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verb as in pledge

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Related words.

Words related to give-word are not direct synonyms, but are associated with the word give-word . Browse related words to learn more about word associations.

verb as in guarantee; give word of honor

Example Sentences

Coquebert, do not fail to give word to the carpenter, and to call me to your patient if he should suddenly get worse.

"None of those other boats could have got ashore to give word of the wreck," said the oiler, in a low voice.

Give word to your uncle John that, unless he can lay his hand on her, Nancy will lose her wits.

I believe that those aeroplanes are scouting around to give word to the gunners whether their aim has been correct or not.

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On this page you'll find 284 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to give one's word, such as: affirm, confirm, guarantee, vow, attest, and aver.

From Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

Synonyms and Antonyms of GIVE

Learn more about.

  • give (verb)
  • give-and-take (noun)
  • give away (verb)
  • give in (verb)
  • give out (verb)
  • give over (verb)
  • give up (verb)
  • hang (noun)

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Synonyms for give

  • communicate
  • be a source of
  • hand over or out
  • demonstrate
  • admit defeat

give someone away

  • put the finger on

give something away

  • let the cat out of the bag

give something off or out

Give something out: distribute, give something out: make known.

  • disseminate
  • shout from the rooftops

give something up: abandon

  • say goodbye to
  • kiss (something) goodbye

give something up: quit

  • step down from

give something up: hand over

  • stop trying
  • throw in the towel
  • fall by the wayside
  • throw in the sponge
  • call it a day or night

to make a gift of

To present as a gift to a charity or cause, to relinquish to the possession or control of another, to distribute (money) as payment, to provide as a remedy, to mete out by means of some action, to let have as a favor, prerogative, or privilege, to put in the charge of another for care, use, or performance, to devote (oneself or one's efforts).

  • buckle down
  • concentrate

to set aside or distribute as a share

  • measure out

to produce on the stage

To organize and carry out (an activity), to cause (a disease) to pass to another or others, to bring forth (a product), to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently, to be unable to hold up, give away: to disclose in a breach of confidence, give back: to put (someone) in the possession of a prior position or office, give back: to send, put, or carry back to a former location, give forth: to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently, give in: to cease opposition, give off: to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently, give out: to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently, give out: to cease functioning properly, give out: to suddenly lose all health or strength, give out: to lose so much strength and power as to become ineffective or motionless, give out: to make or become no longer active or productive, give out: to prove deficient or insufficient, give over: to yield (oneself) unrestrainedly, as to a particular impulse, give over: to cease consideration or treatment of, give up: to yield (oneself) unrestrainedly, as to a particular impulse, give up: to cease trying to accomplish or continue.

  • discontinue

give up: to desist from, cease, or discontinue (a habit, for example)

Give up: to cease consideration or treatment of, give up: to lose all hope, the quality or state of being flexible.

  • flexibility
  • flexibleness
  • malleability
  • malleableness
  • pliableness
  • springiness

the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length

Related words, cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense, be the cause or source of, transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody.

  • dispense with

convey or reveal information

Convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc..

  • intercommunicate

organize or be responsible for

Convey or communicate, give as a present, cause to happen or be responsible for, give or supply, transmit (knowledge or skills), bring about, emit or utter, endure the loss of, place into the hands or custody of, give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause, give (as medicine), give or convey physically, bestow, especially officially, move in order to make room for someone for something, give food to.

  • regurgitate
  • undernourish

contribute to some cause

Break down, literally or metaphorically, estimate the duration or outcome of something.

  • approximate

execute and deliver

Deliver in exchange or recompense, afford access to, present to view, perform for an audience.

  • performing arts

be flexible under stress of physical force

  • buckle under
  • knuckle under

accord by verdict

  • jurisprudence

manifest or show

Offer in good faith, submit for consideration, judgment, or use, guide or direct, as by behavior of persuasion, allow to have or take.

  • countenance

inflict as a punishment

Consent to engage in sexual intercourse with a man, proffer (a body part).

