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100+ Drawings Of Hands: Quick Sketches & Hand Studies

The best way to improve drawing anything is to practice it over & over. Some of the toughest things to draw are human features, hands being the most frustrating(and most rewarding) to practice.

But you may not know how to begin your hand studies if you’ve never done them before.

This gallery features over 100 unique hand studies from quick sketches in sketchbooks to more detailed finished pieces. You’ll find hands in all sizes with many poses, and through it all you should find lots of inspiration to get you practicing drawing hands on the regular.

Toned paper hand sketches

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Articles » Drawing » How to Draw Hands (Beginner + Advanced) Hand Drawing Tips

How to Draw Hands (Beginner + Advanced) Hand Drawing Tips

  • Last Updated: September 21, 2022
  • Written by: Elisabeth Larson Koehler

This article may contain affiliate links, please read my affiliate disclosure for more information.

how to draw hands sketch

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Learning how to draw hands can sometimes seem intimidating at first. However, once you break it down it won’t seem so difficult! To learn something more complicated you just need to start with the simple elements first and build from there.

drawing of hand leaning over a chair in demonstration of how to draw hands

This article will help you to get a basic start in understanding everything to do with the drawing of hands. Before we delve much further though, we first need to understand the basic structure of hands and how the bones and muscles work.

Basic anatomy of hands

There are 27 bones in each hand, not counting the sesamoid bones. These bones give the hand its structure and form. It is helpful to see and understand the muscles attached to these bones as they are what form the structure that we see on the surface of the hand.

There Are Two Main Types of Muscles in the Hand: Intrinsic and Extrinsic

hand anatomy for artists.

The intrinsic muscles are those that are found within the hand itself and attach to the bones of the hand. Fortunately for the artist these are not visible on the hand surface so we don’t need to concern ourselves much with them. These intrinsic muscles allow us to move our fingers in a very precise way-such as when we are doing delicate tasks such as threading a needle.

The extrinsic muscles are those that attach the hand to the forearm. These muscles allow us to open and close our hand as well as move the hand from side to side. In babies and young people these tendons are hidden. However, they are much more visible in the hands of adults and the aged.

Drawing hands anatomy reference

Here you can study a simplified drawing of the muscles that are on the hand. You can do a drawing study yourself of the muscles of the hands. It helps to know what is beneath the surface of the skin – so you can understand the structure of the hand better.

Block structure of hands

We want to simplify and understand the basic structure of hands if we are to draw them well. This helps you to achieve a realistic and dimensional quality in the hands you draw. It also helps the whole process of hand drawing become approachable and less daunting.

Simplified hand drawing. How to develop a hand drawing

The basic block structure of the hand can be seen in the drawing above. You can see how it progressively builds off of a simple shaped line drawing and becomes more three dimensional. This method is a good way to start when you are learning how to draw hands.

hand drawing built with block shapes. How to draw hands from shapes

You will notice that each part of the hand has been broken down into a more simplistic form. This makes it much easier to understand how to place the parts

How to draw hands from a block structure

Once you have the basic structure of hands down, it is time to start refining your drawings to make them look more realistic. As you refine a hand drawing more, continue to visualize it in terms of blocks. Notice in the drawing below how the hand is more refined but still has a strong 3 dimensional quality about it. Doing this lays a good foundation for the rest of the hand drawing.

Simplified hand drawings showing how to draw hands with shapes

Of course you don’t need to keep the ‘blocky’ structure of the drawing. In fact, I recommend for you to refine it even further in such a way that it feels more real but still retains a strong 3 dimensional quality. In the drawing below we can see an example of a hand drawing that is taken quite far past the ‘blocky’ stage.

drawing ideas hand

Drawing hands in different positions

Now that you have the basic structure and form of hands down, you can start practicing drawing them in different positions. This is important as it helps to further your understanding of how the hand works. It also helps to increase your repertoire as an artist.

How to draw hands diagram showing hands in different positions

When you draw hands in different positions use the basic block structure first to figure out the angles and general form. You can see an example of this in the diagram above. Notice how basic shapes can be used to figure out various different hand positions.

Once you have the basic form of the hand down, start refining it to look more realistic. Remember to think about the different planes that make up the hand as you draw.

drawing ideas hand

Developing your hand drawing skills

As you draw hands more you will be able to visualize them mentally as a block structure and can forgo drawing the block structure out first. So you can go straight into drawing real natural looking hands. Getting to this place requires consistent and deliberate practice.

Start observing and drawing your own hands

Drawing from your own hands is a very helpful way to develop your hand drawing skills.

One of the very best ways to develop your hand drawing skills is to observe and draw from your own! Also, training your mind to visualize different hand positions will help you to develop your hand drawing skills faster.

You can also always ask your friends to model their hands for you to draw from. Observing different kinds of hands will help you to understand them better.

Also look at other artists drawings of hands and study how they have captured the hand in line, tone and form. You can learn a lot from studying the drawings of other artists.

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drawing ideas hand

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70 Best Hand Drawing Ideas to Learn from

TweetPin3KShare3K Shares Please note that this post contains affiliate links to find out more information, read my disclosure policy for more information. Learning how to…

Please note that this post contains affiliate links to find out more information, read my disclosure policy for more information.

Learning how to draw hands that don’t look disproportionate or crooked is a skill one has to learn to avoid drawing a person who always has two hands tucked behind their back. We’ve included some hand drawing ideas below for you to try your hand out at drawing these hands, as practice always makes improvements 🙂

drawing ideas hand

These hand drawings are all either drawn by pencil or digitally, though if you aren’t familiar with that medium, you can always try to replicate these hand drawings in whatever art medium you prefer. From watercolor to pens to acrylic to your favorite writing pencil, you could make anything work haha!

If you’ve just started your art journey, this  Micron Pen Set  and the most highly rated  set of art pencils  could be a great addition along with a  sketchbook  as you start sketching away!

Now, let’s get started on these 70 Best Hand Drawing Ideas to Learn from:

drawing ideas hand

Source: @najwa.ibrahimi

Learn how to draw an open, stretched hand with this easy-to-follow guide. Master each step and soon you’ll be able to create lifelike hand drawings!

drawing ideas hand

Discover the art of drawing a peace sign hand gesture with this detailed tutorial. Follow each step carefully and you’ll soon master this iconic symbol.

drawing ideas hand

Explore the technique of drawing a half-held fist with this comprehensive guide. By following every step, you will be able to capture this dynamic hand pose in your sketches.

drawing ideas hand

Master the art of drawing a curled fist with this in-depth tutorial. Each step will help you develop your skills, resulting in a powerful and convincing clenched hand illustration.

drawing ideas hand

Improve your drawing abilities as you follow this tutorial that teaches you how to draw an open stretched hand.

drawing ideas hand

This tutorial will guide you through the process of drawing an open, stretched hand. Learn to break down the hand’s shape and create a realistic representation with proper proportions.

drawing ideas hand

Delve into the world of color as you learn to add realistic hues to your hand drawings. This tutorial teaches you how to choose and apply the perfect color palette for different skin tones.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @artips_world

Get creative with this collection of hand doodles featuring various gestures. Play around with different styles and explore the possibilities for adding unique flair to your illustrations.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @arttips_world

Master multiple hand postures with this selection of step-by-step guides. Each tutorial breaks down the intricacies of a particular posture to help you achieve accuracy and dynamism in your drawings.

drawing ideas hand

Learn how to draw a stretched hand and a two-handed pose in this comprehensive tutorial. Follow along as each step brings you closer to capturing the essence of these anatomically complex body parts.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @miyuliart

Discover how to draw a pointing hand accurately and expressively with this detailed guide. Acquire valuable insights into achieving the proper alignment, perspective, and shading needed to make your illustration stand out.

drawing ideas hand

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of using reference images versus relying on imagination when drawing hands. This tutorial delves into both approaches, equipping you with valuable insights for when to employ each method.

drawing ideas hand

Capture the delicate intricacies of clasped hands using this step-by-step tutorial. Learn essential tips on anatomy, perspective, and shading techniques that will make your portrayal more realistic and engaging.

drawing ideas hand

Quickly pick up the basics of drawing an open hand with this concise, six-step guide. The clear instructions provided will allow you to grasp important concepts and achieve a satisfying end result.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @szeting.draws

Learn how to create realistic and diverse skin tones in your artwork with this helpful color palette tutorial. Explore the art of blending and layering colors to achieve natural-looking skin tones for your hand drawings.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @shooky_dough

Follow this step-by-step guide on drawing hands using accurate references. Improve your ability to capture proportions, details, and various hand positions by studying from real-life examples.

drawing ideas hand

This tutorial focuses on a step by step guide on how to draw hands in various references. Perfect for beginners and those wanting to master hand anatomy in their drawings.

drawing ideas hand

Learn to draw hands in detail with pencils through this comprehensive tutorial. It covers various techniques and shading methods to achieve realistic drawings.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @j.drw

Discover how to draw fists from various angles and perspectives following this detailed guide. Suitable for beginners and experienced artists aiming to improve their skills.

drawing ideas hand

Diversify your artwork with this tutorial covering multiple hand gestures, such as pointing, waving, and grasping. Ideal for artists seeking to render hands in different expressive poses.

drawing ideas hand

Using photographic references, this tutorial teaches you how to replicate common hand signs accurately in your drawings. A great resource for artists aiming for more realism in their work.

drawing ideas hand

Improve your ability to draw clenched fists with this comprehensive guide. Explore various techniques and perspectives that will elevate your artwork.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @sapphiiiiire

If you’re interested in creating animated characters, this cartoon-inspired hand drawing tutorial is perfect for you! Learn the essential techniques for drawing simple yet expressive cartoon hands.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @yanart_daily

Step-by-step instructions guiding you through the process of drawing a half-curled hand realistically. Ideal for those wanting to refine their technique and capture more nuanced poses.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @tajijoseph

Expand your artistic skill set with this extensive guide on illustrating diverse gestures. A must-try resource for anyone looking to add depth and character through realistic poses.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @wouwouandthewormling

Enhance your reference library with these diverse gesture examples. Perfect for artists who want a wide range of practice material.

drawing ideas hand

Variety of hand gestures hand drawing showcases a diverse range of hand positions and movements in a single piece. Artists can utilize these drawings to study and improve their understanding of human hands.

drawing ideas hand

From stretched hand to curled fists, use these different hand drawings as models for drawing hands for your own characters!

drawing ideas hand

These are from wouwouandthewormling in a 100 different hand gestures challenge, definitely follow him on Instagram if you’re interested in these challenges!

drawing ideas hand

And some more here…

drawing ideas hand

Source: @miss_victoria25

Three-step hand drawing step-by-step tutorial is a guide that simplifies the process of drawing hands into three easy-to-follow steps. Beginners can benefit from this tutorial and learn to draw hands effectively.

drawing ideas hand

Pencil drawing hand drawing step-by-step tutorial teaches artists how to create realistic and detailed hand illustrations using a simple pencil. Techniques such as shading, blending, and proportions are covered in this resource.

drawing ideas hand

Hand gestures hand drawing tutorial offers artists comprehensive insights into various hand poses and movements. This resource enhances artists’ knowledge and skill in capturing the essence of dynamic hand gestures.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @mikkiiaru_

Basic hand drawing tutorial focuses on the core concepts and fundamentals needed to draw hands accurately. It covers topics such as anatomy, perspective, proportions, and basic shading techniques in a straightforward manner.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @_art5

Hand drawing tutorial simple to defined emphasizes the progression from basic shapes to more complex details when drawing hands. This instructional guide is useful for both beginners and intermediate artists seeking to improve their technique.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @ashieky

Hand gestures hand drawing tutorial helps artists familiarize themselves with a multitude of gestures, poses, and expressions involving hands. From active motions to subtle actions, this tutorial provides helpful references for a wide range of artistic applications.

Digital art references are geared specifically towards working with digital mediums such as Photoshop or Procreate. These resources offer guidance on achieving a natural-looking blend of colors, finding appropriate brushes, and crafting realistic textures when illustrating hands digitally.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @drawing.tip

Variety of hand gestures drawing references serves as an expansive collection of images depicting various positions and angles of human hands for artists to refer to when improving their skills.

drawing ideas hand

Digital art hand drawing tutorial is specifically designed for artists working with digital tools like tablets or computers. The resource teaches viewers how to create realistic, expressive, and detailed hands using digital art programs.

drawing ideas hand

Variety of hand gestures hand drawing references provides an extensive gallery showcasing an array of hand poses, movements, and gestures from different angles. These visual references help both traditional and digital artists to gain valuable insights into hand drawings.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @canetheartist

Pencil hand drawing references compiles a diverse selection of images featuring hand illustrations done solely with pencils. Emphasizing different techniques like shading and outlining, these references provide an excellent tutorial for you to draw your own!

drawing ideas hand

Source: @srivarsha_sv

Blue pencil hand drawing references are a great way to learn and practice your hand drawing skills. These references showcase various hand positions and postures using a blue pencil for an artistic touch.

drawing ideas hand

Arm and hand drawing step-by-step tutorial simplifies the process of drawing arms and hands in various poses. By following these tutorials, you can improve your understanding of anatomy and proportions for more realistic drawings.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @Pinterest

Simple hand gestures hand drawing references provide a wide range of simple hand positions that are often seen in everyday life. These references help artists master the subtleties of hand shapes and finger movements.

drawing ideas hand

Simple hand gestures hand drawing references can greatly improve the overall expressiveness of your illustration. Gain a deeper understanding of the human hand and its anatomy by practicing these references.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @Pinterst

Gripping, reaching, pointing, pinching, or grasping, here are a range of more hand gestures/motions as references for when you try drawing hands!

drawing ideas hand

Source: @Pintereset

Hand gestures hand drawing references offer a valuable resource for artists looking to diversify their drawing skills. These references cover various common and unique hand gestures to enhance your artwork’s expressiveness.

drawing ideas hand

Seven-step hand drawing step-by-step tutorial breaks down the complex process of drawing hands into seven manageable stages. This thorough approach assists aspiring artists in developing a solid foundation for drawing realistic hands.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @risataki

Pencil drawing hand tutorial guides you through the techniques needed to create lifelike hands using pencils. These tutorials highlight shading techniques, contouring, and other essential skills for successful pencil drawings.

drawing ideas hand

Source: @maxi.wiseart

Anime hands pencil hand drawing tutorial focuses on the unique styles and proportions found in anime art. Learn to draw expressive, stylized hands that perfectly complement your anime characters by following these tutorials.

drawing ideas hand

Along with some hand drawings, some of these drawings included the arm and body as well to show the range of motion you could have with your drawings.

drawing ideas hand

Simple hand gestures hand drawing references provide a great starting point for artists to practice and perfect their skills in drawing hands. Using these references, you can learn to draw various common poses and hand positions with ease.

drawing ideas hand

Bony hands hand gestures hand drawing references can help you better depict older or scarier characters. These references emphasize the protruding bones and joints, adding depth and detail to your illustrations.

drawing ideas hand

These hand drawing references help artists to easily learn how to draw hands by focusing on basic poses and positions. With practice, these references will enable artists to create more complex and realistic hand illustrations with confidence.

drawing ideas hand

Some rough hand drawing references with brief sketch lines across the hand drawings to guide your drawing process!

drawing ideas hand

Fists and open hand gestures hand drawing references tackle two essential poses in the realm of hand drawings. They allow artists to capture the intricacies involved in clenched fists and relaxed open hands when illustrating these signatures poses.

drawing ideas hand

Reaching hand gestures hand drawing references explore the dynamic aspect of hands when they are extended, grasping or interacting with objects.

drawing ideas hand

By practicing with these resources, you can portray an action in your artwork effectively.

drawing ideas hand

Simple hand gestures hand drawing references are incredibly useful for visual artists looking to perfect their skills in capturing natural and expressive hand positions.

drawing ideas hand

Reaching holding hands drawing references provide essential insight into the anatomy and movement of intertwined human hands, offering a deeper understanding of how two people’s fingers intertwine.

drawing ideas hand

Pencil drawing hand drawing references showcase various techniques and ways to illustrate hands using a traditional pencil, enabling artists to develop their own unique styles. These references guide artists in achieving correct proportions, shading, and detailing for realistic and captivating hand drawings.

drawing ideas hand

Two step hand drawing tutorial simplifies the process of drawing hands by breaking it down into just two easy-to-follow steps. This approach makes learning how to draw hands less intimidating and more approachable, saving both time and effort while still yielding excellent results.

drawing ideas hand

Three step hand drawing step by step tutorial incorporates a detailed breakdown of the necessary steps in order to achieve an accurate portrayal of a hand.

drawing ideas hand

Holding objects hand drawing references provide invaluable visual support for artists seeking to master the skillful depiction of hands interacting with various items.

drawing ideas hand

Building expertise in these basic gestures proves vital in expressing character personalities, intentions or moods effectively in the artwork.

drawing ideas hand

Pencil references are essential for artists looking to improve their sketching skills and create realistic drawings. They can be found in books, online, or by observing everyday objects and people.

drawing ideas hand

Simple hand gestures references can greatly enhance the expressiveness of a character in a drawing or painting. By studying these references, artists can effectively convey emotions and actions without having to rely on facial expressions alone.

Conclusion : 

Nonetheless, that’s all I got for 70 Best Hand Drawing Ideas to Learn from! Comment below your favorite one, share this post if you liked it, and pin for later!

Lastly, if you need some nose drawing inspiration besides these hand drawing ideas for sketchbook inspiration make sure to check out these nose sketches and eye drawings that you can use for your sketchbook!

Your Hand, Your Canvas: 50 Awesome Drawing Ideas

November 17, 2023 September 11, 2022 | Dee

things to draw on your hand featured image

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Last Updated on November 17, 2023 by Dee

Ready to transform your hand into an artistic masterpiece? Look no further! Our collection of 50 easy and fun hand drawing ideas is perfect for artists of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re doodling for fun or seeking a unique creative expression, these ideas range from whimsical patterns to minimalist designs. Grab a pen or marker and let your imagination run wild as we guide you through these exciting and simple drawing ideas to make your hand the canvas! 🎨✍️🤚

Check out these hand-drawing ideas below!

Table of Contents

All seeing eye, camelia flower, climbing figure up your wrist, simple standing deer, food (cheese, egg and a bowl of dinner) with faces, hamsters and guinea pigs, hearts and stars, jumping figure, music notes, ocean waves, vegetables and, other drawing ideas…, what should you use to draw on yourself, drawing generators, what can i draw on myself, what happens when you draw on your hand, what can i use to draw on my hand, is drawing good for your hands, what are the most fun things to draw, what things are easy to draw, is it normal to draw on yourself, can drawing on yourself hurt you, what can you draw when your bored, [check out this list of awesome things to draw when you’re bored], what does it mean to draw by hand, is it good to draw with pen, list of 50 fun things to draw (and easy stuff to draw ) on your hand in 202 3.

These alien doodles are super cute and easy to draw on your hand. Use any color sharpie or marker and add color if you like!

This is a very simple design to draw on your hand. It features the all-seeing eye with an elaborate border and some sharpie detailing.

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These bat outlines make for great sharpie tattoos and are very easy to draw on your hand and you can add other elements to set the scene. Here I have added a moon to give the impression of bats flying at night!

[Related article: 121 Fun and Easy Objects to Draw]

A sweet little bird perched on your hand is an easy thing and a lot of fun to draw. Use different colors to make your bird pop !

Drawing a burger on your hand is the perfect way to show off your love for delicious things 🙂

[Related article: 136 Drawing Ideas for Adults ]

The butterfly outline is perfect for drawing on your hand with a marker or color pens if you’re looking to draw cool things and get the creative juices flowing!

[Related article: 20 Anime Chibi Poses for Drawing]

Cute cactus tattoos on your hand are fun for anyone who loves things that are prickly, plus they make cool drawings and help you practice your drawing skills too!

