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  • It was a jammy assignment - more of a holiday really.
  • He took this award-winning photograph while on assignment in the Middle East .
  • His two-year assignment to the Mexico office starts in September .
  • She first visited Norway on assignment for the winter Olympics ten years ago.
  • He fell in love with the area after being there on assignment for National Geographic in the 1950s.
  • act as something
  • all work and no play (makes Jack a dull boy) idiom
  • be at work idiom
  • be in work idiom
  • housekeeping
  • in the line of duty idiom

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The assignments in this course are openly licensed, and are available as-is, or can be modified to suit your students’ needs.

If you import this course into your learning management system (Blackboard, Canvas, etc.), the assignments will automatically be loaded into the assignment tool. These assignments and quizzes come pre-loaded with specific assigned point values. We recommend changing the point values to match your course design .

This course includes a series of assignments associated with most modules, as well as essay assignments that can be included in the course as you see fit. Some instructors assign multiple rhetorical styles, while others scaffold just one or two large essays throughout the course. For this reason, the essay assignments are listed at the front of the course and can be easily moved into the appropriate places within the LMS. The different rhetorical style essays are each split into at least two parts, with one for prewriting and one for the final draft.  They could also be combined into one assignment or split into several smaller assignments; for example, you could divide each essay into a prewriting, drafting, and final draft stage (which is how the argument essay is currently organized).

The “Writing Process—Revising and Proofreading” module also includes a discussion assignment that has students peer review whichever essay is assigned during that module ( Discussion: CARES Peer Review).

  • Narrative Essay
  • Compare/Contrast
  • Illustration Essay
  • Cause and Effect Essay
  • Argument Essay

The optional “Essay Reflection” Assignment can also be paired with any of the rhetorical style essays listed above.

The assignments can also be broken down into smaller steps or combined/simplified as desired. Remember, these can be deleted, modified, or replaced within your LMS to meet the needs of your students.


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How to Write an English Assignment

Last Updated: December 6, 2021

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 20 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 48,544 times.

Writing an English assignment can be troublesome at times. The students lack the proper information which is required to write an assignment. Apart from this there are many more things which are necessary for an assignment writing and such things are highlighted in this article.

Step 1 Understand the Topic.

  • Take second advice from a close friend. Some mistakes you may not see or be used to seeing, and a second opinion can help catch some of the mistakes that you won't see the first time through.

Step 9 Seek expert help if needed.

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What are the Common Issues of English?

English language is depicted as a West Germanic language that was transferred to Great Britain by Anglo-Frisian colonists in the early Middle Ages. The English language derives its origin from England.

While its development spiraled alongside the colonial prowess of the British Empire establishing British colonies all over the world and beyond, it gained wider acceptance overtime among British colonies as a primary, Second or Official Language. Countries like the  United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Africa  are all English speaking countries.

Currently recorded to be the third most spoken language in the world and the second most widely learned language in the world, the study of the English Language hence proves to be a immeasurable necessity among students all over the world.

More specifically, in Anglophone countries, where Academic syllabus at the basic and secondary levels is formed, the English Language was declared a compulsory subject of study for almost in all reputed institutions.

The understanding of these factors let us provide you the expert guidance and tutelage from our team of English Language Experts here in My Homework Help. We also implore a more detailed and simplified leap to offer you the best conceptual and technical English Homework answers which will enable you to establish as an English speaker and writer in near future.

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Common Issues of English

Most students regard English language as a complex and incomprehensible course. They encounter several challenges since it’s a foreign language to them. These issues stem mainly from cultural, social limitations. Our proficient English Homework experts are able to identify some of the common problems faced by students are discussed below;

Pronunciation:  English grammar is an intricate subject which involves good mastery and application. More specifically, pronunciation is a major issue in English because it varies with different regions. American English is different from British and Canadian English.

Hence, a student needs to really understand the difference and practice English accent of his/her home country before switching to learn the way other countries speak theirs. Native speakers know that the word “island” must be pronounced without “s” but this may be unknown for non-native speakers if not learnt.

