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Is It Safer to Stay in a Hotel or Vacation Rental During the Pandemic?

business plan ideas for pandemic

Travel plans haven’t exactly been going as expected as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to remain a global threat. Despite the ongoing crisis, many people are still looking to enjoy a getaway after months of sheltering in place or reunite with loved ones they haven’t seen for months. With health and safety in mind, it’s only natural to wonder about the risks of booking stays at hotels or vacation rental homes. Before making a reservation, learn how these businesses have adjusted to the COVID-19 pandemic and implemented safety recommendations from infectious disease experts.

Vacation Rental Hosts Are Following New Rules for Cleaning and Booking

Staying in a vacation rental can be a viable option thanks to the different precautions various companies have implemented. For starters, vacation rental marketplace Airbnb has prioritized health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. To protect guests and hosts, the company has rolled out more thorough cleaning protocols. For instance, the company’s “ Enhanced Clean program ” helps hosts learn how to disinfect their homes properly, such as by using supplies recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The program requires hosts to learn the new cleaning procedures, pass a quiz and consent to an attestation confirming that they’re going to follow the series of updated safety guidelines. After completing the program, the host receives an “Enhanced Clean” tag and a badge on their listings for users to see.

business plan ideas for pandemic

In addition to enhanced cleaning, Airbnb introduced a program called “ booking buffer ,” which keeps the home vacant for 72 hours between guest stays. This response aims to make visitors feel safer knowing that only the cleaning staff has been on the premises during that time.

VRBO, another popular vacation rental company, adopted similar safety guidelines recommended by the CDC, the WHO and Cristal International Standards, a company that provides risk-management systems to hotel groups. The measures recommend that property partners block time between bookings, offer contactless check-ins, sanitize high-touch surfaces and stock homes with antibacterial hand soaps and sanitizers. According to VRBO, owners can show users the key cleaning practices they’ve implemented by putting the information in their property descriptions. The company also has a flexible cancellation search filter for travelers.

Vacation rental management company TurnKey also updated its cleaning and booking processes. Before the pandemic, it already offered keyless locks and other ways to reduce in-person contact. Now, it requires cleaning staff to disinfect properties using “COVID-19 fighting products.” According to TurnKey, each home clean must be “ validated by photos and the cleaning products used before the job is considered complete.” In this way, the company has stricter guidelines than Airbnb and VRBO.

Airbnb, VRBO and TurnKey aren’t the only companies with health and safety on their minds; hotels have also set up new cleaning guidelines in response to the pandemic.

Major Hotel Chains Are Working Closely With Health Experts

Major hotel chains have adopted new safety protocols recommended by public health departments and are including detailed information on their websites to reassure potential vacationers. These guidelines promote social distancing, enabling contactless check-in and cleaning high-touch surfaces with powerful disinfectants.

business plan ideas for pandemic

For instance, Marriott is now sanitizing its hotels with CDC- and WHO-approved electrostatic sprayers . Shared surfaces and spaces are cleaned daily, while social distancing is strictly enforced. The company encourages guests to check in and check out online to reduce contact with others.

Meanwhile, the Four Seasons has worked with Johns Hopkins Medicine International for its “ Lead With Care ” program. Some of the program’s requirements include cleaning frequented areas hourly, limiting capacities in bars and restaurants and inspecting rooms by using black lights.

Although vacation rentals and hotels have new cleaning protocols, health experts say that one business minimizes risks more than the other.

Are Vacation Rentals Safer Than Hotels?

To determine if a hotel or vacation rental is safer for guests, health experts review the facility’s cleaning policies, mask and social distancing guidelines, and the number of people visitors are likely to come into contact with — the risk of transmission is higher when you interact with others .

business plan ideas for pandemic

Vacation rentals have a low risk of person-to-person contact as they offer contactless check-ins and reservations of entire homes. These features allow guests to have more control over their environments. While some hotels also provide no-contact check-ins, you can still encounter people in lobbies, elevators and other public spaces.

“In a hotel, it’s inevitable that you’ll have more interactions than at an Airbnb,” said Thomas Russo , head of the infectious disease division at the University at Buffalo. He explained , “Anything you can do to decrease your encounters with other individuals will be safer. Or if you have those encounters, they’re at safe distances with everyone wearing masks ideally.”

Ultimately, it’s safer to stay in a vacation rental, but that doesn’t mean there’s no danger. To lower the risks of contracting the virus, Russo suggests guests “run utensils and dishware through the dishwasher when you get there.” Wiping down phones, TV remotes, door handles and other commonly touched surfaces with disinfectants can further reduce risks. It’s also a good idea to wash towels and bedsheets so you have better oversight on everything you want to clean.

John Marroni, owner of the disaster recovery company National Restoration, advised checking for dust. If there’s dust, then the property’s cleaning practices are questionable.

Vacation Rentals and Major Hotel Chains Have Experienced Hardships During the Pandemic

Despite enhancing cleaning measures, vacation rentals and hotels have had a difficult time getting business during the pandemic. The UNWTO , which is the United Nations’ worldwide tourism agency, found that 2020 was the worst year in tourism history “due to an unprecedented fall in demand and widespread travel restrictions.”

business plan ideas for pandemic

While many rental property hosts and major hotel chains are struggling, there are some positive signs for the vacation rental industry. Airbnb and VRBO hosts in remote areas have seen a rise in bookings. In fact, The New York Times reported that 30% of Airbnb’s Labor Day bookings in 2020 were in remote areas, which was double the amount from the same weekend in 2019.

According to CNBC , Americans have been flocking to rural vacation rentals to escape cabin fever and stress from COVID-19. Remote properties are not only filled on weekends but also on weekdays. Guests who are concerned about their ability to continue social distancing are largely choosing these remote vacation homes as a safeguard.

Although hotels and vacation rentals have adopted many new policies to ensure healthy environments, guests must also do their part to keep everyone safe — and that doesn’t just mean choosing a remote property for vacation. Thankfully, there are simple steps visitors can take to minimize risks further.

If you’re planning to stay in a hotel or Airbnb, these recommendations can also help you stay safe:

  • Wear a face covering in public spaces and any time you’re around people who don’t share your household. The CDC recommends wearing a two- or three-layer fabric mask that covers both your mouth and nose.
  • Request contactless check-in and check-out. Find out if your hotel or vacation rental service has an app you can use to complete these processes without visiting a front desk or interacting with a property owner.
  • Check the property’s space for cleanliness when you arrive. Make sure the water glasses are in sealed wrappers, and see if there’s a paper strap around the toilet seat. Look for fingerprints and smudge marks on faucets, doorknobs and handles. See if there’s dust around — and don’t be afraid to do a sniff test. If the room smells like cleaning products, it’s likely clean .
  • Bring your own wipes to clean the space. Review this infographic from the Environmental Protection Agency to learn which products to use and how to use them properly.
  • If you’re experiencing any symptoms of illness, stay home. Get tested for COVID-19 if possible, and quarantine yourself for 14 days if you’ve come into contact with a person who has COVID-19.

As a reminder, it’s important to prioritize your health and safety when you’re traveling during the pandemic. The best way to keep everyone safe is to practice proper hygiene and minimize contact. If possible, search for properties with flexible cancellations, just in case you change your mind or start feeling sick.


business plan ideas for pandemic

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Start » startup, 13 post-pandemic businesses you can start now.

The current pandemic has opened up the door for new and expanded business opportunities as consumers adapt to post-COVID life.

 man outside doing virtual workout

The impact of COVID-19, particularly on the business world, couldn’t have been predicted but has been an incredible learning experience—especially for aspiring entrepreneurs. Social distancing and remote work have forced traditional in-person businesses like restaurants, brick-and-mortar retail and event services to get creative with solutions and stay viable while also opening a world of opportunities for business owners to meet consumers’ new and evolving needs.

Entrepreneurs are innovative, creative and risk-taking by definition so establishing a business in or immediately after a pandemic doesn’t frighten many away. However, there are several niche markets or missing spaces in the digital marketplace that entrepreneurs can fill—thereby taking advantage of pent-up market demand and putting their best foot forward in the business world. Here are 13 ideal businesses to consider pursuing, whether you’re making your entrepreneurial debut or adapting the products and services you already offer to a changing marketplace.

Handmade products

E-commerce has always occupied an important space in the marketplace and the pandemic showed us both the resilience of businesses selling online and the demand of community members looking to support local and small businesses. Online stores are the best avenue for aspiring retailers of homemade products like hand-knitted gloves, infused olive oil and more. Crafters and artisans have a unique opportunity to build a following on social media like Instagram and TikTok and turn their passion and skills into a thriving business on sites like Etsy. Hobbies like woodworking, jewelry design or knitting can translate well into an online storefront, as can basic digital designers who create templates for Cricut users. As Etsy CEO Josh Silverman told Marketplace Tech, “anyone with creativity and 20 cents can open a shop on Etsy.”

[Read more: How to Sell on Etsy: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started ]

Pet products and services

A positive from the COVID-19 lockdowns was the significant spike in pet adoptions. As people sought companionship from dogs, cats, birds and more while social distancing, shelters across the country saw a 700% increase in adoptions and fostering in 2020 compared to 2019.

To care for their new furry friends, many consumers are turning to online retailers and service providers. Pet products like homemade treats and toys are in high demand right now, as are online pet training classes. Channel your love of animals into a pet-focused business that makes consumers’ and pets’ lives better.

Home beauty kits

When hair and nail salons were shut down, people adapted by creating their own beauty routines in quarantine. Though lockdowns are lifted, consumers may still be more apt to try out new beauty products as they pamper themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

DIY home beauty products and kits are a great way to capitalize on consumers who prefer to pamper themselves at home over a salon. Industry experts say products that are focused on holistic wellness and self-care—such as facial products, essential oils and aromatherapy—are expected to see consistent demand in the foreseeable future, even after the pandemic ends. You can curate and source local products for a personalized box subscription experience, or create your own line of organic or natural skin and hair care items.

Commercial cleaning service

In 2020, cleaning and antibacterial supplies flew off the shelves and many commercial cleaning services found themselves in higher demand than ever before.

Office buildings, restaurants and other public businesses still count on these service providers to continuously disinfect their spaces and keep employees and patrons safe. As more businesses reopen to the public—including schools and universities—owners and building managers will continue to seek these cleaning services to stop the spread of germs and viruses and ensure their employees feel safe and protected.

Delivery and errand services

On-demand delivery services have become a highly sought-after market, with online food delivery services alone expected to grow by more than $104 billion by 2023.

Getting involved in this fast-growing industry could be as simple as becoming an Uber Eats driver or an Instacart shopper. You could also create your own independent courier service where you deliver groceries and other essential items, or run errands such as picking up medications.

Educational toys and games

Students and parents alike continue to find alternate ways to promote analytical thinking and creative stimulation, even after schools have opened to in-person classes or hybrid learning. Creative entrepreneurs with a passion for learning have a wonderful opportunity to step in and fill the gap in the market with educational toys and games.

Since children are spending more time in front of a screen than ever before, parents are expressing a strong preference for more educational options when it comes to their children’s entertainment. Creating and selling physical toys or digital games and apps that allow children to learn while having fun will be the key to success in this market.