[Related article: How to Draw Tree Roots]

This beautiful camellia flower is a great way to add a touch of nature to your hand. Use a black marker and color in the petals with different colors for extra detail!

Other Step by step hand drawing ideas with flowers; Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a lily: Lily Flower Drawing.

Cats can be a bit tricky to draw, especially things like realistic eyes. For this cool cat design use a fine tip marker and color in the eyes using white pens or paint. You can also add some sharpie detailing for extra effect!

If you’re looking for easy designs and more cute drawings , this is a super cute little chicken design that can be perfect for Easter! Use any color you like and add some extra things to make it your own.

A fun design idea is to draw a little human figure climbing up your wrist. This can be cool for things like short stories or memories.

This deer is a fun idea that can be a cool tattoo design. Use a black marker to get the outline and add color if you like.

Drawing fun things on your hand can also take the form of cool things like dolphins. Use a color marker to draw the dolphin and use black for all of the detailing.

Drawing donuts on your hand is a fun idea that you can add things to if you like! Here I have added sprinkles and you can add a cherry for an even more detailed design.

Drawing things on your hand is a fun way to practice different sketching techniques. For example, this outline of feathers is super easy to do and looks amazing!

[Looking for Autumn Inspiration? 191 Fall Things to Draw!]

Adding a fish outline to your hand is an easy way to personalize things. Add some color and detail with black pens for things like the eyes and fins.

Flamingoes are such a symbol of fun things and they are super easy to draw! Use different colors like pink, black, orange, or yellow.

This fun and easy-to-draw flower design would make a very pretty tattoo. You can use any color you like and add things like leaves and swirls for extra effect.

[Related article: 21 Action Poses for Dynamic Drawing ]

Food things can be a fun way to personalize things and this cool design idea shows you how to draw things like cheese, egg, and a bowl of dinner! You can add things like faces or extra detail.

Foxes are beautiful forest creatures and are great subject matter for small drawings or tattoo art!

Pick your favorite fruit! Draw things like strawberries, limes, or oranges on your hand for a super cool sharpie tattoo design.

These sweet little creatures often become beloved members of our families and will make a super cute temporary pen tattoo!

Draws hands … on your hands 🙂

Draw doodles and designs of hearts and stars. This easy drawing is perfect for things like short stories, memories of fun things that you want to remember.

[Related Article: Picture Love | A Collection of 30 Touching, Sweet, and Romantic Images About Love ]

Another little forest creature, the hedgehog is a fun friend. They can be hard to draw, but practice makes perfect!

What about drawing a figure jumping over the back of your hand? This is a unique and creative drawing idea.

Adding things like leaves to your hand can be a fun design idea. Use green or brown colors and leave some of the skin showing through for extra effect!

Llamas are often depicted as cartoon characters and can be a fun thing to draw. Use black markers for the fur and things like the eyes and mouth.

Use markers and pens to draw a magical mermaid swimming on your wrist or on the back of your hand.

Can you tell I love cats?

Draw things like music notes on your hand for a cool tattoo idea!

This cool design idea shows you how to draw things like the ocean waves on your hand. It’s a fun things to draw for things like music or stories.

Want to draw something out of this world? Add a planet drawing to your hand!

Ponies are things that little kids love and they can be really fun to draw.

This sweet little rabbit would be a great thing to draw on your hand. Add things like flowers, leaves, or grass for more detail.

Draw things like a raccoon on your hand for a fun tattoo idea! If you get stuck on what a raccoon looks like make sure to find a reference photo to help you along.

Rainbows are such a symbol of hope and joy, and they make for a great sharpie tattoo 🙂

Another forest creature, the reindeer is a great thing to draw that can be a cartoon or realistic.

Robots are things that kids love and they can be fun to draw. They can draw the straight lines using rulers to practice their fine motor skills.

Roses are things that are often used to symbolize things like love, beauty, and passion. For things like Valentine’s day, they can also be symbols of things like friendship!

Add things like a seahorse design to your hand combined with mermaids and waves 🙂

A spaceman is a fun thing to draw for things like short stories or things that you want to remember.

Spiders often give people the heebie-jeebies. What about drawing a spider on your hand? You might get some surprising results 🙂

These things are popular for things like tattoos and they make pretty things to draw.

Draw things like the sun on your hand; it would be fun to add things like clouds or birds 🙂 The sun on the left is made up of geometric shapes, and it looks like a bright, sunny day! You could also experiment with different colors to give the sun an even more vibrant look.

Trees are things that look awesome when you use markers. Draw things like tree trunks or things on the bark for extra detail. Dont forget to draw backgrounds too! Here are some background drawing ideas easy:

  • Plain paper background
  • Colored background
  • Dark background
  • Tonal background
  • Tinted background
  • Blurry landscape

Why not add a magical sea turtle to your hand?

Using things like green and orange markers you can draw things like cucumber, pumpkins, or a turnip!

If you’re looking for fun things to doodle on your hand, there are plenty of good drawings to draw that are easy and quick to sketch.

Consider drawing some simple shapes like hearts, stars, or flowers using a bright green pen or marker. You can even try drawing a cute cartoon character or animal on your hand.

If you’re a fan of green tea, why not draw a teacup or a tea bag? And if you want to get really creative, draw some green beans or other vegetables on your hand to promote healthy eating habits.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can draw on your hand, so let your imagination run wild!

Unleashing your inner artist can be a playful and unexpected process when you turn your hands into a unique canvas for your creativity. Let’s start with how to draw a dog on the back of your hand.

Begin with simple strokes to outline the head, ears, body, and tail.

Remember, practice makes perfect and it’s just as fun even if it’s not perfect! If you are looking to get into the festive spirit, consider Memorial Day drawings. Stars, stripes, and symbolic representations of freedom can be inked on your skin temporarily to honor the day.

Adding a picture of a flower drawing to your repertoire can bring a touch of natural beauty to your artistic body art. Delicate petals, a vibrant center, and some detailed leaves can bring your flower to life.

For those with a quirkier taste, you can also try your hand at cool mini drawings. Smaller designs such as geometric shapes, celestial bodies, or abstract patterns can easily fit on your fingers or the inside of your wrist.

Last but not least, drawing a pig on your hand can be a lighthearted and fun addition. With a round body, little legs, and a cute snout, your hand-drawn pig will surely bring a smile to your face every time you glance at it.

You can use any standard pen, ballpoint pen, marker, or sharpie to draw on your hand. Just remember not to draw over any cuts or scratches on your skin because the pen ink will irritate the wound. It’s also important to remember that some pen ink (like sharpie ink) will take a long time to wash off. So be prepared to have a drawing on your hand for a while 😉 Using the right medium makes stuff to draw easy!

You can also use watercolor paint to paint on yourself. The best medium for drawing or painting on your skin is body paint . This is the safest option and goes on really smoothly and easily. It is also great to blend colors with and achieve different textures and effects.

If you need more drawing ideas, try your hand at a detailed camel drawing or experiment with easy tattoo outlines for beginners. Delve into the world of manga by learning how to draw anime eyes, or practice drawing arms and the upper arm to develop a better understanding of the human body.

From dynamic poses like learning how to draw a fist to mastering the subtleties of anatomy, this blog equips you with essential tools and techniques to elevate your art to new heights 😉

Finding unique and creative ways to decorate your hand can be a fun exercise in self-expression, and a random drawing generator could be just the tool to ignite your artistic spark.

Such generators provide an endless list of ideas and can lead you to discover new, exciting designs you might not have thought of on your own. For those inclined towards regal designs, a crown drawing on the back of your hand or knuckles could make a striking statement.

Alternatively, drawings of skulls, though they might sound a bit morbid, can actually be quite intricate and fascinating, especially when adapted to the contours of your hand. Social media platforms are an excellent source for hand art inspo, where artists share their own hand-drawn masterpieces and inspire others to experiment.

If you’re a beginner, starting with a basic hand open drawing can give you a sense of proportions and the way lines work on the skin. So, get creative and transform your hand into a canvas today!

Check out this great guide on body paint.

Frequently Asked Questions about Things to Draw on Your Hand…

Anything you want! People like things like cats, trees, hearts, rainbows, and things that are cute.

When you draw things on your hand it can be things like a temporary tattoo. Draw things that you like or things that represent things you like or things about yourself!

You can use things like a pen, marker or sharpie. Also, things like paint work really well too!

Drawing things on your hand can be a fun way to express yourself and add things like things you love, things that represent things about you, or things that have meaning for you.

People like things that are cute, things that symbolize things like love, and things you enjoy. Also things like animals and cartoon things can be fun too 🙂

The easiest things to draw are built up with simple shapes and lines.

Lots of people draw on themselves and is a form of visual art. Drawing things on yourself can be a fun way to express yourself and add things like things you love, things that represent things about you or things that have meaning for you.

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No, drawing things on yourself won’t hurt you (or your hand). Just remember not to draw over any cuts or scratches because the ink might irritate these.

Draw things like things you love, things that have meaning for you, or things that represent things about yourself. Also, things like cats and cartoons things are fun!

Drawing things by hand means drawing things with your hand and not stamping, printing or digitally drawing an artwork.

Pen is a great drawing medium that gives you a lot of control of your mark-making. You can add shading using hatching and cross-hatching and can create bold and striking outline drawings.

[How to Create an Outline Drawing]

Drawing is a great way to express yourself and showcase your creativity. If you’re looking for a unique canvas to draw on, consider drawing on your hand! You can create miniature masterpieces, such as a strawberry drawing or a ladybug drawing, using only a pen or marker.

Some people may wonder, “is drawing on your skin bad?” However, as long as you’re not using harmful or toxic materials, it’s generally safe to draw on your skin. In fact, it can be a fun and creative way to pass the time.

For those who prefer easy drawings, try a South Park-style drawing or challenge yourself with 642 tiny things to draw on your hand. Get creative and see what you can create on your own personal canvas.

If you’re in need of a little creativity, then this list will surely help. You’ll be able to draw on your hand and have a fun time while also being creative! If you want to create more accurate drawings its always a good idea to work from a reference photo like the ones above! The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with these 50 cool things to draw on your hands.

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How to Draw Hands: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Understanding hand anatomy, bones and joints, muscles and tendons, skin and nails, drawing tools and materials, pencils and pens, paper and sketchbooks, erasers and smudge tools, step-by-step guide to drawing hands, step 1: basic shapes, step 2: fingers and thumb, step 3: details and shading, drawing different hand poses, fist and open hand, pointing and holding, gestures and expressions, practice tips and resources, drawing from life, using reference photos, online tutorials and courses.

Learning how to draw hands can be challenging, but with the right guidance, you'll be able to master this skill in no time. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of drawing hands, from understanding hand anatomy to practicing various hand poses. So, let's dive right in!

Before you start drawing hands, it's important to familiarize yourself with their anatomy. By understanding the structure of the bones, muscles, and skin, you'll be better equipped to create accurate and realistic drawings. Let's explore the three main components of hand anatomy:

The human hand consists of 27 bones, including the carpal (wrist) bones, metacarpal (palm) bones, and phalanges (finger) bones. The joints are where these bones meet and allow for a wide range of movement. Keep in mind the following points when drawing hands:

  • The wrist is made up of eight small carpal bones.
  • Each finger has three phalanges, while the thumb has two.
  • Knuckles are the joints between the phalanges and play a significant role in hand expressions.

Although the hand has many small muscles, you don't need to memorize them all for drawing purposes. Instead, focus on the following key areas:

  • The palm has several muscle pads that give it a rounded shape.
  • Tendons run along the back of the hand and fingers, creating visible lines.
  • When drawing hands, consider how muscle tension affects the appearance of the hand in different poses.

The skin and nails are essential for adding detail and realism to your hand drawings. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • Fingernails grow from the tips of the fingers and follow the curve of the fingertip.
  • Creases and wrinkles are visible on the skin, especially around the knuckles and joints.
  • The skin on the palm has a unique pattern of ridges—known as fingerprints—that can be added for extra detail.

Now that you have a basic understanding of hand anatomy, you're well-prepared to learn how to draw hands with accuracy and confidence. The next sections will cover the tools and materials you'll need, as well as a step-by-step guide to drawing hands in various poses.

Before we dive into our step-by-step guide on how to draw hands, let's discuss the tools and materials you'll need. Having the right tools can make a significant difference in the quality of your drawings. Here's a quick overview of the materials you should consider:

When it comes to drawing hands, it's essential to have a variety of pencils and pens for different purposes. Some options include:

  • Mechanical pencils: Great for precise lines and details.
  • Graphite pencils: Available in a range of hardness levels, allowing for different shades and textures.
  • Colored pencils: Useful for adding color and depth to your drawings.
  • Fineliner pens: Perfect for outlining and adding fine details.

Choosing the right paper or sketchbook can significantly impact the quality of your drawings. Here are some points to consider:

  • Opt for a sketchbook with smooth, heavyweight paper that can handle various drawing materials.
  • Consider the size of your sketchbook; larger pages allow for more detailed drawings, while smaller sizes are more portable.
  • Having a dedicated sketchbook for practicing how to draw hands can help you track your progress over time.

These tools can help you fix mistakes and create smooth shading in your hand drawings:

  • Plastic erasers: Great for removing pencil lines without damaging the paper.
  • Kneaded erasers: Can be shaped to erase small areas and lift graphite gently, making them ideal for subtle changes.
  • Blending stumps: Rolled paper sticks used to smudge and blend graphite or charcoal for smooth shading.
  • Tortillons: Similar to blending stumps, but made from twisted paper and have a more pointed tip for finer blending.

With the right tools and materials in hand, you're ready to start learning how to draw hands step by step. Let's move on to our guide!

Now that you've got your tools and materials ready, it's time to explore the process of drawing hands. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to draw hands from basic shapes to detailed, expressive gestures.

Start by breaking down the hand into simple, basic shapes. This will help you establish the overall structure and proportions before adding details. Here's how:

  • Draw a rectangle or trapezoid for the palm, depending on the angle of the hand.
  • Divide the palm into four equal sections to help position the fingers.
  • Add simple lines or rectangles for each finger, considering their different lengths and thicknesses.
  • For the thumb, draw a triangle or oval shape connected to the side of the palm.

Remember, it's important to keep your initial sketches light and loose, as you'll refine and add details in the next steps.

Once you've sketched the basic shapes, it's time to refine the fingers and thumb. Follow these steps to give them a more realistic appearance:

  • Divide each finger into three segments (phalanges) using light lines, keeping in mind that the middle segment is generally the longest.
  • Round the tips of the fingers to create natural-looking fingertips.
  • Add slight curves to the fingers, avoiding perfectly straight lines.
  • Refine the thumb by adding its two segments and a rounded tip.
  • Consider the webbing between the fingers and the knuckles' positioning to make the hand appear more lifelike.

With the basic structure in place, it's time to add details and shading to make your hand drawing more realistic and expressive. Here's what to do:

  • Sketch the knuckles and creases on the fingers and palm to give the hand a more natural appearance.
  • Add fingernails by drawing thin, curved rectangles or ovals at the tips of the fingers.
  • Define the contours and shadows of the hand using different pencil shades or blending tools for smooth shading.
  • Erase any unnecessary guidelines and refine your drawing as needed.

Congratulations! You've now learned the basics of how to draw hands. But what about different hand poses and gestures? Let's explore that next.

Mastering how to draw hands in various poses and gestures is crucial to capturing expressive and dynamic illustrations. Let's explore some common hand poses and how to approach drawing them.

When drawing a fist, pay attention to the overlapping fingers and the way the thumb wraps around the other fingers. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Start with a rectangular or trapezoidal shape for the palm.
  • Draw the fingers as curved, overlapping shapes, with the index finger and pinky being more visible.
  • Position the thumb on the side of the palm, partially covering the fingers.
  • Add details like knuckles and creases to give the fist a realistic appearance.

For an open hand, consider the fingers' spacing and the slight curvature of the palm. Follow these steps:

  • Begin with the basic shapes as outlined in the previous section.
  • Spread the fingers apart, keeping in mind their different lengths and angles.
  • Curve the palm slightly to show its natural flexibility.
  • Add details and shading as before to complete the open hand drawing.

When drawing a hand pointing or holding an object, focus on the fingers' positioning and the way they interact with the item. Here's how:

  • For a pointing hand, extend the index finger while keeping the other fingers curved or partially closed.
  • Draw the thumb either resting against the side of the palm or slightly extended outward.
  • For a hand holding an object, consider the item's shape and size, and adjust the fingers and thumb accordingly to show a realistic grip.
  • Add details and shading to enhance the sense of depth and realism in your drawing.

Hands can express a wide range of emotions, from joy to anger. When drawing expressive hand gestures, pay attention to the fingers' positioning and the overall hand shape. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • For a relaxed hand, draw slightly curved fingers with a bit of spacing between them.
  • When drawing a tense or angry hand, make the fingers more rigid and closer together, with pronounced knuckles and creases.
  • For a playful or delicate gesture, try drawing the fingers gracefully curved or the hand gently resting on a surface.

Remember, practice is key to improving your ability to draw hands in various poses and gestures. So, let's explore some tips and resources to help you on your artistic journey!

As with any skill, practice is essential to mastering how to draw hands. Here are some valuable tips and resources to help you develop your hand-drawing abilities.

One of the best ways to learn how to draw hands is by observing and drawing from real life. Here's what you can do:

  • Study your own hands or those of friends and family members.
  • Pay attention to the way hands look and move in different positions and lighting conditions.
  • Try drawing hands in various poses to gain a better understanding of their anatomy and structure.

Reference photos can be an invaluable tool for learning how to draw hands. They allow you to study hands in detail and practice drawing them at your own pace. Here's how to make the most of reference photos:

  • Look for high-quality images that clearly show the hand's structure and details.
  • Choose a variety of hand poses, gestures, and angles to practice drawing.
  • Use the reference photos to guide your drawing, but don't be afraid to add your own style and interpretation.

There are countless online tutorials and courses available to help you learn how to draw hands. These resources can provide valuable tips, techniques, and demonstrations from experienced artists. Here's how to find and use these resources effectively:

  • Search for tutorials and courses specifically focused on hand drawing or figure drawing in general.
  • Look for reputable artists and instructors who have a good understanding of hand anatomy and drawing techniques.
  • Follow along with the tutorials or courses, practicing the techniques and exercises they provide.

With consistent practice and the right resources, you'll be well on your way to mastering how to draw hands. So grab your drawing tools and start practicing today!

If you enjoyed this blog and want to take your drawing skills to the next level, check out the workshop ' Drawing with Ease and Accuracy ' by Yazmin Moktan. This workshop will provide you with techniques and tips to help you draw with more confidence, ease, and accuracy.

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Draw Expressive Hand Poses from Imagination!

Draw Expressive Hand Poses from Imagination!

Hands are one of the most expressive parts of a pose. By conveying the story and emotion through the hands, you can add more life to your drawings. In this tutorial, artist Stan Prokopenko covers essential forms of the hand so that you can learn to create realistic hands from your imagination.

  • Video Tutorial
  • Intermediate

In this tutorial I’ll show the process that has helped me to draw hands accurately from imagination. It’s also a great process if you’re drawing from reference.

Keep in mind, even though the process itself is quite simple, drawing hands is never going to be easy. There’s prerequisites that make it challenging, like anatomy, perspective and shading. If you want to draw simple hands, rather than learn a simple process to draw real hands, I also have a lesson on drawing Cartoon Hands. But all this stuff ties together, so let’s get started…

The first step is to get a clear idea of the hand you’re gonna draw. Don’t jump in blindly and start drawing. Figure out the angle we’re looking at the hand from. Can we see the back of the hand or the palm? How much of the front are we seeing? Or are we looking at it from the back? What is each finger and thumb doing? What about the wrist?

Imagine this clearly in your mind before you make a mark. And you always have your own hand that you can use to figure it out.