Grammar:  During the course conversation, the use of correct grammar is equally important especially when you are speaking with native English speaker who speaks better and faster. To gain mastery over this language, students need to understand the dos and don’ts of English.

Grammar is a basis of any language and English is no exception as well. The application of wrong grammar can hinder the free flow of communication and may confuse the other person. Also using erroneous grammar is not desirable anyhow.

Vocabulary:  Vocabulary plays a crucial role in learning English language especially for non-native English speakers. Similarly, for the students who do not have the panache for learning new words. Teachers always cannot mug you up all the new vocabulary. In that case, the students themselves have to put forth their best efforts to learn new words.

Effect of Mother Tongue: Most students learn to pronounce by comparing their mothers’ tongue. It may seem a shortcut initially but in the long run it hinders the entire learning process. The intrusion of mother tongue in learning the second language affect is not desirable as it creates more confusion in the long run.

Beginners mostly use the knowledge gained from native language to learn and study the second language which is not the right way to learn any new language in that case.

Inadequate Proficiency:  Unfortunately not all teachers in high schools have a sound command over verbal English. Therefore often they tend to teach English as a written subject to their students. The best part of English language is phonology which is also the driving force of a good English speaker.

If English teachers are proficient enough verbally, the students will be interested to learn and speak better. A complete learning of English requires both oral and written techniques.

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Online english grammar assignment help, services categories.

English Grammar is the body of rules describing the properties of the English language. A language is such that its elements must be combined according to certain patterns. This article is concerned with (and restricted to) morphology, the building blocks of language; and syntax, the construction of meaningful phrases, clauses and sentences with the use of morphemes and words.

The grammar of any language is commonly approached in two different ways: descriptive, usually based on a systematic analysis of a large text corpus and describing grammatical structures thereupon; and prescriptive, which attempts to use the identified rules of a given language as a tool to govern the linguistic behaviour of speakers (see Descriptive linguistics and Linguistic prescription). Prescriptive grammar further concerns itself with several open disputes in English grammar, often representing changes in usage over time. This article predominantly concerns itself with descriptive grammar

English Grammar Tutorials:-->

Introduction to english grammar tutorials:

Whether students are confident about learning or not many English tutors are diffident about tutoring English grammar. The reason is very simple. English grammar unlike the grammar of hoary languages like Sanskrit and Arabic is not a separate branch of study. English grammar is integrated into the spoken format. So those who speak English grammatically proper are not actually equipped to teach English grammar.

Body Paragraphs of English Grammar Tutorials:

English grammar tutorials are a separate section by itself and tutors who want to excel in it must master English grammar thoroughly. English grammar tutoring is not all that difficult so as to speak. The tutor will feel jittery only till he or she gets the hang of it. Once he or she settles down with what he or she has to teach then English grammar tutorials will become a child’s play.

The easiest way to English grammar tutorials is through giving innumerable examples from day to day life. Teaching English grammar will make the job easy for the tutor and the student alike. Tutoring English grammar to native speakers of English is also difficult. Does it sound surprising? Native speakers of English do not stick to grammar rules while they speak and that is the case with the spoken form of any language. English grammar tutorials to native speakers of English are difficult because the tutor has to first make the student unlearn what he or she had already learnt and make them re learn the new rules. For instance “I ain’t don’t have to do it” is common in African American English and it is grammatically wrong. This when corrected the student has to unlearn what he or she has practiced and has to learn the new rules of grammar. And at the same time English grammar tutorials to the non native speakers is relatively easy because it is like writing on a clean slate

Conclusion on English Grammar Tutorials:

English grammar tutorials are not all that dry as any tutor might imagine it to be. The tutor can make even English grammar tutorials interesting like a play or short story by giving spicy examples and make the sessions interesting.

Introduction to English grammar Chart

Grammar is very important for the correct usage of any language. It is used for the correction of mistakes and also for the removal of particular difficulties experienced by the students for the mastery of any language.


Words are classified according to the particular work they do in a sentence. The particular work which a word does is called its function. The Parts of Speech are the classes into which words are divided according to their function in a sentence.