Companies may not have time to plan and coordinate their own unique virtual activities, so you can offer to plan it for them.

Virtual workout classes and personal training

The pandemic showed many how important it is to maintain their physical health and immune systems. In 2020, consumers were left to find creative solutions to get their exercise, and virtual workout classes and digital personal training sessions entered the market with a splash.

Entrepreneurs with a passion for fitness and a background in physical education, kinesiology, nutrition or exercise science can translate their skills into virtual classes and one-on-one sessions with the work(out)-from-home crowd. An overwhelming majority of consumers have been accessing prerecorded fitness videos (73%) and livestreamed classes (85%) during the pandemic so there’s plenty of demand for this content. Offer a variety of skill levels to reach every audience—from the fitness buffs to those just beginning their fitness journeys.

Home improvement

As people spend more time in their homes, they’re finding a greater interest in maintaining and upgrading their properties. Interior and exterior home improvement projects increased during COVID-19, with 57% of consumers emphasizing such projects during the first three months of the pandemic.

While basic redecorating projects are achievable for most consumers, larger repairs and projects may be beyond the skill set of the average homeowner. If you’re handy and have a working knowledge of construction, you can help consumers remodel and renovate their spaces to create an ideal haven. Most interested target markets could be overwhelmed parents, new homeowners or remote workers who now need a functional, dedicated home office space.

[Read more: How a 136-Year-Old Home Improvement Chain Survived and Thrived During COVID-19 ]

Virtual activities for remote teams

The list of companies implementing permanent remote work policies in the wake of COVID-19 continues to grow. Many technology companies have started promoting their software for keeping distributed teams connected and productive. However, company culture is just as important and, since in-person team bonding activities are largely off the table (or make some employees feel uncomfortable), leaders are thinking beyond the “Zoom happy hour” to find new, exciting ways to build camaraderie.

Companies may not have time to plan and coordinate their own unique virtual activities, so you can offer to plan it for them. Whether you host and moderate an online session or create and ship virtual “activity kits” for teams to do together in real time over video, there are plenty of opportunities to offer assistance with team building in the remote work era.

Virtual resume editing and consulting

With thousands of layoffs and furloughs, a large percentage of the American population found themselves without jobs when the pandemic hit. For entrepreneurs with a vested interest in professional coaching and consulting, starting a virtual resume editing and consulting business enables those with the knowledge of professional etiquette and a passion for helping others to monetize their skills and purpose. Advances in the digital space also make sharing and editing pieces easy. Between Zoom and collaborative digital tools like Google Docs, very little startup funding is needed.

This business can offer flexibility, easy scalability and a nearly never-ending audience to market to. You can offer both virtual and in-person consulting appointments, choose the work you’d like to take on and find confidence that someone will always be looking for a job and need resume help.

Computer- or device-cleaning business

COVID-19 brought cleanliness to the forefront of everyone’s minds, in addition to a significant increased reliance on technology to stay connected. By combining the two demands—technology and sanitizing high-traffic items—entrepreneurs can dominate a niche market with fast turnaround and excellent customer service.

Entrepreneurs interested in the technology industry don’t have to travel to Silicon Valley to be a part of the magic. Instead, they can work from their home or a brick-and-mortar shop while making the most important asset to many—a laptop or phone—work like new.

Transcription service

Transcription services—listening to voice recordings and documenting them into written word—have been and continue to be a unique business suited for filling the needs of many industries. Most notably used in the medical field, transcription services are an interesting remote business. The best transcription services have high-quality transcriptions edited by native English speakers for accuracy, spelling, grammar and data.

Who or what industries make use of transcription services? Law firms, healthcare providers, market researchers, podcasters and more use transcription services to save time and get their jobs done.

Write a book or downloadable guide

While writing one book doesn’t seem like a business in itself, it can pay dividends if done well. The market for nonfiction books is expected to grow by 10.5%, demonstrating the demand for new nonfiction books. Take a lesson you’ve learned in your life, the failures and successes you’ve collected in your career or a list of mottos you live your life by and turn them into a narrative—or a downloadable guide. You can publish independently, work with a publishing house or sell copies of your “how-to” online through social media or a website.

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business plan ideas for pandemic

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7 ideas for small businesses to launch after lockdown

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Although there’s been much uncertainty since the first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, one thing is sure – the world is a different place. Consumers have adapted their habits over the past year and changed how they live, resulting in exciting opportunities for new business owners taking their first steps in innovation and entrepreneurship .

According to the Office for National Statistics , the number of new companies registered in the UK soared in the first quarter of 2021 (January to March), with a 14% increase in new businesses created compared to the same three-month period in 2020. Many more may be on the cards as trends that emerged throughout the pandemic present new prospects. Here we look at seven post-Covid business types to launch out of lockdown.

Learn about the medical perspective, psychological perspective, and social need perspective to make sense of mental ill-health with our free making sense of mental health problems course . As part of our Learn with Start Up Loans partnership with the Open University, our online course is free to join, delivered by experts and includes a free statement of participation on completion.

Health and wellbeing

While lockdowns made lots of people feel lethargic, not everyone lost their get-up and go. In fact, with gyms closed around the country, fitness fans started exercising at home. TV’s ‘Body Coach’ Joe Wicks encouraged families to work out in their living rooms, and the sale of home gym equipment soared. The NHS Couch to 5K app also saw more than 858,000 downloads from March to June 2020 – a 92% increase compared to 2019 .

There was a surge in sales of vitamin D supplements in the past year, as rumours spread that the sunshine vitamin could help prevent coronavirus. Post-Covid, setting up an e-commerce business selling vitamins and supplements and other health foods could be a winner, or why not consider being an online fitness instructor? And don’t dismiss the potentially lucrative idea of dropshipping gym and exercise equipment, accessories and clothing.


When it’s safe to do so, many employers will be encouraging their teams to return to the workplace. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has proved that work can also be done efficiently at home, even when the whole family are perched around a kitchen table. With long commutes a distant memory and people enjoying a new work-life balance, homes are increasingly being adapted to include space for a study or home office.

Enterprising entrepreneurs who can convert sheds, garages and attics themselves or project manage building work could benefit from this growing trend. Decorators and interior designers may be able to offer their services too, as can arty business owners who are skilled at designing motivational prints or pinboards to hang on walls and the all-important desk tidy. An e-commerce site selling home office wares and equipment is another potential goldmine.

A staggering 3.2 million households in the UK have acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic, so there are now around 12 million dogs and the same number of cats living in homes across the country. After Covid-19, when new dog owners return to work or start travelling overseas, dog walkers and sitters are sure to see a spike in the number of enquiries.

As a nation of animal lovers – research suggests dog owners spend almost £100 a year on gifts for their pets – it’s a trend that could be profitable for entrepreneurs. Bakers could turn their hand to making tasty dog treats, and embroiderers simply need to stitch a pet name on a blanket or towel. If you make personalised birthday cards, don’t forget to include designs with dog breeds that proved popular during the pandemic.

Hobbies and pastimes

With many furloughed employees having more spare time, and individuals focusing more on their own wellbeing, people discovered different ways to fill their days by taking up a new hobby. There may be an opportunity to monetise your hobby and sell your wares to others.

Neilsen BookScan, the official book sales monitor, reported that the UK book market showed an estimated growth of 5.2% during 2020 , so if you enjoy creative writing, maybe it’s time to write your first novel. Home baking saw a boom too – a YouGov survey revealed 53% of the nation baked during the first lockdown – so perhaps compiling a recipe book or making cakes is a good business option.

If you’ve been improving your photography techniques , and you’re confident enough to take wedding photos, post-Covid there will be lots of marriages and civil partnerships with everyone eager to pose. And crafters who have been making face masks: could you expand this to dressmaking or a clothes-altering business.

Shopping locally

The Government’s Covid-19 travel restrictions have also affected people’s shopping habits. Advised to stay locally, consumers have shopped closer to home, visiting local shops and buying local produce. Communities’ eagerness to support smaller and independent businesses has been key to this continuing trend, as has the growing desire to live more sustainably.

It’s an encouraging trend for new business owners – potential customers will be on your doorstep. If you can sell goods made from local ingredients – perhaps honey from your own bees, cider from your apple trees or jumpers knitted using wool from local farms – even better. Successful entrepreneurs also know the importance of personalised customer service, especially if you rely on word-of-mouth recommendations.

The gardening trend that bloomed during the pandemic looks like it’s here to stay. According to research by the Horticultural Trades Association (HTA), almost three million new gardeners sprung up during 2020 as people used their outside space to unwind, enjoy time with family and grow their own vegetables. Being allowed to socialise outdoors saw an increase in demand for garden furniture, as well as patio heaters and hot tubs, and the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2021 was the biggest ever, with over one million people taking part.

Dropshipping rattan sofas or barbecues, especially with summer approaching, could be a new business option. Or perhaps green-fingered entrepreneurs could help with garden designing and planting. Creating personalised gift boxes containing seeds, twine, gloves and secateurs may also be a profitable idea.

Virtual experiences

Before lockdowns, the Generation X brigade thought of an ice lolly when someone mentioned the word Zoom. Now, however, only the video conferencing service comes to mind – in November 2020, the number of daily active UK users of Zoom reached approximately 1.7 million . With virtual chats, meetings and conferences becoming part and parcel of post-pandemic life, new technology trends are sure to continue, even with everyone desperate to meet up face-to-face.

Entrepreneurs starting up a new business should take advantage of customers’ acceptance of the new normal virtual world, where a teacher in Cornwall can easily teach history to a student based in the Scottish Highlands. The online opportunities are endless, from yoga classes and cooking demonstrations to basket weaving workshops and plumbing tutorials. Skilled PAs could consider becoming a virtual assistant too.

Thinking of starting a business? Check out our free online courses in partnership with the Open University on being an entrepreneur. Our free Learn with Start Up Loans courses include:

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10 Business Ideas That Are Worth Investing Amidst COVID-19

April 6, 2020.

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The pandemic continues to impact almost every aspect of lives. Millions of businesses, including startups, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies are dealing with the havoc wreaked by the pandemic. For budding entrepreneurs and business owners, it has become essential to look for best business ideas post COVID-19. In case you are on a hunt to find out best business opportunities created by Covid-19, you have landed at the right place. Therefore, this is the right time to make your presence online with best mobile app development company Dubai

Table of Contents

The economy in the United States is moving back to normal. As per a report, it is now operating at 88% of where it was in early March, 2020. However, with customers still preferring to stay indoors, taking businesses online is the next in the to-do list of every entrepreneur. And here are some reasons to back this statement.

Why online businesses are expected to grow in the post Covid-19 world?

  • Growth of mobile apps: Despite the crisis impact, the mobile app spending is expected to double by 2024 . Moreover, downloads will reach 183.7 billion, i.e. 9% more from the forecast made before COVID-19.
  • Increase in online shopping: Amazon says it is out of stock of household items, and deliveries are delayed due to coronavirus demand.
  • Reduced human contact: Online businesses are empowered with contactless deliveries- need of the hour. Shifting to an online marketplace turns a wiser decision which helps save your resources, customers and business, altogether.
  • Expert’s recommendation: Retail and logistics experts say online shopping is permissible and encouraged during the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, categories like electronics and health experienced a 91% and 109% increase.