  • giro cheque
  • Girolamo Savonarola
  • Giulio de' Medici
  • Giulio Natta
  • Giuseppe Balsamo
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi
  • Giuseppe Mazzini
  • Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto
  • Giuseppe Sarto
  • Giuseppe Verdi
  • give a damn
  • give a hang
  • give a hoot
  • give and take
  • give full measure
  • give it a try
  • give it a whirl
  • give it the deep six
  • give notice
  • give one's best
  • give thanks
  • give the axe
  • give the bounce
  • Giuseppe Sergi
  • Giuseppè Sergi
  • Giuseppe Tartini
  • Giuseppe Terragni
  • Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
  • Giuseppe Ungaretti
  • Giuseppe V Ciaccio
  • Giuseppe V. Ciaccio
  • Giuseppe Valeriani
  • Giuseppi Garibaldi
  • Giuseppi Guarnieri
  • Giusti, Giuseppe
  • Giustizia e Affari Interni
  • Giusto da Guanto
  • give 'em hell
  • give 'em hell!
  • give 'er the gun
  • give (a) preference to (someone or something)
  • give (full) vent to (something)
  • give (one's) all
  • give (one's) best
  • give (one's) ear (to someone)
  • give (one's) eye teeth
  • give (one's) eye teeth for
  • give (one's) eye teeth for (something)
  • give (one's) eye teeth for it
  • give (one's) eye teeth for something
  • give (one's) eye teeth to (something)
  • give (one's) eyeteeth
  • give (one's) eyeteeth for
  • give (one's) eyeteeth for (something)
  • give (one's) eyeteeth for it
  • give (one's) eyeteeth for something
  • give (one's) eyeteeth to (do something)
  • give (one's) ground
  • give (one's) head for the washing
  • give (one's) left nut
  • give (one's) left nut for (for something)
  • give (one's) left nut to (do something)
  • give (one's) life
  • give (one's) love to (someone)
  • give (one's) mind to (something)
  • give (one's) name to (something)
  • give (one's) right arm
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Synonyms of 'give' in American English

Synonyms of 'give' in british english, phrasal verbs:  , additional synonyms, video: pronunciation of give.

Youtube video

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  • give (a) free rein to something or someone
  • All ENGLISH synonyms that begin with 'G'

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Synonyms and antonyms of give (someone) your word in English

Give (someone) your word.


Synonyms and examples


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a race in which people run with an egg balanced on a spoon

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Chiefs fan filmed tackling possible mass shooting suspect says 'I had the perfect angle'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City Chiefs fan who tackled a possible suspect in the shooting of at least 22 people , one fatally , at the team's victory celebration Wednesday, says he jumped on a man who was being chased by cops to keep his family and others safe.

Paul Contreras was making his way back to his car with his three daughters when he and at least one other man swiftly acted to stop the fleeing man in his tracks, before police arrived to arrest him. Footage of the incident has gone viral on social media.

"It was just a reaction. He was running against [the flow of people] … the wrong way and there was another gentleman screaming out of the top of his lungs, 'catch this guy, tackle him.'" Contreras told NBC's "TODAY" Thursday morning.

"I really wasn’t sure until he came running and I had the perfect angle to do what I did. I took him down," he said.

Contreras said he saw a gun fall away from the man as he tackled him, although he's not sure if it was being held or fell from a jacket.

"So I’m like OK he’s got one weapon, he may have another [so] I need to take him to the ground and I need to keep him on the ground," he said.

Officials have not confirmed that the person in the video is in police custody, but said they were aware of and investigating the footage.

"We do have three persons detained and under investigation for today's incident," Police Chief Stacey Graves said at a news conference Wednesday. "We are working to determine if one of the three are the one that was in that video, where fans assisted police."

police uniform tackle subdue arrest

Video from the aftermath of Contreras and others tackling the man shows police taking someone into custody, and a bystander can be heard saying, “When we tackled him, the gun come out.”

One of Contreras' daughters, Alyssa Marsh-Contreras, was alongside her dad at the time he tackled the possible suspect. She told "TODAY" that people had assumed the pops they heard were fireworks.