And don’t draw boring hands. Push the gesture. Push the story of the pose. If the action is the fingers spreading, think about what happens when you spread them farther. When I try to spread my fingers as far as I can, my wrist flexes a little and my fingers bend back. That makes the pose a bit more interesting.

drawing ideas hand

Hands are extremely expressive. When you’re drawing hands you have to be an actor . Just like when you’re drawing facial expressions. You gotta feel the expression of the hand pose you’re drawing.

Once the idea is clear, we’ll  start constructing the hands using simple forms . I’m gonna say it a lot in this lesson… it’s important to step back and think about the  simple forms . The complicated collection of bone, muscle, tendon, fat, and skin of the  palm becomes a simple box . The wrist is a narrower box, which bends at the carpals. The  fingers become cylinders  or boxes. With the hand simplified like this, it becomes much more manageable to pose, add anatomy, and to shade it.

I mentioned that the palm areas can be simplified to a boxy form with equal height and width. That’s a good place to start, but if you want to be a little more precise, it’s good to start thinking about the nuances. Notice that the bones on the pinky side are slightly shorter. So, we should curve that front plane. The middle finger area should be longest. Later on we’ll add the muscular tear drops on both sides. For now, let’s ignore the muscle masses and just keep the palm as a simple concave box.

We’re looking at this box from the top. We can see the right side and the front plane of the knuckles. This is the sort of thing you need to figure out early on in the drawing – the proportion and perspective of all the simple forms. This applies no matter what you’re drawing. Until you’ve figured out all the basic information, you shouldn’t draw any details. It will be harder to notice and correct mistakes once you have details like fingernails, creases, and shadows crowding the drawing. Not to mention, all your wasted time and effort!

drawing ideas hand

Let’s rewind. Before we add the fingers, let’s  split that front plane into 4 parts . That way we know where each finger extrudes from. Don’t forget about the foreshortening!

If you can do that, you have a really good starting point and you’re on your way to drawing an awesome hand.

The Fingers

At this point you can start extruding the finger segments, but it helps me to start with some kind of gestural or wireframe guideline. I’m gonna give you 3 options that you can choose from. Everyone has their preferences and different poses might call for different approaches.

If the fingers are grouped together, you can try to imagine a mitten shape for all of them. If one or more of the fingers is separate from the group, draw it separate. Group the ones that you can and decide if they’re bending.

Another way is to throw down some lines and dots for the knuckles . This can help figure out the position and length of each segment with minimal lines that are easy to adjust.

drawing ideas hand

As I said, different poses will call for different approaches or combination of them. And, everyone has their preferences. Try them out and see what you like.

A good tip is to  start with the pinky and index finger . It’s easy to figure out the middle two once you get the pinky and index. They’re either distributed evenly between or grouped in some way. Personally I like to look for ways to group some fingers together, unless the expression in stronger without grouping, like in this case. Which fingers to group together is up to you. Whatever results in the best expression.

Ok, now let’s  add some structure to the fingers . Usually I like to use cylinders for each segment. Cylinder because they’re easier and quicker than boxes. And it’s pretty easy to turn a cylinder into a box later, if I want to indicate the rotation of that cylinder. An indication of the box at the joint is enough.

There’s 12 segments in the fingers, and that doesn’t even include the thumb. That’s a lot of cylinders and boxes to think about.  It’s tempting to rush  through them, but fight the feeling of urgency. Get them in the right spot, with the right proportions and perspective. As you’re working and correcting your mistakes, you might notice that your line are getting darker and darker and darker… This makes it hard to work on details later. Do your best to  keep your lines light  and clean throughout the construction process. Don’t scribble and create a mess. Think through the drawing.

drawing ideas hand

In the hand bones lesson, we learned about the triangular box for the base of the thumb.

Learn more about drawing the bones of the hand in this tutorial:

This triangular box can be stretched, squished, and rotated depending on the position of the thumb’s metacarpal. Look at your thumb and see all the different ways it can move. Sometimes I imagine the metacarpal bone to make sure it’s position is believable and the length relates correctly with the others. The gap between the thumb and palm is filled with muscle and skin in a triangular shape. Thus, the triangular box. Or just a long gesture through the bones and then an indication of the skin between the knuckles. Up to you.

drawing ideas hand

From that triangular box, extend a cylinder for the first phalanx. And then a triangular scooped wedge shape for the end of the thumb. Kinda like a trowel. And from profile, remember it will look like a dog head.

drawing ideas hand

On the surface, the wrist curves to fill the gap between the palm and forearm. So, a good place to start is the 2×4 form of the forearm bones. The wrist would be a transitional plane when there’s a bend. Look at Bridgman for inspiration when designing the wrist. Here’s a few different poses so you can see how the wrist behaves. Notice how he puts a little step down from the forearm to the hand. It’s a nice design that can make your drawing more interesting and dynamic. Instead of putting the hand and forearm on the same level, put the hand lower than the forearm. That step gives a nice flow through the wrist.

drawing ideas hand

At this point we have the hand posed. From here we just develop the forms of the muscles, and the details like skin folds, fat, veins and tendons. If you think the process has been kind of meticulous so far, you’re right. As you get comfortable with the process, you’ll be able to skip some steps or just throw quick indications of the forms instead of constructing all the meticulous boxes. The thing is, to get good enough to do that, you have to practice the meticulous way first. That gets the forms ingrained in your head so that you can draw accurate indications of them later. Drawing quickly and loosely is a skill developed by drawing slowly and carefully. This tutorial is intended for those that are in it for the long haul. The students that are willing to put in the time now to become one of the best. I hope that’s you!

The main muscular forms of the hands can be split into three sections, which I call Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear.

drawing ideas hand

The Papa Bear on the thumb side of the palm is the biggest. I always think of it as a drumstick. A thinned stretched out drumstick if the thumb is pulling away from the palm. A thick round drumstick when the thumb is squeezing against the palm.

The muscles on the pinky side are also a teardrop, but they’re mostly covered with a thick layer of fat on the palm. I include the fat and draw the form as a convex box. When the pinky is flexing or abducting, the crease between the fat and muscle appears. I’ll show the corner of the fat pad, and the round form of the muscle belly. If the the pinky was relaxed, I would round out this edge.

When the thumb is squeezed in, these two forms are separated by a crease. Otherwise, don’t force a crease in there. Remember, hand butts…

So, in this pose, since the pinky is abducting away from the others, I would see a crease here between the fat and muscle.

This tutorial is covered in more detail in the following video. Check it out for more on the drawing process and a detailed explanation of drawing the hand.

About Proko

Proko is a resource for artists to get good art instruction videos.

In addition to free resources, it also offers premium courses designed to give artists a detailed understanding of a specific subject. Premium courses are downloadable and include extended videos, assignment demos and examples, e-books, critique videos, and 3D models.

Other Videos in this Series

Check out the rest of the lessons in this series to learn more about drawing the bones and muscles of the hand to make your hand drawings realistic.

So lets do it. Your assignment is to follow this process and draw 5 hands from imagination. Post them in the  Anatomy Group . I might critique your drawing in the next critique video.

Get the Hand Model Pack

By the way, I just published a new hands reference pack. These should help you guys practice sketching hands, study the anatomy, and could be references for your illustrations. There’s a bunch of different poses. Over 1500 photos total. And Marshall Vandruff is one of the main models. If you want it,  grab it here .

Alright, go have some fun.

Shading and Details

At this point, I like  shading in the primary forms . I pick a light direction which I feel works best with this pose. To watch me shade and invent all details for these hands, check out the premium anatomy course. There’s so much to learn about human anatomy and if you’re ready to dive it, check out our  Anatomy Course .

drawing ideas hand

Drawing from imagination is good paired with drawing from life. If you’re drawing from imagination and you’re really struggling with a certain pose, take a picture of your own hand in that pose and study it. When you study from life you learn more about how the hand works and how the shapes look in various poses. You can use that knowledge to improve your work from imagination.

Interested in character art & design or what it takes to become a character designer? Check out the link below!

Ultimate Beginner's guide to Character Art & Design

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drawing ideas hand

A drawing of human hands reaching up to flowers


Step-by-step instructions for drawing hands.

Hands are some of the most expressive and complex anatomical forms to draw. Understand the process to break down the art of drawing the human hand.

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Hands showcase humanity.

Hands hold a place of honor alongside the face as some of the most expressive and nuanced parts of the body. “A picture of gesturing hands can evoke just as much and tell you the same story as an expressive face,” says illustrator Anna Daviscourt. While hands make for stunning drawings, they are notoriously difficult to draw due to the amount of bones, muscle, and tendons in each hand. But don’t let that intimidate you. Simplify the process and break hand drawing down into basic shapes and manageable steps, and you’ll be on your way to drawing a lifelike hand.

Always use a reference.

It’s important to use reference images, no matter your illustration skill level. Whether you look at a photo, take pictures of your own hand, or ask a friend to model different hand gestures, have a guide at your side. “There will always be something unexpected and different, even if you’ve drawn them a million times,” says Daviscourt.

Sketches of human hands

Six steps to realistic hands.

A step-by-step approach can help demystify the process of drawing hands, as well as make sure your illustrations look anatomically correct at every stage. Comic book artist Megan Levens uses a six-step process for hand drawing, starting with basic bone structure and building up to details like fingernails and shading.

Drawing of the skeleton of a human hand

Image by Megan Levens

Step 1: Start with bone structure.

Your first layer should be the bones of the hand, the carpals. Don’t worry about making it pretty; this step is about laying the foundation for an anatomically correct hand. Just as the bones are the framework of the body, bones will also be the framework of your drawing. “Each finger radiates out at a different angle,” notes Levens. “They shouldn’t all point straight ahead together.” Daviscourt also recommends starting from the wrist at this step “because the wrist is where the lines of the hand start to intersect visually.”

To make your hands look realistic, consider the height differences between your fingers. The middle finger should be the tallest, with the ring finger and index finger on the downward slope of the arch, and the little finger finishing out the line. The thumb is an outlier from the rest and should sit farther apart from the others.

Sketches of a human hand's bone structure

Image by Megan Levens 

Step 2: Mark your knuckles.

The knuckles are your points of articulation. All gestures and movements hinge on the knuckles. Make your mark according to the shape you want your fingers and hand to make. Keep a human anatomy book handy to make sure you’re on the right track with proportions and positioning. There’s always a bend in the knuckles. Avoid straight lines and always opt for curved lines for more realistic hands.

Another way to approach the first two steps is to group areas of the hand into basic geometric shapes. The palm of the hand up to the fingers often looks like a trapezoid or square, while the fingers might be grouped together as a rectangular shape with a rounded edge. No matter what hand pose you pick, think about how you can divide your hand into simple shapes to make the process easier.

Wireframe sketch of a human hand

Step 3: Draw 3D finger shapes.

Fingers aren’t flat, so draw each finger as a 3D shape and separate them at the finger joints. They’ll look a bit like long boxes. “Think of them as having volume and six sides, so you can visualize how they move in perspective,” says Levens. If your pose includes foreshortening, the depth effect that makes objects closer or farther away out of proportion, you’ll want to note how that perspective shift alters your hand shape.

Sketch of a human hand

Step 4: Go over your lines with a darker pencil.

Flesh out the foundational lines of your hand sketch. If you’re working digitally, you can simply make a new layer and reduce the opacity of your old layers. If you used tracing paper for the previous steps, you can transfer the lines you want to keep onto a new sheet of paper. “This is where you can start to draw the outer landmarks of the hand and fill in the contours,” says Levens. But don’t get too hung up on details. “Figure out what the whole surface looks like before you go in and add knuckle wrinkles and fingernails and such.”

Drawing of a human hand

Step 5: Fill in the details.

Add character to your hand. Is it wrinkled and sunspotted? Smooth and freckled? Rough and calloused? You can convey a lot about a hand’s personality with the details you include. “You don’t want to emphasize the lines of the metacarpals on female hands if you’re trying to draw a youthful or feminine hand,” explains Levens. “Depending on the age and gender of the hand you’re drawing, you can really exaggerate and make it look like an older hand with a lot of character. But if you want to draw younger hands, go lighter on the details.”

Detailed drawing of a human hand

Step 6: Lay down the final ink.

Be attentive to line weight when adding the finishing touches to your hand illustration. You’ll probably want to switch up your brush or brush size in certain areas for the most lifelike results. Learn more about the digital inking process in  Adobe Fresco  with this live  drawing tutorial.

More tips for successful hand drawing.

“The sky is the limit for stylizing hands,” says Daviscourt. Remember that realistic hand drawings are just one way to go. A hand drawn in the style of comic art, manga, anime characters, or cartoon hands will each bring its own flavor and personality to the table.

Artistic drawing of human hands

Image by Lui Ferreyra

Each pose or gesture you draw will present something new and unexpected. Every hand comes with its own set of challenges to master, and that’s part of the fun. Repetition is the key ingredient to a successful hand drawing. Start drawing today and watch your hand come together a little more smoothly with each try.


Megan Levens

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30 Amazing Hand Drawing Ideas & Inspiration

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Hands are one of the hardest body parts to sketch. From hand drawing ideas to help inspire you, to useful tutorials.  Discover 30 amazing hand drawing ideas and inspiration. 

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25 Easy Hands Drawing Ideas – How to Draw Hands

Being an artist isn’t as easy as it seems, right? It requires a lot of work, time, patience, and much more! Sketching portraits is a skillful art to have. Learn how to draw hands with these 25 easy hands drawing ideas include step by step sketch guide, printables and coloring pages. These hands drawing includes expression and reflects the feeling of certain emotions. Similarly, hands can be one of the trickiest body parts to draw. You really have to feel the expression of the hand pose you are drawing. Well, guess what? Our simple easy-to-follow plans will give you just the insight you need to polish your sketching skills. Now, shaping the hands you want to draw in your desired pose is super simple! All you need to do is follow the useful tutorials and hand drawing ideas to help you achieve flawless results. So, are you ready? Let’s start!

25 easy hands drawing ideas - how to draw hands

From Realistic Hand Drawing to Sketching Human Hands and How to Draw Claw Hands to Hand Drawing for Beginners! We’ve got you all covered. Impress your loved ones by making special handmade cards for them. As holding hands convey such an unmatched feeling of love, don’t you agree? Also, it’s a great way to enhance your artsy skills as well as it’s cost-effective. Not only that but all the below-mentioned ideas are super easy to follow too! Be it professionals or learners these Ways to Draw Hands are suitable for everyone out there. Moreover, if you are a college art student or a teacher then this is the right place for you. Practice and strengthen your sketches further as practice makes perfect! Dig in and choose your favorite project and ace it like a pro by following the detailed guidelines attached along.

1. How to Draw Holding Hands

Holding Hands Drawing

Show your affection and love to your loved ones in a unique way on this Valentine’s Day by crafting or gifting this holding handcraft. If you are a crafter or drawing person, it would be super easy for you to get your hand on this project. However, beginners can also work on it by following the guidelines and instructions. To draw this holding handpiece of art, you will need plain white paper, a sharp pencil and a black sharpie. Ideally, you can follow the step-by-step tutorial also to draw the hand template effortlessly. iheartcraftythings

2. How to Draw Hands

How to Draw Hands

Do you want to draw the hands to teach your kids about this body part? If yes, you don’t need to buy a ready-made drawing from a store or book shop. You can surely make the handcraft yourself in no time and effort with this plan. The needed materials for this hand drawing are drawing paper, craft markers, a pencil, a fine liner pen, crayons and craft paints. Make sure to draw a plan entirely before coloring. artprojectsforkids

3. Realistic Hand Drawing

Realistic Hand Drawings

If you want to make a realistic drawing or sketch of your hand, this step-by-step tutorial is undoubtedly for you. Not only the artists but normal individuals can also draw this realistic hand effortlessly with this idea. You need to draw the circles at the different points of the page and assemble them using a pencil later to make this hand drawing. Moreover, the things you will need for this craft include white crafting paper, craft pencils, a sharp pencil and a black sharpie. Make sure to display the bones and their interaction in this drawing to make it look more realistic. dragoart

4. DIY Human Hand Drawing

Drawing Human Hand

Learn to draw the human hand like a professional crafter with this plan. It’s super easy even for the initial level crafters to make this drawing by following the step-by-step instructions. Ideally, you can draw this hand painting only by using a pencil. Moreover, you will need only white craft paper to complete this craft. Excitingly! You can trace the hand more efficiently on the paper by putting your hand on it. You need to mark the points on the paper and join them later to complete this drawing. yedraw

5. Sketching of Human Hand

Sketching of Human Hand

Do you love sketching or want to do it? Start sketching with a human hand drawing. For sure, you would love to make this drawing and showcase your crafting skills to all. Ideally, you can also download the hand picture online for a better understanding of this body part. In this way, the only thing you need to do is trace the hand on the paper. That’s All! For this, you can use white paper, a sharp pencil and a black sharpie. theartistdreamer

6. How to Draw Fingers Step by Step Guide

How to Draw Fingers Step by Step Guide

Learn to draw the human’s finger step-by-step with this plan or tutorial. For sure, you can also consider this drawing for your child to improve his drawing or crafting skills like a pro. It would be more fun-loving to draw the hand or fingers with these guidelines. So, draw the human fingers using white paper, pencil and black sharpie. Ideally, you can also change the position of fingers in a different direction according to your desire to make this craft a little bit more personalized. iheartcraftythings

7. Draw People Holding Hands

Draw People Holding Hands

Draw this person holding hands sketch in no time and effort with this DIY plan. Ideally, this drawing would be the best and most loveable gift for Valentine’s Day. You can make this drawing easily and quickly by starting by making the body lines on the paper. Make sure to follow the complete steps to end up this drawing like a pro. For this, you can use craft paper in white color, a sharp pencil, and colorful erasable pencils. dragoart

8. How to Draw Claw Hands

How to Draw Claw Hands

Learn to draw the hand in the claw pose with this tutorial. Not only in the claw pose, but you can also sketch the hand in different poses by following these guidelines and instructions. Make sure to start drawing this hand on the paper with light pencil lines. So, you can later join or edit those lines effortlessly. Moreover, the light lines are easy to erase and essential to give your drawing a smooth finishing. Start making this clawed hand by tracing the palm section on the paper. animeoutline

9. How to Draw Praying Hands

How to Draw Praying Hands

No doubt, we prefer to ask for the hand sketch on the paper when we go to a sketcher. Have you ever tried to draw the hand yourself? If not, you can try to make the praying hands on the paper yourself with this idea this time. It would be easier for you to complete this craft if you knew how to sketch or gather the pencil lines on paper. So, let’s get started making this drawing using white paper, pencil, black sharpie and light blue and brown craft paints. iheartcraftythings

10. Easy Way to Draw a Handshake

Easy Way to Draw a Handshake

Are you looking for an ideal and memorable gift for your friend on Friendship Day? If yes, nothing would be a better option than gifting this handshake drawing to your friend. He will surely love this piece of art and adore you for this effort. It might be difficult for the initial crafters to draw the handshake on the paper, but the template can make it less daunting. Make sure to get a better understanding of the pose before starting drawing this project. animeoutline

11. DIY Cartoon Hands Drawing

Drawing Cartoon Hands

No doubt, it’s not easy to draw the hands of the cartoon on paper. But one can surely do it quickly and efficiently with the step-by-step guidelines. If you are a cartoon illustrator or designer, you will surely know the importance of drawing the tricky hands of cartoons. If you also want to draw this hand, you can surely draw it using a round object for the palm, white paper, pencil and a black sharpie. nickgowman

12. How to Draw Cool Hand

Cool Hand Drawing

If you are a drawing person, you will surely know that drawing your hands on paper is not easy. Luckily! After understanding this format, you don’t need to hide the hands in the pockets or behind the human sketch. You will surely love to draw a cool hand on the paper with these instructions and guidelines. Make sure to focus on the angle of the hand drawing to draw it in the desired pose. thevirtualinstructor

