assignment 3 risk management plan

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assignment 3 risk management plan

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assignment 3 risk management plan

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10-3 Risk Management Plan Project

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Included in the upload is Phase III of the Risk Management Plan Project.

Here is an outline which I created in order to help you in composing your final project. Please be sure to read through the Milestone Tip Sheet in conjunction with the Rubric/Instructions and prior feedback in order to have the best chances for successful completion of the project. The document titled "Developing a Risk Management Plan" is also attached and for your use. This document offers additional insights into what sort of content might be expected in a Risk Management Plan for integration into your project, as appropriate.

As a reminder, this project is slightly different than ones you may have completed in other courses in that it is not a compilation of your prior works. You must use what you learned in the prior assignments to create a Risk Management Plan for a real or fictitious organization. Make sure to look over the Phase III template as well as the Developing a Risk Management. Please let me know if you need anything else.

assignment 3 risk management plan

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assignment 3 risk management plan

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assignment 3 risk management plan

Here you go. Introduction to, Inc. I. II. Legal Compliance Risk Mitigation III. Public Relations - Societal IV. Public Relations – Cultural V. Public Relations - Political VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. Trends - Health Trends - Safety/Security Identification of Employment Laws Employment Law Compliance References Running head: RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN PHASE III Risk management plan phase III OL-645-X0000 Law Ethics & Politics in HR STUDENT NAME INSTRUCTOR DATE 1 RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN PHASE III 2 Introduction to, Inc. The organization I will discuss is, Inc. This is an American multinational technology company that has been in business for the last 26 years (Wittekind, 2013). It was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos and is currently based in Seattle, Washington. Amazon is in the retail industry selling many items directly or acting as a middleman between the retailers and its millions of customers (Robinson, 2010). The company focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. It is popular for its internet-based retail business selling several items that include books, electronics, housewares, movies, toys, music among other items. As of 2020, the total number of employees at Amazon was 1,298,000 both locally and internationally. Its Web services business involves the renting of data storage and computing facilities, such as the "cloud computing" over the Internet. The huge online presence is such that the amount of traffic via Amazon servers make up an estimated 1% of all Internet traffic across North America, and about 2% of all traffic worldwide (Robinson, 2010). Additionally, the company's Kindle electronic readers win numerous awards in the industry. E-books have become popular since the introduction of the Kindle. This was later followed by the promotional efforts of, which led to a drastic increase in the number of e-book books sold on their platform. The organization employs more than 800,000 people in the US alone, working both full- and part-time workers across the 40 states. As of October 2020, the company added 427,300 workers, according to a report by the New York Times. Amazon has been recruiting about 1,400 employees a day. Employees receive a minimum wage of $15 an hour plus other benefits like health insurance, parental leave, and retirement benefits. Amazon has recently been embroiled in several issues that would easily jeopardize the reputation of the company. It has been mentioned to be one of the companies that makes a lot of profit but pays no federal tax. It received a $129 million tax rebate which stemmed from RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN PHASE III 3 the tax cuts in 2017 and carries forward losses when the company was not making profits (Neate, 2021). Some of these issues include its application of facial recognition technology, the welfare of its delivery drivers and constant supervision of warehouse employees, violation of children protection rules in its talking speakers, whether it reduces prices at its Whole Foods, and issues of privacy from its subsidiary Ring doorbell-cameras. In 2020, Amazon was involved in a Twitter confrontation with Senator Elizabeth Warren. Senator Warren was advocating for the splitting up of the company. There were rumors that the company does its layoffs of warehouse staff via its app, as well as the claims that it fired some of its staff because they were pregnant. It started accepting cash due to the fear of discrimination from the digital payment stores while resolving claims that workers listen to the recordings of Echo devices. There was also a time when Amazon agreed not to build their headquarters in New York City when state and local lawmakers deemed the corporation so toxic should not host a major economic stimulus (Redfearn, 2019). However, according to Amazon, it's been having an incredible blow out at loading up on the products before a holiday shopping season, but Wal-Mart is still the dominant global player in traditional retailing. Even so, Amazon still faces high competition from Walmart. the company has the worst environmental rating. When we reviewed Amazon's sustainability report from July 2019, we found they provide no details on the impacts of their electronic related goods, and because of the use of textiles in their apparel, we did not consider Amazon to have shown proof of a fair understanding of the key impacts of their electronic products. Other historical risk issues that the company has faced include competition, tax avoidance, global expansion, ethical issues especially the protection of the environment, and privacy of its clients. The current risk issues that the company faces growth concerns, antitrust matters, profit uncertainty, data protection, increased shipping costs, extra staffing, RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN PHASE III 4 business licensing across borders, net neutrality and access to the internet, risk of site crash due to increased traffic among other risk factors Legal Compliance The current risk of Amazon's legal compliance concerning the board of directors is big and needs to be addressed immediately. The board of directors needs to come up with ethical measures that will address issues of employee welfare at the workplace. Some of these measures will involve looking at the minimum wages of the delivery drivers, professionally handling layoffs instead of firing employees through the company's approving benefits to employees who work extr...

assignment 3 risk management plan

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assignment 3 risk management plan

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assignment 3 risk management plan

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assignment 3 risk management plan

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assignment 3 risk management plan

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assignment 3 risk management plan

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Assignment : Risk Management Plan

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Indeed, Project Risk Management includes the processes of conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, response planning, and controlling risk on a project. (PMBOK Guide - Fifth Edition, 2013).

