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Key Changes and Updates in the AS9100 Rev D Standard

The aerospace industry is widely recognized for its stringent quality standards and requirements. To ensure that organizations in this sector maintain high levels of quality management, the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) developed the AS9100 standard. This standard provides a framework for organizations to establish, implement, and maintain an effective quality management system.

In September 2016, the IAQG released an updated version of the AS9100 standard – Rev D. This revision brought significant changes to the previous version (Rev C). In this article, we will explore some of the key changes and updates introduced in AS9100 Rev D.

Context of the Organization

One of the major changes in AS9100 Rev D is its increased focus on understanding and managing the context of the organization. Organizations are now required to identify internal and external issues that could affect their ability to achieve desired outcomes. This includes considering factors such as stakeholders’ needs and expectations, regulatory requirements, market trends, and technological advancements.

By understanding their context better, organizations can make informed decisions regarding quality objectives, resource allocation, risk assessment, and process improvement initiatives. This shift towards a more holistic approach aligns with other ISO management system standards like ISO 9001:2015.

Risk-Based Thinking

AS9100 Rev D emphasizes risk-based thinking throughout all stages of quality management processes. Organizations are required to identify risks and opportunities associated with their operations and take appropriate actions to address them effectively.

Risk-based thinking helps organizations proactively identify potential issues that could impact product or service conformity. By implementing preventive measures early on, organizations can minimize disruptions while improving overall performance.

Product Safety

An important addition in AS9100 Rev D is a stronger emphasis on product safety requirements. The aerospace industry deals with complex products where safety is paramount. To address this concern adequately, organizations must develop robust processes to identify, assess, and mitigate product safety risks.

AS9100 Rev D requires organizations to establish product safety objectives and implement controls to ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. This includes comprehensive documentation of product safety procedures, training programs for employees, and regular monitoring of safety performance.

Supply Chain Management

AS9100 Rev D recognizes the critical role of supply chain management in the aerospace industry. Organizations must ensure that their suppliers also adhere to the same quality standards as required by the AS9100 standard.

To achieve this, organizations are expected to evaluate their suppliers based on defined criteria such as past performance, quality control processes, and compliance with applicable regulations. This evaluation process enables organizations to select reliable suppliers while minimizing risks associated with poor quality or non-compliant products or services.

In conclusion, AS9100 Rev D brings significant changes and updates that reflect the evolving needs of the aerospace industry. By focusing on understanding organizational context, implementing risk-based thinking, emphasizing product safety, and strengthening supply chain management practices, this revised standard aims to enhance overall quality management in the sector. Organizations can download a copy of AS9100 Rev D from authorized sources to begin implementing these changes effectively.

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