13. Draw Anime Hands Holding Something

Draw Anime Hands Holding Something

Are you a comic crafter or sketcher? If yes, you will surely love to draw the Anime hands holding something on the sketching paper. Ideally, you can draw this hand in endless ways and poses of your choice. All you need to do is understand the right angles to get your hand on this fascinating Anime hand sketch. The best thing is that you can draw the fingers on the paper completely using a round object. However, you can later sketch each finger by tracing the fine lines. animeoutline

14. Hand Drawing for Beginners

Easy Way to Draw a Hand for Beginners

If you are a beginner drawing crafter, you can draw your hand on paper with this step-by-step tutorial. Ideally, you would love to show the personality of someone by tracing the hand in different poses. For sure, you can tell many things about someone by drawing the hand in the desired pose. If you also want to make this drawing, start tracing it on the paper from wrist and arm canter lines. arteza

15. Draw Your Own Hand

Draw Your Own Hand

Learn to make your hand drawing on the paper in the desired pose with these guidelines and instructions. You would love to trace your hand in different poses and directions of your choice, including all the small details. If you also want to make this hand drawing, focus on the essential details before focusing on the small details. For this, you have to start making this drawing from your hand’s most effective forms, palm and wrist. evolveyourart

16. DIY Hand Drawing Step by step Instructions

Drawing a Hand Step by step Instructions

If you are an art student, you will surely know the importance of body parts drawing or sketching. For sure, you cannot neglect hand drawing or sketching while drawing some comic or piece of art on paper. If you are searching for guidelines to draw the hand effortlessly, you can get the complete instructions from this step-by-step tutorial. Ideally, you can also download the free PDF template to complete this project like a pro. easydrawingguides

17. How to Draw Anime Hand

How to Draw Anime Hands

Draw an Anime hand on the sketching paper in no time and effort by following the steps provided in this tutorial. For sure, this tutorial is the best drawing instructor for beginner and professional crafters. Excitingly! You can draw your imaginations freely on the paper by working on this craft activity. The best thing is to use your own hand to get the best visuals for this drawing. Make sure to draw the rectangle for the palm to start drawing this Anime hand. wikihow

18. Easy Way to Draw a Skeleton Hand

Easy Way to Draw a Skeleton Hand

Are you searching for easy drawing guidelines to draw a skeleton hand on the paper? If yes, nothing would be a better option than getting the complete guidelines from this plan. You can also view this skeleton hand under the X-rays to get the visual representation of your hand and bones. If you know how to draw the bone, it would be easy for you to complete this project. A pencil, white paper sheet and an eraser are the whole things required for this project. easydrawingguides

19. How to Draw Hands from Side

How to Draw Hands from Side

If you are an artist, you will surely know that drawing a human hand on paper is not easy. No doubt, it’s the most daunting and time-consuming drawing activity, even for professional artists. However, it’s essential to draw the hand to complete the human sketch. If you want to learn to draw the realistic human hand from the side, you can follow this tutorial for ease of work. Make sure to start drawing this realistic hand drawing on the paper by tracing an oval shape on the right bottom corner of the paper. wikihow

20. Draw Mickey Mouse Hands

Draw Mickey Mouse Hands

Learn to draw the mickey mouse hand to complete its comic. If you are a cartoon sketcher or comic crafter, you will surely love to make this hand drawing by following the step-by-step guidelines and instructions. If you are a beginner crafter or sketcher, you can also follow the tutorial’s steps for ease of work. Ideally, the video plan includes even the minor details to complete this hand drawing efficiently.

21. Easy DIY Heart Hands Drawing

Easy Heart Hands Drawing

Learn to make the heart hands drawing on the paper by watching this tutorial plan. You can express your love and affection to your loved ones more creatively or loveably by making this drawing. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions to get your hand on this exact heart hands drawings. The whole supplies needed for this craft are white paper, pencil and eraser.

22. Female Hand Drawing

Female Hand Drawing

No doubt, the female hand structure is different from the male hand. If you want to draw the female hand on the paper for yourself or gift your friend, you can surely make it effortlessly by watching the video. This video includes all the necessary guidelines and instructions to complete this hand drawing effortlessly. Make sure to focus on the wrist, fingers and nails size because you are drawing a female hand.

23. How to Draw Palm Hand

How to Draw Palm Hand

Draw a palm hand on the paper to get the visual representation of your hand. Not only for the representation, but you can also sketch this hand to improve your human body’s sketching skills. If you are a beginner, you can also get the guidelines from the tutorial. Make sure to include all the fine lines on the fingers and palm to make this sketch a little bit more realistic. For this, you will require plain paper, a black sharpie, a pencil and an eraser.

24. How to Draw a Hand

How to Draw a Hand

Draw a praying or take a hand from a side pose like a professional with this tutorial plan. For sure, the pose and direction of the hand while sketching on the paper tell us a lot about the human’s personality. So, you have to sketch the hand according to the featured body or human character. For this, you can also follow the video’s guidelines and instructions. All you need to do is start tracing this hand pose on the paper from the wrist side and finish it on the fingers. That’s All!

25. DIY Cupped Hands Drawing

Draw Cupped Hands

Learn to draw the cupped hand on the paper for a realistic human sketch by following the tutorial’s steps and guidelines. It may look difficult to trace or sketch the hand because of its cupped pose. But you can surely try making it by tracing the thin fine lines on the paper. So, you can later join the lines effortlessly to complete this cupped hand sketch. Make sure to add more curves in the palm to get the right cupped hand pose.

Related Drawing Ideas:

Face Drawings: Get inspired to draw faces with these fun and easy face drawing ideas . Draw portraits, caricatures, animals, food, or anything else you want!

Nose Drawings: Drawing a nose is a great way to practice drawing facial features without having to draw the entire face.

Ghost Drawings: Ghost drawings are no problem for our library of art. Whether you’re looking for a few suggestions or a starting point, you can find the perfect ghost drawing ideas to get started.

Goku Drawings: Find these Goku drawings where anyone can search for your favorite anime or cartoon characters, or even their own original drawings and find a way to draw them.

Skeleton Hand Drawings: Skeleton hands are classic Halloween art . Learn how to draw a skeleton hand with this step-by-step tutorial.

easy hands drawing ideas tutorials

And that’s all! Hope you enjoyed going through all the Ways to Draw Hands and have already picked out your favorite hands drawing to go. There’s no better way to invest your free time other than doing some art as it’s so therapeutic. Take help from these hands drawing ideas to perfect your hand drawing and make your projects look beautiful in no time. Also, they require the simplest and most readily available materials to begin work on. No more spending dollars on Hand templates and cards.

Simply make your own masterpiece and surprise yourself! Moreover, carry out these fun crafts with your kids to help them learn body parts and also how to draw. Drawing really helps visualize things in a deeper and more meaningful way. Gather all your supplies and start right away! Make special moments like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day count like never before. Have fun!

Easy Drawing Guides

16 Hand Drawing Ideas with Step by Step Tutorials

Hands are expressive. Renderings of hands are among the oldest art forms. You can get in on the trend with these hand-drawing ideas with step-by-step tutorials.

Many gestures are nearly universal in meaning. Many people recognize that a fist indicates anger and hands with palms together communicate prayer or supplication, for example.

In fact, people who can't speak with their voices speak with their hands, using sign language.

Some of the world's oldest artwork includes handprints on the walls of caves. Thousands of years ago, these artists left something of themselves for us to find.

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In the millennia since, statues and paintings have included hands. The positioning of the hands and fingers can convey meaning. But you might think that hands are hard to draw.

After all, it's easy to get the proportions wrong, ending up with unwieldy hands that are too large or too small.

These easy, step-by-step drawing guides are here to help. First, you can learn about the hand by drawing the skeletal structure or a simple open hand.

Then, you can draw hands in action - covering the face, holding another hand, making a promise, and other common gestures.

16 Easy Hand Drawing Tutorials Pinterest Image

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You can even explore emoji characters whose hands make up a sizable portion of them. Soon, you will feel comfortable drawing these delicate and expressive appendages.

16 Easy Hand Drawing Ideas

drawing ideas hand

Hand Covering Face

You might cover your face out of embarrassment, sadness, or frustration. Sketch this woman's portrait, paying special attention to the back of her hand.

drawing ideas hand

Praying Hands

A number of religious traditions "fold" their hands in prayer, placing the palms together as you see in this picture.

drawing ideas hand

Holding Hands

To hold someone's hand is a gesture of trust, friendship, love, or protection. As you draw, notice how the fingers of the one hand fit well between the thumb and fingers of the other.

drawing ideas hand

Anime Hands and Hand Gestures

This tutorial will walk you through a simple upraised hand with its palm toward you. Then, you can explore other gestures, such as pointing or the sign language letters for "e" and "v."

drawing ideas hand

Hand Holding a Sword

Our fingers and opposable thumbs are uniquely designed for grasping objects - in this case, the hilt of a sword.

drawing ideas hand

A fist is a hand that is "balled" or clenched. The fingers are drawn into the palm with the thumb over them.

drawing ideas hand

Finger Heart

With a snap of your fingers, love can appear! Learn to sketch the common gesture of snapping one's fingers. Like magic, a heart appears above the snap.

drawing ideas hand

This simple hand is a great starting point. You can not only get a feel for the shape of the hand but also the contours of the palm and joints of the fingers.

drawing ideas hand

Pinky Promise

A pinky promise is a handshake made by locking one's pinky finger around another's. This gesture is made to secure and affirm a promise.

drawing ideas hand

Heart Hands

Perfect for selfies or for framing distant loved ones, this gesture uses the curled fingers of two hands to outline the shape of a heart.

drawing ideas hand

There aren't any hands in this drawing, only the cuffs that police use to restrain them. Can you add the hands from another tutorial on this list?

drawing ideas hand

Cartoon Hand

You will notice that this simple hand is rounder and fleshier than the realistic hand above. That's because it belongs to a cartoon character!

drawing ideas hand

Washing Hands

Washing your hands not only takes care of your hands; it takes care of your whole body. Draw this sketch as a helpful reminder to scrub with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

drawing ideas hand

Skeleton Hand

Bones lend structure to the hand and fingers. Explore this cartoonish sketch of a hand sans its muscles and skin.

drawing ideas hand

Laughing Emoji with Hands

This emoji has the gloved hands common to cartoon characters. You can master this simple, classic style.

drawing ideas hand

Thumbs up Sign

A thumbs up says "Good job" or "We're good to go." This gesture is similar to the fist with its curled fingers. The difference is in the placement of the thumb.

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20 things to draw on your hand easy drawing ideas.

Drawing on your hand can be a fun and creative way to express yourself artistically. It turns your hand into a miniature canvas, allowing you to showcase your unique style and ideas.

Here are 20 easy and fun things you can draw on your hand:

  • A smiley face
  • A simple sun
  • A cute animal (e.g., cat, dog, owl)
  • A lightning bolt
  • A musical note
  • A peace sign
  • A butterfly
  • A moon and stars
  • A simple tree
  • A snowflake
  • A cupcake or ice cream cone
  • A simple ocean wave
  • A small bird in flight
  • A simple arrow

These easy drawing ideas are perfect for quick doodles or creative fun on your hand. Remember to use non-toxic, washable markers or pens that are safe for skin, and enjoy your artistic creations!

In this article, we will explore why drawing on your hand can be a great form of personal expression. We will provide you with 20 easy drawing ideas to inspire your artistic creations.

20 Things To Draw On Your Hand Easy Drawing Ideas

Drawing on your hand offers several advantages, making it an appealing choice for artists of all skill levels. Firstly, your hand is a portable canvas that is always with you, allowing you to create art anytime, anywhere. It provides a convenient outlet for your artistic impulses, from quick doodles during idle moments to more elaborate designs.

Drawing on your hand allows for personal expression. You can convey your thoughts, feelings, and interests through your artwork, creating a visual representation of your unique personality. Whether you prefer intricate patterns, cute illustrations, or empowering messages, your hand becomes a reflection of your creative spirit.

Now, let's explore 20 easy drawing ideas for your hand that will inspire your artistic journey. From floral designs and geometric patterns to animals and quotes, these ideas will provide you with a diverse range of artistic possibilities. Whether you want to add a touch of nature, showcase your favorite cartoon character, or create a mini portrait, these ideas will help you unleash your creativity .

So, grab a pen or marker, and get ready to transform your hand into a vibrant and captivating work of art!

Key takeaway

  • Portable canvas: Drawing on your hand provides a convenient and portable canvas for expressing your artistic skills and ideas.
  • Personal expression: Drawing on your hand allows you to showcase your individuality and creativity through unique designs and symbols.
  • Multiple drawing ideas: Explore a wide range of easy drawing ideas for your hand, including floral designs, geometric patterns, animals and insects, quotes and typography, cartoon characters, and more. 

Why Draw on Your Hand?

Looking for a unique and convenient way to express yourself? In this section, we delve into why drawing on your hand is gaining popularity. Discover the power of using your hand as a portable canvas , always at your fingertips.

Unleash your personal expression through simple doodles or intricate designs , making a statement without saying a word. Say goodbye to traditional paper and join the trend of hand-drawn artistry .

1. Portable Canvas

A portable canvas has many benefits for artists. It allows them to showcase their creativity anywhere. Here are some advantages of using a portable canvas:

Convenience: With a portable canvas, artists can easily transport their artwork and continue creating on the go.

Flexibility: Artists can experiment with different drawing techniques, styles, and subjects using a portable canvas, without being tied to one location.

Variety: A portable canvas allows artists to explore a wide range of subjects, from simple everyday objects to intricate patterns and abstract shapes.

Inspiration: The portability of the canvas enables artists to draw inspiration from their surroundings, capturing nature scenes, holding hands, or even entertaining shower thoughts.

Interactivity: Drawing on your hand with temporary tattoos or illustrations creates a unique interactive experience, such as a butterfly landing on your finger or a cartoon dinosaur coming to life.

Versatility: Artists can use a portable canvas to depict various themes, like shooting stars, moon phases, ocean waves, or peaceful landscapes.

Expression: Drawing on your hand provides an opportunity for personal expression, through hand poses, holding a symbolic rose, or even incorporating a love letter or inspirational message.

So, if you're an artist looking for a creative outlet, grab a portable canvas and explore the endless possibilities it offers. Let your imagination run wild and create stunning artworks with your own hands!

2. Personal Expression

When it comes to personal expression, hand drawing allows you to showcase your creativity and embrace personal expression. It serves as a portable and visible canvas for conveying your emotions, thoughts, and individuality.

Drawing on your hand gives you the freedom to express yourself without restrictions, allowing you to experiment with different designs, patterns, and symbols that truly represent your personality .

It is a form of artistic expression that showcases your skills and serves as a means of self-expression. You can create intricate, abstract shapes or simple drawings that convey deep meanings. Hand drawings can also be viewed as temporary tattoos , allowing you to explore various designs without the commitment of a permanent tattoo.

Moreover, drawing on your hand can spark conversations and connections with others, serving as a conversation-starter and inviting others to engage in discussions about your artwork. Each drawing on your hand can have a personal and symbolic meaning to you, adding a personal touch to your appearance.

Embrace the opportunity to express yourself creatively through hand drawing and let your imagination soar. Use your hand as a canvas for personal expression .

20 Easy Drawing Ideas for Your Hand

20 Easy Drawing Ideas for Your Hand - 20 Things To Draw On Your Hand: Easy Drawing Ideas

Photo Credits: Homepointmedia.Com by Carl Wright

Looking for some creative inspiration for your hand? Look no further! In this section, we've curated a list of 20 easy drawing ideas that you can bring to life right on your hand.

From floral designs to geometric patterns , animals to quotes , cartoons to zodiac signs , and so much more - we've got you covered. Get ready to unleash your artistic side with these fun and diverse drawing ideas that are sure to make your hand a canvas for creativity!

1. Floral Designs

Floral designs are a beautiful and elegant addition to hand drawings. They are highly popular for their ability to create intricate and delicate artwork. If you're looking for inspiration, here are some ideas for floral designs that might inspire you:

1. Rose: This classic floral design symbolizes love and beauty.

2. Sunflower: A vibrant and cheerful flower that represents happiness and positivity.

3. Lotus: As a sacred flower, it symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and rebirth.

4. Cherry Blossom: Delicate and fleeting, this flower symbolizes beauty and the transient nature of life.

5. Orchid: An elegant and exotic flower associated with love, luxury, and strength.

6. Tulip: With its graceful shape, this flower symbolizes perfect love.

7. Daisy: A simple and cheerful flower representing purity and innocence.

8. Lavender: Known for its calming properties and association with serenity, this fragrant flower is highly popular.

9. Lily: Majestic and majestic, this flower symbolizes purity, beauty, and fertility.

10. Peony: With its lush and vibrant appearance, this flower represents prosperity and good fortune.

These floral designs can be adapted to your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer realistic renderings or more abstract interpretations, floral designs offer endless possibilities for creative expression.

2. Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns, such as triangles, squares, circles, chevrons, and zigzags, are popular when drawing on your hand. They add symmetry and elegance to your artwork. Here are a few ideas to get you started in incorporating geometric patterns:

1. Triangles: Create an interesting pattern by drawing various sizes of triangles on your hand. Experiment with different placements and colors to enhance the overall design.

2. Squares: Draw a grid of squares on your hand or create a mosaic effect by filling each square with a different geometric pattern. This will create a visually appealing and intricate design.

3. Circles: Intersecting circles can create a mesmerizing design on your hand. Experiment with concentric circles to achieve a unique and captivating effect.

4. Chevron: Draw a series of diagonal lines to create a chevron pattern on your hand. Alternate colors for a more visually appealing design that will stand out.

5. Zigzag: Create a dynamic and eye-catching zigzag pattern by drawing diagonal lines that switch direction on your hand. This will add an element of movement and intrigue to your hand drawing.

These ideas for incorporating geometric patterns can inspire you to create beautiful and unique designs. Mix and match different patterns or come up with your own to explore the endless possibilities of geometric art on your hand.

3. Animals and Insects

Animals and insects can be easily depicted through simple sketches and basic shapes. By using simple techniques, you can bring these creatures to life on paper. Here, we have provided a few ideas to help you get started.

First, let's talk about cats . You can draw a cute cat by focusing on its defining features, such as pointy ears and whiskers . Use gentle curves to bring the cat to life on your page.

Next, let's move on to butterflies . These delicate creatures are known for their colorful wings. To create a butterfly, emphasize the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of its wings.

Now, let's dive into the world of dinosaurs . These prehistoric creatures are fascinating to sketch. By drawing a cartoon dinosaur, you can transport yourself back in time. Let your imagination run wild as you bring this extinct creature to life on your paper.

Moving on, let's explore deer . These majestic animals can be captured through a simple sketch. Focus on the deer's elegant stance and add antlers to complete the picture.

Lastly, let's not forget about guinea pigs . These adorable rodents with their small ears and round bodies make for a charming drawing. Pay attention to the guinea pig's cute features and capture its essence on paper.

Remember, these are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to experiment and explore different animals and insects. You never know what masterpiece you might create!

4. Quotes and Typography

Drawing on your hand with quotes and typography can add unique and artistic elements. Incorporating quotes and typography into your hand drawings can create visually captivating designs. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

1. Create meaningful quotes using different fonts and sizes for visual interest. Experiment with typography styles to showcase words or phrases that resonate with you.

2. Bring your favorite song lyrics to life on your hand, experimenting with lettering styles and musical symbols. Use different typography techniques to depict the essence of the lyrics.

3. Explore different typography styles to showcase words or phrases that resonate with you. Experiment with calligraphy-inspired typography for an elegant and sophisticated look.

4. Draw inspirational sayings or mantras that uplift and motivate. Combine typography with drawings to create visually captivating designs and typographic illustrations.