"Not long after we headed on our journey to our car, we heard multiple pops that I think everybody assumed were fireworks until we saw two males running along with multiple cops chasing them, everyone realized those might not have been fireworks," she said.

She continued: "As soon as people started turning around and running we see the offender and the next thing I know my little sister and my big sister just take off; I turned back around to see my dad jump on top of this offender and make sure he wasn’t able to get up."

Speaking about the prevalence of mass shootings in the United States Marsh-Contreras said: "It just shows how much gun violence is tearing apart our world and our communities, whether it’s schools, grocery stores, even parades.

"It’s just sad that you have to put things like this in the back of your mind, that there is a chance it could happen."

The shooting happened outside Union Station in downtown Kansas City around 2 p.m. local time (3 p.m. ET) at the conclusion of the victory parade and rally celebrating the Chiefs’ overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

About 1 million people had been expected to attend the celebration, and bystanders reported police officers jumping barricades and running to the scene, while other fans fled and yelled about an active shooter.

Officials say they do not believe the motive was terrorism. Graves, the police chief, said “bad actors” caused the chaos and bloodshed, even amid a police presence that included more than 800 law enforcement officers at the event.

Jesse Kirsch reported from Kansas City, Phil Helsel reported from Los Angeles and Patrick Smith reported from London.

give words thesaurus

Phil Helsel is a reporter for NBC News.

give words thesaurus

Patrick Smith is a London-based editor and reporter for NBC News Digital.

Watch CBS News

Alexey Navalny's message to the world "if they decide to kill me," and what his wife wants people to do now

By Tucker Reals

Updated on: February 17, 2024 / 9:25 AM EST / CBS News

"You're not allowed to give up." That was the central message Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny wanted to stress to his supporters in the event of his death. He said it in an Oscar-winning 2022 documentary about his life by Canadian director Daniel Roher, in which Navalny spoke about his political ideals and surviving a purported poisoning attack. 

"If they decide to kill me, it means that we are incredibly strong," said the anti-corruption campaigner who arguably turned into President Vladimir Putin's most potent political challenger. "We need to utilize this power to not give up, to remember we are a huge power that is being oppressed by these bad dudes."

Russian prison authorities said Friday that Navalny had died after going for a walk, feeling suddenly unwell and then collapsing. The Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia for the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District said medics at the IK-3 penal colony in Russia's far north were unable to revive him.

  • Navalny appears healthy in court video day before reported death

Navalny's own team said they couldn't verify the information about his death on Friday, but the following day they  confirmed it , saying he was "murdered." U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris unequivocally placed the blame on Putin's government.

"This is of course terrible news, which we are working to confirm," Harris said at the Munich Security Conference in Germany. "My prayers are with his family, including his wife Yulia, who is with us today, and, if confirmed, this would be a further sign of Putin's brutality. Whatever story they tell, let us be clear: Russia is responsible."

Yulia Navalnaya, Navalny's wife, spoke on stage at the Munich conference after Harris.

"You've probably all already seen the terrible news coming today. I thought for a long time whether I should come out here or fly straight to my children. But then I thought, 'What would Alexey do in my place?' And I'm sure he would be here. He would be on this stage."

She made it clear that she didn't trust any information coming from Russian government officials.

"They always lie. But if this is true, I want Putin, everyone around him, Putin's friends, his government, to know that they will bear responsibility for what they did to our country, to my family and to my husband, and this day will come very soon," Navalnaya said. "I want to call on the entire world community, everyone in this room, people all over the world, to unite together and defeat this evil, to defeat the terrifying regime that is now in Russia."

Russian late opposition leader Alexei Navalny's wife Yulia attends the Munich Security Conference

Russia has been condemned globally for its invasion of neighboring Ukraine, which sparked a grueling war set to enter its third year on Feb. 24. Navalny was a fierce critic of what he called the "stupid war" launched by "madman" Putin.