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Risk refers to any potential problems that would threaten the likelihood of success for or any project. These potential problems might prevent a project from achieving some or all of its objectives by increasing time and cost. Risk factors can even

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Risk management is the process of prioritizing various risks to determine a the best course of action to take given set resources, importance, or abilities. Risk is determined by a simple mathematical function.

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Risks management is an important step during the process of a project. Failing to manage a risk may result in unforeseen event happening and a project’s failure. For example, with limited budget, an unforeseen event or an accident occurs in the middle of a project and this matter has not been considered and needs a big sum of expense, then the project may be stopped because of this unexpected event. We should know it is necessary to understand how to identify risks and assumptions based on the information. After identifying risks, it is important for project managers to set contingency plans to prevent and deal with these risks when they occur. Of course, several problems may happen during considering

Risk management for Supplier Global Expansion Plan

Risk or threat is common and found in various fields of daily life and business. This concept of risk is found in various stages of development and execution of a project. Risks in a project can mean there is a chance that the project will result in total failure, increase of project costs, and an extension in project duration which means a great deal of setbacks for the company. The process of risk management is composed of identifying, assessing, mitigating, and managing the risks of the project. It

Appendix C: Risk Management Plan

After the risk assessment tool was used to evaluate the risk to the organization, an appraisal of all potential risks were identified, for the initial part of the project through brainstorming. The following are risks that have been identified initially for this project:

Risk Response

Risk management is important because it helps identifies the known threats within a project. This management method can exposed the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis of underway projects. Risk management plan provides documents of procedures throughout the whole project. The project team should review the documents as well as corporate risk management policies, risk categories and lesson learned reports. It is very important to learn from the mistakes made from previous projects.

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According to Freeney & Murphy ( 2013) risk management is a process of risk identification, response development, risk evaluation, continuous observing and appraisal in order to reduce the risk of injury to patients, staff and visitors. Risk has been defined as “the chance of something happening that will have an impact on the achievement of organisational stated objectives,” HSE (2008) or “the effect of uncertainty on the objectives” ISO 31000 : 2009.

Risk Management Plan the Silver Fiddle Construction Company Project: Czopeks Dream Home Project

Defined by Coopers textbook, risk is the exposure to the consequences of uncertainty and has two elements: the likelihood of something happening that has an impact on the project objectives, and the positive or negative consequences of something impacting the project objectives (Cooper, Grey, Raymond, & Walker, 2005)

Risk Management Plan

1. Problem Analysis: Keep a note of all the events and activities of a risk management plan. Check out the problems arising from their implementation and assess if they have a serious impact on the whole process. Make a note of those that have serious implications.

Outline Of A Presentation, Command Terms And Guidelines On Project Management

Project Risk Management – identifies potential risks (good and bad) that can affect the objectives of the project.

Risk Analysis, Assessment, And Evaluation Of Pcnet Project Essay

In order to perform project risk management effectively, the organization or the department must know the meaning of the risk clearly. With regards to a project, the management must focus on the potential effects on the objectives of the project, for example, cost and time (Loosemore, Raftery and Reilly, 2006). Risk is a vulnerability that really matters; it can influence the objectives of the project

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Risk management is the term applied to a logical and systematic method of establishing the context, identifying, analyzing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and communicating risks associated with any activity, function or process in a way that will enable organizations to minimize losses and maximize opportunities. (Lecture notes)Risk Management is also described as 'all the things you need to do to make the future sufficiently certain'. (The NZ Society for Risk Management, 2001)

Risk Management Pl An Event That Has A Positive And Negative Impact On Project Objectives

A project risk is an event that has a positive and negative impact on project objectives. A Project risk management plan is critical in identifying, monitoring and reporting risks. This Risk Management Plan defines how risks associated with this ten story-building project will be identify, analyze, and manage. It presents the outlines for risk activities how to perform, record and control or manage throughout the project lifecycle.

The Importance of a Risk Management Plan

The project manager working with the project team and project client will ensure risks are actively identified, analyzed and managed throughout the life of the project. Risks will be identified as early as possible to minimize their impact. This can be done using several ways like

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