What Business Opportunities Have Ventured Out Of The Pandemic Period?

It is quite evident that online businesses have proved their potential to survive the worst of times. And the trend for brick-and-mortar businesses switching to online mode will surely boom in the coming years. Whether you have been running an offline business or you are planning to invest in some new venture, the right time to give your idea a real shape is -Now.

Wondering what business opportunities were brought by Covid? Below we have listed out a few verticals that see promising futuristic growth. To help you out, we have created a list of them. Explore:

Pickup & Delivery

With all types of businesses finding ways to reach their customers’ doorstep, delivery solutions are becoming a life-savior. And for this reason, delivery services have observed a surge in their business amid the coronavirus crisis. The Hills states , “A changing economy means new opportunities, especially for delivery services.” Regardless of the business size & type, there is a need for a robust delivery management solution. The best pickup & delivery app development solution is available here.

Online Education App

Educational institutions around the world are forced to shut down and shift to online learning programmes. This crisis has definitely triggered an online boom for education industry. As per the stats, education app downloads spiked in March, 2020 , increasing nearly 300%. While it is helping to cope with the current emergency, it is also preparing the world for the next future . It is a great idea to build your trusted Edtech platform. Get started here .

The fear of getting exposed to the pandemic keeps people from going to offline grocery stores. While the stock in their homes doesn’t seem to be lasting for longer now, they are ordering it online. It is the major reason for the exponential rise in the number of downloads for grocery delivery apps in recent days. Did you know, downloads of Instacart , Walmart’s grocery app and Shipt have increased 218%, 160%, and 124% respectively. Take your grocery store online to ensure timely delivery of grocery orders at customers’ doorstep.

Medicine Delivery

At this moment, pharmaceutical businesses have an essential role to play. People quarantining themselves find it difficult to reach medical stores. Not only those affected by the virus, but others who are dealing with minor or major health issues, are failing to get medicines on time. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of pharmacy businesses to contribute in the fight against Coronavirus. With a right tech partner by your side, you can switch to an online medicine delivery business in just a few weeks.

Healthcare Consultation

Remote health care is playing a crucial part in navigating the impact of the virus outbreak. The Economist stated, “Online health care helps patients and medical workers—and will be a legacy of combating the novel coronavirus”. In fact, telemedicine apps like Practo have witnessed a 500% increase in online doctor consultations. These platforms are laying the foundation for the next-gen healthcare systems. You too can offer the best healthcare solution, creating your own branded online healthcare app .

Suggested Read: How Practo Works – Revenue Model & How To Build Your Practo Clone

Home Services Marketplace

The global online on-demand home services market expecting a CAGR of over 70%. It will be increasing to USD 4,730.31 Billion during 2021-2025. When it comes to the factors driving the growth rate, these include increasing internet penetration and number of startups entering the market. With market leaders like Thumbtack raising $275 Million , this sector is certainly on a rise for emerging business owners & entrepreneurs. Get all your hows & whys answered for building on-demand home services marketplace like Thumbtack here.

Ecommerce Marketplace

E-commerce businesses have a golden opportunity to keep them safe from the effect of virus spread. Not only can they keep their business running, but expand their customer reach, boost sales, grow ROI and do more, by just going online. As per the Quantum Metric report , online sales have surged 52% from the year-ago period, and the number of online shoppers has increased 8.8% since the outbreak began. Starting your ecommerce apps like Ebay can help you business outshine. Need to know more about building your ecommerce marketplace, here are the details.

Fitness & Wellness App

Offline gyms and health centers are among the businesses severely impacted by pandemic outspread. On the contrary, digital platforms have turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the health and fitness industries. Business Insider reported, as major gym chains close their doors to curb the coronavirus outbreak, people are increasingly turning to digital workout programs to maintain their exercise routines from home. Now you can create your online fitness & wellness to leverage from a sector that promises tremendous growth.

Several restaurants had to shut their shutters after the government ordered an enforced lockdown. Waiting for the situation to get back to normal seems no longer a good option for them. But switching to online food delivery sounds certainly perfect. As per The Guardian , food delivery services thrive, as consumers opt to stay in to avoid the spread of contagious diseases. With a number of platforms like Zomato , UberEats , Deliveroo , Talabat & more, already performing great, you can make a difference with a perfect business plan and technology. Let’s help you launch your branded food delivery app to enable your customers order food online and delight them with contactless deliveries.

Online Medical Van Booking

Another idea which could make lives comfortable and secure at this phase (and even in future) is heading off with an online ambulance or medical van booking app. COVID-19 has triggered a medical commerce boom . It will be an amazing and helpful idea, altogether. In case you need some assistance or expert’s advice on how you can transform this into reality, we are here to help.

Plan For Today, Prepare For Tomorrow

This is an unprecedented time for the entire business world. While there’s no slew of tried-and-true best practices for dealing with this global pandemic , the above listed ten business ideas can help you emerge out as a leader through this crisis. Moreover, it is equally essential to understand that the concept of the online marketplace comes with a futuristic approach.

We truly believe that there will be a solution to this pandemic very soon. The world will be a healthier and safer place once again. And the businesses will be gaining their momentum. Whether you are running a business already or have plans to invest for better tomorrow, join the revolution to go online.  Get in touch with us and we can help you become the next market trendsetter .

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business plan ideas for pandemic

22 Business Ideas Coming Out of COVID19 Pandemic

22 business ideas during pandemic

Table of Contents

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The sudden outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020 brought a major setback on the livelihood of people all across the world. Some people lost their job on the other hand many industries like startups, enterprises , entrepreneurs faced heavy losses. There were many people who had planned to start their business in 2020 but stopped. Well, according to our research there are still magnificent business opportunities that will take a fly during this pandemic situation. Imagining how? Walkthrough to know the insight .

Within this one year of pandemic, have you noticed an instant blaze demand for delivery services, home improvement, pet products, gaming? In case not, then after reading the business ideas given below, you can precisely observe in your apartment, and you will get proof.

But before that, If you are actually willing to introduce your company during this corona phase, then get a brief idea of major concerns for a great kickstart. Such as interaction mode, purchase mode, tourism post-COVID 19 , and where work has dramatically changed over time.

Now, with consideration to the pandemic situation, we have come up with a list of business ideas that can become a boon during this pandemic and will flourish in the future. Let’s get started:

Growing Business Setup Ideas During Covid-19

1. cleaning services.

Cleaning services for business idea

In order to keep control of that, people of industries and residents need cleaning and disinfecting services at regular intervals. And even after the coronavirus dies, people will never try to task risk in the future. Thus, a cleaning services startup can be a great option with less budget. You simply need to have a plan, suitable location, and dedication to run.

2. Delivery Service

Due to Covid-19 emergence, people have stopped visiting offline stores to keep themselves safe. However, they require food and emergency items to survive. Thus, the zero-contact delivery business ideas can work out amazingly well. The high demand for orders will help you grow your business at the top level. Start with a member of say 5-6 delivery boys delivering different items like foods, vegetables, medicines, groceries. Gradually make your service more smooth by delivering to distant colonies. This will help your service get reach.

3. Remote Fitness

After this lockdown imposition, 70-80% of the people are surfing fitness tips on the internet. Build your remote fitness service center and provide them fitness instructions and training. You will get your customers from the old generation to the young. This business will grow even after the covid-19 ends as people will find it easy to access. With such a business there is less investment and more productivity.

4. E-commerce

If you were planning to open your retail store offline in the year 2020 and then you dropped the idea due to Covid-19, we have a great alternative option for you. Half of the entire population on earth is present online. Thus, instead of opening your retail shop offline, take a move towards an online retail shop. People are driving towards online shopping and thus you can grab this golden treat. Start your online retail shop first with minimal investment and slowly increase the investment according to the sales. And, as you know, digitalization is trending, so your online retail store will also grow.

5. House-Party Clean-up Committee

In this pandemic, in-house parties are more in trend. But what generally happens, the party ends late at night and then people are not in a state to clean their place. Thus, if you open your cleaning service committee, it will be beneficial for both. You can get their service booked, reach in the morning and give their house cleaning service. Also, if you add breakfast along with service, people will frequently approach your service. This business idea is quite unique, so give it a thought!

6.  Cloud Kitchen/Healthy Meal Delivery

Cloud Kitchen Business Idea


Must Read : How to Set up Cloud Kitchen Business Model

7. Freelance Copywriters

If you have a keen interest in writing, you can convert it into business. Having marketing knowledge can be the cherry on the cake. There are multiple types of writing say articles, blogs, social media content, guest post, web blog, press release, or resume writing. Almost all e-portal companies require freelance copywriters whom they pay a handful of amounts.

The demand has increased from 2020 when the WFH was implemented due to the covid situation. If you are aware of SEO knowledge, you can charge a high price for SEO-optimized content . And with time, increase the pricing. The bonus point in this business is you can work from anywhere be it your home or while traveling. You simply require internet connectivity, and you are ready to begin.

8. Translation Service

In 2020 the translation industry was affected due to the emergence of the covid situation. But with the year 2021, it’s likely to upgrade the performance globally. The internet has opened doors for translation service. Limited pieces of equipment are required: computer and internet connectivity. In case, you have proficiency in multi-lingual language and you are tired of a fishing job, you can easily work as an online translator. It’s a convenient business that will build your customers for the long run.

9. Online Teaching

Many people must not be aware that online teaching was started 3 years back. However, it took a fly in 2020 when the pandemic started. People were not allowed to move out from their residents and this made families get their teaching completed via online teaching classes.

If you are passionate about teaching, online teaching is the best criteria to choose from without any loss and expenditure. The skills include core knowledge of the subjects like Maths, Science, History, Geography, English and other additional subjects.

10. Online Reseller

If you possess these three qualities which are fashion sense, selling technique, and passion then you can make a call for an online reseller. Various companies require resellers to sell out their unwanted clothing. Although it takes some extra time and dedication. However, once you gain success, your ability will help you increase the business at a larger level. Began online reseller as your side business until you get the grip.

11. Video Editing Service

The top demand in 2021 is Video Editing which is swiftly and holding the market. Video marketing and YouTube have exponentially escalated their growth. If you’re a  creative person with great visualization then don’t miss the opportunity. But, before taking video editor as your permanent business,  you must have knowledge of adobe premiere, final cut pro. Well, it’s not tough. You can learn from the tutorials and get good practice.

There are many people looking for video editors for their business advertisements.  

12. Pet Sitting

Well, there is no doubt that the maximum rate of pet order started when the pandemic came into being, for companionship. You can start an online pet sitting service and earn a handful amount. Consumers are preferring a pet care service online to take care of their furry friend.

13. Social Media Marketing

If you are a social media lover and always have an update about the trend, for whom are you waiting? Have a nack on the tips and tricks and start your social media pages. Choose your favorite niche on which you want to work, build your social media team , and start your social media page. The digital platform is performing magnificently and is secured from all ends.

Also Check Out: 5 Must-Have Tools to Grow Your Small Business !

14. E-book Marketing

There are different types of writers which some of them feel like writing for the organization and on the other hand, some write for themselves. But, in this digital world, writing for yourself will also help in earning. You simply have to make your account online and start writing. People should be excellent in storytelling.