There are eight parts of speech:-

1. Noun 2. Pronoun

3. Adjective 4. Verb

5. Adverb 6. Preposition

7. Conjunction 8. Interjection

English Grammar Chart (parts of Speech)

1. Noun: A noun is the name of a person, place or thing.

The word 'thing' means all objects that we can see, hear, smell, touch or taste, or something that we can think of.

e.g. 1. Asoka was a noble king.

2. The sun rises in the east .

The italicised words in the above examples are nouns.

2. Pronoun: A pronoun is a word used instead of a noun.

e.g. As Raman is ill, he will not come to school.

They will go the market today.

3. Adjective: An adjective is a word used to qualify or describe a noun, or, in other words, an Adjective is a word that is used to add something to the meaning of a noun or a pronoun.

E.g. 1.The rose isa beautiful flower.

2. Twenty soldiers were killed.

4. Verb: A Verb is a word used for saying something about a person, place, or thing. In other words, action words are called Verbs.

E.g. 1. The poor girl cried bitterly.

2. Mumbai is a big city.

English Grammar Chart - Parts of Speech (continued)

5. Adverb: An adverb is a word which qualifies a verb, adjective or another adverb. In other words, an Adverb is used to describe a verb.

E.g. 1. The poor girl girl cried bitterly.

2. He runs quickly .

3. The painting is very beautiful.

6. Preposition: A Preposition is a word used with a Noun or Pronoun to show its relation to some other words in the sentence.

e.g. 1. The cat is lying on the table.

2. Sita is fond of music.

7. Conjunction: A conjunction is a word used to join together words, phrases or sentences.

E.g. 1. Two and two make four. (Words)

2. He was a man of courage but of no reputation. (Phrases)

3. She is fond of music, but hates dancing. (Sentences)

8: Interjection: An interjection is an exclamatory word, denoting some sudden feeling.

E.g. 1. Hurrah! we have won the match.

2. Alas! poor Kamala is dead.

English Grammar Chart - Usage of same Word Differently

A word must be classified according to its function in the particular sentence in which it is used, and not according to its appearance. The same word does not always belong to the same Part of Speech; as it changes its function, so it changes its classification.

1. He threw a stone at the bird. (Noun)

2. The prison was made of stone walls. (Adjective)

3. Stone him to death. (Verb)

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English is considered as an obligatory language to understand, write and speak in almost everyorganization today, there by prompting many scholars to seek courses in English language. This requires them to make assignments and projects in the language.In order to complete these assignments, students seek English Assignment Help , as assignments in English can be difficult to prepare, especially if you the objective is to prepare something that can help secure good grades.

English assignment writing is a medium for admission in many schools and universities. These assignments are a medium of observation for professors to judge the skills & knowledge level of students. Every student is asked to submit their English assignment within the deadline which is assigned to them in their academic session. This burdens the student with lot of English assignments and restricts them in completing the assignments within the short span of time.

But we are here to solve your problem as we offer both English assignment help and English homework help and also we help you build strong writing skills that would prove to be very beneficial for your career.

What is English Study? Over the past few years, there has been a histrionic change in the field of English language like teaching globally, which has led to an increase in demand for well-versed English language teachers. In many countries, English tutoring consumes a large section of convenient educational resources. English is certainly a neutral commodity presenting equal opportunities for all. Therefore, every English teacher needs to appreciate the special status that English has in modern life.

English language in our life has become the most important way of connecting with people as it is an international language, and allows you to speak to any person in this language which helps you access more opportunities and connections. There are many advantages of studying and learning English.

Factors Advancing the Use of English Around The World Today, the position of English in the world has nothing to do with its basic features as a language. It was considered the world’s second language because it had some special characteristics that gave it that rank or because it is exceptional in some way to other languages that might have presumed this role. Number of ancient and down to earth factors such asCommunication,Globalization, Economic development,Travel, Historical factors, popular culture,Business and entrepreneurship, Education, the media etc has led to the spread of English language.

