the correct format.

Some of the best time scheduling tips for students

  • Live on or close to campus
  • If you stay away, study while traveling
  • Spend a few minutes planning your weekly study program
  • Spend a few minutes each morning planning your day
  • Create a well-organized folder structure on your computer
  • Save everything on cloud storage for easy access
  • Then, take only important notes while reading textbooks
  • Ask your lecturer which area to study for do my assignment
  • Delete social media apps you’re addicted to
  • Don’t spend time complaining to friends or students
  • Wake up early and Do your most challenging tasks in the morning
  • Join a social media study group to help each other
  • Set small goals every day and give time to your study session
  • Send or respond to messages only during your break
  • Take a short study break and do some interesting new things.
  • If you have a question in the class, ask at that time
  • Don’t aim for perfection, good enough
  • Don’t rely on your memory, set calendar alerts and reminders
  • Never delay, just make a start

What are some tips for do my assignment good?

In any topic or subject related assignment, making it very interesting and claims the best skill about the particular topic.

In addition, For good assignment should be having the following

  • To plan for your topic of writing
  • Analyze your topic question
  • Make a good and attractive outline
  • Search information about your topic
  • Make your assignment
  • Edit if any corrections in possible
  • Post important information about the topic

Best tips for self-studying ever

Here are some basic points to remember:

  • Read the class notes daily
  • Read the textbook 
  • Look up other online resources for your doubts(if you want)
  • Make colorful and proper notes 
  • Create a mind map
  • Teach someone what you’ve learned
  • Do practice problems from a variety of sources

Although, now you know the best ever tips related to do my assignment quickly and efficiently, time scheduling tips for students, making a good assignment, and tips for self-study. If you need any computer science assignment help , hire us now for instant solutions.

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How to Complete Your Assignment Quickly

  • March 22, 2019
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Time management skill is very important for you if you have a habit of missing the submission deadlines. This skill is often used by assignment help experts to complete and submit assignments in time for submission. Students receive a lot of assignments in college/university and that can be pretty overwhelming for them. But there are various tips and tricks through which you can complete your assignment on time.

Writing an assignment is a process that has many steps. You have to have patience and make use of your time management strategies in each of these steps to write a paper that will get you great marks.

how to do assignments quickly

Here are some strategies that experts use to compose assignments quickly.

  • Understanding the assignment question – To get a better understanding of the questions requirements, you need to acknowledge the tips given below:
  • Thoroughly read the assignment question-  Make sure that you know what the main question in the assignment means so that you don’t face any kind of confusion while writing your assignment. While going through the main question you’ll understand what to write and how to write and what kind of standard and format you have to maintain, etc. This way you can finish your assignment quickly. Also, you’ll save a lot of time with this, as you won’t make silly mistakes that will make you write your paper again and again from the start.
  • Clear your doubts with your professor- Before you start writing your paper you need to clear all your doubts with your teacher so that your mind is clear when you start writing your assignment. If you are facing problems while writing your paper, you shouldn’t waste time and opt for online assignment help. This way you’ll save a lot of time and you can concentrate on other important things as well.
  • Preparing a plan – Planning before you start doing the assignment is very important. Without an actual plan you will have trouble completing your assignment and you will waste a lot of time while doing that. Planning includes allotting a specific time to finish your paper, and how you will write it and the format of the assignment, etc. You should follow the steps given below before you start planning:
  • Firstly, ask your teacher to provide you the marking scheme and you should also check the university requirements that you need to meet in order to complete the assignment.
  • After that, check how many marks are allotted to each sub-head so you can prioritize accordingly.
  • Also, you need to make a checklist of the things that you have to do in order to complete your paper before the due date.
  • You should create an outline for the assignment so that you get an idea about how to present all the points and in what order.
  • Doing the research –  If you want to write an excellent assignment then you have to do a thorough research on the given topic. You should only use credible sources for research because if your information is not correct, you can lose valuable marks.
  • Put together a set of questions that you need to answer
  • Discover existing data
  • Make use of your notes from the lectures and the text books that your teacher has recommended in the class
  • You should use a dictionary while writing your assignment to know about the different terms
  • If you have to do online research then you should know the main keyword
  • Sites like Google Scholar is a credible site that you can use while writing your paper instead of using a blog without an author
  • Keep all your information in one place once you have it all.
  • Writing the paper – If you want to write you assignment quickly then you have to focus only on the assignment and nothing else. Follow the steps given below:
  • Choose the correct place-  While writing your assignment you need to be in a peaceful place without any distraction and that is very important. That place should not have any loud noise so that you can work properly. Library is one of the most peaceful places where you can work without any disturbance.
  • Get rid of all the distractions-  When you start writing your paper, make sure you keep your phone, tv and gaming consoles away from you. These things will distract you and you won’t be able to complete your assignment on time.
  • Choose the right timing-  Try writing your assignment at the time of the day when you feel the most productive and active. It can be any time such as morning, afternoon, evening, night, late night. You will be able to concentrate better and this will help you in writing your assignment faster.
  • Do the activities that help you in focusing-  Start doing activities that help you get more focused. Listen to songs, give yourself rewards for when you finish something in the given deadline, go out for walks, etc.
  • You should have an organized workstation-  Make sure you have access to all the information that you want to start writing your assignment. Having all the information in one place and having access to it will help you in writing the assignment faster without wasting any time.
  • Proofreading –  As per the assignment writing help professionals, the most important step is proofreading. If you don’t proofread your paper you might lose marks because everyone makes silly mistakes while writing an assignment because it is lengthy.