15. Affiliate Marketing

If you are having good followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc then you can earn by promoting different brands. You need to give highlights of the product, positive reviews, and procedures to use the product. Your profit is parallel to your profile. The maximum your profile reach more will be your earning. Thus, make good followers on your social media account .

16. Online Therapy

Due to this pandemic, people all over the world are panicking and thus they require therapies. You can start your business of online therapy for controlling blood pressure,  mental pressure, and other issues. There are exercises that are included in the therapy. You can provide the service and run it in the future. However, there might be chances, after a pandemic you may get clients of a single age group.

17. Accounting/Bookkeeping

In case you are from an accounts background and have good knowledge of balance sheet, accounting and possess some technical skills, you have the best business offer to crack. A big businessman requires a smart person for bookkeeping from miles away. This option will let you brush your skills and have no-cost funding. At primary phase charge $40-$50 per hour. Working in this field will enlarge your contacts and after having a good experience approach for the multi-business holder person.

Also Read: Top 4 Account Receivables and Payables Management Tips

18. Virtual Personal Assistant

Nowadays, every day there is a pop-up on social media regarding virtual personal assistant requirements. Due to the pandemic, all the personal secretary has left their job and thus businessmen are looking for a virtual secretary who can handle their calendar, emails, travels and many other daily schedules.

If you are good at communication and have basic knowledge of excel sheets, get an approach as soon as possible. Once the covid situation gets in control they might hire you permanently as their personal assistant.

19. Medical Courier Service

People are regularly facing health issues on a daily basis and at times there is a shortage of medicines in their nearby medical stores. They also have a fear of stepping out or going to distant markets for medicines. Then why not you can start your medical courier service for your local place at the initial stage. There is a huge demand for medicines and your courier service will become a one-stop solution for medical necessities .  You can make deals with different medical stores for courier service, and then start. For starting this business you need 3-4 people for delivery.

20. App developer

In this corona phase, people have decided to work on remote access. Thus, there is a hunt for the app developer every day. Therefore, if you’re an engineering student and are aware of coding, don’t waste your energy worrying about the future, start your business as an app developer, right away.

21. Graphic Designer

Do you have experience in adobe photoshop or adobe illustrator? If yes, a great opportunity is walking your way.  Many companies are hiring freelance graphic designers for their business as online projects have increased. Thus, you can pick many projects from different companies at the same time. You can charge $40 for each project. This opportunity has amazing benefits like no restrictions, no investments, and only profits.

22. Online Video Games

In this pandemic situation, children are strictly not allowed to move out and therefore their outdoor gaming got stopped. This has made them search for online games for entertainment.  So, you can build your idea regarding your online gaming app which has cool and unique features. Get it developed by an app developer and app store. For instance, Ludo King got great popularity during this lockdown period.

Final Thoughts

Covid-19 has definitely impacted negatively on the economic bar. However, there are various things that can become a boon for one and bane for the other. However, you cannot take risks in the Business lane. Thus, before setting up your business you need to have proper research.

As we have discussed the business ideas then you must have noticed almost all business criteria fall under online platforms. Thus, keeping track of your payments and tasks is very important. How can you keep the payment details of your work? Let me tell you the safest and easiest way. You need to choose an online invoice system that will help in dissolving your burden and stress regarding the payment slots. Through online invoicing software, you will not have to create your invoicing format, again and again, your terms and policies will be displayed in each invoice. This creates a professional impact on clients. Apart from that, you will have your all data records saved at a secure level. Thus, you can verify your transactions of whichever date and year you require. In short, online invoicing software can aid you in every business sector.

business plan ideas for pandemic

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business plan ideas for pandemic

20 Post-Pandemic Business Ideas

20 Post-Pandemic Business Ideas

As the world recovers from the pandemic, many people seek new business opportunities. The pandemic has created several challenges for businesses around the world. However, it has also created opportunities for those willing to take advantage of them. Now is an ideal time to start your own business, and this article lists 20 post-pandemic business ideas you can use as inspiration.

The list includes various types of businesses, there is something for everyone. It also contains some practical tips on how to get started. So, if you are thinking about starting your own business, now is the time to do it!

Start a Virtual Assistant Business

In today's world, more and more businesses are going virtual. With the rise of the internet and the decreasing need for physical office space, there has never been a better time to start a virtual assistant business. Virtual assistants provide a wide range of services, from customer service to administrative support. As a result, they are in high demand among small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to outsource tasks and free up their time.

The pandemic has only increased the need for virtual assistance, as many businesses have been forced to move online. Starting a virtual assistant business is a great way to be your own boss and help others. With minimal startup costs and the potential for high earnings, it is an excellent post-pandemic business idea. So, if you're looking for a new business venture, consider becoming a virtual assistant. It's a rewarding way to make a living while helping others succeed.

Launch an Online Store

Many businesses were forced to close their doors when the pandemic first hit. However, some savvy entrepreneurs quickly adapted by moving their operations online. Launching an online store could be the perfect solution if you're looking for a post-pandemic business idea. Thanks to the internet, selling online is easier than ever before. Several platforms allow you to set up a shop with just a few clicks. Moreover, plenty of tools and resources are available to help you get started. Whether you're selling physical goods or digital products, an online store is a great way to reach a global audience. So, if you're looking for a business idea that will thrive in the post-pandemic world, launching an online store is a great option.

Offer Social Media Marketing Services

By now, most businesses have realized the importance of having a social media presence . In the post-pandemic world, that importance is only going to increase. As more and more people turn to social media for news and information, businesses that can reach them there will have a distinct advantage. And that's where social media marketing comes in. As a social media marketing consultant, you would help businesses to create and implement effective social media campaigns.

This would involve crafting compelling messages, designing eye-catching visuals, and interacting with customers and potential customers. It's a challenging and rewarding role in high demand in the post-pandemic world. So, social media marketing is worth considering if you're looking for a new business idea.

Manage Email Marketing Campaigns

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to reevaluate their marketing strategies. One area that has seen a significant shift is email marketing. With people spending more time than ever at home, businesses have had to find new ways to reach their customers through the inbox. As a result, there is a growing need for experts who can manage email marketing campaigns. If you have experience with email marketing and are looking for a post-pandemic business idea, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

While the pandemic has changed the landscape of email marketing, the basics of managing a successful campaign remain the same. Understanding your audience and crafting engaging content can help businesses keep their customers informed and engaged during these uncertain times.

Create Custom Websites

A recent study by Adobe found that nearly 60% of all internet users expect brands to have a website. Of those users, almost half say that a website's design is the number one factor in determining a brand's credibility. That's why a custom website design is essential for any business that wants to succeed in the post-pandemic world. A custom website allows you to control every aspect of your online presence, from the colors and fonts to the overall layout and user experience. It also allows you to integrate your branding across all channels, including social media, email marketing, and paid advertising.

But perhaps most importantly, a custom website allows you to stand out from your competition. In today's crowded marketplace, businesses need to do everything they can to differentiate themselves, and a custom website is a perfect way to do that. So, if you're looking for a post-pandemic business idea to help you succeed in the new economy, look no further than custom website design.

Design and Build Mobile Apps

Mobile apps offer several advantages over traditional websites. They are more engaging, easier to use, and can be customized for each user. In addition, mobile apps can be integrated with other platforms, such as social media, to create a seamless experience for the customer. Designing and building mobile apps with the right team can be a lucrative post-pandemic business venture.

Develop Digital Products

With so many people now working from home, there is a growing need for online tools and resources. By creating digital products such as e-books, online courses, or software applications, entrepreneurs can meet this demand and generate revenue at the same time.

Moreover, developing digital products requires far less overhead than traditional businesses, making it a more cost-effective option for many would-be entrepreneurs.

Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

SEO-friendly blog posts can be a great way to improve your website's search engine ranking. While the SEO landscape has changed significantly over the years, the fundamental principles of writing SEO-friendly content remain the same. By understanding how search engines work and what type of content they are looking for, you can create blog posts that are both informative and keyword-rich.

In addition, you can further increase your website's visibility by including links to other relevant websites and using social media to promote your content. With more people turning to the internet for information, now is the perfect time to start writing SEO-friendly blog posts .

Edit Videos and Photographs

In the age of social media, everyone is a content creator. Whether you're posting photos from your last vacation or sharing a video of your cat, chances are you're using some form of editing to ensure your content is as polished as possible. And with the rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, there's been a growing demand for creative and engaging content . So if you're interested in starting your own business, why not consider offering video and photo editing services? You can quickly turn your hobby into a profitable business with a bit of practice.

Not only is video and photo editing a great way to make money, but it's also a fun and creative way to express yourself. Whether you're adding filters and effects to photos or creating montages and GIFs, there's no limit to what you can do. Plus, you can quickly build up a loyal client base with the right marketing strategy, you can turn your passion into a successful business with creativity and hard work.

Provide Consulting Services

There is a growing need for consultants who can help businesses navigate uncharted waters. Now is the perfect time to start offering your services if you have expertise in a particular field. You can help companies develop new marketing, operations, and even human resources strategies. In addition, you can provide advice on how to best use technology to stay connected with customers and employees. Finally, you can position yourself as an invaluable resource for post-pandemic businesses with the right skills and knowledge. It's a great way to use your skills to help others, and it could be very profitable in the future.

Teach a Class or Workshop Online

Whether you're an expert in cooking, gardening, business administration, essay writing, or web development, there is a niche market for your knowledge. And with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging on, now is the perfect time to start.

You'll need to do a few things to get started teaching online. First, you'll need to decide what platform you want to use. Zoom and Google Meet are two of the most popular options, but many others can choose from. Once you've selected a platform, you'll need to create a detailed lesson plan. This should include everything from your introduction and objectives to your conclusion and assessment. Finally, you'll need to promote your class or workshop online. You can do this through social media, online classifieds, or word-of-mouth.

Publish an E-Book or Course

E-books are a great way to reach a wider audience, as they can be easily distributed and accessed on various devices. And with platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, it's easy to get your e-book into the hands of potential readers. Meanwhile, online courses offer learners a more interactive and immersive experience. Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare make it easy to create and market your course, and with a global audience at your fingertips, the sky's the limit for potential students.

Record and Sell Audio Files Online

Whether you're a musician, podcaster, or voice actor, there's a market for your audio recordings. And with platforms like Audacity and GarageBand, it's easy to create high-quality audio files from the comfort of your own home.

You can sell your recordings through online stores like iTunes and Amazon Music or market them directly to your fans through social media and your website. You can also create a subscription service where listeners can access your entire catalog of recordings for a monthly fee.

Craft Handmade Goods for Sale on Etsy

If you're crafty and have a knack for creating handmade goods, there's a market for your products. Etsy is a popular online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, and with over 2 million active sellers, it's an excellent platform for reaching potential buyers.

You'll need to create an account and set up your shop to get started. You'll also need to take high-quality photos of your products and write detailed descriptions that accurately reflect your selling items. And finally, you'll need to promote your shop through social media, online advertising, and word-of-mouth. You can turn your hobby into a profitable business with little effort.

Start a Home Daycare Service

If you love children and have a knack for childcare, starting a home daycare service is an excellent post-pandemic business idea. With schools and childcare facilities still closed in many areas, there is a high demand for quality childcare. And with the right licensing and insurance in place, you can start your business with little effort.