Reasons Why Getting English Assignment Help Is So Important: The Language of the World: English is said to be an official language of 53 nations across the globe as it is spoken by around 400 million people but that does not necessarily mean that it is spoken as a common language in the world. Learning English will enable you to communicate with nearly anyone in this world, as it is the most common language spoken on the face of the earth.

The language of business: if you want to enter the global arena it is important for you to speak English as it has become a dominant business language. International business firms prefer hiring only those candidates who are fluent in English because every cross-border business communication is conducted in this language. The significance of learning English cannot be restricted specifically to the international marketplace as English is being used in the domestic markets of various countries as well.

Entrance to a World of Entertainment: Opulence of the world’s top television shows,books, music, and movies are published and produced in English. Learning English will help you enter a great wealth of entertainment, you can also amass a lot of cultural knowledge. Many people often struggle with the translation of their favorite movies, music, television, novels, shows and have to look for subtitles. But watching and reading entertainment in English can help you learn English effortlessly.

Access huge chunk of the internet: It is estimated that everyday internet is used by 3.2 billion people and 52.4% of the total world’s most visited websites are displayed in English. Learning English is essential as it gives you access to a large portion of the internet, and allows you to access thousands of sites of information which may not be otherwise obtainable. This is why English is also termed as the language of the internet.

Why Do Students Find English Assignment Difficult? English is a language that is spoken and used across the globe, still students struggle to complete and frame given assignments and English home works. It is all about the fact of writing and spelling words which can change the meaning of an entire sentence and text. Moreover, framing a good sentence and forming the entire passage can be a tough job for students.Apart from this, there are several other issues faced by students in their English assignments. Some of them include incomplete knowledge about punctuation and homonyms, difficulty in understanding the meaning of a given sentence or passage, unavailability of a good idea on word meaning, problem in framing a sentence and lack of grammatical skills.

How To Write An English Assignment Writing an English assignment can be difficult and annoying at times. Students lack appropriate information which is needed to write an assignment. Additionally, there are various other factors such as poor skills, Lack of sufficient time, Ignorance of the university guidelines, Weak grammar to put down thoughts on the paper, Shortage of resources for researching and Lack of interest in the subject that restricts a student in drafting English assignment writing tasks within the deadline. Here are 10 essential steps that are required to draft an assignment.

Comprehend the Topic: It is better if you have the facility of choosing the topic of your own interest because selecting your favorite topic will generate your interest in drafting a more descriptive and informative English assignment.

Check out and search your topic well: Once you have understood and decided on your topic, a wise step is to research thoroughly about the selected topic. Read as much as you can, research tirelessly over the internet and from other available sources as it will help you amass an abundance of ideas in writing your document.

Gather meaningful information: It is better to collect all your data from trustworthy sources as attaching unauthorized information can make your assignment unreliable. Make sure your sources are reliable whether you research for it on the internet or go through English coursework books Check out texts in the library or any other source of information as well.

Understand the structure: Structuring your assignment in the best possible way is a very important part of drafting an English assignment, as that will make it precise and give an effect of professionalism. If you are not sure about how to structure your assignment then you can take help from your professor or teacher.

Compose your introduction: It is the most important rule of assignment or composition writing that your introduction should always be short, simple and interesting. Try to keep your word count as minimal as possible. Your introduction should be very specific and catchy making sure that it informs the audiences about the objective of the assignment from the get go.

Draft your assignment: Gather all the information required, and try to follow connections which would help you to relate all the information. Make sure you add only that information which is applicable and helps in making your assignment expressive and detailed. The motive is to make your assignment informative and not long.

Be careful with the language: Use simple and comprehensible language. Avoid using complicated vocabulary as it becomes hard for the reader to understand what you want to actually convey, and also makes your work look much more complicated than it really is. In order to avoid complexity and confusion, try making use of informal language.You may also use simple and easy words for sake of clarity.