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how to do assignments quickly

View and navigate your assignments (student)

View both upcoming and completed assignments by class, or view them across all your classes. Selecting an assignment will allow you to view its details, turn it in, or view feedback and scores. You can also view your current grades by class.

View and sort assignments within one class

Navigate to a class team, then select Assignments .

Select the Assignments tab to view your assignments in one class.

Tip:  Use your search bar to search for an assignment by keyword.

Upcoming assignments

By default, assignments you haven't turned in yet will display by order of due date under the Assigned  tab. Select Load previous and Load more  to browse the list. Assignments you haven't opened yet will have a bold title. Late assignments will include a Past due warning.

Select an assignment to view details, attach resources, and turn it in.

View your assignment and select Turn in.

Upcoming assignment status

Assignment title and due date —Before the due date. You haven’t turned in work yet.

Past due —You haven’t turned your assignment in yet and it’s past the due date. This will only appear if your educator is accepting late turn-ins.

View turned in and returned assignments

A returned assignment.

Completed assignment status

Open a completed assignment to view more details on its status.

View grades in one class

The Grades app open in a class team.

Here you'll see all your assignments listed with the nearest due date at the top. View your status on each assignment as well as points you've received on graded work. Assignments without points will show as Returned after your educator has reviewed them.

View assignments across classes

To view assignments across all your classes, select Assignments from your app bar. Select an assignment to open it or turn in work. 

Assignments app in the app bar.

Select Load previous or Load more to load additional assignments.

Select Assigned to view work you haven’t turned in yet and Completed to view work that you have.

Note:  Not seeing an older assignment? Navigate to individual class teams and open  Assignments  to load more assignments.

Turn in assignment


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How to write an assignment quickly

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Assignments writing is an integral part of a student’s life. Assignments can be annoying and take too much time, which you would like to devote to something more fascinating. When you have to complete a lot of different tasks, it can be difficult to work effectively. Concentration, organization, planning, and motivation will help you quickly cope with your assignments and switch to more interesting activities. Take into account a number of nuances, remember the recommendations to do your homework fast and avoid mistakes. Then you will be surprised by the results: it will turn out that you can do many things more efficiently and spend less time.

What is an assignment?

An assignment is a piece of work that is usually given to students by their teacher during the study period. It is a kind of work that students began at the lesson and need to continue individually at home. The main purpose of assignments is to increase students’ learning capabilities and to develop creativity. It also enhances writing skills and improves analytical abilities. Furthermore, the more you practice, the more you know and remember it better.