You'll need to create a safe and inviting environment for children and develop a curriculum that meets their needs. Of course, you'll also need to obtain the necessary licensing and insurance for your business. But with the demand for quality childcare at an all-time high, starting a home daycare service is a great way to earn a living after the pandemic.

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

If you love animals and live in a pet-friendly area, starting a pet sitting or dog walking business is a great way to make money. With many people still working from home, there is a high demand for quality pet care. And with the right marketing strategy , you can reach a wide range of potential clients.

You'll need to create a pet sitting or dog walking business plan and obtain the necessary insurance for your business. You'll also need to promote your business through social media, online advertising, and word-of-mouth. But with the demand for quality pet care at an all-time high, starting a pet sitting or dog walking business is a great way to earn a living after the pandemic.

House Cleaning Service

If you're looking for a post-pandemic business idea that doesn't require a lot of startup capital, consider starting a house cleaning service. With many people still working from home, there is a high demand for quality house cleaning services. To start, you need a vacuum, some cleaning supplies, a website, and a few good clients.

Landscaping Service

After spending months indoors, many people are eager to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. As a result, there has been a surge in demand for landscaping services. So, if you're considering starting a business in this field, now is perfect. There are a few things to keep in mind, however.

First, it's essential to have a strong marketing strategy. Post pandemic, people will be looking for reliable and trustworthy businesses. Be sure to highlight your experience and expertise in your marketing materials. Secondly, it's essential to have a robust online presence. Many people will search for landscaping services online, so make sure your website is up to date and easy to find. Finally, remember that customer service is key. People want to work with businesses that are responsive and accommodating.

Personal Chef

The pandemic has changed how we think about food and how we get our meals. As a result, more and more people are looking for ways to eat healthy, home-cooked meals without all the hassle. A personal chef can provide this service. They will come to your home, cook fresh meals using locally sourced ingredients, and clean up afterward. This is a great business idea for someone who loves to cook and wants to help others eat healthily. The demand for personal chefs will surely increase in the coming years, so now is the time to start this business. With a bit of planning and some creativity, you can be successful as a personal chef. Just be sure to market your business well and stay organized!


Dropshipping is a business model in which eCommerce entrepreneurs sell products without carrying any inventory. When a customer places an order in their store, the entrepreneur contacts the supplier, who then ships the products directly to the customer. Dropshipping is a great way to start an online business with very little upfront investment, and it's especially relevant in today's climate. With more people shopping online than ever before, there's an excellent opportunity for dropshippers to tap into this growing market. In addition, dropshipping is a very low-risk business model, which is ideal in uncertain times like these. Dropshipping may be a suitable alternative for you if you're searching for a post-pandemic business concept.

There you have it, 20 post-pandemic business ideas to consider. With proper planning and execution, any of these businesses have the potential to be successful. Just remember to do your research, create a solid business plan , and promote your business effectively. Finally, and most importantly, don't give up! These are challenging times, but with perseverance, anything is possible.

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business plan ideas for pandemic

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  • Editors' Pick

20+ Business Ideas Coming Out of COVID-19 Pandemic [Small Business Edition]

20 business ideas

By Chris Watson

While the year 2020 was nothing less than a nightmare for lives and livelihoods worldwide, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact almost every aspect of our lives even in 2021. Millions of companies, including startups, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and organizations, bear the coronavirus outbreak’s brunt. Undoubtedly, it’s terrible for businesses, but it came as opportunities for many companies, brands, and startup companies worldwide. The opportunities for online sales explosion means a chance for outstanding profit margins. China offers excellent products at reasonable prices and are easily imported with a sourcing agent .

Did you know home improvement, gaming, pet products, and delivery services, among others, have all witnessed a massive surge in demand while most of the economy falters?

Still, if you were to start a business at this time, coronavirus —the new normal would be the major concern to take into account. Many things, such as how we interact with things/people, purchase online/offline, travelling, and how and where work have dramatically changed. No doubt, some of them may be temporary, while others will stick longer even if the pandemic is over .

So, keeping pandemic in mind, we have rounded up a list of business ideas that will be opportunistic during this pandemic and continue to bloom even after that as opportunities. Let’s explore;

Small Business Opportunities That Thrive Irrespective to Corona Impact

Small Business Opportunities

1. Cleaning Services

As the COVID-19 cases throughout the world continue to climb a new height every day, so is the demand for janitorial services. Especially in the urban areas, a number of cleaning companies have witnessed an increase in the number of cleaning and disinfection service requests.

In light of the pandemic, homeowners, apartment complexes, commercial high-rise buildings, and corporate offices are being reminded to continually clean and disinfect all commonly-used areas to contain the virus from spreading.

If you like to clean and you want to start a business with a little overhead, this is the business for you. All you need is proper planning, dedication, a little geographical marketing to get your business noticed.

2. Delivery Service

While many people are afraid to leave their homes or follow the local government’s advisory to stay inside the house, senior citizens and immunocompromised individuals are on high alert. All with a single purpose —to keep themselves safe. That naturally has boosted on-demand delivery service.

According to BusinessWire, online food delivery will be the largest beneficiary with more than a $104 billion market by 2023 , among most other delivery services.

Delivery Service

Getting involved into a fast-growing delivery business can keep you profitably busy as long as you want. You can choose to create your own independent delivery service business or courier service to make the best out of a pandemic. With many delivery services implemented during the lockdown period, some of them would continue to serve long; even the pandemic is over. Many startups will come out with niches delivering that never used to be delivered.

3. Remote Fitness

The fitness sector was one among the many that faced a big jolt due to the lockdown worldwide. The fitness industry is adjusting to a new reality by offering remote fitness services. You can grab this opportunity by providing on-demand virtual fitness classes that are gaining popularity.

The pandemic has compelled people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost immunity. Given that fitness will play an integral role in boosting their immune system, there will be an opportunistic opportunity for you. However, choose the right niche based on the region, locality and your expertise.

4. Cyber Security Consultant

Back in September of 2020, a major hospital chain in the United States across 400 locations nationwide got hacked. It was presumably the largest cyber attack in US history. Predictably, these organizations, including big corporations, are going to invest billions of dollars to secure their server.

But the wave is something different this time; the hackers will eye on the soft target, and they are likely to attack small and medium-sized businesses.

Besides, In light of coronavirus, remote working or WFH has become a backbone for corporate culture. Many companies have already announced lifetime remote working for their employees. It’s a good initiative, but many have experienced complexities —the transition from in-office to at-home operations, especially from the technology front. Cybersecurity has been a major concern for them. They need a robust and permanent solution in place.

If you have networking knowledge and IT expertise, you can start offering IT consulting services to companies recommending programs and tools for keeping business data secure. Meanwhile, cybersecurity maintenance and training staff will also be in high demand.

5. E-commerce

Pandemic has been a major blow to physical retail stores worldwide. That compelled many retailers to explore a robust alternate option (eCommerce platform). 2021 will accelerate eCommerce to even higher levels that alternatively allow many business aspirants to start a business online and offline.

This is evident because US and Canadian eCommerce orders reported 129% year-over-year growth last year by April (2020) while 146% overall online retail orders .

It’s a good thing that retail marketing technology is now available, boosting e-commerce businesses. Because many online stores and businesses proliferate right now, it’s important for business owners to accelerate their online presence and operations using marketing technology solutions. 

In addition, it’s also important to take advantage of excellent quality and affordable sources of products to gain higher profit. For instance, in China, the wholesale and retail prices of products are relatively lower than the other countries. That’s why many sellers around the world source their products from this country. E-commerce sellers can hire a product sourcing agent to help them in sourcing products or managing suppliers in China. How can a sourcing agent help you with your e-commerce business? Here’s how:

  • Assists You In Sourcing And Cost Estimates: A product sourcing agent can help you in finding the best prices for the products you’re interested in purchasing.
  • Assists You In Ensuring Product Quality Assurance: Your product sourcing agent can help evaluate the product quality by forwarding you all samples in one box. Some samples may include packaging and logo, depending on your requirements. 

Ensures Export And Import Compliance: The product sourcing agent will consult and communicate with you about all concerns in the export and import process which includes certifications, custom compliance, and many more.

6. Party (Cleanup) Committee

After a night-long party and drinking, people are too exhausted to clean their homes. That’s when the Party committee comes into the frame, helping people clean their house and providing breakfast.

You can start this business if you are exploring business options with a little overhead. It’s an all-season business and can keep you profitably busy. Most importantly, this business does not require intense promotions as you can easily promote your services by distributing your visiting card among individuals, corporate offices, societies, etc. From the skill front, you only require experience in cooking and cleaning.

7. Online Reseller

If you have an excellent eye for fashion, passion for clothing and incredible sales technique, then starting an online reseller business could be your call. Initially, you can start it as a side hustle and gradually turn it into a full-time resale business.

Even though success in this business requires time and dedication, it’s easy to start and achieve success. Websites like Poshmark and Mercari offer the best options to those individuals looking to sell their unwanted clothing, though if capable, you can develop your own resale website.

8. Freelance Copywriter

If you are passionate about writing, you can make your passion a convertible business. All you need is a bit of marketing knowledge. Whether you want to write blogs, web content, social media content , press releases, or write resumes, there are plenty of companies out there to pay you for your services.

Freelance writers and copywriters have been in high demand ever since WFH was implemented amid coronavirus chaeos. If you have a little SEO knowledge, you can increase charges for your writing SEO-friendly copy. The average charge you will receive for a copywriting job is $40 to $50/hr, while based on your experience and given vertices, you can increase the charges even further.

Freelance copywriting is a great business to run because as long as you have an internet connection, you can work. Most importantly, you can operate from the comfort of your own home or even from the road if you travel. If you establish a large enough network and gain referrals from satisfied clients, you could even make freelance writing your full-time job.

9. Home Care Service

If you love serving people or if you are a professional caregiver, providing home care service can be the most profitable business for you. According to data from National Institute on Aging, the 85+ population will increase 351% from 2010 to 2050, while those over age 100 will increase tenfold in number. Almost all of these populations will need care, mostly in their homes.

Experience or background in healthcare is not mandatory, but those skills could be in demand. Many seniors need support for everything, whether it is errands, maintaining health, or even repairing around the house.

10. Translation Service

Even though the year 2020 was not a good year for the translation services industry, it is projected to perform better in 2021. The decline in translation service was due to the pandemic, and it will have a short term effect, not in the long run. The growth of translation service is evident as the internet has effectively opened doors for entrepreneurs/translators to provide services globally.

From the equipment front, you need a good computer or laptop and a high-speed internet connection. Whereas, from the skill front, you need language proficiency. If you are a multilingual speaker, then offering translation services can be a successful endeavor.

11. Online Teaching

Did you know online teaching started almost 3-decade back, but in 2020, it became widespread? It was undoubtedly a potential death blow to many medium and small schools; it brought opportunities to them to provide online teaching. As we have mentioned, online teaching is not new, but due to the pandemic, it has exploded worldwide, and the demand for online teaching will surge to a new height this year (in 2021).

If you are passionate about teaching, it could be the most profitable business opportunity. You can start it as a part-time thing, as your hobby, and you can actively get involved full-time once you grow. The required skills include in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, such as match, history, biology, geography, etc. If you are starting this business in North America, you can get an average of $22/hr, while with specialized skills, you can charge between $35 to $50/hr.