In a cruel twist, Putin and his political allies — who have run Russia for decades — have used the war as a pretext to enact harsh new laws in the name of national security, dramatically curbing free speech. Laws put on the books over the last several years have given the government power to lock up anyone who criticizes Russia's military or its actions in Ukraine.

It's all part of a wider crackdown on dissent that reached a crescendo after pro-Navalny protests swept across the nation following the opposition leader's 2021 arrest, and then took on new dimensions amid the Ukraine war.

Hundreds of politicians, opposition activists, journalists and civil society figures — including some of Navalny's own top aides — are in prison or have fled Russia into exile.

Street protests in Russia are illegal without prior permission, which officials don't grant to anyone known to oppose the government.

  • Alexei Navalny
  • Alexey Navalny
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Free Speech

Tucker Reals is's foreign editor, based in the CBS News London bureau. He has worked for CBS News since 2006, prior to which he worked for The Associated Press in Washington D.C. and London.

More from CBS News

More than 400 detained in Russia as country mourns Alexey Navalny

Alexey Navalny's widow says Russia is "hiding his body"

Biden says he's considering sanctions on Russia over Navalny

Tributes to Alexey Navalny removed in Russia after his reported death

The Trump fraud trial verdict goes well beyond ordering the ex-president to pay $355 million. Here's what the ruling means.

  • Trump, his eldest sons, and the Trump Organization must repay $364 million from a decade of fraud.
  • Friday's verdict also bars Trump from running a New York business for three years.
  • Judge Arthur Engoron wrote that Trump's frauds "leap off the page and shock the conscience."

Insider Today

In a scathing verdict that punishes a decade of deceit, the judge in Donald Trump's New York civil-fraud case on Friday slammed the GOP frontrunner, his two eldest sons, and his company with a nearly $364 million cash penalty.

"The frauds found here leap off the page and shock the conscience," the verdict by the New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron , who has presided over the case for more than three years, said.

While Trump is personally on the hook for almost $355 million of that penalty, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump must pay $4 million each, and the former Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg must pay $1 million.

But the verdict hits way beyond just Trump's wallet. It targets his real-estate and golf-resort empire, the Trump Organization, in two ways that Trump has pushed against for years.

First, the verdict wrests control of the company further from the former president and his two eldest sons, leaving major company decisions to a yet-named "independent director of compliance" who'll operate under Trump's court-appointed monitor's continuing watch .

Second, it sets a three-year ban on Trump running the Trump Organization or any other business in the city and state where he made his name — and where he first seized a national spotlight as a brash real-estate mogul. For Trump, it's the commercial equivalent of being run out of town on a rail.

Significantly — and this is a big silver lining for Trump — the verdict reverses the most unfriendly elements of the judge's pre-trial " corporate death penalty " judgment from September.

He no longer has to surrender all of the Trump Organization's New York operating licenses, and the verdict does not mention the forced sale of any Trump properties.

The verdict caps a five-year effort by the office of New York State Attorney General Letitia James .

On Friday afternoon, James issued a statement celebrating the verdict.

She said that Trump has engaged in fraud for years to enrich his own family and company.

Now, he and his codefendants will have to pay more than $450 million, including interest.

"While he may have authored the 'Art of the Deal,' our case revealed that his business was based on the art of the steal," she said.

Trump is expected to immediately appeal, likely putting these and other punishments from the 92-page verdict on ice well past the November election.

But in the coming weeks, Trump will still have to spend millions on a surety bond — a bond guaranteeing performance of a contract or obligation — to guarantee he can pay whatever dollar figure, plus interest, an appellate court ultimately upholds.

Interest also applies to the penalties, potentially adding millions more to his ultimate verdict price tag.

"When confronted at trial with the statements, defendants' fact and expert witnesses simply denied reality, and defendants failed to accept responsibility or to impose internal controls to prevent future recurrences," Engoron wrote Friday.

The verdict holds Trump civilly liable, based on Engoron's three-month Manhattan bench trial, for leading a conspiracy to commit business and insurance fraud with help from his two eldest sons and a pair of long-standing Trump Organization executives.