5. Design handwritten notes or love letters on your hand for a personal touch. Use various lettering styles like graffiti or brush lettering for a bold and artistic flair.

6. Try calligraphy-inspired typography for an elegant and sophisticated look. Use different lettering styles and sizes to create visually appealing designs.

7. Experiment with unique lettering styles like graffiti or brush lettering for a bold and artistic flair. Combine words with drawings to create visually captivating designs through typographic illustrations.

8. Combine words with drawings to create visually captivating designs through typographic illustrations. Experiment with different lettering styles like calligraphy or graffiti.

9. Write your favorite book quotes or literary passages, using different styles to capture the text's essence. Explore typography techniques to bring the quotes to life on your hand.

10. Use typography to depict famous quotes from influential figures or historical events. Experiment with different fonts, sizes, and lettering styles to create visually appealing designs.

Did you know that calligraphy is an art form that focuses on beautiful handwriting and decorative lettering? Incorporating quotes and typography into your hand drawings can elevate your artistic expression.

5. Cartoon Characters

When drawing on your hand, you have many cartoon characters to choose from. Popular ideas include funny shower thoughts, more cats, a butterfly landing on your finger, a cartoon dinosaur, shooting stars, moon phases, and deep thinking. You can also draw yourself holding a rose, writing a love letter, or sketching simple things like a cartoon heart.

Let your imagination run wild and bring your favorite cartoon characters to life on your hand. Remember, drawing on your hand is temporary, so don't be afraid to experiment with different designs. By exploring these cartoon character ideas, you can add creativity and individuality to your hand. Let your hand become a canvas for your favorite cartoon characters by grabbing your pencil and starting to draw.

6. Musical Symbols

Musical symbols can be drawn on your hand to represent different aspects of music. Here are some options:

  • Note symbols: Represent different rhythms with quarter notes , eighth notes , or whole notes .
  • Clef symbols: Show the different ranges of musical pitches with treble clefs or bass clefs .
  • Rest symbols: Indicate periods of silence in the music with whole rests , quarter rests , or eighth rests .
  • Sharp symbol: Play a note a half step higher with a small hashtag or a vertical line with two slanted lines.
  • Flat symbol: Play a note a half step lower with a lowercase ""b"" or a diagonal line.
  • Natural symbol: Cancel out a sharp or flat and play a note at its original pitch with an uppercase ""n"" or a diagonal line with two dots.

By drawing these musical symbols on your hand, you can create unique designs and show your love for music.

7. Food and Drinks

Here is a table with 7 food and drink drawing ideas for your hand:

1. Bowl of Dinner

2. Ocean Waves

3. Wave Illustration

4. Peace Sign

5. Holding a Rose

6. Love Letter

7. Cup of Coffee

These are just a few examples of the many food and drink drawings that you can create on your hand. Get creative and experiment with different designs!

8. Zodiac Signs

When it comes to drawing on your hand, one interesting theme is exploring Zodiac Signs . These symbols represent different traits and characteristics based on astrology. Here are some Zodiac Sign ideas to consider:

- Aries: The ram symbolizes courage and determination

- Taurus: The bull represents strength and reliability

- Gemini: The twins symbolize versatility and adaptability

- Cancer: The crab represents emotional depth and intuition

- Leo: The lion symbolizes leadership and confidence

- Virgo: The maiden represents practicality and attention to detail

- Libra: The scales symbolize balance and harmony

- Scorpio: The scorpion represents passion and intensity

- Sagittarius: The archer symbolizes adventure and optimism

- Capricorn: The goat represents ambition and discipline

- Aquarius: The water-bearer symbolizes progress and innovation

- Pisces: The fish represents compassion and spirituality

These Zodiac Sign ideas can inspire unique and personalized hand drawings. Whether you're an advanced artist or looking for easy drawing ideas, exploring Zodiac Signs adds mystique and meaning to your artwork.

9. Nature Scenes

When it comes to drawing nature scenes on your hand, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Mountains with a sunrise or sunset
  • A tranquil forest with trees and a flowing river
  • A beach scene with sand , waves , and seashells
  • A field of blooming flowers with butterflies
  • A peaceful garden with a variety of plants and a bird
  • A starry night sky with a moon and shooting stars
  • An underwater scene with colorful fish and coral reefs
  • A majestic waterfall surrounded by lush greenery
  • A snowy landscape with a cozy cabin and trees
  • A desert scene with cacti and a bright sun

These examples will spark your creativity. Nature scenes let you express your love for the outdoors and create beautiful artwork on your hand. Use light strokes and blend colors to bring your scenes to life. Enjoy drawing!

10. Mini Portraits

  • Draw a miniature version of a loved one's face on your hand, capturing their unique features and expressions.
  • Create a self-portrait on your hand, showcasing your own features and personality.
  • Sketch a famous figure or celebrity on your hand, like your favorite musician, actor, or sports personality.
  • Try drawing a pet portrait on your hand, capturing the essence of your furry friend's adorable face.
  • Create a fantasy portrait on your hand, depicting a mythical creature or character from a book or movie.
  • Experiment with abstract portraits, using shapes, lines, and colors to represent emotions or ideas.
  • Draw a cartoon character on your hand, bringing a beloved character to life in miniature form.
  • Create a miniature portrait of a historical figure, showcasing their distinctive features and style.
  • Try a minimalist portrait, using simple lines and shapes to capture the essence of a person's face.
  • Experiment with different drawing styles, such as a pencil sketch, ink drawing, or watercolor portrait.

In ancient times, people created mini portraits on their hands. These delicate and intricate drawings showcased their creativity and skill. Natural dyes made from plants and minerals were often used.

These miniatures served as portable canvases that could be easily admired or shown to others. Mini portraits on hands became a symbol of personal expression and an art form.

Today, artists still enjoy the challenge of capturing intricate details on the small canvas of a hand. Mini portraits on hands continue to be a unique and meaningful way to showcase artistic talent, whether it is capturing the likeness of a loved one or creating fantastical creatures.

11. Inspirational Symbols

Incorporating inspirational symbols when drawing on your hand can be a great way to express yourself creatively .

Here are some symbols you can easily draw on your hand:

- A peace sign , representing harmony and unity .

- A shooting star , symbolizing dreams and aspirations .

- Music notes , representing the power of music to uplift and inspire .

- A love letter , symbolizing heartfelt emotions and affection .

- A butterfly landing on a finger , symbolizing transformation and growth .

Drawing these symbols on your hand can serve as a reminder of the positive and meaningful aspects of your life , providing motivation and inspiration throughout the day.

Symbols have always played a significant role in human communication and expression. From ancient hieroglyphics to modern-day emojis, symbols have the power to convey deep meanings and emotions visually. By drawing inspirational symbols on your hand, you tap into this rich history and enhance your own personal expression.

12. Objects and Everyday Items

Draw these objects and everyday items on your hand:

Draw these everyday items on your hand to showcase your artistic skills. Use a pencil or colorful markers to bring them to life. Be creative with details, textures, and shading techniques to make your drawings stand out.

Let your imagination run wild as you explore the world of drawing on your hand!

13. Mandalas and Zen Doodles

Drawing mandalas and zen doodles on your hand is an exciting way to express creativity and find inner peace.

The process of drawing mandalas on your hand allows for the exploration of symmetry and geometric patterns . Start by establishing a central point and then create intricate circles and shapes around it, utilizing different line thicknesses and shading techniques .

Zen doodles , on the other hand, are spontaneous drawings that often include intricate patterns and details. With zen doodles , you have the freedom to create abstract shapes, repetitive patterns, or even incorporate elements such as flowers , animals , or inspirational symbols .

The act of drawing mandalas and zen doodles can promote relaxation and focus as a meditative practice. The repetitive motions involved in creating these drawings and the attention to detail help to calm the mind and reduce stress.

Furthermore, mandalas and zen doodles provide an opportunity for self-expression . Color choices, symbols used, and patterns selected can all be reflective of your mood, personality, or emotions, allowing you to truly express yourself through your artwork.

Additionally, drawing on your hand provides a portable canvas, enabling you to easily showcase your artwork or find inspiration wherever you go. The convenience of having your artistic creations readily available on your hand allows you to share your talents with others and carry your passion for drawing with you at all times.

14. Abstract Designs

When it comes to drawing on your hand, abstract designs offer a unique and visually striking option. Abstract art allows for creative exploration of shapes, colors, and patterns. Here are 14 abstract design ideas for your hand:

  • Abstract Shapes
  • Holding Hands
  • Climbing Figure
  • Butterfly Landing on Finger
  • Cartoon Dinosaur
  • Shooting Stars
  • Moon Phases
  • Drawing Tips
  • Bowl of Dinner
  • Ocean Waves
  • Drawing Generators
  • Wave Illustration

Abstract designs provide endless possibilities for creativity and self-expression. They can be simple or complex, each conveying a different emotion or idea. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with different shapes, lines, and colors to create a truly unique abstract design on your hand.

A friend of mine once drew an abstract design on her hand for a special occasion. She wanted something that would stand out and reflect her vibrant personality. Using bold and vibrant colors, she created an abstract design that incorporated geometric shapes and swirling patterns.

Throughout the day, she received countless compliments on her hand art and sparked interesting conversations about art and self-expression. It was a testament to the power of abstract designs to captivate attention and spark creativity in others.

15. Space and Galaxy Themes

  • For space and galaxy-themed hand drawings, start by drawing stars on your hand to create a celestial scene.
  • Next, sketch our solar system's planets in their sizes and positions to add to the overall theme.
  • Depict the spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy to further enhance the cosmic atmosphere.
  • For added beauty, capture the swirling colors and cosmic dust of a nebula in your drawing.
  • Illustrate an astronaut floating in space with stars and the Earth as the background - a classic space image.

To make your drawings even more captivating, consider adding shooting stars , moon phases , or a spaceship . Experiment with shading or stippling techniques to create depth and dimension. Let your imagination explore the wonders of the universe as you bring it to life on your hand.

16. Sports and Hobbies

When it comes to incorporating sports and hobbies into your hand drawings, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Celebrate your favorite sport by drawing a baseball or basketball .
  • Showcase your love for extreme sports by creating a skateboard or BMX bike .
  • Represent your passion for team sports by trying your hand at drawing a soccer ball or football .
  • For those who enjoy racket sports, capture the excitement with a volleyball or tennis racket drawing.
  • Explore the world of martial arts by incorporating a karate or taekwondo symbol into your artwork.
  • Express your love for playing or listening to music by drawing a guitar or musical notes .
  • Add a touch of artistry by incorporating a pencil or paintbrush drawing to represent your passion for drawing or painting.
  • If you're a fan of video games, showcase your love by drawing a game controller or your favorite game character.
  • Symbolize your love for nature and adventure by drawing a hiking boot or a camping tent .

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to explore your own favorite sports and hobbies or try something new. Keep in mind that the key is to incorporate these themes naturally into your drawings!

17. Festive and Holiday Designs

Historically, festive and holiday designs have always been a popular form of artistic expression during seasonal celebrations. People have always adorned themselves and their surroundings with symbols and imagery that capture the spirit of holidays and festivities. These designs represent joy, tradition, and the collective merriment shared during these special times of the year.

Whether through drawings on the skin or decorations on trees and walls, festive and holiday designs allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the magic and wonder of the season.

Drawing these designs on our hands adds a personal touch to our celebrations and serves as a constant reminder of the joy and happiness that comes with this time of year.

So, let your creativity shine and let these festive and holiday designs truly reflect your spirit during the most wonderful time of the year .

18. Fairytale and Fantasy Creatures

As part of ""20 Things To Draw On Your Hand: Easy Drawing Ideas,"" let's explore some charming and imaginative fairytale and fantasy creatures you can draw on your hand:

Hopefully, these drawing ideas inspired by fairytale and fantasy creatures will ignite your creative spirit. Enjoy exploring the world of fairytale and fantasy creatures through your artwork!

19. Travel and Adventure Symbols

The sub-topic "" 19. Travel and Adventure Symbols "" in the article "" 20 Things To Draw On Your Hand: Easy Drawing Ideas"" focuses on travel and adventure-themed symbols.

These symbols can be drawn on your hand to remind you of your love for travel and express your adventurous spirit.

- Compass: Symbolizes direction, exploration, and the desire to travel.

- Airplane: Represents the joy of flying and the excitement of embarking on new adventures.

- Suitcase: Depicts the idea of packing up and going on a journey.

- Mountain: Symbol of adventure and conquering challenges.

- Camera: Signifies capturing and preserving travel memories.

- Passport: Represents the freedom and opportunity to explore different countries.

- World Map: Symbolizes the desire to see and experience the world.

- Anchor: Represents stability and a love for seaside adventures.

- Campfire: Symbol of camping and outdoor adventures.

- Hiking Boot: Represents a love for hiking and exploring nature.

These travel and adventure symbols can be drawn on your hand as a form of self-expression or as a way to inspire and remind yourself of your passion for travel.

Whether you are an advanced artist or looking for simple drawing ideas , these symbols can add a touch of wanderlust to your everyday life. So, grab a pencil and let your imagination take you on a journey around the world without leaving your hand.

20. Personalized Messages

Personalized Messages

Here are some ideas for incorporating personalized messages into your daily life:

  • Your own name or initials can be a great way to add a personal touch to any item or activity.
  • Consider engraving a favorite quote or mantra onto a piece of jewelry or a personal item to remind yourself of what you value.
  • Celebrate special dates or anniversaries by commemorating them with a personalized message. This could be something as simple as writing the date on a calendar or creating a custom-made card.
  • Positive affirmations are a powerful way to uplift your spirits and stay motivated. Write down affirmations that resonate with you and place them where you can see them daily.
  • Choose a symbol that represents something meaningful to you and incorporate it into your daily life. This could be as simple as wearing a piece of jewelry with symbolic meaning or drawing the symbol on your belongings.
  • Keep your goals and aspirations at the forefront of your mind by creating reminders. Write down your goals and place them in visible locations or create a vision board to stay focused and motivated.
  • Find joy in simple things by incorporating words or phrases that bring you happiness into your daily life. It could be a quote, a song lyric, or even a simple word that makes you smile.
  • Spread love and friendship by sending personalized messages to your loved ones. Whether it's a handwritten note, a personalized gift, or a heartfelt message, let them know how much they mean to you.
  • Cultivate gratitude by incorporating reminders into your daily life. Write down things you are grateful for and place them where you can see them frequently to always be reminded of the blessings in your life.
  • In times of difficulty, draw strength and resilience from personalized messages. Whether it's a motivational quote or a reminder of your own achievements, let these messages empower you to overcome challenges.

These personalized messages can serve as daily reminders or as sources of motivation. Whether you choose to incorporate them into your wardrobe, your surroundings, or simply write them in a journal, let your creativity flow and use them as a tool for self-expression!

Remember, personalization can take many forms, so have fun exploring different ways to incorporate personalized messages into your life.

Some Facts About 20 Things To Draw On Your Hand: Easy Drawing Ideas:

  • ✅ Drawing on your hand allows for creativity and temporary tattoos. (Source:
  • ✅ You can draw various cute things on your hand, such as a smiling sun, a little puppy, or a cartoon unicorn. (Source:
  • ✅ Drawing on your hand offers a way to relieve boredom and spark imagination. (Source:
  • ✅ There are over 50 fun things you can draw on your hand, including aliens, burgers, butterflies, and cats. (Source:
  • ✅ Drawing on your hand provides a temporary canvas for experimenting with different designs. (Source:

Frequently Asked Questions

Faq: what are some easy hand drawing ideas for beginners.

Some easy hand drawing ideas for beginners include a cute little thumbs up drawing, catching the moon and stars, a butterfly landing on someone's finger, and a simple doodle of someone handing a love letter to someone.

FAQ: How can I practice drawing hands?

To practice drawing hands, you can follow a step-by-step guide on how to draw hands. You can also try drawing different hand poses or use references to improve your hand drawing skills.

FAQ: How can I draw a heart sign on my hand?

To draw a heart sign on your hand, you can start by sketching the outline of a heart shape using a pencil. Then, you can go over the outline with an ink pen to create the final drawing.

FAQ: Are there any tips for drawing flower and butterflies on my hand?

When drawing flower and butterflies on your hand, you can start by sketching the basic shapes of the flowers and butterflies using a pencil. Then, you can add details and patterns to the drawings. You can also experiment with different colors to make your drawings more vibrant.

FAQ: Is it normal to draw on yourself?

Drawing on yourself is a creative and temporary form of self-expression. It is a common practice and is not considered harmful. However, if you have any concerns or skin sensitivities, it is always best to consult a medical professional.

FAQ: How can I test new features on YouTube?

You can test new features on YouTube by opting to participate in YouTube's testing programs. These programs allow users to try out new features before they are released to the general public. You can find more information about testing new features on YouTube's website.

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365 Drawing Ideas for Your Sketchbook

Need some ideas for what to draw in your sketchbook? This list of 365 drawing ideas is sure to inspire you to doodle, draw, or sketch something every single day of the year!

' src=

Need some ideas for what to draw in your sketchbook? This list of 365 drawing ideas is sure to inspire you to doodle, draw, or sketch something every single day of the year whether you use ink, pen, pencil or charcoal to create.

You can choose whether to draw one drawing a day, go in the list in order, or simply skip around and choose the ones you like best!

drawing ideas hand

Here are 365 Drawing Ideas to Inspire:

1. view from the park.

drawing ideas hand

Parks are great sources of inspiration for drawing. Snap a few of your own reference photos of monuments, benches, and scenes that capture your eye or spend some time in the park with your sketchbook drawing the different scenes you notice.

2. Hot Air Balloon

drawing ideas hand

Hot air balloons are mesmerizing to watch in the sky and can be a beautiful and whimsical thing to learn how to draw. While it’s not too common anymore to see one floating past you in real-life, there are MANY photos out there that you can use as a reference.

drawing ideas hand

Snap a photo of yourself or try drawing yourself while you look in a mirror.

drawing ideas hand

You might see leaves on the ground during autumn or notice them on trees in the spring and summer. Choose a few different leaf shapes to draw.

drawing ideas hand

They say once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget – so why not try the same thing with learning to draw a bicycle? You can make it realistic or simply create a fun doodle.

6. Hedgehog

drawing ideas hand

Hedgehogs are adorable spiny creatures most commonly found in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and in New Zealand. Draw one today!

7. Baseball and/or Baseball Glove

This was actually an assignment we had in high school to practice realistic sketching and shading using nothing more than a #2 pencil!

8. Fruit Bowl

The classic fruit bowl still life might not sound like the most creative idea for drawing, but have you tried it? You might just be surprised. You could also draw a still life of bananas, oranges, apples, or grapes.

9. Tropical Fish

drawing ideas hand

There are so many types of tropical fish to consider as an idea for things that are easy to draw – choose from an angel fish, a clown fish or even maybe a butterflyfish!

10. Skyscrapers

We see so many great examples of skyscraper architecture in our cities that there are endless sources of inspiration for types of skyscrapers you could draw. Take your sketchbook out locally to a city near you, or spend some time drawing iconic skyscrapers such as the Bank of China Tower, the Taipei 101, or the Chrysler Building.

Dragons are mythical creatures that have been a drawing subject since ancient times. Draw a dragon with a knight in shining armor, a Chinese dragon, or maybe even a friendly dragon that helps you roast marshmallows.

drawing ideas hand

Unlock the power of your creativity by drawing some keys! You can choose to draw old fashioned skeleton keys or draw a sketch of the keys out of your purse or your house key.

13. Volcano

Have you ever seen a volcano in real life? Even if you’ve only seen one in movies or in photographs they can be fascinating subjects for art and sketching.

14. Sail Boat

Sailboats are often see on lakes and at marinas and can have all sorts of beautiful designs on the sails.

Draw a teddy bear, a brown bear or a grizzly bear – your choice!