12. Cloud Kitchen/Healthy Meal Delivery

Any professional parents with a couple of kids are overwhelmed with work, management, and more. Going to offices, spending time with kids, playing with them, and so on are daunting parents’ tasks. On top of that, they like to cook healthy and delicious food for themselves and their kids to stay healthy. But their busy lifestyles leave no time to focus on all these together.

It could be an excellent opportunity to step in with the meal prep delivery business . You can prepare a balanced meal that is, best of all, ready to eat. If you are passionate about cooking and have acceptable practices of healthy food, this idea can fit you well. With an excellent meal prep niche, you can end up making $100 to $200 a day while it can grow even further as you expand your business.

13. Video Editing Service

One of the top in-demand skills in 2021 is video editing. Both video marketing and Youtube are growing exponentially. So, the opportunity for growth is literally limitless. If you are proficient in final cut pro, adobe premiere, then you are in good luck. Once you become a master in video editing, you can charge $15/18 /hr, and as you grow, you can keep upgrading the charge upto $35 to $50 /hr.

The required skills for this job are to be superfast and super good in video editing and creativity. There are tons of people who are looking for video editing services, offering a lot of growth opportunities. You can create your accounts across Fiberr and other hiring sites to get work.

14. Pet Sitting

According to Fox News , pet adoption and fostering across the USA has recorded a 700% increase during the last year in 2020. No doubt, its excessive increase in number was due to the stay-at-home orders that led people to seek pet companionship.

Offering online pet sitting and care services can be an excellent opportunity for you. Consumers, in large numbers, are turning to online retailers to take care of their furry friends. You can begin by providing pet products like homemade treats and toys and gradually offer sitting services. You can also watch their pet at their home when they are out. It’s a small business idea but can run two income streams simultaneously.

15. Social Media Marketing

Are you passionate about social media and have got a knack for getting likes, favorites, recommendations, and all the hecks of social media? Then you have a secure and profitable career as a social media marketing professional.

There are thousands of small and medium-sized businesses in the USA and worldwide struggling with their social media presence. Enterprises are looking to hire someone who can efficiently take care of their social media channels to promote their business. You can consult companies by approaching them to manage their profiles across channels, promote their business products and services through content, respond to customers when they have any queries, and more.

You can start this business from the comfort of your home and can perform while travelling, from a resort anywhere you can bring your laptop with.

16. Ebook Writing

If writing is your passion and blog posts aren’t your style, you can choose to write for yourself. We are not saying to write for free. You can earn while writing and publishing eBooks. All you need to have is excellent storytelling skills, lovely writing patterns, and a platform where you will publish your eBook.

Amazon, Fiverr, NaNoWriMo, etc., are there that allow you to publish your book and earn as much money as possible. The success in this business lies behind your skills, interest in the subject, and usefulness of your story. Working with book publishing sites will save a lot of money. For example, you can get free eBook templates online, designing work can be taken care of by a website, and your work will be just to write, publish, and market.

17. Affiliate Marketing

If you have large fan flowers across social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., then you can get good bucks on behalf of promoting other people’s business. You can earn by leaving a positive review and highlighting products and services on your blog, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

The income will be based on the higher your profile is. However, to start this business, you need to focus on personal branding . You need to make your popularity across social channels, increasing fan following, and actively communicating with your followers. If you are doing Blog Writing , you need to make sure that you write an interesting and useful piece that users find worth reading.

If you are struggling to come up with the perfect name for your business, try utilizing a powerful business name generator ( https://www.squadhelp.com/business-name-generator  ) to act as a springboard for creativity.

18. Accounting or Bookkeeping

With a little knowledge of accounting, ledger book maintenance, and some technical skills, you make good buckles out bookkeeping business. Bookkeeping has made it possible to share your book with someone 100 miles away from you. Every successful business owner needs a reliable and smart bookkeeper.

If you are good with numbers and bookkeeping basics, then the idea could best fit you. You can make $30 to $40 an hour at the initial phase. Importantly, it does not require any high upfront cost to start. You can promote your services through Facebook ads promoting your business through social channels or you can explore online how to keep your online business stronger .

19. Online Personal Assistant/Virtual Assistant

If you explore social media, almost every week in your social feed, you will find someone asking, “if there is any virtual assistant to help them out. There are plenty of busy entrepreneurs and business owners who need help with their day-to-day tasks, like managing their calendar, travels, emails, and more.

If you have high proficiency with both computer and internet, excellent communication skills and more. With word-of-mouth marketing, you can quickly establish yourself in the market. If you have some advanced skills, like being bilingual, a good understanding of software or the ability to edit video can help you get higher pay.

20. Online Therapy

If you’re a counselor, therapist, or psychologist, then starting online therapy, aka teletherapy services, should be your call. We are saying this because mental health treatment in the major cities around the world has shifted from face-to-face therapy sessions to exclusively teletherapy sessions.

Besides, online therapy has recorded immense popularity during the lockdown as people needed support to keep themselves mentally fit. All you need is to team up with specialists such as psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health professionals, counselors, and social workers, and you are all set to assist people in need.

Bonus Points

Some years ago, had you asked someone to take a Starbucks franchise in Paris, they most likely would have laughed at you. Now, it feels that there is a Starbucks on every street corner in Paris. That means the things which are popular or in the mainstream today were either unheard of or considered as silly ideas at some point.

We are not talking about Starbucks; instead, we are talking about the best potential business that might not be so impressive as it should be, but they have a bright future. Let’s explore one such idea to look at in 2021.

Sustainable Energy Sales and Services

Solar energy is going to be the future, though it is still not being able to catch the attention at large due to the excessive costs, but things are going to be pretty different very soon. A lot of initiatives have been taken by the government and industry leaders to maximize the use of solar.

As a result, you could have seen the solar energy cost has dramatically dropped and been continuously going down. Even the government authorities are providing tax and other benefits to those looking to start this business. You can consider grabbing this opportunity, and your business will turn into a million-dollar company sometime very soon.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, COVID-19 came as a nightmare for people, ruining their lives and livelihood. But as the saying goes, “adversity opens up opportunities.” We need to think like that and explore the top potential business that will sustain, no matter how tough the situation arises. The ideas given here are based on research, interviews, and support from the top market leaders, hoping that it might help you grow into your endeavor in 2021.

Related information: Work from home quotes

About the Author

Chris Watson  is Journalist whose heart goes with startups and entrepreneurs. He loves technology, but more than that he loves to explore how it enhances the life and livelihood of humanity. He works with an aim to share his incisive knowledge about innovations, like IoT, AR, VR and Smart Technologies to Business, eCommerce, Startup and Enterprise . To describe him in one word, he is a writer focused on Tomorrow’s World.



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business plan ideas for pandemic

Business Ideas 2022: How to Build a Business Considering Post-Covid

' src=

We’ve brought together some business ideas of 2022 you can use for your startup.

Business Ideas 2021 . Covid-19 has forced many to change the way they do business. The global lockdown has accelerated the tendencies that some companies have already begun to implement in their processes. Others are urgently adopting remote work, streaming services, online delivery, and other new ways to keep the business afloat.

While there also many people who couldn’t adapt to changes promptly and had to close their business due to bankruptcy. Many have found themselves unemployed and are now thinking about how to start their life from the very beginning.

The business of the future that has already started should be flexible and adaptable, embrace digital technologies, and involve processes automation to avoid downtime wherever possible. With that in mind, we’ve brought together some business ideas 2021 you can use for your startup.

Download all the rates in one PDF document (it’s totaly free):

Offshore development rates by country

Time zone difference

Development rates by role

business plan ideas for pandemic

Business Ideas 2021: Best Ways to Adapt to Post Coronavirus World

Although the global pandemic has affected almost all industries, there are still a few that are more impacted by Covid than others. They include education, airline, restaurant business, cinema, the healthcare sphere, etc. In this post, we will focus on some of them and explain how you can use project ideas for your business. So, without any further delay, let’s get to them.

Learn more about outsourcing here:

Online Education Business Ideas

Like many other sectors, education is undergoing a process of change. The coronavirus crisis has forced many schools and universities to cancel exams and postpone face-to-face classes for an uncertain period. It was also decided to transfer students to distance learning to avoid the gap in the education program and even implement online assessments.

The more students get used to a new form of learning, the more opportunities there are for those who have the necessary skills to complement formal education with online tutoring. Getting started is not challenging — for this, you need a computer, stable internet connection, and certificates proving your expertise in a specific field.

business plan ideas for pandemic

Online education doesn’t necessarily apply to educational institutions. People who have long graduated from the university and are engaged in professional activities keep up evolving and sometimes need training as well. If you are an expert in marketing, programming, finance, nutrition, fitness, or any other spheres, you can come up with your own online course and help others get better.

For instance, the  fitness industry   has experienced a boom in virtual classes — many have switched to streaming live or pre-recorded workouts. Others have bought multiple courses related to self-massage, stretching, face fitness, and many others. So, if you have a unique fitness program that the world hasn’t heard of yet, it’s time to set yourself up for recognition.

business plan ideas for pandemic

Let’s also take programming as an example. High school is almost always important in acquiring coding knowledge. However, when it comes to applying for a job at the tech company, a college degree and diploma are not something requested. So, many students often choose  online education   after graduating from high school. This is the reason why the web is so full of coding books, bootcamps, courses, tutorials, and other learning options alternative to formal education.

business plan ideas for pandemic

If you feel you have enough knowledge and skills in one or several programming languages and you want to share them, go create an educational platform and spread it online. For advice on how to do this correctly, you can contact the Fulcrum team that is experienced in creating  edtech products .

Read More :  Kick Off Your Education App Development: Costs and Features for Developing Edtech App

Delivery Business Ideas 2021

The pandemic has significantly influenced small and mid-size businesses by forcing their clients to shelter at home. Yet, a new reality has encouraged many to adopt and evolve the  delivery service  that will help to reduce costs during the shutdown. For example, English people have started using delivery services more frequently even before the lockdown was introduced.

business plan ideas for pandemic

Many studies and reports highlight four key trends defining delivery during and post covid. And here they are:

  • Since restaurants and cafes were forced to close, many of them decided to add delivery to keep up generating revenue. As the demand for delivery most likely to remain, they continue to invest in the service.
  • The competition between the third-party delivery providers is gaining momentum. There are more and more delivery services appearing on the market that offer the best conditions and provide an excellent buying experience.
  • Nevertheless, many people still prefer food delivery from restaurants rather than using third-party services.
  • The average check of the delivery orders got bigger. The reasons range from people’s ability to contribute to larger receipts to higher menu prices.

If you run a restaurant or any other service that can benefit from adding a delivery, it’s a good time to make a corresponding app or AI chatbot that could process the orders in different messengers. Start your business with research and analysis of your target market. Then choose the relevant business model, work on monetization strategy, choose your app functionality, and, finally, have your project launched.

Read More   How to Build a Food Delivery App (like UberEats, Glovo or Postmates)

Healthcare Business Ideas

Soon after people all over the world learned about Covid-19, they found out that healthcare is not perfect and needs significant changes and innovations. When admission figures began to rise, the system was poorly equipped and prepared to cope with the number of people who needed urgent care. The system could hardly protect the front-line staff with the needed equipment and control the supplies of ventilators.