Remove errors and proofread it well: Once you are done with your assignment, it is paramountthat you proofread it twice at least as it helps you to find your mistakes whether grammatical or syntactical and alsoidentify missing topics or incomplete conclusion. This helps in the improvement of your drafted work and ensures that your final work is presentable and top notch.

Seek expert help if required: Some students prefer online assignment writing help to remove the possibilities of submitting a low-quality and boring assignment, hence they go for knowledgeable and experienced expert help. If you think you are facing a lot of problems, then you can also take the help of an expert assignment writing service to get an error-free paper and a unique content.

Submit Assignment on Time: Once you get an error-free and unique English assignment, submit it to your professors before the deadline.

Why Should You Opt for Our English Assignment Help? Well this is a good question that. Seeking English Assignment Help from is clearly warranted due to the following points:

Knowledgeable experts: Our writers are so experienced and skilled that they can write the best assignments for you on any topic based on English Language and Literature.

Assignment Type: For either offline assignments or online assignments, we have a team of experts who are well versed in handling both.

Time- limit and revision service: We provide your assignments before the due date so that you can go through it once before submitting. We give you unlimited free revision, thus whenever you feel there is a need for adding changes in the assignments, all you need to do is contact us.

Privacy: We ensure that all your personal details and information given to us are kept private and not shared with any third party.

Verification and editing services: We ensure to avoid plagiarism by checking assignments several times after the completion and thus provide 100% unique material. This is an additional service given to the students so they can submit top class work that is error-free, grammatically accurate and genuine.

Safe Payments System: Payment is easy and stress-free. Our payment system is completely secure and can be trusted.

Inexpensive price structure- Our prices are fare and we guarantee great and affordable services with top class content, with a student pocket- friendly price structure so that everyone can avail our English assignment help services.

Topics Covered By Our Expert Are: Our English assignment experts ensure that maximum topics are covered for academic writings . Some important topic provided by our team includes:

  • Analytical Essays
  • Spelling, Morphology
  • General Linguistics,
  • Old Analysis of a Book,
  • Mathematical Linguistics
  • Vowel Comparison
  • Academic writing
  • General Language Theory
  • English Literature
  • Persuasive Essays
  • Argumentative Essays
  • Orthography
  • General Literature Theory
  • Figures of Speech etc.

In any case, if you feel you are struggling with your English Assignment, you can contact our experts andseek English assignment help anytime. This will allow you to focus on other important things while a great academic document is being prepared for you.

We have various English expertson our team who are availablefor providing English assignment help services . We offer to the point and accurate English assignment help and English homework help too. Our English homework help is unique because we take a step by step approach and do not trust in byways. In order to provide you with the best assignment service, our experts concentrate and work day and night. Moreover, students are invited to upload any queries related to English assignments in order to get our help as we are able to assure you quality work and good grades within a limited time frame.

Apart from this, we also offer several discounts and hand-outs to make our services more affordable for scholars. Still, if you’re not satisfied with the English assignment help services provided by us even after various revisions, you can claim money back. The entire amount spent on taking our assignment writing services will be returned to you through an easy and smooth process.

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assignment with english


assignment with english


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For Teachers: 1001 Assignments

Below is a list of recommended assignments for English 1001. In some cases, descriptions are followed by links with sample assignments and other related resources.

Annotated Bibliography : An annotated bibliography helps students think through a research topic. In addition to bibliographical entry, each source is followed by a concise analysis of its main points. Annotations may also include a short response or a statement of potential uses for the source. These annotations are intended to be tools for students as they work on later essays; annotations should be designed to help them quickly remember how each source might be useful in their writing. How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography (with sample) | Assignment Sheet

Causal Analysis : In a causal analysis, students are asked to investigate the known or possible causes of a situation, trend, or phenomenon through extensive research. At its most basic, a causal analysis seeks to answer the question "Why?" Since complex trends and phenomena are not easy to trace step-by-step, causal analysis typically relies on informed speculation of causes using reliable evidence and firsthand experience. Causal Analysis Assignment Sheet

Evaluation of a Source : During research, students should be able to read their sources for credibility and rhetorical appeals as well as for information. This type of reading can be expanded into an evaluation of a source, in which students must conduct a rhetorical analysis of their own materials. As part of this evaluation, students can examine the presentation of information, underlying assumptions, audience awareness, and possible uses of the source in future projects.