Lay down on a blanket in your yard or at a park and spend some time cloud-gazing for inspiration on what to draw.

17. Family Member

You can have a family member pose while you create a portrait sketch of them, or draw a portrait based on a photo of someone you know.

What can I say about sharks? They have big teeth, they live in the ocean, and they can be very fun and popular to draw.

19. Feather

drawing ideas hand

Birds of a feather…are a great thing to draw! You can make them icon style, or try to recreate a realistic feather on paper.

20. T-Shirt

Surely you have a t-shirt in your closet that would make for a great subject for drawing.

21. The Kitchen

Kitchens are where food is made and are often overlooked as the perfect place to sketch to get a glimpse into your everyday life.

22. Satellite:

Satellites are constantly in orbit around our earth, and they are very interesting looking items with many different geometric lines to use to build your drawing skills.

23. Penguin

Penguins are seabirds that live in mostly cold climates. They don’t fly but they sure do love to swim!

24. Fashion Sketch

What’s trending in the fashion world? Come up with your own fashion designs or take inspiration from some of the leading fashion designers to create your own fashion sketches.

The best part about aliens as a drawing idea? You can make them look like almost anything your imagination can think of, since it is very rare to actually see them in real-life.

26. Pirate Ship

Ahoy Matey! Pirate ships are a great thing to draw in your sketchbook and can be realistic or make your own cartoon.

27. Skateboard

The nice thing about drawing a skateboard is its not nearly as intimidating as trying to actually ride a skateboard.

Celebrate today by drawing a beautiful cake! You can choose how many layers, what kind of icing, and what type of topper fits the occasion. There are so many ideas to draw for what kind of cake you make!

29. Butterfly

There are so many different kinds of beautiful butterflies you could draw, such as monarchs or swallowtail butterflies.

30. Race Car

race car sketch

Vroom vroom, race cars are designed for speed. Draw your favorite kind of race car, whether it’s an old fashioned derby style car or a racecar fit for Nascar tournament.

If you have a cat you can draw a portrait of your own pet or of course you could make a cartoon cat – we all know and love Garfield the Cat and his affinity for lasagna.

With over 190 registered dog breeds by the American Kennel Club you could almost make it a daily challenge just to draw a different type of dog.

33. Super Hero

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s super man! Draw one of your favorite super heroes or create your own!

34. Cup of Coffee or Tea

If you’re going to drink coffee or tea every day, you might as well sketch it, right? Not a coffee or tea drinker? You can always sketch a glass of water.

35. Dinosaur

Dinosaur…roar! Draw a T-rex, a brontosaurus, a triceratops, pterodactyl or a velociraptor if you wish – there are so many great dinosaurs to choose from as sketchbook inspiration!

36. Web Icons

Web icons have become so common place we see them everywhere online. Sketch some icons for your favorite social media channels or visit a site like  for inspiration!

Pizza can be a lot of fun to draw, especially because you get to choose the toppings! Will you make it a veggie pizza, pepperoni pizza or maybe a Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and ham?

38. Dandelions

Every kid knows if you blow on a dandelion and make a wish your wish will come true, much to the dismay of gardeners everywhere who view them as weeds. These edible flowers make for a great easy drawing idea.

39. Hair Styles

Draw a braid, an up-do, or even crazy Medusa inspired snake hair if you wish.

40. Necklace, Bracelet or Rings

Jewelry can be a very interesting thing to sketch or draw, especially if the jewelry has special meaning to you, such as a necklace or ring passed on through your family or given to you by someone special.

41. Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream comes in all sorts of different flavors, and of course there are many different shapes and sizes of cones to choose from, whether its a cake cone, a sugar cone or a waffle cone!

42. Aquarium

Aquariums are beautiful habitats for all sorts of fish and can include plants or even decorative items.

43. Haunted House

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to enjoy drawing a spooky and haunted house. Don’t forget details like cracked windows and bent railings – and maybe even a few spirits peeking through.

drawing ideas hand

Whether you draw a beautiful covered bridge scene or a bridge that goes over a river or harbor through the city, bridges give you plenty of architectural inspiration to use as drawing ideas!

45. Crazy Hats

Go ahead, give yourself permission to be a mad hatter and design as many crazy hats as you can think of!

46. Chevron Patterns

Chevrons are fun to draw and there are so many different pattern variations you can try!

You could draw a chandelier, a bedside table lamp, or maybe even a lava lamp!

48. Cruise Ship

Cruise ships are designed to take tourists to view the sights and scenes along the ocean coast. Draw the view from the deck or draw the view from one you can see passing by on the coast.

49. Planets in Outer Space

Draw a single planet like Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Neptune or Jupiter – or draw the whole solar system!

drawing ideas hand

They say eyes are the window of the soul, and it’s true you can learn a lot about a person’s feelings and thoughts based on how their eyes look. Draw your own eyes or draw the mesmerizing eyes of different animals.

51. Caricature

A caricature is a type of cartoon drawing where something about the subject is exaggerated to be funny. For example, if your friend loves to knit or crochet, you might exaggerate the ball of yarn in their hand. Use this drawing idea to make a funny sketch of your friends, family members or even a pet or celebrity.

Everybody needs shoes to walk around, so go ahead and grab the pair of shoes you wear everyday and sketch them!

53. Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are designed to catch bad dreams and keep nightmares away. They are a lot of fun to draw!

54. Rocket Ship

Fly to the moon or a distant galaxy far, far away in your very own rocket ship you can design with this simple idea for drawing.

55. House Plants

Whether it’s a succulent, an aloe vera plant, or a terrarium, if you have anything green growing in your house it can be an excellent source of inspiration for drawing ideas.

56. Inspiring Quote

Practice your hand-lettering by illustrating one of your favorite quotes, sayings, or verse from a poem.

Guitars are stringed instruments that can instantly make us tap our feet and sing along. You can choose to sketch an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar.

58. Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are the type of trees that lose their leaves in the winter. Examples include oak trees, maple trees, cherry trees, and ash trees. You can choose what season to show the tree – is it spring, winter, summer or autumn?

59. Circus Clown

Clowns can be funny, happy, sad…or even scary! You get to decide which you wish to draw with this drawing prompt.

60. Fairy Tale

Illustrate a scene from your favorite fairy tale. Some examples include Snow White and the 7 Dwarves, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, or Hansel and Gretel.

Bottles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You could draw a message in a bottle, soda bottles, apothecary bottles and more.

drawing ideas hand

62. What You Last Ate:

What you last ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner is a simple and obvious drawing idea, but so few people think to actually do it and is a great idea for something to include in a sketchbook.

63. Parrot:

Parrots are colorful and tropical birds, so pull out the colored pencils or some inks to make this come alive in your journal.

What is your favorite book? You could choose to draw a stack of books or draw the cover of a recent book you’ve read and enjoyed. 

65. Elephants

They say an elephant never forgets, and if you draw one you will have a picture to remember an elephant by forever!

66. Camping Scene

Whether you want to draw a travel trailer or a tent, sketch a camping scene. Don’t forget the campfire and marshmallows!

Tigers are big cats with interesting black and orange striped patterns, making them the perfect subject for a page in your sketchbook.

Cartoon-like roses can be easy to draw – they are just a spiral and a circle. Or, challenge your skills to draw a life-like rose complete with petals and stem – just watch out for those thorns!

Zebras are native to Africa and are another interesting animal to draw that are best well known for their black and white stripes.

70. Monster

Could there be a monster hiding under your bed, or in your closet? Probably not, but you never know – which is why you should draw a bigger, more friendlier monster to protect you and scare away all other monsters.

You might remember globes from school and they make for fantastic drawing objects, especially if you are a travel or geography buff.

72. Staircase

We see steps everywhere in regular life, whether it’s in your house, in a park, or maybe even a spiraling staircase along a water tower like in the photo above I took at a nearby park by my house.

73. Peacock

My grandparents used to have peacocks when I was a kid, and they are absolutely beautiful and incredible birds with detailed feathers that are perfect for drawing!

74. The Ocean

You could create an under water scene complete with coral and sea creatures like whales, an octopus and more.

75. Crocodile or Alligator

Crocodiles have a longer, V-shaped snout, while alligators have broad U shaped snouts. Either way, you could draw a snapping good crocodile or alligator in your journal – maybe even both!

76. A Clock

What’s the time? There’s always time to draw something daily! Draw a clock tower, a grandfather’s clock, or an alarm clock.

77. Gumball Machine

A gumball machine can be a lot of fun to draw, and of course there is no rule you have to fill it with gumballs – you can always choose to fill it with a different type of candy, it is your drawing afterall!

78. Giraffes

Known for their long necks, make sure you don’t forget their third horn at the top of their heads. We love visiting the giraffes named Louis and Socks at the local zoo where we live.

79. Bubbles

Bubbles make for a great ideas for what to draw, especially because they are relatively easy for beginners and you could fill a whole page with bubbles in no time!

80. Sports Player

Do you have a favorite sport? Sketch a player in action whether its soccer, baseball, football, hockey or badminton.

81. Airplane

There are so many options for what you could draw with an airplane, whether its the plane’s exterior, the interior, the view from the window, or even possibly the pilot’s cockpit.

82. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are bright, cheerful, and one of my favorite flowers to see standing tall in the summer sun.

83. Mountains

drawing ideas hand

Try your hand at this idea for drawing mountains by sketching a Rocky Mountain or Appalachian mountain landscape.

84. Bath Tub

Rub-a-dub Dub, draw a bathtub! Don’t forget your rubber duckie!

There are so many great herbs that you can use for drawing. If you grow your own fresh herbs, set them up in a way you can sketch them as a real subject or use reference photos for herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme.

86. Family heirlooms

Family heirlooms are always special, and what better way to preserve them than to sketch them in your art journal?

drawing ideas hand

If you’re a lucky duck, you might even be able to see these water birds at a nearby park or lake by you, but plenty of reference photos abound – you can even use the photo I took of a duck here if you’d like as inspiration!

88. Wildflowers

Draw a beautiful landscape meadow of wildflowers, or take inspiration from botanists through history who meticulously sketched and documented wildflowers in the field.

Someone once told me I didn’t draw a very serious spider, so I gave this spider a briefcase, neck tie and his own private office with a certificate just to prove how serious he was.

90. Drawing Supplies

You already have the perfect subject for drawing in your hand – a pen, pencil, bottle of ink or charcoal set all make for great things to draw.

Fairies are enchanting, tiny human-like creatures that have wings and can fly.

92. Woodland Animals

Draw a deer, a raccoon, a fox, a squirrel, or other woodland animals with this drawing idea.

93. Hippie Van

While you may not be able to actually own and live in a hippie van, you can draw one and that’s the next best thing.

94. Ostrich

Ostriches are fun to draw – and you can decide whether or not it sticks its head in the sand! {Of course, they don’t *actually do this* but that’s the nice thing about drawing, you can use your imagination!}

Whether it is just a slice of your favorite kind of pie or the whole thing, your mouth will be watering by the time you are done drawing this one!

Eggs are a great way to practice your shadowing and depth in drawing. And don’t think you’re limited to just plain white eggs like you get at the grocery store – you can always make them different hues and sizes or decorate with patterns and shapes!

Grab a dollar bill or some loose change and try drawing it. This is a great way to practice shading, depth and more if you want to create realistic drawings.

98. Cooking Utensils & Kitchen Gadgets

Don’t use your blender that often? It’s the perfect opportunity to finally put it to use as a drawing subject! You could also sketch your pots and pans, eating utensils, or other kitchen gadgets you have around the house.

99. Your House

Where we live makes for an excellent idea of what to draw, and you can choose whether to draw the interior or the exterior.

Old fashioned radios are fascinating objects, and many times they still work even in today’s world of digital media. Go for a classic vintage radio, or maybe even draw a 90’s style boombox.

101. Fast Food

You know the drill: soda, burger and fries.

We have smart phones with us almost every day – why not draw it in your sketchbook and document that? Or, draw an old rotary phone for a throwback to the days before cell phones existed.

You could draw a hammer, screw driver, drill, saw, wrench or draw the whole toolbox.

104. Arrows

There are so many different styles of arrows you could try drawing, whether you make arrow doodles or draw a realistic bow and arrow set.

105. Jelly Beans

Known for their unique shape, multiple colors and best found in Easter baskets, jelly beans are a great idea for something to draw!

106. Game Controller

Are you a gamer? Whether it’s Play Station, X-Box, a Gaming Keyboard, or an old school Atari controller, draw a game controller that reminds you of your favorite video games.

107. Soup Can

Take inspiration from Andy Warhol and try your hand at drawing a soup can.

108. Fireworks

Let your paper be the sky for a colorful display of patterns of light.

109. Forest Scene

Think trees, moss covered rocks and maybe even a stream winding through a forest scene perfect for a landscape sketch.

110. Astrological Signs & Symbols

What’s your sign? You could draw a Pisces fish, the Scales of Libra, the Scorpion of Scorpio or the Archer of Sagittarius for example.

111. Banners

Banners are a lot of fun to draw and you can make them as whimsical as you wish. I love drawing banners in my art journals!

112. Wristwatch

Do you wear a watch? Whether its a smartwatch or a classic watch you wind up, draw a wristwatch in your sketchbook.

113. Nuts, Bolts & Other Hardware

Take a walk down a hardware aisle or go through your garage to find nuts, bolts, and other miscellaneous hardware to sketch and draw.

114. Typewriter

There is something cool about a typewriter, even if they don’t make much sense in today’s digital age…they are definitely fun to draw!

115. Bunnies or Rabbits

Bunnies and rabbits are cute, soft and fluffy. I used to have one as a kid!

Ivy is a plant that spreads, often times along a wall, window or trellis and is best known for beautiful leaf shapes – perfect for drawing in your sketchbook!

117. Machines

We see all kinds of machines in our daily lives – from the washing machine, to the dishwasher to the furnace that keeps our homes warm. You could also invent your own machine!

118. Garden Tools

A garden shovel, gloves, trowel etc are all examples of common garden tools that make the perfect subject for still life drawing ideas.

119. City Skylines

Draw a silhouette of a city skyline, whether it is a local city where you live or one you want to visit someday.

120. What’s on your desk?

Take a look at what is on your desk today and sketch it – no matter how messy your desk may be!

121. Pineapple

Pineapples were named pine apples because of their exterior resembles a pine cone. Often viewed as a symbol of friendship, these tropical fruits are the perfect thing to try drawing!

122. Hearts

You can choose to draw doodle hearts, or draw an anatomically correct depiction of a human heart.

The first steam train was invented in 1804 and many people were afraid to ride them. Today, trains are still used for transportation and shipping. You can make a passenger train or a cargo train. Draw a single box car, the engine, or the caboose!

124. Lawnmower

My husband is always talking about fixing his broken lawnmower, so I had to include it on this list. You can draw a riding mower or a push mower or even a commercial lawnmower.

125. Hourglass

An hourglass is a type of sand filled timer which you’ve probably seen more often in board games.

126. Scissors

A basic and important office supply, drawing realistic scissors can be more challenging than you might think!

127. Mailbox

Everybody gets mail, so why not sketch your mailbox?

128. Ticket

Have you recently gone to an event where you needed a ticket? Draw or sketch that ticket in your sketchbook.

129. Circles

Circles might seem like a mundane drawing idea, but there are so many great ideas for drawing circular patterns and different circle sizes!

If you are lucky enough to have a grape vineyard nearby, you can find a LOT of inspiration to sketch and draw vines! Many different types of vines also grow on trees.

X-rays allow us to see inside someone or something. You can draw an X-ray view of a person or an object.

132. Tunnels

Tunnels are a great way to practice drawing perspective, especially if you are drawing the view from the beginning to the end of a tunnel.

133. People at Work

Millions of people go t work every single day. This could be construction workers, people in your office, or even the cashiers at the store.

134. Ladders

Ladders are another great exercise for drawing perspective. There are also many different kinds of ladders – from step ladders to paint ladders to imaginary ladders that climb all the way to the clouds.

135. Playground

Draw a swingset, sliding board, the view in the sandbox at a nearby park or playground where you live.

136. Swirls

Swirls are fun to draw and can be highly meditative and addictive! Fill a page with swirls or practice drawing some swirly flourishes.

137. Dancing

Draw people who are dancing, and be sure their clothes and dance moves reflect the type of music they are dancing to!

138. Sunglasses or Eyeglasses

Set up a pair of your sunglasses or eyeglasses on a table and start sketching them.

139. Hills & Valleys

Rolling hills and valleys can give a typical landscape sketch a lot of visual interest.

140. Rocks & Stones

Are you a rock collector? Have you ever been to a rocky beach or noticed rocks along the shore of a river? Take some time to draw the details of rocks or stones.

Good fences make good neighbors, according to poet Robert Frost. They also make for great drawing subjects, whether it’s a white picket fence, a split rail fence or a wrought-iron fence.

142. Triangles

There are so many different kinds of patterns you can create just with a simple triangle!

drawing ideas hand

Moo! Cows can be found on farms around the world and are a great animal to try drawing – this sketch of a baby calf is so cute!

There are over 6,300 known species of frogs in the world, which means you have a lot of choices on what kind of frog to draw! Draw a tree frog, a bullfrog, an African claw frog, or other frog of your choosing.

145. Spool of Thread & Other Sewing Notions

Do you have a sewing box? A simple spool of thread and other sewing notions can make for a great still life.

146. Tomato

Some people love tomatoes, others could leave them. Either way, they make for a n excellent drawing subject.

147. Squares and Rectangles

Drawing squares and rectangles gives you plenty of opportunities to discover new patterns in your doodles. Tip: For straight lines, use a ruler!

148. Tea kettle

How about a nice relaxing cup of tea? Sketch a tea kettle in your journal.

149. Lightbulb

The symbol for creativity and ideas, light bulbs are an invention we still rely on heavily today. Try drawing something inside of a lightbulb for an illuminating challenge.

150. Party Supplies

What do you need to throw a party? You could draw party hats, noise makers, or keep it simple with just party foods.

151. Railroad tracks

Railroad tracks are very dangerous to be around, so I do not suggest trying to go near them for sketching, but there are many pictures you can use as reference and they are great practice for perspective.

Porches are welcoming gathering places for company and the perfect scene to sketch.

153. Rainbow

Rainbows are easy to draw and a great excuse to pull out the colored pencils. An easy way to remember the order of the colors is the acronym Roy G. Biv: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

154. Lemonade Stand

Every kid dreams of having a lemonade stand someday, and now is your chance to finally design the lemonade stand of your dreams.

Do you play piano? You can choose to draw a close-up of the keys, someone playing the piano, an upright piano, or a baby grand piano.

156. Hallways

Interior hallways can be a great way to practice drawing perspective, especially if the hallway has a lot of doors or wall decor.

157. Watch Gears

What’s inside a watch? Lots of little gear parts that make for fun and easy drawing ideas.

It doesn’t have to be taco tuesday to draw a taco. Fill up that shell with all your favorite ingredients and toppings!

159. Paint & Paint Brush

Pull out your paints and paint brushes to set up a still life scene of an artist at work.

160. Faces With Different Emotions

So often in portraits we see people happy – try drawing faces with different emotions such as angry, sad, frustrated, or calm.

161. Dishes

Dishes can have all sorts of different patterns and styles that can make for fantastic creative inspiration.

162. Fountain

Whether its an outdoor or indoor fountain, there are all sorts of interesting details to capture when drawing a fountain.

163. Puzzle Pieces

Puzzles are always entertaining. Grab a puzzle off your game shelf and scatter a few pieces around to sketch and draw.

164. Monkey

You probably can’t have a pet monkey like Curious George in real life, but you can always draw a character of your own.

165. Angels

Angels are majestic divine beings of light, and a fantastic source of inspiration for sketching and drawing.

drawing ideas hand

One of the nice things about drawing hands is you always have a realistic model attached to you! Try different poses or holding different objects.