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How to Write an Assignment Fast: Best Methods

First and foremost, you will need to bear in mind the most important rule: you must hurry up slowly. You should not be in haste, do not try to write, read, and solve problems as fast as possible. With this approach, the quality of work will decrease immediately, and additional time will be taken for checking and correction. In order to really increase speed, but at the same time to avoid drawbacks, you need to distribute time carefully, act purposefully and be concentrated.

⇒ Stay Focused

Stay Focused assignment

Choose a quiet, secluded place and bring all the things you need. Write your assignments at the table. The bedroom is not the best place to do the tasks; here you will be distracted, and the laziness will overcome you. However, when you decided to sequester yourself for completing the tasks in the bedroom, then begin to tidy it. The workplace should be clean and organized, so you do not lose your educational supplies. Take care of good lighting and everything you need, from pencils to computer.

Get rid of distractions, connect and set aside electronic devices. Turn off the phone, computer (if, of course, you do not need it for work), TV and close the door. Ask your family and friends not to disturb you when you are writing some assignment. Download applications that block websites so that you do not get distracted while working with your computer.

Set the timer. At the beginning of each task or topic, run the timer for as many minutes as you need to complete the assignment. Periodically look at the timer to monitor the flow of time. This will help you to understand that you spend too much time on one task (if that happens), and also concentrate again when something distracts you. If one task or topic takes more time than another, it may be worth asking for help from parents or teacher.

⇒ Organization and planning

Organization and planning assignment

  • Arrange your writing utensils. Keep your books, papers, writing sets and other materials in an accessible place. To become organized, every week or every month, sort things out in the folders and backpack. Think about how to combine many different folders into one and separate them with tabs. So all your assignments will be in one place.
  • Distribute the tasks. Calculate how much time you will spend on each topic. Start with the most complex one. As you complete the assignment, you will notice that everything is not as difficult as it seemed. If you have low motivation and no mood to study, start with the simplest task. To raise the motivation, you need to write at least a part of any task. You can start with an assignment that can be performed by using a computer and then switch to another.
  • Arrange the tasks according to the level of importance and deadlines. When writing assignments in your diary for a week, put one near the tasks of high priority, three near those tasks that do not require much attention, and 2 for the tasks that are somewhere in between. Also, first of all, perform more extensive tasks, and then grab for small ones. Do not wait until the last moment to finish the job.

⇒ Performing an assignment

Performing an assignment

Start reading before writing the selected or assigned topic. As soon as your topic appears, start reading about it. Although you cannot start your assignment when you are passing an exam, it is important for you to begin to get general knowledge on this topic in order to have a better understanding of things when you develop a task.

Do research from the reliable sources. It is highly recommended to conduct research with reliable sources. Even though when you have inspiration, you can write as much as possible about the required topic, the availability of reliable sources will increase the potential for higher grades. You do not want to receive false information in your tasks, which may affect your rating.

No plagiarism. It is important that you write everything in your own words or cite correctly. Plagiarism prevents you from having a good reputation in your academic environment, and this will significantly reduce your scores.

⇒ Motivate yourself

Motivate to write assignment

Encourage yourself for each completed task. You are not a robot, and you cannot work continuously because following this can lead to lack of concentration and sleepiness. Again, rest between tasks, then go back to the lessons with new forces. But it is not necessary to give the breaks too much time.

Eat while performing tasks. Have a healthy and nutritious meal, such as fruits and vegetables, because they improve concentration and memory.

Think about what you will do after completing your work. Think about going up with friends, watching a movie or simply eating sweets with a cup of coffee. This will improve your mood, and you will write the assignments faster.

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how to do assignments quickly

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How to Keep Up Team Morale When Someone Quits

  • Shanna Hocking

how to do assignments quickly

Make your team feel secure by reminding them of what’s not changing.

Losing team members is disruptive. It requires you to reallocate their responsibilities, reestablish a workflow among your remaining team, and re-boost the morale you’ve worked hard to build so that other team members don’t follow suit. As a people leader, it’s your responsibility to model for your team that it’s possible to experience difficult things and still move forward — together.