"Their complete lack of contrition and remorse borders on pathological," Engoron wrote.

"They are accused only of inflating asset values to make more money," the verdict said.

"The documents prove this over and over again. This is a venial sin, not a mortal sin," he added. "Defendants did not commit murder or arson. They did not rob a bank at gunpoint. Donald Trump is not Bernard Madoff. Yet, defendants are incapable of admitting the error of their ways."

In a statement, a Trump Organization spokesperson decried the verdict as a "gross miscarriage of justice."

"Every member of the New York business community, no matter the industry, should be gravely concerned with this gross overreach and brazen attempt by the Attorney General to exert limitless power where no private or public harm has been established," the spokesperson said in the statement. "If allowed to stand, this ruling will only further expedite the continuing exodus of companies from New York."

Read Friday's verdict here .

"Today, justice has been served. This is a tremendous victory for this state, this nation, and for everyone who believes that we all must play by the same rules — even former presidents," James said in her statement Friday. 

" When powerful people cheat to get better loans, it comes at the expense of honest and hardworking people," James continued. "Everyday Americans cannot lie to a bank to get a mortgage to buy a home, and if they did, our government would throw the book at them. There simply cannot be different rules for different people .

Some lesser penalties

The verdict also bans Trump and the Trump Organization from borrowing from New York banks or purchasing real estate in the state for three years. James had asked for a five-year ban on such buying and borrowing in her lawsuit.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are banned from running a New York business for two years. James had asked for five-year bans for the brothers.

And it bans the two former executives, the ex-CFO Weisselberg and the former Trump Organization controller Jeff McConney, from controlling another New York company's finances.

give words thesaurus

Watch: Trump fights back as fraud trial begins

give words thesaurus

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What is Presidents Day and how is it celebrated? What to know about the federal holiday

Many will have a day off on monday in honor of presidents day. consumers may take advantage of retail sales that proliferate on the federal holiday, but here's what to know about the history of it..

give words thesaurus

Presidents Day is fast approaching, which may signal to many a relaxing three-day weekend and plenty of holiday sales and bargains .

But next to Independence Day, there may not exist another American holiday that is quite so patriotic.

While Presidents Day has come to be a commemoration of all the nation's 46 chief executives, both past and present, it wasn't always so broad . When it first came into existence – long before it was even federally recognized – the holiday was meant to celebrate just one man: George Washington.

How has the day grown from a simple celebration of the birthday of the first president of the United States? And why are we seeing all these ads for car and furniture sales on TV?

Here's what to know about Presidents Day and how it came to be:

When is Presidents Day 2024?

This year, Presidents Day is on Monday, Feb. 19.

The holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of every February because of a bill signed into law in 1968 by President Lyndon B. Johnson. Taking effect three years later, the Uniform Holiday Bill mandated that three holidays – Memorial Day, Presidents Day and Veterans Day – occur on Mondays to prevent midweek shutdowns and add long weekends to the federal calendar, according to Britannica .

Other holidays, including Labor Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day , were also established to be celebrated on Mondays when they were first observed.

However, Veterans Day was returned to Nov. 11 in 1978 and continues to be commemorated on that day.

What does Presidents Day commemorate?

Presidents Day was initially established in 1879 to celebrate the birthday of the nation's first president, George Washington. In fact, the holiday was simply called Washington's Birthday, which is still how the federal government refers to it, the Department of State explains .

Following the death of the venerated American Revolution leader in 1799, Feb. 22, widely believed to be Washington's date of birth , became a perennial day of remembrance, according to .

The day remained an unofficial observance for much of the 1800s until Sen. Stephen Wallace Dorsey of Arkansas proposed that it become a federal holiday. In 1879, President Rutherford B. Hayes signed it into law, according to

While initially being recognized only in Washington D.C., Washington's Birthday became a nationwide holiday in 1885. The first to celebrate the life of an individual American, Washington's Birthday was at the time one of only five federally-recognized holidays – the others being Christmas, New Year's, Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July.