However, like many other crises, the pandemic also provided the opportunity to change the healthcare system and make it work for everyone at any time. Medicine is undergoing a large-scale transformation, which means a green light for healthcare startups. And there are a few areas already waiting for development.

  • Telehealth and digital therapy. The Covid outbreak resulted in the expansion of telemedicine using smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. Other than finding the doctor online, patients can also receive a physician’s consultation staying home thanks to telehealth. It is especially important when people have coronavirus symptoms and can’t leave their houses.
  • Innovations in diagnostics. The need for fast, accurate, and low-cost diagnostics led to the production of new platforms. This is where the business should focus on creating technologies with dual-use, which means it will stay helpful right after the pandemic ends.
  • AI, Machine Learning, and robotics. The innovative technologies show a positive impact on the healthcare system and need to be implemented further to support diagnostics, surgery, and other medical fields.
  • Preventive healthcare. Coronavirus has shown once again the importance of self-care long before you can get sick. More and more people are changing their diet, adding more herbs, veggies, and fruits, take vitamins if needed, and do sport. That means businesses should also focus on highly-nutritional food or fitness equipment to satisfy the needs of their prospects.

business plan ideas for pandemic

MVP and Implementation of Your Business Idea. How are They Connected?

When a business plans to develop and launch a product, the first thing they need to start with is  MVP . In plain language, this is a stripped-down version of a product with a minimal set of features that still resolve customer’s problems. The business implements MVP to find out the product’s viability along with commercial and technical capabilities.

business plan ideas for pandemic

Using a minimum viable product will help businesses create something that will respond to the concern of your target audience. Other than that, it makes it possible for entrepreneurs to:

  • determine in time that the product is not viable and prevent investing in it;
  • evaluate the success of business idea;
  • launch a product that resolves at least one customer’s problem shortly;
  • learn the audience to make additional services better based on the collected data;
  • determine the best way to develop;
  • pitch the business plan to investors;
  • collect the data about prospects and find your first client, etc.

How to create an MVP version of your product? You can do it independently or find specialists with the expertise of developing MVP, like the ones in  Fulcrum . We offer the first-ever MVP production line and work on designing a minimum viable product that turns heads

business plan ideas for pandemic

Read More :  How to build a minimum viable product?

How Much Does it Cost to Create an App?

You can also learn what it takes to create an app using the  Fulcrum calculator . To know the estimated costs of app development, you first need to choose the platform you want to build it on. Then, you’ll be requested to choose your app features, including ones for admin, APIs and integrations, content, eCommerce, security, and others. Depending on the selected features the calculator will show you the estimated duration of app development. After that, you need to push the Calculate button, enter your email, and get the approximate price.

business plan ideas for pandemic

Read More :  How much does it cost to make an app?

Summing Things Up: Business Ideas 2022

Sure, the covid crisis has brought up many challenges and forced us to rethink the way we live, communicate, and do business. But despite the difficulties, it also provided numerous opportunities to apply changes to those industries that have long required it. So, if you have a startup idea that is more likely to improve education, healthcare, or delivery service, go for it!

FAQ: Business Ideas 2022

  • How to come up with a business idea? Research what trends and technologies are on the wave now and how you can move into those areas. Think of what frustrates you — your business idea might be right there. Look for new niches and find categories lacking innovations. Apply your skills to them. Go next with MVP and show it to your potential customers. Collect feedback and make sure your business is viable.
  • How to brainstorm business ideas? For brainstorming, use a whiteboard, online software, or a piece of paper and pen. Start with brainstorming your purpose to decide why your business idea is so important. Then, put yourself in a creative mindset, dream, and sketch some business ideas. Do some research in your industry. Filter all your ideas based on time, money, and resources priorities. Name your business and develop the idea before sharing it.
  • What are some good business ideas? Considering the post-covid period, some good business ideas are more likely related to the areas most impacted by the crisis, i.e. education, restaurant business, retail, cinema, healthcare system. On that basis, you can come with a new improved delivery service, streaming platform, robotics, etc.

business plan ideas for pandemic

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What Businesses are Pandemic-Proof in the Philippines?

Rouselle Isla

Rouselle Isla

pandemic proof business ideas | Moneymax

If there's anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught everyone, it's that an economic crisis can happen anytime and cause you to shut down the business you've worked so hard to build.

Is your business pandemic-proof? Does it have what it takes to survive or even thrive during a pandemic?

If you own a pandemic-proof business, may it continue to fare well and prosper. But if not, we've listed down some pandemic-proof business ideas for your next business endeavor or for when you want to put up your own business.

What is a Pandemic-Proof Business?

A business is considered pandemic-proof if it can withstand and survive the financial impact of a pandemic and still retain a strong position in the market. This can be achieved by having the right business strategy, introducing creative, diverse, and in-demand products and services, and reaching and engaging with customers online.

16 Pandemic-Proof Business Ideas: What Businesses Survived COVID-19 in the Philippines?

Despite the many challenges brought on by the pandemic to businesses, some continue to thrive and operate as usual. Others have also become more in demand now. These businesses saw and leveraged business opportunities during the pandemic.

Consider these small business ideas that can survive a pandemic like COVID-19.

✔️ Online Grocery Store or Market

pandemic proof business ideas - online grocery store or market

An online grocery store or market offers convenience and speed. Customers don't need to go out, walk the grocery aisles, and line up at the counter. They can just go online, browse different product categories, add them to their cart, check out, and wait for delivery.

This pandemic-proof business is a great idea because it enables busy, on-the-go people to save time, energy, and money. No wonder physical stores and market stalls have started selling groceries online during the pandemic.

Why it's a pandemic-proof business:

  • People will always buy essential goods, whether there's a pandemic or not.
  • It's easy to create an online store that you can run even after the pandemic
  • You can fulfill orders even with a small team, either through your own fleet or a third-party logistics service provider.

✔️ Rice Retailing Business

Rice is a staple in every Filipino meal. This fact makes a bigasan an ideal business that can stay profitable even during a crisis. You can easily start this small business with a modest capital for as low as ₱50,000 without any entrepreneurial experience.

  • Rice is an essential commodity —there will always be a demand for it.
  • You can sell to households and other small businesses like restaurants and catering service providers.
  • The  bigasan  can be scaled up eventually by selling other essentials like feeds, canned goods, and other necessities.

Read more: Be the Best in the Bigasan Business: How to Start Selling Rice

✔️ Online Bakery 

crisis proof business idea - online bakery

Whether it's sourdough bread, banana cake, garlic bread, ube cheese pandesal, or blueberry cheesecake that's your specialty, you can sell your home-baked goodies through your own online bakery.

Leverage demand and find out which baked goods are trending or are fast-selling. Or take advance orders so that you bake only what's already been paid for.

  • You can bake and run the business from home .
  • It's easy to set up and manage an online store.
  • Advertise and market your products both online and offline.
  • You'll be selling food items, which means you'll always have customers.

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✔️ Water Refilling Station

Another essential commodity that people can't live without is, of course, potable water. With a water refilling station, not only will you earn a livelihood from home but also give your community access to safe and clean drinking water.

  • There's steady demand for this essential product, as every household allots budget for drinking water.
  • It operates on a simple business model, so it's easy to start, more so if you buy a water refilling franchise.

✔️ Online Retail Store

crisis proof business - online retail store

Since brick-and-mortar stores can close at a moment's notice when lockdowns are imposed, micro and small retail business owners should have other options to continue their operations.

An online retail store will ensure that the business keeps running and that items continue to be sold. Having an online retail store will also boost a brand's online presence and widen its reach.

  • People can browse products and place orders 24/7. Sales come in even while you sleep.
  • No expensive rent to pay. Setting up an online store is free or charges a minimal fee, depending on the e-commerce platform.
  • An online retail store can be operated from anywhere.

✔️ Food and Beverage Delivery Service

crisis proof business - food and drink delivery

When consumers stay at home and restaurants operate at limited capacity during a pandemic, there's a surge in demand for food and drink delivery services. Many of these delivery services in the Philippines have stepped up by offering deliveries and contactless payments.

Ordering food and drinks online has been a habit for a lot of Filipinos even before the pandemic, but even more so when the pandemic hit. And now that things have gone back to normal, using food and beverage delivery services continues to be a way of life in the Philippines.

  • You can offer added convenience to customers who have no time to shop for ingredients and cook meals, as well as those who are under quarantine.
  • It's profitable, as food and drinks are a necessity.
  • No need to open a physical restaurant, cafe, or shop to start selling.
  • This crisis-proof business can be managed easily with a lean staff.

✔️ Mobile and Pop-Up Coffee Shops

pandemic proof business ideas - mobile coffee shop

Although coffee can be ordered online and enjoyed at home, there's something special about having it fresh and piping hot and drinking it somewhere with real coffee house vibes.

Enter mobile and pop-up coffee shops that sell coffee right from inside a van or a stall on wheels. Some set up shop in front of their houses, at street corners, or even on dirt roads where lots of bikers take a rest stop.

It's a flexible and viable alternative during a pandemic, especially for budding entrepreneurs. Mobile and pop-up coffee shops are a cost-effective way to sell coffee to customers while keeping operating costs low.

  • The shop can be set up anywhere as long as there's a power outlet and foot traffic.
  • No costly overheads, allowing you to offer more competitive coffee prices.
  • You can offer a small menu of crowd favorites and bestsellers.

See also:  What's Brewing: How to Start a Coffee Shop Business in the Philippines

✔️ Online Plant Store

crisis proof business - online plant selling

One way Filipinos cope with stress is by surrounding themselves with lots of fresh and vibrant plants and blooms. Hence, the rise of plantitos and plantitas during the pandemic.

There's always been a high demand for houseplants, and even fruit and vegetable planting. Not only is planting therapeutic. It also promotes relaxation and happiness, which is much-needed during a crisis.

You don't need to be an expert to start selling plants. You can start with cacti or succulents first and then transition to easy-to-grow plants like pothos, philodendrons, and aglaonema.

Take it from, Gugma, owner of SucculentsPH. [1] According to Gugma, she didn't even have time to water her plants, but she's now running a successful online shop that sells succulents.

  • You easily start by propagating plants from cuttings and buying pots and soil.
  • Sell online or from your own home.
  • The tropical climate of the Philippines makes it easier to grow plants.
  • Your business' digital presence can sell to customers outside of your physical location.

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✔️ Reselling or Buy-and-Sell Business

pandemic-proof business - online reselling or buy and sell

Got a few items that are good as new but you no longer use? Sell them online. Depending on the size of the item and the demand for it, you can earn a few hundred to thousand pesos.

You can easily set up shop online and post your items to sell. Engage your audience on social media through live selling. In addition, you can even sell your items flea market-style for customers who can personally check, purchase, and collect them.

  • It requires only low to no start-up costs.
  • You can operate from anywhere and sell anything (shoes, vintage electronics, collectible toys, books, video games and consoles, brand-name clothes, baby items, furniture, and many others).
  • Get paid and get rid of clutter as well.

Read more: What is a Buy and Sell Business and How to Get Started?