167. Pair of Socks

Do you have a pair of crazy socks? You can sketch a pair of socks you already own, or make your own crazy sock designs.

168. Bag or Purse

drawing ideas hand

We use bags all the time in our everyday life, whether it’s a shopping bag or a purse where you keep your keys, wallet and more. Draw the bag itself or draw a fashion sketch of a person wearing a bag.

169. Umbrella

Rainy days are a lot more bearable when you have a good umbrella to keep you dry!

170. Beach Scene

The beach is a relaxing and serene place to sit with a sketchbook and sketch the sights.

171. Bowling Ball and Pins

Bowling can be a lot of fun, and drawing a bowling ball and pins makes for a good drawing exercise.

172. Roller Coaster

Do you have a favorite rollercoaster ride? You can draw a lifelike imitation of a rollercoaster you love, or design your own with plenty of ups, downs, twists and turns.

drawing ideas hand

We often associate witches with mean and scary looking old ladies, but Glenda the Good witch from the Wizard of Oz reminds us that not all witches are bad.

174. Headphones

Love listening to music? Don’t forget to sketch your headphones.

Are ghosts real? What do they look like? Now is your chance to draw one!

176. Paper Clips

Pull out a handful of paper clips from your office desk and sketch them.

177. King or Queen

drawing ideas hand

You can draw a king or queen from history, or even imagine yourself as king or queen for the day.

178. Graffiti

Graffiti is a unique form of art and perfectly legal when done on paper.

179. Ladybugs

Ladybugs are cute beneficial insects in any garden.

180. Abstract Line Art

Use this as a chance to draw stripes or have fun with experimenting with different line angles on paper.

181. Mermaid

Fictional characters that live under the sea, mermaids have captivated the imagination of sailors and storytellers for ages.

Do you have any toys from your childhood? Pull them out and sketch them.

183. Junk Drawer

Everybody has a junk drawer – that place where stuff just ends up somehow. Go through your junk drawer and pick a couple of random objects to draw.

184. Highway road

Have you been on a any recent road trips lately? Highway roads are always an interesting thing to draw.

185. Backpack

What’s in your backpack? Whether you’re a hiker or a student or carry your laptop in a backpack, there’s plenty of different styles and shapes to choose from to draw!

186. Mushrooms

Did you know there are over 10,000 different types of mushrooms? That gives you a LOT of options for what to draw, whether you draw realistic mushrooms or fantasy style mushrooms in an enchanted forest.

187. Cactus

Whether you have a cactus growing at home or want to take inspiration from a desert landscape, cacti make for excellent drawing subjects.

188. Turtle

Don’t be shy – draw a turtle! You can make it realistic, cartoonish, or somewhere in between.

189. Seashells

Seashells are abundant in the world and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of creative options to explore when it comes to drawing them.

190. Photo Frames

Every piece of art needs a good frame, and this is a great prompt to make doodle frames or draw ornate frames inspired from vintage and antique photograph displays.

Where does the gate lead? You can draw a garden gate, a gateway to a new portal or maybe a gate to a haunted and spooky hollow.

192. Vegetables

Don’t want to eat your vegetables? Draw them instead!

I am always fascinated by the details in patchwork quilts. You can try drawing different quilt block designs, or even take inspiration from a crazy quilt with elaborate stitching and embroidery embellishing each patch!

194. Sunrise/sunset

The sun rises and sets every single day and that itself is pretty amazing! What’s a drawing prompt list without a sunset or sunrise?

You can draw your state or country’s flag, or choose to draw different flags from around the world.

There are many different types of bells, from bell towers to school bells to jingle bells.

197. Potato Chips

drawing ideas hand

Are you in need of a snack? Next time you reach for that bag of potato chips, sketch it!

198. Your Closet

Open up your closet doors and sketch a scene of your current wardrobe. Hopefully you won’t find too many skeletons in there!

199. Vintage Photographs

Old vintage photos make for great drawing reference photo idea, especially when they feature historical lifestyles.

Heat things up by drawing flames or fire. You can draw a campfire, a fire in a fireplace, or flames surrounding another object.

201. Raindrops

Raindrops are their very own shape, and there are so many different ways you could interpret this! You could make raindrop patterns, or try to realistically capture what raindrops may look like on a pane of glass or when they fall and hit the ground.

Your choice – make a map of where you live, somewhere you’ve visited, or maybe even a map of a completely fictional and imaginary fantasy world.

203. Optical illusions

Optical illusions play with lines, shadows, and depth to create images that aren’t always what they appear to be. Play around with different ideas until you get a drawing that makes you look twice.

204. Snowman

Do you want to draw a snowman? You can make your snowman as elaborate or as simple as you’d like!

205. Steampunk

Steampunk is a type of science fiction where everything is steam powered. Think gears, flying contraptions, and all sorts of odd inventions. Prefer figure drawing? You could also draw people in steampunk attire!

206. Seagulls

These birds may be noisy, squacky, and annoying to deal with at the beach, but they are still beautiful to look at and the perfect subject for drawing.

207. Computer

We spend enough time at the computer, so take a break from the digital world and get out that sketchpad!

208. Chickens

drawing ideas hand

Chickens come in all sorts of varieties – the American Poultry Association recognizes over 50 different breeds of chickens. You can choose to make this as simple or as complex as you wish!

209. Historic Scene

Scenes from history are always fun to illustrate, especially if you choose to depict a time before cameras were invented, which was in 1816.

210. The library

Go visit your local library and bring your sketchbook! You can choose to sketch the outside of the building or sit at a table where you can get a good view of the rows and rows of books.

211. Your grocery store

Shopping for food is an everyday necessity, and chances are you’ve been to the grocery store at least once in the past year. Draw some of the aisles, a grocery display case, or draw the exterior of the building.

212. Jar of Something

Everything in mason jars is all the rage in decor, or maybe you’re like me and love a jar of bread and butter pickles or homemade jam.

213. Numbers

You don’t have to be a mathematician to appreciate there are so many different ways to draw numbers! Practice hand-lettering in different styles or use basic numbers as a base for more elaborate doodles.

214. Your Bed

Researchers estimate the average person spends about 26 years of our lives in bed…which is a LOT of time sleeping! Give your bed its proper tribute by illustrating it in your sketchbook.

215. Impossible World

drawing ideas hand

Maybe there’s an imaginary world where fish fly in the sky, or the moon is underwater…invent an imaginary fantasy world and draw it!

216. Speech Bubbles

How do you convey spoken words in your drawings? With speech bubbles of course! You can draw them comic book style or practice creating new patterns using a basic speech bubble shape.

217. Farm or Barn Scene

The Barn is an iconic image of the countryside, and no wonder – these giant buildings serve as a place to store farm equipment and provide shelter to animals. Draw a barn!

218. Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a meandering path that leads to the center of a shape. Traditionally circular in nature, they are often used in common times for reflection and meditation.

Go fly a kite! And if there’s no wind or you don’t have a kite, you can always draw one! Again, there are so many different shapes and types here to choose from!

220. Astronaut

Remember that rocket ship you drew in prompt number 54? What about the person flying that thing? Draw a picture of the astronaut brave enough to travel in your spacecraft.

Balls of yarn can be a fun challenge to draw, especially when you get into different types of hand spun yarns or art yarn!

Go ahead, take a chance…and draw some dice! Did you know there are more dice than just the average 6-sided dice? They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as I learned from playing Dungeons & Dragons.

223. Pumpkins

You can draw a pumpkin patch, a fall themed still life display, or maybe even carve out a face on your pumpkin and create a jack-o-lantern!

224. Flooring

Have you ever spent time staring at the floor? I know that sounds sarcastic, but you might just be surprised how many different textures and patterns exist on what we walk all over every single day.

225. Scene from a Dream

Have any crazy dreams lately? Illustrate a scene from a dream in your sketchbook. Bonus? You can interpret what that dream means based on the image you drew!

Imagine a bench. Who is sitting on it? Draw it!

227. Garden

There are so many different things you can draw for a garden, whether its a vegetable garden or a flower garden or maybe just a peaceful place outside surrounded by plants.

228. Blue Jeans

Get a pair of blue jeans out from your closet and try putting them in different poses on a table or the floor and draw what you see.

229. Wild West Scene

Cowboys, outlaws, and a good saloon make for the perfect backdrop for a wild west scene you could draw.

230. Children playing

drawing ideas hand

Kids are always a source of inspiration to draw, especially when they are playing.

231. Silhouette

Silhouettes are outlines of an object, person or place. Try drawing silhouettes of people in different poses, or draw silhouettes of everyday objects around the house.

Hopefully there are no mice in your house – but they are cute, when they don’t sneak up on you! You could draw a realistic mouse, or draw personified mice characters who live in their own burrow in a meadow.

233. Baby/Infant

Like kids, babies are another great source for portrait photos. You can use a baby you know as inspiration, or dig out those old photos of you as a baby when you were new to this world.

I’d never want to see a hippo close in real life {I hear they can be very aggressive and dangerous!} but I’m definitely okay with drawing them!

When the cold wind blows you get ice! You can draw icicles hanging from the eaves of a roof, or maybe even ice cubes that are guaranteed not to melt.

236. Favorite Animated/Cartoon Character

drawing ideas hand

When I was in the second grade I was so lucky to take a cartooning class where I learned to draw Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, and more. Do you have a favorite cartoon character or anime character? Try to draw them as close as the original as you can.

237. Camera

So often as artists we use reference photos to inspire our work, but we forget the camera itself can be a great drawing idea!

238. Mad Scientist’s Lab

Think bubbling potions, beakers, and oh my, what’s that monster doing under the sheet over there in the corner?

239. Wood Texture

Wood grain can be a beautiful texture to draw, especially in pencil, ink, or charcoal. There are so many options for patterns and shading!

240. Gnomes

Who doesn’t love garden gnomes? Maybe they’re tacky, but I think they’re the perfect thing to draw – especially if you draw them in different clothes and styles.

241. Life Underground

Most of the time we think about life on the surface of earth, but there’s all sorts of things that happen underground, from coal mines to subway train stations to fault lines and magma…what world do you imagine? Draw it!

Ever hear the phrase, I’m all ears? Now’s your chance to illustrate it!

We drive in cars every day and there are so many different types we see on the road. You can choose to draw your first car, your current car, or the cars you see passing by on the street near where you live.

244. Holiday scenes

There’s so many holidays we celebrate around the world – you can choose from Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Fourth of July or maybe even St. Patrick’s Day.

245. Song Lyrics

Do you have a favorite song? Illustrate a scene from the song, or practice your hand-lettering by drawing a quote of the lyrics.

246. Parking Lot

Parking lots might not sound like that exciting of an idea for drawing, but you can be surprised what happens in them! They are great places for people watching, or you could sketch the scene of one to continue a series of drawings of places around where you live.

247. Movie Scene

What’s your favorite movie? Draw a scene from a movie you love or have watched recently.

248. Xylophone

Xylophone is pretty much the only word we could think of that begins with the letter X, so it made our list. 🙂

249. City Street Scene

Walk around the city and sketch the sights on the street.

250. Award or Trophy

Have you ever been given a trophy or award for an achievement? You could also draw trophies or awards for your pets or friends, like “Best Listener” or “Most Furry”.

Look up to the night sky and draw the stars. You could also research and draw different constellations.

drawing ideas hand

From dump trucks to tractor trailer trucks to pick-up trucks, there are all kinds of trucks you can draw. Above is a picture of a pick-up my brother drew.

253. Skeleton or Skull

drawing ideas hand

Skeletons and skulls might be creepy to some, but they can be a lot less scary if you opt to draw a sugar skull from the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday.

Bird watchers know there are thousands of different species of birds, which means you have a lot of options here! To keep things simple, try drawing birds that are native to where you live and can be found regularly in your backyard and parks.

255. Friend

Ask a friend for a photo or see if they would be willing to pose while you draw a portrait of them.

256. Cleaning Supplies

Fact: It’s more fun to draw cleaning supplies than it is to actually do the laundry, dishes, and other household chores.

257. Wheels

From wagon wheels to car rims, there are all sorts of different types of wheels you could draw. You could also use wheels as a base for making repetitive patterns.

258. Sled Ride

Have you ever been on a sled in the winter? You can draw kids sledding or draw an old fashioned Christmas sleigh!

What’s behind that door? You can draw the door of your house, or draw a door that captures your eye and makes you want to open it…or avoid it.

260. Diamonds

Diamonds are easy things to draw and you can play with all sorts of different patterns and repetitions with them.

261. Favorite Things

What are your favorite things in the whole wide world? Draw them!

Waves are a very cool thing you can draw, whether its realistic waves in the ocean, or simply waves of lines that create a pattern.

263. School

Draw a picture of what you remember school looked like when you were a kid, or draw all the school supplies you remember needing.

264. Abandoned Warehouse

Abandoned warehouses are cool architecture places to draw, just remember that you shouldn’t actually go into an abandoned warehouse without proper permission and safety clearances – it can be VERY dangerous!

265. Cooking Spices

What’s on your spice rack? Draw it!

266. Favorite Place From Your Childhood

What is a place you remember from your childhood? It can be any place you visited that brings back happy memories.

267. Vase of Flowers

The classic still life is the perfect opportunity to practice drawing!

268. Vacation Spot

Think back on all of the places you’ve visited and vacationed at over the years. Draw a scene of one of your favorite spots!

269. News Headline

Look to the news today and draw a headline from the current events.

270. Village

Draw a whimsical village of cute little houses.

Artists like Van Gogh are famous for painting a chair, so get your start by drawing one!

Horses are incredible creatures admired for the beauty and strength. Draw wild horses or someone riding a horse.

273. Drum Set

Not everybody has room for a drum set in their house or the talent to play one, but you can always draw one!

274. Exercise Poses

Draw a figure in different exercise poses, such as yoga or aerobics.

275. Something That Smells Nice

What’s your favorite smell? Draw something that you think smells nice.

276. Illustrate Onomatopoeia Words

Onomatopoeia words are words that are spelled exactly like they sound – and they can be fun to illustrate. Some example words are splash, buzz, pop, fizz, and swish.

277. Detective

drawing ideas hand

Take inspiration from Sherlock Holmes and draw a detective on the case to solve the next mystery.

278. Mythological Creatures

Centaur, griffins, and manticores are all examples of different types of mythological creatures you could draw in your journal.

Draw a game board, game pieces or make up a design that could be used on your very own deck of illustrated cards.

280. Picnic

Set the scene for the perfect picnic lunch – hopefully there won’t be any ants to ruin the fun!

drawing ideas hand

With over 200 owl species to choose from, you could draw a barn owl, a snowy owl, or great horned owl. The above picture my daughter drew when she was six.

282. Your Favorite Decade

Draw a scene from your favorite decade, whether it’s the roaring 1920’s or the fun and colorful 1980’s.

283. Flash Light

No need to stay in the dark – you can draw your own light with a flash light!

284. Bathroom Cabinet

Draw your toothbrush, a bar of soap, or anything else you may regularly keep in your bathroom cabinets.

Idioms are expressions and phrases that generally don’t make any literal sense in the real world…one example being it’s raining cats and dogs. Illustrate a silly idiom or other expression that we don’t take literally. You can find more idioms at the Free Dictionary Idiom Search .

286. Rock Star

Everybody thinks about becoming a rock star at some point, take inspiration from one of your favorite artists or bands or draw yourself rocking out to your favorite kind of music.

287. Party Animals

Draw animals going to a party. Don’t forget their party hats!

What’s hiding up in the attic of that old house? Draw it!

289. Happy Couple

Draw a couple that is happy and in love together.

290. Neighborhood

Sketch a street scene from your local neighborhood.

291. Bar or Restaurant

Where’s the last place you’ve eaten or gone out to? Draw a picture of the exterior or interior of the building.

292. Time Machine

Time machines don’t exist yet, but here’s your chance to design one that will help you travel back and forth in time.

293. Runner

They say life is a marathon and not a sprint…unless a lion is chasing you. Draw someone who is running from something, or maybe they are competing in a 5k or marathon.

294. Treehouse

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a treehouse for a day? Design and draw a Pete Nelson worthy treehouse for you to escape to.

295. Museum

Museums are full of interesting artifacts from history. Visit a museum near you or do a virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History online here .

Boxes can be empty or they can be full of surprises. You can draw just one box or a whole stack of them!

Draw a humanoid-like robot, or draw a robot straight out of a science fiction movie. Cartoon robots are also always fun!

Drawing glass can be a fun way to explore drawing reflections and shadows.

299. Mechanic’s Garage

Draw a mechanic’s garage with cars needing repaired.

300. Helicopter

Did you know the fastest speed of a helicopter ever recorded is 248 mph? That’s crazy!

301. Brick Wall

Brick patterns are a great idea for something to draw.

302. Lighthouse

Lighthouses help keep sailors and ships safe while out at sea. They are also beautiful tourist attractions all around the world.

303. Gifts and Presents

Did you receive any gifts or presents recently? Draw them! You could also draw wrapped presents.

304. Christmas Tree

Deck the halls and put up a Christmas tree, in your art journal or sketchbook at least! Not Christmas time or don’t celebrate Christmas? You could always decorate your tree to be more to your liking.

Towers have been used historically for many different reasons, and they stand tall along the skyline. Draw one!

There are so many famous hotels you could choose to draw, or draw the outside of the last hotel you stayed at.

307. Ant Farm

Ants build the most fascinating tunnels in ant farms. Illustrate an ant farm to show their secret lives in their homes.

308. Battle

You could draw a historic battle or you could draw a fantasy battle between an ogre and a dragon.

309. Waterfall

There are so many waterfalls in the world, experts can’t even agree how many there are! They are beautiful cascading natural elements perfect for sketching.

310. Remote Control

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a remote control that does everything? Take inspiration from the remote control you have for your TV or design your own with custom buttons you could use in your life.

311. Bakery

Cakes, cookies, bread…mmmm…all of my favorite foods can be found at a bakery, so draw one!

312. Suitcase

Packing to go somewhere? You could draw a suitcase ready to travel the world, or draw yours.

We live on this great big earth, so draw it.

314. Mandala

A mandala is a geometric figure that represents the universe. They are often used for meditative purposes and can be so relaxing to draw.

315. Cassette Tape

Am I showing my age here? Even if everything is digital today, cassette tapes are still cool to draw in my book.

316. Antique Car

Cars from the 1900’s look a lot different than the ones we drive today! Draw an antique or classic car that was manufactured before 1970.

317. Castle

You drew the queen and king in prompt number 177, now where are they going to live? Draw a castle fit for royalty, or take inspiration from one of the famous 500+ castles that already exist in the world.

318. Lightning

Lightning can be mesmerizing and the earth is struck by lightning an estimated 1,400,000,000 times a year – now that’s electrifying!

319. Snakes

Some people are scared of snakes, but the best way to overcome that fear is to draw one on paper. Besides, it’s your imagination – you can make the snake a friendly, non-biting one!

I heard you can really draw a crowd…haha…I know, that’s a terribly punny joke but I couldn’t resist.

Swords are often seen in coats of armor and in historical fiction stories like the sword in the stone…try drawing one!

322. Compass

Which way north? Draw a compass rose.

Pigs are very intelligent creatures…and they are cute!

Be careful if you drew three pigs in the last prompt, this could get hairy and become the story of three little pigs quick, which doesn’t end too well for the wolf.

325. Anchor

Anchors are symbols of strength and safety and often used in logos and tattoo designs.

Who doesn’t love a good donut? Draw your favorite flavor donut.

327. Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are very fast to see in real life, but they are beautiful birds to draw.

328. Statues and Sculptures

Draw your own life-like statue or sculpture, or try to draw a realistic rendition of a famous statue such as The Statue of Liberty or the sculpture of Discobolus .

329. Zipper

Zippers are something we use all the time, and they are fun to draw! You can also use the basic shape of a zipper for all sorts of pattern drawing ideas!