  • Acknowledge the departures. Be sure to speak positively about the employee who’s leaving, particularly if they were well-liked by the team. Talk about the challenges you expect to face and the ways the team dynamic may shift in their absence. You want your direct reports to feel reassured, and your honesty and clarity on next steps will show them that you’re prepared to thoughtfully lead them through this change.
  • Affirm what isn’t changing. Make your team feel more secure by reminding them what won’t be changing — your collective strengths and shared values. By referencing both strengths and values, you’re reassuring your team that while there will be change, the foundation of what they do and the purpose that drives their work will remain consistent.
  • Reassess work priorities. You may feel tempted to quickly re-assign the departing employee’s tasks for fear of missing deadlines. But doing so may cause more harm than good. Take some time to review the overall work priorities of your team. Determine what parts of their work fit into the big picture — and which don’t. There may be a few things you can discontinue or drop temporarily to save your other team members from burnout.
  • Boost connection. You can reinforce a sense of connection among your team by focusing on creating community. Some ways to do this include recognizing team milestones, and encouraging connecting beyond work projects, such as planning team gatherings, creating team rituals, and bringing people together through shared learning or volunteering in the community.

As a long-time leader in her organization, Jessye prided herself on having a high-performing team who consistently reached their goals. But when a core team member unexpectedly announced their resignation — in the middle of a high stakes project — she knew she needed to make a plan.

  • Shanna Hocking is the founder and CEO of Hocking Leadership , which specializes in leadership development and philanthropic strategy. Previously a senior executive at billion-dollar nonprofit organizations, she is a sought-after coach, consultant, and keynote speaker. She is also the author of One Bold Move a Day: M eaningful Actions to Help Women Fulfill Their Leadership and Career Potential (McGraw Hill, 2022). Connect with Shanna on LinkedIn .

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    To achieve optimal productivity, create a plan of action by dividing the time left in hand for doing different tasks. For example, if you only have 8 hours available, allocate an hour for research, two hours for brainstorming ideas and organizing points, four hours for writing the assignment, and an hour for proofreading and editing.

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    There are a lot of online tools you can use to work more efficiently, like an app that helps you get homework done faster. Make a Task List and Apply Time Limits. Make a list of all of the major tasks you need to complete and assign a limit to each one. Be realistic but be sure to keep yourself on track.

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    December 14, 2021 If you've landed on this article, you probably don't have much time. So, let's jump right in with a step-by-step guide on how to quickly finish an assignment in just a single day. Disclaimer: These tips are meant to help you complete the paper on time with passable quality.

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    #1 It's rarely a secret that working on any elaborate assignment will be time-consuming, opine the experts on media law assignment help. But when you're required to comply with the strict deadlines, you need to complete them on time to avoid any consequences.

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    1. Take Breaks This might sound like a weird way of doing your assignment, but it could work well for some people. By taking breaks now and then, you allow yourself to relax and come up with new ideas for the task. When you work without giving yourself a chance to relax, your brain becomes overwhelmed.

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    Best ways to do my Assignment efficiently. What are some tips that should be kept in mind to do my assignment. 1.Make a plan. 2.Read the assignment question. 3.Write an Outline. 4.Find Information. 5.Write. 6.Finally, Check Your Content. Some of the best time scheduling tips for students.

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    You should follow the steps given below before you start planning: Firstly, ask your teacher to provide you the marking scheme and you should also check the university requirements that you need to meet in order to complete the assignment. After that, check how many marks are allotted to each sub-head so you can prioritize accordingly.

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    View assignments across classes. To view assignments across all your classes, select Assignments from your app bar. Select an assignment to open it or turn in work. Select Load previous or Load more to load additional assignments. Select Assigned to view work you haven't turned in yet and Completed to view work that you have.

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    ⇒ Stay Focused Choose a quiet, secluded place and bring all the things you need. Write your assignments at the table. The bedroom is not the best place to do the tasks; here you will be distracted, and the laziness will overcome you. However, when you decided to sequester yourself for completing the tasks in the bedroom, then begin to tidy it.

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    You may feel tempted to quickly re-assign the departing employee's tasks for fear of missing deadlines. But doing so may cause more harm than good. Take some time to review the overall work ...