✔️ e-Loading Service 

crisis proof business idea - e-loading

It's hard to find someone who doesn't own a cellphone these days. With millions of Filipinos who buy prepaid load for calls, texts, or data, e-loading services are still a very low-risk but high-demand business.

All you need is a cellphone, a SIM card, and an initial load of ₱1,000 to start your e-loading business . Just go to any Globe or Smart business center to get your e-loading kit, and you can already be an owner of a small crisis-proof business.

  • You can start with low capital.
  • Profits may not be huge, but it's still a good and easy way to earn extra income.
  • Prepaid phones will always be available, and people will always buy load for connecting with their loved ones.

✔️ Transport / Delivery Service 

crisis-proof business - courier service

Online shopping has been the activity of choice for most Filipinos before, during, and after the pandemic. With that comes a significant increase in parcel deliveries.

Transport and parcel delivery services keep businesses running smoothly. They're always in demand, even in small, remote towns. In short, there will always be someone somewhere who needs something delivered.

Profit will depend on the number of bookings and deliveries. But what makes transport and delivery services work are efficiency and scope.

You can be an independent local courier with partner riders/drivers or operate your own parcel delivery franchise, like 2Go, TokTok, or J&T Express. Franchise prices will vary depending on the location and the franchise package itself.

  • It's an essential service that individuals and businesses need to move goods.
  • No formal education or training is required. You just need to be able to communicate clearly with customers.
  • This can be a home-based business.

✔️ Money Transfer / Remittance / Bills Payment Service

Money transfer, remittance, and bills payment centers provide an essential service to ensure that the economy keeps moving even in a pandemic. Filipinos who need to send funds or pay bills but don't have a bank account can still do so by sending it through remittance centers.

They're another example of crisis-proof businesses that can give a fast return on investments.

Palawan Express, Bayad Center, M Lhuillier, Western Union, and Expresspay offer franchise packages that are already fully set up and ready to operate. The franchise fee can range between ₱99,000 to ₱600,000, depending on what's included in the package and which franchise it is.

Read more: 4 Steps to Apply for a Franchise Business in the Philippines

  • You can set up your business in a strategic location for wider reach.
  • Not a lot of requirements are needed to start operating (You just need a computer or tablet, printer, and an internet connection).
  • It provides an essential financial service.

✔️ Professional, Technical, and Lifestyle Services

pandemic-proof business idea - yoga instruction

Whether it's providing legal advice, accounting or bookkeeping services, interior design consultation, translation, or writing services, you can operate anywhere in the world and earn from it.

Yoga instruction, sports and fitness coaching, insurance selling, conducting workshops and webinars, graphic design, and many other trades continue to thrive even in the new normal. As long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can run your business from anywhere, land new clients, and get paid.

  • It involves a low cost to operate because you'll be capitalizing on skills or expertise you already have.
  • Widen your reach through your personal and professional networks.
  • This crisis-proof business has unlimited income potential.
  • You can do it from home or anywhere in the world.

✔️ Online Pet Supplies Store

pandemic proof business idea - online pet store

An online pet supplies store is a good pandemic-proof business idea because pet owners will still buy pet essentials even during an economic or health crisis.

To be successful with this kind of business, you need to have great product offerings in your inventory. Stock up on pet food and grooming products that your target customer base will buy. You can also check out other online pet stores and see which of their products are selling well.

  • No need to purchase or rent store space.
  • You can partner with a courier service if you don't have a vehicle for deliveries.
  • You can also consider dropshipping , so your third-party supplier will handle the shipping of items to your customers.
  • This business doesn't require huge capital.
  • You just need to have good knowledge about pets and pet products and some technical know-how on building a good e-commerce site

✔️ Cleaning Services

crisis-proof business - cleaning service

Everyone knows the importance of proper hygiene and disinfecting your space, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Cleaning will always be done in homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, and practically everywhere.

In short, it's not a trend but a necessity. After all, the threat of the virus is still present. And it's a very common yet in-demand service, pandemic or no pandemic.

  • Very low start-up costs to start your small business .
  • You can run this business by yourself or with a small cleaning staff.
  • No office is required. You just need a handy set of cleaning tools and equipment.
  • Marketing and advertising can be done online.
  • Get paid right away and book clients in advance, so you can set how much you want to earn.
  • You just need the right outlook, motivation, and personality to succeed in this business.

✔️ Hardware and Construction Supplies Store

pandemic proof business idea - hardware and construction service

The pandemic has given everyone a lot of time to redecorate, remodel, or renovate their homes. Minimalist, aesthetically pleasing homes continue to be a trend today, with proud homeowners sharing pictures of their new or renovated homes on Facebook. This is why it's worth having a hardware supplies and construction service business in the Philippines.

  • It can cater to various needs of customers (home redecorating, renovation, repair, etc.).
  • You can stock up on fast-moving items to jump-start the business.
  • You can sell a niche list of products to stand out from competitors.
  • A website can be created to sell products and take inventory.

Final Thoughts

How do you pandemic-proof your business? Businesses that survived the pandemic in the Philippines have something in common: they're flexible and adaptable.

Respond quickly and learn new ways to address your customers' needs. Also, be proactive with your sales and marketing strategies and try new ways to run the business effectively and make it pandemic-resilient, like working from home or fortifying your online store or online presence.

More importantly, invest in digital solutions that will help your business thrive in this digital world.

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Make the most of the business opportunities that are available. If you can secure funding that will cover the cost of your daily business operations or help you get the business capital you need, go for it. There are many personal loans for business with flexible repayment periods or lower interest rates.

Check out these loans and find the right one for you.

Source:  [1] Madiskarteng Boss 20: The future of Filipino entrepreneurship (Rappler, 2020)

Rouselle has over eight years of writing experience in the personal finance niche. She has written feature stories, articles, and how-to guides on various personal finance and trending lifestyle topics. Before that, she briefly worked in banking and was a licensed life insurance advisor. When not writing, Rouselle likes to read books and binge-watch films and series. Follow Rouselle on Linkedin.

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Business ideas to try during the pandemic

By Brighter Life Team

Starting a business during the pandemic is not impossible, but it’s another thing to start one that will survive and won’t cause losses. Here are some business ideas that are generally safer to try now.

Business ideas to try during the pandemic

During a pandemic, finding an additional source of income is an advantage. It can help you stay afloat during these trying times. It can also be a means for you to make ends meet while coping with joblessness . However, not all businesses will thrive. Without the right research and planning, you may fail in your venture.

Starting a business at the height of a pandemic can be hit or miss. If you want to start one, you need to research your options well to identify the best business ideas that can cater to the needs of the majority during a global crisis. Listed below are some of the business ideas that you can try.

6 pandemic-proof business ideas

1. Professional services

While professional service firms have been tested during the COVID-19 crisis, these companies are also among those that managed to survive the impact of the pandemic. Certain services consistently remain to be in demand — particularly those that help other companies. The boom of online selling also resulted to a high demand for professional services related to online marketing.

If you want to grow your income by offering professional services, here are some options that thrive despite the pandemic:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal advice
  • Translation
  •  Digital marketing
  • Web and app development
  • Graphic design and editing
  • Writing and editorial services
  • Online event hosting
  • Virtual tutoring
  • Fitness and wellness programs
  • Financial consultation

There are short courses that you can take to gain the proficiency you need to specialize in a particular service. On the other hand, if you want to become a financial consultant, you can apply to become a Sun Life advisor via this link . Being a Sun Life advisor enables you to help people plan their finances, prepare for a better future, take care of themselves and their loved ones, and eventually reach their goals.

SOURCES: Granthorton.global , OECD.org , Techrepublic.com

2.   Box subscription service

If you are not into providing professional services, a box subscription service is a good business idea that you can look into

The concept of a box subscription service is the recurring delivery of a certain niche of products for a length of time depending on a customer’s subscription. The most popular examples for these are meal prep and beauty box subscriptions.

Meal preparation

This box subscription service usually addresses the need for nutritious food. At the same time, it takes away the need to worry about food preparation especially when a lot of people are now working from home. This service has been thriving for some time and their success can be attributed to several factors. First, its target markets are millennials and Gen X who have purchasing capacity. Second, its consumers usually have higher than average income that lets them sustain this lifestyle

Beauty products

Before the pandemic, the Philippine beauty industry is estimated to be worth over $3 billion. It was also expected to grow at a 4.9% annual growth rate to reach $4.2 billion by 2023. But the pandemic happened and the beauty industry was among those hardest hit especially with mall closures and the shift to prioritize essentials.

Still, the demand for beauty products remain. The pandemic has become a period when consumers have been inclined to enjoy retail and entertainment experiences from the comforts of their homes. Beauty box subscription became a thriving business as it answers the need to get supplies for personal care while minimizing outdoor exposure and risks.

SOURCES: Fatbit.com , Findsubscriptionboxes.com , Forbes.com , Metro.style

ALSO READ: Seven tips on starting your food box subscription service

3. Pre-order food and drink business

The pandemic has taught people the importance of time. With so many things happening and with people getting busier, the popularity of pre-order food and drink businesses increased..

Ordering meals are convenient for people and it affords us time that would have been spent on traveling and waiting when dining outside.

SOURCES: Frontiersin.org , Paymaya.com , Statista.com

4. Delivery or online “pasabuy” service

Delivery or a ‘pasabuy’ service addresses the need of consumers who prefer to have someone purchase for them and deliver it to their doorstep so they won’t have to leave their homes, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Because of the lockdown and restrictions implemented, delivery services, particularly food delivery, thrived.

SOURCE: Statista.com

5. Online store / Live online selling

A study shows that around 31% of Filipinos purchase “several times a month” from online stores during the pandemic. The most popular products in online stores last year included:

  • Fitness and wellness
  • Indoor leisure
  • Tech gadgets

Starting your venture as an online seller is now easy. There are mobile apps, websites, and online marketplaces that can serve as your platforms to sell your products online.

SOURCES: Kittelsoncarpo.com , Statista.com

6. E-loading service

If you want to start a business with a small capital, you can try e-loading. It is one of the cheapest businesses that you can start. You’ll need no more than ₱2,000.00 to get your e-loading business running.

E-loading service is a business for everyone. It can be a side hustle for those employed and can be a source of extra income for people who stay at home. Even students can start an e-loading service.

Despite the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, new business ideas emerged out of the growing needs of consumers that created opportunities for those who want to earn a living.

If you want to grow your money , there are several options that you can try. It will also help to get professional financial advice to be properly guided on how to handle your finances once your business is up. Leave your details here today to get connected with one of our financial advisors.

Sunlife brighter Team

Brighter Life Team

The Brighter Life Team is Sun Life's very own writing team. Sharing their own experiences, goals, and ideas, the Brighter Life Team is ready to make your day brighter.

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    business plan ideas for pandemic

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    business plan ideas for pandemic

  4. Learning from COVID: Building a Pandemic-Proof Business Plan for 2021

    business plan ideas for pandemic

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    business plan ideas for pandemic

  6. Small Business Pandemic Response Plan Template in Google Docs, Word, PDF

    business plan ideas for pandemic


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    The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone across the globe in innumerable ways and in every facet of our lives — socially, mentally, economically, personally — and it continues to impact our day-to-day living in untold ways.

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