Event Analysis : In an event analysis, students are asked to explain the contexts and controversies surrounding a particular event. The event can be something in the past or something that students experience firsthand. An event analysis may examine the causes of the event, the activities during the event, the circumstances surrounding the event, or the consequences of the event. But the focal point is always the particular event and the parties involved. Sample Assignment Sheet

Habit Analysis : In a habit analysis, students are asked to examine the naturalized behaviors (or habits) that help to construct our personal identities and social norms. In one sense, a habit analysis is a rhetorical analysis focusing on ethos , the art of identifying oneself and earning trust. However, a habit analysis can also examine other kinds of behavior, such as personal writing habits or established social customs.

Issue Analysis : (*REQUIRED*) In an issue analysis, students are asked to explain the debate surrounding a contested issue. Because issues involve multiple perspectives, students must locate a wide range of sources in order to present each perspective fairly and thoughtfully. The ultimate goal of an issue analysis is to introduce the debate to an uninformed audience without favoring one argument. All sections of English 1001 must include an issue analysis in order to complete the end-of-semester assessment . Find assignment sheets, scoring matrices, and sample issue analysis essays in the English 1001 Teachers  topic on the community moodle    page.

Literacy Analysis : In a literacy analysis, students are asked to reflect on the experiences and events that have shaped them as both readers and writers. This assignment is useful because it introduces writing itself as a topic of inquiry and identity-formation. Furthermore, it allows students and teachers to share both frustrations and insights about writing as a "literate" activity through self-reflexive analyses of students' writing practices. Click on the following links for sample documents: Assignment Sheet || Sample Rubric 1 | 2 || Sample Literacy Analysis || Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives

Presentation: For the presentation, students are asked to present their analysis of an issue, text, or image to the entire class. Some teachers ask students to work collaboratively, use technology such as Power Points, or use other visual media. Group Visual Presentation Assignment | Individual Oral Presentation Assignment

Process Analysis : In a process analysis, students are asked to take readers through a chronological sequence of steps. Informational process analyses describe how something occurs, while instructional process analyses describe how something is done (such that it can be duplicated). Processes analyzed should be neither too technical nor too simplistic, and students should be able to explain the importance of the process to readers.

Rhetorical Analysis : In a rhetorical analysis, students are asked to examine a spoken or written text for argumentative appeals, including logos (appeals to make logical connections), ethos (appeals to build credibility), and pathos (appeals to win sympathy or incite emotion). Other topics of analysis include kairos (or context), stated or implied purpose, intended audience, thesis and background information. Prewriting worksheet | Sample prewriting | Rhetorical Strategies | Ethos, Pathos and Logos: 1 | 2 || Assignment sheet || Sample essays: basic | 1 | 2  || Rubric

Synthesis:  Most analytical writing requires some form of synthesis; it is an essential skill for the required issue analysis, as well as for any researched essay. Some teachers create assignments to isolate and target this skill, which ask students to pull together multiple sets of ideas in order to compare, contrast, evaluate and discover new insights.   Synthesis essay and in-class practice | Literature review and synthesis

Textual Analysis : In a textual analysis, students are asked to examine a non-literary text (such as a scholarly article) and describe the way that it functions or serves a specific purpose. Analyzable texts may include scholarly sources, resumes, bibliographies, and so on. The criteria for analysis may vary depending on the text's purpose. For example, students can conduct textual analyses of each other's work based on grading criteria.

Visual Analysis : In a visual analysis, students are asked to examine an ad, website, or other form of visual media. Visual analyses can be conducted in a number of ways. For example, students might examine formal elements, such as color and perception. Visual analysis can also be combined with rhetorical analysis (explaining appeals to logic, credibility, emotion and context) and literary analysis (interpreting metaphors, representation, and authorship). In-class activity | Advertising Analysis Assignment  

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