However, most Americans today likely don't view the federal holiday as a commemoration of just one specific president. Presidents Day has since come to represent a day to recognize and celebrate all of the United States' commanders-in-chief, according to the U.S. Department of State .

When the Uniform Holiday Bill took effect in 1971, a provision was included to combine the celebration of Washington’s birthday with Abraham Lincoln's on Feb. 12, according to Because the new annual date always fell between Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays, Americans believed the day was intended to honor both presidents.

Interestingly, advertisers may have played a part in the shift to "Presidents Day."

Many businesses jumped at the opportunity to use the three-day weekend as a means to draw customers with Presidents Day sales and bargain at stores across the country, according to

How is the holiday celebrated?

Because Presidents Day is a federal holiday , most federal workers will have the day off .

Part of the reason Johnson made the day a uniform holiday was so Americans had a long weekend "to travel farther and see more of this beautiful land of ours," he wrote. As such, places like the Washington Monument in D.C. and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota – which bears the likenesses of Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt – are bound to attract plenty of tourists.

Similar to Independence Day, the holiday is also viewed as a patriotic celebration . As opposed to July, February might not be the best time for backyard barbecues and fireworks, but reenactments, parades and other ceremonies are sure to take place in cities across the U.S.

Presidential places abound across the U.S.

Opinions on current and recent presidents may leave Americans divided, but we apparently love our leaders of old enough to name a lot of places after them.

In 2023, the U.S. Census Bureau pulled information from its databases showcasing presidential geographic facts about the nation's cities and states.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the census data shows that as of 2020 , the U.S. is home to plenty of cities, counties and towns bearing presidential names. Specifically:

  • 94 places are named "Washington."
  • 72 places are named "Lincoln."
  • 67 places are named for Andrew Jackson, a controversial figure who owned slaves and forced thousands of Native Americans to march along the infamous Trail of Tears.

Contributing: Clare Mulroy

Eric Lagatta covers breaking and trending news for USA TODAY. Reach him at [email protected]

Synonyms of give in

  • as in to succumb
  • as in to submit
  • More from M-W
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Thesaurus Definition of give in

Synonyms & Similar Words

  • concede (to)
  • acquiesce (to)
  • buckle (under)
  • give over (to)
  • knuckle under

Antonyms & Near Antonyms

  • throw in the sponge
  • throw in the towel

Thesaurus Entries Near give in

give ground

give in (to)

Cite this Entry

“Give in.” Thesaurus , Merriam-Webster, Accessed 19 Feb. 2024.

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At Microsoft, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the tools they need to achieve what matters, in their work and life. In order to focus on new benefits, we occasionally remove features and products. 

In October 2026, Microsoft Publisher will reach its end of life. After that time, it will no longer be included in Microsoft 365 and existing on-premises suites will no longer be supported. Until then, support for Publisher will continue and users can expect the same experience as today. 

Many common Publisher scenarios including the creation of professionally branded templates, envelope and label printing, and producing customized calendars, business cards, and programs are already available in other Microsoft 365 apps such as Word and PowerPoint. You can find a wide array of customizable templates at Microsoft Create . 

As we look ahead to the retirement of Microsoft Publisher, we are exploring modern ways to achieve common Publisher scenarios across applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Designer.  We will update as we have more to share.   

How will this affect you:

You can continue to use Publisher with its current functionality until October 2026.

Support for the perpetual version of Publisher will end in October 2026, when Office LTSC 2021 reaches end of support. Microsoft 365 customers will not be able to access Publisher from that date forward. 

We will provide updates as the date approaches.  

What you need to do to prepare:

No action is required.  This information is to allow you sufficient time to plan and we will share additional updates as the date approaches.


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  29. Microsoft Publisher will no longer be supported after October 2026

    Many common Publisher scenarios including the creation of professionally branded templates, envelope and label printing, and producing customized calendars, business cards, and programs are already available in other Microsoft 365 apps such as Word and PowerPoint. You can find a wide array of customizable templates at Microsoft Create.