330. Television Set

You can draw a retro TV set or draw a more modern day version of a smart TV.

That alien that you drew in prompt #25…what kind of spacecraft were they flying? Draw an unidentified flying object.

332. Scarecrow

Scarecrows are not really all that useful for scaring away crows, but they have become an iconic decoration around the fall and autumn season.

One of the popular games for kids to play in the woods is to go snipe hunting…of course you never find one because snipes don’t exist. No one knows what a snipe really is, but this is your chance to imagine what one would look like if it were real.

334. Chameleon

Chameleons are best known for being able to change their colors to blend into their environment. This is a great opportunity to practice shading or draw with multiple colors.

335. Jellyfish

The nice thing about drawing a jellyfish on paper is they can’t sting you! While you’d never want to get too close to one in real life, they are beautifully amazing creatures of the sea.

336. Unicorn

A unicorn is a mythical creature that looks much like a horse with a single horn on its forehead. They are often depicted in art and folklore, making it the perfect drawing prompt.

Tulips mean spring is coming, and they are fun beautiful flowers to draw in any weather or season. Because they are bulbs, you can even force them to grow in the winter like I did with my flowers. See my post on the seasons of being an artist .

338. Pinwheel

Pinwheels are toys that twirl around when someone blows on them. They are symbolically seen as a way of “turing one’s luck around” and often signify playfulness and happiness.

339. Palm Tree

Did you know palm trees are actually evergreen trees? They are characterized by broad fan-like leaves and usually found in tropical regions around the world.

340. Rainforests

Rainforests are home to thousands of exotic plant species and animals and are typically found around the earth’s equator.

341. Deserted Island

What would you do if you were stuck on a deserted island? What would it look like? I hope you brought a notebook and pencil!

342. Snowflakes

No two snowflakes are alike, and you can have so much fun drawing different patterns and designs of snowflakes.

343. Ball or Sphere

Balls and spheres are a great opportunity to play around with drawing different shadow angles and light sources.

344. Goldfish

Goldfish are easy to draw and are a favorite pet for many people.

345. DNA Helix

It’s crazy to think we have DNA and I even recently just did a DNA test on – it’s so fascinating to me to trace back all of my ancestors. Drawing the helix is a great way to practice different shading techniques as well.

One of my favorite songs is You Are the Moon by the Hush Sound , and I can’t think but illustrating a beautiful moonlit landscape everytime I hear it.

347. Trapeze Artist

Trapeze artists are highly skilled entertainers who perform all sorts of aerial tricks on ropes. Often seen at circuses, many modern artists can be seen in cities and other places.

348. Atoms and Molecules

You don’t have to be a chemistry major to recognize that atoms and molecule diagrams can be fascinating subjects for drawing ideas!

349. Carousel

I’ve always loved merry go round carousel rides and still ride them even now whenever I get a chance. You can choose to draw the whole carousel or just draw a carousel horse.

350. Cabin or Cottage in the Woods

Draw your own artists retreat place in the form of a cabin or cottage in the woods.

351. Buttons

Buttons make for great doodles, or you can always draw a magic button that you can push for when things go awry.

352. Pot of Gold

What’s at the end of your rainbow from prompt #153? Shamrock optional.

353. Doctor’s Office

Have you ever noticed all the different things they have at the doctor’s office when you go in for a check-up?

354. Panda Bear

Panda bears are just cute and that is why you should draw one.

355. Building Blocks

Building blocks are a great way to play with different angles, lines, and shadows.

356. Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheels are popular carnival rides and a great thing to draw.

357. Turkey

You can draw a turkey – it’s as simple as tracing your hand. Of course, you could always opt to draw a turkey that’s a bit more realistic.

358. Lollipops and Candy

Craving something sweet? Draw a lollipop or another favorite type of Candy.

You could draw a city bus, a school bus, or even a double-decker bus.

360. Flamingo

Flamingos are graceful birds most well known for their ability to balance on just one leg.

361. Ukulele

Ukulele’s only have 4 strings and are smaller and higher pitched than a guitar. Both of my daughters play the Ukulele!

362. Strawberry

Strawberries are amazingly detailed when you look at one up close, making them a great option for a close-up sketch.

363. Sandcastle

Did you know people build sandcastles at a competitive level? It’s amazing what architects, engineers, and creative designers and make out of sand at sand castle competitions!

364. Record Player

We may not play records that often anymore, but they are still a totally fun vintage thing to draw.

365. Magic Wand

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magic wand? Well, you can always draw one!

I hope you enjoyed this list of 365 Drawing Ideas and of course if you create any of these things to draw I would love to see it in our Artjournalist Facebook community group !

Do you have any ideas for things to draw that I might have missed? I’d love to hear your ideas and how you will use these drawing prompts – tell me in the comments below!

Sharing is caring!

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Share what you’re creating and working on, ask questions + connect with over 4000 creative artjournalists for inspiration + ideas!


How about flowers

she said sunflowers which are technically flowers

great list of inspiration

This was a wonderful list

i like these thanks for curing my dreadful boredom 😃😄😊

I’ve read a lot of lists for drawing prompts, this one is by far the best! Thank you so much! I’m sure it took some time to come up with all of these!!

I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

Can you please share some painting ideas?

Sounds like a great idea Amy, I will get on it 🙂

great list i cant wait to fill lots of sketchbooks up with ideas oh also how about fidget toys they are great to draw

Hmm cant think of any! It sure helped me. I run art contests every week and like gettin opinions from people on themes, seeing this I may never have trouble picking a theme again! lol😂

I was stuck trying to think of ideas of what to draw during a pandemic. Thanks for all the great ideas. I better get started, I have hundreds of drawings to do. Joyce

Glad it inspired you Joyce!

I actually had a drawing competition in my school and the topic was “dreaming with eyes open” and this really helped thanks!

thanks for this great list of inspiration. defiantly cured my boredom. I really liked the coffee idea. i made a really good painting for my kitchen with it. it says: “Key To My Morning. it is is painting of a blue coffee cup, with i red back round. my parents drink coffe every morning so i made it for them.

you should add hallway

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How to Draw Animals with Your Hands: Totally Cool Handprint Drawing Ideas for You and Your Kids | Artistro

Handprint drawing tutorial: 17 Cool hand drawing ideas

Interested in cool & simple thing to draw on your hand? Dive into fun and educational hand art with Artistro! We've prepared a lot of cool hand drawing ideas that your kids will surely love.

  • acrylic painting
  • painting tutorials
  • paper painting

Table of Contents:

Hand tracing art or things to draw on your hand, how to make animals with your hands, cool hand drawing ideas for your kids.

It's a perfect moment to let your creativity flow and turn on imagination! Hand trace art is one of our favorite activities because you enjoy the fun of the craft and create a snapshot in time of your children too! This makes handprint drawing a particularly good gift and surprise idea for parents, grandparents, the other relatives, or friends too. Don't forget to learn over 100 easy things to draw with us!

Generally, it’s so difficult to draw an animal, and even more difficult to teach and explain a child how to draw. The blank white paper can be enough to stop your imagination. We have prepared selected lesson and hand tracing art ideas that will help you draw amazing animals by tracing hands. Try them yourself right now and discover 100+ new rock painting ideas with Artistro!

With these hand art drawings, you can teach your child to create cool drawing of animals by tracing his palms and fingers. See for yourself how exciting, fun, and useful the process is. Conscious finger movements stimulate the development of speech. This kind of hand tracing art perfectly develops coordination. Any visual activity enhances speech activity, develops imagination, and figurative irrational thinking.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Practicing drawing also helps to train the eyes to see what is really around the world. It helps to train the hand to be comfortable with using drawing utensils. You can start and stop the process at any time and you don’t need a lot of space to draw. Making quick, cool drawings on hand are the excellent way to warm up your brain and hands for any type of art processes. Make a few doodles before a test, before bedtime, during dinner…. tap into the subconscious creative brain pockets. Establishing a drawing practice when you’re a child can lay the foundation for a lifelong drawing habit. This is also a great anti-stress activity for any age. Finally, hand drawing ideas are a great way to pass the time!

Hand trace art is a form of visual art in which a person uses various drawing instruments to mark. Learn how to draw easily a few shapes with the help of your own hands and one of these simple thing to draw on your hand. Here, without the help of mom, dad and grandparents. Our hand drawing ideas for kids will discover the creative ways to use children's handprints in the artwork. The kids will have fun making hand art drawings. These ideas will inspire you for other easy and creative activity for preschool children. With the help of Artistro color palette and hand trace drawing, children can learn to draw all the animals with ease. Hand trace art helps to enrich and inspire children's imagination and creativity. Everyone can draw with our collection of things to draw on your hands – let’s do it!

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Cute dinosaur handprint drawing

Wondering what to draw on your hand? We offer you an option suitable for both drawing on paper and on any other surface. Straighten your pinky and index finger, then spread them apart a little - voila! A simple and affordable layout for drawing a cute dinosaur is ready. Trace your palm with a black marker and color the handprint drawing with a bright yellow marker.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Cheerful kitten handprint drawing

This funny kitten is another simple thing to draw on/with your hand for all ages. Make a fist and slightly relax your index finger and little finger, after hiding your thumb. Trace your palm with black marker and the hand trace drawing is ready. Color the cat as you like with colored markers, or just add some dark spots.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Funny giraffe handprint drawing

This handprint drawing is created in much the same way as a kitten drawing. But instead of bent fingers, the index and pinky fingers need to be fully extended before you can trace the palm. Use yellow and brown markers to color the giraffe.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Proud zebra handprint drawing

This hand trace art is done according to a similar pattern for hand art, but here you need to put an open palm with a thumb bumping up to a sheet of paper. Coloring the zebra is very simple - add some black stripes in no particular order.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Dinosaur vegetarian handprint drawing

Here's another cool dinosaur and another simple thing to draw on your hand. Make a fist, and then straighten and spread your pinky and thumb apart. Trace the palm pressed in this way with a black marker. Then add details and color the formed hand trace drawing with purple and pink marker.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Party girl turkey handprint drawing

This hand trace drawingwill work both for teaching your kids to draw and for decorating the interior for Thanksgiving. Place your open palm, fingers apart, on the paper and trace it with a black marker. Then place it again so that your fingers fall between the fingers of the handprint drawing and trace again. Color a fun holiday turkey to get one of the coolest hand drawing ideas.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Stylish lama handprint drawing

You can get such a cool llama in 3 easy steps: make a fist and lift your thumb up. Press this cool gesture to a piece of paper and trace it with a black marker. Now you need to add the llama's face, decorations, and color the hand trace drawing!

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Royal crucian carp handprint drawing

To taste the real royal carp, from now on you do not need a fishing rod and luck. It is enough to press your palm to a sheet of paper to trace the outline. The blue palette markers will help you decorate the magic carp scales.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Toad queen handprint drawing

Feel like a real queen of hand trace art! With a slight movement of your magic wand and your fist, create this magic princess toad. Use a bright green marker for toning.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Cheerful octopus handprint drawing

Fives can be not only a friendly greeting, but also a piece of art. Don't believe me? Then try this hand trace art! Spread your fingers wide and place your palm on a piece of paper, trace it with a black marker. You just need to color the sketch in blue and your hand trace drawing is ready!

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Visionary snail handprint drawing

Another simple thing to draw on/with your hand that you can create with a cool gesture. As usual, make a fist and raise your thumb up. Press your palm against a piece of paper and trace it. Now you need to add the lower folds of the snail and the eyes. Use yellow and brown markers to color the hand trace drawing.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Cute dog handprint drawing

It's time to bring a proverb about a barking but not biting dog to life. Stick out your thumb and put your little finger to the side. Put the rest of your fingers together. Trace the palm of the hand with a black marker to form the silhouette of the dog.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Honey turtle handprint drawing

For this hand trace drawing, you will need to add more details. To get a basis, make a fist and relax your fingers a little to soften the figure. Outline the fist, and then draw the legs and a head of the turtle, add patterns on the shell, and decorate the handprint drawing.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Pink flamingo handprint drawing

To draw a flamingo in hand trace art style, put your fingers together and bend your wrist to tilt your palm slightly. Outline it with a black marker. Draw the bird's beak and eyes, tint its body with a pink marker.

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Domestic chicken handprint drawing

Looking for simple thing to draw on your hand? How about a really cool chicken? Then make a fist and raise your thumb up. Then place your fist on a piece of paper and circle. Now add the face, decorations, and color the hand trace drawing!

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Gentleman deer handprint drawing

Hand trace art can be fun as well as gallant. See for yourself by creating this gentleman giraffe hand trace drawing with us!

hand drawing ideas-simple thing to draw on your hand-hand art-thing to draw on your hand-things to draw on your hands

Friendly dinosaur handprint drawing

This cute and friendly dinosaur will not only help you entertain your little kids, but also instill in them a craving for drawing and hand trace art.

Be sure to check out our painting on stones step by step guide later.

Continue reading

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5 Cool Ways to Display Quotes in DIY Art

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5 Reasons Why drawing is Important

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  1. 100+ Drawings Of Hands: Quick Sketches & Hand Studies

    This gallery features over 100 unique hand studies from quick sketches in sketchbooks to more detailed finished pieces. You'll find hands in all sizes with many poses, and through it all you should find lots of inspiration to get you practicing drawing hands on the regular. Created by @_smurfee Created by @legendofginga Created by @bubatreaii

  2. How to Draw Hands: A Beginner's Guide

    How Do You Draw Hands for Beginners? Use hand poses reference photos to practice your hand drawing. Hands can make so many different poses and gestures, so no two hand drawings are ever the same. By following these step-by-step instructions for drawing hands, you should be able to replicate the process and draw great hands every time.

  3. How to Draw Hands (Beginner + Advanced) Hand Drawing Tips

    5K Learning how to draw hands can sometimes seem intimidating at first. However, once you break it down it won't seem so difficult! To learn something more complicated you just need to start with the simple elements first and build from there. Study of Christ's left hand to the painting 'Entombment' (1850), Józef Simmler (Polish 1823 - 1868).

  4. 70 Best Hand Drawing Ideas to Learn from

    Now, let's get started on these 70 Best Hand Drawing Ideas to Learn from: Source: @najwa.ibrahimi Learn how to draw an open, stretched hand with this easy-to-follow guide. Master each step and soon you'll be able to create lifelike hand drawings! Source: @najwa.ibrahimi

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    Artist Blog 20 Hand Drawing Ideas: How to Draw Hands Hi everyone! Today I wanted to try some hand drawing ideas and thought I'd share them with you! I have a previous blog post on how to draw hands for anyone who needs to learn the basics of how to draw a hand. You can check out the blog post here: How to Draw Hands Tutorial

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    Our collection of 50 easy and fun hand drawing ideas is perfect for artists of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're doodling for fun or seeking a unique creative expression, these ideas range from whimsical patterns to minimalist designs.

  7. How to Draw Hands: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

    Draw the thumb either resting against the side of the palm or slightly extended outward. For a hand holding an object, consider the item's shape and size, and adjust the fingers and thumb accordingly to show a realistic grip. Add details and shading to enhance the sense of depth and realism in your drawing.

  8. Draw Expressive Hand Poses from Imagination!

    Hands are one of the most expressive parts of a pose. By conveying the story and emotion through the hands, you can add more life to your drawings. In this tutorial, artist Stan Prokopenko covers essential forms of the hand so that you can learn to create realistic hands from your imagination. Anatomy. Posing.

  9. How to draw hands

    Step 4: Go over your lines with a darker pencil. Flesh out the foundational lines of your hand sketch. If you're working digitally, you can simply make a new layer and reduce the opacity of your old layers. If you used tracing paper for the previous steps, you can transfer the lines you want to keep onto a new sheet of paper.

  10. 30 Amazing Hand Drawing Ideas & Inspiration

    Discover 30 amazing hand drawing ideas and inspiration. Found at shop.mybluprint Found at blog.schoolspecialty Found at blog.schoolspecialty Found at blog.schoolspecialty Found at annebobroffhajal Found at paintingvalley Found at bubatreaii Found at rightngs Found at graphitenightmare Found at rawan_ma7fouz Found at christinealtese

  11. 25 Easy Hands Drawing Ideas

    Advertisement Being an artist isn't as easy as it seems, right? It requires a lot of work, time, patience, and much more! Sketching portraits is a skillful art to have. Learn how to draw hands with these 25 easy hands drawing ideas include step by step sketch guide, printables and coloring pages.

  12. How to draw Hands in 10 Minutes

    How to draw hands in less than 10 minutes.I made it an easy, beginner friendly tutorial, I hope it helps you guys out :) Wooden hand Doll

  13. Learn How to Draw Hands with These 22 Ideas and References

    November 7, 2023 by Tiffany Griffin If you're looking for hand drawing ideas and references, I have a collection that will help you practice drawing hands. Drawing hands can be one of the most difficult challenges artists face.


    20 DRAWING IDEAS FOR YOUR HANDS 5-Minute Crafts PLAY 20.2M subscribers Subscribe Subscribed 1.8K Share Save 164K views 5 years ago CREATIVE HAND PAINTING IDEAS You can make a lot of cool...

  15. 16 Hand Drawing Ideas with Step by Step Tutorials

    Hands are expressive. Renderings of hands are among the oldest art forms. You can get in on the trend with these hand-drawing ideas with step-by-step tutorials. Many gestures are nearly universal in meaning. Many people recognize that a fist indicates anger and hands with palms together communicate prayer or supplication, for example.

  16. How to Draw Hands: Easy Simple Tutorial

    Depending on the character you are drawing, you can adjust the hands to be small, large, slender, or wide. 4. Add Fine Details. Add as many fine details as you'd like to your hand drawing, such as fingernails, wrinkles, shadows, etc. Below is a simple overview on how to draw fingernails.

  17. 20 Things To Draw On Your Hand Easy Drawing Ideas

    A snowflake A cupcake or ice cream cone A balloon A simple ocean wave A small bird in flight A simple arrow These easy drawing ideas are perfect for quick doodles or creative fun on your hand. Remember to use non-toxic, washable markers or pens that are safe for skin, and enjoy your artistic creations!

  18. 120 Best How to Draw Hands ideas

    120 Best How to Draw Hands ideas | how to draw hands, drawing tutorial, drawings How to Draw Hands Learn how to draw hands and fingers · 120 Pins 20w Collection by Drawing How To Draw : Step by Step Drawing Tutorials Share Similar ideas popular now Drawings Drawing Techniques Figure Drawing Hand Reference Art Techniques Drawing Techniques

  19. 365 Drawing Ideas for Your Sketchbook

    1. View from the park Parks are great sources of inspiration for drawing. Snap a few of your own reference photos of monuments, benches, and scenes that capture your eye or spend some time in the park with your sketchbook drawing the different scenes you notice. 2. Hot Air Balloon

  20. 100+ Quick and Simple Drawing Ideas Inspired By Your Life

    1 But First, Gather Your Supplies. 1.1 Graphite Pencils. 1.2 Drawing Pens. 2 Drawing Ideas That Anyone Can Try. 2.1 Still Life Drawing Ideas You Can Find at Home. 2.2 Ocean Waves, Trees, and More: Creativity Inspired by Nature. 2.3 Have a Lot of Fun Drawing People With These Ideas.

  21. Handprint drawing tutorial: 17 Cool hand drawing ideas

    Handprint drawing tutorial: 17 Cool hand drawing ideas Interested in cool & simple thing to draw on your hand? Dive into fun and educational hand art with Artistro! We've prepared a lot of cool hand drawing ideas that your kids will surely love. Tags acrylic painting painting tutorials paper painting Table of Contents:

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    Aug, 12 2020 Updated: Sep, 22 2022 • 14 min read 102 Things to Draw: Easy, Cool, Cute and Fun Ideas You sit down with pencils and paper, and … nothing happens. You're drawing a blank—literally. Take inspiration from this mega list of things to draw.

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